NOTE: This story is based on the Wonder Woman TV series w/Lynda Carter, and
takes place in MODERN America. There's bondage, tickling, and some other
stuff thrown in. I was inspired by the "Perils of Batgirl" series. Enjoy!
Also, thanks for the feedback from the survey!

The Perils Of Wonder Woman Part 6: Wonder Woman Vs The Invisible Maniac
by Anonymous

Chapter 1

At IADC Headquarters....

"Come on in, Diana, we have a lot to go over." said Joe Atkinson.

"What is it? Is it about Steve?" asked Diana Prince.

"No, he's still in Italy trying to track down the Blonde. It's been a whole
two weeks of searching every possible lead but no luck. Anyway, here is your
new assigment. The Gault Estate is rumored to have at least $5 million hidden
inside somewhere in house. Whitney Hart, the sole heir, is holding a type of
scavenger hunt to find it, even though she herself doesn't know where it is.
She's left all of the details to her lawyer, Misty Lange, and is out of the
country so I don't think we'll have any trouble from her." briefed Joe.

"Any you want me to participate?" asked Diana.

"Yes. Misty Lange has sent this scavenger hunt offer to various criminal
organizations. While we can't prove that a number of thieves and spies will
be there. I want you to be there in case there's any foul play." said Joe.

"It sounds more like something like Agent Grayson or Agent Tyler would be
better for, they specialize in espionage." replied Diana.

"True, but Lange's request was specific; only you can attend. Also, there is
rumor that the Invisible Maniac is on the loose, and may crash the scavanger
hunt looking for the $5 million."

Diana's eyes suddenly lit up. "Dr. Wimpell? The physicist who went insane and
murdered a group of summer school students?"

"The very same. He's taken some type of formula and can turn invisible for
short periods of time; it requires a lot of concentration from my
understanding. He's very dangerous, and has nothing to lose. Be careful."
said Joe.

"Don't worry, Joe, I'll bring him in." smiled Diana confidently.

* * *

That night Diana stayed extra late to study the dossier on the others
invited. "Let's see now, ah, here we are..." said Diana to herself as she
read the dossier aloud.

"Kim Wylder, former escape and S&M artist, now working for the infamous
Scorpion crimeboss organization... Tanya Foxis, hired gun working
independently for various mob families, with a penchant for bondage...and
Leitina, enigmatic thief and extortionist... Quite a list... it's going to
be interesting." said Diana to herself as she closed up the file and left
the office.

* * *

The following night the guests entered the Gault mansion, completely trap
free thanks to Wonder Woman previously. All of the contestants sat in the
living room while Misty Lange went over the rules.

"Good evening. This should be a very profitable weekend for one of you. Each
of you will receive a copy of Winfield Gault's will, the first owner of the
house. In it are clues that Winfield himself wrote concerning where he hid
his personal supply of gold, estimated at least $5 million based from his
will. Anything goes, but you must turn in your firearms here and now." said

Diana reluctantly handed over her .38 special, while the other agents handed
over their hardware, ranging from sawed off shotguns to machine pistols,
which were locked away in a steel box.

"Well, if you need me, I will be in third floor bedroom. Good night." said
Misty Lange as she handed out copies of Gault's will.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starting first thing in the morning."
smiled Diana Prince as she went upstairs to her room.

"I think I'll enjoy the jacuzzi in my room." giggled Leitina.

"You do that..." sarcastically whispered Kim Wylder.

"I think I'll start looking now..." smiled Tanya Foxis.

* * *

Diana entered her room and started to undress, wearing only a set of black
bras and panties. It was late, around 11 PM, and she wanted to get some rest.
Her door knocked.

"Hello?" asked Diana as she opened the door. It was Kim Wylder, dressed in a
white, one-piece underwear garment that resembled a lacy swimsuit.

"Hi. I'm Kim. Can I use your phone? The one in my room is broken."

