Wings (m+/f,mm/fff)
by ALurker ([email protected])

Sex cast list:

Joe & Brian Hackett: Operators of sandpiper air
Roy Biggins Sr.: Owner operator of Aero mass
Roy Biggins Jr.: Son of Roy Sr.
Lowell Mather: Mechanic for the airport
Antonio: Taxi driver
Alex Lambert (Farrah Forke): sassy female helicopter pilot, ex army pilot.
Helen Chapel (Crystal Bernard): Owner operator of lunch counter in airport
Casey Chapel (Amy Yasback): Helen's divorced sister working for sandpiper

Roy walked up to the lunch counter in disbelief. "I can't believe it. He's
gay!" Roy mumbled to himself. Suddenly, he realized he had spoken in front of

"Like father, like son eh Roy?" Brian Hackett got a dig into Roy, his brother
Joe hit him in the shoulder and gave him a dirty look "I'm sorry Roy, but
it's not the end of the world."

Helen Chapel leaned over and patted Roy on the shoulder. "You're going to
have to deal with this Roy."

"What happened Chapel? Last thing I know he was attracted to you, and now
he's gay. What did you do to him?" Roy looked up at Helen and her lean body.

He was excited just seeing her pixieish face, long blonde hair. Her tits that
were small but well proportioned for her body. Then he looked over at Alex.
Wearing a tight pair of jeans that showed her well rounded ass and a white
T-shirt which let you see how big her tits were. With short blonde hair, that
was the perfect accent to her body. He then looked at Casey, the tall fiery
red head with the doll like face and body. He bet she could fuck without even
breaking a sweat. With all these attractive women how could his son be gay.

"It's no ones fault, Roy. He is what he is." Joe Hackett tried to diffuse
Roy's depression, he didn't really like Roy but hated to see anyone feel that

"But he hasn't done anything yet, he hasn't been with a woman or a man. Maybe
there's a chance, he's not to far gone. Maybe I could get him a women, a
hooker." Roy thought aloud.

"Not the hookers on this island!" Brian chimed in. "I mean they could make me
start thinking of turning gay."

"You mean you're not gay. I sure thought you were, didn't you Helen?" Alex
thought Brian needed to be taken down for his earlier comment and knew how. A
simple comment could make Brian paranoid.

"Yeah right, come on." Brian threw a dishtowel at Alex.

"I don't know what to do." Roy put his head in his hands. "I'd do anything
for my little boy."

"Anything Roy, how much would you give to have you're son come and say 'I am
not gay' to you Roy?" Brian asked not wanting Roy's torment to end.

"Alright Hackett, a thousand dollars!" Roy shot back hoping to shut him up.

"Doesn't seem to mean much to you Roy." Brian shot back.

"Alright, ten thousand dollars to any women who could convince my son he's
not gay." he got up and started for his office glad to see he had shut
Hackett up.

"You're not serious Roy?" Helen asked concerned about the way Roy was taking

Roy turned back seeing three beautiful women at the counter, if anyone could
convince Roy Jr, he wasn't gay these three could. "Yes Helen I , I would give
ten thousand dollars to any women who could convince my son he's not gay!!"
He stormed into his office slamming the door. He couldn't believe there was a
million to one chance he'd ever pay, but knowing he willingly would pay.

"Helen, you weren't going to do anything about getting that money were you?"
Joe asked.

Sure Helen wouldn't. They had dated for a year before they had one quick bout
of sex. She wouldn't even let him see her naked. His frustration being at
least half the reason they broke up. "Of course not Joe.!" But 10,000 dollars
was a lot of money. She had all those debts from her time in NY, she was
barely able to make ends meet working all day at the lunch counter. The money
would get her out of debt and give her a nice nest egg. Roy JR. had said he
was attracted to her. Maybe she could do it. As she thought about it a
tingling went through her body. Could she get someone to go straight.

"I don't even know if you could change a man?" Alex Lambert thought aloud.
She too was considering what the money could do for her. It would really put
her helicopter business on it's feet and let her really start making some
money with her company. Also it wouldn't be like it was her first time. Hell,
every six months she and a bunch of old army buddies would get together for a
big fuck party. She even did it with women, from time to time. Thinking how
long it had been and how much she'd like to get Helen or Casey into bed.

"I can't even believe Roy could even consider making such a crude offer!"
Casey ran a hand through her bright red hair, thinking about the money. The
money would get her on her feet. Her husband had left her with nothing. Hell,
she only had a job for the next 3 weeks, until Fay came back from vacation.
She had done worse and Roy Jr. was kind of cute. He was 20 years old 6'2" and
very muscular. She had only been with her husband for the last 5 years. The
thought of something new and different made her hot. She got up and went over
to the Sandpiper counter.

Hoping no one had noticed that she was considering Roy's offer. She started
idly thinking of ways to get Roy Jr., alone in a nice private place. Helen
Chapel watched the others go their separate ways. As she started to clean up,
she wondered about what she had seen in Alex and Casey. She thought she had
seen them both start to consider Roy's offer. She knew she was attractive but
when she compared herself to Alex and Casey, she still felt like the fat
little girl. Casey's looks had intimidated her since she was a little girl,
and since Alex had shown up the Hackett 's had barely given her the time of
day. Roy Jr. walked by the lunch counter and saw Helen behind the counter.

"Helen another cello lesson tonight?" he asked.

"Of course, my place say around seven." Helen saw Roy Jr. nod and go off. She
had to admit that he was sexy tall well built and young. She had never been
with anyone younger then 25 and that was when she was 25. Seducing a younger
man, well the thought excited her. Considering that if Alex and Casey where
going after him, she might only get one chance, and that would be tonight.
Helen left work at six . Deciding to make some special preparations for Roy
Jr's arrival. She went into her closet and found her sexiest outfit. Joe
Hackett had bought it for her while they were dating. Helen could never wear
it outside, but had modeled it privately for Joe a couple of times. Now Roy
Jr. was going to be only the second person ever to see her in it.

She put on the short black leather skirt, it only covered about two inches of
her thighs. She wore a special pair of black panties underneath, since they
showed so often. She felt good that it still fit her like a glove and showed
off her ass. Then she got out the top. It didn't reveal anything, but it was
tight against her skin. Even if she wanted too she couldn't have gotten a bra
underneath it, the tight lycra material hugged her breasts. It really showed
off the little she had. She let her long blonde hair hang over her shoulders,
set off against the black of the outfit. She finished off the outfit by
putting on a pair of spike heels. They really showed off her legs.

As she was finishing her makeup, she heard the doorbell. The sound sent
shivers through her body with the thought of what she was doing. She went
down and let Roy Jr. in and was gratified to see his jaw hang open as he saw

"I'm sorry Helen, you going out or something?" Roy Jr. thought he might be
gay, but Helen was really turning him on. "No, but I had never worn this
outfit, and since your gay. I wanted your opinion on it, I would be to
embarrassed to show this outfit to a straight man."

She did a slow turn for him.

"What do you think?" She asked. "Does it reveal too much?"

Roy was shocked, he had never seen Helen so sexual. He knew her reputation as
a cold fish. "No,no, you look great. I'd be careful though, you'll turn on
every man who sees you."

"Well aren't you sweet." She turned on the southern accent a bit. She knew it
turned on some men. "But it doesn't effect you though?"

"No, of course not!" He couldn't believe how much she was effecting him. He
wished he had a chance with her, but knew she'd never give him a tumble.
"Should we start the lesson?" He hoped it would distract him and cover his
raging hard on. "Would you like to change first?" he asked.

"No, this will do fine. Now sit down." She sat him down and then put the
cello in front of him. She reached around him. Grinding her tits into his
back trying to turn him on as she put the bow of the cello across the

'God, Helen felt so good behind him.' He couldn't concentrate on the cello as
she continued to rub her tits up against his back. His hard on was raging and
after only a couple of minutes of this he felt himself cum in his pants. He
was so embarrassed, he had to get out of here before Helen saw. "I'm sorry
Helen." He got up and raced for the door. "I've got to go, something to do."
He raced out the door. He looked down and saw a stain starting on his pants.
He was so embarrassed he raced home. Once there and out of his soiled pants
he jerked off thinking of Helen and what might have been. Helen was left
staring after Roy Jr.

