This story is in no way intended to imply anything about the sexually
orientation of Denise (Kelly Van Ryan) Richards and Neve (Suzy Toller)
Campbell. Any teenage boy who has seen Wild Things wished this scene
was in the movie, fortunate, they're wish is about to come true. This
is what you waited for, now enjoy!

Wild Things - The Unseen Scene
by Jordan Brown ([email protected])

The night after the hot menage-a-trois with Sam Lambardo, Detective Ducate
got Suzy worried about her financial future in the big plan. She rushed
over to the Van Ryan property, and found Kelly outside her pool house. In a
panic, Suzy started making wild accusations about her being cut loose from
the deal. She and Kelly was reassured by Sam over the phone.

"I can't believe you called Sam! What's the matter with you?" exclaimed

"I'm scared, that's what, I'm scared there's no one I can trust." replied

"You can trust me," argued Kelly.

The phone then rang, temporarily ending their argument. Kelly walked over
to answer the phone. Little did they know that Detective Ducate was watching
from the bushes, with camcorder in hand.

"Hello?" Kelly said.

"Kelly? Is Suzy there?" asked Sam.

"Yeah." Sighed Kelly.

"Christ, I was afraid of that." Sam muttered. "She left this insane
message on my machine. Between whatever she's been smoking out there and
this fucking cop Ducate, she's gonna blow it. Calm the bitch down."

"Why can't you come? Please. Sam, I miss you so much," said Kelly longingly.

Suzy wandered in the back with hatred in her eyes.

"I miss you too Kelly," replied Sam softly, "But I can't right now. So we got
to stick to the plan, OK? If she can't get a fucking grip."

"Then what?" asked Kelly.

"You know what, I'll handle it. But I need you Kelly, I need you to be there
for me tonight. OK? Good, that's my girl. You're the strong one, you know
that? Now get Suzy, put her on the line, I need you both to hear this."

With that, Kelly called over Suzy, with Ducate still watching from across
the pool. "Sam?" asked Suzy.

"Yeah. We got to stay calm, all of us. Now since the settlement, people
think I'm rich, so I'm out there spending money, doing what rich guys do.
Now this cop Ducate is going to try to fuck with you, don't let him."

"Yeah, that's easy for you to say," chirped Suzy.

"Suzy," interrupted Sam, "Don't fall apart. The only people who can fuck this
up, is us." Sam left the girls with that advice, and hung up.

Kelly hung up the phone and started to walk away, Suzy watched her and said,
"You... you are gonna fuck me over, aren't you?"

"Oh for Christ sake!" snorted Kelly.

"You are!!"

"Are you retarded?" accused Kelly, "or are you just brain dead from whiffing
fumes out there in the swamp?"

"That's what I am to you isn't it? Swamp trash, just like my mom." Kelly
placed a hand on Suzy's shoulder, "Don't!" and with that came a slap across
Kelly's face. Kelly returned the favor. Then grabbed her hair and put Suzy's
head under water with the remark. "You stupid cunt!!" She pulled her up,
another slap across the face, and under Suzy went again. Suzy almost drown,
but was able to break free. Suzy pulled Kelly across the pool and eventually
cam to rest on the steps. Kelly stopped her attack when she realized Suzy was

"You're really scared, aren't you?" asked Kelly. Suzy was still sobbing,
she nodded and placed a hand on Kelly's face softly. Kelly waited a second,
then took one of Suzy's fingers into her mouth. Then Suzy's head was pulled
out of the water to kiss her full on the lips. They tongue wrestled for a
few seconds, then stood up to move around more freely. Ducate was watching
through his view finder with disbelief. Suzy and Kelly continued to kiss and
move around the pool. Suzy broke the kiss and stared deep into Kelly's eyes,
as if making sure this was what she wanted. With no signs to stop, Suzy
reached in behind Kelly and undid the back of the blue bathing suit top Kelly
was wearing.

With her large gorgeous breasts exposed, Kelly pulled off Suzy's top,
revealing her smaller yet still sexy tits. Ducate was still watching through
his cam corder, but he was forced to leave when he heard someone approaching.
"Fuck! I hope I have enough to nails these whores." Cursed Ducate. He quietly
snuck away just as subtly as he entered.

With both girls now extremely turned on, Suzy was on top of Kelly as they
were laying on the steps into the pool, Suzy was sucking on one of Kelly's
nipples while her hand was fondling her other tit, pulling on the nipple to
make it rock hard. Kelly threw her head back, panting as Suzy's tongue was
send electric sparks through her whole body.

