Notes: This story starts during episode 8 "Thanatopsis" and is told -mostly-
from Gabriel's POV.

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and Warner Brothers Television. This story is meant for entertainment and NOT
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Witchblade: A Favour for a Favour Part 2 (MF)
by Oric13

"But can you do it?" Pezzini asked again.

Gabriel looked up from the computer screen he was studying. "Yes, I can," he
answered after a few moments of thought. "But it will take a lot of time and
work to search the net for the information you are looking for, and retrieve
it as well."

"You wouldn't mind though, would you? Doing this little thing for me?" Sara
said, giving the young man her most charming smile.

He sighed. This was starting to get really familiar. Ever since Detective
Pezzini found out about his little crush on her (okay, BIG crush), he found
himself doing more and more grunt-work for her.

"No, I wouldn't mind doing a "little thing" for you, but this is a big
thing." Gabriel protested, determined not to let himself be suckered again
in doing a lot of Sara's groundwork for nothing. "Now I don't mind doing
you the occasional favour for free, but this is a really big job which will
take at least two days of extensive work, maybe even three or more." Damn!
Pezzini was batting her eyelashes at him, which was totally out of character
for her. Apparently she was using all her tricks to convince him to do her
"little" job. Steeling himself against Sara's charm, he closed his eyes and
quickly continued his pre-prepared speech, "and I think some financial
compensation isn't totally uncalled for." There! He finally said it. Let's
hear what she's got to say to that.

Opening his eyes again, he saw Sara looking back at him; a slight smirk
curled on her lips and she actually seemed a tad impressed.

"Well," The handsome detective replied after pondering Gabriel's words. "I
did promise you could have my bracelet when I die. You could see that as
financial compensation since it's worth a LOT of money."

Gabriel made a face. "Please don't bring that up again. It's way to
depressing, and it makes me feel like a vulture who's circling you to get
the bracelet. You know I'll be perfectly happy if you live to be a hundred,

The detective shot him a smile.

"Besides," he continued. "If I remember correctly; you already promised me
the bracelet sometime back, and I don't recall you telling me that I have
to be your little slave to earn it."

Sara laughed at that. "Funny, I sorta got the feeling that you would enjoy
being my little slave, Gabriel." She spoke in a sultry voice.

Gabriel gulped nervously at the detective's tone, he suddenly noticed that
she was sitting closer to him; closer then was necessary, close enough for
him to smell the vanilla-scented shampoo Pezzini used. He felt he was about
to cave, and quickly moved his chair back somewhat to clear some distance
between them. "I believe we were discussing financial compensation?"

The young detective laughed again; a rich, full laugh, Gabriel dreamingly

"Very well," she smiled. "You win, I won't ask you to do the work for

"Great," he smiled relieved. "Now, I think twenty bucks per hour work isn't
an unreasonable--"

"Actually," Pezzini interrupted him. "I was thinking about another way to pay
you for your work. More like "a Favour for a Favour" kinda deal."

"Oh," Gabriel responded, sounding and feeling rather suspicious. He got the
sinking feeling that this "deal" Pezzini had in mind would be more to her
advantage then it would to his. "And exactly what kind of "Favour" do you
have in mind as payment for the work you want me to do?"

That little smirk from earlier was back on the detective's lips when she
answered him. "If you do this work for me then. I will show you my tits."

"W-what?!" What ever he expected her favour to be; it certainly wasn't this!

"... and if you manage to find the information within 48 hours, then I'll
even let you play with them for a while... how does that sound to you,

Damn! She had him! And judging from that triumphant little smirk on Sara's
lips; she knew it.

"Are you actually being serious?!" he heard himself say.

"You know that whenever I make a promise: I always keep my word." Pezzini

He nodded in response, knowing and admiring that trait in the female
detective. That was one of the reasons he liked her so much.

"Well, do we have a deal?"

Gabriel nodded again, a lot more eagerly this time. "Oh Yeah. we have a
deal!" he hurriedly exclaimed, his eyes unconsciously drifting to the
detective's breasts.

She shot him a grin and stood up. "Great! Let me know when you have found
the information." Giving him a little wink, she left the apartment.