As he left, she felt completely deflated. She had thought she looked so good.
But now wasn't so sure about her looks, at heart she was always that insecure
little fat kid. Even now that she was thin and looked great, she still
doubted herself. She went to bed crying at how she was losing her looks. The
Hackett 's were going after Alex, she had scared Roy Jr. of into the night.
Hell, even Roy Sr was no longer making degrading comments about her body.
Making them to Alex and Casey instead of her. After about an hour or two of
feeling sorry for herself she decided she needed some kind of validation. It
had been almost a year since she had sex and she needed something. Helen
started thinking long and hard about her life and realized she had always
fantasized about wild and crazy sex, but could never bring herself to do
anything about it. Now would be the perfect time, she thought, and she knew
just the fantasy to make come true.

The next morning, she carefully got dressed in an outfit that made her look
nice but wasn't too revealing. She got wet every time she thought about
making her fantasy come true, but she had to work first. She got through the
breakfast and lunch crowds. After the last of the lunch crowd left she
decided to put her plan in motion. She thought it was the perfect time, Joe
and Brian were in their office alone, Casey had gone on some errand, Roy was
gone for the day, Lowell and Antonio were working on his cab out in the
parking lot. She debated for a few minutes. Then decided it was now or never.

She closed her lunch counter, then went in the back and removed her bra and
panties. She went across to Joe's office wearing just her shoes and her dress
{which she had partially unbuttoned.}.she could practically feel the moisture
running down her legs, as she walked over to Joe's office and knocked.

"Come in." Joe was grateful for the break in yelling at his stupid brother.
He sat at his desk with Brian across from him. As Helen came in, he noticed
she closed the blind on the door and then locked the door. "Something the
matter, Helen?" He watched her walk over to the other door and do the same to
that one. Then she closed the blinds on the windows.

"There's this little matter you two boys could help me with."

"Anything Helen." Brian replied relieved to have Joe stop yelling at him.

"I've been feeling lonely and unattractive, lately." She tried to say it in
her sexiest voice. "For just once in my life I want to be WILD!" She started
to undo the last few buttons on her dress.

"I don't think......." Joe started to say, but his mind went blank as Helen's
dress hit the floor. He couldn't believe how sexy she was. She had never let
him see her completely naked while they were dating. Now she was standing
naked in his office. His mind went into overload as he sat back in his seat.

"I want you to use me." Helen continued walking back and forth, to give the
guys a full view of her body. She had thought about walking out at this point
leaving them staring but the hunger in their eyes was just to much for her.

"I can live with that." Brian was the first to get his senses back on track.
He quickly took down his pants. His hardon was clearly evident as he pulled
off his shorts. Helen came over and gave him an embrace. His hands roamed
over her lithe frame and his cock was pushed up against her stomach. He
needed some relief , so he put his hands on her shoulders and slowly forced
her down his body until she was kneeling before him.

Helen looked at the prick staring her in the face. She decided to just dive
right in. She started by licking the head and then down the shaft. She opened
her mouth and took the first few inches in her mouth. She caressed it working
her tongue on the underside and going up and down on the shaft taking a few
inches in then withdrawing till just the head was in her mouth, then going
down again. She could feel his hands running through her hair she couldn't
believe she was doing this, and in front of Joe. She was loving every moment
of it.

"Helen you are fantastic!" Brian couldn't believe the suction action little
Helen had going. He wouldn't last long and didn't think Helen would
appreciate him coming in her mouth. "I'm coming!" He yelled. He withdrew just
as a burst came out and hit her chin and cum went all over her pert tits.

"How was that Brian?" She looked up and smiled.

As he fell back into a chair unable to keep his feet. She stood and walked
over behind Joe's desk. She saw that he too had dropped his pants. She bent
down and started to take him in her mouth. She couldn't believe how much
alike the two men were. Both with roughly the same size 7 inch pricks.

"OH, GOD, Helen, I wish you'd done this before." He couldn't believe he'd
said that. Still obsessing about their dating at a time like this. He watched
her swallow his cock again and again. He realized he wanted to fuck her hard.
He stood her up. Then in one sweep of his arm he cleared his desk.

"Joeeee!!" Helen couldn't believe Joe, the neat freak, was making a mess for
her. She grabbed a towel from his desk and cleaned off Brian's spunk.

Joe motioned her up onto the desk He pulled off the last of his clothes and
stood naked beside her. She took his cock in her hand as he played with her
pussy. He was fully hard in seconds and moved between her legs. He pushed her
back to allow easier access. He put the tip of his prick into Helen. He was
amazed at how slick it felt. He pushed it in a little at a time. Helen
started to moan. Once fully inside her, he pulled out so just the tip was
inside and then buried his prick into the hilt. It felt incredible, every
time their hips met. He had never imagined such pleasure as Helen just
continued to thrash and moan.

"MORE, FUCK ME HARD!" Helen couldn't believe she was using these words. But
her fantasy coming true. She had orgasmed the first time Joe had been inside
her and his merciless fucking was bringing her to another. She tried to grab
his waist with her legs, to get even more of his cock into her. She noticed
Brian walking up beside her his cock now fully erect again.

Brian couldn't believe Joe had little Helen up on his desk and was fucking
the shit out of her. He needed to touch her perfect tits. He walked over and
started playing with them. As Joe started to calm down, he pulled out of her
and came all over her stomach. Brian got a little on his hands.

"Careful where you shoot that thing!"

Brian grabbed a towel and wiped his hand then Helen. He moved over between
her legs and slid into her tight cunt and started to fuck her. Joe was semi
hard seeing Brian start to fuck Helen. He decided he needed more. He walked
over to Helen's head and played with her tits. He wanted to get into her
mouth again, but she was still in the throws of Brian's fucking, but he was
getting steadier.

Out of the corner of her eye Helen saw someone at the door peaking in. The
idea of someone watching just made it hotter. Her head fell to one side and
she saw Joe's cock lying on the table semi hard. She opened her mouth and he
quickly put his cock in. Suddenly, Joe had his hand in her hair and was
forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth. She was scared, but Brian
kept on turning her on with his fucking. She tried to take as much of Joe as
she could, he continued to fuck her in the mouth and she thought she felt it
hit the back of her throat and this excited her all the more.

Joe couldn't believe that Helen had taken all of him into her mouth. He
wasn't going to last long, he pumped a few more times and decided to cum in
her mouth. He pushed it all the way in again and let go. Helen felt him jam
his cock all the way in and all of a sudden he started cumming.

She was shocked to think Joe wanted her to swallow, but she didn't have much
choice. She started to swallow and to her surprise was enjoying it. He
finally stopped cumming and Joe pulled out of her mouth. Some of his cum
dribbling down her chin.

Seeing Helen swallow really set Brian off. He started fucking Helen in
earnest. "OH, God, Helen you're incredible!!!!" He pulled out and came all
over her stomach and tits. His legs felt wobbly, he sat down heavily,
completely exhausted. He saw Joe was in a similar state. Helen enjoyed the
moment. She had cum several times, drained two men dry, all her doubts about
her sexuality were gone.

She. felt amazing. "Thanks guys. I feel much better." She noticed that
whoever had been watching was gone. She looked over Brian and Joe, they were
spent. She wiped the cum off her body and put on her dress. She walked out
just as several passengers walked into the terminal. Her mind toyed with the
notion of ripping of her dress and having theses half dozen people fuck the
shit out of her, but knew she could never go that far.

