What follows is purely meant as a parody and come out of my imagination
alone, and in no way is meant to disrespect or bring into disrepute the
characters, actors or any of the original creators involved in creating
one of the great modern dramas; The West Wing. This story obviously includes
characters that are copyrighted by Aaron Sorkin and the NBC network. No
profit will be made by their use here.

This story, and any more I decide to write, is centred on the cast of
characters in the hit drama The West Wing. I've found a distinct lack of
erotic fiction based on this great series and will do my best to rectify
the situation.

The following story takes place during the First series episode 'The State
Dinner and involves the characters of CJ Cregg and Mandy Hampton. I hope you
enjoy it and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

West Wing: Director's Cut - Consolation Is A Great Aphrodisiac! (FF)
by Dante Smith ([email protected])

"Ok, thank you. I appreciate your call." Josh Lyman puts his cell phone back
into the inside pocket of his evening jacket with a concerned look across his
face. Mandy approaches him from behind as the guests were being seated for
the first of a seven course dinner that is being held in honour of the
President of Indonesia.

"Josh what's going on I'm not hearing anything form the FBI and I'm not
getting anywhere with Justice. It's been about half an hour and I cant get
any information out of Idaho."

"It's over."

"What do you mean?"

"34 occupants, there all in custody."

"What happened?"

"They shot the FBI negotiator; he's in critical condition." Josh looks
despondently over at his ex-girlfriend who had only been working in the
white house for a couple of months. Earlier in the day she had convinced
the president in the Oval office to delay storming a farmhouse that was
suspected of housing a group of fanatics along with women and children and
to send in a negotiator instead. This had been here first major contribution
in the decision making process of something this important. She looked
shocked as the colour drained from here face making here already pale skin
even more ashen in appearance.

She couldn't say anything. She didn't know what to say even if she could say
anything. A fanfare began as the Presidents and their respective partners
were introduced to the guests down the grandiose staircase that lead down to
the ballroom. Josh turned still looking worried both about what had happened
and how his friend was taking the news. Mandy didn't move. She just stared
into the middle distance trying to deal with all the thoughts and emotions
that were suddenly pounding through her head. She was to blame for this. This
wouldn't have happened if she hadn't become involved. Tears began to well in
her deep, dark eyes, but she pushed them down. She was determined not to look
weak, especially in front of Josh, she couldn't help it.

"I should call..." she said weakly her bottom lip starting to quiver. Then,
suddenly, she was hit by a wave of nausea. Her stomach felt like it was doing
back flips and she knew that she had to leave the ballroom, get away from all
the noise and people.

"I think I'm going to be sick", she said as she darted away from Josh. He
wanted to go after her to check that she was alright but he knew that he
couldn't leave the dinner without causing a scene of his own. So he let her
go. He knew she was tough and that she would get over this. He just hoped
that she wouldn't do something stupid while she was still so raw.

A few minuets later over the other side of the building C.J. Cregg was busy
at her computer getting things ready for what the White House would say about
the events of this evening. She felt a bit stupid sitting in her office
wearing a very expensive grey silk, long evening gown but that was just part
of working for the leaders of the free world. Danny Kincanon sidled up to the
doorway of the office and stared at the tall, elegant red head as she typed

"That's a very nice dress," he said smiling as C.J. looked up. She sighed.
Not only was she busy but she did not want to deal with a love sick reporter
who had been chasseing here for months to go out with him and also has a
knack of asking annoyingly pertinent questions.

"You're not supposed to be back here right now." Danny ignored her brush off
and carried on.

"There's a report saying that an FBI agent went down outside of a house in

"You'll have a statement in 15 minuets." replied CJ as she got up from her

"What happened?"

"Now did you heat that you'll have a statement in 15 minutes. God Danny." She
exasperated while walking towards him.

"What I do?" He asked in his innocent voice.

"When you flirt with me is it to get a story?"


"Then why are you doing it."

"Just to flirt with you."

"I don't believe you."

"I know."

"You're the one who's been going around saying I'm to friendly with the press
core and that makes me a weak press secretary."

"I never said you were a weak press secretary."

"No, but you've been thinking it." This was just the latest in a long line of
playful banter between the two that both of them enjoyed and used to try and
subtly flirt and out do each other. They paused, both knowing that they had
reached the invisible line that they had created between the two of them so
that things never became too awkward.

"I've got to get back to work", CJ said while crossing back to the other side
of the room.

"I know." Danny replied with that boyish charm as he began to walk away.

"Do you really like the dress?" she asked just before he's to far way. He
turned and looked at her piercingly.

