Wings: The Debt Part 2b - Roz Takes Nantucket (mm/f,f/f,m/ff)
by ALurker ([email protected])

Helen Chapel showed Roz Doyle into her house and showed her to a room. As
Helen left Roz started unpacking. Now that Fraiser was gone she had a week to
enjoy the sights of Nantucket. She already had a date with Brian Hackett. She
kind of had the idea that she would like to do him and his brother, maybe
even at the same time. As she took a final look around the room the one
thought that kept running through her mind was cute, it was like a room for
a little girl. Her tastes were very different, oh well, she thought. She
wasn't planning on spending much time here and it was cheaper then a hotel
room. She saw Helen.

"Well Helen, I've got a date tonight. What do you know about Brian Hackett?"

"He's a good guy, one of my best friends." Helen responded.

"I mean, how is he in the sack?" Roz responded. "Is he well endowed?"

Helen blushed. "I've never been with him, sorry."

"Well, I'll just have to find out for myself." Roz responded.

"On a first date?" Helen was shocked she was still a bit of a prude.

"I don't have much time here Helen. I want to enjoy it."

Roz went right to the door and headed for the airport and her date. She
quickly picked up Brian and they went out on their date. He took her for a
nice diner and then they went back to his house. As they entered they saw his
brother Joe sitting on the couch. They made small talk for awhile, Joe had
asked her out as well but Brian had been first. Finally Roz broke in. "Why
don't we go to you're room Brian?"

She almost considered asking Joe join them but she didn't think they'd go for
it. Brian ushered her into his room, hoping something would happen, but as he
turned he was surprised that Roz had already stripped out of her top and was
working on taking off her skirt. He liked the sight of her huge tits. He
moved in closer and started to fondle her tits, as she continued to strip.


"Lets go," Roz was horny, "get those clothes off."

She lay back on the bed and watched Brian stripped and was a bit disappointed
at his five inch cock but it would do for the night.. "Hop on," she opened
her legs. Brian climbed on top of her his cock slipped in easily. He pounded
away at her. Roz feared he wouldn't last long and just as she was starting to
get into it he pulled out and shot his load all over her stomach.

"Yeah baby." Brian moaned. "Here let me get you something for that." He got
her a towel and watched as she cleaned herself up. He was amazed as she slid
a finger into her own pussy and played with herself as she cleaned up. Roz
was trying to excite Brian by playing with herself. She wasn't satisfied and
she could see her little act was having its desired effect. She rolled over
as soon as he was hard again. "Fuck me from behind Brian."

Brian couldn't believe how hot this woman was. He got behind Roz and slipped
his cock into her pussy. He fondled her firm ass cheeks she moaned as he
pulled the cheeks apart.and put the tip of his finger against her anus.

"Yeah stick your finger in my ass, yes!" She moaned as Brian's finger slipped
into her ass. She drove her body back into Brian as he pounded at her but all
too soon she felt him pull out and shoot his load all over her back. As he
fell into the bed he was out within minutes of cumming. He was asleep, Roz
couldn't believe it, she was still horny as a hoot owl. She got up and
grabbed a robe and headed out into the hall wanting to get away from Brian
before she smothered him with his pillow.

As she walked out of Brian's room she saw Joe heading for his. "Hello Joe."
She spoke in her sexiest voice.

"Hi Roz?" Joe responded warily.

"You're brother couldn't quite satisfy me. I was wondering if you'd be
willing to retrieve the families pride and have a go."

"I don't know, what would Brian say?"

"He's sound asleep, we won't have to tell him a thing." She grinned and
opened her robe.

"Well okay." Joe looked down at Roz's large firm tits and any thought of his
brother went out the window. "Get in," he usher her into the room.

Roz was quickly pulling Joe out of his clothes. As soon as he was naked Roz
pushed him down on the bed and jumped on his prick. She rode his manhood
driving herself onto his pole. "God yes." Joe started to pound back meeting
her own thrusts. She bent forward allowing Joe to suck at her nipples. "Come
on," she moaned. She felt herself starting to get off. She could feel Joe
fight the urge to cum and then he started pounding her even more intensely.
"Good boy Joe." She was fucking Joe so intently she didn't hear the door
behind her open up.