Casey had come back from her errand quicker then she thought she would. She
talked to Antonio and Lowell in the parking lot for a minute. Then went in
through the hanger. She walked towards the Sandpiper office. She tried the
door but it was locked. Then she heard moaning and groaning coming from the
office. 'Damn it, they're watching some kind of porno film again.' She hated
when they did that. She felt it was degrading. Listening to them they were
really getting into it. 'Could they be jerking off in there?' She thought to

Curious, she noticed a small opening in the shades, she decided to have a
look. Planning to tease them later about what she saw. She couldn't believe
what she saw in the office. There was her naked sister, little Helen splayed
out on the desk being fucked by Joe. She could see they were both sweating
with effort as he pounded into her. She was getting hot just watching Joe's

Suddenly another figure appeared. She noticed it was Brian, he was naked too.
This was unbelievable her innocent little sister fucking two guys at once.
She saw Joe cum and Brian replace him between Helen's legs. Casey needed
relief, she looked around and saw there was no one around. She slid a hand
under her skirt and into her pussy. She started to play with herself. Casey
was so into it she didn't hear Antonio and Lowell walk into the hanger. They
saw her peeping into Joe's office and wondered what was so fascinating. Then
they were shocked and turned on when they saw she was playing with herself.
Antonio motioned for Lowell to be quite, as they walked up behind her.

Casey was in a world of her own, as she watched Helen get fucked. She
couldn't believe it, when Helen took one cock in her cunt and another in her
mouth. Casey was no virgin, but had never tried two guys at once. Just the
thought was exciting. Her hands found her clit and she started rubbing. She
didn't care about anything else, she needed to cum.

Antonio had always wanted Casey her red hair had always excited him. He saw
her start to play with herself with one hand and reach one hand under her
blouse as she played with her tits. He wondered what she was watching that
got her so hot. He walked up behind her. He reached around her and started to
rub her tits.

Casey was shocked when she felt hands on her body. She looked up to see
Antonio holding her, and Lowell looking on. 'two men.' She thought. She knew
she should pull away and slap Antonio. She was just too hot, she needed a
man. Maybe she should even do two like Helen. Antonio suddenly shoved his
rough hand down into her skirt and put a finger up her pussy. She was so
excited, he could do anything he wanted to her. Antonio felt her hot wet
pussy, it practically sucked his fingers in. He reached down and grabbed her
wrist. Shoving her hand down his shorts, she got the hint fast and started
running her hand around his cock. It felt great but they wanted more. She
turned around suddenly and shoved her tongue down his throat. "Can we go
someplace private?" She needed a man now.

Lowell looked her up and down and motioned for her to go up the stairs. She
tried to straighten up a bit and noticed Antonio take a quick look in the
office. She wondered if he had seen Helen. Then she followed Lowell up the
stairs. Antonio looked in the door and saw Helen spread eagle on the desk,
taking on both Hackett boys. For a moment he thought how much he would like
the younger Helen after he took fiery Casey. He saw that Casey and Lowell
were ahead of him on the stairs. He zipped up his pants and quickly went
after them.

As they came into Lowell's spare room. {He set it up when Bunny first threw
him out it only had a small cot but that was good enough for now.} Lowell
came up behind Casey and fondled her breasts through her clothes. They were
bigger then he had imagined, he noticed Antonio come in and lock the door. As
Lowell continued to play with her tits, Antonio walked around her front. He
immediately started to work on opening up her blouse. It took him only
seconds, but the bra was tougher. He finally got the bra off. He pulled one
of Lowell's hands away, so he could suck on one of those breasts. While his
other hand started working on pulling down her skirt.

Casey couldn't believe the feelings running through her body. She wanted to
be used and abused. She felt Antonio pull down her panties. He knelt in front
of her, his mouth went right to her pussy. She felt his tongue touch her
clit, wrap it and suck on it, with Lowell still working on her tits she came
like a gusher. Her legs felt like rubber as Antonio kept sucking at her clit.
Finally, he stopped and stood up as Lowell stopped working on her tits. She
had to sit and fell onto the cot.

She watched as Lowell opened the zipper on his overalls, Antonio started
stripping. Lowell's cock was the first one out and it was average in size
only about five inches and not that thick. Then she saw Antonio pull a
monster out of his pants. It must have been over 9 inches long and was at
least an inch thick. She wanted them both. Casey felt so wanton. As the two
men walked over to her, she started to run her hands over them. She quickly
gave Antonio's prick a little lick then Lowell's. She realized Lowell was
about the same size as her ex husband. She decided to deep throat him.

Still holding onto Antonio's cock, with one hand. She put her mouth over
Lowell's cock and started taking it in. She quickly was at the base and
started going up and down over it. She felt Lowell's hand on the back of her
head, running his fingers through her hair. She felt him building up to
overload and decided she wanted to swallow all of it. Lowell started to pull
out of Casey's mouth, he didn't think she'd want him cumming down her throat.
He was shocked when she grabbed his ass and pulled his cock all the way back
into her mouth. He shot load after load into her mouth. He let out a groan as
she swallowed his spunk.

As he pulled out of her mouth his legs felt wobbly and he had to sit down.
Casey realized she was neglecting Antonio and his fine tool. She grabbed him
and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, she heard him groan in pleasure.
She couldn't take all of his prick into her mouth about halfway her gag
reflex kicked in. She soon realized they weren't getting anything out of

"Fuck me with that thing!"

She lay back on the cot. Antonio climbed in on top of her. He started to rub
his cock along the outside of her pussy but she needed relief.

"Stick in ME!" She cried out almost begging for it.

Antonio was in awe of the beautiful body under him. He stuck the tip of his
cock into Casey. It slid in easily he couldn't believe how wet she was. He
jammed a few more inches in and loved the feeling of her cunt. It seemed to
grasp him, it was like he was fucking someone's fist. He couldn't hold out
much longer he rammed his entire length into her.

"OH, that feels so good!" Casey felt the entire length of his prick go into
her pussy.

He really started to pound away at her pussy. She had never felt anything
like this. Antonio's big cock was filling her. For a second she worried that
he might do damage but the pleasure quickly dispelled the thought. It felt
like it was going to break into her womb. Antonio pulled out all the way
leaving just the head of his cock in her cunt, then he rammed it all the way
in. It felt so incredible, he could see drool start to come out of her mouth
as she spasmed with the pleasure of it all. With one last push, he put his
cock all the way in and let go. He kept it all the way in as he came inside
her pussy.

Casey was going insane with pleasure. She couldn't believe it as Antonio
pumped her harder and harder. She had several orgasms and was starting to
wonder if Antonio ever would cum. Finally, she felt him really jam into her
and felt a warm wetness enter her pussy. It felt great,. Antonio slid slowly
off her and lay down beside her. He casually started to play with her
breasts. Casey could see he was semi hard. She decided she wanted another
ride. She decided her mouth was the best way to get him going again. Casey
tried to suck him off while sitting on the bed, but the cot was to small. She
got up beside the cot and bent over. She started taking his cock into her

Lowell had enjoyed the show. He was somewhat intimidated by Antonio's huge
cock. He watched Casey go into ecstasy. He wondered how long Antonio could
go. Finally, he saw him fall off of her. He hoped it would now be his turn,
but Casey started sucking Antonio's cock leaving no place for him. Then she
stood up and bent over the cot. Lowell watched Casey's ass get stuck up in
the air. It bounced so nice as she went up and down on Antonio's cock. He
decided he was going to get some. He walked up behind Casey.

Casey was so into sucking on Antonio's cock she didn't notice Lowell come up
behind her. She was shocked, when she felt something between her legs. Then
she realized she had forgotten about Lowell. She felt Lowell spread her pussy
wide. She opened her legs to give him easier access. He started by using his
fingers on her. Then she felt his hands leave her and his cock start to
enter. Casey really started deep throating Antonio's cock as Lowell fucked
her. She was completely turned on, she was satisfying two men. Although
Lowell's smaller dick wasn't doing as much for her as Antonio's had done.
Lowell was enjoying fucking Casey, but her pussy wasn't very tight. He saw
her ass sticking up and decided to do something with it. He pulled her ass
cheeks apart and started kneading them.

"That feels so good!" Casey said, as she took Antonio's cock out of her mouth
for a second.

As Lowell played with her ass, she went back down on Antonio. Suddenly, she
felt something press up against her anus. She felt Lowell work a finger up
her ass. She now had a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy and a finger up
her ass. She had never felt so full. Antonio was now completely hard. Casey
felt Lowell pull out and walk away. She hadn't noticed him cum, but she was
awful busy. She decided to ride Antonio's fun ride again. She climbed on top
of him, driving her cunt right down on his cock. She started to ride up and
down on his big cock, trying to get down all the way to the base.