"Yes". And there was that moment of awkwardness that CJ had been trying to

"Ok, whatever." She replied, trying to sound nonchalant. She still wasn't
sure how she really felt about Danny, or men in general really. It had been
over two years since she had been in anything close to a relationship, and
with all the stress that working at the white house involved she didn't think
she could handle dating, and the whole relationship thing. CJ suddenly
realised that she had been sat down thinking and not doing anything for about
two minuets. She needed to clear her head. Getting up from behind her desk
she walked out of her office and across the communications bull pen which was
now almost deserted. She continued down the corridor that lead towards the
oval office, but before she got that far she turned through a glass door that
lead out onto one of the wide, covered balconies that ran around the ground
floor of the west wing.

It was a cool November night and she suddenly thought that she should have
bought a coat or something out with her, but it was too late now. She felt
goose bumps on her bare arms and shoulders. Her plain, grey silk dress had a
waspish waistline that pronounced her hourglass figure and then opened out
into a full-length flowing skirt that again did little to protect her long
legs from the cool breeze that was coming off the Atlantic. Thunder rolled
off in the distance as the edge of a storm front glided in. This was the edge
of a storm cell that was just going to miss the east coast later that night
and she was glad that she was in the safety of the White House. She looked
out over the gardens and into the night, thinking about what she was feeling.

Relationships weren't all bad. There was the closeness and intimacy that you
develop with another human being that makes you feel secure and protected.
There were the emotional highs, the bond that occurs when two people fall in
love. Oh to hell with it she just wanted sex. The passion, hot, steamy
intimate moments where every nerve in your body is screaming for pleasure,
the anticipation and excitement of pleasuring someone, and they you, without
any other goal other than personal bliss.

CJ was snapped out of her hot daydream when she heard a noise behind here.
She turned around, startled to find Mandy sitting on one of the benches
against the wall. In her daze she had walk almost right by her when she came
out without even seeing her. Mandy was also dressed up, wearing a gold, leaf
partnered dress that hugged her hips and showed off her classical figure. It
had a deeper cut neckline than CJs, only because Mandy had more to show off
'up front' than CJ did. Not to put her down, CJ was well proportioned. She
was very tall and elegant and made up for her lack of cleavage with a
well-toned body and legs that any women would die for. Mandy was also quite
petite in her own way. Shorter than her friend, she was gently curved in all
the right places without ever being too over developed, although she was
particularly proud of her ass. Many of her boyfriends went crazy over her
behind when ever they seemed to see it. It was firm but still nice and full
and round, coupled with her soft, porcelain like skin made her something to
be admired.

The tall red head immediately realized that Mandy was upset over something.
This in itself was quite a surprise. CJ couldn't think of an occasion where
she had seen Mandy when she wasn't fired up over something and trying do
things how She wanted them done.

"What's wrong Mandy?" she said gently, walking over and sitting beside her on
the wooden bench. She could see she had been crying and was clearly shaken up
over something.

"It's all my fault." Mandy said quietly, half to herself, and half in answer
to CJs question.

"What? What happened?" CJ asked again, this time with more earnest. Mandy
slowly explained how she was involved with what had happened and how she was
responsible for the tragic circumstances that had occurred. CJ put her arm
around the bare shoulder of her despairing friend and realised how cold she
felt. She shuffled up closer to her on the bench and reached around with her
other arm to hug Mandy closer.

"How long have you been out here, you'll catch cold."

"Not long", replied Mandy still in half a daze.

"None of this is your fault, you hear me. These people are trained in what
they do and they know the risks involved. You can't blame yourself for the
actions of some crazy loon who thinks the world is coming to an end."

"But if I hadn't..." Mandy started.

"No buts." Interjected CJ. "You can't start second guessing yourself, ok?
Now look at me." Mandy lifted her head up slowly and turned to face CJ. She
suddenly realised that she was only inches away from her and her whole field
of vision was now taken up with her warm smiling face.

"Your stronger than this Mandy, I know you are." CJ spoke quietly and
soothingly. "Your one of the strongest women I know. You can't let this get
you down. Come on."

Somehow the atmosphere had become charged by something more than the
impending storm. Mandy could feel that her pulse had quickened, her breathing
was becoming more heavy which meant her chest suddenly became far more
conspicuous. Without realising her hand had moved onto CJ leg while she had
been speaking and for all her might she could not take her eyes off that
beautiful smile.

CJ could also sense the sudden tension between the two and realised that were
heart was beginning to race as well. She knew that she was feeling highly
sexually charged thanks to her recent run in with Danny, but somehow this
felt like something more. Her mind suddenly became clearer. Gone were all the
worries of the presidency and how to handle the press and the daily stresses
and strains of her life. She was now focused on one goal, and one goal alone,
and that was to take this warm, exciting feeling that was welling up in the
depths of her stomach and run with it.

