Weird Science Part 2 (mmf,anal)
by Vidlydon

"It's not like we're taking advantage of her, or anything." Wyatt shifted
uncomfortably on the sofa, flicking through the TV channels. Beside him,
sprawled with an idiot grin on his face, Gary shrugged languidly.

"'s not like we're.....uh.....taking advantage..." He glanced
down at Lisa, her head bobbing at his lap. Gary had his hands on her
shoulders, massaging them gently as she pleasured him. "Wyatt, dude, she's
got to pay the rent, you know? We gave her life, and a place to stay- the
least she can do is...uh..... suck us off, right?"

Inwardly, Lisa considered. She'd actually sucked them off a number of times,
fingered their assholes as they came, swallowed, fucked in missionary and on
top, fucked and sucked at once, let them cum in her hair, shoot in her face
and seduced the overweight post-man for their entertainment. He'd dumped a
load on her face as she administered to him. So, all things considered, she'd
done a lot more than just suck the two teenagers off.

Wyatt shrugged. "I guess so. Can you tell her to finish up now? I want
another beer from the fridge."

On command, Lisa began to pump faster, bringing her hands up to work up and
down on the base of Gary's cock. She worked her rubbery lips over the ridges
of his dick, trying to bring him off. The teenager squirmed, his eyes rolling
back in his head as she brought him close to the edge. Wyatt grimaced. Gary
was a drooler, all right. Last night, when they'd bent her over the kitchen
table and fucked her brains out, he's been dripping saliva all over her
tanned back. As he thought about the incident, and what it had been like to
bend over her, his hands covering hers as he slammed into her, he grew hard
again. Suddenly, he didn't feel like another beer.

Wyatt was making sounds like a chipmunk as he spasmed. Lisa was audibly
impressed by the size of his load as he pumped it into her warm mouth. She
twirled her tongue through the streamers of cum as he orgasmed, savouring
the taste. Only her fourth time sucking Gary's cock, and each time was
better than the last.

She licked her lips as she released him, glancing over at Wyatt. He was
staring at her lustily, already unzipping his pants. One thing about these
boys, they weren't much for conversation. But she had to feel charmed at the
fact that they never got tired of fucking her. Smiling, she stood. Lisa was
wearing faded jeans that hugged her dangerous curves, and a white halter-top
that revealed a nice amount of bronzed flesh. It was stained a little from
when Gary had shot all over her tits at breakfast time. She hadn't meant to
make him do it, but she's leaned over just a little too far when pouring him
his cornflakes. One nipple had brushed his lips, and then he'd been spasming.
He'd managed to cream a fair bit on the cornflakes as well, which she'd
dutifully eaten on the boy's command. Just for a laugh, they'd been jerking
off into shot-glasses for her late last night, watching as she downed them.
The stamina she'd bequeathed them magically meant they just didn't get tired
for long.

"Do you want me to wank you, Wyatt?" She raised one eyebrow. "You're looking
awfully tense".


She mimed running one hand up and down an enormous penis, grinning
seductively. "It's an english word for what you boys did before I came

Gary mumbled something incoherent and staggered off towards the kitchen.
Wyatt licked his lips and reached out, hooking his fingers into her
waistband, pulling her down alongside him. "Do it."

He settled his head onto her shoulder as she took him in her hands,
skillyfully wanking him to full hardness. She was an old hand (excuse the
pun) and her hands kneaded his cock with professional ease. She'd never done
it with them before, but she had a wealth of anatomical knowledge to draw on
in her false memory. There was beads of moisture appearing on the top of his
cock, and without hesitating she dipped her head and scoured it off. Wyatt
moaned, and made her stroke him more slowly.

"I... can't hold off with you. You just make me want to..cum, just thinking
about you...." It was true, she smirked. Last night, as they sprawled sticky
in his bed, trying to grab some sleep, he'd actually just came in his boxers,
apparently just from thinking about her firm ass crushed up against him. As
usual, she'd been called on to clean up the mess.

Lisa grimaced as the boy whimpered and pumped hot cum all over her hands.
Too late! It ran in luke-warm rivulets over her forearms and into her jeans,
making them damp. The house was already beginning to stink as they fucked
her in every room. She frowned as he sighed.

"Damn. I need to learn some less effective wanking technique. Have a re-fill,

Lisa raised one cum-slick hand. She gestured sharply, and Wyatt felt a band
of electricity surge into his body. Miraculously, he felt a stirring in his
flaccid cock. After a moment, it spurted a short stream of yet more warm cum,
this time onto Lisa's bare midriff. A second later, it was back at full
throbbing hardness. Wyatt laughed wildly as she began to wank him again. Then
he had an idea as he massaged her tits through her top, ignoring the dampness
of the fabric. He'd been forced to get used to finding cum on virtually all
the houses' surfaces. Lisa couldn't lick all of it up.

"Take your top off".

She obeyed instantly, tugging the sticky garment off and revealing perfect
tits. Wyatt sized up her cleavage and nodded.

"OK, Lisa, enough of this european stuff. Let's try a good old american style

He forced her down onto her knees in front of him, and thrust his cum-coated
cock into the valley of her breasts. Grunting, he cupped her tits and created
a funnel for thrusting into. Quickly, she was into it, dropping her head to
lubricate her tits with tingling cyber-genie saliva. Wyatt tit-fucked her
rapidly, feeling another orgasm on the way. The he looked behind her......


"Yes?" She was breathing heavily, intent on making his next orgasm memorable.



He pushed her back, his hands slippery on her cum-slick tits. She regarded
him quizzically. He lay back, his cock still hard and standing upright before
him. Wyatt's eyes were looking at something behind her. She glanced back, and
saw that Gary had returned, carrying something he'd taken from the medicine
cupboard. He was staring at her with a spaced-out grin. Wyatt was already
rubbing his hands together in glee.

