Who's The Boss-Sam gets blackmailed

this is an adult story for those over 18 only. it features underage
sex plus some incest. m/f m/ff etc
fyi Marcy was played by Nicole Eggert.

Who's the boss
by [email protected]

Jonathan Bower was sitting in his room, thinking about his baby
sitter Samantha Micelle, Tony's Micelle's daughter. He thought about
her long dark hair and her dark skin,and smoky eyes. Just thinking
about her gave him a hard on but he knew she was several years older
then he was and she always treated him at best like her little
brother at worst like a piece of shit. He knew he had no chance with
her but that didn't stop his fantasies, especially on a night like
tonight. She was baby sitting him with her friend Marcy, almost an
opposite of Samantha, Marcy was blonde, very nordic looking with
blue eyes and a hard body, very similar to Samantha's. He had all
sorts of fantasies of the two of them.
He was getting ready to jerk off, when he heard a loud thump coming
from downstairs. He carefully got up and headed for the stairs. He
looked downstairs and saw Marcy and Samantha sitting on the couch.
He saw a bottle of alchol on the coffee table they were laughing and
joking. He could tell they were very drunk, he settled back to watch
what would happen.
Samantha turned to Marcy. "Have you ever done it?" She asked.
"Done what?" Marcy's mind was a muddle.
"Had sex you dope?" Samantha punched at Marcy and missed.
"Well I've fooled around a bit, but never really gone all the way.
What about you?"
"OH I've done it with a guy or two."
"How was it?"
"Incredible but I'm thinking I'd like to try something a bit
different." Samantha grinned.
"Different how?"
"Let me ask you Marcy. Have you ever thought of doing it with
another woman?"
"You mean you and me."
"Right here, right now. What do you say Marcy?" Samantha grabbed
Marcy and gave her a kiss throwing her tongue down her throat and
moving a hand over one
of her breasts.
As Samantha let her up for air, Marcy was completely stunned and
more then a little turned on. "I wouldn't even know what to do?"
"Don't worry about a thing. I'll lead you through it."
Jonathan couldn't believe what he was hearing. He tried to think
although there seemed to be no blood in his brain. After a second he
hit on an idea and ran to his moms room. He grabbed her video camera
and then got a Polaroid camera from his room. By the time he got
back to stairs the girls had their tops off and where playing with
each others tits. He started taping not wanting to miss a moment of
"Yours are so much nicer then mine." Marcy rubbed the nipple on
Samantha's breast.
"Yours aren't so bad." Samantha reached for Marcy's smaller breast
and then leaned in and gave it a quick lick, getting the nipple to
harden. "Very nice, mine never get that hard." She started to suck
on one then reached over and sucked on another nipple. She let her
hand slide down to Marcy's waist and started rubbing her leg
dragging her thumb over her crotch.
"That feels so nice, keep doing that." Marcy moaned. She leaned back
and Samantha stayed right at her breasts. She felt Samantha's hands
at her belt. As it came undone she helped Samantha open up her
jeans. Together they slowly slid her pants down her legs. All the
while Samantha kept up a steady rubbing motion on Marcy's thigh.
As Marcy's pants got below her knees, Samantha started kissing her
way down her body. Samantha spent time at her belly button then slid
down to just below her panties. She heard Marcy gasp as her tongue
ran down one thigh and up the other. Samantha's hands went to the
elastic of Marcy's panties. She quickly pulled them down exposing
the light down hair of her bush. "Very nice," Samantha commented and
then dove right in. She drove her tongue deep into Marcy's tight
pussy tasting her juices.
Marcy was having what felt to be the first orgasm of her young life.
She lost control of herself and started humping towards Samantha's
face, finally screaming out in pleasure. "My god, that was
incredible!" Marcy finally commented as she came down off the
incredible high. "Where did you learn to do that?"
"Angela taught me." Samantha laughed as she saw Marcy's shocked
look. "Yeah when we first moved here Angela almost fired my dad but
I snuck into her room and convinced her letting us stay was a good
idea. We still get together once in awhile, she taught me everything
I know. Now how about you, you want to try?" Samantha pulled open
her belt and started to play with the fly of her jeans.
Marcy wanted to very badly. "Well I guess its only fair," with that
Marcy watched as Samantha pulled off the last of her clothes,
exposing a somewhat hairy black bush that went right along with her
dark skin. Samantha sat down on a chair. "Well what do I do?"
"Just dive right in, do what seems natural." Samantha responded.