Lowell had decided something, Casey's pussy wasn't very tight. But her ass
was incredible tight and he wanted to fuck that fine ass. He saw her take
Antonio again. He found some massage oil but first he wanted something else.
He went over to Casey and stood by the cot. Casey saw Lowell's cock at eye
level, so she deep throated him. Antonio had started to pound into her moving
up as she moved down.

Lowell pulled out of her mouth, she saw him pull out some kind of bottle.
Casey wasn't sure what Lowell had in mind. She felt oil going over her back.
Well, she could use a massage, she thought. Then Lowell started working the
lotion down. Finally, he used his finger to get some up her ass. Then she saw
him cover his cock in the lotion.

'My god' she thought he's going to fuck me in the ass. 'NO Lowel' she tried
to get out but Antonio brought her to another orgasm, and it came out "GOD
YES!" She felt Antonio come in her pussy as Lowell took up position behind
her. She should stop him but she wanted to try it.

Lowell took up position behind her his feet on either side of the bed.
Antonio was underneath her, but Lowell wasn't going to stop now. He worked
his prick head into her tight anus. He worked the tip in and then started
feeding more and more into her as she started to back up to meet his thrusts.

"Oh god, fuck my ass!" For Casey the pain had passed into pleasure.

As Lowell's tool thrust into her ass, she felt her passion inflamed. Antonio
and Lowell practically fought over her tits, Antonio even reached up and
started sucking on one of them. Antonio couldn't believe Casey was being butt
fucked right above him. He had thought he was spent a moment before, but he
felt himself start to rise to the occasion. He tried to angle himself so his
cock could get back into her pussy.

Casey felt Antonio start to get hard underneath her. At first she tried to
keep him out of her pussy while Lowell fucked her ass, but that only managed
to get Antonio's cock rubbing up against the outside of her pussy, getting
her even hotter. She decided 'what the hell' and stopped fighting it.
Antonio's cock entered her pussy. As both men started to set a rhythm, one
would thrust in as the other withdrew. She had another orgasm. "OH GOD, I'M
CUMMING!" she cried out as they both suddenly thrust into her and spewed
their seed inside of her.

Lowell was spent. Casey's ass had been the finest thing he had ever fucked.
He tried to stand as he withdrew from her ass, but his legs were weak. He
practically fell into a chair. He could see Antonio was exhausted as he lay
on the bed panting.

Casey stood, as Lowell got out from behind her. Her legs felt bowed from the
fucking she had just received. She started to dress, but couldn't find her
bra so forgot about it, she finished dressing and noticed the two boys hadn't
even moved yet. She felt a twinge of pride that she could leave them both so
drained. Then in a flash, she realized what would happen if the story of this
ever got out. "You guys wouldn't tell anyone about this, would you?" she
asked nervously.

"Are you kidding, this is my best moment in America. I want to tell the
world!!!" Antonio could hardly move. He was almost to tired to speak

'Oh god!' She thought, everyone was going to know. She couldn't let that
happen. "I'll tell you what guys." She saw them both start to listen. "If you
tell anyone, I'd just die." she thought a moment. "I'd have to move." She
considered her next promise carefully. "I'll tell you what, if you keep
silent about this. I think we can do it again, say next month." she saw both
men nod affirmative to her plan. She thought that this had felt so good she
might just do it again next month. She walked down into the hanger and into
the terminal she hoped no one noticed anything different about her.

Alex arrived back from her flight to Boston. She didn't see anyone around. As
she got out of her helicopter she saw Roy Jr. standing beside the terminal.
She decided she'd try for the $10000. She called him over and started
talking. "You waiting for someone?"

"Just my dad, I thought we needed to talk, but they tell me he won't be back
till late. I guess I should just go home."

Alex thought for a moment. "Tell you what, I've got to go on a check ride.
Want to come along?"

"That'd be great!"

Alex showed him how to get aboard the chopper and within a minute or two they
were off flying. They talked as they flew, Roy Jr even told Alex a version of
what had happened with Helen, leaving out his little accident. Alex couldn't
believe it, sweet little Helen, had tried for the money. From what Roy Jr.
was telling her. Helen lost out because she was too aggressive. Alex had to
stifle a laugh, Helen being too aggressive. She had trouble imagining Helen
being that aggressive. Well it was her turn now.

"How bout we make a little stop? I know a great little place. You've got to
see it, its so pristine, and beautiful." She saw him hesitate. "Come on,
it'll be fun."

Roy Jr. went along with Alex and saw her guide the chopper onto a small pad
on a small isolated cove. "Where are we?" He looked and saw the sandy beach
was surrounded by high cliffs. There was a waterfall flowing down to a small
pond that flowed into the ocean.. It was incredible...

"Everyone's forgotten about this place, I found it about 6 months ago,
there's never a soul here."

"Why not, it seems so incredible. Everyone would want to come here?"

"Yes, but choppers the only way to get here. There's some nasty reefs less
then a hundred yards out, so no boats. There are no roads for at least 20
miles. I don't know who put this slab here, but I'm sure grateful." She saw
how taken he was with the scenery. "You know I think I want to take a dip in
the pond. I don't have a suit, you don't mind, if I skinny dip, do you? I
mean I heard you were gay and all."

"No, no problem." Alex had always made him nervous. She was so attractive,
sexy and always in control.

"Come on, its no fun alone!" She started stripping down. She made sure to
show as much of her body as she could. She saw him start to take off his
clothes. She thought she saw a hard on, but wasn't sure. As he raced into the
water, she followed and was shocked at how cold the water was. She tried
everything to get close to him but he kept avoiding her.

Roy Jr. couldn't believe this, he had a hard on as he dove into the water,
but it was so cold his dick felt like it was retracting into his stomach.
After only a few minutes of this cold, he got out toweled off and hurried to
get dressed. He was so cold he barely noticed Alex come out of the water and
get dressed. The ride back was practically silent, neither wanted to talk
about what happened.

As they landed and went their separate ways. Alex felt incredibly horny. She
was sorry her army buddies wouldn't be around for awhile. She could use a
good dose of fucking. Alex walked into the hanger wondering where everybody
was. She heard voices coming from Joe's office. She moved towards it, until
she could make out what they were saying. Alex heard four voices in the room
Antonio, Lowell, Joe and Brian.

As she started making out the words, Alex was shocked and a bit horny. Joe
and Brian were talking about screwing Helen. Alex listened in, they were
describing in detail how the two men had fucked sweet little Helen Chapel.
She had trouble believing it, then Antonio and Lowell started talking about
fucking Casey. Lowell even talked of fucking her in the ass. Alex had trouble
believing the stories but they backed each other up. Antonio even commented
on how he had seen Joe and Brian take on Helen.

After listening to the stories, she decided they were telling the truth. It
was getting her incredibly horny. Her recent frustration with Roy Jr. hadn't
helped. She decided on getting some for herself. She boldly strode into the
room. "Hi, boys!" She commented and noticed they had all been stroking their
cocks through their jeans. Alex decided to go for it. "I heard you boys
talking about what you did to the little girls. Are you ready for a real
woman?" She pulled her shirt out of her tight jeans.

"You mean all of us together?" Antonio muttered.

"Damn straight. You guys up for it?" Alex heard some muttered affirmative's
and pulled off her shirt. She enjoyed the impressed looks on the men's faces
as they saw she didn't wear a bra. "Well you boys gonna get ready or What?"
She started working on her jeans. As she finished getting them off, Alex saw
that the men had their cocks out. She was happy to see they were all good
size and Antonio sported an impressive boner. "Oh my, this will be fun."

She knelt down before Joe and took his cock deep into her mouth. Stroking its
length with her tongue. She took a cock in either hand and started stroking
them. Joe was so hot he didn't last long with Alex's talented tongue working
on his cock. He shot his load deep into her mouth. He was amazed, she quickly
swallowed and pulled Lowell right to her face. He watched as she quickly took
another load and started on a third cock and finally came to Antonio's. Joe
was amazed as she deep throated his large prick. Alex quickly finished off
Antonio's cock. As she took his load, she stood up.

