An original story - Not an original idea - A rip-off of the NBC series. It
may be collected or distributed freely. The story may be posted freely as
long as it is in the proper area of a system that accepts such postings. The
story is in three segments (which I have tried to make roughly equal in
length) and a closing.

All characters are fictional* and not intended to implicate any persons
living or dead, nor to indicate the actual actors who play them (although I
have thought highly of Crystal Bernard for almost 15 years and Farrah Forke
has captured my attention as well).

Joe and Brian Hackett - Operators of Sandpiper Airlines
Roy Biggins - Counter operations for Aeromass
Faye Cochoran - Counter operations for Sandpiper Airlines
Lowell Mather - Mechanic for Sandpiper Airlines
Antonio Scarpacci - Taxi driver
Alex Lambert - Sassy helicopter pilot
Helen Hacket - Waitress at the air terminal grill, married to Joe
Casey Chappell - Helen's divorced sister. Half crazy (Helen is the other

Wings: Pistoning Engines (mm/f,m/f,f/f)
by [email protected]

"Oh, man! Will you look at that?" giggled Joe.

"Those are great tits! Look at her lick that other girl's pussy!" Brian

The Hackett brothers were in their office at Sandpiper Air, watching a
lesbian video. They had the doors locked and the lights were out. No one knew
they were in there. After about 20 minutes of the video they had their cocks
out and were pumping them.

"I wish Helen was in here," Joe said.

"Yeah. I could go for a tumble with Alex, too," said Brian.

The room was silent except for their breathing, the slick slapping of their
hands on their seven-inch cocks, and the moaning coming from the television.
They had timed their day so they could watch the video during a lull in
flights from the hub at Boston. There wouldn't be any scheduled flights
coming in for at least 45 minutes.

"Ooooh yeah! Lick me baby! Lick me!" a woman moaned.

Veteran porn actress Sharon Mitchell had her knees pulled up to her breasts
and was moaning as a young blonde girl fingered her wet hole. It looked like
a teacher/cheerleader encounter. The girl's ass was wiggling in the air and
her hot pussy was pulsing as she got hornier. Then she leaned over further to
lick the older woman's pussy. The girl had come into the classroom to get
some homework. After a few peeks up Sharon Mitchell's short skirt, the
cheerleader had started putting the move on her teacher and they were going
at it on the desk. The camera zoomed in on the blonde cheerleader's pussy and

"Man, wouldn't you like to pump it into that hole?" hissed Brian as his hand
flew up and down his cock.

"Yeah. Oh yeah. Either hole looks good," Joe said, equally busy.

Suddenly they stopped pumping. Someone was putting a key in the lock! The
door opened a crack. Brian grabbed the remote and hit the power on the VCR
and TV. They couldn't see the face, but they could tell it was a female form.
They could see a glimmer of light against the long blonde hair as the body
slipped into the room. They just loved Helen's long blonde hair.

"Come over here, boys," a voice whispered huskily.

They could feel clothes being thrown at them. Brian got hit with a bra and
Joe got hit with panties. Quickly they both stripped and headed for the
center of the room. The naked female grasped them by their cocks and began
pumping them, gradually lowering them to the floor. Joe lay down on his back.
He had brought the clothes with him, so he spread them out on the floor. He
lay on them and felt the hot female mouth engulf his cock. The long hair
swirled around his thighs as the slick tongue worked on his throbbing boner.

"Ahh, yeah. Oh, Helen. That is so great! Mmmmmm, feels sooo nice!" Joe

Then he felt the lithe body move around and lower her pussy onto his cock. It
felt like a silk glove. Dimly he could see his brother kneeling over his
head, pushing his cock into the hot mouth which had just sucked him a minute
before. After a few seconds, Brian pulled out of her mouth and went over to
the desk. He got the bottle of lotion that they had been using to jack their
cocks. Moving between his brother's knees, he pumped a bit onto her butthole,
then squirted some onto his hand, lubing up his cock. He pushed up against
the tight hole. There was a bit of resistance, but after the head slipped in,
she grunted and wheezed. He pushed all the way in and began thrusting back
and forth.

