If your interested in any legal crap you can sod off. This story is about
fictional characters, which I have moulded into what I want, that's it.

For those of you outside Britain this is a Comedy TV. series for young teens
revolving around the lives of the Wild Family. I choose to do a story about
them as the lead character a very very fit young actress called Ellie Beaven
plays Natalie.

Hope you enjoy my first ever story of this kind. (D.T.A.)

Wild House: The Wild House Gets Wilder (ff, inc)
by The Nature Boy

"Hi, mum sent me up to see if you needed a hand," Natalie's hand poked her
head around Georgina's door and saw her cousin re-painting the far wall of
her bedroom.

Natalie had just split up from her boyfriend Chris a few days before and was
still upset from the break-up. She had been mopping around the house for
days hardly talking or eating or doing anything for that matter. Her mother
was starting to become annoyed and so had told her to go and make herself
useful and help Georgina paint her room.

"Sure Nats. Just grab a brush and start painting," replied Georgina from up
the top of a ladder. "You can start on the door. The paint's over there by
the window."

They worked silently for a while not saying a word to each other. Georgina
kept glancing over her shoulder at Natalie slowly working obviously still
thinking about Chris.

"Oh come on Nats, it can't be that bad. He's just like any other member of
his gender: a stupid, pig headed, selfish bastard that you shouldn't even
give a second thought about."

"Yeah, but I loved him, I lost my--"

"You had sex with that creep. I don't believe it. I would have thought you
had more taste than that Nats."

Natalie began to sob. She tried to hide it and wiped away the tears with the
back of the old shirt she was wearing but she just managed to get paint all
over her face.

"Oh god now look at me." She cried, "I look like a freak."

She collapsed on the ground crying the paintbrush still in her hand.

"I'm sorry Nats, I don't now what came over me. I didn't mean to make you
feel so bad." She climbed down the ladder and went over and put an arm
around her. "You know that I care about you and I apologise about what I
said it's just that men can be so bloody annoying. I gave up on them a long
time ago."

Natalie still had tears in her eyes but looked up at Georgina. "What do you
mean?" she said not quite understanding what she had heard.

"Oh nothing." replied Georgina with a slight smile flashing across the
corners of her lips. "But I know what will cheer you up" she said wickedly
and wiped her paintbrush across the other cheek of Natalie's already partly
painted young face.

"Hey, what are you doing?" She jumped up and glared at Georgina who had a
devilish smile on her face.

"O.K. if you want to play dirty then that's fine by me" Natalie picked up the
tin of paint next to her and threw it at Georgina. She became drenched in
white emulsion from head to toe even though she tried to protect herself with
her arms.

"Right you asked for it" yelled Georgina and lunged at Natalie with her own
paint tin. The two you girls began rolling and sliding around on the ground
smothered in paint making their bodies slick and greasy.

They soon lay next to each other on the floor laughing and exhausted from
their wrestling fight in the middle of an absolute mess of paint.

"Really what were you saying before about you giving up on men" asked Natalie
looking over at her cousin.

After a long pause Georgina replied "Alright I'll tell you, but only if you
promise not to tell anyone, especially you're mum or dad."

"Sure" Natalie replied giggling.

"Well ever since I broke up with my first boyfriend I've... I've... I've
never told anyone this."

"Come on just tell me" Natalie said impatiently

"I'm a lesbian!"

There was a stunned silence for several seconds as Natalie tried to absorb
the information.

"Your gay?" she asked finally, shocked at what she had just learnt.

"Yeh, but you've got to keep this a secret, I don't want anyone I know to
find out about it o.k."

"Sure. What ever you say" Georgina and Natalie looked at each other. They
were lying just inches apart their eyes looking ever deeper into each other.

Natalie suddenly stood up breaking the invisible bond that was forming
between the two young women.

"I better go and have a shower" she said nervously sensing the tension in the
air. She quickly backed out the door relived yet disappointed that she had
left the room and Georgina.

2 Days Later

"Have you finished in there?" asked Georgina through the bathroom door.

