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Warehouse 13:The "Object" Of My Affection Part 1 (Ff)
by FanCrafted

Myka Bering was having a rough day. Her and her partner, Pete Lattimer, had traveled to Houston, trying to track down an object that was altering people's minds and personalities. The last two people who had handled it, an old journal that had belonged Sigmund Freud, had had their minds and lives turned inside out. The first victim had left his family and run off to Las Vegas, spending thousands of dollars on call girls and the second, a young girl, had gone all out at a fraternity party and was later found in bed with 3 of the frat members. Needless to say, it was a powerful artifact and Myka was, as always, nervously attempting to track down the location of the journal. Pete and her had tracked it to the local college and hit a brick wall.

After talking the case over with Artie, or in his case, shouting about it, Myka and Pete were at the airport in Houston pulling a switch. Pete was flying back to South Dakota and Claudia was coming in. Myka had advanced the theory that perhaps the young woman would be able to blend in to the campus and give them an inside man, or woman in Claudia's case. Pete was waiting at his gate for his flight to board while Myka was parked outside the arrivals door, waiting on Claudia. Classical music played softly in the air conditioned car as she waited, fingers tapping slowly on the wheel. Scanning the people filtering out of the terminal into the sauna-like heat, she smiled as she caught a glimpse of copper red hair, bouncing along in a pixie cut, framing the face of a beautiful teen girl who had not yet reached the fullness of her beauty.

Claudia Donovan was 19 and a self-taught genius. Since helping Artie rescue her brother just mere months before, she had joined the Warehouse team with a vengeance. She had been lobbying Artie for weeks to help out Myka and/or Pete in the field. She was simultaneously thrilled and terrified about this opportunity. Myka and Pete had taken on the symbolic role of big sister and brother in her life and Claudia was incredibly eager to please them. She was young, smart, punk rock-esque, and despite her experiences so far in life, innocent and a bit naive.

Walking out into the crushing heat of a Houston late spring, Claudia swiveled her head back and forth, her signature red hair swinging back and forth as she looked for Myka. Perhaps my usual jeans, t-shirt, and jacket were not ideal for the weather here, though Claudia. Finally catching a glimpse of Myka in her professional pantsuit, she waved to the brunette who had resorted to climbing out into the heat and standing next to the car to flag down the younger girl. "Claudia, over here!" Myka yelled out as she flagged down her wayward charge. "Hurry up and get in out of the heat. Luggage goes in the trunk."

Claudia moved to the rear of the car, hefting her small suitcase into the trunk of the rental car and hurried to the passenger side and climbed into the sinfully air conditioned interior, sighing in relief as her fair skin and over-dressed body finally escaped the Houston sun, heat, and humidity.

"Myka, please tell me all our work is gonna be interior while we are here," Claudia groaned out as she relaxed in the coolness of the car.

"Sweetie, if life and Warehouse duty were that easy, it wouldn't take us to do it, now would it?" Myka shot back, teasing Claudia with a smile. Turning her attention back to the road, Myka began navigating out of the airport. Driving into downtown, the older agent and young apprentice made conversation, chatting about possible locations for the journal, recent movies they had seen, how juvenile Pete could be, anything that crossed their minds. Turning onto the college campus, Myka pulled into a spot in the parking lot of the campus library.

"Ok, Claudia, as far as Pete and I could trace, the journal should be somewhere in the library. Unfortunately, every time we started getting close, campus security would get called. Apparently, students here find the presence of two federal agents to be a buzzkill and call the cops. That's why we were hoping that you would be able to get closer and locate it." Myka explained, "I understand if you're too scared or nervous to do this but we are up against the wall on this."

Claudia swallowed nervously, already knowing how powerful and pervasive the object could be. "No, Mykes, I have been asking and asking for this opportunity, I can't just say no because it's tough or a little dangerous."