"All you need to do relax and take your mind off it." She was whispering now
and putting a deeper, more sultry note in her voice. And slowly, ever so
slowly, moved her head forward, cocking it slightly to one side, revealing
what she was planning to do.

"Everything is going to be... fine." The last word was said as their lips
were just about to meet, and then, as a fork of lightning streaked across the
foreboding sky, casting away the darkness for the briefest of moments, both
women found themselves in a passionate embrace that overwhelmed them and
seemed to take over every essence of their being. It wasn't a forceful or
vigorous kiss, but sensitive and intense. For a second all that either of
women wanted, and needed, was to be there, in that moment, until time came to

Mandy was the first to come out of the moment and pulled back, leaving CJ
hanging there with a delicate look of disappointment.

"What just happened?" She asked, still slightly breathless. CJ didn't
respond. She couldn't. She was almost as surprised as Mandy that what had
just happened, happened.

"I don't know if I can deal with this right now." Mandy got up and moved
over to the railing that over looked gardens. CJ paused to compose herself
and think about what was going on. She then followed and stood behind Mandy's
right shoulder, placing a reassuring hand on it. Again she noticed the goose
bumps on her pale skin that was contrasted against darkness. She also noticed
Mandy physically tense at her touch which made CJ heart drop slightly.

"Look. We're both going through some tough things at the moment. I know your
feeling desolate and vulnerable because of what happened today. And I'm in
this thing with Danny, if it even is a thing, which has made me think about
how lonely I've been feeling deep down recently, and...well...I guess we both
needed to feel something loving and intimate at that moment."

"But neither of us are gay, or done anything like this before." Mandy replied
as though she was trying to find some answers.

CJ paused again. "Um...well..." This hesitation caused Mandy to turn round
with a look of disbelief.

"Its not like I've Never had a relationship with another women." CJ


"Oh back at college with one of the other players on the women's basketball
team." CJ was suddenly transported back to that spring semester, with all the
secret rendezvous', night time meetings and private party's that had been so

"I can't believe you never told me about this. What is it like?" Mandy asked,
her natural curiosity getting the better of her.

CJ looked surprised. "Its not like it's a huge leap from any other
relationship. Do you mean that you've never even had any kind of sexual
experience with another women?"

"Not until just now."

"Oh!" This caught CJ off guard.

"Well, what did you think?" CJ was nervous now, she remembered her feelings
that were still fresh in her mind. Why was she nervous? Did she want to know
that Mandy had felt the same things as she had? That was when she realised
how desperately she wanted her friend. Her heart began to race again,
anticipating what Mandy's response would be.

Mandy was still all mixed up. She was still reeling from the shock of the
tragedy, and all the noise and commotion of the party. But all that had
evaporated when her and CJ had kissed. Nothing else had seemed to matter for
that moment. She still wasn't sure about anything that was going on, but she
did know that she wanted to feel that way again.

Mandy realised that nothing had been said for what seemed like hours. CJ was
looking at her with large eyes, expectantly, and she could see she tense, so
Mandy made a move.

She reached up to the back of the neck of the elegant, slightly taller women
standing across from her, tenderly pulled CJ towards her as she leaned up to
meet her in an intense kiss. CJ was surprised by her sudden embrace and could
feel the fervour of Mandy's embrace. CJ responded, and once again the two
women were locked together as their need and longing pored out. CJ put her
arms around Mandy's waist and pulled her hips towards her. Mandy like wise
put her other arm around the body of her slender friend and began to explore
her back and open shoulders.

Mandy opened her mouth slightly and felt CJ do the same as their tongues
began to intertwine and explore one another's mouths. Neither women was
wearing a bra, and the cold night air combined with the heart raising
activity meant that both CJ's and Mandy's nipples were now very erect and
hard. Every small movement caused their tips to rub against the insides of
their dresses causing highly erotic tingles to shoot through their breasts.

CJ's hands moved down Mandy's spine until she was cupping each of her firm,
round ass cheeks through her velvety smooth dress. CJ explored her behind
with her hands, caressing and kneading the beautifully formed mounds that
were so perfectly sized. She gave them a squeeze, which caused Mandy to moan
slightly into CJ's mouth. As she did this, CJ pulled Mandy upwards and even
closer to her so Mandy was now on her tip toes and almost melting into the
gorgeous, tall, graceful press secretary that was making her feel so

They finally broke their long kiss and rested their foreheads against one
another so that their noses were touching. "Maybe we should move this inside.
Somewhere a bit more, private." CJ grinned wickedly.

"And warmer." Mandy agreed suddenly feeling the chill night air begin to cut
into her.

