Who's The Boss: He's The Boss Part 5 - The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb
by Pred (M+/f,M/F,M/f,inter,oral,racial)

Let us be glad an rejoice, and
Give honor to him: for
The Marriage of the Lamb is cum, and
The Black Man's bond-woman hath
Made herself ready.

And to the white-cunt bond woman
Was granted that she be arrayed in fine linen,
Clean and white as her milk-white breast:
For the fine linen is the righteousness
Of the white cunt serving her Black Master.

And the Lord, Yahweh Afrika, saith unto me:
"Write, 'Blessed are the white cunts
who are called unto the Marriage of the Lamb'."
And the Lord, Yahweh Afrika saith unto me:
'These are the True Sayings of Lord Yahweh Afrika,
The Omnipotent BLACK One, God of the Universe,
Lord Supreme over the white worm and white cunt, Amen.'

(Revelation 19:7-9, The Holy Bible of Yahweh Afrika)

Tony Micelli stared at himself in his bedroom mirror, then turned to his
left where Sam's boyfriend, Todd, was straightening his bow tie and checking
himself out.

The 15-year-old boy was noticeably nervous. It wasn't every day a teenager
of his tender years found himself about to be betrothed to a veritable young
goddess like Samantha Micelli. Her phone call had left him with a hard-on
what just refused to go down.

It was no joke. Sam and her father and the Bowers had joined some wacked-out
religious cult that believed teenage girls should be married as soon after
the onset of puberty as possible. According to what Sam had told Todd over
the phone, she needed to be married that very night. If he reneged, she
would find another boy willing to take Todd's place and share her "marital

Todd didn't know exactly what Sam was referring to when she said "marital
bliss," but by the way she was giggling and carrying on with Marci the
handsome teenager had a pretty good idea. Sam's new church believed in
wedded teenager's having "marital relations," too, and Todd found his young
cock doing somersaults in his boxer shorts at the prospect.

"Tonight I'll be taking Samantha's Micelli's cherry," Todd whispered to
himself, still slightly uncomfortable with Mr. Micelli's close proximity.
The way Sam's father kept staring at Todd with those big, dour eyes, Todd
almost felt as if Tony could read his mind. And that was just plain weird,
even weirder than this whole marriage deal. Sam was Tony's daughter, and
it just wasn't cool to tell another guy that you wanted to fuck his
daughter's brains out.

On the other hand, Tony was about to be his father-in-law. According to Sam,
this cult she belonged to expected her to produce babies immediately, which
meant Tony must have been aware of what was about to transpire between Todd
and his daughter. Tony was willingly giving Sam away, for Pete's sake, so
maybe Todd should forget about all his discomfort and just ask Tony what he
needed to ask someone.

"Um .. Mr. Micelli?" Todd asked.

"Yeah, Todd," Tony answered, a bit glumly, but certainly not angrily.

"I .. uh .. I've never," Todd stopped and caught his breath. "You know .."

Tony shook his head. He appeared somewhat distracted actually. Then Todd
remembered that Sam's father was getting married himself that night, to
none other than his employer Angela Bower. Obviously, Mr, Micelli was
experiencing wedding night jitters just like Todd was. Well maybe not 'just
like' Todd. Tony had been married before and had experienced "marital
relations." His daughter was proof of that. So Tony couldn't be anxious
about the same things as Todd. Sam's father sure looked troubled, though.

"Do you want to ask me something?" Tony sat down on his bed and patted the
spot on the mattress next to him.

"Yes!" Todd accepted the invitation and collapsed onto his back next to Tony.
"Yes I do." He paused and sat up. "I'm scared Mr. Micelli."


"I've .. I'm still a ..a .. you know .."

"Oh," Tony shook his head as the boy's plight suddenly dawned on him. "I
don't think you'll have a lot to worry about," he grinned ruefully, rolling
his troubled eyes and shaking his head.

"Mr. Micelli, I know it may seem stupid to a guy your age, but I'm only 15.
I've never had sex before, okay. Sam's so .. she's so .. she's beautiful. I
love her. I don't want to disappoint her, you know. I was hoping maybe you
could know .. give me some pointers."

