NOTE:This story is primarily based on the Wonder Woman TV series, and takes
place in 1942 America. There's bondage, tickling, and some other stuff thrown
in. I was inspired by the "Perils of Batgirl" series. Enjoy, and thanks for
the compliments!

The Perils Of Wonder Woman Part 1: Wonder Woman Vs. Baroness Von Gunther
by Anonymous

Chapter 1

It was a cold winter night in Berlin, Germany. In a lush office decorated
with sumptuous wealth, a beautiful, raven haired woman sat quietly with an
officer awaiting someone.

"Baroness, I must protest this! I am against the hiring of mercenaries! Are
you insinuating that the German army cannot capture or neutralize Wonder

The Baroness turned at him and gave him a stern look. "Yes, Captain
Rittmeist, that is exactly what I am saying. If you recall I was captured
by Wonder Woman and barely managed to escape during my transport to the
stockade. Ilsa, on the other hand, was not so lucky, and she and her
accomplices now lament under military guard! It is time to call in some...
outside talent, shall we say?" smiled the Baroness as a short, slender blonde
haired woman entered the room through the balcony window.

"Good evening Miss Gunther, I hope that my entrance did not surprise you."
said the woman.

"Not at all, my dear. Please, sit down."

Captain Rittmeist did not appear impressed. "Just who exactly are you,

"I am Tanya. That is all I will tell you. My code name is Slipknot, master
thief. I trust you have heard of my services in procuring the Montague
diamonds from right under Mussolini's nose?"

Rittmeist's eyes suddenly lit up in amazement. "How did you know that?! That
was a classified operation!"

"Because she was the one who did it!" retorted the Baroness. "Now, if you
will excuse us, Captain. We have business to attend to. You are dismissed."

The captain left and the evil two began planning their diabolical plot.

"You know of Diana Prince, yes?" asked the Baroness.

"Of course, everyone in espionage knows that she is Wonder Woman. Did she
truly believe that a pair of glasses can conceal her true identity?
Outrageous. The next thing you know, people will believe that war
correspondent Clark Kent is the American hero Superman!" laughed Slipknot.

"Indeed." said the Baroness. "Here is your task-capture and restrain her with
whatever means necessary. I believe silk ropes are your specialty?"

"At one time, yes. But I have expanded my horizons to include adhesive tape,
gauze, and other wondrous items." confided Slipknot.

"Very good. Capture her. I will be in the United States in 72 hours. My spies
will contact and coordinate it with you."

"Yes, Baroness. I trust you know my payment plan?"

"Yes, Slipknot. The gold is already being loaded into your car."

"Thank you, Baroness. I will see you in 72 hours." replied Slipknot as she
departed out the window.

The Baroness sat back in her chair, holding a vibrator in one hand and a
large feather duster in the other. "Soon, Wonder Woman, soon....."


"That's the last of the files, Etta. I'm calling it a night." replied Diana
as she put on her coat.

"Okay, Diana. See you on Monday. Have a nice weekend. What do you have
planned, anyway? I'm leaving from here to visit my sister in Maryland."

"Oh, nothing really. Maybe relax in a hot bubble bath to unwind from this
week." smiled Diana as she left the office.

An hour later Diana arrived at her small house on the outskirts of the city.
It was quiet and secluded; the nearest neighbor was about a 5 minute walk
away. Entering her bedroom she went to her bathroom and turned the tub
faucets on and added some powdered bubble bath. Seconds later the bubbles
began to develop, and Diana went back to her bedroom to undress.

A few minutes later Diana turned off the faucets, removed her glasses and let
her hair down and slowly entered the warm bath tub.

Diana layed down and relaxed with a smile. Every so often she would stretch
out her legs and caressed her body to unwind. Closing her eyes, Diana nodded
off into a light nap.

Meanwhile, from a window in her bedroom, the evil Slipknot entered. Peering
through a door crevice, she saw the resting Diana Prince. "Hmmm, excellent
timing. But I will wait a while. In the meantine, I will lay me trap."
through Slipknot to herself as she opened her satchel of items and scurried
off to hide.

A half hour later Diana gently awoke from her nap. She emerged from the tub
and put on a towel, and then removed the plug to drain the water. Taking
another towel, Diana dried her hair.

