Wayans Bros: Men Rule And Women Drool (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Deidre "Dee" Baxter looked at herself in the mirror. What stared back at her
was a tall, somewhat chubby but attractive black woman in a police uniform.
She smiled to herself, and looked back at her apartment. Though modest, it
was alright. Tonight was a special night in the life of Dee Baxter. Tonight,
she and her secret lover, Marlon Williams, were about to embark on new

Marlon Williams showed up at the door, looking fantastic. He kissed her, and
she led him inside. Once they were inside, they unleashed their passion. Dee
and Marlon hastily undressed, and Marlon feasted his eyes on the physique of
the big, beautiful black woman he had always admired from afar. Dee turned
around, showing him her forty-inch black bubble butt. Smiling, Dee bent over
and made her sexy butt jiggle. Marlon smiled, and felt himself get hard.

Dee looked at Marlon. He was tall and muscular, and simply looked sexy while
naked. She took him to her bed. Once there, the big black woman licked him
from her head to his toes. When she made her way to his groin, his thick and
uncircumcised black dick stared her in the face. Slowly, she took it all into
her mouth. Marlon smiled and thrust his cock into her succulent lips. Dee
sucked his cock and licked his balls. While sucking him, Dee slid one of her
fingers into Marlon's asshole. Although surprised, he didn't seem to mind.

Marlon looked at the sexy, thick black woman as she sucked his cock. Man, he
always had a thing for large black females. Especially cute ones like Dee. It
wasn't long before he came. When he did, Dee drank his seed, gulping it all
down without spilling a single drop. Marlon smiled, and decided to return the
favor. He spread Dee's thick legs, and gave her hairy pussy a good licking.
Dee's pussy smelled good. He ate her out and licked her clit while fingering
her. It wasn't long before Dee was moaning his name, wet as a puddle.

Next, Marlon put on a condom and slid his cock into Dee's wet pussy. He
thrust into her, and gave that pussy of hers a serious pounding. Dee screamed
his name as he tore up her pussy. He pulled out and flipped her so that she
lay on her back, then spread her butt cheeks wide open. He saw her tiny
asshole, and pressed his hard cock against it. Dee looked at Marlon with
panicked eyes as he rubbed his cock against her tiny asshole. Although she
was a big woman, her asshole was small and she'd never been fucked anally
before. Ever the gentleman, Marlon decided to walk her through it.

Marlon Williams spat and rubbed it against Dee Baxter's asshole, and pushed
his cock into her. Slowly but surely, he worked his cock into the big black
woman's tiny asshole. Dee gasped as Marlon began to fuck her ass. She
couldn't believe it. Her ass was so tight and his cock was so huge, yet
somehow he managed to cram most of it up her butt hole. He placed his hands
on her wide hips, and thrust into her. Marlon looked at Dee with a maniacal
gleam in his eyes as he began to pound her asshole till kingdom come.

Dee screamed as Marlon slammed his cock into her tight asshole. He was so
long and thick and her asshole was so tiny. Yet he was stretching her nice
and wide with that thick cock of his. Dee fingered her pussy as Marlon
fucked her in the ass. Although her asshole still hurt like hell, what with
being filled by twelve inches of thick Black Man Power up her butt, the pain
was slowly replaced by a curious feeling of pleasure. Marlon slammed his
cock impossibly deep into her asshole, going deep where the sun didn't shine.

Dee screamed like a bitch as Marlon tore her asshole up. He pulled out,
flipped her on her belly and stuck his cock up her asshole once more. He
smacked her plump butt cheeks and slammed his cock up her asshole. Hard
and deep, that was the only way to fuck a bitch in her ass. He continued
to fuck her asshole until he came, then pulled out.

Marlon came all over Dee's face, and laughed as he watched her drink it.
Yeah, this bitch got the fucking that she deserved. He came once more, so
excited he was. He watched Dee drink his cum, and some of it drooled down
her lips. Yeah, Men Ruled and Women Drooled. That was the natural order of
things. He was still laughing when he left the apartment, leaving her naked
and covered with cum. Oh, and with her head chopped off, too.

The End


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