Gary was holding a large tub of Vaseline up for inspection.

"I think I've got a fantasy I need to act out."

Wyatt nodded quickly. "Me too."

Lisa sighed.

Guys always had a thing about fucking a girl in the ass, didn't they? She
stood up, and slid her jeans down, revealing her tanned legs and muscular
gymnast's ass. "OK, boys, where do you want to sodomise me? On the floor?
Over the sofa? Kitchen table?"

Gary glanced at Wyatt.

"How about.... your Mom and Dad's bedroom, dude?"

Wyatt thought for a moment.

"That's a definite possibility, man." He stood up, slapping Lisa on the ass.

"OK, bitch, run up those stairs, and get ready to be lubed and reamed."

She mock-saluted, and jogged ahead of them through the house and up to the
second story. Wyatt's parent's room was elegant and spacious, dominated by a
white-sheeted four-poster-bed. Lisa stretched out langoriously on the sheets,
her ass to the guy standing in the doorway.

"Come and get it, boys."

Gary sank down behind her, taking his perogative. It had been his idea, so
he'd be the first one to play with her tight ass. He was anticipating
something special. The amount of times he'd fantasised about ass-fucking one
or other of the cheerleaders at school, or even Wyatt's mom, and now he was
about to stretch a sweeter ass than he'd ever dared to hope for.

His hands trembling, he applied dollops of the vaseline to her asshole,
rubbing the jelly deep into her. She was already shivering, moving her body
back onto him. Tenatively, he slid his index finger into her ass. She bit
down on her lip, and dripped some honey onto Wyatt's mom's bed-sheets.

"She's able to handle it, man. Just smear some on your tool, and get in

Wyatt was hovering behing like an anxious father as Gary pulled down his
trousers and freed his dick. He quickly dipped it into the Vaseline tub and
greased himself up. Then he came close to Lisa. Bent over like this on all
fours, she suddenly seemed smaller, more vulnerable. Not the cock-swallowing
amazon they'd conjoured up. She was more submissive, more human.

Gary placed his cock at the opening of her asshole, and she seemed to suck it
in like her mouth did. He swallowed hard as she forced herself back onto him,
her ass-muscles clamping down on him. Her assring clenched the base of his
cock like a warm hand, tighter than he'd ever felt before. He hunched down
over her, placing his hands on the soft skin of her hips, his face almost on
top of her golden back as he began to hump her like a rabbit. Her ass was
fantastic! Revelling in the sensations, he thrust in and out, feeling her ass
contract and expand as the head of his cock sawed in and out of her ring. She
was gathering up handfuls of the bed-sheets, and moaning gently, clenching
down on his dick every now and again. She kept tightening up on him, like she
refused to just let him take her. It was like a hand kneading his cock.

But it wasn't a hand, he smirked. It was Lisa's talented ass, and it belonged
to him...

Behing him, Wyatt was pacing, his eyes never leaving the sight of his friend
fucking Lisa in the ass. He was trying not to feel jealous. Her creation had
been mostly his affair, and because he had lost his virginity to this
beautiful, intelligent woman, he her. Gary had lost his
too, of course, but..... even so.

Lisa grimaced as Gary upped the speed of his thrusts, starting to use her a
little harder. He curled his fingers through her hair, and yanked her head
back to meet her thrusts. She arched her back, which changed the angle of her
ass and his dick, exerting even more pressure on Gary.

"Bitch....nnnghh.....take it.....nnggh....."

Gary straightened up as he felt the familliar warm rush approaching, and
brutally pumped Lisa's reddened ass a few more times before pulling out with
a wet 'thwop'. She stoop trembling on all fours for a moment, her flanks damp
with sweat, asshole spasming still. Gary forced her face into a pillow and
feverishly crushed closer to her, his cock twitching uncontrollably. Gasping,
he pumped all over her smooth back, shooting pools of hot cum, more than he'd
even shot before. It formed in a sticky mass on her spine and between her

Sighing, Gary relaxed, allowing the tension to flow from him. Languidly, as
he'd seen Wyatt do, he shuffled forward and cleaned his cock off on her hair.
Lisa still had her face in the pillow. There were red handprints on her hips,
where he'd been humping her, and though they were already fading, he thought
she might bruise tomorrow.

"Good work, bitch. We'll train that ass of yours really well, you wait and

Lisa wouldn't meet his eyes.

Behind them, Wyatt was worried. Lisa was shaking a little too much. He
thought she'd orgasmed again just as Gary pulled out, but he thought his
friend had pushed their slave just a little too hard.

Gary stumbled from the room, his flaccid cock forgotten. "Need some beer.
Your turn, Wyatt."

His friend turned, about to offer an angry retort, but Gary was already
thumping down the stairs. Shaking his head, Wyatt settled onto the bed. Lisa
was still unmoving, though she's turned to look at him coolly. Wyatt opened
his mouth to say something reassuring, but at that moment he heard something
from downstairs.

The slam of the front-door as it opened and closed.


Wyatt's heart convulsed.

And then there was a pounding on the stairs as Gary rushed into the room,
his eyes wild. He was shaking like a leaf.

"W-w-wyatt....wyatt......uh....Chet is here."

Wyatt groaned aloud. Lisa, reaching a hand around to wipe away the cum that
was dripping onto her ass, raised an eyebrow.

"Who's Chet?"

"My brother," Wyatt whispered. He frowned. "We can't let him find you...."

"...why not?"

Gary and Wyatt both grimaced.

"He's really into buggery in a big way."

Lisa looked pale.

The End


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