Notes: This story starts during episode 8 "Thanatopsis" and is told -mostly-
from Gabriel's POV.

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and Warner Brothers Television. This story is meant for entertainment and NOT
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Witchblade: A Favour for a Favour Part 1 (MF)
by Oric13

"Pezzini. Pezzini?"

Moving his hand in front of the young detective's eyes, Gabriel sighed when
he didn't get any response. Sara Pezzini had been staring at the computer
screen for ten minutes now without so much as the tiniest movement or even
a little blink. It was really starting to freak him out. He was pretty sure
this was somehow connected to the Witchblade; the bracelet that Sara Pezzini
wore... but he didn't know what to do about it.

He placed his hands on the brunette's shoulder and lightly shook her. Still
no response! She was obviously totally out of it.

Looking the frozen female detective over, his gaze inadvertently kept
returning to her breasts. Pezzini's round, firm breasts; which were clearly
outlined against the sheer material of her shirt.

'This would be the perfect opportunity to.' Swallowing nervously, Gabriel
moved his face closer until he was only inches away from Sara's proud,
perfect globes. He never had -- and probably will never have again -- such
a great opportunity as now, to study the object (and objects) of his desire
more closely. He knew he'd fallen hard for the handsome detective, but he
sensed that Sara viewed him as sort of a younger brother, so he didn't tell
her of his feelings.

After staring dreamingly at those nice, big boobs for a full five minutes,
he tentatively reached out and softly stroked them. Letting out a small sigh
when he noticed Pezzini's nipples slowly turning erect. He moved his fingers
across her erect nubbins... then abruptly withdrew.

'What the Hell am I doing?! Pezzini is a friend, I can't take advantage of
her like this!' Sighing again, Gabriel gazed at those invitingly looking
breasts one last time before leaning over and planting a soft kiss on the
detective's lips.

He quickly stood up. 'I better get out of here before I totally loose it!'

Taking one last longing look at his secret crush, he turned around and walked
out of his apartment.

* * *

Bruised and battered and sitting in a cell, Gabriel let out a deep sigh.
'Perhaps I should have found another way to work off my sexual frustration
then picking a fight.'


Looking up, he felt his mouth grow dry as he noticed Sara Pezzini looking
back at him. The cell door opened and she walked inside.

"What the Hell happened?" the handsome detective inquired.

He started to explain what happened, telling her how he got into an argument
with Sly's partner that turned to blows.

With a slight scowl on her face, Pezzini started to lecture Gabriel about
the evils of violence and why it was wrong to use it. Which he found pretty
amusing, considering Sara Pezzini was known to use quite a bit of violence

He was careful not to point that out or let his amusement show though.
Instead he tried to act as repentant as possible: nodding his consent to her
words at the appropriate times and making agreeable little noises.

As the lecture went on, he couldn't help notice what a cute pose Pezzini
unconsciously was taking. Or perhaps sexy was a better word for it (cute
didn't quite apply to Detective Sara Pezzini). The handsome detective stood
close in front of him with her arms crossed under her full breasts, a slight
scowl on her face and her cold blue eyes lasering into his while she scolded
him. She kinda reminded him of a stern mother reprimanding her naught child
or a SM Mistress chastising her disobedient slave.

While his eyes drifted over Pezzini's gorgeous form, they kept focussing on
her breasts and his mind started thinking back to earlier when he got to see
those twin beauties from up close. He really was glad he didn't went too far
with his friend. Still, a small part of him (which he considered his dark
side) wished he'd be more daring and taken full advantage of that rare

He could picture himself stripping off Sara's tight t-shirt and revealing her
big, bra-clad breasts. Then he slowly unclasped the bra and let her ample
tits spring free. After admiring them for a while, he takes them in his hands
-- feeling their weight -- and starts fondling them: kneading and squeezing
the soft flesh, before concentrating on Pezzini's rock-hard nipples. Taking
each of the stiff nubbins between his thumb and index finger, he lightly
pinches them and begins rolling them between the two fingers. Occasionally
pulling on them and giving them a slight twist.

After he had his way with Pezzini's beautiful tits, he would undress her
completely: to finally reveal her tight little pussy (or at least he pictured
it to be tight), which he had dreamt about for so long. He imagined that
she'd shaved off most of her pubic hair, leaving only a small triangle above
her slit.

Now that her pussy lay exposed before him, he would examine the detective's
delectable cunt; opening her labia-lips and studying her pink insides.
Letting a single finger slip inside her hot hole and explore inside of her.

Then he'd move his attentions slightly upwards. After pulling away the small
hood and revealing her little clit -- which would be rock-hard by now -- he'd
lightly blow on the little button making Sara shiver with arousal before
giving it a little tweak. Then he would focus his attention back on the
detective's tight hole; letting the tip of his tongue slide around it, before
delving in and burrowing his tongue inside Pezzini's damp little slit. He
would tongue-fuck her for a while until -- trance or no trance -- she'd be
moaning loudly in response. Then when she's wet, hot, ready and willing, he'd
replace his tongue with a couple of fingers and finger-fuck the beautiful
detective hard and fast! Soon she'd be panting and groaning loudly while her
tight, naked body is shaking with lust.

At that point, Pezzini would come out of her trance, and she would be so
overcome with lust that instead of being angry: she'd let him have his way
with her. Moaning out his name while he drove his fingers in and out her
sopping wet snatch; bringing her quickly to the brink of orgasm. Then when
she's close to cumming, he would move his mouth to Pezzini's erect clit and
take it in his mouth, flicking his tongue over the small knob and sucking on
it. He would make her cum like she never cummed before: screaming out her
orgasm! And he would keep on driving his fingers in her cunt and sucking her
clit; not letting up 'till the proud detective would beg for mercy!

Then, when she finally recovers from her orgasm, she'd smile at him; giving
him that particular Sara Pezzini smile. Then she would lean towards him, open
his zipper and pull out his erect cock.

Taking his cock in her hand, she would look at him and say, "Gabriel--"

* * *

"Gabriel?!" Pezzini snapped her fingers in front of his eyes and he almost
fell off the cot in shock.

The detective shot Gabriel an amused look. "What was that all about? Did
you hear even a word of what I was telling you?"

"Yeah, yes, I did!" he quickly stammered. "I-I was just. thinking."

She shot him a little smirk. "Really? Would my tits be involved somewhere in
your thought process? Because you haven't looked at anything else in the last
15 minutes."

"I-I..." Gabriel stuttered. "I, ehm, I was just admiring your shirt."

"Sure you were," Sara grinned, while looking the clearly aroused boy over.
"Well, come on. You are free to go... for now. Just don't do it again or
I'll kick your ass myself!" she told him. Her grin grew bigger when she saw
Gabriel looking down guiltily at his lap where the boy spotted his obvious
erection, which he then quickly covered.

When Gabriel lifted his head again and looked at her with that same guilty
look, Sara quickly put a hand in front of her mouth to keep from laughing.
The boy so much resembled a guilty puppy when he looked at her like that.

Giving the embarrassed boy a little wink she turned around and walked out of
the cell.

Holding his hands in front of his trousers to hide his bobbing erection,
Gabriel carefully stood up and followed the grinning brunette outside.


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