They both headed back indoors where the sounds of the evenings entertainment
could be heard from across the west wing. They both hurried to CJ's office,
trying to look natural in case anyone saw them. They weren't doing a very
good job of it though, luckily for them though, the offices were still pretty
quiet and nobody stopped them on their quick journey.

Mandy entered the private office first and walked to the middle of the room
and turned to see CJ close and lock the door behind them. They both just
stood there for a moment staring at one another, looking at each other's
bodies in a new light. They were both suddenly nervous again. They both knew
why they had come here, and they knew what was about to happen, but still
neither of them was sure how to proceed.

Mandy decided to make the first move. She gently pulled the straps of her
dress from off of her shoulders and pulled her arms out. CJ gazed at the
outline of her bare neck and shoulders. The top of the gold coloured dress
was now loose but still being held up by the zip at the back. Mandy reached
around and began to unzip the back of her dress.

CJ then jolted out of her wistfulness, "Wait, let me do that."

She quickly glided over to Mandy and reached around herself to find the zip.
Mandy was still holding onto it so CJ just held the back of her handand
guided it downwards. CJ just gazed into Mandy's beautiful deep dark eyes and
got lost in them for a moment. They were so intoxicating. Mandy's dress
unpeeled down to her hips, so CJ put her thumps inside the waistband,
brushing against Mandy's skin, and pushed the material down until it just
fell to the floor around Mandy's feet. CJ's hands rested on her now naked
torso as she gently pushed Mandy back against the edge of her desk so she
could get a full view of what was in front of her. Her breasts were a full B
cup and were still very pert and round. Her gaze continued down her flat,
pale stomach to the white lace panties that were above Mandy's nice round
thighs. CJ wanted to explore every inch of that body.

CJ leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss, which became more passionate as she
responded. Their eyes closed and their tongues played together as she moved
towards him. Mandy could feel her nipples hardening again. She took CJ's head
in her hands, and moaned softly in her mouth, letting her know that she
wanted this to go further. Then her graceful fingers rested on her shoulders.

CJ's hands slowly moved upward, until she cupped her breasts. She purred
faintly as she held them, unhurriedly caressing them and tracing little
circles around each nipple. Smoothly, CJ began to slip to her knees in front
of her. She broke their kiss, and placed her fingers on her lips. Mandy
swallowed hard, still in a bit of a daze, and opened her eyes. CJ slowly ran
her fingers over her chin and down her neck, watching their path the whole
time. Mandy was truly amazed that this could be so romantic with a woman she
knew so well!

Her fingertips glided on her chest, and gradually made their way between her
breasts. For a moment Mandy wondered if she was going to back to playing
with them and was a little disappointed when her hand kept moving downward.

It brushed across her tummy, and she flinched and giggled. "That tickles,"
she said, explaining the obvious.

"Sorry," CJ replied with a warm smile.

Mandy was leaning quite demurely against the front of CJ's desk, with her
legs together, and as her fingers reached the bottom of her torso, they
played across her panties above her lap. Back and forth they ran, then dipped
inside the thin waistband. She caressed her abdomen with the back of her
hand, at the same time feeling the softness of the garment on her fingers.

She leaned in for a brief kiss. As she did this, Mandy closed her eyes, not
many men had ever gone down on her before and she had never been to worried
about it. But this was totally different. CJ had managed to get her to such
a sexual peak without even doing very much that she could only imagine what
was to come.

CJ's hands came to rest alongside her waist as her tongue roamed her chest.
Mandy's legs had parted and accepted CJ's body between her thighs. CJ kissed
across her flat belly from hip to hip, as she pulled her panties down her
legs. She inhaled the scent of her arousal. Mandy felt her breath on her
skin, skimming across its surface, and downward to her pubic area.

"Is she gonna lick me? Oh CJ, please lick me," she thought.

She stepped out of her underwear. CJ looked up at the black haired beauty
and caressed her ankles and calves, before moving her hands in between her

The backs of her fingers slid up the insides of her thighs. Mandy's feet
moved apart, almost as if they had a mind of their own. CJ's hands reached
the tops of her legs. As she looked up at her, CJ slowly moved her hands
forward and back. The full length of her index fingers rubbing the soft
smooth flesh on both sides of her slit. Her pussy nearly throbbed, wanting
her touch.

"Please," she whimpered slightly, without realizing it.

CJ leaned in, her open mouth hovering close to her pussy. Close... so, so
close. Her warm exhale blowing across her damp lips, stoking her even hotter.
And still that rubbing... that slow, gentle rubbing.

Mandy moaned her frustration at her sensual teasing. "Oh god, CJ, just do it.

She caught the wicked glint in her eye as she finally kissed her lips. Her
mouth fell widely open and a groan emanated from deep inside her, trailing
off into silence. "UHNNNAAAWWWWwwwhhh..." She gasped in a breath, then
another groan, "Yessssssssss..."