"Well that's a start. Which of you men is up for a bit more." She looked over
the four men and saw that Joe and Lowell had their hard ons back. "Okay Joe
lay on the floor." Alex ordered. She loved the idea of controlling her own
gang bang. As Joe took up his position she lowered her cunt onto Joe's hard
prick "Alright Lowell, get over here." She wanted his prick but didn't want
to see his face as he fucked her. She preferred to look at Joe's face.
"Alright Lowell stick that hard cock deep in my ass."

"Oh boy!" Lowell jumped for joy and quickly moved behind Alex. Looking down
at her tight ass, he could see the dark hole of her anus. He moved his cock
into position. Without any preliminaries, he pushed his cock head against her
anus. He slipped the head of his cock into her tight ass. It was a bit rough
going, he pushed more of his cock into her.

"Oh yeah, fuck me guys!" Alex moaned. She pushed back against the mens cocks.
"Oh yes, guys fuck me hard!" She begged as they started driving into her. She
looked up and saw the other guys had regained their hard ons. She reached up
and stroked Brian's prick as she took Antonio's tool deep in her throat. She
felt Joe shoot his load deep into her pussy. She squeezed her ass muscles and
felt Lowell shoot his load up her ass. She pulled off of Antonio's cock "I
want more, Brian on the floor, Antonio I want that thing up my ass."

Brian took up position on the floor. Alex quickly jumped off of Joe and
jumped over to Brian. He pushed his prick into her.

"Oh yeah Brian, now you Antonio!"

Alex felt Antonio come up behind her. She felt him wedge his huge cock deep
into her ass. She felt an orgasm wash over her body. She spasmed on the two
mens pricks, as they fought over her huge tits. She felt her body go limp for
a moment as they continued to screw her. She felt Brian shoot off first, then
Antonio shot his wad into her ass. It took a few minutes for the guys to fall
off of her. As they did Alex stood up and saw the guys were limp and not
ready for anymore.

"This was fun guys." She grabbed her clothes and got dressed. "We'll have to
do it again sometime." She smiled as she walked out.
_ _ _

Alex, Helen and Casey had decided to get together on Monday, just over a week
had passed since Alex and Helen tried their hand at getting Roy Jr. Since
then Casey had tried to peak his interest twice. While Helen had tried once
more and Alex had struck out a second time.

"I wonder if Roy has paid out the money he offered last week?" Alex asked as
Helen gave them all glasses of wine.

"Well I heard you tried to collect, Alex." Casey needled Alex, still somewhat
upset that Roy Jr. had turned her down.

"What do you mean?" Alex tried to maintain a shocked tone, but the other two
women seemed not to believe her.

"Give it up, Alex." Helen loved getting a good dig in at Alex.

She was so self assured. "Everybody knows about you taking Roy Jr. to your
little hideaway, he didn't give you a tumble did he?"

"Oh, don't be so high and mighty, Helen." Alex knew a few facts of her own.
"I heard little Roy ran screaming from your last cello lesson. What's the
matter Helen not getting enough?"

Helen gave her best hurt look, but Alex could see she hit the nail on the
head. Casey thought this would get ugly fast. "Come on ladies, even I tried.
I didn't get anywhere."

It had been very casual, she never even got him alone. "Okay we all want the
money. Maybe there's some way we could all work together on this."

"You mean split the money?" Alex asked.

"If there is any money. He just might be gay." Helen stated.

"I don't think so, he seemed interested, at least in me." Alex shot back.

"That was the impression I got." Casey started thinking. "Interested but
scared, now I think we need to get him someplace alone, where he can't get
away. If all of us turn on the charm. I'm sure he'll want to do at least one
of us."

"Sounds reasonable." Alex was thinking over what Casey had said. A little
over three grand would be good, not as good as ten, but what the hell.

"You in Helen?"

"Okay, I'm on board." Helen needed the money as much as anybody. She didn't
want to be left out.

"Now, do you have a plan Casey?"

"I have an idea." Casey pondered for a moment. "As I understand it, Roy Sr.
will be going out of town, this weekend. Leaving Roy Jr. alone at their
place." The others nodded. "I also understand Roy has a big old hot tub."

"Yeah, he keeps saying it big enough for a half dozen people." Helen replied
having been invited by Roy more then once.

"I think if we combine our talents." Alex looked over the other two women.
"He won't stand a chance. What do you say girls?"

Helen's head was spinning. have sex with one guy while two women watched. She
had to admit the other two women intimidated her, but after her experience
with Joe and Brian she was a bit more sure of herself, and was ready to try
something new. "I'm in."

Casey had been sure Helen would never go for it. Then again she would never
have thought her little sister would climb up on a desk and take one cock in
her pussy and another in her mouth. Casey had seen sweet little Helen doing
just that. "I'm in!" She would have felt like a prude, if she hadn't gone
through with it.

The three women spent the rest of their night planning their seduction of Roy
_ _ _

Roy Sr. was getting ready for his trip, but he had a surprise in mind. Over
the past few days his son Roy Jr., had talked to him about certain events
that had happened to him over the past week. He was very confused, until Roy
Sr. told him about the money. He had expected his son to be upset, but
surprisingly it didn't bother him. Roy Sr guessed the fact that three
attractive women had been hitting on him made him feel a bit less angry.
Certain other facts had started to come together for Roy Sr.. First all three
women had checked to see that the money was uncollected, they had tried to
make a joke of it but Roy Sr. knew they were interested in it. They had also
made sure to check that he would be out of town on Saturday. His son Roy Jr.
had told him that a couple of people had asked to use the hot tub on
Saturday. When pressed Roy Jr.. had told him three people were coming over.
Roy Sr. had put the two together and guessed that the three women were going
to be in his hot tub on Saturday.

Roy Sr. made some plans. First he set up a couple of video cameras in the hot
tub room making sure they were completely out of sight. He set them up with
eight hour tapes set to start at ten in the morning. Second he set up a
return flight that would bring him back to Nantucket at about one thirty in
the afternoon, about the same time Roy Jr was hosting his 'friends'. Then he
waited for the big day.


Alex arrived first, she and Roy Jr. spent about ten minutes bullshitting
before Helen and Casey showed up. They all decided to adjourn to the hot tub.
Casey got some wine glasses so they could have a drink or two while they
soaked. Helen and Alex went into separate bedrooms to put on their bathing
suits. Alex put on a small bikini that just barely covered her huge tits, the
bottom fit like it was painted on. Helen put on a more demure one piece suit
that covered all her essentials but showed a fair amount of cleavage. They
both went into the hot tub and started soaking with Roy Jr.

After a while, Casey wearing a little black bikini, joined them bringing in a
bottle of wine and glasses for each of them. After a couple of drinks, Alex
decided to go ahead with their plan. "This feels great!" Alex leaned back.
"Does anyone mind if I get comfortable?" She waited a second. When there were
no objections. She removed her top, as the others watched, she then stripped
off the bottoms. Now she was lying in the club naked. "Oh, god it feels great
you've gotta try this." Alex enjoyed the effect she was having on the others.

"What the hell?" Casey quickly stripped off her suit. "Come on Helen, join
the fun."

They had planned it this way. She could see Helen start to struggle out of
her suit and went over and helped her get it off. They all sat naked for a
bit enjoying the sensations. Now for the rest of their plan.

"Hey, little Roy why don't you take off you're suit?" Alex moved over next to
him and started pulling at the corner of his suit.

Roy Jr. tried to struggle out of the tub but his hard on was raging and Alex
was pulling on his suit. He put his arms behind him and tried to pull himself
out, but Alex had a grip on his suit. As he came out of the tub, his suit
stayed in the tub. He was so embarrassed his hard on clearly displayed before
all these women.

Alex saw his hard on and wondered how he could stand it. He must be ready to
burst she thought. It was so big. "Well I seem to have started something with
our host, it would be impolite not to do anything with it."

She reached out and grabbed his hard on then moved in to start licking it.
Roy Jr. was in ecstasy as Alex moved her hand up and down the shaft of his
prick. As she started to lick the underside of his cock, he lost all control.
He blew his load right in her face. He thought they'd make fun of him, but
Alex just started licking up us cum. She even took his cock into her mouth.
He could feel her tongue playing with the head of his prick.

