NC-17, Contains script of a violent and erotic nature. Rape is a fantasy,
anyone who even considers doing it for real should be put on the wrong end
of the Witchblade itself. Any characters and events involved in this story
are purely fictional, and are based on a comic called - Witchblade. There
is also a TV series that aired in America called Witchblade, and is based
on the same concept. However, the comics are far superior to the TV show,
which quite frankly sucked. This is definitely some of the darker stuff
I've written... Maybe I'm moving in a different direction. If you haven't
read any copies of Witchblade (TopCow Comics), I recommend you do so.
Michael Turner, the artist is amazing. Please send me comments on this
story, and if you like, I can send ya chapters 2-4 which have been written.

Witchblade: Vengeance, Destiny and Punishment Part 2 (MF,grope)
by Miss Pezzini ([email protected])

Chelsea, New York, The next day, 2.45pm

The sky was no bluer than usual. Clouds drifted, the gentle cool sea breeze
blew through the busy city of New York. People went about their daily
business, life goes on...

Sara woke up in her bedroom. She had no idea how she got there. However,
life was not the same for her. She remembered vividly her actions last
night... what that bastard did to her. As always, the Witchblade must have
been awakened once she fell asleep. Its alien powers giving her supernatural
regeneration powers. Her bed sheets had been ripped to shreds by the thorny
spines of her protector, but as she imagined, there wasn't a single scratch
on her. She was naked, under a half torn long black trench coat. It smelt
like Dutch's apartment, musky with a tinge of gun oils.

< He must have sent me home...> Sara thought to herself. She shuddered at the
idea of Dutch knowing where she lived. She remembered her assault last night.
It seemed almost unreal, as if it happened in her dreams. Sara cautiously
moved her left hand down, down under her ripped covers. She slowly and gently
stroked her lips...

< Oww... still painful... why hasn't this healed...> Sara lay there,
breathing deeply. She couldn't believe what happened to her. She wished it
were a dream. However, she felt strange. She couldn't understand why she
wasn't crying her eyes out. She had almost accepted that it meant to happen.
What he said, about their future.

< Stop it Sara! This is madness. What he did to you was unforgivable. > Sara
closed her eyes and placed her hands on her smooth naval.

< What's happening in here? > She opened her eyes. < Can't lie here all day.
I got questions and they need some bloody answers. >

Still confused and still aching downstairs, she got up and went to the
bathroom. She threw on a robe and started running the water in the bath. She
wondered what time it was, the sun was beaming through her windows, and it
must have gone past midday by now. She walked back into her bedroom, and
looked at the clock above her dresser. It was past midday, it was almost
three in the afternoon. Then she saw a picture of her and her partner stuck
to the side of her mirror.

"JAKE!!!!" Sara quickly ran to the bath and turned off the water. She put on
a pair of jeans and a black top and sped off down the stairs.

General Hospital, New York, 3.00pm


Chief Siry stood over the lifeless officer who lay quite motionless before
him. The steady beep of the electrocardiogram gave him brief reassurance. He
stood there quietly, not saying a word. Not moving a muscle.

*** beep...beep...beep...beep...***

I guess Joe felt responsible for what happened. It was him that gave the go
ahead to this mission impossible.

the FUCK was I thinking > The chief inhaled deeply, angry at the stupidity of
his decision. He had no idea where Sara was. Sara had always been like "the
daughter he never had". Ever since that day, the day her father died. He
would never forgive himself.


"DOCTOR!!! GET HERE NOW!!! HE'S FLATLINING!!!!!!" Siry broadcasted at the top
of his lungs. The doctors rushed in, the defibrillator already through the

"Ok, we have a ventricular ectopic arrhythmia, someone give him an infusion
of dobutamine! OK, get ready to clear!" The doctor waved for everyone to get
back. Joe looked on, his heart in his mouth.




"Again! CLEAR!!"



"Ok, thanks everyone, good work, we are in sinus rhythm" The doctor smiled at
the chief and left with his co-workers.

"Don't you do that again son, I mean it..." Joe held Jake's arm and tried to
calm himself. The doctor came back in and closed the door.

"Chief, can I have a word with you?" The doctor asked.

"Of course," Joe sat down opposite the doctor.

"We were unable to raise Jake's relatives, do you have any other numbers we
could try?"

"Certainly, give the station a ring, tell them Chief Siry asked you to call,
they'll give you all the information you want."

