Wings: The Debt Part 2 - The Cranes Arrival (m/ff)
by ALurker ([email protected])

Two weeks later Dr. Fraiser Crane walked into the airport, he brought along
his estranged wife Lilith Sternun Crane. They had come to the island to give
their marriage one last chance. Fraiser and Lilith had already split and
Fraiser had taken a new job in Seattle but for their son they decided to give
their marriage one last chance. So they had rented a small cottage for two
weeks and they were going to live as husband and wife for one last time.

"Dr. crane isn't it?" Helen asked as she saw him sit at her counter. "I
thought I recognized you." She had taken a seminar with him last time he had
been on the island.

"Yes Helen wasn't it?" He remembered her destroying his seminar, it was one
of the factors that started the destruction of his marriage.

"Fraiser, our reservations are all set." Lilith came up to the counter. "I
still don't know about this, I don't want to spend two weeks keeping the
place clean and cooking our meals."

"Well maybe we could hire someone?" Fraiser offered wanting to make this

"How about me?" Helen Chapel responded. "What would you want me to do?"

Lilith thought a moment. "We'll be here two weeks, I'd say you'd have to
clean the place, do the laundry every couple of days, and then we'd expect
you to cook a meal every couple of days, maybe even a breakfast on the

"Alright I'll do it, say for a thousand dollars." Helen thought she'd still
be able to work at the counter most days.

"I don't know?" Fraiser considered, his last experience with her was not the
best but then having an attractive woman around wouldn't be completely bad.

"She'll do Fraiser. You do want this to work don't you." Lilith used her
commanding voice leaving him no argument. "Could you show up tonight? I'll
need some help cleaning out the place."

"Say around four o'clock." Helen offered figuring she could shut down the
counter about then.

"Good its settled then." Lilith gave her the address. "Lets go Fraiser."

They got to their cottage and found it a mess. They went out and saw the
islands tourist traps when they got back, Helen was waiting for them. They
all started in, working to clean the place it took a couple of hours for them
to get it all clean. While they had been upstairs together Helen and Lilith
had gotten to talking and Helen had told Lilith all about her problems. After
cooking diner Helen left.

After Helen left Lilith decided to talk with Fraiser over dinner. "Fraiser,
have you ever thought about spicing up our lovemaking?"

"I thought that's why we came here." Fraiser responded.

"Well yes, but I was thinking of really spicing things up, like maybe adding
another person?" She tried to sound casual.

"I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with that?" Fraiser responded, although
the idea did get him a bit horny. "Who did you have in mind?" He dreaded that
she would want another man with them.

"Helen actually," Lilith responded. She saw Fraiser's surprise. "Yes the
Helen who just left."

"That Helen mmmm." Fraiser thought back on Helen's very pleasing looks, nice
body, attractive face, long blonde hair. Then he thought of Helen blonde hair
mixed with Lilith's black hair, he'd have the best of both worlds. "I never
knew you were interested in that."

"Well, its time you knew. I experimented with lesbian relationships in
college. There was a certain amount of pleasure in it but it wasn't my main
thing. Now I've always wanted a threesome."

"Why now?" Fraiser asked.

"Well if this doesn't spice up our lovemaking nothing will. Besides if we
break up this will make for a nice memory."

"Did you speak to Helen about this?"

"I skirted around the issue. She's interested and she needs money
desperately. If we offer, say five thousand for her to have sex with us for
the next two weeks, I think she'd go for it."

"You mean she's a professional?" Fraiser was shocked.

"No, nothing like that. Just someone who's in debt over her head." Lilith
responded. "She's actually a very innocent person. I don't think she's ever
done anything like this."

"Well neither have I." Fraiser responded. "I've never done a threesome."

"Don't worry, I think you may enjoy it."

"I'm not worried about that." He was thinking about the two women "In fact
I'm ready for some right now."

Lilith could feel his hard on. "My you are." She reached down and pulled out
his dick. She knelt down before him and took his dick in her mouth. She took
all of his five inches into her mouth easily. He came quickly, spewing his
load down her throat. "My turn." She stripped out of her tight clothing and
let her hair down. "Ravish me Fraiser." She sat down on the couch.