"A little?" Myka coughed. "A little would be the understatement of..." Myka trailed off as she saw the gorgeous young redhead go pale as her fear was reinforced. "Claudia, seriously, it's going to be dangerous but I know you are up to the task. You can do this. I believe in you." The senior agent smiled warmly at the younger girl, reaching over and putting her hand on Claudia's arm to reassure her.

The warm feel of Myka's hand on her arm had a calming effect somewhat on Claudia. Taking a deep breath, she asked, "You really think I can do this?"

"I definitely do, Claudia. You are smart and flexible, and more than strong enough to do this job, " Myka said. "I will be right behind you for back-up."

"Ok, let's do it. The sooner we get the journal, the sooner I can unclench," Claudia said, trying to release some of her tension with humor.

Myka smiled, knowing that Claudia's sass was a sign that she was beginning to relax without even being aware of it. The two ladies braced themselves and stepped out of the air conditioning, Myka checking her pockets for the special gloves and bag that they would need once they had located the object. She never noticed the pin holes in her gloves, courtesy of a stray earring in her suit coat pocket. Those pinholes would come to be responsible for a whole world of changes over the next few days and weeks.

Over the next few hours, Claudia and Myka slowly worked their way through the library until they had worked their way downstairs to the rare book section of the library. Prowling through the stacks, they followed their instincts and clues to one of the lower shelves of the last stack in the back row (of course.) After a tense few hours, Claudia nearly forgot what they were hunting and reached out with her bare hand.

"Claudia, no!" Myka yelped, "Don't touch it! Let me get my gloves on and then we can bag it safely."

"Yikes, that was close. Thanks Mykes, you saved my tiny little tushy there. I don't know what I was thinking," Claudia breathed out as Myka pulled on her impenetrable (nearly) gloves and got the bag out as well.

"It's ok sweetie, I can remember the rush that I felt the first time Pete and I managed to track down an object. The adrenaline rush was intense, like nothing we had ever experienced, even with the Secret Service." As she was telling Claudia about her and Pete's first time, she had Claudia open the bag for her as she carefully picked up the journal. "We were so pumped after, so high, we went out and had ourselves a night to remember. I shouldn't tell you this, Pete would kill me, but we went back to our hotel room and nearly broke the bed. It was amazing!" Unnoticed by Myka as she was telling Claudia this were the small holes in her gloves, allowing the object to ever-so-gently begin influencing her mind, changing her in small, nearly undetectable ways. Myka shook her head slightly against a small buzzing sensation and wondered why she had shared that with Claudia.

Claudia gasped as Myka told her this confession, shocked that her straight-laced older co worker had committed such a deliciously sinful act. As Claudia gasped, her hands jerked and the merest edge of the journal brushed against her hand while sliding into the bag. Unnoticed by either woman, the journal slid into the bag in a crackle of purple static and a small, again unnoticed, puff of dust that was inhaled by both women.

Letting out a small shout of triumph and holding the bag away from her body, Claudia closed to Myka and gave the older woman a huge hug, nearly crying and laughing in relief as her adrenaline began to peak and ebb in her bloodstream. Taking the bag from her shaking hands, Myka carefully placed it on the ground and then tightly held the younger woman, gently laughing and rubbing her back as her body slowly calmed down. That feels really nice, so comforting, thought Claudia as her shakes began to subside. The two ladies gave one more strong squeeze and then separated, laughing at each other and themselves as they gathered up the now-sealed bag and Myka's cast-off gloves. They carried everything out to the car, relaxing as they did so, not even realizing that even now, despite being bagged, the object was continuing to influence them, make them more susceptible.

As they were climbing in the car, Claudia asked, "Do we have to head back right away or can we take a few days to relax and check out the area, a sort of mini vacation? I brought my fake ID and everything so we can even tip a few back without Pete around to make us feel guilty. And as much as I love the Warehouse, it's way too cold back home right now."