"My god, what are you doing?" Brian blurted out as he watched his brother
screwing his date. "Roz, Joe, how could you?" He whined.

Roz could feel Joe start to deflate beneath him but she worked her cunt
muscles which started him on a growth spurt. Then she turned to Brian. "Come
on Brian, I only wanted a bit of fun." She thought a moment. "If you're up
for it we could still have fun. I love being fucked by two guys at once."

"You mean you want me to.." He couldn't get it out although it was a fantasy
of his to fuck a girls ass but no one had ever let him.

"Yes I want you to stick you're cock up my ass. While you're brother fucks my
cunt. Come on Brian, you up for it? You okay with this Joe?" She looked down
at him stuffing her tits into his mouth, he mumbled out an affirmative. "Come
on Brian, fuck my ass now."

"You don't have to ask me twice." Brian quickly climbed onto the bed and
positioned himself behind Roz.. He put his prick at the entrance to her ass.
"You ready?"

"Yes do it now, hurry." She could feel Joe wasn't going to last long and she
wanted a double fuck. She felt the tip of Brian's cock enter her ass hole.
"Fuck me hard." She begged as his hardness penetrated her tight ass. An
orgasm ripped through her whole body as the two men started to set a regular
rhythm pounding away at her. "Cum inside me. Shoot you're loads inside me."
She screamed as they both forced their cock far inside of her twin holes and
shot their loads.

"OH YEAH!" Brian fell off of Roz. "Absolutely incredible." He fell beside Joe
on the bed.

"Not bad boys, I think you deserve a special treat." She bent over Joe's cock
and took his cock into her mouth sucking it up and down. He started to get
hard, she took it into her hands and took Brian's cock into her mouth. She
sucked him until he was hard then switched back. She pleasured them for
another ten minutes. She then took Brian deep into her mouth going right to
the base and he shot a load into her mouth. She then went back to Joe and
sucked him all the way down and she swallowed a second batch.. "Thanks guys."
She stood up, the guys barely moved. "I think I'll get going." She started to
leave. "Don't worry, I can find my own way out." She headed for Brian's room
and her clothes she quickly headed out.
_ _ _

Helen Chapel was planning on spending a quite night at home. After her recent
heavy bouts of sex all she could think of was sitting in a nice warm bath.
She spent over an hour relaxing in the tub. As she lay in the warm water she
was surprised to find herself fingering herself. She was so horny these days
but she couldn't bring herself off. Finally she got out of the tub and dried
herself off. She heard someone at the door and quickly grabbed her robe and
headed downstairs. "Who is it?" She called at the door.

"Antonio and Lowell, we need to speak to you about the lunch counter." A
voice responded.

"Can't this wait till tomorrow?" Helen called back.

"No!, Helen we've figured out you've been cheating us."

'Damn,' Helen thought to herself. It was true, she hadn't given them their
fair share, but she really needed the money. They'd understand that if she
told them she considered running up and getting dressed but decided the robe
covered everything important and it just might throw them off balance.
"Alright, come on in."

"Helen, I can't believe you've done this to us." Antonio came in and laid
right into Helen but as he looked up he saw her in the little robe her wet
blonde hair over her shoulders onto the black robe that was open almost to
her navel showing quite a bit of cleavage. His eyes traveled downward the
robe stopped just below her fine ass showing her short but incredibly sexy
legs. The sight stunned him into silence.

"Why, whatever do you mean?" She tried to speak in her innocent southern

"You know Helen," Lowell spoke up. "We've been making a small fortune for you
at the lunch counter, and you've been keeping most of it. While we work at
your job and our own."

She was caught and Helen knew it. "Alright, yes I have, but you've got to
understand. I've been having money troubles, I'm in debt to Roy. If you could
just wait I'll pay you some more but right now I'm just strapped for cash."

"I don't know Helen, it seems you've been taking advantage of us for some
time now. I think you owe us a bit more then an apology and you can't even
tell us when we get the money."

"Yes I know." Helen was very horny from her frustrated attempt in the tub
and sex had gotten her out of her problems. She was finding sex more and
more enjoyable and these were two men standing here their hard ons clearly
visible. "Maybe we can make a trade?"

"What do you have to trade?" Antonio asked.

"Oh just my body." Helen opened up her robe. "My mouth, my tits, my cunt, my
ass, if you let me keep the money I will let you have these things right now
what do you say?"