"Yeh, come in" replied Natalie

It was Monday morning and Natalie was in her grey uniform ready to go off to
school. Natalie and Georgina were alone in the house. Dad had gone to work
early, mum was visiting Serena in America and Wart had gone to school early
saying something about frog spawn as he left.

Natalie was a bit surprised when Georgina came in with just a towel around

"Morning" said Georgina cheerfully

"Morning" answered Natalie sheepishly.

"Look are you still upset about what I said to you before" Georgina asked
seriously. "Because its not that absurd. It may take time to get used to
but it is perfectly natural now for a woman to have feelings for another

"You don't have to patronise me" replied Natalie annoyed "I'm not the
innocent girl. It was 5 years ago. I'm 15, I'm not stupid."

She began to storm out of the bathroom but Georgina grabbed her by the arm
whirled her round and kissed her long and passionately. Suddenly she backed
off realizing what she had done.

"God I'm am so sorry Nats, I don't know why I did that I just."

Natalie just stood there in the doorway unable to speak or move.

"Look I better go" Georgina quickly said moving past Natalie and out into the
hall. But suddenly she felt a hand grip her bare arm and turn her around and
before she new what was happening she was responding to the emotional cares
of Natalie's lips on her own.

Georgina put her arms around Natalie, embracing her, bringing her body closer
until she could feel her warmth against her skin. She tentatively slid her
tongue, parting Natalie's soft lips, and began searching and exploring slowly
at first then with more passion and eagerness. Natalie began to return the
favour and quickly the two were lost in each other's desire and lust.

"You know...we...shouldn''s... wrong." Natalie gasped
between passionate kisses.

Georgina broke away and gazed deeply into Natalie's just like she had only
days before.

"How can this be wrong when we know how deeply we feel for each other?" and
with that she took a step back and let her towel fall to her feet revealing
her well shaped, curvaceous body with well developed, firm breasts, slightly
larger than a young woman of her frame would expect to have, a beautiful
tapering waist leading to her curved hips and pert bum. Her long, smoother
legs made her slightly taller than Natalie and were accentuated by her
trimmed muff, which drew the eye down to her glistening cunt.

Natalie just stood there awestruck by the sight that was in front of her and
still partly surprised by the feelings that were inside her.

"You now Nats" Georgina said seductively I've always had a thing about women
in uniforms" and with that she pulled the grey pullover over her head
loosened her tie and began to slowly un-button Natalie's blouse. Still
giving her delicate kisses she realised with some amazement that Natalie
didn't have a bra on and her delicate yet well-formed breasts were open to
the air.

"Well" she said in her most adult like tone "someone has been a naughty girl
and needs to be taught a lesson" and so leading her by the tie around her
neck Georgina led her into her parent's bedroom. Still amazed by what was
happening Natalie willingly followed and soon found herself lying on her back
on her parents bed with Georgina kneeling over her smiling.

"Now, the first lesson is how to treat a women's body" and so Georgina began
to slowly kiss her way down Natalie's neck down her chest and onto the
already erect nipple of her left breast. She began to gently suck and tease
it with her lips sometimes giving it a quick flick with her tongue eliciting
a small gasp from Natalie. After a couple of minutes she moved over to the
right nipple again arousing more gasps of passion from Natalie.

Then Georgina felt a hand groping a caressing one of her own breasts and
looked up to see a smile on the lips of her cousin.

"Now you're getting the idea Nats" said Georgina with a sharp breath as
Natalie squeezed her sensitive nipple.

"Now its time to move onto lesson two"

She broke away from her virgin lovers breast and began to push Natalie's
skirt up around her waist. She wasn't surprised to see that Natalie didn't
have anything on underneath. She slid down her slender body and began to
kiss and stroke hr thighs. Whenever she got close to Natalie's, by now
streaming, cunt, she began to blow into her wet lips arousing her even

"Oh God I can't take this any more" Natalie almost screamed. She grabbed
Georgina's head and pulled her forward into her pussy.

"You taste great Natalie, I love the taste of pussy, especially yours,"
Georgina said and kept on ploughing into her younger cousins wet cunt.

Natalie felt the wonderful sensation of having a tongue inside her and wanted
to feel it forever, she took Georgina's head and pressed her head deeper into
her wet crotch.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH Georgina do it, lick my cunt I love feeling your tongue in
me," Natalie screamed out.