"Uh-sure. Come on in." said Diana as she let Kim in. Kim closed the door as
the instant Diana turned her back on her Kim Wylder lunged in, tacking Diana
onto the bed.

"Unnnh!!! What're you doing????" exclaimed Diana as she started wrestling
against Kim.

"Shut up, IADC agent! Stop squirming and I'll make this quick!" sternly said
Kim as she quickly bound Diana's behind her back with some thick grey
electric tape.

"Why are you doing this??? Let me go!" yelled Diana as Kim tied up her feet
with the tape. Despite her struggling, Kim quickly tied up Diana, wrapping up
Diana's legs at her knees and wrapping it around her arms and chest. With one
final piece, Kim gagged her mouth.

"MMMMMMPH! MMMMMMMMMPH!" yelled Diana as she struggled against her tape

"Calling me names, are you? This will change your tone." said Kim as she
began tickling Diana's feet.

"MMMMMMMMMMRGH!" yelled Diana.

"Well, I'd like to stay and chat, but you look tied up at the moment. See ya,
I have $5 million to find..." said Kim Wylder as she left Diana bound on the

* * *

Meanwhile, Leitina was ready to unwind in the jacuzzi. Changing into a neon
green two piece bikini, Leitina sat into the jacuzzi and let her blonde hair
hang down.

Unknowlingly, a mysterious sac floated in the air.

"Huh?" said a startled Leitina as the sac opened and a grey sand was poured
into the jacuzzi. The grey sand and water mixed instantly, forming a sticky
sand like trap that held Leitina in place from the bottom of her large
breasts down.

"Unnnh! Unnnh! I can't move! What is this stuff?!" cursed Leitina as she
struggled against the slimy oozing sand trap.

"Why it's my my form of trap sand, my dear! AHAHAHAHA AH-HA!" said a voice.

"Who's there?!" yelled Leitina.

Suddenly a small, slender man appeared out of nowhere. "Only me, the
invisible maniac! Toodles!" laughed the Invisible maniac as he phased into
invisibility and left the room.

"Hey! Come back here! Unnnh! Help! Somebody help me!" yelled Leitina as she
struggled to get out.

* * *

Diana rolled off of the bed onto the floor and managed to open her purse.
Removing a small paring knife from her lunch bag, Diana began to slowly cut
her hands from of the tape bonds.

At the same time Tanya Foxis was searching the study room. It was an old and
decrepit room, filled with old books and old linens and drapes. Searching
through some of the bookshelves, Tanya did not notice the footsteps behind
her. Turning around, Tanya saw nothing.

"Hmmph, just my imagination." she said to herself.

From out of nowhere a book flew from its shelf, striking Tanya in the back of
the head. Stunned, Tanya fell to the floor dazed.

The invisible maniac emerged in physical form. "AHAHAHAHA! BWAH! BWAH! THE
INVISIBLE MANIAC STRIKES AGAIN!" cackled the invisible maniac. "Okay, calm
down. Now, what to do with her.....Oh! I know!" said Dr. Wimpell.

Dr. Wimpell undressed Tanya Foxis from her skin tight black dress, until she
only wearing her black bra, panty, and black stockings and garter that held
them up. "Oh yes...." smiled Dr. Wimpell and he stroked Tanya's legs. Laying
out an old sheet, Dr. Wimpell placed Tanya in it so that her head was
sticking out at one end, and her black stockinged feet at another. After
positioning her arms at her sides and legs together Dr. Wimpell tightly
rolled Tanya Foxis in the sheet, wrapping her up with only her head and feet
protruding out. Grabbing some old drapery cord, Dr. Wimpell tied up the
wrapped up Tanya Foxis some more, wrapping the cord around her arms and legs
to prevent her from slipping out of the sheet.

Tanya stirred. "Oh, my head....hey! Mmm! Unnnh! I'm all tied up!" exclaimed
Tanya as she struggled against her bonds. Dr. Wimpell merely smiled evily.
"You're very attractive, my dear..." said Dr. Wimpell as he showed the black
dress her removed from her.