Antonio looked down at Lowell and saw him nod in agreement. "I think we have
an agreement Helen." He gasped as Helen's robe hit the floor, she was
beautiful. He moved over next to her and quickly wrapped a hand around a tit.
Lowell quickly started to suck on the other one.

"OH MY!" Helen enjoyed the boys hands on her body. Their hands found their
way down her body and she felt their fingers penetrate her pussy. "Yes more,"
she pushed herself against their hands. She put her hands on their shoulders
as her legs became weak. They dragged her over to the couch and laid her
down. Antonio slid down between her legs, she felt him open her up and start
to tongue her clit this set off her orgasm. She watched as Lowell started to
strip off his clothes, he had a nice six inch prick. "Come over here Lowell."
He sat next to her. She took his prick into her tiny hands. "What do you want

Lowell was enjoying Helen's stroking. He reached in and gave her a deep kiss.
"Would you use you're mouth on my thing?"

"Yes I'll suck on your cock, stand up Lowell."

Within seconds Lowell stood and offered her his prick. As she started to lick
at it she felt Antonio leave her pussy stand up and start to strip. His prick
finally came into view, "my god," Helen exclaimed as she saw Antonio's prick.
It was almost nine inches long not as big as Roy's but the easily the second
biggest she had ever seen. "I'm gonna enjoy this more then I thought. Fuck me
Antonio." She swallowed Lowell's prick getting all of him into her mouth, she
then went up and down on it using her tongue to pleasure the tip of his cock.
She felt him start to push at her and it started to grow she felt his warm
seed penetrating her throat. She swallowed it all. "MMMM YES." She moaned.
"You're turn Antonio you want to suck or fuck?"

"Fuck definitely." He hadn't wanted to while Lowell was in her mouth. He
wanted to watch her face as his large cock penetrated her pussy. He pushed
forward onto the couch. He positioned himself between Helen's legs his cock
felt like it was guided to her hot cunt. As it pressed against the outside of
her pussy he could feel her heat and wetness. "You ready for it Helen?"

"You'd never believes how ready." Helen responded wrapping her legs around
Antonio's waist. "Yes fuck me." She felt the tip of his cock penetrate her.
He slowly, sensuously pushed more and more into her. She loved every minute
of it. He wasn't rushing the way Roy did but someone who wanted to pleasure
her. She felt him hit bottom as his pubic hair mixed with hers.

Antonio was gratified to see her face exude a hue of pure pleasure, her eyes
closed mouth gasping. The sight inspired him to pump away at her. "Helen
you're fantastic." He was enjoying everything about this but the position,
without pulling his cock from her cunt he pulled her down on top of him as he
slid to the floor.

As her knees hit the floor Helen got the idea and started to ride up and down
on Antonio's cock. She pushed her tits down into his face and was gratified
to have him start to suckle at her nipples. "Yes Antonio, YES." Out of the
corner of her eye she saw Lowell had another hard on, watching them go at it.
She waved him over as he stood next to her she took his cock into her mouth.

Lowell quickly decided that no matter how much he enjoyed Helen's mouth, he
wanted something different. He went around behind Helen and knelt between
Antonio's legs and used his hands to kneed her ass cheeks. He stuck a finger
into her tight anal opening and slid it back and forth.

Helen felt Lowell's finger and lost all control. Her orgasm ripped through
her body. She hadn't realized how much she loved anal, till this moment.
"Fuck my ass!"

Lowell couldn't ignore an invitation like that. He slid his finger out of
Helen's ass and moved so his prick was positioned at the entrance to her ass
hole. "Get ready for it Helen." He pushed the head of his prick past her anus
surprised it popped in easily. "God its tight." He moaned as he started to
slide his prick in and out of Helen's tight ass. He could feel Antonio's
prick practically against his own as they fucked Helen. He reached around and
grabbed her tits.

Roz had finished with the Hackett's and now was entering Helen's house. She
was surprised to see the lights were still on. As she opened the door she
heard the sounds of sex. Roz opened it to see two men on the floor banging
the shit out of Helen. Roz was surprised she figured Helen for kind of a
prude, now here she was being fucked by what looked to be two very good size
pricks. She watched for a while, then she could tell they were finishing up.
She made her way up the stairs, she glanced back as she saw the men plow into
Helen's holes one last time. She could tell they were shooting off inside of
Helen, it made her so hot, she ducked into her room.