"Lets make her really feel it," Georgina thought and then slid two fingers up
Natalie's tight pussy, the sensation was wonderful, the feel of pussy around
her fingers made Georgina really wet, "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, Fuck yes!"
Natalie moaned as she felt Georgina's fingers working in and out of her
pussy. Georgina pressed a third finger into Natalie's humping cunt and
started to bury them to the knuckle.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH I'M gonna cccccuuuuuuuuuuummmm!" Natalie screamed out as
her body stretched out in an orgasm, her first ever orgasm by a woman. Her
body shivered for a minute and then she settled down, "That was out of this
world," Natalie panted as she looked at Georgina. "I can see why you were put
off boys when you can have this instead."

Georgina smiled at her new convert and slid up the bed to give Natalie a
satisfying kiss. This was the first time that Natalie had ever tasted her
own cum before and she loved it. She began to lap up all the cum that was
dripping off Georgina face.

The two of them just lay there for a while next to each other kissing and
caressing each other lovingly.

"I think its time I gave you some homework young lady" Georgina suddenly said
"and I think your going to like this"

With there soft lips locked in a passionate embrace Georgina led Natalie back
into the bathroom and turned on the hot water in the shower crating an exotic
steamy atmosphere. Georgina began to fumble with the zipper on Natalie's
skirt finally taking it off while Natalie ripped her tie off and threw it off
in anticipation.

They got in the shower and let the hot water wash over their bodies.

"Now its your turn to please me" Georgina stated turning to Natalie allowing
there slick breasts to rub against each other.

"But I've never done anything like this, at least not to another women.
Where should I start?"

"Surprise me!" she replied with a smile that couldn't help make Natalie
forget about her worries.

Georgina turned back and began to wash her self with some soap. Natalie
tried to remember what happened in that porno movie Chris made her watch.
The man started by giving the woman a massage.

"You look tense" she said trying to remember the corny dialogue that the guy

"Perhaps?" she replied quizzically

Natalie smiled and began to slowly knead her shoulders. "There are 'certain
things' that can be done to relieve such tension. One technique involves
pressure points," she said, emphasizing her point by applying pressure with
her thumbs. Georgina sighed and relaxed back into her touch, her limbs
turning to jelly. She closed her eyes and let out a long breath. Natalie's
hand continued to rove her body, caressing the muscles of her back and
reaching down to gently knead her thighs.

"The next technique is crude but effective." She slid her hands up and
gently circled Georgina's nipples, which rose excitedly to the occasion.
She circled them delicately, barely touching hem. Soon Georgina was
arching forward to increase the contact but Natalie held back, not
allowing the situation to get too heated, at least not yet.

She reached forward and began to torment Georgina's aching nipples slowly.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS" Georgina cried in pleasure "Are you sure
you've never fucked a women before."

Her breaths were becoming shorter and heavier and her head began to spin
through the pleasure she was feeling and the hot, steamy air, but she quickly
shock herself back into reality.

Georgina opened her legs wider and took slow shallow breaths to calm herself.
She felt Natalie gently run her lips across her shoulder and sighed.

"And of course, there is another technique which will relax you." Natalie
said in her most exotic voice as she slid her hands down and between
Georgina's legs. She gasped and thrust forward but Natalie kept her touch
as light as she had previously, swirling her fingertips in the slippery

Georgina gritted her teeth and moved her pelvis forward. Natalie took one
arm and slipped it around her waist, pulling her close to her so she couldn't
move forward.

"Relax," she whispered in her ear.

Georgina did as instructed and after a few moments found an orgasm crashing
through her body that startled her with its intensity.

her back as the electricity raced through her body.

When it was over Natalie kissed her tenderly on her cheek as Georgina relaxed
in her arms.

"That was very nice," she said understatedly.

"Nice!" Natalie replied in shock horror "You were on another world during
that orgasm."

"OK, OK you were brilliant" Georgina replied as she turned to give her cousin
a lustful kiss.

"You are defiantly the most impressive virgin lesbian I have ever seen, you
defiantly get an A* and free tutelage of the higher course."


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