"OK thanks..." The doctor got up to leave, until he felt a strong hand on his
arm. He turned.

"Look, I need to get back to the station... is he gunna be ok?" Joe asked.

"We're not 100% sure. He lost a lot of blood; he came in here extremely
hypovolemic. The shock could be irreversible after a point. It's amazing he
has survived this long. The bullet missed both his carotid artery and jugular
veins. Right in between them in fact. He's either extremely lucky or..." The
doctor paused. "Well, whoever shot him deserves a medal for marksmanship..."
With that, the doctor left and closed the door behind him.

"Medal, my ass!"

NYP Department, New York, 3.15pm

Sara ran through the building, she ran up to Jake's office, half expecting
him to be there, waiting for her with a big cheeky grin. He wasn't there.

< O god... please, Jake, please be OK... Where are you? > Sara turned to run
back, when she suddenly hit Joe square in the chest. Instantly, it brought
back memories from last night. She shook it off.

"Sir! Jake, where is he? Is he ok?!" Sara spoke quickly and with urgency. The
chief put his hands on her shoulders and gave her a gentle shake.

"Sara, calm down. Where have you been? Jake is fine, he's at General..." Joe
replied. "He's resting, he should be fine... what the hell happened last
night?" Sara was afraid to answer. What the hell was she going to write in
her report?!

"I need to see Jake, to see if he's ok."

"No, Sara, he's resting. He'll be fine. I need you to tell me about what
happened last night." Sara looked down at her feet, her face too ashamed to
look Joe in the eyes.

"I'll tell you later, right now I have to find someone..." Sara knew who
she wanted. She had to find Dutch. She had so many questions that needed
answering. Sara released herself from Siry's grip and ran down the hall.

"SARA!! Where you going? Gawddammit...."

Sara left the chief standing, getting further down the hallway with each
stride. She didn't know where she would find Dutch. She was still afraid of
him. The Witchblade didn't even respond to him... She would be more prepared
this time. She wouldn't let that happen again. Sara stopped running once she
got out of the station. She pressed her hand to her tummy.

< Whatever happens now... I'll be ready for it! >

The Franchesco Mansion, Little Italy, New York, 4.45pm

"mmm, do that some more, yeah, yeah! Right there... ooo... Donnie... baby,"
It was a normal afternoon at the Franchesco mansion. Donnie, fat though he
was, had a certain quality about him. Maybe it was because he was the head
of the Italian Mafia in New York... Maybe it was because he was filthy rich.
Whatever it was, he managed to get his hands on almost anyone and anything
he wanted, when he wanted. And of course, this included the girls.

"Ooo yeah! You like that Ms. Boucher? Urgh... yeah, that feels good," Donnie
grunted like a fat piggy. Ms. Danette Boucher was a middle-aged woman, but of
course, she wasn't any ordinary middle aged woman. Ms. Boucher was the chief
executive of the most exclusive modeling agency in America - BOUCHER
Agencies. Donnie had been through a fair number of Ms. Boucher's girls. He
looked through the Agency's clothing line catalogue like a goddamn-dating
magazine. But, he always came back to Ms. Boucher. She had a look of a vixen,
with more experience in her eyes than the meanest executives out there. She
had fair white skin, raven jet-black hair, which was always tied back tight
in a ponytail. Her facial features were stunning, her eyes deep green. Her
voice was deep, feminine and commanding. It was obvious she used to be a
model herself, her stunning features made her simply irresistible. For a
woman of 34, she had a figure to die for... her naval was toned to
perfection, her buttocks firmer than juicy peaches, and her firm breasts
like ripe apples.

"Are you ready for your medication, Donnie, darling?" She purred as she
slowly licked the tip of his cock, flicking the eye with her tongue. Donnie's
cock responded, throbbing gently in her hands.

"You sure know how to make a man happy..." She moved back her hands,
revealing Donnie's shiny head. She then proceeded to put every inch of his
cock down her throat.

"Ugggh, Jesus..." Donnie groaned. He felt the walls of her throat gripping
and sucking his cock. Further and further she went, deeper and deeper...
Donnie thrust his fat cock deeper, he grabbed her head with both hands and
eased her ever further onto his shaft. She didn't gag, once. She slowly
pulled his dick out of her throat, and continued to blow Donnie until
finally he erupted his load over her face.