Shortly after drying her hair Diana returned to her bedroom, where, she
finished drying herself off. Afterwards she put on a black lacy bra and
panties, and layed down on her back onto the bed and gently rested from the
busy day.

Viewing Diana, Slipknot saw her chance to strike. From out of her closet
Slipknot leaped upon Diana. Diana eyes became wide with shock, "What the- who
are you?!" Diana moved to the side to try and grab the phone only to be
pinned onto the bed by Slipknot.

"What are you doing? Get off of me!" exclaimed Diana as she wrestled
Slipknot. Slipknot removed some silk rope and proceeded to tie Diana's right
hand tightly to the right bedpost.

"Stop it ! Let me go!" Diana yelled as her pussy moistened.

"Yell all you like, Wonder Woman. No one can hear you." smiled Slipknot as
she tied Diana's left hand firmly to the left bedpost. Despite Diana's
kicking, Slipknot tightly bound Diana's feet to the opposite bedposts,
binding her in a tight spread eagle to no slack whatsoever. Diana's arms were
perfectly straight, and at best could bend them slightly.

"Why are you doing this to me?" asked Diana. "How do you know I'm Wonder
Woman?" as she struggled against her ropes.

"Oh, how unprofessional of me." replied Slipknot. "I am Slipknot, master
thief and mistress of rope. Baroness Gunther hired me for this operation, and
as far as your secret identity is concerned, anyone who has a brain knows
that you are Wonder Woman." smiled Slipknot. "Oh my, Baroness Gunther is
late. I guess I will have to have a little fun to pass the time." giggled
Slipknot as she put on some soft white gloves.

"No! No don't!" pleaded Diana as Slipknot gently stroked Diana's underarms.
Diana began to giggle and laugh. "No, please, stop! Stop tickling me!"

"My dear, that was just a warm up!" smiled Slipknot and she began to tickle
Diana's hard breasts and firm stomach and ribs. "Tickle, tickle, tickle."
giggled Slipknot as she stroked and tickled Diana's breasts and then her
stomach again.

"AAAHHH! EEEEK! STOP! PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!" pleaded Diana hysterically as she
began panting heavily. "You're making me moisten!" exclaimed Diana.

"Your point being...?" replied Slipknot as she tickled Diana's stomach and
ribs some more. Noticing Diana's bare feet, Slipknot said, "Oh my! How could
I have missed this?"

"NO! NO PLEASE! NO!" pleaded Diana in horror. Slipknot proceed to tickle both
of Diana's feet, causing Diana to writhe, laugh, and struggled in ectasy
against the binding ropes. Slipknot smiled as she began to tickle Diana's
feet some more for good measure.

"These tight! That's not fair! I can't move!" giggled Diana.
"Please, please stop!" begged Diana.

"Very well. I'm not all bad." said Slipknot.

Slipknot proceeded toward Diana. "Let's see about that pussy of yours."
Feeling Diana's black laced panties, Slipknot said, "Ah! Nice and moist. You
WERE enjoying this! I guess Fausta got you interested in this sort of thing."
laughed Slipknot as she began to rub and massage Diana's clitoris.

"Oh, yes. That's much better." gently smiled Diana, trying to trick Slipknot.
"If you you untie me, I can give you an amazingly erotic reward...." smiled
Diana, hoping to trick Slipknot.

"No, Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman." sternly replied Baroness Von Gunther as she
entered the room. "Good work, Slipknot. You are dismissed until further
notice. Here is your second payment in American dollars. Excellent work."

Slipknot counted the bills and left as quickly as she came. Diana looked in
horror at the sight of her old enemy, helplessly tied to her own bed.

"Hmm, she tied you up good." smiled the Baroness. "I'm going to enjoy this."

To Be Continued...


Chapter 2

"At long last, my revenge has come under fruitition!" gloated the evil

Diana didn't reply and looked at her sternly.

"But, more important than my needs are the needs of my apprentices. Wonder
Woman, or Diana, whichever name you prefer, I introduce to you my niece,
Delia von Gunther, apprentice to Slipknot..." spoke the Baroness as a tall,
slender young woman with light brown entered.