Fraiser quickly went between her legs and started to eat her out. After a few
minutes he was hard again. He quickly changed positions and mounted Lilith.
He humped into her as she lay back on the couch. He could feel her legs wrap
around his waist as he sucked on her tits he came in her pussy. "That was
good," Fraiser commented. "Now what will we do about Helen?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll take care of everything." She usually did, Lilith
thought. "We could do it tomorrow night."

"Sounds like fun." Fraiser responded as he led Lilith to the bedroom.

Lilith talked to Helen the next day. In return for being paid an additional
five thousand dollars Helen agreed to stay with them for five nights over
their two week stay on the island. Helen agreed that she would do just about
anything Lilith and Fraiser wanted including having sex with Lilith. A
provision Lilith insisted on.

After having diner with Fraiser as Helen served them. Lilith decided to
inform Fraiser about the deal she had made with Helen.

"Five thousand dollars." Fraiser exclaimed as Lilith told him of the deal.
"Isn't that a bit steep?"

"Helen take off your shirt." Lilith commanded, as Helen complied, she turned
back to Fraiser. "I don't know Fraiser, do you think its worth it?"

Fraiser's mind went blank as Helen exposed her perfect tits. They were
smaller then Lilith's but very nice very firm with small erect nipples they
looked like pencil erasers. Lilith had much larger nipples that didn't get so
erect. "Well on second thought.." Fraiser trailed off.

"Helen, why don't you give Fraiser a blow job to start us off." She watched
as Helen kneeled before Fraiser and pulled his cock out of his pants. "Make
sure you swallow it all." She walked around the table and watched as Helen
sucked Fraiser's prick "What do you think of my deal now?" She could see the
pleasure written all over Fraiser's face.

Fraiser mumbled out a thank you as Helen continued to suck him off. Helen had
set up a wondrous sucking action with her mouth while running her tongue all
around his prick. He grabbed her long blonde hair and held her over his cock
as he came in her mouth. As she came up he could see a little of his sperm
running down her chin. "Very good, you want a turn Lilith?" Fraiser offered.

"You bet I do. If you don't mind Fraiser I'll take her into the other room
for a bit, I'm just a bit nervous and don't think I could do it in front of

"No problem, but you will let me join you later won't you?"

"Of course, just give me a few minutes, come on Helen." Helen proceeded her
into the bedroom, Lilith closed the door. She then walked up behind Helen.
She wrapped her arms around Helen and started to fondling her tits paying
special attention to her nipples. "You ever been with a woman Helen?" Lilith

"No never." Helen responded getting hornier by the minute.

Lilith reached down and slipped a hand under the waistband of Helen's pants
finding her pussy she stuck a finger into Helen. She was pleasantly surprised
to find Helen dripping wet. "Do you want to try it with a woman Helen?"
Lilith asked.

"Yes" Helen was grinding herself onto Lilith's finger she wanted realease.
She reached down and unbuttoned her pants giving Lilith easier access.

Lilith pulled her jeans down to her knees and pushed her finger into Helen's
dripping cunt. "Get on the bed." Lilith ordered. She watched as Helen
stripped of her jeans then climbed onto the bed. Lilith climbed onto the bed
and positioned her cunt over Helen's face. "Lick it," she ordered as she
ground her pussy into Helen's face. She moved between Helen's legs and
started to eat her out as well. after only a few minutes of this Lilith felt
herself cum all over Helen's face. She moaned as she got off of Helen.

"Well I guess its Fraiser's turn." She got off the bed and headed for the
door, she threw Helen a towel. "Here clean that off." She opened the door and
called, "Fraiser."

"Yes dear." Fraiser had been listening at the door and had barely ducked back
before Lilith opened the door. "Can I join you now?"

"Why don't you try Helen first." Lillith watched as Fraiser raced naked into
the room. Helen was still laying naked on the bed. She saw Fraiser climbed on
top of her and quickly entered her tight pussy. "How is it Fraiser?"