Myka smiled at the younger woman, feeling a small rush of warmth as she stared at her, and said, "Let me try and sweet talk Artie but I think that can be arranged. I could definitely use some R and R time as well. Let me get on the Farnsworth and see if I can work some magic with Mr. Eyebrows himself and get us some off time."

Handing Claudia the keys to the rental and instructing her to drive to the nicest downtown hotel in Houston, Myka starting spinning her magic story to Artie, regaling him with a tale resulting in the few days that the two ladies were looking for. Unaware the whole time that the object was continuing to exert its influence on her, on both of them, slowly changing their minds, bodies, and souls.

Claudia pulled into a posh looking hotel in downtown Houston, pulling up to the valet and stepping out of the car as a young man in a smart uniform ran over to help her. Handing the valet her keys, she turned to Myka as she exited the car and said, "Now what girlfriend? I seem to have misplaced my company card."

"Don't worry about that Claudia, I have us covered. Its a suite for us, baby, and sun and sexy times for the next several days," said Myka, suggestively eying Claudia's tight, jean covered rear end. Where in the world did that come from? Thought Myka. I have never felt the urge to check out another woman like that before. Shaking her head at a sudden burst of fuzziness, Myka slung her arm around Claudia's shoulders and hugged her in tight, the brunette giving the younger redhead an affectionate peck on her head. Claudia laughed it off, putting it down to the nerves that she was still feeling.

After checking into a spacious 2 bedroom suite up on the 15th floor, the 2 ladies unpacked and took a shower to wash off the nervous sweat that had so pervaded their clothes just a couple hours earlier. Stepping out of her shower, Myka toweled off and strode into her bedroom and began to dress, sliding her surprisingly sexy boy shorts up over her curvaceous hips and smiling as she felt the silken material snug against her tight ass and freshly shaven pussy. She pulled a matching lavender bra from her luggage and put that on as well, relishing the feel of the material against her sensitive and perky tits. Pulling out a business skirt and fresh blouse, Myka frowned at her dowdy office wear but lacking choices, dressed and went out to the living area to lounge on the sectional sofa for Claudia to be ready. PIcking up the tv remote and flipping through the channels, she settled into the extremely comfortable chaise lounge part of the sofa and drifted into a white haze. Thoughts of Claudia soaping herself under the steaming hot water, rubbing soap all over her lily white breasts, sliding her hands down her slender yet curvy body, running her fingers over the well-trimmed red bush that glided down to her dripping wet slit, fingers delicately spreading...

"Myka? You alright there girl?" Claudia's voice startled Myka out of her daze. The sexy but innocent red head had come out of her bedroom and found the senior agent splayed out on the chaise lounge part of the sofa, her legs spread ever so slightly more than proper, allowing Claudia a glimpse of Myka's sultry thighs as her skirt had ridden up a bit while she was dozing. Fluttering her eyes open as Claudia's sweet tenor made its way into her dozing mind, Myka was pleasantly surprised by what the young girl had on. A dark red denim skirt coupled with a scarlet tank top that complimented her hair down to well worn cowboy boots and topped off with a cute little cowboy hat. Myka immediately straightened up, smiling as she took in the sight of the young woman standing in front of her.

Giggling a bit as she took in Claudia's outfit, Myka asked her, "Claudia, sweetie, where on earth did you get those clothes? Did you pay the concierge to bring them up or something?"

"No way girlfriend," shot back Claudia, "I packed them along just in case. I wasn't sure how long this case would take and I wanted to make sure I would blend in. Plus, how often do I get to rock my smoking hot cowgirl outfit back home in dowdy old Sdak, eh?" With that said, the sassy computer nerd cocked one leg out, stuck out her hand, thumb up hitch hiking style, lowered her hat over her eyes and gave Myka a smoldering hot look that caused the senior brunette to moisten immediately. Mmmmm, that is one sexy looking cowgirl/nerd, thought Myka before she could catch herself. Breaking out into a genuine grin that further melted Myka's heart (and pussy), Claudia stood up naturally and continued, "I was also hoping that we might get a chance to hit up some of the country western bars that I have heard so much about. I am told, by completely reliable people on the internet," she said with a wink and smile at Myka," that they are crazy hot and fun. Couldn't take the chance that I would miss such an opportunity to show off my assets." Again, the redhead struck a pose, bending over at the waist, tight little ass pointed towards Myka and giving her a smoldering pinup stare over her shoulder.

