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Walking Dead: Sister's Needs Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Maggie Greene loved her sister, she really did. She would do anything for her. Absolutely anything. Even become her little sister's sex slave. But... she just didn't know how much more of this she could take. She loved being Beth's dyke bitch, craved all the nasty and depraved things her baby sister did to her, so much so she wasn't sure she could stop even if they were discovered, but... she was just so sore. Her mouth, her tongue, her pussy and especially her ass, Beth used them all for her pleasure nearly non-stop, and it was exhausting, and it was painful, and worst of all she was worried her fuck holes would no longer be tight for her dominant sibling.

It had gotten to the point where Maggie cringed whenever Beth walked into whichever room she was currently in, like now for example, although the brunette had more than one reason to be nervous, the blonde looking furious as she stomped over and exclaimed, "What's this? What the hell is this?"

Swallowing Maggie began, "Beth, I owww!"

Cutting her sister off Beth slapped Maggie's ass as hard as she could and said accusingly, "What have I told you about wearing clothes?"

Briefly Maggie considered biting her tongue, it would be easier that way, but instead she asked, "What if somebody finds us?"

"I keep telling you, I'll deal with them." Beth said boldly.

"But what if it's someone we know?" Maggie pushed.

Beth smiled, and step forwards, "Than we'll tell 'em ya were teaching me about sex. I mean, that's close to the truth, ain't it?"

"BETH!" Maggie exclaimed, blushing furiously.

"Keep ya voice down!" Beth softly scolded, "Ya want the Walkers to hear us? Oh, that reminds me, I found ya a little present."

With that Beth disappeared for a minute or two and return proudly holding up a ball-gag. Seeing the device made Maggie blush again, although she had to admit that it was a good idea, especially considering how much she'd been screaming ever since she started having sex with her little sister. Maggie had tried to keep herself quiet, but it was just impossible, especially when Beth butt fucked her, which was frequently as anal sex was easily Beth's favourite thing to do with her. And much to Maggie's shame, her favourite thing to receive from her little sister. Which was saying a lot, as she loved everything they did together.

"Go ahead, try it on." Beth said eagerly, waking Maggie from her thoughts.

Maggie hesitated, and as the smile faded from Beth's face Maggie decided just to go for it, "Seriously Beth, what are we going to do if someone finds us?"

Beth narrowed her eyes, stared at her sister for a few long seconds and then asked sternly, "Maggie, are you in charge here?"

Maggie lowered her head, and softly murmured, "No."

"Who is?" Beth pushed.

"You." Maggie admitted.

"Right." Beth said, gently pulling her big sister into her arms, "So don't worry. I'll take care of ya."

With that Beth kissed Maggie gently and forcefully, making the older sibling melt into the arms of the younger one, all of Maggie's fears and doubts melting away from the force of her baby sister's lust for her. Deep down Maggie knew this was still wrong, but when Beth was kissing her like this she just couldn't care, the small, mousey girl easily turning her back into her eager to please bitch. So much so that when Beth broke the kiss and held the ball-gag up to Maggie's lips, the older girl didn't hesitate opening her mouth wide so the younger girl could slip the ball inside and then attach the straps tightly.

"Good girl." Beth praised, moving back to admire her handiwork for a few long seconds before ordering, "Now bend over the sink so I can properly put you in your place again."

Despite her earlier protest Maggie didn't hesitate to turn to the sink, lean forward and stick out her ass. She was totally lost in her own sinful desires, so much so that despite the fact her fuck holes were still aching and sore from the recent abuse her own sister had gleefully given them Maggie hoped that Beth would put her in her place with a nice hard strap-on fucking, especially as it meant her baby sister would fuck her up the butt. Sadly it seemed that Beth was going to dish out her second favourite way to re-establish her dominance, although as the lesbian sex slave of her little sister Maggie would do whatever it takes to please the smaller girl.

"God Maggie, ya really do have like the best butt ever." Beth murmured dreamily, first just staring and then reaching out to grab two handfuls of those meaty cheeks, "It's just so fuck-able... and spank-able! Mmmmmmmmm, I just can't get enough. Oh yeah, I could never get enough of your hot little ass."