Tony gave a disheartening laugh, gripped the boy's shoulder and leaned over
to him, whispering in his ear. "Run," Tony almost sounded like he was
crying. "The window's open over there. Just climb out and head for the
hills before you regret this for the rest of your life."

"I .. I love your daughter," Todd stammered defensively. "I love Sam. I
want to marry her. You already gave us your blessing, you can't just start
threatening me now and .."

"I'm not threatening you," Tony cut him off with more whispering. "I'm
trying to save you. You have no idea what's going on. This wedding, it's ..
it' not what you think. Sam didn't tell you everything. She .."

"She told me she loved me." It was Todd's turn now to cut off Tony. "And
that she wanted to marry me, and spend the rest of our lives together.
That's all she needs to tell me."

"You don't understand," Tony shook the boy by the shoulders. "These
people .."

"What people?"

"I .. I can't tell you," Tony turned away and shook his head.

"The cult?" Todd asked, his eyes wide.

"Cult?" Tony stopped. "Yeah, I guess that's what they are. They .." he
paused. "You don't want to get involved with them."

"I thought you belonged." Todd was really confused now. "I thought that's
why you agreed to let Sam marry me. She said you gave us your blessing.
You're getting married, too, tonight, aren't you...?"

"I can't explain," Tony was whispering again. "I have no choice. You can
escape, though. You don't have to go through this."

"Is Sam in some kind of danger?"

"Yeah," Tony nodded quickly. "You could say that. Yeah."

"If she's in danger, I can't very well run away. I have to stand by her."
Todd peered into Tony's grave eyes. "I love her."

"I see that, but that's not enough. You don't know what you're getting into
with these people."

"The cult ..?"

"Yeah, your marriage, it's .."

"It is time!" a deep, dark voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Tony whirled to face the speaker, a large black man dressed in robes like
Elijah wore. Tony hadn't heard the door open, and he shivered, wondering how
long the man had been standing there and what he had overheard. The black
giant's face was stoic, however, revealing nothing.

"Um, yeah, in a minute," Tony stammered. "Could we have a minute?"

"No," the black giant shook his head. "We are ready for the ceremony now.
Rise and face the Future of your race."

Tony glanced into Todd's confused eyes. He had tried to help the boy escape,
but now it was too late. For a split second, he considered resistance. He
toyed with the notion of charging the robed black man, or fleeing out the
window, or blurting everything to Todd. But then his mind flashed on an image
of the photos Elijah possessed, the ones of Maria debasing herself with
countless black men. And then there were the video tapes, too, dozens of
them that Elijah threatened to release if Tony did not comply with his
sadistic plans. Tony knew Marie was dead, that she had betrayed him and Sam
while she'd been alive, that she had never cared anything about him, that she
had used him for his money, laughing behind his back the whole while.

Still, Tony Micelli felt this compulsion to protect her, to protect her
memory. She had been his wife, for God's sake, and his loyalty to her was
all he had left now. But Todd .. the boy was innocent, an innocent victim
in all this. Tony wanted to help the boy understand, to escape before it
was too late. The large black man standing in the doorway was not about to
let that happen, however, and Tony rose to his feet, looking at the floor,
and cowering in shame.

"Come!" the black man ordered, and Tony shuffled to the doorway. Todd
shrugged his shoulders and followed anxiously, the sweat pouring down his

The walk downstairs to the living room was pitched in a charged silence.
Neither Tony nor Todd nor the black man spoke. Moments later, they emerged
into a festive party atmosphere.

Everyone from the Bowers' and Micellis' collective lives seemed present.
Todd saw many of his schoolmates laughing over glasses of punch. Scott,
Griffin, Nicholas and Seth, his four best friends, stood dressed in tuxedos
on one side of what appeared to be some kind of makeshift altar. Marci and
Sam's three bridesmaids - Jessica, Michelle and Jordana -- stood opposite
them. Suddenly, Todd found himself smiling, all his doubts and fears
dispelled with the comforting knowledge that his best friends would be there
to share in his and Samantha's joy.