"Are you going to hog that thing all to yourself?" Helen moved over next to
Roy Jr. She started to suck on his cock.

Casey slid up beside him and started kissing him deeply. Roy Jr. couldn't
believe what was happening. He had shot his wad into Alex's face, now Helen
was bringing his cock back to life. Casey shoved her tongue halfway down his
throat. His hands quickly found Helen's head and held her onto his prick.
Helen pulled away suddenly. He thought he must have done something wrong.

"Why don't we put that thing where it belongs." Helen climbed up onto the
edge of the tub. Her legs dangled down into the water. "Get over here."

She started to play with herself opening up the lips of her pussy for the
others to see. Roy Jr. quickly got between her legs and shoved his cock into
Helen. He started to pump his cock in and out. Helen laid back on the deck of
the tub, she noticed another hand on her thigh. Helen looked up and saw Roy
Jr. squeezing her tits. Alex was helping Roy Jr. put his cock into her. Alex
even bent over a couple of times to lick Roy Jr's cock and give Helen's clit
a quick lick.

Roy Sr had noticed the two cars in his driveway. He let himself into the
house quitely. He went straight to his room, where he had a monitor set up
for the tub room cameras. As he turned it on hoping he'd get to see a little
flash of skin. When he looked into the monitor he saw his son fucking
beautiful Helen. Every so often he'd pull out so Alex could deep throat him.
Roy Sr. couldn't take this, he quickly stripped off his clothes and started
jerking off to the pictures he was seeing.

Roy Jr. was pumping into Helen as hard as he could. Helen kept yelling for
more He couldn't believe how great this was, her cunt fit his cock like a
glove. Alex suddenly whispered in his ear to cum in Helen's pussy. That was
too much for him, he let another load go. He gave a few more pumps as his
dick started to go soft. He pulled out and moved off to the other side of the

"Oh, that was incredible little Roy." Helen had an orgasm as he had pumped
his cum into her.

"Its not over yet." Alex responded. She quickly jumped between Helen's legs
and started eating her out. Helen almost protested for a minute but as Alex
found her clit all her resistance faded.

Casey couldn't believe Alex was eating out Helen, but it was very hot
watching two beautiful women getting it on. She realized she hadn't been
touched yet. She glided over to Roy Jr. and started to play with his cock. It
was hard in a few seconds and Roy Jr. quickly entered her from behind. They
both watched Helen and Alex go at it.

Roy Sr. couldn't believe what he was seeing, it was so incredibly erotic. He
had already cum twice, but he needed more relief. He decided to go into the
other room. The girls looked so hot and horny he didn't think they'd mind
another cock. Especially one as big as his. He pulled on a robe then headed
to the other room.

As he entered Alex was still eating Helen and Roy Jr. was fucking Casey. They
didn't notice him for a moment then Casey gasped. The other two women looked
up and saw him. All three woman quickly tried to dive into the water and
press against the sides of the tub in an effort to cover themselves.

"Roy what are you doing here?." Helen was mortified Roy seeing her naked was
bad enough. But Roy had seen Alex eating her out.

"I just came in for a soak in my own tub. I was quite happy to see that my
son isn't gay. I guess I owe you three some money." He grinned and opened his
robe. "Mind if I join you?"

Helen was shocked by the size of his prick. It was almost a foot long and
thick. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Alex stared at his cock in
awe, it was amazing as soon as she saw it she wanted it. Casey was torn, part
of her wanted it inside her, the other part was afraid it would hurt too
much. The three women looked at each other and seemed undecided.

Roy Sr decided to sweeten the pot. "I'll tell you what ladies. If I can join
you for the rest of the weekend, I'll give you each ten thousand dollars.
What do you say?"

Helen was stunned at the offer, but she didn't want the day to end. "Okay!"
Slipped out of her mouth before she realized what she was saying. She assumed
she could avoid Roy's monster dick.

Alex hadn't been touched. She had given both Roy Jr. and Helen orgasms and
badly needed one herself. She wanted to try Roy's cock, "Alright sounds

Casey decided to go along with it as well, nodding her head to show her

"Thank you, ladies." Roy Sr. sat at the edge of the tub. "How would you like
to try me, Chapel?." Roy grinned at Helen, wanting her pixieish face to go
down on his cock.

Helen was intimidated by the size of Roy Sr. prick but she figured the best
way to try it would be with her mouth. She slid over to him and started to
run her hands over his prick. The cock seemed to grow even fatter as Roy Sr.
got more excited. Casey came over and started rubbing it with Helen. Finally,
Helen decided to start licking it, starting with the big purple head, she
covered it with her tongue. Casey started playing with Roy Sr. balls she ran
her hands over them, then took them into her mouth.

Seeing the Chapel sisters playing with his fathers poker, gave Roy Jr. a
raging hard on. He went up behind Alex, who was watching the scene intently.
He heard her let out a little gasp, as he entered her and started pumping
away. He reached around to play with her heavy tits.

Roy Sr. was enjoying the ministrations of the Chapel sisters but he wanted
more. He slid off the edge into the water. He tried to grab Helen but she
moved away, but Casey stayed right there. He grabbed Casey and started to
kiss her. Casey gave him one or two light kisses then threw her tongue down
his throat. Roy Sr couldn't handle much more. He picked her up and placed her
on the edge of the tub. He put his cock at the entrance of her tight pussy.
Casey gasped as Roy Sr. put the head of his giant cock inside her. She felt
possessed, she just wanted to be fucked. Casey wrapped her legs around Roy
Sr's. ample waist and tried to pull him all the way in. But Roy Sr. wouldn't
be moved, just giving her an inch at a time. He put a little bit of his cock
in her pussy, then pulled almost all the way out. Then driving in just a
little farther. He was driving her crazy with lust.

"OH, god fuck me Roy!" she screamed.

Roy Sr. couldn't believe his luck. Here was luscious Casey Chapel, lying
naked before him. She was so tight it took him five minutes to work all of
his cock into her. He played with her small porcelain breast, as he started
to pound into her.

Alex watched as Roy Sr moved his massive tool in and out of Casey. She could
tell Casey was having an orgasm as she writhed in ecstasy, arching her back
and humping into Roy Sr. She almost lost track of Roy Jr. pumping into her.
She was so intent on the scene before her, she barely noticed little Roy
screwing her faster. Alex heard Roy Sr. let out a big groan, he thrust into
Casey and pulled out with a wet pop. Alex felt Roy Jr. let his load go inside

Both Roy's layed back in the tub spent for the moment. Helen poured them all
another round of wine. They just sat silently for a few minutes. Roy Sr. was
the first to break the silence. "Well son, I think I can safely assume you're
not gay." He saw his son nod in agreement. "Just tell me, with all these
beautiful women around, why did you think you might be gay?"

Roy Jr thought about it. "Well, I was always nervous around girls. I never
thought I could actually be calm enough to relax around them, and I was
always getting hardons in the showers after games."

Roy Sr. wanted to comfort his son. "Oh that's normal, everyone gets hardons
at odd times. There must have been something else?"

"Well yes." Roy Jr. was a bit embarrassed, but wanted to talk about it. "I
have always dreamed about sticking my prick in some ones ass. I always
assumed that was kind of a gay thing."

"Not really." Roy Sr. now knew his son had just been confused. "A man can
fuck a women up the ass. Its one of the great pleasures, even I've done it."
He heard Helen snort in disbelief. "Are any of you women up for it?" He saw
Helen turn red in embarrassment, Casey looked away but Alex held Roy Sr's
gaze. "Come on Lambert, are you up for it?"

Alex considered for a moment, she was the only women in the tub who hadn't
had an orgasm, yet. "Do you have some lube?"

Roy Sr. nodded in the affirmative.

"Well if Helen and Casey will help me get ready for you? Then I'd be willing
to try."

Roy saw the other two women nod in agreement. "You can have anything you
want." Roy Sr. got out of the tub and went and got the lube for Alex. He
handed it down to her then climbed back into the tub. "Alright Alex, you're
in charge, what do you want?"