Samantha spread her legs wide as Marcy took position between her
legs. "Don't be afraid, use you're fingers." Samantha felt Marcy
push her fingers against the sides of her pussy, slowly Samantha
felt Marcy's fingers penetrate her slowly. She played with
Samantha's gash for a bit. "Use you're tongue, Yeah right there!"
She felt Marcy's tongue penetrate her. She wasn't very experienced
but made up for it with enthusiasm, it took only a few minutes for
Marcy to bring Samantha to orgasm.
Marcy fell back onto the floor. "How was that?" She asked.
"Very good, for a beginner. You'll do better next time," Samantha
commented. "Next time maybe we'll try a 69, that's a lot of fun, but
come on I need a shower." She headed for the stairs.
As he saw Samantha heading his way Jonathan grabbed up his camera's
and raced for his room. He made it just before Samantha started up
the stairs. He closed up his room and pretended he was asleep. He
heard Samantha look in on him and then head for the shower. After a
few minutes he heard Marcy walk into the bathroom, he heard the
girls giggling in the shower as he stroked a growing hard on. When
he heard Samantha groan he shot his load all over his hands. After
cleaning up he fell asleep wondering what he'd do with the video
he'd made.
Jonathan waited until Samantha left the house the next day before
checked out the tape. He found it as incredible as being there last
night, it came out great. He even got Samantha's comments about
sleeping with his mother. An idea started to form in his mind and he
made several copies of the tape glad that his mother was in
advertising and had a dual deck VCR. He waited anxiously for
Samantha to come home.
Samantha arrived home and saw Jonathan sitting on the couch watching
something. "How you doing shrimp?"
"Come here Samantha, you've got to see this." As Samantha took
position on a
chair he hit play on the VCR starting the tape of her and Marcy.
Samantha watched for a moment before she realized she was one of the
woman on the tape. "Where, how?" Samantha gasped.
"Where and how aren't important." Samantha tried to stand, Jonathan
pushed her back onto the seat. "What I'm going to do with the tape
Samantha looked back at Jonathan and saw he had an evil grin on his
face. "What do you mean? You're gonna destroy it or else I will!"
She jumped up and pushed eject on the VCR. grabbing the tape out.
"OH Samantha, I made several copies of that tape, now sit down and
listen." He commanded and was gratified as Samantha sat down. "Now I
could do anything I want with this tape, sell it, maybe put it out
over the Internet."
"You Wouldn't!"
"I can and I will if you don't agree to certain conditions."
"What sort of conditions?" Samantha asked.
"I want you're body Samantha. I want to fuck you every way possible,
and I want Marcy too."
"No way!"
"Well then I'll sell the tape, make sure the local video stores get
copies make sure the boys at you're high school get copies, and then
when you go off to college I'll send them there too. I will destroy
"I'll tell my dad!" Samantha countered.
"And I'll be severely punished but I'll still make sure to get the
tapes out, that's assuming he even believes you, but you could risk
that I'm bluffing. You'd always have plenty of women hitting on you,
and you may even get some nice jobs to work on a porno movie, you'd
be a natural. Now what do you say?"
"Alright I'll do it." Samantha couldn't figure a way out.
Jonathan heard the doorbell. "There's you're friend Marcy, I'll let
you explain the facts of life to her. Then you both can come up to
my room." He headed upstairs and set up a video camera on his desk
and hid it behind some books. He was just finishing up as he heard a
knock on the door. "Come in ladies." He opened the door gratified
that Marcy was wearing a short skirt showing off her nice legs. "Has
Samantha explained things to you Marcy?"
"Yeah, and I'll do whatever you want." Marcy responded.
"Very good." Jonathan sat back on his bed and got them to stand at
the foot of his bed "Okay ladies I want to see you strip to the
waist." Marcy's hands went to her blouse and she started unbuttoning
it Samantha was doing the same. He opened his jeans and pulled out
his prick as the girls tits came into view. "Nice tits ladies.
Samantha get over here I need a blowjob."
Samantha climbed onto his bed. She was shocked at the size of his
prick it was one of largest she had ever seen, it must have been
seven or eight inches long. "Damn, I guess you aren't such a shrimp
after all." She grabbed his prick and started licking at it.
Jonathan enjoyed the sensation of Samantha's tongue on his prick. He
wanted more. "Alright take off the rest Marcy." He watched as her
blonde bush came into view. "Okay now strip Samantha." Marcy
immediately started working on Samantha's tight jeans leaving both
girls naked. "Marcy get up here and help Samantha out." He looked
down and saw Samantha and Marcy alternate licking at his hard prick.