"Hhnnnnnnnnnggggggg!" she moaned in ecstacy.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby! Fuck me hard!" Joe whispered into her ear.

"Such a tight ass, baby! I love fucking your ass!" Brian said, slapping her

"Oh, man! I'm gonna cum pretty quick! She's doing something with her pussy
that's gonna bring me off!" Joe said in a stuttering voice, edged with his
hard breathing.

"Yeah. Her butthole is doing the same thing," Brian replied.

She said nothing but kept thrusting her hips, squeezing and releasing her
muscles in order to milk the hot juice from the two cocks. She had never been
double-fucked before, and it was wonderful!

"Awwwwww, yeah! I'm cumming baby! I'm cumming!"

Joe grabbed for her and hugged her close, kissing her as his cock twitched
and unloaded what seemed like a gallon of hot cum. Brian was right behind
him, squirting and squirting up her tight butt. They lay together for a few
minutes, breathing and panting.

After a few minutes, Brian got up and stumbled over to the desk. He reached
to turn on the desk lamp and heard a yelp. Before she could do anything, the
light came on.

"Faye? What are you doing?!!!"

Faye was laying back on the floor, her legs spread. Cum was dribbling out of
her pussy and butthole. She pulled off the wig and grinned.

"Welllll. . . I saw your office light go off and I knew what you were doing.
I found your video stash the other day and suspected you'd do something like
jacking off while you watched them. It didn't take long to put two and two
together and come up with an answer I liked. All I had to do was get a wig
and put it on. I banked on the fact that you'd both be too worked up to
notice I wasn't really Helen," she said, rambling along, idly fingering her
pussy and licking her fingers clean of cum and pussy juice and occasionally
leaning over to lick the two cocks clean.

"Yeah. I shoulda figured when I got it up your ass. Helen would never go for
that. I'm surprised she will even touch a guy's cock. But I know better.
She's pretty wild, but she like to put on an act like she is a good girl,"
Brian said.

"Well, if Faye is here. . .where's Helen?" asked Joe.

"I don't know," Brian and Faye answered together.


"Oh, yeah. That's nice. Shake it baby, shake it."

Roy Biggins was sitting naked in his living room, scarfing down a big bucket
of buttered popcorn, potato chips with dip, Milk Duds, M&Ms, ice cream, and
about anything else that was edible. Crumbs were dripping onto his large
naked belly and he used his occasionally free hand to pump his nine-inch cock
while Helen danced in front of him. By this time she was naked except for a
teeny g-string which barely covered her pubic hair. Her tits were jiggling
and she cupped them in her hands, pulling and lifting them up to pinch her

"Mmmmm, Roy! I can't believe I'm doing this! I don't know what could have
possessed me to do it. I really can't believe the size of your cock either!
Man, that looks so tasty! I can't wait to dive on it and have it between my
legs!" Helen said, her eyes wide.

Helen's mind was spinning. What was she doing? She was engaged to be married.
More than that, she was a nice girl, not a slut. Well, she liked sex. She
fingered her pussy every night at least twice. Okay, so sometimes she used a
vibrator. Sometimes two -- one in her butt. But she was really a good girl.
Her eyes were locked on Roy's huge cock. She couldn't believe the size of the
thing! It was like the end of a baseball bat. Maybe not as big around, but

She stripped off the g-string and danced over in front of Roy, pulling her
pussy lips open and showing the hot, wet pink. Roy couldn't tell if she was a
real blonde because there was no hair. Helen was meticulous about shaving her
pussy. She had heard other girls say they shaved because they wore bikinis or
their boyfriends or husbands thought it looked like a young girl's pussy.
Helen didn't know why she shaved. She just like touching her pussy. She
dipped a couple of fingers inside and brought them up to her mouth where she
licked them clean.