Beth continued taunting Maggie as she shamelessly squeezed and fondled her big sister's butt, giving it a firm smack every so often when she paused or mentioned how hot or spank-able it was. Throughout this Maggie let out the most adorable little groans and cries into her gag. They were muffled, the ball-gag doing it's job, but that just made things hotter, Beth loving every minute of this teasing. Eventually though she started landing more frequent and harder spanks, at one point spanking her sister for a solid two minutes before reaching around, undoing Maggie's jeans and then slowly pulling them and her sister's panties down until they were around her knees.

As she slowly exposed the ass she had always secretly been obsessed with Beth felt herself almost literally drooling, and while there was technically no wetness escaping her mouth there was definitely some escaping her pussy. Oh how Beth wanted to run and get her strap-on so she could fuck this perfect ass. But Maggie had been a bad girl and deserved to be punished, and for that Beth was going to put a little colour in those cheeks. After a little more groping of course, Beth unable to resist grabbing that ass and giving it a few playful squeezes now it was bare before raising her hand and then bringing it down as hard as she could on Maggie's sexy little butt.

For a few minutes she delivered one hard strike after another, but then went right back to groping her older sister's ass, leaving plenty of times in between blows to massage the pain away. Then she gradually cut down on her groping time in favour of more frequent smacks until there was no pause between them at all and Beth was relentlessly beating her big sister's butt, making Maggie squeal, whimper and cry into her gag. It also made her meaty cheeks jiggle hypnotically and the once flawless skin to turn bright pink, then a dark pink, than a cute little red which practically made Beth drool.

Part of Beth wanted to keep going. Because sure, her hand stung a bit, but she'd experienced worse and it was nowhere near to the pain she was causing her bossy sister, and she really wanted to make Maggie's ass a bruised and dark red. But if she kept giving Maggie everything she had then there would be nothing left for when her big sister really fucked up, and while part of Beth wanted to keep spanking Maggie forever another part of her desperately wanted to fuck. Oh yes, Beth's pussy was aching for some attention, and she was going to get it. Specifically via her older sister's talented little tongue.

Maggie was bigger and stronger than her petite lover/sister, and as she lay there over the sink getting her ass whooped she couldn't avoid thinking about how she should be able to stop this without much trouble. More importantly she should stop this, because being her baby sister's sex slave was gross and wrong, but Maggie just couldn't stop herself. Being dominated by Beth was intoxicating, so much so that Maggie enjoyed every hard blow to her butt, the brunette happy to lay there all day while the blonde beat her ass until she couldn't sit down no more. But luckily for her it didn't come to that, although it made her nervous the way Beth just suddenly stopped and then stayed silent.

Then after maybe about a minute, although it felt a lot longer, there was some movement behind her, Maggie glancing back to see that Beth had pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles, exposing her cute little wet pussy. It was wrong, but Maggie immediately felt her mouth water at the memory of the taste of her little sister's pussy. Which made her feel really guilty, but it didn't stop her from staring at that tasty treat, Maggie continuing to do so for a long few seconds before there was a hard strike to her sore butt. Maggie cried out at the pain, then notice that Beth was glaring at her.

"Did I give you permission to move?" Beth asked, not giving Maggie time to respond, even if there hadn't been a gag in her mouth, "No? Then face front bitch!"

Quickly doing as she was told Maggie whimpered and waited for more spanks, but they never came. Instead Beth left her there to fear what would happen next, then she simply grabbed her jeans again, this time pulling them and Maggie's panties down all the way and forcefully encouraging Maggie to step out of them. Then Beth roughly grabbed Maggie's arms and roughly pulled them by her back before tying them together with her own jeans, leaving the older sibling feeling helpless in the clutches of the younger one. Not that it was much different when Maggie's hands were free, but this just added to the submission feeling that Maggie had become addicted too.

Adding fuel to that fire Beth then roughly turned her around, pulled the gag out of her mouth, ripped open her shirt and grabbed hold of her big tits before huskily murmuring, "Fuck, ya hot!"

With that Beth leaned forward and kissed Maggie right on the mouth, being surprisingly gentle considering how roughly she was groping her tits through her bra. Of course Maggie immediately kissed back, and it wasn't long before she was opening her mouth so that Beth could push her tongue inside, Maggie massaging the invader with her own tongue as Beth pulled her bra down so she could get full access to her chest. After a few minutes of kissing and groping Beth squeezed down hard on her nipples, causing Maggie to cry out and whimper into the kiss. Beth then broke the kiss, giggled evilly against Maggie's lips.