"Incredible." He moaned back then thought a second. "Not as good as you
darling." He tried to cover his ass.

"Don't suck up Fraiser. Why don't you try her ass?" Fraiser always wanted her
to do that but she wouldn't do it. "Beg for it Helen."

As Fraiser pulled out of her cunt Helen rolled over exposing her ass to the
Crane's. "Yes fuck my ass. I want you're prick deep in my ass." She moaned as
she felt Lilith finger her pussy then coat her ass with her own pussy juices.
She felt Fraiser positioning himself at the entrance to her ass hole. "Yes
fuck my ass." She moaned as his cock penetrated her ass. "Yes, yes" she
moaned as Fraiser cock penetrated her ass. Helen could feel Lilith holding
her ass cheeks open for Fraiser's assault. She tried to work her anal muscles
around Fraiser's prick.

The feelings of Helen's ass were driving Frasier wild. "Yes!" He pushed into
her ass, he felt his balls filling with cum. "I'm gonna cum up you're ass."
He forced his prick inside of Helen's ass and shot his load. He fell off of
her exhausted. He was shocked when Lilith started to lick his cum out of
Helen's ass.

Helen moaned in pleasure as she felt Lilith tongue enter her anus. "That
feels great," she exclaimed. Helen felt herself cum as Fraiser repositioned
himself at her head. She opened her mouth and took his rapidly hardening cock
into her mouth. She bathed it with kisses and slid it into her mouth as
Lilith continued to pleasure her ass and cunt.

"Helen suck it." Fraiser moaned as he shot his load into Helen's mouth.
Lilith slid up and sat next to Fraiser, Helen laid down on the other side of

"What's next?" Lilith asked jokingly.

"Well we have two weeks vacation, and Helen's agreed to spend five nights
with us. I think we can come up with some interesting variations. What do you
think Helen?"

"I think I'm gonna be tired."

Lilith and Fraiser spent the next week together finding their sex rather
ordinary unless Helen was there. One morning Fraiser woke to someone knocking
on his door. Both Fraiser and Lilith got out of bed they had already been
with Helen five times and Helen had gone home before coming back to cook the
occasional meal. Fraiser angrily stormed down to the door, he wanted to know
what kind of fool would wake him this early. He pulled the door open and saw
an attractive red haired woman standing there. He tried to place her for a
minute, then it hit him. "Roz! What are you doing here?" They had worked
together for about two weeks before he had left on vacation.

"Hello to you too Fraiser." Roz Doyle brushed him aside as she walked into
the house. "Nice place you got here." She put her luggage on the floor.

"What are you doing here?" He asked again.

"Remember the commercials for you're show we did before you left?" They had
done some trial shows and the commercials.

"Yes, so?"

"Well they were destroyed. I'm here so we can do them over again."

"But I'm on vacation and on the other side of the continent."

"Don't worry Fraiser. We'll do it tomorrow at a local station then they'll
send them to Seattle."

"Why can't this wait?" Fraiser demanded.

"Well would you really want to start a call in show next week without anyone
knowing you're on, so no calls and you get to fill dead air."

"Alright, when do we do it?"

"In about an hour."

"Okay, I'll take you to you're place. Where are you staying?"

"There's the problem."

"Roz," he yelled exasperated.

"Yeah a week on Nantucket and I don't have a place to stay. I figured I could
hole up with you."

"Absolutely not!" Then he thought of Helen, she owned a house and would
probably rent a room to Roz. "I know a place. Go wait in my car." He handed
her the keys. "I'll be out in a minute." As Roz left Fraiser saw Lilith storm
into the room. He was shocked when he noticed she was carrying her luggage.

"Fraiser," she began. "I have to go, sorry but we both know this isn't
working. Enjoy the rest of you're vacation."

"But, but," He stammered as she stormed out of the house. He was heartbroken
he couldn't believe it had gone this badly. He decided he was gonna go to
Seattle ASAP right after doing his show with Roz he was ready to start a new
life. Roz would have to shift for herself..


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