Alex thought a moment, then decided what she wanted. "Okay Helen, come over
here." as Helen moved next to her Alex gave her a deep kiss. Alex climbed
onto the ledge of the tub. She moved Helen over between her legs. "Okay Helen
eat me out."

Alex jammed Helen's head into her pussy. Helen started using her tongue to
open Alex up. Helen tried to use her hands, but Alex held them away. Alex
called Casey over to hold Helen's arms. Alex wanted Helen to have to work her
tongue into her pussy. she had plans for Helen. Alex grabbed the back of
Helen's head forcing her ever closer to Alex's clit. As Helen's tongue found
her clit, Alex exploded in orgasm.

"Damn, your good Helen!" She let Helen out from between her legs.

"Thanks! I couldn't breath for a minute there." Helen had never done anything
like that before and was surprised at how much she enjoyed it.

"Okay now for stage two. Casey could you suck off big Roy?" Alex saw Roy was
pretty hard already, but it would be awhile before Alex would be ready for
him. Alex rolled over onto her stomach with her legs hanging into the water.
"Okay Helen clean my asshole."

"WHAT!!!" Helen was shocked.

"Take some soap and water and clean off my ass." Alex shot back.

Helen took about five minutes before she got her fingers into Alex's anus.
Helen worked the water all around.

"Alright good job Helen. Now stick your tongue into my ass."

Helen was shocked, she could never do anything like that. "I won't do it!"

"Well then, I guess Roy gets to buttfuck you, rather then me." Alex turned
around and made a grab for Helen. "Come on Casey, we'll hold her down for

"No please!" Helen was shocked Alex held one arm and Casey the other. She
decided on the lesser of two evils. "Okay, okay, I'll do it lay back down
Alex." Helen moved behind Alex. Helen pulled apart her ass cheeks, it was
somewhat exciting to do something so dirty. She ran her tongue along the
outside of Alex's anus, hoping it would be enough.

"Come on Helen, stick your tongue in there. Casey get her to do a good job."

Casey came up behind them and really pulled Alex's cheeks apart. Alex felt
Helen's tongue penetrate her but she just barely entered her ass.

"Really stick it in there, Helen." Alex felt Helen's tongue. Helen's tongue
really penetrated her ass this time running, all around the inside, it felt
incredible. "Okay Roy get over here and fuck my cunt."

Roy quickly came up behind her and entered her. Roy Sr was surprised how
loose Alex was. In a couple of strokes she had taken him all in.

"God you feel good Alex." Helen started to move away. "Helen you're not done
yet put you're tongue back in there." Alex felt Helen's tongue re-enter her
ass. Roy Sr. pounded away at her pussy it felt incredible she thought it felt
like Helen was almost licking Roy through her tight walls. She decided it was
now or never. "Alright, Helen you and Roy stop for a minute." She felt them
both pull out. "Okay Helen lube up my ass, Casey would you do the honors with
Roy's dick."

Helen poured the lube into Alex's ass. She couldn't believe she had just
licked out Alex's asshole. Helen worked the lube deep into Alex, getting her
fingers all the way up into her ass. She saw Casey oiling up Roy's cock, when
it seemed right Helen grabbed one of Alex's asscheeks while Casey grabbed the
other opening Alex's ass for Roy Sr. Roy put his cock at the edge of her
tight asshole. Helen started to work the head of his prick into Alex's ass.
It popped in, her ass was so tight he couldn't believe it. He worked in
another inch into her ass, it felt incredible. Alex was groaning with every
inch but she kept taking more and more into her tight ass. Helen saw Roy's
cock disappear into Alex's tight asshole. It had been a tight fit for her
tongue, now Roy's huge cock was going in there. He had put it halfway in when
Alex told him to stop for a second, then she pushed back against Roy taking a
bit more in. She told Roy to keep going.

After working for a minute or two, Roy had put his whole cock up Alex's ass.
Helen was still a little upset at Alex for having her lick out her asshole,
she decided to be a bit naughty. Helen leaned up to Roy's ear and whispered
to him. "She told me she likes to be fucked hard. She likes it when a guy
pulls almost all the way out then rams it back in." Well, she thought, it was
kind of true, Alex had told her she liked guys to fuck her pussy like that.
Roy Sr. heard Helen's words just as his cock hit bottom in Alex's ass. He
decided to go with it. He pulled his prick till just the head of his prick
was in her, then rammed it back in as fast as he could.

"OOOOOHH. it hurts!" Alex moaned as Roy's cock slid back into her ass.

He pulled his prick all the way out again, then jammed it back in. He started
to set a rhythm. Each time he hit bottom, Alex would gasp and writhe in
ecstasy. Alex couldn't believe anything could feel this good. It felt like
Roy would last forever, but after only a dozen strokes Roy slammed into her,
she felt his cum flooding into her ass. She came again.

"Not bad, Roy!" She managed to gasp out. She rolled over and slid down into
the water. She was covered in sweat and felt like she had been ridden hard by
a horse.

"Not bad Lambert, not many can handle me like you did!" Roy Sr responded as
he fondled her breasts. "Well you want to try, little Roy?" He looked over at
his son who had another raging hard on. "How about it Lambert, you up for

"No way, my ass has done its bit. Besides at this moment he might not even
feel the sides of my asshole you opened it quite wide!"

Roy Sr had a hardy laugh at Alex's comments "Well then, have one of the
Chapel women," Roy Sr. offered.

"Not me!" Helen sang out. "I've already had my tongue up Alex's ass that's
enough for me."

Roy Jr. moved up behind Casey. "I guess its just you and me. Casey you ready
for it?"

"What the hell." she got up on the edge of the tub, as Alex had done.

Then Roy Jr. spread the lube on her ass and then his prick. "Well now or
never." Roy Jr. thought as he put the head of his prick into her asshole. He
heard her groan as he entered her.

Casey moaned for more so he put a bit more of his prick inside of her ass.
Then more until he was all the way inside of her. "Take it easy, okay?" Casey
asked Roy Jr.

He felt good back there but she didn't want him to do what Roy Sr. had done
to Alex's ass, she might not sit down for a week. Roy Jr decided to listen to
her. Slowly, gently he started moving his prick in and out of Casey's
asshole, it was so tight he couldn't do much else. "Oh you're so tight,

He was sliding back and forth inside her ass. He couldn't hold back much
longer, he reached underneath her and start to play with her pussy. This
caused Casey to grind her ass back onto his cock pushing it all the way into
her. He let go filling her ass with his cum. He sat back down as Casey sat
next to him.

The five of them sat around for a few minutes. Roy Sr. finally suggested they
get out and get cleaned up. Helen was the first up and out, she raced for the
shower. Alex and Casey were walking a bit slower, almost painfully. Roy Sr.
and Roy Jr. got up and headed for the kitchen, getting the girls another
round of drinks. As they came out of the kitchen Helen and Alex were just
finishing with their showers and drying their hair, both had found lush robes
and had come into the living room wearing them As they moved the guys could
tell they were wearing nothing under the robes.

"Casey's just drying her hair, one of you can go in to shower." Alex offered
as Roy Jr. got headed for the shower. He finished in a couple of minutes, as
he and Casey finished Roy Sr. went in and took a shower. After Roy Sr.
finished, They sat around the living room in the plush white robes.

"I just can't believe what we've done?" Helen had never even thought about
group sex before a couple of weeks ago. Now she had done it twice.

"What you've done, think about Alex and Casey." Roy Jr. offered. "They took
everything we could dish out."

"Why thank you, young sir." Alex responded "It wasn't easy, but it sure was

"I still have trouble believing you took that pounding from Roy." Casey told
Alex, it had been great to watch but it looked so painful.

"That reminds me Roy!" Alex thought a moment "Why did you think I'd like a
pounding like that? I mean you were rough."

"Oh, don't tell me you didn't like it." Roy shot back.

"Its not that, it's just that the first time most guys go a bit slower, more

"Helen told me you really like to have it pounded up you're ass." Roy
responded. "As soon as I heard that, I knew I couldn't disappoint."