Catching the jaw dropping stare that Myka gave her when she had struck her pose, Claudia laughed and swooped in on Myka, giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek while laughing, saying, "We are going to have an awesome vacation big sister! Whoo! First, though, we need to swing by a local store and get you something a bit more casual. Casual casual, not business casual, sister. You gotta learn to blend." Helping Myka up off the couch, the ladies headed for the elevator, arm in arm. Once they hit the lobby, the concierge directed them to a local country western store and gave them a list of similar bars in the area.

Strolling into the store, the two ladies immediately fell into female shopping mode, oohing and aahing over the numerous choices to be found. Rather quickly, Myka had several outfits worth of cowgirl style clothing to try on. Making their way over to the changing rooms, Claudia sank down into the overstuffed recliner placed outside the ladies changing room and sent Myka in to start trying stuff on. She tried on several outfits and modeled them all for Claudia, each time her heart pounding a little more, her pussy getting a little more slippery as she sashayed and strutted out from behind the curtain and showed off for her sexy yet innocent partner. Oh my god, she is soooo sexy and she doesn't even realize it. If she knew how hot she was getting me...thoughts like this went through Myka's head as she went back behind the curtain to change into her final possible outfit. Sliding the faded denim skirt up her legs and over her thighs, she gave her firm and curvaceous read end a shimmy to properly settle the garment, relishing the squishy feeling from between her legs. She picked up the royal blue short sleeved button up blouse, buttoning up the shirt, immediately loving the way the shirt clung to her perky breasts. Deciding to be on the daring side, Myka buttoned up only far enough to keep from showing off the bow on the front of her bra. Reaching up and cupping her breasts, she gave herself a gentle bounce and squeeze, moaning ever so softly as her nipples pushed back at her palms. Checking herself in the mirror, she smiled at how good she looked. Stepping out from the changing room, she felt her smile expand into a grin at the sight of Claudia settled into the recliner, her smooth legs crossed demurely, her scarlet tank top offering up just a bit more than a hint of cleavage. Walking out, she stopped, mimicked Claudia's earlier hitch hiker pose and then twirled in place, her new boots showing off her calves and knees, her skirt showing off her tight ass, and the shirt being just simply scandalous.

Claudia gasped a bit, the transformation of Myka from an uptight, pant-suit wearing, by the book Secret Service agent to casual, sexy, southern party girl was simply amazing. Shaking her head, Claudia let out a wolf-whistle, making Myka blush. "Girlfriend, you look amazing. That shade of blue looks so hot on you. You have to buy this outfit now!"

Myka blushed, feeling a rush of warmth as the younger woman whistled at her, feeling so sexy as she posed in a couple more positions. She reveled in the attention that Claudia was giving her, the attention that her tight, figure-hugging outfit was drawing to her glorious ass and gravity defying tits. Gesturing to Claudia to get up and join her, the two hot women posed together in front of the floor length mirror. First back to back, trying for a silly spy pose, and then a ballerina pose, and then Myka's increased libido began to get the better of her. Looking around and seeing how deserted the store, and more importantly, the changing area was, she smiled wickedly and said,"Claudia, do the "paint me like one of your French girls" pose." Seeing the redhead smile uncertainly, she added "It will be fun, come on. A few more poses and then we will hit the club, ok?"