Mandy groped herself, fondling her bare breasts, as CJ passionately kissed
her pussy. Her arms wrapped around her thighs. One tight little ass-cheek was
in each palm's grip. The tip of her tongue danced along her pussy, teasing
her inner lips with its occasional touches.

"Oh... ohhhh..." she sighed.

Her breathing became deeper. Soft moans grew in intensity. She continued
kissing and teasing her lover's pussy, discerning the subtle reactions that
said she was ready for a little bit more.

Mandy's pussy lips had swollen with her desire. Her clit and inner lips now
protruded slightly. CJ paused, then gave her a long slow lick, the full
length of her slit.

"Oh god... oh god..." Mandy gasped. "Do that again... more... lick me

"Oh yeah... yeah... lick me... oh lick me, CJ..."

Her tongue kept tracing its path forward and back, methodically pushing
Mandy closer to orgasm.

"Mm... mm..." CJ whined as one delicate hand grasped the crown of her head
and pulled her in closer to her crotch - if 'closer' was even possible.

CJ's tongue wagged back and forth, gradually working its way deeper into
Mandy. She was panting, and her head fell forward, eyes closed, simply
enjoying the sensations between her legs.

"Uhhnnnn.... uuuhhnnnn..." she groaned. Mandy realized for the first time
that she could very well cum like this. She felt her partner's tongue begin
to do small circles, swirling inside her cunt. She moaned, "OOOhhh, yeah."

Mandy's hands left her breast and CJ's head, and clamped onto her shoulders.
Her fingernails dug into the muscles. Undeterred by the slight pain, CJ drove
onward, licking as far inside her as he could reach.

Her face scrunched up in a look of either discomfort, or extreme pleasure.
Judging by the erotic "OH! OH!" that accompanied her visage, it was clearly
the latter.

Mandy raised up on her tiptoes, and shifted her weight forward. She supported
herself on CJ's shoulders, as she practically tried to mount her face,
wanting more of that tongue inside her.

CJ's fingers kneaded her toned ass, as her mouth coaxed her on. Mandy held
each breath that rushed in through pursed lips. CJ could feel her body tense
with her approaching climax. Her tongue abandoned its swirling motion, and
began vigorously licking up and down the folds of flesh.

That was all she needed.

Seconds later, her orgasm hit. Mandy's calf muscles let go, and she dropped
flat-footed to the floor. She groaned over and over, and her torso heaved
forward as each wave surged through her body. Her partner kept on licking,
stimulating these waves.

As she began coming down, she moved away from CJ's head.

Brushing the hair from her face, she panted, "Omigod, CJ. That was..." She
trailed off, not able to form any words that could adequately describe how
she had felt.

CJ stood up, her mouth and chin glistening with Mandy cum. She licked her
lips trying to gather as much as she could, all the while having a big grin
across her face. She kissed Mandy delicately on the lips so that she could
taste the fruit of her labours.

I think somebody is rather over dressed at the moment, stated Mandy quite
formerly after she had regained her focus. And certainly no where near as
satisfied. CJ liked the sound of where this was going. She turned around
and allowed Mandy to unzip her dress as she had done to her only a few
minutes before. She then walked over to the sofa that was against one of
the walls of her office, still hold her dress up, and turned to face her
new lover once more. Slowly and seductively she pushed her grey, silk gown
down, wiggling her hips and staring seductively across the room at Mandy.
Her naked breasts were released first, though not as succulent as her
partners they were still pert and well formed. CJ continued her striptease
to reveal a pair of powder blue panties and even more gorgeous her long,
toned, slender legs. She carried on pushing the dress all the way down to
the floor, bending over at her waist so her breasts were hanging free, and
always keeping eye contact with her audience. She straitened up and stepped
out of her clothes.

Mandy could not control herself any longer. She had to get her hands on those
legs. She almost ran the few steps across the room and went straight to her
knees and began stroking the lengths of CJ's thighs with her hands. Her
fingers roamed everywhere she could, caressing and fondling her firm muscles
and smooth skin. She also reached up slid her hands underneath CJ's panties
and caressed the pale ass cheeks that belonged to this faultless women
standing in front of her.

CJ moaned and purred at the attention she was receiving. These became louder
when Mandy decided gently blow warm air up the inside of her thighs and over
the obvious wet patch that covered her crotch.

