Weird Science Part 1 (mF,m-mast,oral)
by Vidlydon

Scene One

For a few moments, Wyatt lay stunned on the carpet. Static electricity
trickled through his fingers, running in neon bands over him. Only moments
ago, before they'd engaged the characther creation programme, he'd been hard
as a rock, engorged and fully erect at the thought of the cyber-babe on the
screen. She'd been pixel perfect. His manhood had shrunk when the chaos
began. All from the touch of a button

Had Venus's birth been so cataclysmic?

Beside him on the ground, his friend Gary groaned and sat up slowly, rubbing
his blond hair. The fifteen year old glanced down at Wyatt. Around them, the
room was a mess.

"Gary... you okay?"

"I... I think so. Man, that was crazy. But... something happened, right?"

Slowly, Wyatt came to his knees. There was a film of bluish mist heavy on
the carpet, now the electricity had faded. After a moment, his eyes went to
the open door. Both boys scrambled to their feet, swaying uncertainly as a
tentative hand curled around the doorframe from the outside.


The hand was long, tanned and unmistakably feminine.

"I know, Gary, I know".

The hand was followed by a body, the body they'd created. Wyatt felt sweat
bead on his forehead. It had all been so simple. In hindsight... so simple.
Input the measurments, the requirments, the skills.... and here she was.

They moved towards her as one, converging on her naked form like hungry dogs.
She was taller than either of them, almost six feet of bronzed perfection. He
took in her long, athletic golden legs, slim hips and flat, smooth stomach.
Her breasts were generous, carefully delineated and gravity-defying. Even
naked, her cleavage seemed inhuman. Wyatt chuckled. It was inhuman.

He reached out, touching a dark, hard nipple reverently. Lisa glanced down, a
smile playing over her angellic face as she watched his pants bulge outward
suddenly. Gary stood a few paces back, studying her ample, pink lips and
gleaming auburn hair. She winked at him mischeviously.

"You boys want to find me some clothes, or.... are we alright for the

Wyatt turned slowly to Gary, his eyes wide and incredulous.



Lisa smirked, and lowered her hand to massage Wyatt's penis through his
pants. The boy groaned and moved his hips to press himself onto her wicked
hand. Behind him, he heard Gary unzip, and bring his long penis into his
hands. Gary's breathing was becoming heavy, his eyes on Lisa's tanned

"Baby, why don't you show your new servant what you've got for her?"

Wyatt swallowed hard as Lisa dropped slowly to her knees in front of him. Her
lips suddenly seemed so pink, so warm. He placed his hands determinately on
the top of her head and told her what he wanted. He whispered it to her, his
voice shaking, his dick straining to touch those smooth lips... This was
happening. This was really happening.

Smoothly, Lisa unbuckled him, and stripped down his trousers, revealing his
stretched boxer shorts. Carefully, she eased them down over his bobbing,
inflamed cock. Moving robotically, Wyatt stepped out of his trousers and
underwear, her cool hands manipulating him with ease. She ran her hands over
his hips, cupping his ass and bringing her lips tantalisingly close to her
mouth. Wyatt groaned, and shuffled over to rest his back and head against the
doorframe. Lisa moved with him, still on her knees.

Then it happened-

He felt smooth, rubbery warmth enfold his dick, and a slight, titilating
pressure. He glanced down, running his hands through his hair as Lisa took
him deeper into her mouth. Her eyes were clothed, intent as she was as
folding her lips smoothly over his cock, centimeter by centimeter.

"Oh fuck... fuck Wyatt, she's sucking you off, man..."

Wyatt grimaced. Gary had an unfortunate propensity for stating the obvious.
The boy had sunk to his knees a little way off, pumping his penis slowly with
both hands. His eyes were fixed on Lisa's bobbing mouth.The lady herself was
making sounds of satisfaction, as she upped the pressure and took him deeper,
taking him back into her slender throat. Her tits were mashed against his
knees, and his hands were entwined in her hair.


Wyatt felt something building in his balls...

"I think...I think I'm..."

She mumbled something around his cock, and resumed sucking. But her hands
slid expertly around to his ass, raising it away from the doorway. And then
there were her fingers, cool and invasive, running along the crack of his
ass. She carefully pressed manicured, baby-soft fingers into the orfice she
was looking for.

Wyatt stood up straight, the stirring in his cock forgotten. Her finger

...pressing into his...

Lisa massaged his ass, patiently continuing her sucking until she felt a
little give. Then, gently, she pressed a finger into his asshole. Wyatt
squirmed, and his eyes almost rolled back in his head and she slipped it
deep up his ass. With a 'pop', breathing hard, Lisa broke of from her
blowjob, a line of spittle joining her wet lips to Wyatt's cock.

"You can cum when you want to babe. I'm yours." She glanced wickedly at
Gary, masturbating furiously in the corner.

Wyatt gulped something monosyllabic as he forced her back onto his cock. Her
finger hit something, something sensitive, and he felt his knees buckle. His
cock twitched furiously in her mouth, and Wyatt felt his knees buckle. Lisa
inwardly smiled as she felt the tension build and then explode from the boy.
The first time was the most important for a young stud. The finger in the ass
would make it more memorable.

His ass-ring clamped down on her finger, spasming furiously. Then the thick
stream of sperm was in her throat, the pressure incredible. Lisa worked him
relentlessly, wiggling her finger and swallowing the thick, chunky spunk.
After a few seconds, her finger slipped from his asshole and her lips
released him. They were coated in saliva and traces of sperm.

"There, did my baby come? That was..."

She was interrupted as his cock twitched in front of her face, spasming on
final time. Lisa's eyes widened as he shot a final streamer into her mouth
and over his cheek. A tiny bit spattered onto one delicate eyelash.

"Baby..." she breathed.

Wyatt groaned. He roughly yanked her hair closer to his cock and began wiping
his wet member, soaked at the top with cum, on her shiny hair. Lisa grinned
widely. Wyatt was exhausted, and breathing hard. He'd be a good master, she
thought. Now all there was to do was to take care of the other boy... she turned, however, she felt a whimper and a sudden wetness on her
leg and ass. Whirling, she saw that Gary had shot his load, directly onto
her golden hip and leg. Cum ran in white rivulets down her stems. The boy
was sleepy-eyed, regarding her from a tangled, sweaty mess of arms and legs.
Lisa smiled, and dipped a finger in him, bringing it to her lips.

She smirked.

"You guys are both tasty."

She ruffled Wyatt's hair as he collapsed against her.

"We're going to be very happy together."

The boys were too tired to answer.

The End


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