Claudia reluctantly agreed and settled onto the floor and reclined on her side, tilting her head back. Giving Myka a racy smile, she lightly tugger her skirt up a bit, showing off more of her creamy pale thighs. Leaning forward ever so slightly, she fixed a contented smile on her face and posed. Myka laughed, whipping out her phone and snapping a couple pictures of the young girl, focusing on her exposed legs and the extra bit of cleavage that her position had exposed. "Hey! No fair, I wasn't expecting that!" Claudia burst out. Myka panicked for a moment and then noticed the smile on the red head's face. She was being teased.

"Ok, my turn sweetie. Check this out." Helping Claudia up off the floor and handing her the phone, Myka strutted into the front of the mirror and did the pinup pose that Claudia had pulled on her earlier in the afternoon. But this time, in her excitement and horniness, she gave her skirt a subtle tug that the younger girl missed and when she bent at her waist, the older brunette flashed a full glimpse of lavender-fabric covered pussy to her friend. Claudia, unsure how to handle her glimpse of Myka's most secret area, snapped a few pictures to cover up her embarrassment. Myka, sensing Claudia's embarrassment, got just a little more excited, starting to leak from her super hot pussy and turning her lavender panties to a royal purple color. Straightening up, Myka laughed at how much fun they were having and suggested to Claudia, "Can you set up the phone to take pictures on a delay? So we can pose together?"

"I guess..." Claudia trailed off, a little nervous about the idea of posing together with Myka after the racy way she had exposed herself to the younger woman. Checking angles and using the built in stand on the smart phone's case, Claudia set it up to center on the area in front of the mirror, not realizing that the whole area was quite isolated from the rest of the extremely deserted store. Setting the camera to take pictures every half second, Claudia joined the older brunette in front of the camera. Myka was so excited about how their afternoon was going that she spontaneous pulled the young redhead into a full bodied hug, savoring the warm feel of Claudia's soft skin on her back as she clutched the young woman to her body.

Sensing a bit of reluctance from Claudia, Myka pulled back a bit from the hug and asked her what was wrong. "It's really nothing," the young redhead stammered out. "I just, I don't know, feel weird about all this. I definitely want to have fun and all but..." Claudia trailed off, worried that she was totally showing her youth and about to disappoint her friend and honorary sister.

"Claudia, honey, it's ok, calm down, relax. We are just having fun, blowing off steam is all. We're not going to do anything that makes you uncomfortable ok? As soon as we get to a point where you are uncomfortable, speak up and no harm ok sweetie?" Myka persuaded, sensing indecisiveness on the part of the normally self-assured teen. Gauging the effect of her words on her impressionable partner, Myka moved in for the kill. "Besides, think about how crazy this story and pictures will drive Pete and Artie. Artie is gonna flip out because it will look like we were out doing "young people stuff" and Pete will flip because it is 2 ladies posing together and he missed out on fun."

Claudia stopped and thought about it, completely unaware of the diary's influence on her. Deciding that she wanted to have fun and still seem cool to her older co worker, she nodded her head, grinned, and said, "Ok, let's give it a try. I can't wait to see Pete and Artie's heads spin around and pop off." Myka gave a small whoop of glee and high-fived Claudia.

"Ok, sweetie, lets do the back to back pose, ok?" Myka spun and put her back to Claudia, feeling the warmth from the sexy redhead through her thin blouse. Sensing Claudia shift her weight to lean against her, Myka let hers arms trail down and swing back, touching the other girl's creamy thigh, making her jump and grasp her partner's roving hands. Again, Claudia laughed off Myka's frisky behavior, figuring it was no more than Myka playing. Holding the pose for a few seconds, Myka and Claudia smiled for the camera, the older woman taking the opportunity to squeeze and rub Claudia's hands, enjoying her soft skin and flirting with the innocent teen. Claudia, not wanting to disappoint her mentor and appear the prude, played along, never realizing she was playing right into Myka's hands. Myka, with all her Secret Service training, was extremely adept at reading people and felt she could tell just how far she could push her seduction.

