Wings: The Debt Part 1 (mm/f,m/f)
by ALurker ([email protected])

Cast List:
Joe & Brian Hackett: Operators of Sandpiper Air
Roy Biggins Sr.: Owner/operator of aero mass
Lowell Mather: Mechanic for airport
Antonio: Taxi driver

Helen Chapel owner operated of lunch counter in airport. Helen Chapel was
nervous as she went to answer the door. She was heavily in debt she was
expecting someone to come collect. She opened the door and two men were
standing there. She was surprised they were nice looking, wearing very nice
suits. There was no hint of violence in them and she was glad.

"Hello, Miss Chapel my name's Jack Kelly and my partner is Ned Smith." They
were collection agents for a bookie in Boston. "You know why we're here. I
assume you have the money ready."

"Well ahh..." Helen stalled. "I don't have the money right now, but I can get
it." She finally responded.

"Helen." Jack started in on his usual speel. "You owe my boss twenty thousand
dollars in gambling debts. Now you were warned to pay up." He could see her
start to cry "Don't worry, Helen we won't hurt you." He sat her on the couch.
"The problem is that if we go back empty handed. My boss may do something
drastic, like sell you're debt to someone who would hurt you."

"How much money do you need?" Helen asked.

"Well to keep him happy for another month. I'd say at least one thousand
dollars, and that would just be interest on your debt. Can you come up with
a thousand dollars Helen." he asked.

"No," she managed to get out.

Ned Smith had watched Helen, she was extremely attractive, long blond hair
that went down to below her shoulder blades. She was wearing a blue dress
that did little to hide her curves and showed off a very nice pair of legs,
a little short but you can't have everything, he thought.. He whispered to
his partner Jack that he'd be willing to do this one.

"Can you come up with anything?" Jack asked. as he considered what Ned had

"Maybe a hundred dollars?" Helen responded.

"Well then we do have options here." Jack stated.

"Options?" Helen felt hope. She knew if these men didn't go back happy she
could really be hurt. "What kind of options?" She asked.

"Well Helen you are a very attractive woman." Jack tried to make it sound
casual. "Now the two of us could come up with the thousand dollars to pay off
our boss, but for us to do that we'd need something in return from you."

"Like what? Some kind of collateral." She asked.

"No, Helen I'm talking about you providing a service for us, say for the next
couple of hours."

"Service, what kind of service?" Helen asked a bit of fear in her voice.

"We want to do you." Ned spoke up for the first time.

"Do me?" Helen was shocked.

"Yes Helen." Jack gave Ned a dirty look, trying to keep him quite. "Now if we
go back with nothing, some very bad men will come out here next time. You may
be beaten up, raped or even worse. All we want is a little sex, no real rough
stuff just some fun. Hell, you might even enjoy it." Jack added.

"I don't know?" Helen responded.

"Well think about it Helen, you can have sex with the two of us, or risk
something very nasty happening to you at a later date." Jack responded. "What
do you say?"

"What choice do I have." Helen responded. "What do you want me to do?" As
she thought about what was going to happen she could feel a certain wetness
between her legs. As much as she hated to admit it there was something erotic
about doing it with these two handsome men. She had always imagined a
threesome but never had the courage to do it. Now she could do it and there
would be no emotional commitment.

"Well," Ned Smith grinned as he looked at Helen's small lithe body hungrily.
"I think you're a bit overdressed. Why don't you take off that dress."

Helen moved her hands to the zipper at the back of the dress. She slowly
pulled it down, enjoying the effect she was having on the two men. She had
decided to just enjoy this night no recriminations, to just have a sexual
moment once in her life. As she pulled the dress off her shoulders she asked
"You want to see more?"

When both men nodded she started to lower the dress an inch at a time.
Finally she let the dress hit the floor, she was standing before them in just
her panties and bra. She turned to give them a complete view of her body then
moved her hand to the back of the bra. Helen unclipped it and slowly took the
straps off her arms making sure not to show anything to the men. She held it
against her tits. she asked, "You boys want to see more?"

