Wayans Bros: Bend Over And Take It Deep (MMF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Dee Baxter walked into the Williams household. The tall, curvy but sexy
black female security guard wore her black uniform which fit her like a
glove. Tonight was no ordinary night, tonight she was going to entertain
the Williams men. For the longest time, she had desired them. Now, they
were going to indulge her fantasy of being with two sexy men at once. Her
dreams were coming true. At last. Dee Baxter was one happy black woman.

Shawn Williams and his brother Marlon sat on the couch, stroking their long
and thick black cocks. Two of the world's sexiest black men stared at Dee,
and she stared right back. Slowly, Dee began to undress. The two men feasted
their eyes on her flesh. The tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped
and big-bottomed black woman stared at them. She could tell that they liked
what they saw. Marlon asked her to turn around and she did. The two brothers
admired her plump and sexy bubble butt. Yeah, the chick had it going on.
Marlon and Shawn felt her up. Dee Baxter lived up to the legend of the black
woman as having a fine booty. They were going to have some fun with her.

Shawn stood before Dee, and took off his clothes. He stroked his ten-inch
cock and masturbated in front of her. Dee looked at his massive cock with
interest. Yeah, he was a fine-looking stud with a big cock. She wanted some
of that. Shawn smiled and pressed his cock against her mouth. After a brief
hesitation, Dee took his cock into her mouth and began sucking on him. Shawn
smiled and stroked her hair as Dee sucked him. Damn, she was pretty good at
what she did. Marlon watched as Dee sucked his brother off, stroking himself.
Dee had the biggest, baddest black booty he had seen in a long time. The
young black stud definitely wanted some of that.

Dee sucked Shawn's cock until the young black man came in her mouth. When he
did, she sucked the cum out of his thick cock. Shawn laughed. He always knew
that Dee was a freaky bitch underneath her prim and proper exterior. Every
woman had her nasty bitch streak. He was going to have a go with that pussy
of hers. Unfortunately, Marlon had other plans. With a maniacal look on his
face, he grabbed Dee and propped the large black woman on all fours. Dee was
surprised but did not protest. Just like a good submissive slut. Marlon
spread her plump butt cheeks and pressed his finger against her asshole. He
slid it inside her, and began exploring her anal cavity.

While Marlon subjected Dee Baxter to some anal probing, Shawn pulled her on
top of him. Dee straddled him and felt his thick cock between her legs. With
one firm thrust, Shawn buried his cock into Dee's pussy. Dee gasped. Shawn
had a big cock. Holding her firmly by the hips, he began to fuck her with all
the passion he could muster. Dee 's chubby body shook under the force of his
thrusts. Still, this was nothing compared to what Marlon had in store for

Marlon looked at Dee Baxter's bubble butt jiggling under the force of Shawn's
thrusts. Shawn was tearing up that pussy with his long and thick cock. Dee
was squealing in delight and begging for more, apparently loving every minute
of it. Marlon came up behind her, and held his massive cock in hand. He
pressed it against Dee 's back door, and pushed. Shawn was suckling on Dee's
tits as she rode him to high heaven. His cock was buried deep within her
pussy. When Marlon shoved his cock deep into her asshole, Dee's eyes widened
like a pair of saucers. Shawn honestly thought they were going to pop. The
big black woman's mouth opened, quivered, yet no sound came out of it. Behind
her, Marlon rammed his cock up her buns, deep down where the sun didn't
shine. Gleefully, he began fucking her tight asshole like there was no

Dee Baxter screamed as Marlon Williams slammed his cock up her ass. She had
never had anything that size down there before. The more she screamed, the
more turned on Marlon became. He fucked her harder. As for Shawn, he was
still slamming her pussy like sex was going out of style. The two brothers
combined their efforts to plug both her holes with maximum efficiency. They
clearly loved what they were doing. As for Dee, she felt that she was being
split in half. A huge cock was tearing up her pussy while another was crammed
impossibly deep into her ass. She felt filled, wonderfully and painfully
filled. The two brothers slammed deep into her holes, and she howled,
half-pain and half-pleasure, loud enough to wake the dead. That's when it
happened. Marlon and Shawn Williams came, sending their hot masculine seeds
deep inside Dee Baxter's pussy and asshole. Filling her up.

Slowly, Marlon and Shawn squeezed their long and thick cocks out of Dee's
pussy and asshole. The big Black woman lay there, panting and moaning. Her
thick and chubby body was soaked with sweat. Hot cum was leaking out of her
pussy and asshole. Courtesy of the Williams brothers. She looked up at them.
They stood over her, jerking off and smiling. They came all over her, again,
this time on her face. Dee drank their seed and licked their cocks dry.
Laughing, they helped her up and headed to the showers.

The End


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