Claudia, in her estimation, was getting turned on and didn't even seem to realize it yet. Myka had caught glimpses of her young friend's hard nipples when her scarlet top occasionally pulled tight against her nubile body. She wasn't sure if her young friend's tight young pussy was all slippery like her own, but Myka was willing to bet that she was getting close. And given how forward and racey Myka intended to be over the next few hours and days, she was definitely going to be betting!

Turning around to face Claudia, Myka put her arms around the young redhead, pulling Claudia in and pressing her face to Claudia's, both of them facing the camera, both of them smiling in happiness as Claudia began to get into the mood, having fun with her role model, happy at finally being treated as a an adult within her warehouse family. She put her arms around the sexy brunette and held her close in a mirror image of how Myka was holding her. Claudia began to revel in the warm feeling she was getting as the two ladies continued to pose. Going off the suggestion of Myka, they both did their best pinup pose and Claudia, taking her cue from the sexy brunette at her side, hiked her skirt up a little higher than her norm, showing a flash of her yellow thong, a small dusky yellow spot matching the royal purple wet spot on Myka's boy shorts in several pictures as the two ladies silently dared each other to lift their hemlines higher. Claudia finally gave in before her skirt reached her waist, breaking out in giggles tinged with disbelief as she realized that Myka's had, giving her a flash of her boyshort-covered rear end!

The two ladies laughed and hugged each other as they celebrated a little bit of a liberation for themselves, trying to decide on their next pose. They stood still for a second until Myka's eyes lit up and she said to Claudia, "I think I know how we should stand for the next one. We can make it look like we are fighting, almost like one of the stop motion cartoons you like. How does that sound. Near the end, we can make it look like it turns into something The beginning will drive Artie nuts and the end will drive Pete nuts. What do you say?" Myka threw out the idea like it sounded like fun without letting on that she was absolutely crazy for it. Claudia, laboring under the influence of the diary as well, thought about it for a moment and decided that since the end, while it would look like something extremely steamy and racy, would only be a ruse and she could live with that, that it might even be fun. She just hoped Myka didn't notice how hard her nipples were, that could be a little embarrassing.

The two ladies separated themselves by a few feet and settled into kung-fu fighting stances, both ladies trying not to grin and giggle and give away the joke. Moving slowly, to maximize the stop motion aspect, the two ladies approached one another giving their best kung-fu impersonation to the camera. As they closed, they pretended to grapple back and forth, both girl no longer fighting not to grin as the silliness threatened to overwhelm them. Myka, seeing how much Claudia was getting into the mood, decided the time had come to push things a bit further. Throwing the alluringly innocent redhead a wink, she reached out and gently pulled Claudia to her body by the nape of her neck. Myka leaned her mouth close to Claudia's ear and whispered, "Here we go with the second part, ok sweetie?" Feeling Claudia murmur in the affirmative, Myka gently placed her free right hand on the young girl's back and softly ran in down her spine and over the denim clad maddeningly sexy read end of her naive partner. Sensing no adverse reaction in the younger woman, Myka began to push her luck. Sliding her other hand down to clasp the other at the small of Claudia's back, she hugged the young redhead tighter to her and then slid both hands down to gently cup and squeeze the enticing ass of the teenager.

Myka had mentally braced herself for Claudia to pull away as she did this but the teen simply held herself steady and even wrapped her arms around Myka! Smiling in excitement, Myka