As the both nodded the affirmative she dropped the bra to the floor. As her
tits were exposed to the men she asked, "What do you think of them?"

"Magnificent, spectacular," were the responses. "Now get over here," one of
them ordered.

Helen moved over to the couch to sit between them. Jack maneuvered his mouth
over hers giving her a deep kiss using his tongue to probe her mouth. Helen
pushed her tongue around his sucking at it. Neil started to fondle her tits,
he used his hands at first getting the nipples to stand erect then he started
to suck on them first one then the other. Helen was alive with the sensations
flowing through her body. She felt Ned push a hand into her panties, his
fingers pushed around the outside of her vagina for a moment then one finger
penetrated her then another. As his third finger penetrated her, she had her
first orgasm of the night.

"Well I think it's time we showed you something." Jack stood up and quickly
took off his suit coat and shirt, revealing his muscular chest. He then
pulled down his pants revealing a seven inch prick that was fully erect.

As he sat down with Helen, Ned stood and quickly stripped. He wasn't as
muscular as Jack but his dick was bigger being almost nine inches long and
almost an inch thick. The men sat on either side of Helen caressing her body.
She ran her tiny hands up and down their shafts, finally Ned broke the
moment. "I want to taste her."

He quickly bent down between Helen's legs. He pulled off her panties and
inserted his tongue into Helen's pussy. He couldn't believe how wet she was
and the sweetness of her taste was incredible. Jack could feel Helen squirm
as Ned's tongue hit all the right spots with her. Jack gave her a big kiss
then pushed her head down to his lap. She went willingly, as she changed
positions so did Ned continuing to eat out her pussy. Helen started to lick
the outside of his dick. She used her tongue all over it, he grabbed her long
blonde hair and pushed it all to the other side of her head, he wanted to see
her pixieish face take his cock into her mouth. "Go for it Helen," He goaded

Helen put the tip of the cock into her mouth, she could feel him trying to
push up into her but she kept moving away. She started to take a bit more
into her mouth. as Neil continued to work on her pussy sending spasms of joy
through her. She took more and more of Jack's cock in her mouth, she finally
got it all in. Helen could feel the head of his prick at the back of her
throat. She felt Ned's tongue leave her pussy and was disappointed but a
second later she felt something at the entrance to her pussy, she tried to
come off Jack's prick but he held her in place.

Suddenly, she felt Ned's cock penetrate her pussy. She gasped as he pushed
his whole length into her, she couldn't believe she was taking it all. Ned
started to pound into her pussy. Helen felt Jack cum down her throat she
tried to come off him but he held her in place forcing her to swallow every
drop of his seed. As Jack's cock slipped out of her mouth Ned repositioned
her to get better access to her pussy. He pushed her down onto the floor, he
climbed on top of her. She was amazed that he had moved her and his prick had
never left her pussy. Helen pulled the hair out from underneath her as Ned
pounded into her. She couldn't believe what she was feeling every fibre of
her body felt alive. She felt him let out a groan as he jammed himself into
her and came inside her pussy. She could feel his sperm penetrate and fill
her the warm feeling was incredible.

"What a great pussy." Ned commented as he pulled out of her. "You've got to
try it."

"I will, we have plenty of time to try all her holes." Jack responded.

"All my holes?" Helen asked a bit nervously.

"Yeah," Jack responded. "This is going to cost us each five hundred dollars.
You want us to get our money's worth?"

"Well of course, but you want to do it back there?" Helen had never done any
anal sex, it was one of her most secret fantasies but good girls didn't do

"Yes, I want that tight little ass." Jack responded. This conversation was
getting him hard again. "In fact I think I'd like to try it right now, Helen
roll over."

Helen did as she was told presenting her virgin ass to these men. "Please go
easy, its my first time to have someone in there."

"Don't worry honey, I'll be gentle, you're gonna love it." Jack kneeled down
on the floor behind Helen. He rubbed her ass cheeks they were incredibly
tight and firm. He reached one finger down and stuck it in Helen's pussy then
put another and a third into her pussy getting them nice and juicy with her
juices. He then took his prick and put it at the entrance to her pussy.