"I trust you will not struggle as she unties and retie you up. When she
completed, you may struggle all you like. Resist us and transform into Wonder
Woman, there will be grave ramifications. I know of your friend Etta and her
trip to Maryland. On her car is a remote contol bomb. Resist us and I will
not hesistant to detonate it. The range is hundreds of miles. The choice is
yours." evily spoke the Baroness as Delia untied Diana.

"You give me no choice." sternly replied Diana.

"Good. Delia, set you to your task and do as you wish. I will watch and see
what Slipknot has taught you."

"Yes, aunty. Stand up please, Miss Prince." courteously said Delia and Diana
got out of the bed and stood up. Delia then removed a large roll of gray
electric tape and a sheet of white misty gauze that was partially see

Placing Diana's hands behind her back, Delia bound them together with some
tape. Afterwards Delia loosely wrapped the sheet of gauze around Diana's
shoulders, arms, and legs. Delia began to wrap the tape tightly around
Diana's chest and arms, binding them together and tightening the gauze sheet
into a cocoon. After tying her arms, Delia continued wrapping the tape around
Diana's waist.

"You have a very nice figure." complimented Delia. Diana smiled as Delia
continued to wrap the tape tightly around Diana's legs, knees, and finally
her ankles. Gently, Delia laid Diana's tied up body back onto her bed.

"Aunty, she's all ready. I will wait for you in the car."

"Well now, are you comfortable in you cocoon, my pretty little mummy?" snided
the Baroness.

Diana angrily responded with energetic struggles against her bonds with no
success. "Untie me! Let me go!"

"You know I cannot do that." replied the Baroness.

"Then destroy the remote control box. Let Etta go. You know I'm helpless."

"Yes, quite helpless." smiled the Baroness as she inspected Diana's tape and
gauze bonds. "But you, Diana. I have a confession to make. There really is
no bomb. Your Etta is quite safe. In fact, I don't even know what she looks
like!" confessed the Baroness with an evil smile. "It was just a trick to
give my niece some practice!"

"Damn you! Let me go!" shouted Diana.

"My, my. So angry. I must...improve your sense of humor." replied the

The Baroness began tickling Diana's bound bare feet. Diana winced in
frustration as she began laughing. "Stop! Please stop! Your making me moisten
again!" pleaded Diana as she frantically struggled.

"Ah- nice and moist I see." said the Baroness as she felt Diana's warm, wet
pussy through the gauze. "No matter!" laughed the Baroness as she began
tickling Diana's feet again.

"OOOOH! OOOH! WOOOH HOO HOOO HOO!" laughed Diana ecstatically, kicking and
struggling to break free.

"Hmm. You fight well. I'll have to take more drastic measures." replied the
Baroness as she stradded the helpless Diana Prince and began tickling Diana's
breasts. Kicking, screaming, and laughing, Diana was pinned by the tapes
bonds and the Baroness's weight.

"Now, tell me. Where is the next gold shipment?" asked the Baroness.

"I...hee-hee...don't...know...." laughed Diana.

The Baroness responded with even more tickling, making Diana's breasts hard
and nipples erect.

"!!!" begged Diana. "It's at the
harbor! hee-hee! The harbor!" shouted Diana.

"Thank you, my dear. Good bye." smiled the Baroness as she left the room.
Minutes later, Diana heard a car leave.

"Thank....aha....aha....God....." panted Diana as she laid in bed resting.
Soon after the Baroness left Diana heard a car pull up and footsteps in her
house. A person entered the bedroom. It was Etta Candy!

"Omigawd Diana! Who did this to you???!!! Why are you tied up like this???"
exclaimed Etta.

"No time to explain. There's a scissors in my dresser. Untie me." said Diana.

" problem...." replied Etta as she cut Diana free from the
electric tape and cause cocoon. Donning a bathrobe, Diana said to Etta,
"Etta, Baroness von Gunther is back in the states and is going to attack the
harbor. Get Steve and have him call the base for as many soldiers they can
spare. I'll call the police."

" will I..."

"NOW!" authoritatively said Diana.

"Okay...calm....must be calm...." said Etta to herself as she left.

Once Etta left Diana began to spin. A flash of light and crack of thunder
later, Diana Prince emerged as Wonder Woman. To be inconspicuous, Wonder
Woman decided to leave through the backdoor and intercept the Baroness
through the backyard and to take a shortcut through the a local park.