He reached down and pushed Marcy's long blonde hair out of the way
so he could get a better view. Marcy looked up at him and he shot
his load right into Samantha's face. "YES! That was great girls."
"Are we done?" Samantha asked.
"Done we haven't even begun." Even as he spoke Jonathan's dick was
starting to rise again. He had the two girls lay on either side of
him. He spent some time fondling the girls ripe young bodies as his
hard on returned. "I'm ready to fuck." He climbed on top of
Samantha's body and forced his prick against the outside of her
pussy. He rubbed the length of his cock against her pussy. He was
surprised to feel the wetness of her pussy. "Samantha, I guess you
kind of like this." He gave her a kiss shoving his tongue into her
mouth. He could feel Samantha start to squirm under him as he
continued to rub the outside of her pussy. "You want something
Samantha? You're gonna have to ask for it." Samantha seemed a bit
reluctant. "Maybe I should give it to Marcy."
"No please!" Samantha woke out of her daze, she needed to be fucked
badly. "I need it. I want you to fuck me, shove that hard cock deep
inside my pussy." Samantha begged, she felt the tip of Jonathan's
prick enter her pussy. She tried to take him deeper but Jonathan
stayed away. "More please!"
Jonathan couldn't believe the warm wet feeling surrounding his dick,
it felt incredible. He almost lost it but managed by holding it just
inside of Samantha's pussy. When he had regained control he started
to slide it deeper into Samantha's cunt. "You like that don't you?"
He pushed the last of his cock into her slit. He noticed Marcy
laying very close to Samantha, he saw her fingers entering her own
cunt. "Marcy's enjoying the show, get ready Samantha here it comes."
He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then forced it back,
deep inside of her.
Samantha couldn't believe how good it felt, it was the best fucking
she had ever received. "GOD YES," she moaned in pleasure. She felt
him start to spasm and a thought raced through her, "don't cum
inside me. I'm not on anything."
As soon as he heard that he pulled out of Samantha ready to blow his
load. He was pleasantly shocked when Marcy took his dick into her
mouth and swallowed his load and continued to suck him dry.
"How was it Samantha?" Marcy asked as she finished with Jonathan's
"I wish I'd known you were so good shrimp. We'd have done this
before." Samantha responded as lay back spent. "Marcy you gotta try
that its a hell of a ride."
"I'd love to," Marcy fondled his cock and it started to rise to the
occasion. "I want to try it. How about it Jonathan you ready for
some more?"
Jonathan felt his hardon return again and was ready for some more
sex. "How about something a bit different this time. Marcy get on
you're hands and knees, I want to take you from behind." He
positioned her so her face would be in the hidden camera, he kneeled
behind her admiring what was the best ass in her high school. He
pushed his cock between her legs rubbing her slit. "You ready for it
"I guess?" She was a bit nervous this being her first time but
watching Samantha be fucked was just too incredible, she had to feel
something like that. "Just don't cum in my pussy please."
"No problem." He slid his cock into her tight pussy. "OH GOD, its so
tight Marcy." He fit just a piece of his cock inside of her and
started to really push into her. He reached up and pushed her hair
off to one side allowing him to see her face. "How do you like it
Marcy?" He started to slide in and out getting a bit deeper on every
"Its incredible." Marcy responded as she managed to catch her breath
but with each thrust he sent waves of pleasure through her body.
"Yes, don't stop, it feels so good!"
"You're incredible." Jonathan forced the last of his cock deep into
her pussy. "Its so tight I'm gonna cum." He pulled out and shot his
load onto Marcy's back. He fell back and watched as Marcy cleaned
herself up.
Samantha sat back with Jonathan and was quickly joined by Marcy. She
ran her hand over Jonathan's cock but nothing was happening. "Are we
done?" Samantha asked a bit disappointed.
"For now," Jonathan responded. "Why don't you two get dinner ready?
I'll be down in a bit."
"Alright, lets go Marcy." Samantha stood and started reaching for
her underwear.
"Why don't you leave those here. I want to know you're naked under
you're clothes."
"Jonathan that's so dirty." Samantha thought about it, excited at
the prospect. "If you insist I better go get a skirt." Samantha and
Marcy went to her room collected a skirt then headed for the
As they were preparing diner Marcy had trouble keeping silent.
Finally she blurted out. "I've never done anything like that before,
it was so incredible. Is it always like that?"