"What are you doing?" Helen asked as she felt the cock at the entrance to her

"Just lubing it up for you." Jack pushed his prick into her pussy.

Helen started to groan as he started to fuck her, he took it much slower then
Ned had. This made Helen writhe in pleasure. He took his fingers and started
playing with her ass, he rubbed her juices around her ass working them in. He
finally worked his finger into her tight anus making Helen groan in pleasure.
Helen had another orgasm as she felt Jack's finger penetrate her ass, as he
continued to fuck her pussy. She felt Jack's cock leave her tight cunt, she
could feel him press the tip of his cock against her tight ass hole. She
groaned as Jack put the tip into her asshole she couldn't believe what she
was feeling. There was pain but the pleasure was outweighing it. She felt as
Jack forced another inch into her tight ass. Jack started to push more and
more of his hard cock into her.

Finally, he stuffed his cock all the way in to her ass, it felt incredibly
tight around his cock. He could feel every muscle in her ass pushing at his
cock trying to force it out. Helen had felt Jack's balls slapping onto her
backside as Jack started to fuck her ass. At first he went slowly but as they
both became used to the feeling of his cock in her ass hole he started to
speed up pounding away at her ass. Helen's pleasure was incredible, she could
feel another orgasm welling up inside her. She felt Jack push into her and
groan as he started to shoot his load into her ass. She came as soon as he
did. She could still feel his cock in her ass. He was leaving it in, letting
her ass muscles milk his cock dry. Jack pulled out of Helen with a wet pop.

"That was incredible." He gave Helen's rump a playful slap as he got up.
"You'll have to try that." He looked down and saw Helen's ass starting to
close from his assault, he could see a thin line of his cum dripping out her

"I've never done anything like that before." Helen smiled up at the two men.

She could see Ned had gotten hard again. He motioned her over, she kneeled
before him, he pushed her face into his lap. She took his cock into her
mouth. Ned pushed her hair out of the way as she continued to take his cock.
He grabbed her head and forced her down on his prick. Helen was choking as
Ned's prick went farther down her throat then she had ever taken anyone. As
Ned continued to force her head down she realized she could breath, if she
relaxed. She heard the guys talking and suddenly Ned pulled her hair up
taking his cock out of her mouth. She came up gasping for air. She could see
both men had become hard again.

"Well, I think its time for a little DP action Helen." Jack commented.

"What's that mean?" Helen asked.

"It means I get you're pussy and Ned gets you're ass." Jack responded he saw
Helen smile a little. "At the same time."

"But.." Helen stammered.

Jack lay down on the floor. She felt Ned's strong hands pushing her over to

"I can't... " Helen protested as she was positioned over Jack's tool.

Ned's hands on her shoulders forced her down. Jack's cock entered her pussy
in one swift stoke. Jack lay there as Helen started to fuck him hard. She was
trying to make him cum before Ned entered her ass but he was going to hold
out. Helen was trying to fuck Jack hard but he was using his hands to slow
her down. She felt Ned's strong hands pushing her forward. Ned pushed her
forward he could see her cunt taking in all of Jack's cock. Her ass hole had
opened up before him, he quickly got into position. He saw Jack hold onto her
and kiss her passionately. He forced his cock into her ass, her screams were
muffled by Jack's mouth as he pushed into her tight ass. Helen felt Ned's
cock penetrate her still tight ass, he wasn't being gentle as Jack had been.
She had felt him fill her with his cock in one swift stroke. It was painful
but she could feel the two men's cocks almost meeting inside of her. They
started fucking her like she was a machine pounding away at her. After only
a few minutes she felt them bothcum inside her. Ned pulled out quickly, she could feel her ass close up as
the intruder left it. Jack pushed her aside, she fell off as Jack stood up.