She knelt down between Roy's knees and wrapped her hand around his cock. It
was so big that even using two hands failed to cover it all. She began
squeezing and pumping, watching it turn purple and bright red. The head was
throbbing and pulsing. She leaned over and licked it, swirling her tongue
around the head.

"Oooooh! I can't wait to get this baby inside me. Roy Biggins, if I had known
you carried this hunk of meat between your legs, you could have had me behind
the counter every day," Helen said as she jacked his cock.

"Go for it, Chappell. Do it. I know what you want and you know what you want.
Go for it!"

Helen lowered her mouth, engulfing about six inches before she felt she
couldn't take any more. She created a vacuum with her mouth that drew a
surprised, pleased gasp from the huge fuckstick's owner. Watching all those
blowjob movies really paid off, she realized. There wasn't much action on
Nantucket Island, so adult movies and videos were really popular. Helen
suddenly pulled off his cock and began laughing.

"What's so funny?" Roy demanded.

"I was just thinking how good this cock is, and it reminded me of the old
poem -- there once was a man from Nantucket."

She shrieked with laughter as she jacked his cock, and he laughed along with
her. After a minute he put the tub of popcorn on the end table and held out
his hand. She took it and he led her to the center of the room. He lay down
and she squatted over him, lowering her dripping snatch onto the nine inch
hunk of pleasure. She wailed as she felt the thing invade her cunt, causing
ripples of orgasm as it stretched her.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh."

Her gasps came in staccato-like bursts as she slid down in short bounces. She
wanted the cock inside her the whole time, not sliding in and out. When she
was on top of a man, she liked to hold fairly still and finger her clit.
After about 10 minutes she pulled off and lay on her back.

"Fuck me, Roy. Fuck me with that big hard cock!"

Roy knelt between her thighs and lifted her ass so he could easily slide
inside her. He grunted as his huge fuck stick pushed into the blonde's tight
shaved pussy. She was almost on her shoulders and grunted like a pig as he
fucked her along the floor. She had layed down on some silk underwear, and it
was sliding along the wood floor, making fucking a bit difficult.

"Just a minute, Roy. Oh, ahh. Oh, just a minute! Stop for just one second,

He pulled out and Helen flipped around to her hands and knees. She reached
between her legs and spread open her pussy lips. Roy grinned and walked
forward on his knees until he was between her legs. He pushed his cock in her
once again. She growled in pleasure, then gasped as he began his in and out
movement. She was having an orgasm on almost every stroke. The ridge around
the head of his cock was thick and rubbed against her throbbing clit on every
thrust. It almost made the top of her head come off. She whipped her head
around and moaned.

After a few minutes, Roy began pumping faster and faster. Helen was relieved.
She didn't know how much longer she could take the sensation of the huge cock
making her cum and cum and cum.

"YEAHHH!" she shrieked.

Roy reached around and put his hand over her mouth as he drilled in to the
limit of his nine inches. She was moaning into his hand and he could feel the
blonde's shaved pussy spasming around his cock as he dumped his cum into her.
It felt like she was milking a gallon of hot juice from his balls.

Helen collapsed on the floor, panting, her tits heaving as her chest rose and
fell. She had pinched her nipples almost to the point of rawness as she was
getting fucked. A Hackett cock had never done her that good!

"Oh, Roy, that was nice," she said as she and Roy leaned against the couch,
cuddling in each other's arms.

His cock was still fairly stiff. She reached between his legs and began
pumping it up and down, milking out the last drops of the salty goo, leaning
over and lapping it up with her tongue. Every few licks she would wrap her
lips around the head and make a sharp suck on just the sensitive, tender
head. It sent chills through his body.

"Yeah, that's it. Oh, Chappell! You're not fooling anyone you know! You put
on that aloof act, that crazy act, but you're really just as hot and horny as
any girl. Except for your crazy sister. I didn't see her today. I wonder
where she is?"