Samantha thought a moment. "No, that little guy is something special
it was great." Samantha hugged her friend. "I'm ready for more
"What are we going to do about the blackmail?" Marcy asked.
"If every time is as good as this was I'll have sex with him anytime
he asks. I don't want it to stop. What about you?"
"I guess I do want it again. It was wonderful, shhhhh he's coming."
Jonathan came down into the kitchen and sat at the table. He watched
as the two girls served him dinner. He got glimpses of their asses
and pussyes under their short skirts. "Well ladies what do you
suppose we should do for an encore?" He noticed both girls had grins
on their faces and didn't think they were very reluctant.
"Well," Marcy was the first to speak up. "Samantha did say that
she'd show me Angela's toy drawer tonight. I still want to see it."
"Well that's our first stop then." Samantha responded as she
finished eating, they quickly cleaned up. Samantha lead them
upstairs and then into Angela's bedroom. "Here it is." She opened
the drawer and saw the others eye's go wide at the sight of all the
dildos, vibrators and lotions. "Now this is a toy drawer."
"This is my moms, she always seemed so uptight." Jonathan managed to
get out.
"Yeah this is so weird." Marcy pulled out a large vibrator and
turned it on. She laughed. Then she picked up a bottle of lotion.
"What's this stuff for?"
Samantha looked it over. "This is anal lube to give lubrication when
a guy shoves his prick up you're ass." She made a slapping motion at
Marcy's ass.
"No way." Marcy derided.
"Way, Angela told me its one of the most incredible feelings
imaginable, but I've always been too scared to try it." Samantha
Marcy poured some of the lotion onto her hands. "I think I'd like to
try it. What do you say Jonathan you up for it?"
"Sounds like fun." Marcy led Jonathan out of the bedroom and back
toward his own room still carrying the lotion. Samantha followed
carrying a couple of vibrators.
"How do we do this?" Jonathan asked.
After a few seconds of silence Samantha responded. "Marcy get up on
the bed on you're hands and knees." Marcy quickly stripped of her
clothes and got on the bed. Samantha stripped and climbed up behind
her. She put some pillows under Marcy's stomach. "Okay lets see what
we have here." She opened the bottle and poured some of the lotion
onto her hands. "It feels so warm and smells good." She put her
hands on Marcy's ass. "How does it feel?"
"Kind of tingly but nice." Marcy moaned as Samantha rubbed her ass.
"Okay, lets try this." Samantha pulled apart Marcy's ass cheeks.
"You're ass looks so good." She rubbed the lotion into the crack of
her ass making sure plenty of it was on her fingers. "You ready for
it?" As Marcy wiggled her ass Samantha let one finger slide into
Marcy's ass.
"OHH my," Marcy squealed as she felt the finger up her ass. "It
feels so good Samantha don't stop." She felt Samantha start to push
her finger into her asshole. "Deeper more," Marcy begged.
Samantha forced the last of her finger into Marcy's ass. She pushed
a second finger into her asshole. "How about that?" Samantha asked.
"God it feels so good, fill me up." Marcy moaned.
"Yes, I can feel your ass muscles with my fingers." Samantha pushed
both fingers deep into Marcy's ass, with her other hand she picked
up a small vibrator and pushed it at Marcy's cunt. Marcy groaned in
pleasure, she then pulled out her fingers and put the vibrator at
the entrance to Marcy's asshole. "Here it comes Marcy." Samantha
pushed the vibrator deep into Marcy's tight ass, she could see Marcy
squirm under the assault. "You took it good job. Now I think its
time for Jonathan to take that ass of yours, get up here Jonathan."
Jonathan wasted no time taking up his position behind Marcy. His
hard on was raging he pushed it into her cunt and gave it a quick
couple of strokes the pulled out and positioned it at the entrance
to her ass. "Ready for it Marcy?" He forced his cock past the
entrance of her ass. He started to thrust into her and felt her
meeting his every stroke. "God you're ass is so tight it feels so
Marcy was in heaven the pleasure she was feeling was incredible, she
was having an orgasm every couple of strokes. "Yes don't stop, it
feels so good, cum in my ass, I want to feel it." Marcy begged.
"Here it comes." Jonathan thrust deep inside her and groaned as he
shot his load deep into her ass. He kept thrusting as his cock
started to go limp. Finally he slipped out of her ass. "That was
great." He leaned over her and gave her a kiss on the neck, she
turned her head and their lips met.