"That was incredible Helen," Jack commented. "I think I'll go clean up,
bathrooms that way." He pointed down the hall as Helen nodded he went down

Ned watched Helen stand she went for her clothes but Ned wasn't done yet.
"No, don't get dressed just yet," Ned commanded. He was getting hard again
and wanted a bit more. "Okay Helen. Why don't you lay back on the floor.
You're tits look like they need a good fucking but my dick needs to be a bit
more moist first." He positioned himself at her side forcing his cock into
her mouth. "Yeah baby, get it nice and juicy." He grunted as he fucked her
mouth. It felt great in her mouth but he wanted to tit fuck this little
bitch. He pulled out and straddled her body his cock nestled in her cleavage.
He grabbed a tit in either hand and pushed them together around his cock. He
started to force his prick between her tits towards her face. "Come on Helen,
suck it," he ordered.

Helen reached up as his cock came out from between her tits. She would give
the head of his prick a little lick. The friction was a pleasure as she felt
her tits being used and abused. She managed to get the tip of Ned's cock into
her mouth as he went through her tits. Finally, he groaned and came in her
face. Ned stood up as Jack walked back in from the bathroom.

"That's disgusting," he commented seeing Helen's face covered in cum. "Why
don't you clean up Ned, we've got to be back pretty soon."

As Ned left he threw Helen a towel. After she cleaned up, she reached for her

"Not so fast Helen, plenty of time to dress after we leave. Why don't you get
us a couple of beers." He watched her ass as she went into the kitchen. Helen
brought the two of them a couple of bottles of beer, she sat down next to

"Are we done?" Helen asked.

"I think I'll have another blow job before we leave, Ned will probably want
one too but as to fucking you I think we're done. Why you a bit disappointed
its all over?"

"No," Helen responded. It wasn't strictly true but she didn't want these guys
to think she had enjoyed being their fuck toy.

"Too bad, you do realize we can't afford to do this next month." Jack

"What do you mean?" Helen asked.

"Well a thousand dollars is a lot for just the two of us. Next time, I'll
think we'll have to bring along at least a couple of friends, help defray the
cost you know."

"You mean you want me to have sex with four men next time?" Helen was

"Judging by you're performance tonight, you won't have a bit of a problem
handling it. If it really bothers you, you could always pay you're debt. You
have a month to come up with the money."

"I could always call the police." Helen responded defiantly.

"You could, but if me and Ned are arrested my boss will probably send someone
out to kill you and I doubt the police would protect you, you don't know

Ned came back into the room.

"Here have a beer." He passed a bottle to Ned. Jack finished his bottle
first. "Okay Helen how about that blow job now," Helen kneeled down in front
of him and took him into her mouth. She sucked him down, he came into her
mouth quickly. She then moved over to Ned he quickly shot another load down
her throat.

"Okay time to go." Jack stood up.

"I have an idea," Ned commented. He quickly explained his plan to Jack. Who
told him to go ahead.

"Alright Helen one more thing for you to do while we get dressed." Ned got
her to bend over the coffee table. "Okay open up you're legs Helen." He then
took one of the beer bottles and started to push it into her pussy.

"What are you doing?" She could feel Ned's hand on her back holding her down.
Jack quickly came around and tied her hands to the legs of the table. "You
can't do this!" Helen screamed.

"Be good Helen and we'll untie you before we go." Jack commented and Helen
stopped struggling.

Ned continued to work the bottle into Helen's pussy. He finally got the whole
neck of the bottle into her. She groaned as he started to work in the larger
portion of the bottle he managed to work about half of it in. Then he took
another and started to work that into her ass. He only managed to work the
neck of the bottle into her ass. They then started to get dressed as Helen
was writhing with the two bottles inside of her. As Jack finished dressing he
had a hard on again. He whipped it out and stood over Helen and started to
jerk off. As his load of sperm hit her back Ned did the same. He then took
out a small camera and knelt down.

"Smile for the camera Helen." He snapped the picture as Helen looked up.

Helen was mortified but she couldn't do anything, as they continued to take
pictures of her cum soaked body. They finally untied one of her hands and
rolled her over taking pictures of the front side of her body.

"The boys are gonna love these shots. Thanks for a great night Helen, hope to
use you again next month, we'll bring some real toys next time."