"Mmmmmmm. I don't know. Right now, I don't care. I feel so good, I don't want
to know anything."


"There it is. Hideaway Beach," Alex said.

She piloted the helicopter deftly through the narrow area and down onto the
sandy beach. Her expert eyes found a level spot that was sturdy enough to
support the bird's weight, then she killed the engines and began shutting
down the systems.

"Thanks for flying me out here," Casey said. "I've heard rumors about this
place and wanted to explore the rocks and diving pools."

"Well, it's almost impossible to get here by land. You can boat in, but you
stand a better than even chance of wrecking your boat on the rocks. The best
way in is by helicopter," Alex replied.

Casey helped Alex unload the food and diving supplies. They set up a small
tent. They were going to be there until the following afternoon. Casey wanted
to do a bit of diving and looking around. Alex had a diving license as well.
She decided to stay in order to give Casey a "diving buddy" and to get her
out of there in case the weather turned bad. There was not much chance of
that according to the weather bureau. The tent was quickly set up and the
supplies stored.

"I'm going for a dive," Casey said.

She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. Crossing her arms, she pulled
off her t-shirt and unsnapped her bra. Peeling her panties down to her
ankles, she stepped out of them and left her naked body completely visible to
Alex's open-mouthed stare. She pulled on her bikini.

"Oh, sorry," Casey said. "I hope I didn't embarass you. I just figured that
since I'm a girl and you're a girl that I could change without it bothering

"Oh, no bother at all," Alex said.

Taking a cue from Casey, Alex stripped and stood naked for a moment while
arranging her bikini, which she then slipped on. She finally adjusted the
top around her tits and picked up her scuba gear. Casey had already put hers
on and was heading for the water. They dived and spent close to an hour
exploring rock formations. They even found a couple of chests that were
rumored to be there. One was empty and had been long since broken open by
wave action. The other was fairly well hidden by some rocks. They couldn't
open it and had to wait. It was getting dark and their air was running out.
They'd have to refill from the compressor in the chopper and try again in the

Alex had grabbed a couple of lobsters on the way back and they were just
about done. The potatoes were tender and the herbs boiling in the pot smelled

"C'mon. While this finishes, we've got to do something about all that salt
water," Casey said.

The girls went over to a nearby waterfall. Casey was naked, but Alex was
wearing bikini bottoms, which she removed before getting in the water. They
rinsed the salty water out of their hair and off their skin. The water was
just a bit chilly, and Alex blushed when she realized she was staring at
Casey's hard nipples, especially when their eyes met. Then she realized her
own nipples were hard, at least half an inch long, and that Casey was
staring, too. They took one last dunk under the plunging water, sputtered,
and hurried back to their fire to warm up. It wasn't a particularly cold
evening, but the fire felt nice. They ate dinner and sat by the fire,
watching it crackle.

"Mmmmm, that was pretty tasty, even for just a campfire meal," Casey said.

Alex agreed.

"Yeah, it's surprising what you can do out in the open. Most people think you
need a kitchen for things like this. But we're not finished yet. I have a

Alex walked over to the helicopter and rummaged around in the cargo area. She
came back with a cannister of some kind. Taking the lid off, she produced a
bottle of champagne.

"Taa daaaa!" she said. "To celebrate your new-found freedom and liberation!"

"You mean my separation?" Casey asked.

"Well. . .yes. Sorry," said Alex.

"Oh, no need to apologize. It's just one of those things. Sure I miss him.
But I'll get over it. Let's drink that champagne!"

As they drank the champagne, they giggled about the Hackett brothers and life
at the airport. Alex felt a breeze and shuddered. She started to pull on a
long-sleeve light shirt but her skin was tender from the sun and salt water
and she made a half-silent ouchie sound.

"Do you have any lotion?" Casey asked.

Alex practically broke her neck getting over to the helicopter and digging
the lotion out of the cargo container. She went back over to the fire and
stretched out a big towel in front of the tent. The tent blocked most of the
breeze and reflected the warmth of the fire back onto them.