"You knocked me out, took off my clothes, and tied me up??? What kind of
pervert are you?!" yelled Tanya.

"The kind of pervert who does....THIS!" laughed Dr. Wimpell as he began to
tickle Tanya's feet.

"AAAAAH! Stop it! That tickles! OOOOOHHHH! This is making me wet!" said Tanya
as she struggled some more.

Wimpell then turned invisible and removed a old feather duster and began
tickling Tanya's nose.

"Ah! NO! Don't do that!" pleaded a laughing Tanya. "Now my nose itches...."

The invisible maniac dropped the duster and left the room giggling.

"Hey! Come back here! My nose itches and I can't move! Untie me!" yelled
Tanya as she squirmed to get loose. "Ohhhhh! I'm going to get him!" angrily
said Tanya Foxis as she struggled.

* * *

Diana Prince, after several minutes, managed to cut herself free. Spinning
in a circle, she emerged as Wonder Woman once again. The invisible maniac
entered the room.

"Hello, Wonder Woman, I've been expecting you....."

"Dr. Wimpell?" asked Wonder Woman as she scanned around the room looking for
a shadow or to follow his voice.

"At your service. I've tied up Tanya Foxis and trapped Leitina. I believe you
are next..."

"Dr. Wimpell, I don't want to fight you. You're very sick and need help. Let
me help you." calmly said Wonder Woman.

"Sell it Hallmark, babe." snided the invisible maniac as he suddenly tossed
an airhose lasso around Wonder Woman's arms, tying them together.

"What?!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as the hose wrapped itself around her body
from her shoulders to her ankles. Falling back onto the bed, Wonder Woman
noticed the hose being connected to an airpump. With a flick of the switch,
the air pump activated the hose came to life, squeezing and tightening around
Wonder Woman's body.

"Oh!" said Wonder Woman in surprise.

The invisible maniac emerged. "You see, I'm not all bad, Wonder Woman. I
designed this just for you. It's my artificial titillator boa constrictor.
The hose that binds you is coated with a special chemical to sexually arouse
you. Quite ingenius, if I do say so myself. The tighter the rubber boa gets,
the more sexual aroused you get. No, you won't die from this, it'll simply
keep you tied up and preoccupied while I find the $5 million!" smiled Dr.

"Oh! Oh!" panted Wonder Woman as her nipples grew erect and breast hardened
while her vagina moistened. "I you..." said Wonder Woman.

"I don't think you're in any position right now but to remain tied up and be
held captive by your own ectasy, Wonder Woman...Enjoy! Nyahahahaha!" cackled
the Dr. Wimpell as he turned invisible and left the room.

To Be Continued...


Chapter 2

While Wonder Woman remained bound and held captive by her own ectasy, Kim
Wylder continued with her diabolical plans, reaching the room of Misty Lange
where she started to undress, and was wearing her white bra, panties, and
white stockings. With her back to Kim, Kim Wylder wasted no time in striking.

Kim quickly tackled Misty onto the bed, grabbing her hands and holding behind
her back. Grabbing some rope, she quickly tied Misty's hands behind her back
and bound her feet.

"Hey! What're you think you're doing?!" exclaimed Misty. Kim Wylder didn't
say anything, and started to tightly wrap a net around Misty's arms, legs and
chest. Once finished Misty was wrapped in a skin tight net.

"Okay, Miss Lange, you're gonna answer me some questions...Where's the $5
million?" sternly asked Kim.

"I don't know! I was simply hired by Whitney Hart to go over Winfield Gault's
will, that's all!" innocently said Misty.

"Wrong answer, kiddo." replied Kim as she started to tickle Misty's feet,
forcing her to giggle.

"Please, I don't know where the money is..." laughed Misty.

"We'll see about that..." replied Kim.