As Ned left he turned back to Helen who still had two beer bottles inside of
her and one hand tied to the table. "Okay Helen you can take them out now and
untie yourself." He walked out and closed the door.

Helen pulled the beer bottles out of her body and then untied herself. She
went and took a long hot shower and was determined that no mater what she'd
not go through this again. Once was enough and the idea of four men really
scared her. She shuddered to think what they'd come up with for her to do
next month. She'd get that money no matter what, she'd talk to Roy tomorrow.
_ _ _

Roy Biggins was the owner of his own airline, he had been chasing Helen for
years. She decided to see him early in the morning. "Hello Helen, what can I
do for you?" Roy asked as Helen walked into his office.

"I need to borrow some money, Roy." Helen responded.

"Well Chapel I don't know, how much do you need?" Roy asked.

"I need twenty thousand dollars."

Roy whistled as he heard the amount. "Why do you need that kind of money?"

"I'm in debt to a gambler in Boston, if I don't get the money bad things are
going to happen to me Roy." She made her voice break and she started to cry.

"Well, assuming I can loan you the money. What kind of collateral do you
have?" Roy asked.

"My jeep, the lunch counter, my house," she responded.

"As I recall you're jeep is ten years old, you're house is mortgaged to the
hilt and you rent the lunch counter. So in other words no collateral." Roy
responded he saw Helen nod in agreement. "Now how quickly would you be able
to repay me?"

"Not for awhile Roy."

"So interest is out of the question I assume." Roy responded. "Damn Helen,
you're giving me nothing to work with. Why should I give you this loan? I
mean I'd be taking a big risk with almost no chance of repayment."

Helen started to think over her options none of them were pretty, but she had
an idea. "I'll tell you what Roy. You've been after me for some time, say I
give you a night of pleasure you wouldn't believe."

Roy laughed. "You're attractive Chapel, but twenty grand for one night that's
a little steep. I'll tell you what, say every month until you pay off the
loan you come to my house for one weekend and be my complete slave."

Helen thought about it. "Say every month I'm you're slave you take a thousand
dollars off of the loan and any month I can pay you a grand, I don't have to
be you're slave."

"Sounds okay." Roy thought the deal over. "But any money you pay me comes off
the back end. If I'm gonna put out this kind of money, I want to get back a
little more then just the money agreed."

"Alright, but for that, I get to define the word slave a bit." Helen

"Within reason agreed." Roy responded. "What are you're terms?"

"First you can't invite anyone over, or tell anyone about this. Second no
pain, no bondage, I don't want to be hurt." Helen remembered last night too
vividly to want to be tied up again.

"Agreed, as long as you're ass is still on the table. I really want to fuck
you up the ass, repeatedly and that's nonnegotiable."

"Alright then. When do you want you're first weekend?"

"Well, I can have the money for you by Friday, say the following weekend."

"Agreed," Helen responded.

Roy's first weekend.

Helen arrived at Roy's place at eight on Friday night. prepared to be Roy's
slave until Sunday at eight. She rang the bell and Roy answered, she couldn't
believe he was in his robe already. "Hello Roy."

"AHHH Helen, I've been looking forward to this for a long time." He ushered
her into his living room he sat in a chair. "Just thinking about it, I almost
jerked off a couple of times, but I figured I'd save it for you."

"OH MY GOD!" Helen exclaimed as Roy opened his robe exposing his prick. It
was huge, it must have been a foot long and thick.

"Quite impressive isn't it, Chapel." Roy laughed. "Now lets see you're
assets, take off that shirt." He watched as Helen got out of her shirt, he
saw that her eyes never left his prick. "The bra too," in a minute he was
staring at her breasts. They weren't the biggest he had ever seen but they
were perfectly formed and erect. "Very nice Helen, now get over here and give
me a blow job."

Helen walked over to Roy, she knelt before him. She grabbed his prick. She
could barely encircle it with one hand, she had never imagined one this big.
She started to use her tongue on it as she jerked him off with her hand.

"Take it in you're mouth." Roy ordered.