"Hey my turn," Samantha broke the two of them up. "Wait a minute
I've got an idea." Samantha raced back into Angela's room found what
she was looking for and raced back to find Jonathan and Marcy
cuddling. "Here," she handed Marcy the toy.
"What's this?" Marcy asked.
"A strap on dildo. I want both of you to fuck me at the same time,
put it on Marcy I want to get started." Samantha helped Marcy strap
on the device. She took the anal lotion and rubbed it on her hands
then she used her own fingers to rub the lube on her own asshole.
Jonathan and Marcy watched intently as she worked the lube into her
asshole. After feeling properly lubed she saw Jonathan was hard
again. "Alright lay down Marcy."
Marcy lay back on the bed and almost laughed as she looked down and
saw the hard plastic prick jutting up from her crotch. "Okay all
set." She giggled as Samantha climbed on top of her.
Samantha quickly slid the dildo into her cunt, she pushed her tits
right into Marcy's face, Marcy quickly got the idea and started
toying with her nipples. "Alright Jonathan fuck my ass."
Jonathan poured some of the lube onto his cock then climbed up
behind Samantha. He pushed it against her asshole. "Here goes
Samantha." He forced his cock inside of Samantha he pushed deep into
her ass. "Yeah you're so tight." He started to fuck in hard deep
strokes, he could feel Marcy's dildo in her cunt.
Samantha felt the pleasure as both her holes were penetrated it was
like nothing she had ever felt before. She came in waves, her
orgasms rippled throughout her body she lost all control just
writhing in pleasure. After what seemed an eternity she felt the
warm sensation of Jonathan's shooting his load into her. "God yes!"
She moaned as she finally felt Jonathan slip out of her. As he
climbed down Samantha moved off of Marcy. "I never could have
imagined anything could have felt that good, but I'm exhausted."
"I know what you mean," Marcy responded. "It smells like a
whorehouse in here now."
"We better get cleaned up and ready for bed." Samantha tried to
think. "Jonathan give me a hand, we'll take these sheets down to the
wash. Marcy get this room cleaned up we don't want anyone to know
what we've been doing." They cleaned up and then spent the night
together in Samantha's bed. they awoke just in time to separate
before Angela and Tony got home.
Jonathan was getting frustrated, after having Samantha and her
friend Marcy. He had hoped to have a steady supply of sex but
between Tony and Angela always being around he never got a chance
for anything. Now he had come up with a plan to take care of that.
"I've got a plan Samantha." Jonathan snuck into Samantha's room.
"About what?" Samantha asked as he climbed onto her bed. She started
to fondle his cock through his jeans.
He pushed her away. "About how we could fuck anytime we wanted. A
way to get you're father and my mother to stop bothering us about
anything we do."
"Neat trick, how do you plan to do that?" Samantha responded
"Blackmail, Same way as I got to fuck you," Jonathan responded.
"That turned out pretty well didn't it?"
Samantha thought a moment and knew it was true, Jonathan was the
best lover she ever had and she wanted him all the time. A chance to
be free of the restrictions on them would be great. "Alright, what's
you're plan?"
"You said every so often you go to my moms room and have sex with
"Yeah right. Not for awhile now but I'm sure Angela would welcome me
back to her bed, we're about due."
"Okay we pick a night you're father will be away. Then after my mom
goes to sleep, I'll sneak into her room with the video camera and
hide in the closet. Then you sneak in there and get my mother to
fuck you. I get it all on tape and she's ours, she'll do anything we
"Why would she go along with it?"
"Because we'll have tapes of her having sex with an underage girl.
You're still only seventeen for another couple of months."
"Okay that's Angela. What about my father? No way am I screwing
him!" Samantha tried to make it sound as firm as possible.
"I figured that after you do my mother, we'll get Marcy over here
some night. After he's asleep we'll sneak Marcy into his room and
bang we get pictures of you're father screwing an underage girl."
"What if he resists?" Samantha thought it possible, her father was
very uptight.
"That will be up to Marcy, but if she starts blowing him while he's
still asleep I don't' think she'll have any problem getting him to
go the rest of the way."
"Its worth a shot. Do we have time for a quick fuck before they get
back?" As she said it, Samantha heard the front door open and her
father yelling out. "Fuck, okay we'll go with you're plan, say
tomorrow night. We'll do Angela and then Saturday its my fathers
turn, agreed?"
"Agreed," Jonathan replied happily.