"This will help a lot," Casey said.

Casey looked down at Alex's naked body lying face down on the towel. She
knelt down, one leg on each side of Alex's hips, almost sitting on her tight
ass. She squirted some lotion in her hand and began rubbing it on the bare
shoulders. Alex babbled something incoherent and gave a sigh of pleasure.

"I can't believe how turned on I am getting," thought Casey. "I haven't been
with another girl since college. I forgot how nice it is."

She rubbed her hands up and down Alex's back, pushing her thumbs into the
soft skin, easing the tension in the muscles. Alex groaned with delight. She
was mumbling words that were inaudible or garbled. The massage felt good.
Casey could feel her own pussy start to moisten. She didn't know if Alex
would be agreeable to fucking another girl, so she had to proceed carefully
and maybe even let Alex make the first move. Of course, she would have to
maneuver the situation so Alex wouldn't have any choice but to make the first
move. But what if Alex wasn't interested? What if she had never fucked
another girl? Casey's paranoid schizophrenic neurotic tendencies surfaced
again. She was afraid of another rejection. The few times in college were
with girls who had been dumped by their boyfriends and needed some tender
loving. Her pussy was sopping by now, and she began slowly moving her hips,
rubbing her hot hole on Alex's smooth ass. Her clit brushed against Alex's
ass, sending ripples of excitement through her pussy. She had no idea that
Alex's pussy was just as wet.

"Yeah, just a bit more on my shoulders," Alex murmurred.

She knew what Casey was doing. She decided to act.

"I know what you're up to," Alex said.

"Huh?" replied the startled Casey.

Alex rolled onto her back with Casey still straddling her. Now they were
pussy to pussy.

"I know you're trying to get off. You haven't had a man in such a long time
and you don't know where to start. I do know where to start. I haven't been
with another girl in a long time, but I think we can help each other. Come
down here to me."

Casey sighed as she settled into the embracing arms of the sexy pilot. Alex
kissed her deeply. Their hands ran over each other's body, feeling breasts
and thighs. Casey spoke after taking a couple of deep breaths. They were
nose-to-nose, eye to eye. They gave each other teeny kisses. Finally Casey

"Oh, baby. This is so nice. I can't take the foreplay right now. It has been
too long since I've had an orgasm by something other than my own fingers.
Let's just get right to the intense stuff for now and do the rest later."

"Okay, honey," Alex replied.

Casey raised up and moved around so that she was facing down over Alex's
pussy. Blind with lust, she dove between the open thighs and began licking
and sucking. She could feel Alex's tongue wrapping around her clit and let
out a whimper.

"Mmmm, you're pretty tasty," Alex said.

At least as tasty as your sister, she thought. Alex and Helen had been
together once. They had been very, very, very, very drunk and barely realized
what they were doing. They barely remembered it the next morning and never
mentioned it again. So she hadn't lied when she said it had been a long time
since she had been with another girl. The time with Helen was a drunken
encounter, not a real lovemaking session. Alex did remember that Helen shaved
her pussy, and that's why she started doing it herself.

"Your shaved pussy looks so neat," squealed Casey. "How did you think of
doing it? My husband wanted me to shave, but I never did. It makes you look
so sexy. I can see everything, too."

Now it was Casey's turn to wrap her tongue around Alex's clit. She put it
between her lips and pulled. Alex had an immediate orgasm and dove into
Casey's pussy. Their tongues and fingers were flying, bringing intense
pleasure to each other's body.

"Ohh, yeah! Oh, I'm gonna cum," panted Alex.

"Me too, baby. Me too," squealed Casey.

They grunted and panted and moaned and whimpered as they pumped themselves to
a final orgasm. Alex tensed as her orgasm washed over her and seconds later
Casey's body stiffened as her own cum hit her. They relaxed and Casey moved
around, crawling up into Alex's arms, kissing her face and neck and ears and

"Mmmm, baby, sweetheart, darling. That was nice, so nice," Casey said in a

Alex grinned widely. She was glad to see that Casey wasn't embarassed about
what had just happened. She stroked Casey's hair.