As her mouth slipped over the top of his prick he grabbed the back of her
head and pushed her down onto his prick. She was about halfway down his prick
when he started to cum, he held her head in place as he came down her throat.

"Yes Helen, swallow it yes."

Helen could feel the sticky substance going down her throat. She tried to
come of his prick but he held her head firmly in place. He didn't let her up
until his cock had shrunk completely, "How was that Roy?"

"Very good Helen, a nice beginning. but I have many other things in mind for
you're sweet little body. Why don't you go get changed. I got something just
for this weekend its hanging on the door to the bedroom. Go put it on and
don't put anything on under it."

Helen walked back into the bedroom behind the door was a little black french
maid outfit. She slipped out of her clothes and put on the outfit, she wasn't
surprised to find it was completely see through and had nothing underneath
her allowing Roy to access her pussy and ass anytime he wanted. The front had
a V neck that went down to her belly button, she was going to have trouble
keeping her breasts in this thing. She thought. She walked out into the
living room, as Roy saw her his dick started to rise again.

"Incredable Chapel, that fits you like a glove." He stood up and started
rubbing his hands all over Helen's body, pinching her sensitive nipples then
sticking a finger up her pussy and then one finger up her ass. "Yes this will
do fine, now take it off." Roy ordered wanting to fuck her right now. She
slid the outfit off her shoulders as it hit the floor she was completely
naked. "Alright Helen lay down on the coffee table, face down." He ordered,
as she got into position he walked over behind her. He pushed her legs apart
and put his dick at the entrance to her pussy. "You ready for a good fucking
chapel?" When she didn't respond. "Come on Chapel, I want you to beg for it
and I want it dirty."

Helen knew she had agreed to all Roy's demands this one included. "Yes Roy
fuck me please." She responded.

"Come on Helen, really get into it," Roy responded. "Tell me where you want
it and use that sexy southern accent."

Helen had to think a moment about the accent and what she wanted to say.
"Fuck me Roy, use me like you're sex toy, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy. I want
to feel you everywhere." She looked back and gave him a little sexy grin. She
felt Roy start to enter her pussy. She felt his cock enter her. He forced it
into her going deeper and deeper, reaching places no one had ever been
before. Helen couldn't believe the pleasure she was feeling as Roy started to
fuck her. He really knew how to use his tool, she thought. She groaned as she
felt herself starting to cum.

Roy couldn't believe how nice and soft Helen's pussy was it fit him like a
glove, he felt himself starting to cum but decided on something else he
pulled out of Helen's pussy and put his cock at the entrance to Helen's ass.
He heard her let out a groan as the head penetrated her ass hole. That was
all the encouragement he needed. He started to force his shaft into her tight
ass, he only got about halfway before Helen couldn't take anymore. He gave
her one or two good strokes then let his cum fill her ass. "YES Helen," he
yelled as he came. "You're definitely living up to you're agreements. I'm
gonna enjoy this weekend. I may even give you a little bonus, take off some
extra money if the rest of the weekend lives up to the last few minutes."

"Thank you Roy. In that case I will try to please." Helen responded.

"Alright put on you're maids uniform and go fix me a snack. You'll find an
apron in the kitchen, wouldn't want to mess up that outfit."

He watched as she did as she was told, this weekend was turning out better
and better. Helen came out of the kitchen with some popcorn, she sat next to
Roy and they watched TV for awhile. Every so often Roy would reach over and
play with her, stick a finger in her pussy,ass or mouth. After awhile she saw
he was getting hard again and she knelt down and jerked him off, allowing his
cum to splash on her face. As he came again, Roy decided he was getting

"Alright Helen go take a shower and then come to my bed." Roy went to his
bedroom and got under the sheets naked and waited for Helen. She walked in
with just a towel wrapped around her attractive body. "Come on to bed Helen."
Roy motioned for her to come over. As she crawled into bed he rolled over
onto her putting his prick inside her pussy, he started humping her. He
kissed her on her face as he pounded into her, finally coming inside of her
again. "Thanks Helen," he rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

He awoke to find Helen laying beside him, she was still asleep. He pulled the
covers off of her so that he could watch her naked body. She finally woke up,
she looked around in shock. "Hello sleepy head." Roy put a hand on her body
playing with her nipples.