Mandy suddenly stopped her affections and CJ looked down disappointedly.
Sit down please, stated Mandy in an authoritative voice. CJ was a little
surprised at the order, and Mandy's sudden confidence, but she complied
with her demands and sat down on the sofa behind her. She spread her legs,
inviting Mandy in to do what ever she wanted with her. Mandy moved between
CJ's legs. Reaching out, she took the waistband of CJ's panties in her
hands, hooking her fingers underneath. Starting to pull, she stopped
suddenly, looking up at CJ. Are you sure you want me to continue? She asked

Oh god yes, please. CJ replied pleadingly. Hurry up I'm dying here. She
squirmed. "Lesson one, CJ: Don't rush." Mandy said in a mocking tone, leaning
down, kissing CJ on her thigh, making the red head moan out loud. When CJ
tried to reach down and pull off her panties, Mandy swatted her hands away.
"The longer you keep doing that, the longer I'm going to make you wait."
Mandy teased.

Grunting in frustration, CJ reached up and grabbed the back of the sofa,
holding on tight as Mandy continued her vicious assault, kissing and licking
CJ's thighs softly, leaving wet marks over them. Blowing cool air over the
wet spots, Mandy smiled proudly as CJ arched her back slightly, groaning in
pleasure. Moving up slightly, Mandy placed a series of firm kisses on CJ's
cloth covered crotch, adding to the noises.

Smiling, Mandy finally took pity on CJ, pulling down her panties. Pulling
it all the way down to expose CJ's sex, Mandy stared at it for a minute.

"Something wrong?" CJ asked, playing with a few strands of Mandy's curly

"No." Smiling, Mandy kissed CJ's sex, making her groan. "Should get to work?"

"I'd like you too." CJ said, almost pleading.

Leaning down, Mandy stuck out her tongue, flicking it across CJ's nether
lips, experimenting. With each moan and groan from CJ, Mandy grew more
confident, letting her tongue slide deeper into her pussy.

Hooking her arms around CJ's thighs, Mandy held CJ down as she slid her
tongue into CJ's pussy, lapping up the juices that came from her lover.
Moving her hands into the mix, Mandy rubbed CJ's clitoris, moving her
fingers in slow circles as she continued to lap at her partners sex.

Pulling back, much to CJ's dismay, Mandy stuck her index finger in her mouth,
wetting it before moving it to the entrance of the pussy in front of her.
With a low groan from CJ, Mandy slowly slid the finger into CJ, pushing it
all the way in before pulling back slowly.

"Oh god Mandy, that's it!" CJ moaned, before instructing her lover what to do
next. "Ok, let it rub up against the side more, along the top."

Nodding, Mandy changed the angle she was moving at, immediately getting a
change in the pitch of CJ's moans, which were turning to yelps with each

"That the right spot?" Mandy asked.

"Almost." CJ grunted, before letting out a long whine. "Just a little more
to the... Uhhnnnn.... UUUHHNnnnn " CJ started, before shouting out, her body
shivering as though someone had given her an electric shock.

"I guess I found you g-spot then huh." Said Mandy flatly. CJ could only nod
her head. Mandy then completely pulled out of CJs hot snatch. CJ groaned in

"Please Mandy, keep going or I'm going to explode."

"I'm not sure yet." Replied Mandy coyly.

"Do it you little whore." CJ said breathlessly. She was getting a little
angry now. She didn't want anymore fun and games she just needed some relief.

"Oh, I'm a whore am I?" Mandy asked, putting her two middle fingers back
into CJ's wet hole, right up to her knuckle.

"Would a whore do this?" Starting slowly, Mandy rubbed her index and
middle finger of her other hand against CJ's clit, mashing it against the
fingers already inside her, picking up speed, her hands blazing inside and
against her lovers sex.

"Oh god... oh god...ohGod ohGod ohGod. YES!" CJ answered as best she could,
grabbing at the sofa cushions as she screamed loudly in short bursts. Using
every muscle she held her hips steady, letting Mandy work.

"Well, I guess I'm a whore then." Mandy said, pulling her finger out of her
pussy before diving in, her tongue sliding back up into CJ, lapping up the
juice her finger play had caused. "And you know what? I'm happy to be a

"Oh, Mandy, your good." CJ moaned.

Swelling with pride, Mandy pushed on, she again replaced her two middle
fingers into CJ's glistening cunt and placed the palm of her other hand on
top of CJ's pelvic bone. She found CJ's 'special place' and quite forcefully
pushed up and stroked her fingers in a 'come hither' motion, in a slow
rhythmic pattern.

"OH DEAR GOD!!! UHAAAWWWWwwwhhh! Fuck! UHAAAWWWWwwwhhh! Yes!" CJ almost
screamed. "Right THERE... Fuck me right THERE!"

Mandy increased her tempo, CJ's hips jerking in response to her touch.

"That's IT...That's IT...I'M GOING TO CUM!"