"Yeah," she whispered back. "Let's do it again sometime."


"Antonio, I'm going to introduce you to my ex-wife, Bunny," said Lowell.
"It's about time you did just a liiiiiiiiittle bit of Dicky Dunkin."

"Oh, bless-a you. It is-a so kind of you to-a fix me up with-a you wife,"
replied Antonio.

"There's just one thing. She's not the kind of girl who likes to take things
slowly. When you take her to dinner, you'll be lucky to get through the salad
before 'There's Bunny, spread on the table for everyone and his brother to
fuck'," said Lowell, a touch of irony and sarcasm in his voice. "I might as
well announce it over the terminal PA: 'Attention passengers. Bunny is now

"Oh, thank you. Thank you, Lowell. I won't forget this. And if there's
anything I can ever do -- anything at all -- you just-a name it."

Lowell thought for a minute. Gloves from Antonio's uncle? A new houseboat to
replace the one sunk by Hackett? Maybe the biggest favor Antonio could do was
to take Bunny off his hands.

"Think nothing of it, my good friend," Lowell said with a smile. "It's a
pleasure to help a friend."

Lowell could barely suppress a snicker as he went through the door into the
hangar. He whistled an engine maintenance tune as he pulled out a wrench,
wiped it, and began engine maintenance. It was a nice tune, the kind you
would whistle if you were doing engine maintenance and had a lucky hat. He
was sure that even Antonio could score with Bunny, but wouldn't be surprised
if they were married by this time tomorrow.

Sure enough, the next morning Antonio swaggered into the terminal with a huge
grin on his face. Gone was any trace of his accent, and he greeted everyone
with a sort of "Big Boy Radio Announcer" voice.

"Hey there, groovy guys and groovy gals," he said, sitting on a stool at the
counter and spinning once with a flourish.

The Hacketts were sitting at one end of the counter while Alex and Casey were
sitting at the other end. They had arrived earlier and were drinking coffee,
freshly made by Helen (who was still crushed that she was serving coffee
instead of playing cello in a symphony orchestra). They kept winking at each
other and smiling when they thought no one was watching. Helen thought she
caught them once. Alex and Casey? Nah, she thought.

"Life is beautiful," Antonio said, letting the coffee steam waft into his
nostrils and inhaling deeply.

"What has gotten into you, Scarpacci?" asked Roy. "I hope not the same thing
that got into Helen."

Helen gulped and shot Roy a warning glance.

"Ohhhh, I think we can be pretty sure it's nothing like that," she said,
grasping Antonio's hand and patting it.

"Believe me, Helen, you wouldn't understand. I met the greatest woman in the
world. We spent the entire night making beautiful passionate love. None of
you would understand," Antonio said, gazing off into the distance, a
visionary gleam clouding his vision.

The Hackett brothers furiously avoided eye contact with Faye, and Helen gave
a sharp shake of her head when Roy winked at her. Casey reached under the
counter and ran her hand up under the short skirt Alex was wearing. Alex
spread her legs slightly and Casey's eyes widened when she realized that Alex
wasn't wearing panties. Alex's pussy twitched and she smiled at Casey as the
finger ran up and down the slick slit and then slipped in her pussy hole.
They would have to find a quiet waiting room, and they excused themselves at
different times so it wouldn't look obvious. Helen realized that she would
need Roy's huge cock at least twice before noon, and both Joe and Brian
wanted to get Faye on the floor again.

They all realized that Antonio didn't have the slightest clue as to what had
happened, and each of them vowed to keep their little secrets safe.

"You are so right, Antonio. Love is a wonderful thing," said Helen as she
refilled his coffee cup.

<*** The End ***>

* Sharon Mitchell is not fictional. She is a real porn "actress" and has no
doubt appeared in many, many scenes such as described.


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