* * *

"Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!" moaned Wonder Woman as the coils tightened again. "I have
to stop Dr. Wimpell...need to concentrate..." said Wonder Woman to herself
as she shut her eyes and focused her strength, breaking free of the
titillator boa constrictor. Wonder Woman removed the coils and stopped to
catch her breath. Once she recovered her strength, she set out to stop Dr.
Wimpell, the invisible maniac.

Wonder Woman arrived in the jacuzzi room, where Leitina remained struggling
to get out of the trap sand. "Get me outta this stuff!" yelled Leitina. Using
her magic lasso, Wonder Woman pulled Leitina out of the trap and under the
compelling for of her lasso, Wonder Woman asked some questions.

"Why were you invited here?" sternly asked Wonder Woman.

"" said a groggy Leitina.

Using her lasso, Wonder Woman compelled Leitina to fall into a deep slumber
as Wonder Woman hid her away to prevent her from being attacked by the
invisible maniac. "When this is over, I'll turn her over to the police." said
Wonder Woman to herself.

* * *

"Hiya toots!" said the invisible maniac as he turned visible in front of the
bound Tanya Foxis.

"Let me go! My nose itches!" yelled Tanya as she struggled some more.

"Nah, I think this is more fun..." said Dr. Wimpell as he started to tickle
Tanya's feet again.

"AAAAAAAH! AAH! AHH!" laughed Tanya as her laughter echoed in the hallways.

"That was Tanya Foxis!" said Wonder Woman to herself as her eyes lit up, "I
have to follow the voice..."

* * *

"I'm gonna ask you one more time, Misty, where's the money?" angrily said Kim
as she tickled Misty's feet again.

"AHEHHEHEHEH! AH! Stop! Please! I don't know..." giggled Misty.

"Well, I'm getting nowhere with this..." bitterly said Kim to herself as she
gagged Misty with a piece of tape. Afterwards Kim Wylder left the room
searching for the money.

* * *

Wonder Woman entered the study room where she found Dr. Wimpell and Tanya

"You! You escaped!" said a shocked Dr. Wimpell as he turned invisible. Wonder
Woman's eyes lit up in shock at the sight, and prepared herself for a fight.
Suddenly, books from the selves started to be thrown at her left and right.
They were easily deflected by Wonder Woman at first, only to be caught by
surprise with handkerchief coated with anesthetic from Kim Wylde.

"That should take care of you!" evily said Kim as she left the study room.

Dr. Wimpell re-emerged in physical form. "What a pleasant surprise!" said Dr.
Wimpell as he stood over the sleeping Wonder Woman. "I'll have to thank her
later!" as he picked up Wonder Woman and carried her away.

"Hey! What about me?!" angrily said Tanya as she struggled against the bonds.

* * *

Dr. Wimpell carried Wonder Woman down several flights of stairs, reaching one
of the sublevel basements; an old torture dungeon that hasn't seen the light
of day in severald decades. Filled with cobwebs, chains, torture racks, and
other items, the dungeon had eerie presence.

"My, my, my!" grinned Dr. Wimpell. "This must have been Winfield Gault's art
collection! I think I'll make myself at home right about here." said Dr.
Wimpell as he layed Wonder Woman on a table filled with leather straps.
Placing her arms at each side of the table, Dr. Wimpell strapped her down at
the wrists. Afterwards he placed Wonder Woman's legs together and strapped
her down at her ankles, knees, and thighs. Finally, Dr. Wimpell draped three
straps across Wonder Woman's chest and waist to firmly tie her down.

"I almost forgot!" exclaimed Dr. Wimpell as he removed Wonder Woman's power
belt and placed it on a table next to her.

"Wake up, Wonder Woman, wake uuuup." snided the evil Dr. Wimpell.

"unnnh? What..." said a groggy Wonder Woman.

"Welcome Wonder Woman, welcome to my little trap. You can say that you will
be 'tickled pink' by this experience. AHAHAHA AH HA!" sinisterly cackled Dr.