"Eat me." Beth ordered firmly.

Just in case there was any doubt Beth grabbed hold of Maggie's hair and, after forcing them to turn around so it was the blonde resting her back against the sink, pushed the brunette down to her knees, so she was face to face with her cunt. Beth then pushed Maggie's face directly into her pussy and then cried out joyfully as her submissive sister then immediately began to lick her. Which was good because it showed her big sister was learning her place, but it was also bad because Maggie hadn't learned to read her mood enough to tell what she wanted, and as a bottom it was very important for Maggie to learn to anticipate what her top wanted.

"Not so fast, I want a proper lickin'." Beth scolded through a moan, "Mmmmmmm, ya bein' eatin' my cunt for a week now, don't act like ya don't know what I mean."

There was a brief pause and then Maggie slowed down the intensity of her licks, even making sure to avoid Beth's clit and just concentrate on her pussy lips. Even each lick was like a little feather caressing her cunt, so soft that Beth could barely feel it, and it kind of tickled a bit. Which made her smile widely, and not just because of the slight tickle. This was proof that she had her bossy big sister well-trained, and that Maggie was ready to give her baby sister a long, drawn-out pussy licking at a moments notice, which made Beth proud of herself. But even more proud of her sister/sex slave.

"That's it Maggie, mmmmmmmmmm, lick me!" Beth moaned happily, "Yeahhhhhhhhh, that's right, eat me just like that, ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck! Ya gettin' to know your place, aren't ya sis?"

Maggie whimpered into her baby sister's cunt because she was humiliated, and it was true. She was getting to know her place. That her rightful place was satisfying her little sister's needs. Even if that meant giving her a long, drawn-out pussy licking. Maybe especially if it meant giving her a long, drawn-out pussy licking, because as humiliating as it was to be forced into this position her younger sister Maggie just couldn't get enough of Beth's cunt. It was easily the tastiest thing she'd ever tasted, which was why she was so eager a few seconds ago. Not because she wanted to get it over with, but because she wanted to get as much pussy cream as possible, and more importantly make Beth cum. Both so that she could swallow that wonderful liquid, and just please Beth.

There was nothing more important to Maggie than pleasing Beth. Not the group, her husband Glenn, or even her own well-being, Maggie convinced that if Walkers broke down the door and headed straight for them she would just keep munching away at Beth's muffin, because she'd rather die than pull away from her kid sister's cunt. But it would be alright, because Beth would take care of her. Of them. Casually shoot those walkers in the head while Maggie continued lapping away at her cunt, the dominant stud who had tamed her own sister killing those monsters like they were just inconveniences who were interrupting their private time.

While the thought of being discovered still terrified her the thought of Beth protecting her made Maggie quiver with desire. So naturally she decided to focus on that, casting her mind back to how effortlessly Beth had dispatched the last group of Walkers which had banged against their door. Naturally Beth had demanded a pussy licking afterwards, but after that performance it was only right, Maggie gleefully tonguing Beth's cunt and then ass hole before once again bending over so her baby sister could bang her butt. That happened a lot since they got here, Beth finding any excuse to fuck her, not that the little stud needed one.

Yes, Maggie thought to herself as she continued to gently lick her baby sister's pussy, once shy little Beth had become an undead killing, sister fucking stud and it was Maggie's honour and privilege to be able to worship Beth's delicious cunt. And oh was she now so determined to give Beth's delicious cunt the worshipping it deserved, Maggie spending what felt like an eternity on gentle licks before looking up with big eyes for approval to do more, so she could get her wonderful sister off.

Beth didn't normally go for this much build-up. Mostly because it was unnecessary, as the fact she finally got to fuck her precious sister normally kept her horny 24/7, and she was normally eager to fuck Maggie's amazing ass, but today she felt like she needed to make a point. A point she normally made by just spanking that amazing ass, or fucking it, or making Maggie kiss hers, but today she was in the mood for something else. And to be fair proved the point just as much. Maybe more. After all, this was nothing Maggie could do with her precious husband Glenn. No, this was forcing her super straight sister to dyke out on her cunt.