ever so slowly began to inch up Claudia's skirt, slowly revealing the pale flesh of the young girl's exquisite rear, accented perfectly by the yellow thong. Myka, still feeling no signs of panic from the young girl, moved her hands to Claudia's bare flesh and reveled in the sensation of the warm, firm teenage ass fitting so magnificently in her hands. Rhythmically squeezing and releasing Claudia's sexy ass, Myka lowered her mouth to the bare skin of the redhead's neck and lightly placed her moist lips on the junction of neck and shoulder and lightly nuzzled, thrilling to the barely detectable moan that passed through the lips of the teen. Making her way up the line of the girl's neck, Myka could feel herself practically drooling from her pussy. She knew her panties were a sodden mess and they had barely done anything! Myka continued to nuzzle, kiss, and gently nip at the skin of Claudia's neck while her hands were busy with her ass. She began to squeeze Claudia's tight rear end in time with her nipping at her skin and when she would pull back, she would gently push together and then release the glowing globes of the teen's ass. Myka could feel the teenager's hands wrapped around her, resting on the small of her back, fingertips trailing down towards her own ass and as she continued her assault on Claudia's neck and butt, she felt them begin to tighten, pulling her in tight against the other woman's body.

Not letting up on Claudia's neck, Myka reluctantly took one hand off the other girl's ass and casually reached back and lightly guided the teen's hands lower on her body. She didn't grab and push but rather applied light pressure on the girl's hands, indicating that she should take initiative and feel free to fondle the brunette as she was being touched. Myka gleefully felt the teen's hands tentatively reach down and grasp her ass and was pleasantly surprised to discover that Claudia had skipped right over her skirt and was holding Myka with nothing but a soaking wet pair of panties between her hands and the brunette's sexy little butt. Bringing her hand back around to the teen's lovely ass, Myka continued to gently mash and separate the two globes of Claudia;s ass and kiss all the exposed skin she could reach on the teen's shoulders, savoring each and every barely audible moan that escaped through the young girls pressed-together lips.

Myka was content to take her time, not wanting to spook Claudia but the fact the teen girl was obviously enjoying the attentions of her older friend meant that her pussy was leaking like a faucet. She could feel Claudia starting to overcome a bit of her shyness and start getting into the mood of the "fake" steamy scene and begin to mirror Myka's action on her rear end. Myka gently let out a low moan as she felt the teenager begin to mash and then release her buttocks. Claudia's hands gently slid over the silken fabric of Myka's boyshorts as she did this and as she continued massaging the brunette's stunning rear end, her fingertips made contact with something she couldn't readily figure out. Keeping up the routine with Myka's sexy posterior, Claudia kept touching moisture and it took her several moments to deduce that her friend was seriously wet!

Myka, feeling increasingly dirty in her ongoing seduction of Claudia Donovan, knew immediately what the young girl had touched and loved it. She wanted the redhead to know just how excited she was and she could tell, by the feel of Claudia's now rapidly darkening thong that she was not the only one. However, she didn't want to push too hard yet and drive her away so as she sensed the hesitation in the teen, Myka bit down a little harder than she had been and used her long fingers to creep down past the curve of Claudia's ass and ever so lightly touch the steamy hot mess that was the innocent teen's cunt. Claudia's knees buckled and she quickly recovered but Myka had noticed. Releasing the teen's hot ass and making as though she hadn't noticed Claudia stagger, Myka ran her hands up and down Claudia's back, lightly squeezing her at the waist and maneuvered herself so she was standing behind the teen, tight against her and they were slowly swaying against one another. Myka lowered her mouth back to the other girl's shoulder and continued her lip-driven assault. Leaving her left hand on Claudia's waist where it was comfortably nestled halfway under the scarlet top of the teen, Myka brought her right hand up and began to trace random patterns lightly over the creamy skin of the teen's upper chest with her fingernails. Kissing her way from Claudia's shoulder, she began to work her way up her neck on her left, using her right hand on her jaw, gently guiding the teen's face back and up to meet, their lips together. Myka again restrained herself, lightly pressing her barely parted lips to Claudia, splayed right hand resting against the teens face and her left making small circles on the skin of the increasingly flustered girl's abdomen. The two women stayed in this position for several seconds, Myka allowing Claudia to ease into the lesbian kiss, not wanting to frighten her. Myka's left hand continued to make small, comforting circles on the teen's stomach, warm and secure under the top.