"Oh Donnie... please, you could warn me before you do that next time..." as
she wiped clumps of thick gooey spunk from her eyes and nose. A strand of
spunk hung from her mouth, as she wiped herself down. As she looked down to
wipe some spunk that had landed on her tits, she felt her hair being tugged.
Donnie pulled her up, so she was lying on top of him. He massaged her bum,
feeling the firmness between his chubby fingers.

"I guess we still have time... I've got another 15 minutes before I have to
get going" With that, she lowered her tight pussy onto the head of his fat
cock. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, like a black dagger, a runway to her

"Argh.... OO yeah, you are so fuckin' tight..." Donnie closed his eyes,
lying back, letting his vixen do all the work. She grinded her hips onto him,
rubbing her clit against him, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her.
Donnie grabbed her perky breasts, his thumbs gently rubbing her pink nipples,
as his entire pole disappeared into her. They fucked in rhythm. She started
bouncing faster and faster, building herself up to a huge orgasm.

"Oooo, yeah, yeah, yes, yes, urrgh, urgh!!" Danette screamed into a pillow.

"Fuck yeah, ride my hard cock, yeah, you love that shit!" Donnie was in pure

"OOO, YES!!!" Ms. Boucher came loudly, and Donnie followed soon after,
grabbing her tits and pulling her down forcefully onto his dick. He spunked
deep inside of her, feeling her pussy walls milk his cock dry.

"mmmm.... and still with 5 minutes to spare..." She got up, gave Donnie a
peck on the cheek, dressed herself into her business suit, and left the room
as if nothing had happened.

"God damn... I love that woman." Donnie fell back, fast asleep.

General Hospital, New York, 4.50pm

The chaotic noise of the Emergency room echoed in the background. The
flurry of feet, the continuous melancholic humming and beeping of countless
machines, voices talking, voices screaming, voices crying.

"Mmmm... where the hell am I?" Jake grabbed his head and gave it a rub. His
vision started to clear, the strange noises finally making sense. "How...
when did I get here?" Jake looked around his room. He was isolated, the door
was ajar just a fraction, enough so he could get a vertical glimpse of the
outside world. It looked busy. < I've gotta get outta here! Sara! Where are
you?! > He said to himself. He pulled the electrocardiogram leads off his
fingers and chest. It sent the machine beeping in disarray. Doctors rushed
in the room. < Ah, hell! >

"Officer, you really need your rest. You were shot in the neck; you lost a
lot of blood." One doctor tried to reason with him. He motioned Jake to
resume lying down.

"Look, doc, I ain't got time to lie here, I need to find my partner," Jake

"You are not going anywhere until your strength has returned. That's your
chief's orders."

"The chief? Joe? He was here?"

"Yeah, he was most of the night. So lie down and get some rest, officer."

< Ha, I didn't know he cared so much > Jake had too much on his mind to just
lie there. He had to get out. He pushed the doctors aside.

"Tell the chief I had some unfinished business..." Jake took off down the
Emergency room hallway in his patient gown.

Outside the Franchesco Mansion, 5.00pm

Sara knew the only way she could find Dutch, was through his enemies. She
didn't like Donnie, not one bit, but she knew she had to try. Besides, it
wasn't Donnie she wanted to talk to. It was his "god son". Donnie took this
boy under his wing from a very young age, and already he had made "favorite
son" status. It wasn't going to be easy getting to him though. The Mafia
always had heavily armed bodyguards.

Sara moved quietly through the shadows of the ornate garden in front of the
mansion. It was evening, and the sun had started to set on the horizon. The
soft reds and pinks lined the billowing clouds in the sky. She crouched down
next to a water feature and looked on towards the front gates.

"Err, sa ooo's gunna win da game tonite, Danny?" A rather huge Italian,
wearing dark shades, a clean cut black suit, holding an mp5 sub-machine gun
asked his fellow doorman.

"Well dats a tough one, Freddy. I mean, the Detroit Tigers suck ass big time
man, but da Pirates... holy shit, you'd be lucky if you seen dem hit a ball
in 20 matches!" This man was rather smaller, much smaller. That meant he was
calling the shots.

Sara looked around.

< Damn, no way round this thing... that wall looks too high too... I guess
I'll have to do this the old way. > Sara waited until their attention was
turned, maybe to their pointless banter about some baseball game. A message
came up on the small mans radio. Danny put his finger to his ear, pushing
the microphone closer.