Meanwhile, at the park, a group of people awaited in ambush of Wonder Woman.

"Faster, men! Quickly! Wonder Woman will be coming any minute now!" yelled
the Baroness.

"Yes, Baroness." replied a worker as he and too other finished digging a hole
that was four feet wide and a little more than five feet deep. Afterwards the
men filled the hole with some strange type of gray sand, and mixed it with

"Baroness, our task is done. The trap is ready, but are you want us to leave.
Wonder Woman is-"

"Is no match for me, my friend. Return to base. Your task is done." replied
the Baroness as she moved to hide behind a bush.

The men soon left and the Baroness could see Wonder Woman in the distance,
running toward the trap the Baroness laid waiting for her. "Any minute now,
my darling Wonder Woman....."cackled the Baroness.

To Be Continued...


Chapter 3

Quickly Wonder Woman ran down the old park trail cutting through small open
clearings within the park forest, anything to enable her to cut off the
Baroness. Running faster and faster, Wonder Woman's rapid stride was soon
broken up as she stepped into a pool of white sticky goo, instantly sinking
to her knees.

Wonder Woman's face lit up in shock as the Baroness emerged from the bushes.

"Hello, again, Wonder Woman. Your punctuality knows no limits." smiled the
Baroness as Wonder Woman sank up to her waist.

"What is this?!!! I can't move!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as she quickly sank
up her to chest in the white quickbog, her arms pinned at her sides and
immersed in the quickbog, Wonder Woman was trapped.

"Worry not, my darling, you will not sink to the bottom. By now your feet
has already reached the bottom and you're firmly stuck. Do you like it? It
is a thickened, strengthened form of plaster developed by Fausta before she
defected and became a mercenary...."

"um.....No, not really." nonchalantly replied Wonder Woman as she stared at
her angrily.

"Well, no matter. I believe it is time for some torture...." laughed the
Baroness as she removed a small makeup brush from her purse and began to
brush the top of Wonder Woman's breasts.

A resisted smile emerged from Wonder Woman's face as she struggled against
the thick plaster. Wonder Woman began to pant, "Stop it! Stop... tickling...
me!" she frantically exclaimed.

"No." replied the Baroness as she continued tickling Wonder Woman's breasts
and later under her chin. Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, Wonder
Woman struggled and squirmed to avoid the brush while the plaster held her
body firmly in place.

"Well, I must be off. It will not take long for you to break free, Wonder
Woman, so I must say goodbye. Like the heroine you are, if you want to catch
me, I will be in the abandoned textile mill on Darnell Street!" laughed the
Baroness as she fled the scene.

For several minutes Wonder Woman struggled again to no avail, but could feel
her feet touch the bottom of her trap. Summoning her strength, Wonder Woman
leaped out of the plaster trap, landing a several feet away. Spinning around
again, and a clap of thunder and flash of light later, Wonder Woman emerged
clean and free from the plaster that stuck to her body, and began running at
full speed to the old textile mill.

Minutes later Wonder Woman smashed through the main doors of the mill and
entered the center of it.

"That's far enough, Wonder Woman! If you have any intelligence you will do as
I say..." yelled the Baroness as she emerged with Etta Candy as her side with
a pistol pointed to her head.

Delirious with fear, Etta replied, "Please, Wonder Woman! Stop her! Don't
listen to anything she says!"

Concilitory and calm, Wonder Woman said, "It's okay, Etta, it's okay. What do
you want, Baroness?"

"Remove your power belt, bracelets, tiara, and lasso. Toss them here."
ordered the Baroness.

Bitterly, Wonder Woman removed her magic items and tossed them to the
Baroness. Her powers gone, Wonder Woman was as strong as any athletic woman.

"Very good, now remove your costume." again ordered the Baroness.

"Don't! Please!" pleaded Etta.

Wonder Woman slowly slipped off her boots and satin costume, revealing the
white lacy bra and panties she wore underneath.

"Excellent. Now lay down on the cot next to you." said the Baroness. Wonder
Woman slowly laid down on the soft cot.