"Morning Roy." She saw his hard on was growing again.

"A little blow before breakfast?" She asked as Roy nodded, she moved down
putting her face into Roy's groin. She took his cock in her mouth. She could
feel it slipping down her throat. She felt him pushing against her mouth as
he came in her mouth.

"Nice way to wake up Helen." Roy commented. "Why don't you go make us some
breakfast? You'll find some bacon and eggs in the fridge, I'm going to take a

Helen was setting the table as Roy came out of the bedroom. She was surprised
he was dressed, she figured he'd spend the day screwing her in every way
possible. "Its just about ready." She commented as Roy sat on the table.
After Helen came back out of the kitchen with their food, Roy motioned for
her to sit down. They started to eat.

"Well I'm sorry to say Helen, I've got to go to work," Roy began. "Maybe
absence makes the heart grow fonder or some such shit, but I want you to be
back here at six tonight." He pulled a hundred dollars from his wallet, "here
pick up something for diner. I'll be back at seven, I expect diner to be on
the table. OH and I plan to pick up a few playthings for tonight." Roy
laughed. "Alright I've got to go. You're free till six tonight." Roy threw
her a set of keys, as he went for the door. "Here lock up when you leave."

As soon as he left Helen went and took a long hot shower. She thought back
over the night, she thought she should feel bad about what happened but Roy's
cock had brought out feeling she had never had before. She started playing
with herself as she thought what tonight would bring. She climbed out of the
shower and got dressed and went home to rest up.

Roy arrived exactly at seven PM. As he came in he noticed that Helen already
had dinner on the table. She had made steak with all the fixings. He threw
down his bag and shucked his jacket. "Looks good Helen," he sat down at the
table. He was somewhat disappointed to see that she was completely dressed
but he figured he could do something about that after dinner. They talked
quietly as they ate. Going over their days.

Finally Helen dying of curiosity, Helen asked. "What's in the bag Roy?"

"Its no fair telling, just some toys for tonight. Well I'm done, how about
you?" Helen nodded, "okay you can clean up. I've got a little surprise to set
up." Roy went to his garage as Helen went to clean up the diner dishes. She
came out of the kitchen to see Roy standing in the middle of the room naked.

"This isn't much of a surprise Roy." She commented, she could see his dick
was hard.

"This isn't it, but I really feel like a quicky, so get out of those
clothes." He watched as she quickly took of her clothes, he noted she hadn't
worn a bra. He sat down in a comfortable chair. "Okay Helen climb aboard." He
motioned her over. Helen went over to the chair, surprised at how wet and
willing she was becoming. She put her knees on either side of Roy. She put
her cunt over Roy's prick, she took him inside of her. She realized his face
was into her tits, he quickly started sucking on her tits, as she rode his
cock. She came quickly and was followed quickly by Roy's filling her up with
his sperm. Roy moved Helen off of his prick, now it was time for his

He stood and walked over to the bedroom and brought out his surprise. Helen
gasped as she saw what he brought out. It was a stool, but with a difference,
she could see that he had attached two large dildos to the chair. "What's
that Roy?"

"Well you won't allow me to bring any friends for you. So here are some
friends for when I need a little rest,. and a seat for you too watch TV with
me. Here have a seat."

Helen couldn't believe it but she kind of wanted to try the chair out.
"Alright Roy." She tried to sound reluctant but she really wanted to do it.
She went over to the chair as Roy applied some lotions to the two dildos. As
she tried to get on it she realized it was somewhat high for her body. Roy
pulled the two dildoes apart so she could get over the top of the chair. She
managed to get on top of the chair. "Okay Roy, I'm ready."