The guys looked up when Scott spotted him and flashed a thumbs up sign.
Scott was going out with Marci at the time, and next to Todd and Samantha
they were about the school's hottest couple. Scott's dark hair was slicked
back slightly, and kind of looked like Tom Cruise as he stood there in his
tuxedo. Griffin was taller than Scott, with longer hair and a wry smile on
his lips. Currently, he was dating Jessica, his bridesmaid counterpart, a
tall, attractive, athletic girl with light-brown hair and hazel eyes.
Standing next to the 5'7" Jessica, Michelle, who was 5'4" and blonde,
provided quite a contrast in her blue chiffon dress. Her expressive green
eyes were dancing with excitement, and she kept casting flirting glances
over to her new boyfriend and groomsman counterpart, Nicholas.

Nick was the wisecracker in their crowd, a tall, lanky, dark-haired teen who
was always ready with a quip or a sarcastic, arched eyebrow. He fidgeted
nervously in his penguin suit, obviously unaccustomed to the starched color
irritating his neck. Seth, the quiet contemplative one in the group, cocked
an a bemused look into the crowd before focusing his attention on his own
lovely girlfriend, the trim, raven-haired and sultry Jordana. Jordana's
sharp, alluring face and captivating, coal-black eyes set her off as possibly
the most glamorous of the bridesmaids.

All of his eight friends had treated the news of Todd's and Sam's
unprecedented nuptials with shock, skepticism and finally enthusiastic
support. It made them all feel so grown up, to be bridesmaids and groomsmen
at such a romantic affair. Despite their early doubts and questions, they
had accepted the bizarre circumstances quickly. No one had told their
parents, however, only explaining that there was a formal party over at
Samantha's house, which conveniently explained the rented tuxedos and blue
chiffon bridesmaid dresses.

It had all happened so fast - like a whirlwind of excitement, catching the
teens in its vortex and dismissing any reservations they may have had in a
flurry of last-minute planning, decoration and general merriment. Only Nick
had commented on the peculiar "vibe" he'd gotten when the wedding party
entered Sam's festively decorated living room. The large black men in robes,
who mysteriously appeared and disappeared, had squicked the girls slightly
until Marci explained that Samantha's new religion was heavily involved in
"civil rights," just like Martin Luther King, Jr, and Malcolm X.

Not wanting to appear too white and too uptight, the suburban teens merely
accepted the presence of the robed black men as their bid towards race
relations and cultural diversity. Still, each girl silently shivered
whenever they felt the piercing stares of the black men bore into their pale,
virginal bodies. Or was it all just their imagination -- lily-white paranoia
bred subconsciously into their souls via their sheltered, pampered,
privileged existence.

The boys sensed something odd, too, however, but none voiced their concerns.
No one wanted to appear prejudiced or be labeled a racist. They had learned
in school that fear of people who were different was wrong and tantamount to
evil. Their discomfort was quickly repressed, then, masked beneath the
outward frivolity of the joyous occasion.

This state of affairs pretty much guided the thoughts of the other guests, as
well. Angela's friends and business associates were all pure-bed, lily-white
pod people. They only encountered black people in servile positions, or as
entertainers and athletes. Only rarely did they cross paths with them in
their real lives, and then merely as vague, token anomalies seated across a
boardroom table or city council meeting.

These large, ominous and outlandishly-dressed black men sparked more than a
few raised eyebrows, then, but anything more than a hushed, off-hand whisper
would have been in extremely poor taste. So would commenting on the nature
of Angela Bower's slap-dash, impromptu wedding. Rumors had begun circulating
the minute guests had found themselves invited to the curious affair.
Obviously, Angela had bedded down her swarthy, Italian housekeeper, the
ex-baseball player with the somewhat checkered past. And obviously, she
found herself in the "family way" with her best years fading quickly into
middle age.