"Wonderful. Splendid. Delia, do what you do best...." ordered the Baroness as
Delia von Gunther emerged from the shadows with one single blue nylon strap
that was several yards long. Placing Wonder Woman's arms as her sides and
legs together, Delia wrapped the strap around her from her shoulds to her
ankles, firmly strapping and tying Wonder Woman down.

"All right, I did what you wanted. Now let Etta go!" said Wonder Woman.

"Of course...." smiled the Baroness as she let go of Etta. Etta laughed and
removed the wig and mask, revealing herself to be SLIPKNOT!

"WHAT???! WHERE'S ETTA?" exclaimed Wonder Woman.

"I have no idea, Wonder Woman. The woman who freed you at the house was
Slipknot in disguise also. You have stepped into my trap perfectly, and it's
now my turn to enjoy myself. Slipknot, your mission is completely over now.
Here's the last of your payment and have a safe trip back to Europe. Delia,
it's time for you to go. Your flight leaves in an hour, so you must hurry..."
replied the Baroness as the two departed.

"Now, it is just you and me." smiled the Baroness.

"Why are doing this to me? Tying me up and then torturing me with tickling?
Let me go!" yelled Wonder Woman as she struggled against the tight straps.

Ignoring her, the Baroness felt Wonder Woman's pussy. "Ah, nice, warm and
moist." complimented the Baroness. "It think it's time for some tickle

"NO!" exclaimed Wonder Woman.

"Oh yes. Yes indeed. You're making me wet just watching you struggle."
replied the Baroness as she began tickling Wonder Woman's breasts. "Tickle,
tickle, tickle...." giggled the Baroness sadistically.

"AAAAHH!!!! PLEASE! PLEASE STOP!" squeeked Wonder Woman as she frantically
squirmed and struggled against the nylon bonds. Wincing at the tickling,
Wonder Woman closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

"Oh my, that was divine..." smiled the Baroness as she began rubbing her own
vagina. Lost in her own ectasy, the Baroness layed in the floor fondling
herself. Unknowlingly, she kicked Wonder Woman's power belt toward Wonder
Woman, still firmly tied to the cot.

"My power belt. But I can't move! These straps are too tight!" thought Wonder
Woman to herself.

Suddenly, a quick breeze kicked in from the window, blowing Wonder Woman's
belt into the air and landing in hand. With the sudden surge in strength,
Wonder Woman instantly broke free of her straps.

"NO! HOW CARELESS OF ME! HOW COULD I...." hollered the Baroness as she saw
Wonder Woman break free. Grabbing her magic lasso, Wonder Woman quickly bound
the Baroness and donned her costume once again before turning her over to the


Monday morning at the War Department......

"Hello, Etta. How was your weekend?"

"Oh, it was wonderful, Diana. My sister's children have really grown and are
so adorable! I wish you were there! And how was your weekend?"

"Somewhat a mixture of relaxation and being....tied down as the workplace."
smiled Diana Prince.


Berlin, Germany......

"I told you that plan would not work! But no, she would not listen, and now
Baroness von Gunther laments in the military stockade with Ilsa!" angrily
said Captain Rittmeist.

"Calm yourself." replied Colonel Gruber.

"CALM? HOW CAN I BE CALM?!!! Fausta, our best agent and defeator of Wonder
Woman, has defected and is now a mercenary, and is probably selling our
military intelligence secrets to the U.S. government as we speak!! Ilsa is
captured, and so is the Baroness, in addition to a portion of our gold and
money supply is gone from paying that mercenery Slipknot!!!!" yelled Captain

"No matter. I have made arrangements to permanently neutralize Wonder Woman
once and for all." assured Colonol Gruber.

"No offense, sir. But I've heard that line before."

"Worry not. I have made arrangements for a British outlaw to assist our

"You cannot be serious, sir! Our money supply is already dwindling! We cannot
afford this..."

"Ah, but the charm is that this one is doing it for free! Her name is Jacklyn
Sterling, and operates under the moniker of Jack the Tickler. She is a direct
descendent of Jack of the Ripper himself." smiled Col. Gruber. "She is a
master in her trade, and is currently being hunted by the British government.
She is an ideal assasin, and even volunteered for this operation. Jacklyn is
already on her way to America to neutralize the American superheroine. Wonder
Woman shall be... tickled pink when she meets her."

"I hope so, sir. I hope so." replied Captain Rittmeist.



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