Oh yes, Beth had totally turned Maggie out. Turned her from a strictly straight girl into a pussy loving lesbian. Made her crave cunt so much she would eat out her own sister, Maggie now just her pussy eating slut. So much so she was now looking at her pleadingly for permission to do more. Or at least Beth seemed too. And she wanted to give it to her, but she also wanted to make her stuck up sister continue to eat her pussy like this forever, Beth going back and forth and those two things before finally making a decision. Because who was she kidding, she needed to cum, but she had got the best of both worlds as her indecision led to an excellent tonguing session.

Also Beth found a way to get more of the heavenly pleasure she craved, without going over the edge, "Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that feel so good, ohhhhhhhh fuck! Oh fuck Maggie, mmmmmm, lick me! Lick my pussy just like that, oh yeahhhhhhh, good girl. Now lick my clit! Come on, ya know where to find it. OH FUCK YEAH! Mmmmmm, again! More! More, more, more, more, AH FUCK, MORE! Don't make me cum! I'm not ready for you to make me cum, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, just make me feel good. Just lick my clit! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, now suck it! Suck it! Ooooooooh yessssssss, oh Maggie, sister, mmmmmmmm yessssssss, ooooooooh, ohhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Just as she was instructed Maggie lingered her tongue on Beth's needy clit, making the younger sibling practically vibrate with pleasure. Honestly it was a miracle that alone didn't make her cum, and it was the same story when she ordered Maggie to wrap her lips around her clit and start sucking it. It made the pleasure that Beth was experiencing truly torturous, but it was so totally worth it to have such total control over her older sibling, the one who was supposed to be in charge of her. But now it was Beth who was very much in charge of Maggie, including deciding when her big sister would make her cum in that already really talented mouth of hers.

Of course inevitably Beth practically wept, "Now, shove ya fingers inside me and make me cum! Oh yes, make me cum! Make your little sister cum! Fuckin' slam my ah fuckkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd Maggieeeeeeeeeee, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Unsurprisingly Beth didn't need to say much to get her broken big sister to give her what she wanted, namely a nice hard orgasm. She wasn't sure why she had requested a finger to do it. Maybe in that moment she thought that a tongue wouldn't be enough. Or more likely she just wanted something different for the hell of it. Either way Beth was quickly rewarded for her choice, Maggie barely teasing her with the tip of her finger as the older sibling lined it up with the entrance to the younger sibling's cunt before the brunette shoved herself as deep into the blonde as she could go, instantly triggering Beth's first climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until it was a struggle for Beth to even think coherently, let alone speak. Although that didn't stop her from trying.

Maggie wasn't really listening to the incoherent gibberish coming out of Beth's mouth. Part of her was so embarrassed by them, but an equally big part of her found them encouraging, and that was the part that had taken over right now. Although that wasn't her main focus. How could it be, when she had her baby sister cumming for her? Yes, it was pleasing Beth which was the priority here. Just as it would be for the rest of Maggie's perhaps short life. But Maggie didn't dwell on such things, as it was far more important making Beth cum over and over again as it please the little sister taming stud who had conquered her.

Luckily Beth had made that easier on her by instructing her into it, and now all she had to do was keep pumping her finger in and out of her baby sister's pussy and sucking on her clit like the well-trained lesbian sub that Maggie now was. Which should have been easy, but it wasn't. Why? Because the entire time Maggie was missing out on the yummy honey leaking from Beth's cunt. Sure, some of it automatically touched her lips, but not nearly enough travelled down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. In fact being so close that she could taste it and not really have it was torturous, and it wasn't long before it was too torturous for poor little Maggie to take.

She then rebelliously removed her fingers from Beth's cunt and replace them with her mouth, ravenously licking up every drop which had leaked out before wrapping her lips around the entrance to her baby sister's pussy and greedily beginning to suck it. Maggie moaned pretty much the whole time she did this, but especially when she started drinking that cum straight from the source, and the vibrations of that just cause Beth to cum straight into her mouth and down her throat. Which in turn led to more moaning and sucking as Maggie struggled to get even the majority of that heavenly liquid to go into her belly were it belonged. Although Beth didn't exactly make it easy, first by cumming hard and frequently, then by literally fucking her face.