The Italian, Tony Micelli, had apparently realized a prize catch when he
found one. Angela Bower had enough money so that he would never have to work
again. Then he could hire someone else to toil about the house while he hung
out on golf courses, in bars, or at the racetrack. "Still, if Angela is
happy .." the guests would hastily observe when the backbiting invariably
elicited an awkward silence. Then someone would repeat the phrase, like a
mantra, and nervous judgmental laughter would ensue. When this died out,
conversations would dissipate and the faux riche would resume their idle
chatter and hollow, sterile lives.

Thus, an air of choked tension hung over the Bower living room, submerged,
yet not completely stifled beneath the carefree clink of glasses and content
nibbles of brie and crackers. When Tony and Todd descended the staircase,
the parlor quickly became quiet, the tension pushing to the surface now. The
two grooms slowly took their spots next to Scott, who flashed Todd a wide
grin. "Your gonna get some tonight, bro .." Todd's best man congratulated
the groom tacitly.

Todd nodded, acknowledging the unspoken sentiment, and feeling his cock
twitch into hardness once more inside his loose tuxedo trousers. Scott
patted him on the back, and Todd stood up straight and proud, waiting to wed
his gorgeous teenage bride and begin the most exciting night in his young
life. He beamed at Scott, who in typical best man fashion fiddled with the
gold band in his pocket.

On the other hand, Tony Micelli's lack of a best man was apparent to the
guests, who now took their seats in two rows around the makeshift altar.
Rumors abounded that Tony's best man was an old teammate .. a black teammate,
hence the robed black men so conspicuous among the pallid guest-list. A
roomful of curious eyes, finally at rest in their seats, began examining the
unusual décor gracing the Bower living room.

Large ebony statues occupied prominent positions at each corner of the room,
and the walls were adorned with a plethora of black and white ribbons
intertwined around each other and tied in a noose around what appeared to be
live, pink, wriggling earthworms. Mona had explained this as an African
custom practiced by the new church to which the Bowers and Micellis now

"Such curious people, these African Americans .." the pale guests observed
condescendingly. The real buzz about the room, however, revolved around the
altar in the center of the floor, which was hidden from view beneath a large,
opaque, black velvet covering. For the first time since arriving, Todd
actually looked down upon the setting for his ceremony, and found his
curiosity piqued at what might be under the immense black-velvet veil.

"Bow your heads," one of the robed black men boomed out from the back of the

The assemblage nervously obeyed, a few peaking up to see a large, wizened
black man glide into the living room from the kitchen. Seconds later, he was
standing before the wedding party and the congregation. In his hands he held
a large black, leather-bound book with gold-leaf lettering on the front. The
words were not written in English, though, but rather a foreign script that
appeared to be Hebrew or Arabic. By his bearing, it was obvious the old
black man was a priest or holy man of some sort.

"Raise your heads," the robed black man at the back of the congregation spoke

Everyone looked up, a sublime hush falling over every voice as the old
black man raised his hands. "Today we take another step towards complete
Restoration. We strike another blow to the heart of the white worm, the evil
tempter, the weak-willed agent of the Foul Pale One."

"Praise the Lord Yahweh Afrika," the robed black men chanted.

"Two worms stand before us today," the black holy men continued, "subjugated
before the Almighty Power of the True Black God."

"Praise the Lord Yahweh Afrika," the robed black men chanted again.

"Do you place yourself in bondage to the Lord Yahweh Afrika, worms?" the
black holy man asked Tony and Todd.

"Yes," Todd blurted without thinking, not even listening to the man's words.
In a few minutes he would be married to Samantha Micelli, the prettiest girl
he'd ever seen. He would be able to touch her and kiss her and fuck her with
the blessings of God. That's all that mattered.

"Worm?" the holy man turned a perturbed eye to Tony.

"Yes," Tony whispered, lowering his eyes and trying to get the images of his
dead wife's debauchery out of his mind.

"You are both taken as bond-servants to the Mighty One, Elijah Boanerges, the
Son of Thunder, Prince of the Tribe of Yu'dah. This bondage may be broken by
neither man, woman, nor God. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Todd blurted again, his mind swimming with images of Sam, her pure
naked body slowly unwrapped like a living Christmas present before his
adoring eyes.