Samantha woke Jonathan's up around midnight, figuring Angela would
be out cold by now. She helped him get the camera ready and then
pushed him towards Angela's room. She waited five minutes for him to
get ready then gave him another five just in case, then headed for
Angela's bedroom. She snuck carefully into the room and closed the
door behind her, then carefully she surveyed the room for any sign
of Jonathan. She saw the closet door was open and assumed he was
inside with the camera. The problem now would be it was very dark.
Samantha flipped on the lights.
A startled Angela Bower bolted upright in her bed and saw Samantha
standing in the doorway. "Samantha what is it?"
Samantha lowered the robe she was wearing revealing her naked body
underneath. "I've missed you Angela. I've wanted you to touch me in
you're special way. Angela can we do it again?"
"Sure honey come over here." Angela watched Samantha's taut young
body as it walked over to the bed. She sat down and Angela was quick
to grab at the girls hefty tits her hands were quickly followed by
her mouth.
"OH Angela that feels so good." Samantha felt Angela's hands going
down to her pussy. "Could you eat me Angela? I want it so bad." She
pushed herself back against the headboard of the bed and opened her
legs exposing her pussy for Angela to see.
"Yes baby, you've really been missing this haven't you." Angela
cooed as she pushed a finger against Samantha's tight gash.. She
kissed her way from Samantha's tits all the way down to her crotch.
She started off by licking at Samantha's thighs until the girl was
crazy with desire then let her tongue penetrate the folds of her
"Right there Angela, YES!" Samantha moaned as she felt an orgasm
wash over her. She bucked her hips in pleasure and Angela just kept
on sucking. As she came down Angela moved up and gave her a kiss
sharing her own juices with the girl. "I want you to sit on my face
Angela, so I can do you too." Samantha knew from experience this was
Angela's favorite position. She lay down on the bed as Angela got up
and discarded her nightgown. As Angela started to climb atop her
Samantha positioned her so that she faced the closet and down along
her body.
Angela knelt over Samantha's reclining form. "Anytime you're ready
honey." Samantha's mouth and fingers penetrated her slit. Angela
started to play with Samantha's body pinching and squeezing the
girls nipples then moving down and running her hand over the girls
pussy. "Yes, Samantha do it to me." She felt Samantha shove a finger
deep into her ass. "Yes fuck me Samantha, you dirty little girl."
With the penetration of both her orifices it wasn't long before her
cum was flowing and as Samantha seemed to swallow it all, drove
Angela wild. "What a good little girl, yes stick you're tongue deep
inside me yes." She moaned as her orgasm welled over her.
Samantha had trouble catching her breath as Angela climbed off of
her. "I'd almost forgotten how nice that was." She hugged Angela and
their tongues intertwined in a kiss. Samantha hoped Jonathan had
gotten everything now she had to get Angela out of the room for a
moment. "I'm all sweaty would you care to share a bath?" Samantha
"Yes," Angela responded. "I'll go run the water," she raced to the
After making sure Angela left, Samantha went to the closet and
pulled Jonathan out and shoved him towards the door. After he left
Samantha headed for the bathroom where Angela was already in the tub
waiting for her. Samantha knew what Angela liked in her. She stood
in the tub as Angela cleaned her legs and then moved up and washed
her pussy spending considerable time on her moist hole. Then
Samantha knelt allowing Angela to clean her breasts and then her
face, as she finished Angela stood and the process was repeated. It
took Samantha almost another hour before she left Angela's room and
got herself to bed.
After arriving back from school Samantha headed straight for
Jonathan's bedroom. "Did you get it?" She asked.
"Just making copies now. If you'd like to see?"
Samantha sat on Jonathan's bed and watched the tape getting hornier
by the minute. Soon they heard Angela come home. "How about we
spring this on her now, my dad won't be home for hours." Samantha
knew Tony would miss diner and not be back till late.
"Sounds good." Jonathan went down the stairs followed by Samantha.
"Mom I've got something you've just got to see."
"Okay honey." Angela went and sat on the couch. Jonathan put the
tape in the machine. "Oh My God!" She called out as she realized
what was on the tape. "Where, how?"
"Watch the whole thing mom. This is my favorite part." He watched as
she climbed onto Samantha's face and started grinding and moaning.
"I think my point is made." He flipped off the tape. "Things are
going to change around here, Samantha and Marcy are my fuck toys and
now you are mine too. I can have sex with you three anytime I like."
He saw her starting to object. "If you don't I'll see that this tape
gets out. You'll be ruined, probably arrested Samantha is underage.
Don't worry I won't make too many demands on you. Say everything is
normal except on Friday and Saturday nights."