It was gentle at first, which meant Maggie still got plenty of cum, but it wasn't that long before Maggie had to be satisfied with her kid sister just creaming all over her face, which was still good as it meant Beth was marking her territory, but it still just wasn't the same. Although again, it was Beth's pleasure that truly mattered here, Maggie was just grateful that her sibling was continuing to allow her to make her cum. Even if part of her was craving some satisfaction of her own. And for better or for worse, no sooner had Maggie thought that then Beth gave it to her, pulling her up into a passionate kiss and then with the same movement sliding her hand to her extremely wet pussy and starting to rub it.

"Ya liked that, huh?" Beth grinned wickedly when she broke the kiss a few minutes later.

"Yes Beth." Maggie admitted hoarsely, and with a huge blush crossing her face added, "I liked it. Ohhhhhhh I loved it! Oooooh love your pussy, I love it. Oh Beth, oh please, OH FUCK!"

"You a slut for my pussy?" Beth pushed.

"Yes! Yes, I'm a slut for your pussy!" Maggie whimpered.

"You a slut for your little sister's pussy?" Beth pushed even further.

"Yes, i'm a slut for my little sister's pussy!" Maggie whimpered without any hesitation.

"How about my fingers?" Beth grinned evilly as she shoved two fingers into her big sister's cunt.

"Oooooohhhhhh yessssssssss!" Maggie cried out joyfully, forcing the next words out in between moans, "Mmmmmm, I'm mmmmmm, I'm a slut for your fingers! Mmmmmm, a slut for my little sister's fingers! Oh God ,fuck me Beth! I need you to fuck me, oooooooh, I need my kid sister to finger fuck my cunt! Oh yes fuck me, ohhhhhhh, fuck my pussy, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Beth delighted in hearing these words from her sister as she gently fucked her with her fingers. She knew that Maggie was mostly telling her what she wanted to hear to get what she wanted, but Beth was also convinced that Maggie was so broken now that at least part of her genuinely just wanted to please her. But it didn't really matter right now. All that mattered was that Beth was having fun fucking her sibling, who already seemed so close to climax that all it would take was a little more fingering and she would send her over the edge. However this wasn't the hole Beth truly wanted to finger, and she was convinced it wasn't what Maggie wanted either. No, this was just a brief warm-up for the real fun to begin.

So after a few long minutes of finger fucking Beth suddenly pulled her fingers out, slapped Maggie's ass hard and ordered, "Turn around!"

"Yes Beth." Maggie whimpered, obeying without hesitation.

Beth licked her lips at the heavenly sight before her, sliding one hand over those cheeks before spreading them and placing her other hand against Maggie's pussy, "We both know you like getting fucked here, but not as much as you love it here..."

Maggie whimpered softly as Beth slid her hands up to her butt hole, and then after a brief pause whined, "Please Beth, just fuck me. I don't care how, just do it."

Beth consider just taking that, but instead pushed, "Admit it!"

Again Maggie whimpered, and again she caved, "Alright, I admit it, I love it up the butt! Please fuck my butt Beth! Mmmmm, ram my butt hole like only you can! Please AAAAAAHHHHHH GOOOODDDDD!"

As much as Beth wanted to hear Maggie beg for her some more she just couldn't resist jamming a finger into that inviting little ass hole a second longer. It was the same reason she didn't go and get her strap-on, as it was all the way across their new home, and she just didn't have the patience. No, she needed to violate this perfect ass right now. Luckily Beth had a plan to make sure that Maggie got a proper anal violation without having to go anywhere, namely by shoving a record amount of fingers up Maggie's butt. Maybe even her whole hand, if she could get that far. Which didn't seem likely, but then again it seemed equally impossible that Maggie's pussy could take a hand inside it, and now Beth was fisting her sister's cunt on a regular basis.

Of course she started out slow and worked her way up to it, just like with Maggie's cunt, at first just concentrating on pumping that first finger in and out of her big sister's ass hole, and then pushing it up and down and side to side before even adding a second finger. She then repeated the process before adding a third, and then again before adding a fourth, which was more than they'd ever done before with Maggie's ass hole, and yet the older of the two sisters took it easily and with a moan of pleasure, once again proving what an anal whore she was. Although not as much as taking a whole hand up her butt, Beth more confident than ever she could get that done.