Feeling the shy parting of the redhead's lips, Myka gently flicked her tongue out, tracing the contour of Claudia's lips, enjoying the small gasp from the younger woman. As Claudia gradually began to get into the kiss, sliding her tongue into Myka's mouth, she began to let herself go, to forget that they were only supposed to be posing in jest, to tease Pete. Moaning into Myka's mouth, Claudia began to realize just how excited her body really was. Her mind began to drift, to try and recall the last time she had been so horny, so wet and messy and just plain ready. Her mind began to drift despite the sensations that were awakening in her, floating back over her very limited sexual history, trying to determine if she had ever been so wet and weak.

Myka was going crazy, holding Claudia tight at her waist, molding the teen to her body and sliding her tongue in and out of her mouth. Myka continued to hungrily kiss Claudia using her right hand to hold the teenager's head while she slowly worked her left hand further under the young woman's top. Once it was completely underneath, Myka lightly slid it up and softly cupped Claudia's left breast, melting all over again as her hand was filled with Claudia's lace covered breast and diamond hard nipple. Myka gently squeezed the young girl's tit and ran her thumb over the super hard nipple, loving the feel of the nubile young girl's flesh on hers.

The sensation of Myka's hand on her breast seemed to reach through to Claudia's sub-conscious, which was still fighting the effects of the diary. With a small yelp, Claudia pulled away from Myka, breathing hard, sputtering in embarrassment. "Ok, ok, ok,ookkk, I think thats enough, Pete will definitely feel teased. I think I have definitely had enough. Thats my limit." Blushing like a tomato, shaking with nerves, Claudia stumbled up to the front of the store, leaving Myka breathing hard, soaking wet, and cursing her impatience. Myka stood still for a moment, listening to Claudia make her way out of the store. Picking up the phone from its stand, Myka flipped through the last several pictures, smiling in lewd delight when she saw just how hot the two of them had looked together. Shots of Myka fondling Claudia's hot little ass, a quick picture of her "accidental" brush against the girl's steamy cunt, and many shots of the two women slipping tongues into one another's mouth. The last couple shots showed Myka's hand clearly fondling Claudia's firm tit. Saving all the pictures, Myka checked to make sure she was decent and made her way to the front counter. Settling matters with the male clerk who gave her a knowing smile, Myka spotted Claudia outside leaning against the rental car. She walked out and got into the car, cranking up the air conditioning. Unlocking the passenger side door, she motioned for the teen to get in. Not even waiting for her (delicious, tight, sexy, squeezable, hot) butt to hit the seat, Myka opened her mouth and started working her way back into Claudia's good graces. "I am so, so, so sorry Claudia. I don't know what came over me in there, I was way out of line and worse, I made you uncomfortable with me. I am so sorry." Myka babbled all this out in about 2 seconds, seeing from the corner of her eye how red Claudia still was. She continued on in this vein for another 30 seconds or so until Claudia abruptly cut her off.

"Mykes, it's ok. I get it, you were still jazzed up from earlier. I didn't speak up soon enough and got into the mood and then you kind of, well, caught me by surprise. It's ok. I just wasn't expecting that, umm, level, of playing and lost my cool. Don't worry about it ok?" Claudia made her little pronouncement all the while looking out the windshield. She didn't turn her head in the slightest, preferring to alleviate her shame and embarrassment by not making eye contact with Myka.

Myka coughed, a bit surprised to hear Claudia talk so bluntly. She really thought she would have had to keep apologizing to put the young girl at ease. Nodding her head and thinking quickly, she spoke. "Ok, sweetie, and for the record, I am really sorry. Now, let's put this whole thing behind us and go get a couple of drinks, ok? In an hour or two, we will be laughing about this." Myka personally was planning to do more than laugh about it. Her pussy was still soaking wet and while she wasn't actively drooling, she wasn't far from it either. Myka leaned over and got Claudia to come in for a friendly hug, both girls laughing in relief. Putting the car in drive, a still super horny and scheming Myka lead the two ladies off to the bar.


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