He sighed. All his resolutions of getting actual payment for his work this
time were down the drain once she offered him a peek at her tits. Of course
he expected her to try to get the work done for nothing. that was one of
the little games they played. But he certainly didn't expect her to come up
with an offer like this! He had no idea Detective Sara Pezzini had such a...
wicked streak. She really doesn't play fair!

Okay, she left him no other option; there was only one thing to do now...
and that was to work his butt off and get that information within 48 hours!

He happily pondered his upcoming reward for a while. 'I can hardly wait to
get my hands on Pezzini's perfect breasts!'

After making a quick stop at the local 7-11 where he bought a large supply
of junk food and jolt cokes, he was ready to get on the net and track down
the information the detective wanted.

* * *

Forty-four hours later, high on a caffeine and sugar rush, Gabriel printed
out the last few pages of information and turned off his laptop.

Finally finished! He had to skip a night of sleep to make it within the
deadline, but it was worth it! At last he was going to see AND feel Detective
Sara Pezzini's breasts... and after that he was going to sleep for an entire

After giving the detective a quick call to let her know that he finished
the job, he leaned back in the desk chair; waiting for Pezzini to come and
collect the info and give him his reward. He felt himself growing hard in
anticipation of the detective's arrival.

Fifteen minutes later, the door to his apartment opened and lo and behold:
there was the woman of his dreams, dressed in a pair of black leather
trousers, black leather boots, a white top and a black leather jacket. As
always he felt his breathing halt for a moment as he took in her appearance.

'Wow! She looks so incredibly hot, dressed in black leather!' was all he
could think as she stepped into the room and approached him.

* * *

Detective Pezzini took in Gabriel's awed look as she entered the room, and
felt a familiar tingle in her lower regions. The young hacker is undeniably
handsome and incredibly cute, certainly when he looked at her with that
reverential look on his face. She knew the boy was way too young for her,
but she couldn't help feel incredibly flattered by his crush... and
sometimes very much amused by it.

She knew it was a bit mean to use his feelings for her by making him do
her grunt-work. But she couldn't help herself; she got a sort of perverse
pleasure out of making the boy do her bidding. Anyway, it wasn't like Gabriel
didn't get anything out of their "little arrangement" himself: he now got the
chance to actually see the very same breasts he'd been ogling for so long, in
the flesh. and feel them as well! Providing of course that the boy managed to
find the info she was looking for.

Wordlessly, Gabriel handed her a folder, which she eagerly accepted. She
quickly went over the contents, her eyes lighting up as she leafed through
the pages. This was even more then she hoped for: here was a list of possible
White Bull victims and a variety of evidence linking their deaths to various
members of the NYPD. Now she finally has some substantial evidence against
those bastards!

"So..." Gabriel's hesitant voice interrupted her thoughts. "This is what
you were looking for?"

"Oh yessss," she practically purred. "You've done very, very well!"

Sara caught him staring at her tits and shot the teen a bright smile. "And
since you've been such a good boy. It's time for your reward."

Shrugging off her jacket, she pushed her chest slightly forward; her smile
grew bigger as she noticed the bulge in Gabriel's trousers.

Holding his gaze with her own, she reached down and teasingly slowly lifted
her top, revealing inch after inch of naked flesh. Then she gave her top a
final quick yank and pulled it off completely, allowing her bare breasts to
spring free. Her firm, round globes jiggled a little before coming to a rest.
She was proud of her breasts and with good reason: very decently sized at
36C, they were well shaped and stood out firmly without even the slightest
hint of sag.

Gabriel seemed to agree with her opinion of her breasts judging by the
captivated looks the boy was giving them. His eyes almost seemed to pop out
of their sockets and his ears were bright red as he studied her uncovered

She felt absolutely wicked, exposing herself to her youthful friend like
this. Feeling herself growing very aroused under the young man's
investigative stares, she moved closer until they were only inches apart
and his face practically rested between her breasts.

It felt really dirty and exciting, showing this young man -- a boy really --
her naked tits! Almost sticking them in his face. holding them ready for his
examining hands.