Mandy's hand pushed CJ's hips down as best she could to try and control her
flailing so she could give here the best attention she could. Mandy knew she
was on the edge so with one last push she clamped her mouth over CJ throbbing
clit and sucked hard.


CJ screamed, and anyone in a hundred meter radius would have herd, but she
didn't care. Mandy pulled away just as a powerful squirt of cum shot out of
CJ's pussy like a missile and hit Mandy right above her left eye. This was
quickly followed by two more, one hitting her across the cheek and into the
side of her black hair, the other on her chin and down her neck. She was
totally shocked. She didn't even know women could cum like this.

CJ was in total ecstasy. Her whole body pulsating from this most intense of
orgasms, her head was tilted back, mouth and eyes wide open but no sound came

"Uuuhhh...uuhhhh." She managed to say as she finally came down from her
physical high. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, trying to take in
as much air as it could, but also making her breasts move and bounce. She
looked down at Mandy who was till between her legs and saw the mess that was
covering her face. She couldn't help but let out a sudden laugh.

"What happened to you?" She asked teasingly. A large drip of cum was slowly
running down over Mandy's left eye, causing her to shut it quickly, while
other clusters of goo made their way gently down the rest of her face and
dropped onto her chest where they continued their voyage down the valley
between her ample globes.

"You looked like a freshly glazed doughnut." CJ laughed again. Mandy got up
and saw her reflection in a mirror and had to admit she looked quite amusing.
She straddled CJ on the sofa her knees either side of those lovely thighs,
and started wiping the cum off her face with her finger and then licking it

"That was the most intense, pleasurable, amazing, passionate, powerful...
thing that I've ever felt." CJ gushed and sighed as Mandy offered her a lick
of her cum covered finger.

"I didn't even know women were capable of cumming like that," replied Mandy.
"That was incredible."

"Huuum?" Answered CJ as she sucked Mandy's finger clean.

"If I hadn't of been in the firing line, you would have shot you load all
over the far wall."

"Really?" CJ was equally astonished.

"You mean this has never happened before?" Mandy asked

"Never," replied CJ. Then she grinned at the black haired beauty astride of

"You're a natural." Mandy returned the warm smile and leaned in again to kiss
her new lover. Both women began to run their hands through each others hair,
CJ's long fingers playing with the short black curls, while Mandy ran her
hands through the now slightly dishevelled silky red bob.

They carried on like this for a few minutes, regaining their energies, and
showing their love and appreciation for what this meant to both of them. Soon
their hands began to wander and roam over each other's bodies once again.
Mandy held CJ's breasts, pushing them up as she lowered her head to suck on
her nipples. CJ purred and began to kiss and lightly nibble on Mandy's
shoulder and right ear lobe. Mandy continued to focus her attentions on CJ's
nipples, and while she was sucking and flicking with her tongue and playing
with one, she was using her hand to grope and fondle and massage the other.
This was certainly pushing CJ's buttons and she began to whisper in Mandy's
ear, encouraging her, telling her what she wanted her to do next and how hot
she was making her feel. Not that Mandy needed to be told this. She could
feel the heat coming from CJ's pussy as they slowly began to gyrate their
hips against each other's. Both women's juices were starting to run again as
they brushed against the other's skin.

"I want you." CJ breathed heavily into Mandy's ear in time with the rhythmic

"I want you". She repeated again.

"MMMhhhhh", was all Mandy could say with a mouth full of CJ's breast, but it
was obvious that she felt the same.

CJ twisted her body around and laid down length ways along the sofa, her head
resting on one of the arms and her feet and ankle sticking off the other end.

"Spin round," CJ directed Mandy, who was still straddling her waist.

"Aaahhhh." She replied in a knowing voice.

Mandy got up off the sofa and repositioned herself with her crotch hovering
over CJ's face. CJ gazed once again at the sweet, puffy lips of Mandy's
pussy, with a bush of black, curly hair trimmed into a delicate V shape that
highlighted her throbbing clit which was peeking out from its hood. She
inhaled deeply, the scent of Mandy's sex filling her nostrils and driving her
on even more. She stuck her tongue out and gave Mandy's slit a long slow
lick. This caused her to physically shudder and let out a high moan, like a
small animal. CJ continued this line of attack, long deliberate strokes along
her whole pussy, punctuated by small kisses to her clit.

Mandy quickly realised that while CJ was perfectly positioned between her
legs, she wasn't quite tall enough to be able to get good access to CJ's
pleasure zone. So she grabed the top of her legs, ran her hands down her
thighs as far as she could reach, and puled her legs back as far as they
could go, and so forcing CJ's pussy towards her waiting mouth. She divde
in eagerly, lapping away feverishly at the sensitive folds around CJ's
hole and darting her tongue down into the hot, juicy prize of her cunt.