"God yes, cum in me." Helen moaned as Lowell shoved his cock into her ass
hole. She felt him start to squirt deep into her anal passage. She tried to
squeeze her cunt muscles around Antonio's hard cock, she felt him shoot his
load into her pussy. "You guys are incredible!" The three of them started to
disentangle themselves. "Well, did you find that an acceptable substitute?"
Helen asked as she went to collect her robe Lowell and Antonio started to
dress. "I think we can do this every month or so, sort of compensation for
you working at the lunch counter what do you boys say?" Antonio and Lowell
both mumbled out a yes as they finished dressing. "I'll see you soon." Helen
gave each of them a kiss as they left.

As she watched them go, she saw Roz's rental car in the driveway. Helen
wondered when she had gotten home and what she had seen. 'Oh well,' Helen
thought she couldn't do anything about that now, but she really wanted
another bath.. She headed up to the bathroom, she started the warm water.

Roz was hot and horny, she was laying on the bed playing with herself. She
was trying to get off, watching Helen being double fucked had really gotten
to her. Even with her fingers in her cunt thinking of Helen, she couldn't
bring herself off. As she lay there she heard the water in the bathroom. Roz
guessed that Helen was going to take a bath after her sexfest. She had
something in mind now. As the water cut off Roz moved to the bathroom door.
She heard Helen slip into the water. She tried the door and was gratified
that it was unlocked. "Hello Helen." Roz let her robe fall open exposing her
hard tits and red haired pussy.

"Roz, what are you doing?" Helen blurted out shocked. She tried to press
against the side of the tub covering herself.

"Come on Helen, don't give me that prude act." She walked around the
bathroom, she found a dildo laying by the tub. "I saw you with those two
guys, after doing it with the Hackett boys I'm ready for a little something
extra." Roz put the dildo to her lips. "What do you say Helen, you up for
some more fun?" Roz let her robe slide off her shoulders. When Helen didn't
respond she stuck a leg into the tub.

"I've never done anything like this before?" Helen was apprehensive over the
implications of what Roz was doing. "I mean what do we do?"

Roz slide into the tub. "Just go with it Helen." She lay down on top of
Helen, who made room for her. They lay next to each other, it was a bit
cramped but nice. "You've got a hell of a little body on you Helen." Roz ran
her fingers over Helen's body spending time working on her sensitive nipples.
Then let her hands slide down to Helen's pussy. She ran her fingers over
Helen's pussy finally inserting first one finger then another into her cunt.
"My you use this thing more then I thought." Roz was surprised at the
looseness off it. She figured a women like Helen, she'd barely get a finger
in her cunt. "I thought you were a good girl." Roz started to nibble on
Helen's ear licking and kissing her way to Helen's mouth.

"I used to be, its just lately, I don't know." Helen couldn't continue her

"Come on Helen, tell me." She worked her fingers into her cunt and moved the
dildo to the entrance of her pussy. "If you want me to use this, tell me what
happened to turn you to the dark side." Roz laughed.

"Don't tease me, I'll talk."

As Roz pleasured her, Helen related her story of debt and using sex for
payment. The water was starting to get cold. "Why don't we adjourn to you're
bedroom." Roz offered they got out of the tub and dried off. As they entered
Helen's bedroom Helen turned to Roz.

"Maybe we should stop now?"

"Come on Helen, you've had you're fun now its my turn." Roz ran her hands
over onto Helen's tits and saw that she was considering. "Tell me again about
the biggest prick you ever had." She pushed Helen back onto the bed. Roz laid
on top of Helen their nude bodies touching. She pushed her cunt up against
Helen's. "Tell me when are you going to do him again?"

"This weekend I'm paying off my debt again." Helen moaned as Roz slid down
putting her tongue into Helen's pussy. "I've got to do whatever he says all

"What does he make you do?" Roz continued to stimulate Helen bringing her to

"He sticks his cock in me, everywhere. He uses my mouth, ass and cunt. He
uses me like his own little fuck toy and I love it." she moaned in pleasure.
As Helen came down off her orgasm, Roz lay beside her.

"Do you want to try and pleasure me now?" She asked.