Determined to prove her point Beth tucked her thumb inside Maggie's already well stretched back hole, which was the easy part, and then slowly began pushing forwards. That part wasn't so easy as it stretched her big sister's butt hole wider than ever before, which naturally caused Maggie to whine and whimper pathetically, although it was telling that the little anal whore didn't ask what she was doing, or tell her to stop. However slowly but surely Maggie's ass hole stretched over Beth's knuckles until finally, and kind of suddenly, that slutty little ass swallowed the entire hand, meaning it was official, Beth was fisting her sister's butt.

"OH FUCK!" Beth swore more or less at the same time as her sister, the difference being that she followed it up with, "I can't believe you took my whole hand inside your butt! Fuck, ya such an anal whore! Mmmmmm, and I love it. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I love my ass slut of a sister, who can take anythin' I want up her butt, because she's a total fuckin' anal whore!"

Maggie had welcomed the additional stretching at first. More fingers up her butt? What's not to love? But then Beth added more than she bargained for, and it started to hurt, so much so that Maggie almost complained. But no, she was Beth's bitch, and she would do whatever her little sister wanted. Even this. Besides, if the last few weeks was any indication Beth would not be denied, forcing her will upon the weaker sister until ultimately Maggie did what she wanted anyway, so why not save her strength for relaxing her butt so her baby sister could use it however she wanted? Although she came very close to questioning that logic when her ass hole started stretching for those knuckles, and especially right after they slipped through her back hole and into her bowels.

The pain of that initial anal penetration was so intensive it reminded Maggie of when Beth had first taken her anal cherry with her beloved strap-on. Actually she felt nostalgic for that toy as it didn't stretch her butt hole nearly as wide as a whole fucking hand, or Beth's wrist for that matter. But then the pain faded and of course her slutty ass not only quickly relaxed but began to enjoy being so obscenely stretched, Maggie whimpering in pleasure before the anal fisting even properly began. Then Beth began pumping her fist in and out of Maggie's butt, immediately making Maggie moan like the little anal whore she truly was, much to her embarrassment.

"Fuck yeah, you love it, don't you?" Beth exclaimed in delight, those positive sounds only making her fuck her sister harder, "Say it! Tell me you love it!"

"I do! I love it!" Maggie whimpered pathetically, "God help me, it feels so good. Mmmmmm,fuck me Beth! Fuck my ass! Fist fuck my fuckin' ass! Ohhhhhhh, please baby girl, butt fuck me with ya fist!"

By now Maggie was very aware of what it took to get what she wanted, and that was all it took this time round, Beth letting out an animal-like sound and then beginning to quickly build up the pace of the anal abuse. Soon she was pulling her fist out to the knuckles again, so she wa stretching Maggie as wide as possible, then Beth was slamming her fist as deep as it would go into her big sister's butt, and doing it as hard and as fast as she could. Which should have been agonising, but this obscene assault on her ass just made Maggie's cum squirt out of her cunt and caused herself to ram back against Beth like an animal for who knows how long. Then without warning Beth pulled her fist out of Maggie's ass, leaving it gaping open and the older sister shuddering with the after-shocks of her orgasms while the younger sister admired her handiwork.

"Turn around." Beth ordered after a few long seconds of staring at Maggie's gaped butt, and then when her sister obeyed held out her hand and ordered simply, "Suck."

For a few seconds Maggie just stared at that hand, mostly because she was exhausted, but also because she couldn't believe what just happened. Although she shouldn't be surprised given how crazy her life had become. Proving that point she grabbed Beth's arm gently and pulled it forward while moving forward, Maggie then closing her eyes and moaning happily as she slid her tongue over her kid sister's hand and tasted her own ass, a flavour she had become addicted to lately. She then slowly sucked each of those fingers clean, licked the back and the front of Beth's hand, and then just continued licking to make sure she got every drop, and because Beth hadn't told her to stop.

"Now, am I gonna catch ya wearing clothes again?" Beth asked sternly.

Maggie blushed, pulled away from that hand and replied, "No Beth."


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