***Front gate, you der?**

***Yep, go ahead, Main***

***Da Boss doesn't want any visitors tonite.***

***Heh, roger that Main.***

Unfortunately for Sara, she couldn't make out the conversation. She stayed
crouched low... she pondered.

< Well, I got two choices; I can either flash the badge, or try and talk to
them... >

"Ah well, here it goes." Sara undid her top buttons, and ruffled her hair.
She knew they hated cops. When they looked away, she got up and started up
the curved pathway to the front gate.

"Well, lookie what we got 'ere," Danny lifted his sunglasses and smacked
his lips. "Ey, Frederico, betcha twenty bucks I can nail dis chicks phone

"Put yer money away buddy, this one's for me!" The two idiot door men elbowed
each other, breaking out into a small pathetic fight, before Sara got to the
gate, where they abruptly stopped and straightened their ties.

"Hey purtty lady, The Don don't want no visitors tonite, but I'm free in an
hour or so, maybe we could I dunno..." Dan paused before he slapped Sara pert
ass, grabbing the cheek roughly, "maybe get a drink or sumthin" Sara smacked
his hand away.

"I don't think so buddy, I want to speak to Jackie." Sara demanded.

"Aww, don't be like that baby." Dan replied, pulling her closer towards him
so their hips met. Sara leaned back, repulsed by the man's greasiness.

"Hey! I'm just here to see Jackie!" Sara said. It wasn't hard to see why
these two idiots had hard-ons. Sara's deep rich, brown hair and beautiful
physique were enough to make any man drool. The small man, who was smaller
than Sara, moved in and cheekily put his face between her breasts.

< Right I've had just about enough of this shit. > Sara kneed him in the
nuts, pushing him away. She jumped back a meter or two, before flashing her

"Alright, NYPD! Drop your weapons!" Sara half-imagining that they would
simply do just that. No luck. Danny, still clutching his crotch, bent over
in pain, ordered to the bigger man.

"Freddy, don't jus' stand der ya sonafabitch, get er!" Frederico pulled up
his gun, aimed, and held down the trigger.

< Shit, bad idea. > Sara jumped back behind some more ornaments scattered
throughout the garden. Bullets whizzed and cracked passed her. Already she
could feel the Witchblade stirring on her wrist. She dived down behind a
concrete statue, drawing her Remy .325. She leaned back, catching her
breath, and checked her auto-loader. She looked down at her right arm, the
Witchblade had already sprouted twisted, sharp, spiny, dark green chitin
all over her arm. Ripping and tearing through her shirt. It never hurt her
though. Ever. Her right arm was covered like a glove with huge jagged claws.
She could feel the chitin moving over to cover more of her body, spines
creeping up her face. She jumped, and rolled out, firing shots into the
guards who were both on full-auto. It's funny how they never hit shit ain't
it. Sara hit the small guy holding his balls in the shoulder. He went down.
She landed out in the open, just short of another statue. Frederico took
careful aim, and fired. Three bullets hit Sara straight in the chest. As if
alive, the Witchblade grew fantastically quickly, layering its master with
alien armored plate, and throwing up a shield of spines in front of the
bullets. They ricocheted away harmlessly.

"What der fuck?!" Freddy snarled. Sara felt the Witchblade yearning for
blood. She could feel its power, its will to kill. She felt the energy glow
around her arm... it would be so easy just to release a fiery lance into the
guard. She had to control it. She had learned to control it.

< No! Stop! STOP! > Sara fought her weapon's mind, trying to tame it. The
Witchblade obeyed. Sara ran towards the guard who resumed emptying his
magazine. The bullets were deflected. Sara got up close enough to roundhouse
the man in the temple. He went down.

< Phew... finally. > Sara walked over to Danny who was still writhing around
in pain. She pointed her gun at his balls.

"Gimme the keys, and maybe one day, you can have children." Sara asked
politely. Danny fumbled and reached into his pocket pulling out an electronic
card to the front gate. "Thanks!" Sara took the card and walked over to the
gate. She swiped the card, and the gate opened on cue. She proceeded towards
the house. Danny put his cufflink to his mouth. He groaned.

***Main, ya got one coming your way***

***What?! I thought I said Donnie don't want no visitors!"***

***Ahh, screw you Main...***


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