"I don't think I'm ready for that. Do you mind Roz, couldn't we just lay here
and snuggle?"

"Of course no problem," but Roz felt frustrated. She wanted Helen in so many
ways an idea came to her. "Helen what would you think if I said I'd go with
you to Roy's this weekend and help you pay off you're debt?"

"You'd do that for me?" Helen smiled. "Yeah what the hell. I always like a
big cock. I'll talk to him and set something up. If that's okay with you? I
bet I could get another couple of grand off you're debt. You want me to try."

"Yes, I'd be so grateful!"

Roz smiled, thinking about how Helen would be her sexual slave for the
weekend. She'd have to share with Roy, but she'd always liked a bit of cock
and from what Helen said Roy had more then a bit of cock.
_ _ _

They arrived at Roy's together on Friday night, both had dressed as sexy as
possible. They were wearing tight leather skirts black stockings, tight tops
and stiletto heels it had been Roz's idea to leave the underwear at home.

"Thanks for doing this Roz." Helen told her. "I really appreciate this."

"No problem, it's gonna be a lot of fun." She knocked on the door. Roy let
them in.

"My, don't you look lovely. Why don't you take a seat Roz. Helen would you
mind fixing us some drinks?"

"No problem." Helen went to the kitchen to get some drinks. As Helen left Roy
turned to Roz. "She agreed to you're terms?"

"Well actually, no, but I don't think it will be a problem. Just explain it
to her."

Helen returned with the drinks. "Explain what?"

"Well Helen, me and Roz made an agreement for this weekend. You are still my
slave," Roy began, "and so is Roz, but you are also Roz's slave. You will
obey her every command just as if it came from me."

"You're kidding?" She looked back and forth at them. "You're not kidding.
Well I guess I don't have a choice."

"No, you really don't." Roz responded. "Now why don't you get out of those
tight clothes, show us a little dance, Helen."

Roy got up and went to the stereo. He put on some music. "Come on Helen,
really give us a show!" He went and sat on the couch, next to Roz. He
casually grabbed one of her tits, as Helen started to do a little dance. They
watched as Helen stripped off her clothes. As the last of it came off. Roz
reached into Roy's lap.

"Helen you weren't kidding. He's huge I want to try it, but I think I need to
be a bit more lubricated. Why don't you help me get lubricated?" Roz spread
her legs showing Helen her pussy.

"What!!" Helen was shocked, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to get down here and eat me out. Now come on do it slave!" Roz

Helen was turned on, even as she was repulsed by the thought of eating out
another woman. She had done a lot of new things lately. Helen knelt down
between Roz's legs "I really don't know what to do?"

"Just stick you're tongue in there and go with the flow." Roz responded as
Roy pushed Helen towards her pussy.

Roz unzipped her skirt allowing Helen easier access to her pussy. Helen
started to run her hand over her pussy. Roy started to push up her shirt and
played with her nipple. She managed to take her shirt off as Helen started to
use her mouth on her pussy. "Helen you are a natural, right there keep it
up!" Roz enjoyed the sensations but she was going to need a cock very soon.
"Roy, why don't you juice you're cock up for me. I'm gonna want it in a
minute, and I think Helen would enjoy it. Fuck her good."

Roy got up and moved behind Helen. He pushed his cock at the entrance to her
pussy, he rubbed it around collecting more then a bit of wetness. "She's so
wet, she must be enjoying this!" He slid his prick into her tight pussy.

"Oh, I bet she does." Roz felt Helen's face being pushed against her pussy.
"Yeah Helen is his cock in you're pussy." She wrapped her legs around Helen's
head as she felt an orgasm building. "Oh yeah, Helen make me cum!" She felt
herself cum all over Helen's face. "That was good Helen, but I'm ready for
some cock!" Roz got on the floor on her back and opened her legs for Roy.
"You ready Roy?"

Roy was more then ready, he slipped out of Helen's pussy then moved over to
Roz. He slipped his prick into Roz's pussy. it wasn't a very tight fit. He
started to hump her pussy.