Samantha knew Angela was stuck and just needed a reason to agree.
"Jonathan's incredible in bed, besides we'll be able to get together
more often and we can even bring in Marcy. You'd like that wouldn't
Angela thought about it, she did want to screw Marcy and having
Samantha more would also be great. If the price for that was
occasionally fucking her on son Jonathan well then so be it. "Okay I
"Alright then, lets adjourn to you're room." They quickly headed
upstairs Jonathan and Samantha took position on the bed. "Okay lets
see what you got."
"Yeah Angela, I want to see you shake it." Samantha clapped her
hands together as Angela's hands went to the back of her dress.
"Come on take it off." Samantha watched as Angela slowly lowered her
dress. "Yeah that's it." Samantha stood up and went to Angela's
drawer of toys. "We're gonna fuck the shit out of you Angela." She
slipped on a strap on dildo.
Jonathan opened up his pants. "Come on up here and suck me off." He
pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. Angela crawled onto
the bed and over her sons legs. She saw the size of his prick and
hesitated a moment. Jonathan used his dick to slap her face.
Angela knew what he wanted she took the head of his prick into her
mouth and started sucking on it. She managed to take almost all of
him into her mouth, she ran her tongue around his prick and used her
hands to fondle his balls. She felt Samantha behind her and felt the
cold plastic of the dildo at the entrance to her pussy. Samantha
forced it inside of her and Angela yelped around Jonathan's prick.
Jonathan pushed his mothers long blonde hair out of the way so he
could watch her suck his prick. As she looked up with her blue eyes
he lost it and shot his load into her mouth. "Yes swallow it all."
He ordered as he jammed his prick all the way into her mouth. "Keep
sucking it, get it hard again." He ordered when she tried to stop.
He quickly regained his hard on. "Alright climb up here and mount
Angela knew she had little choice, Samantha pulled out of her pussy.
She climbed up her sons legs until her pussy was poised right above
his cock. 'Now or never,' she thought as she impaled herself on her
sons large cock, he started to play with her small tits driving her
nuts. Angela felt Samantha behind her, she could feel the dildo
pushing against the entrance to her ass. She leaned forward allowing
her easier access. She felt the head of the plastic prick enter her
asshole. "OHH YES!" She felt both Samantha's tits pressing against
her back as the plastic fully stretched her asshole. "More," she
screamed as an orgasm washed over her.
Jonathan pushed deep into his mothers pussy as he continued to suck
on her tits. He looked up and saw Samantha with an evil grin on her
face, it was too incredible for him he shot his load deep into his
mothers pussy. "Yeah mom," his mother just seemed to collapse on top
of him. They lay bundled together for a moment before Samantha
pulled her dildo out of Angela's ass with a wet pop. Then Angela
rolled off of Jonathan. "Well mom this isn't going to be so bad
after all is it?"
"No, I think I'm gonna enjoy being blackmailed." She had never had
such a wild orgasm in her life. "What if Tony finds out?" She
thought suddenly. "He's such a straight arrow."
"What do you think Samantha?" Jonathan thought aloud. "You think
Marcy could come over tonight?" He laughed as Samantha nodded.
"What are you talking about?" Angela asked.
"Tonight after Tony goes to bed I'll wait outside his bedroom with a
video camera. When he's really asleep Marcy will sneak in and start
sucking his prick, then she'll fuck him. Once we have pictures of
him screwing an underage girl we have him." Jonathan responded.
"Will it work?" Samantha wondered.
Jonathan considered. "It depends whether or not Tony can resist
Marcy's cock sucking skills."
"It might help if my dad were really horny." Samantha offered. When
she saw Jonathan was interested she continued. "Lets say Marcy and
Angela dress really sexy showing off a lot of leg and cleavage. Get
him very hot and bothered before he goes to bed. I think Marcy might
have an easier time of it."
"Good plan, it's decided then, mom put on you're skimpiest outfit,
Samantha you call Marcy and tell her what we planned. Move it
ladies." He got up and headed for the shower.
Tony's problem
Tony had been having a bad night. He had spent the last couple hours
taking care of the girls, first it was Angela running around the
house in a short skirt showing off her nice legs and a tight blouse
that showed him just about all of Angela's charms. Then it had been
his daughters young friend Marcy, he had noticed how nice she was
filling out. Her short skirt showed him her shapely legs and she
left her blouse open almost to her waist he saw almost all of her
small but shapely tits. He wanted to say something but she looked
too good.