"So, it was little Helen." Alex was a bit annoyed. "As I recall Helen avoided
the best of everything in the tub." Alex reached over and opened Helen's robe
displaying her lithe body for everybody. She was surprised Helen didn't
resist. "Didn't let Roy fuck you." Alex reached down and started fingering
Helen's snatch. "No one even got in that tight ass, of yours."

"She didn't even eat pussy." Roy Sr. offered finding it very erotic seeing
Alex diddling with Helen's cunt.

"But I did eat you out, even your ass Alex." Helen responded sounding a bit
hurt at the accusation.

"Well not very well. I think we should try it again, come on Helen."

Alex pulled Helen up and pulled of her own robe. Alex then pulled off Helen's
robe leaving them both naked. Alex then pushed Helen down until she was lying
on the floor. Alex then kneeled down with her knees on either side of Helen's
head. Alex lowered her cunt down into Helen's face. "Okay now lick it."

Alex felt Helen's tongue reach up and start to play with her. Alex started to
ride up and down on Helen's tongue. After a few strokes Alex bent over at the
waist and started playing with Helen's clit. Pushing first one then another
finger into Helen. Alex pushed her tongue into Helen's pussy. She could feel
Helen getting wetter and wetter. Alex wanted to see her take more. She
motioned over to Roy Sr. "Now its time for you to really be fucked Helen!"

Any objections Helen might have made were stifled by Alex's cunt which Alex
grinded down into Helen's face. The juices were flowing into Helen's mouth,
she had trouble swallowing it all, it just kept coming. Alex positioned Roy
Sr., so that he was kneeling between Helen's legs. Alex could see he had a
major hard on. Alex took a few quick licks on his prick, then managed to take
about half of it in her mouth. Alex used her hands to open up Helen's pussy
and motioned for Roy to put his cock into Helen. Roy Sr. moved up next to
Helen, even with Alex holding her pussy open it was very tight for his large
prick He managed to get the head of his prick into Helen's pussy. Alex let go
and Helen's cunt lips closed in around his cock.

"Come on Roy, she can take more." Alex cajoled as she played with Helen's
tits. Alex slid off of Helen. She wanted to see Helen's face as Roy fucked
her. She reached down and pulled open Helen's left leg giving Roy easier
access. Roy forced a bit more of his cock into Helen, then some more. Helen
was gasping every time he pushed farther in.

"Its so fucking BIG!" Helen exclaimed "Give it to me, Roy. I want it all."

Roy managed to squeeze some more of his cock in. He was about 3/4 of the way
in now and figured it was going to be as far as he got. He pulled out till
just the tip was inside her then rammed it back in as far as he could go. It
surprised him that his prick got even farther in this time.

"YES, Roy do it to me." Helen practically screamed it out, the pain she had
felt was now giving way to pure pleasure. She didn't want it to ever end. Roy
started to set a rhythm, pulling almost all the way out, then pushed it back
in. It was hard to keep his prick in Helen's cunt, Helen was wiggling on the
floor so much. Alex tried to hold her down and helped keep his prick inside

On about the fifth stroke, Helen finally took all of him inside of her. For a
moment he just stayed there on top of Helen, with his cock all the way in her
cunt. He had always imagined this and it was as good as he fantasized, her
long blonde hair spread out on the floor, her perfectly formed tits up
against his chest.

After a few minutes of Roy just sitting inside of her, Helen got impatient
and started to pull herself up and down on Roy's cock. After a few of her
thrusts, Roy got the idea and started to fuck her again. Every time they came
together it felt like electric shocks went through Helen's body. After a few
more strokes Helen came, followed quickly by Roy as he filled her pussy with
his spunk.

Alex continued to rub Helen's body as Roy Sr. got up and sat back down. Alex
rubbed Helen's tits then reached down and played with her clit. "How was that
little girl?"

"Incredible!" Helen felt sated, perhaps for the first time in her life.

"I think you're ready for the advanced class." Alex could see Roy Jr. had
another hard on. "You ready to be assfucked?"

"Anything you want.." Helen had decided to just live for the moment, to enjoy
all the sensations Alex could show her.

Alex rolled Helen over. Alex didn't believe it was possible, but Helen looked
even better from the back then the front. Helen had the tightest buns Alex
had ever seen.. "My god, you're ass is still cherry." Alex stated as her
finger penetrated Helen's ass. Alex rubbed her hands all over Helen's ass.
"Okay Helen, get on you're hands and knees." Alex guided Helen into the
position she wanted. Roy Jr. came over and put his cock in Helen's mouth.

Helen started to suck off Roy Jr., Helen felt Alex's fingers enter first her
pussy then her ass. She felt something dripping onto her ass, Alex started to
rub the lotion into her asshole. Alex motioned Roy Jr. over to come around
Helen. She held his cock a moment, covering his dick in the lotion. Alex
placed him at the edge of Helen's asshole. "Okay Helen, lets hear you beg for
it." Helen hesitated. Alex put a finger in her pussy "Come on Helen, if you
beg I'll let you cum."

"Put it in my ass." Helen offered up.

"Come on Helen, lets really hear it. What do you want him to do to your tight

"I want him to fuck my ass!" Helen cried out. "Please fuck my ass hard!"

Alex let Roy Jr. put the tip of his cock into Helen's ass. Helen groaned a
little as it went in. Alex kept pulling her ass cheeks apart to give him
better access. He started to work more and more of his prick into Helen.

"Its so BIG," Helen cryed out, "it feels soooo good." Helen could feel his
balls slap against her backside and realized he was all in. It felt so good,
Helen just stayed there a moment enjoying the sensation of a dick in her ass.
Then she started to move, pulling herself off his cock a bit, then driving
his cock all the way into her ass.

Suddenly, she looked up and saw Roy Sr. sitting there with his big dick right
in front of her face. Roy Sr moved her hair up and out of the way. pushing it
so it cascaded down one side of her face. Then he moved in closer, as Helen
glided back and forth she started to take his cock in her mouth. At first it
was just a little, then she kept taking more and more in until he could feel
his cock bump against the back of her throat. Helen couldn't believe what was
happening. As she went forward she took Roy Sr's cock in her mouth as far as
it would go. It felt like it would go right down her throat. As she went back
Roy Jr's cock would go up her ass, Alex constantly had at least two fingers
in her pussy playing with her clit. Helen had never felt so completely sexual
she was their fuck toy and she was enjoying every minute of it. Helen heard
Roy Jr. groan, then felt him shoot his seed deep into her ass.

As he pulled out she felt Roy Sr. start to cum down her throat. As she felt
his cum hitting the back of her throat, she started to pull off his cock as
it continued to shoot off. Helen took the last couple of squirts in her face.
As both Roy's were spent, Helen couldn't count the number of times she had
cum. Helen collapsed onto the ground, she slowly rolled over as Alex
continued to rub her abused body.

Casey looked down at her little virginal sister, she could see cum dribbling
out of her pussy, ass and mouth. She couldn't believe how erotic Helen looked
lying there. Casey couldn't believe it, but she was looking forward to the
rest of the weekend, and was thinking how to make this happen over and over.

The Biggins sat back exhausted, for the moment. Alex sat in between them and
played with their cocks, without a lot of success. "Get enough value for
you're money, Roy?" Alex asked with a wry grin.

"You aren't kidding Alex?" This was the first he had thought of the money he
promised them. "But I hope you ladies don't mind, I can't get it to you right
away." They started to open their mouths. Roy continued before they could
interrupt."I cant just pull out 30,000 dollars anytime I like. I also think
you ladies would have trouble explaining to the IRS where the money came
from." They thought this over and agreed. "So what I propose, is that I give
you each five hundred a month. We can say its for cello lessons Helen, or
pilot training Alex. Anyway we can come up with something." They all saw the
logic to what Roy was saying so they agreed. "And, while you're waiting for
you're money, you ladies can feel free to use the hot tub. In fact lets set
up one weekend a month to get together." Roy offered.

"I'm up for it." Alex responded quickly.

"I don't know, but okay." Casey responded sounding only slightly reluctant.

Finally Helen started coming out of her sexual stupor. "Okay, if next time
someone else gets fucked."

They all agreed to that and spent the rest of the weekend fucking and
sucking in different combinations. They said good bye Sunday night and all
were looking forward to the next time.

The End


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