"Oh god! You are so... oh! Yes! Where did you learn that? Oh!" Kelly was
having trouble getting a whole sentence out.

Suzy switched breasts and started working similar magic on the other. Kelly
head was thrashing from side to side, moaning louder and more frequently.
Kelly's pleasure was rising, she was getting very hot. Suzy reached inside
Kelly's legs and pulled down her panty piece of her swimsuit, and started
tracing the outline of her hot spot. Kelly's was enjoying Suzy's actions
tremendously. First Suzy started lightly rubbing her pussy, then started
stroking Kelly faster and faster until she was going as fast as she could.

Kelly soon climaxed in a quick but strong orgasm. Suzy let go of the hold
her mouth had on Kelly's tits. Kelly took this opportunity to take charge.
Kelly grabbed her pelvis area and pushed her up until her pussy was just
above her face. She started slowing licking at her clit, causing girl-cum
to start to flow out. Suzy started to grind her pussy into Kelly's face.
Kelly picked up the pace and struck one finger in along side her tongue and
started a sucking/fucking motion.

Suzy head was swimming, she had never been this hot. She was now bucking
down to meet each thrust. As she approached the brink, Kelly removed her
finger and held on to Suzy's hips, preventing her from grinding her hips.
She slowed down her licking to drive her crazy with lust. Suzy began the
beg to come and tried to buck down on Kelly, but Kelly held on tight, not
letting her move,

"Please... Kelly... fuck me!! Oh god! Please! I'll do anything... please...
I'm gonna... of god!! Please!" Kelly held her on the brink for what must
have seemed like an eternity for Suzy.

Finally Kelly decided to end the torture, she pulled Suzy's pussy down on
her face and sucked hard on her on her clit, sending Suzy instantly over the
edge. Suzy let out a glass shattering scream as her whole body convulsed in
the water. Fortunately the neighbors and the Van Ryan house were far enough
away so that they're orgasmic screams wouldn't be heard. Suzy collapsed on
top of Kelly, completely exhausted from her pleasures.

Once Suzy's strength returned to her, she rolled off Kelly, still panting,
she turned to Kelly, with desire in her eyes, "That was like nothing I've
ever experienced before,"

"I know," said Kelly with a sly smile.

"Now it's my turn," replied Suzy. With that, she pulled Kelly out of the
water and laid her down on the patio, spread her legs as wide as she could
and put her face down in between her thighs. She began to slide one finger
in and out of her love hole and a medium pace, then added a second finger
and increases her tempo. Kelly began to moan and started to run her hands
all over her body. She caress her tits, played with her nipples, ran her
fingers through her hair then settled back on her monster globes. She mauled
them and Suzy added a third finger to the group and fucked her even faster.
Kelly was in heaven, Suzy was working her G-spot while she was squeezing her
tits, trying to hold as much of them as possible in one hand. Suzy was now
fucking Kelly as hard as she could, she even added a fourth finger to the
others. Kelly was screaming now as she was getting closer to orgasm.

"God Suz...don't - ever - stop!!!!" Kelly couldn't believe how turned on she
was be girl-girl sex, but she like it.

Kelly was white hot now as she writhed back and fourth, she tossed her head
from side to side as the tempo of Suzy's thrusts eventually reached they're
inevitable conclusion. Kelly stop breathing for a second as she pinched her
nipples and pulled on them as hard as she could. Her back arched and she let
an ear splitting scream as the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced
rippled through her body. Wave after wave of pleasure radiated from her
pussy, from head to toe, she trembled as one wave after another shook her.

Suzy felt the contractions of Kelly's pussy on her fingers, she continued
to fuck Kelly to the point where she lapsed right from one powerful orgasm,
right into another even stronger. This was too much for Kelly, all her
senses shut down as she blacked out. Suzy leaned up as she watched a pool of
girl-cum had formed between Kelly's legs. Suzy picked up her fuller-breasted
lover from the patio and placed her in the small wading area in the pool. It
was two minutes before Kelly was even able to speak again.

"Oh my god! How did you do that?" asked Kelly in disbelief.

"David did that on me once, I thought you might like that."

"I love you," said Suzy.

"I know," replied Kelly.

"You have to show me that again."

"I will, don't worry," said Suzy as she placed a kiss on her forehead.

"For now, let's just go inside."

With that, they retreated to Kelly's pool house. Suzy thought they were going
to rest, but Kelly had other plans in mind.

The End?


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