"Untie me right this instant!" sternly threatened Wonder Woman.

"Or you'll do what?" teased Dr. Wimpell as he held up her power belt.
Sinisterly giggling, Dr. Wimpell began tickling Wonder Woman at her knees.

"Ah! No! Stop that!" giggled Wonder Woman.

"Hmmmm. I think you're right. There's still that Kim Wylder person roaming
about. I will need to neutralize her. You look comfortable enough; I'll be
back soon....nyahahahaha1" cackled Dr. Wimpell as he turned invisible.

"I can hardly wait...." sarcastically replied Wonder Woman.

* * *

Kim Wylder searched high and low around the house looking for the $5 million
with no luck. Arriving at an antiquated child's playroom, Kim Wylder started
yet another search there, unaware of the extra presence within the room.

"My, my, isn't kind of dangerous to go prancing around in your underwear?"
said a voice.

"What?! Who's there?!!!" angrily said Kim. "Show yourself."

As a response the invisible maniac began throwing various toys and stuffed
animals at Kim. Kim tried to escape, only to fumble backwards and fall to the
ground stunned. As Kim sat up, she saw a strange rubber lasso twirling in the
air in front of her.

"Huh?" said a shocked Kim Wylder as the rubber lasso wrapped around her arms
and legs, tightening. "Ohhh!" said Kim Wylder in ectasy.

The invisible maniac turned visible. "Wonder Woman did not appreciate my
titillator boa constrictor, but I think you will." smiled the evil Dr.

"Oh...yes...this feels nice..." moaned Kim while she struggled to get loose
from the tight coils.

* * *

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman managed to slip a hand free from the straps. Grabbing
her power belt, Wonder Woman instantly broke free of her bonds and made her
way upstairs, finding Tanya Foxis. Putting her to sleep using her magic
lasso, Wonder Woman quickly hid her in the same area she placed Leitina.
Making her way around the house, she reached the tied up Misty Lange.

"I want some answers, NOW!" sternly threatened Wonder Woman.

"Okay, okay. I was hired by the Apocalypse crime organization to lure you all
here to eliminate all of you....there's no $5's all a ruse!"
said Misty Lange.

"A ruse? All of it?" said Wonder Woman in shock. Leaving the room with a look
of grim determination, Wonder Woman entered the main hallway.

"So, you escaped! No matter! I overheard your little chit-chat with Misty
Lange! You cannot catch me, I am the invisible maniac! Nyahahahaha!" cackled
the invisible maniac.

Following the sound the his voice, Wonder Woman removed her tiara and threw
it at superspeed, striking what appeared to be air. Suddenly, Dr. Wimpell
turned visible again and slumped to the ground, holding his crotch.
"Uhhhhhhh" groaned Wimpell as Wonder Woman smiled in satisfaction.

* * *

An hour later Wonder Woman rounded up the spies and the invisible maniac,
leaving them tied up and gift wrapped when the police and IADC arrived.

"Amazing! How did you capture the invisible maniac?" asked Joe Atkinson.

"Well, it was tough at first, but it turned out I just had to dig deep to
stop him." smiled Diana Prince as the police took them away.

* * *


"Excellent work, Diana, just excellent! Capturing the invisible maniac is an
amazing accomplishment in itself, but capturing those thieves and assasins
was incredible!" complimented Joe.

"Well, Wonder Woman DID play a role in this." smiled Diana modestly.

"Don't sell yourself so short." replied Harold Farnum.

"But, what will happen to them?" asked Diana.

"The government injected Wimpell with an anti-serum to counteract his ability
to turn invisible-so he's lost that ability and is in protective custody. The
others are giving us tons of information about their criminal organizations.
Thanks to you, Diana, we will cripple a good part of organized crime within a
week!" smiled Joe.

"Thanks, Joe, that means a lot." smiled Diana.




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