Just when Tony thought everyone had gone to bed, the women kept
coming down in very skimpy nightgowns. He had gotten good looks at
both Angela and Marcy yet again. Now he was going to bed with a
nasty case of blue balls. He tossed and turned for quite some time.
Jonathan waited over an hour after Tony went to sleep and then snuck
outside. His room was relatively bright so he checked the view
through the camera lens and found it was fine. He signaled to
Samantha who ran inside, a few minutes later he saw Marcy come into
Tony's room completely naked.
Marcy couldn't believe she was doing this, she snuck closer to the
bed. She had never seduced anyone before, but she had noticed her
friends handsome father more then once that made this easier. As she
got close to the bed she noticed he was sleeping above the bed
wearing only a pair of sweat pants, that made her job much easier
she thought. 'Now or never,' she whispered to herself.
Marcy climbed carefully onto the bed trying her best not to disturb
the sleeping Tony. She got next to him and carefully untied his
pants and was shocked when his hard on sprung right up. She looked
up to see if he'd awaken, when she was sure he hadn't she looked
back at his cock it was only the second she'd ever seen it was a bit
smaller then Jonathan's but she wanted it. She lowered her mouth
over it and took it deep in her mouth, she used her tongue to
pleasure him.
Tony felt a stirring in his loins while he was still asleep. As if
in a dream he felt he was getting a blowjob. He reached his hands
down and thought he ran his hands through the long hair of the woman
sucking him off. "OHH Angela," he moaned as he continued to wake up
to the wonderful sensation.
As he came more fully awake he looked down and saw the head of long
blonde hair going up and down on his prick. "Angela yes!" He ran his
hand through her long hair and pushed it aside. "My god," he jumped
when he noticed it was Marcy sucking his cock but she kept right on
blowing him and it felt wonderful. "You shouldn't be doing this."
Marcy took the cock out of her mouth but continued to stroke it with
her hands. "Do you want me to stop?" She smiled as sexily as
possible then went back to sucking his cock.

Tony thought for a moment as her masterful mouth work continued.
"Well no,but we shouldn't, ohh yeah!" He moaned as he shot his load
deep into her mouth. He was amazed as she swallowed all of his spunk
and continued to suck his cock, he stayed rock hard. "You are so
"Now its you're turn to satisfy me." Marcy climbed up Tony's legs
until her pussy was aligned with his cock, in one swift motion she
impaled herself on his hard shaft. "YES fuck me hard."
Tony started to meet her thrusts he reached up and started playing
with her tits. She knelt forward at the waist and he started to
suckle on her small but firm tits. She was doing something fantastic
with her pussy it was squeezing his cock with small contractions.
She rode him for several minutes she seemed to have several orgasms
before Tony felt a stirring in her loins. "I'm gonna cum," he forced
her off his prick.
Marcy bent over and stroked his cock with her hands putting her face
right above his cock. He shot his load right into her face. "MMMMM
yeah, that was fun." She stood up. "We'll have to do this again
sometime." With that she turned on her heels and headed out of
Tony's room.
Tony slept like a baby the rest of the night. He awoke more rested
and relaxed then he had in years. His night with Marcy had been the
best of his life, he actually found himself whistling as he prepared
breakfast. Everyone seemed to straggle in for breakfast and then
leave. Jonathan finally came downstairs after everyone else had
already left. "Hi Jonathan, how about some breakfast?" Jonathan ate
in silence. "What's wrong Jonathan?" Tony asked.
"Tony I want to show you something and I don't want you to say
anything until I'm done." Jonathan led Tony out to the living room.
He popped the tape into the VCR. "Now just watch Tony." He showed
him the tape of him and Marcy. He could see Tony was shocked. "I
have similar tapes of Samantha and Marcy , also one of Samantha and
Angela. I'm fucking all three of them now, and I need you to go
along with that."
"You're screwing my baby?" Tony was a bit riled. "How can I go along
with something like that?"
"Because if you don't, this tape might get out. You'd go to prison
for statutory rape then I'd still get Samantha." Jonathan saw Tony's
shoulders slump in defeat. "But if you go along with this not only
will this tape remain secret but every so often I'll send Marcy and
or Angela over to you're room to show you a good time."
"All three of them go along with this?" Tony asked.
"They seem quite happy with the arrangement, but you can ask them.
The only question now is will you go along with it, now who's the
boss Tony?"

Tony thought about the question for a good few minutes. Finally he
decided, "you're the boss Jonathan."
the end


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