This is a fictional story about a fictional t.v. programme so don't take it
too seriously.

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Wild House: Wild Times At The Wild House (m/f,best)
by The Flying Anvil

Natalie Wild was depressed her boyfriend had just left her and nobody was at
home to talk to about it. She was not unattractive girl. She was 16 but she
was very developed for her age with good sized breasts and a tight little
arse. Not only was she depressed but she was so horny she had not had a dick
in her for two weeks. She sat in her kitchen and with out really thinking
about it began to massage her breasts through her thin cotton top she had
not put a bra on this morning as she was not going out that day. Her nipples
had become hard and they had become very visible through her white top. She
was getting very wet and could not help but let her hand drift down under
her tight black trousers and her damp white panties. She slowly began to
stroke the edge of her pink lips with her hand and began to get even hotter.
She could not help herself she pulled down her trousers and tight white

She took the pants and sniffed her own juices. Even if she did say it
herself she smelt great, a lovely musky sweet scent. She was not surprised
her younger brother Arthur sometimes stole her dirty pants from the wash
to smell whilst he masturbated. Arthur was very devious and took every
opportunity to spy on her. One time he had set up a small camera in her
bedroom so he could watch her getting undressed in the morning. She never
told him she knew but instead started to play up to the camera like openly
masturbating in front of it and stripping to music when getting changed.
Her ex-boyfriend when he found out about it put a stop to it threatening to
beat him up if he did not take it out. This was part of the reason they
split up when he did not understand why she felt so horny with the thought
of her squirt of a brother watching her.

She started to plunge her fingers in and out of her under used pussy. Her
pussy hair was a work of art. She had shaved her pubes into a V shape which
pointed down to her tight lips. She moved her fingers in a circular motion
and her fingers were covered in her own juices. She took her hands from her
pussy and began to rub her damp hands over her thin t-shirt making it even
more see thru. With nothing touching her she was shocked to feel some
movement around her cunt she looked down to see the family dog Jasper was
licking at her wet hole. She was about to kick the dog to get him away but
it felt so good her heart told her let it lick her for a little longer.

After 5 minuets she had cum 3 times (god dam it this dog was good). She
looked down at her canine partner with a smile she notice what a large
knob with all the pleasure Jasper had given her he deserved a little loving
himself. She got down on to the cold hard kitchen floor which made her
shiver a bit. She took hold of Jasper hard long dick and began to jerk it
up and down. It was so much bigger than Dangerous Dave her ex-boyfriend and
it felt warm in her hand.

With out warning she shoved Jasper dick into her lush lips and began to such
her dog off. It tasted a lot more piss than she had expected. But this was
advantage to her as she had taken more than one golden shower from Dave and
it really turned her on. So much so she became even more horny than she had
ever felt before. She needed a dick inside her, any dick. Jasper's was
perfect. She got on all fours in a doggy style position and waited for the
family dog to mount her. With in seconds Jasper had began to mount her.

But to her surprise instead of going into her wet cunt he went into her
virgin arse. It was so big, too big for her tight butt. She began to scream
as she was entered by the big dog. She was in so much pain she defiantly did
not like anal. She could not get him out of her rectum. Within the longest
two minuets she had ever had.

She heard the front door open. She was relieved as she would get some help
yet embarrassed because of the situation she was caught in. She hoped it was
her cousin as she would not tell anyone after all she did not tell anyone
when her cousin tried to come on to her.

She was not that lucky it was her brother Arthur. He stood shocked in the
doorway of the kitchen. His fine sister, Natalie was in the kitchen having
anal sex with his dog. This was beyond any of the things he saw on his
camera. This was a chance of a lifetime. Natalie was screaming for some help.
But Arthur took a biscuit out of the jar and asked casually, “What are you
going to do for me?”

Nat screamed, "Anything! Just get this horrible dog out of my arse."

This was all Arthur needed to hear. He got a bone out of a cupboard and
tempted Jasper out of his sister's arse. Nat ran off to the bathroom and
locked the door she jumped into the shower to wash all the dog jizz from
her arse. She ripped off her wet shirt to reveal her pert breast. She
cleaned every nook and cranny of her young athletic body. Even when she
finished she still felt dirty. She wrapped a white towel around her and
walked out in to the hallway and into her bedroom where Arthur was waiting
to cut a deal with her.

Arthur said that he had always been watching her as she already knew. But
there was one thing he had always dreamed of. He always wanted to lose his
virginity to her. Nat never wanted to have sex with her wart of a brother
even though she had enjoy knowing he was watching her. But she was in no
position to argue. She agreed after all the wart could not be as big as
Jasper and if she could take that up her arse she could take anything. He
told her to get into her school uniform (he always liked that look) and he
would be back when she had changed.

Arthur returned after 5 minuets in just a pair of y fronts. Nat was lying on
her bed trying her best to get horny at the site of her skinny 12-year-old
brother. She could see a small bulge in her brothers pants she was relived
he was as she had expected quite small. She got down on the floor in front
of her littler brother and pulled his pants down. She took hold of his
semi-hard knob and began to jerk it up in her soft hand. When fully exceeded
it was about 4.5 inches which was not bad for a boy of his age. She engulfed
his entire knob in her mouth and began to give him a blow job. Unlike Jasper
Arthur's knob tasted like sweet cream. It only took a couple of thrust in her
mouth before he shot his first load down his sisters throat. She swallowed
it all.

She stood up and began to strip for her brother while he got hard again. She
pulled off her school blazer to reveal her breast barely hidden behind a
tight, white blouse. Arthur was hard again and ready for some action he stood
up and ripped of Nat's blouse to reveal her tits he began to suck on her hot
breasts. But what he really wanted to get was a piece of her pussy. He lifted
up her short grey skirt to reveal she had no underwear. This was great. He
pushed her against her bedroom door and lifted one of her leg up and plunged
his hard dick inside his sister tight hole.

Natalie hardly felt him inside her, but was screaming like she was loving
it just to make him get on with it. This tactic worked and he came inside
his sister's cunt. She told him to go inside her bedside cabinet to get out
her KY jelly. She told him to spread it over his dick until it got hard
again. This did not take long. She bent over her bed and Arthur spread her
cheeks apart and shoved his dick inside his sister's tightest hole. This
was the best of all 3 holes for Arthur and after a couple of pumps he showed
his gratitude by cumming deep inside Natalie tight arse. Natalie then told
her wart of a brother to fuck off and to never tell anybody anything of what
happened today. Arthur agreed with on e catch he could set up the camera
again Of course Nat readily agreed she loved that camera.

The End


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