She felt pleasure as Roy bent the first dildo to fit into her pussy. Once she
had taken all of it in, he went around to the back. He started to work the
other dildo into her ass hole, it slipped in quickly. Helen stood for a
moment on her tiptoes. leaving just the tips of the dildoes in her holes. She
saw Roy go sit down, she was letting the dildoes work up inside her holes.
She sat down quickly taking them up her holes to the max. She stood up
quickly but she realized she would only be able to sit when they were both
inside her, and Roy didn't look to be getting up anytime soon. She was going
to be here for some time. Finally as she tired she decided to bit the bullet
and just sat on the dildoes. An orgasm ripped through her body as she took
them inside of her pussy and ass. "YES," she spoke as she came.

"Not so bad, is it Helen?" Roy commented, he went and stood next to her. He
pulled over a footstool. When he stood on it his cock was in Helen's face.
"Time to fill up that last hole Helen." He pushed his prick into her face. He
grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face, as he felt his
prick hit the back of her throat he started to cum, he pulled out and a big
spurt of cum hit her in the face. "Nice Helen," he sat back down leaving
Helen on the chair.

He left her sitting in the chair for over an hour. Occasionally he'd go over
and rub her body. At one point he took another dildo out of his bag and stuck
it in her mouth, he had her sit there with the three dildos in her. Finally
he became bored watching her and decided to get in the action, he went back
into his bag and pulled out some padded handcuffs. "I'd like you to be
completely in my power now Helen."

"I thought we agreed, no S&M Roy?" Helen responded after removing the dildo
from her mouth.

"Its just a pair of cuffs Helen. I want to use you , take you any way I want.
I promise no rough stuff, okay, or you can stay on that chair for the night
while I watch."

"Alright, no problem."

Helen stood and Roy pulled the dildos out of her holes. He made her lie on
the floor and cuffed her hands behind her back. It didn't hurt but she was
completely in Roy's control now. Roy moved Helen onto her hands and knees,
putting a pillow under her head. He then opened her ass cheeks, she moaned as
he put the tip of his prick into her ass. He forced his prick deeper into her
ass, he grabbed Helen's hips and started to fuck her ass. She moaned as he
reamed out her ass.

"God Helen," he pushed his cock into her ass.

Finally his cock was all the way into her ass. Helen couldn't believe that
Roy was all the way up her ass. She could feel his balls banging against her
backside as he pounded her ass. "OHH YESSS Roy," she screamed. "Cum in my ass
yes," She called.

As soon as she said it Roy started to spurt up her ass. She collapsed as he
started to withdraw. He rolled Helen over, as he looked at her body spread
before him her hands behind her back totally helpless before him, his prick
started to harden. He laughed as Helen saw his prick growing hard she had
opened her legs. He moved into position and started to fuck her pussy. As he
did he started getting harder and harder. He then pulled out and moved over
to where his cock was hanging over her face.

"I think I'm just about ready for a little of you're mouth action." He held
his prick just over her head forcing Helen to struggle up to reach it. He
enjoyed the sight of her struggling up just to get a lick or two on his cock.
"Very good Helen." He took his prick and rubbed it all over her face. When
she started to take it in her mouth he pulled out and wrapped her on the
cheek with his hard prick. "Not until I say," Roy commanded. "Alright now,"
he allowed her to roll over.

He pushed his prick into her face as he played with her tits. She did
something amazing with her tongue and he came down her throat again. After
that he uncuffed her and they both went to bed he had her a couple of times
during the night.

In the morning, he gave her a quick fuck over the kitchen table. As he left
for the day, he told Helen her weekend duty was over and she had taken two
thousand off of her debt. Helen got back to the airport and met with Antonio,
who was watching her lunch counter. When they split the weekend take she was
surprised he had made twice what she usually did. She made as much money with
him running it and splitting the take as she did alone. She didn't know how
she would come up with eighteen thousand dollars before next month.

When Jack called for the money she told him she had it. He was quite
disappointed he had four guys lined up for her. He said that now they would
each pay one thousand dollars for one night with her. She needed the money
but she just couldn't do it. She had actually rather enjoyed her weekend with
Roy, it would have to be a better offer then four strangers screwing her.


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