On the other hand, she was also providing him with a bit of extra sexual
education. Nothing wrong with that, now is there? Besides, he is legally an
adult, so there wasn't really anything wrong with what she was doing. And
of course, seeing the boy stare at her tits like they were the Holy Grail
wasn't exactly bad for her ego either.

After ogling her tits for nearly ten minutes, Gabriel hesitantly held out
his hands and carefully touched them. She shuddered softly as his palms
grazed her swollen nipples, increasing the dampness between her legs.

The timid teen got a little braver and began lightly stroking her breasts,
using feather-light touches on her rock-hard nipples. Every touch on her
erect nubbins made a spark of lust shoot to her swollen clit.

Sara started panting softly as the boy continued to stroke her tits. Gabriel
was a lot more gentle, patient and experienced then she first considered him
to be. She sort of expected him to grab her breasts once they came into view
and start groping them. That was what she experienced while dating teen boys
when she was still a teen girl. The careful examination of her breasts, the
light touches. they came as sort of a surprise -- a very pleasant one!

She gasped as Gabriel unexpectedly tweaked her nipples. Holding them between
two fingers he started lightly pinching her erect, pointy nips; making it
seem like an electrical current shot through her body each time her swollen
knobs were pinched.

"Mmmmm!!" A soft moan escaped her lips. 'Oh yessss, Gabriel is quite
experienced for his age. The boy obviously knows what he's doing.'

Closing her eyes, she relaxed her body and silently enjoyed his hands on her
tits and the wonderful sensations she's feeling.

Another moan came from her lips as Gabriel gently tugged on her nipples and
began rolling them between his fingers. from time to time, giving another
quick pull on her swollen nubbins; each new tug a bit harder then the one

* * *

Her panties were soaked by now as the sweet torture of her tits went on for
almost an entire hour. Sara panted loudly every time Gabriel pulled, pinched
or twisted her nipples... even though the boy only touched her tits; she knew
she was close to approaching an orgasm. Her hands grasped her knees tightly
as she thrusts her full, heaving breasts out at the boy; eager for her
impending climax.

Moments later, she felt a soft, warm mouth on her left breast enveloping a
stiff, sensitive nipple. Opening her eyes, she watched as the handsome teen
hungrily nursed on her left tit while employing his left hand to fondle her
right boob.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh! OH! OH! YESSSSS!!!!!" The sight and feeling of
Gabriel suckling her teat, brought her crashing over the edge; crying out
her pleasure, she felt herself cum!

"Oh! Oh! OH! OH! Ooooooohhhh!!!" Her body shook with aftershocks as the
young man kept hungrily sucking at her painfully sensitive nipple.

Just when she couldn't take it anymore and was about to pry the eager teen
of her breast; Gabriel shot erect and gasped loudly. She was momentarily
confused until she saw a wet spot appear on his trousers; it seems she
wasn't the only one to cum without touching themselves.

Gabriel looked somewhat shamefully at his trousers, and then back at her.
Giving him a gentle smile, she lightly held the boy's face and planted a
soft kiss on his lips, whispering, "You were great!" in his ear.

He smiled a bit shyly in response.

Giving him a little wink, she sat back and allowed the boy one last look of
her bare breasts before grabbing her top and pulling it back on.

* * *

Gabriel sighed disappointingly as Pezzini's beautiful breasts were once again

Pulling on her jacket, the detective shot him a grin and leaned towards him.
"Perhaps with the next favour, you'll get to see even more of me."

Smiling wickedly, Sara grabbed the folder with printouts while giving
Gabriel's crotch a quick feel with her other hand. Gasping in surprise, the
young man looked up to see Pezzini giving him a little wave with the folder
before turning around.

"Thanks for the help, Gabriel!" she called back as she left the apartment.

Gabriel sighed deeply as the beautiful young detective closed the door
behind her. 'Forty-four hours of intense hacking! And for what? Getting into
Pezzini's good graces and getting a feel of her bare breasts. Was it really
worth it?'

A big smile covered his face. 'Oh yeah! It was definitely worth it!'


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