Roz loved the feel of a big prick in her pussy and Roy's qualified, and then
some. "Oh yeah, stick it all in me, yeah do it." Roz tried to fuck him back,
she used her legs to pull him inside of her. "Oh yeah, cum in me." She moaned
as she felt Roy spasm inside of her. "Yeah! Not a bad start, but you can get
up now Roy." 'Yes' Roz thought to herself, 'a very nice start,' but she was
ready for even more fun. "Why don't you go get cleaned up Helen, we'll be in
in a minute." She watched as Helen sashayed out of the room. "This is gonna
be a lot of fun."

"Yeah its not to bad, what else do you have in mind?" Roy asked.

"Everything Roy, everything." Roz reached into her bag and pulled out an
eight inch strap on dildo. "I want to fuck Helen's cute little ass." Roz
started to put on the dildo positioning it over her cunt so that it would rub
against her clit giving her pleasure as she fucked Helen. "How about it Roy,
is Helen's ass as pleasing to fuck as it is to the eye."

"Oh, its even better." Roy responded. "I'll go after you as a matter of

"Actually, while I'm fucking Helen's ass, I want you to fuck mine. If you
don't object?"

"Of course not, sounds like fun." Roy turned and saw Helen coming back into
the room draped in just a towel. "Very nice Helen, but lose the towel." His
eyes roamed her body as she let the towel drop to the floor.

"Well, are you ready for a good ass fucking?" Roz asked and laughed as Helen
gaped at the sight of a rubber cock coming from between her legs.

"I guess?" Helen responded nervously.

"Well then, you better get over here and lubricate it. On you're knees
Helen." Roz ordered.

Helen fell to her knees before Roz. Helen quickly engulfed the hard rubber
prick enjoying the sensation as it slipped into her mouth. Roz was enjoying
the sensations as well but it was time for something a bit different. Roz
pulled the dildo out of Helen's mouth. "That's good enough. I think that
while I'm fucking you're ass, Roy is going to fuck mine. I think I want some
lube back there as well." Roz turned around. "Lick my ass, Helen." Roz bent
over allowing Helen access to her dark hole. "Come on, get on with it Helen."

Helen leaned forward, somewhat turned on by the thought of what she was going
to do. She used her hands to pull Roz's ass cheeks apart. She then used her
tongue to lick along the crack of Roz's ass. She found Roz's ass hole and
slowly ran her tongue around the outside of it. She buried her tongue deep
into Roz's ass sending a shiver of pleasure through Roz's body. She continued
to lick at Roz's ass hole.

"Alright, that's enough." Roy was getting a bit impatient.

Helen was quickly positioned on the couch. Roz took up position behind her.
She grabbed Helen's ass cheeks and opened them up. She pushed her dildo
against Helen's rectum, then turned her so she could see Helen's face as she
was penetrated. "Here we go." Roz shoved the dildo hard and deep into Helen.
Getting a satisfying grimace of pain from Helen.

"Now you, Roy." Roz felt Roy's huge joystick at her own ass hole. "Yes fuck
my ass." Roy started giving her long deep strokes. This pushed Roz in and out
of Helen's ass hole, giving Roz a hefty dose of double pleasure. "Alright,
enough." Roz ordered.

They all quickly got up Roz stripped of the dildo and made Helen lick it
clean. Helen was disgusted taking something in her mouth that had just been
in her ass but had little choice. As soon as Roz was satisfied that it was
clean she took the device off. Helen was surprised when Roz started attaching
the device to her own pussy. She felt the hard plastic pressing against her
own clit.

"Alright lets ride!" Roz climbed up onto the dildo. Rocking back and forth
on the hard plastic. "Now you Roy." Roz leaned forward allowing Roy easier
access to her ass. Roy was quick to take advantage of Roz's position. She
felt him pushing at her ass. She felt him drive deep into her tight ass. She
grunted in pleasure as she was double fucked. "Yes more!" She begged. She
could feel Roy and the dildo almost rubbing inside of her. Roy started
pounding deeper and harder. Roz was a bit surprised when Helen started
matching his thrusts. "Yes Helen get into it!" To her surprise, Helen did
find she got into it. She humped harder at Roz's body bringing her to an
orgasm. Helen quickly felt her own orgasm well up and over her.

She spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking Roz in every way
possible, and a few she thought were impossible. As Helen left Roy's, she
tried to figure how much of her debt she still had to pay off. As she thought
it over, she realized she enjoyed these weekends with Roy and didn't care how
long they went on.

The End.


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