CJ felt the ferocity of Mandy's tongue fucking and what she was lacking in
experience and grace she was more than making up for with enthusiasm and
passion. So she decided to step it up a gear herself. Moving her hands so
they were firmly griping Mandy's lovely, peachy ass, she began pulling her
hips back and forth onto her face, with her outstretched tongue burring it's
self deep into Mandy's pussy with every stroke, causing her to whimper with

"Ohhhhh, CJ that feel GREAT" she gasped, as CJ picked up the tempo. This only
drove Mandy to re-double her efforts on pleasuring the women beneath her. She
began sucking on the fiery red heads clit, flicking it with her tongue and
gently biting it between her teeth.

"AAARRRRGGGHhhhh" CJ cried, slightly muffled by Mandy's crotch and thighs.
Mandy stopped suddenly thinking that she had gone to far.

"Oh, no Mandy, DON'T stop!" CJ grunted, pausing briefly in her own

So Mandy quickly buried her head back between CJ's long legs that were
kicking the air as the pleasure began to build up in her body. Both women
got into a rhythm where they were trying to out do each other in trying to
pleasure one another. As soon as CJ increased the pace of her face fucking,
resulting in ever increasing moaning from between her legs, then Mandy would
put even more pressure on her clit, driving CJ crazy and forcing her to yelp
louder and louder.

They were both pushing each other ever closer to orgasm, their pussies began
streaming pussy juices that they each lapped up happily, some however flowing
over their chins and noses. Their breathing became heavier and more rapid as
they gulped in air between love making exercises, and the sounds they were
making were ever more loud and rasping, which drove them on even more.

CJ knew Mandy was close to cumming and wanted to send her over the edge big
time, so she mover one of her hands down between Mandy's legs, using her
juices to cover her index finger. She then slowly traced her finger down her
pussy and towards her tight sphincter.

Mandy was lost in the world of lust, and desire and hardly noticed what CJ
was doing until the last moment. Her eyes opened wide with astonishment as
her brain suddenly clicked as to what CJ was doing. And then CJ penetrated
her virgin ass hole. She buried her face into CJs wet pussy and screamed,
arching her back up to try and escape the pain, but CJ didn't stop.

CJ slowly pushed her finger half way up before pulling out again. She did
this again and again, going deeper each time as Mandy's ass hole became used
to the intrusion. She began to wiggle it about slightly and increase the
speed of her penetrations. Mandy's hips came back down again and her muffled
screams of pain were slowly turning to gasps of pleasure. CJ loved the
feeling of Mandy groaning and breathing deep inside her and she was close to
climax herself. She returned to lapping at Mandy's pussy and circling her
clit with her tongue.

"AAAHHhhhhh... AAAHHhhhhh... AAAHHhhhhh... AAAHHhhhhh..." Mandy yelled into
her lovers pussy, her tounge leaping out and licking the inside of CJ's cunt.

CJ went for one final push as she rammed her whole finger into Mandy's ass as
she sucked hard on her clit.


Mandy screamed, biting down over CJ's pussy to muffle her cries of joy as
the second orgasm of the night exploded inside her.


This sudden burst of pleasure and pain was the last straw for CJ as well as
her body went into spasm and her pussy once again convulsed shooting out
streams of cum into Mandy's face and arching high into the air, landing on
the carpet and on the filing shelves opposite.

Both women moaned and cried in pleasure together as they held each other
while their euphoric feelings melted away.

After a minuet or so, Mandy was with it enough to twist around and lay along
the inside of the couch next to CJ, who was still staring at the ceiling in

Both of their faces were covered in each other's lubricant, and they nuzzled
together, kissing and liking each other clean as their breathing came back to
normal and their hearts stopped racing. They both looked at each other and
smiled, satisfaction etched across both of their grinning faces.

"If I'd of known it would've been this good I would have tried to sooner,"
teased Mandy, pecking CJ on the lips.

"Take it from me, that was unlike anything I've ever experienced." replied
CJ, looking straight into her partners eyes. "I don't ever want this to end."

Suddenly a knock on the door caused both women to jump and panic suddenly
took hold.

"CJ, its Donna, are you in there?"

There was a moments hesitation

"Yea", replied CJ weakly. Mandy slapped her on the side of the arm and
glared at her.

"Why did you do that?" she whispered mockingly. CJ waved her away.

"What do you want? CJ called, more forcefully this time.

"I just wondered if you'd seen Mandy, Josh said she was feeling a bit down.
I thought I'd try and help her feel a bit better. Is she in there with you?"

CJ looked over at Mandy. She arched one of her eyebrows, a smile curling
the edge of her lips. CJ turned back.

"Yea. Yea she is, give me a second..."


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