"Yes," Tony nodded slowly, finally accepting the fact he could do nothing to
'save' Todd, Sam, Angela, Jonathan or himself. The die had been cast, and
this particular passion play would now continue forward to its inevitable

The black holy man nodded to the robed black man who had been issuing the
commands from the back of the room.

"Bond-Women!" the robed black giant spoke which an authority that sent
involuntary shivers down the spines of the white audience. "Present

Samantha and Angela walked in from the kitchen amid the silent stares of the
crowd. They were dressed in matching designer wedding gowns, snow white,
shimmering with silk and ruffled in lace. Each gown was adorned with a
curious beading of alternating black and white pearls. The woman and the
teenage girl were perhaps the most beautiful brides in the world that day,
and everyone drew sharp breaths as they began their walk down the makeshift
aisle. They were led into the room by Mona, the older woman's face glowing
with an beatific glow.

"You will approach, white bitches!" the holy man intoned.

A murmur went through the crowd, and for the first time that evening Todd's
mind snapped out of the anxious lust possessing his consciousness. "What did
he just say ..?" the boy started, but stopped when he caught the hard gaze
of the holy man. "Maybe I heard him wrong ..?" Todd mused silently, retaking
his place in the formation.

"Today these white cunts will be wedded to the worms before you, and both of
them presented to their Almighty Black Master to serve in bondage forever,"
the black holy man explained. As the Lord Yahweh ben Afrika wrote in the
True Translation of the Holy Bible:

Let us be glad an rejoice, and
Give honor to him: for
The Marriage of the Lamb is cum, and
The Black Man's bond-woman hath
Made herself ready.

And to the white-cunt bond woman
Was granted that she be arrayed in fine linen,
Clean and white as her milk-white breast:
For the fine linen is the righteousness
Of the white cunt serving her Black Master.

And the Lord, Yahweh Afrika, saith unto me:
"Write, 'Blessed are the white cunts
who are called unto the Marriage of the Lamb'."
And the Lord, Yahweh Afrika saith unto me:
'These are the True Sayings of Lord Yahweh Afrika, The Omnipotent BLACK One,
God of the Universe,
Lord Supreme over the white worm and white cunt,

"Amen," the robed black men chorused together. Together, with one mind, the
white audience suddenly awoke from the collective stupor, glared up from
their seats, and desperately eyed their one and only egress - the Bower's
front door. However, where only one or two robed black giants had been
present in the room previously, there now stood a veritable battalion of
militant, scowling Black Adonises. In an instant, the gravity of the
situation slowly began seeping into their soft, pink brains.

"Tony?" Todd whispered in Mr. Micelli's ear.

"I tried to tell you," Tony shook his head. "It's too late now."

"What the fuck is going on, bro'?" Scott bristled at the savage stairs of the
robed black men.

"Silence," the black holy man hissed at Scott. "Did a Black Master give you
permission to speak, worm?"

"Okay," Nicholas managed an uncomfortable smirk. "Is this like anyone else's
worst nightmare, or is it just me?"

"Shut up, Nick," Scott sometimes didn't appreciate his friend's inopportune
attempts at humor.

"I think we can make it," Griffin whispered. "Grab the girls. If we all
rush together, maybe we can get the advantage."

"You are kidding, right ..?" Seth observed with a detached bemusement.
"Superman couldn't get through that front line."

"Just chill everyone, okay ..?" Todd looked to Tony, realized he would be no
help, then turned to Samantha. "Sam, what the hell is going on?"

"We're getting married, silly," Sam giggled like a nervous bride. "Just
relax, okay ..? You'll understand everything in a minute. It'll be all
right. Just trust me." Her smile melted all the doubts in Todd's heart,
and he felt himself calming despite the tension hanging like a palpable
haze over the room.

"But ..?" Todd began.

"Hush," Sam put her finger up to her luscious rose-petal lips and gave him
a stern, no-nonsense grin.

"Kneel white worms," the black holy man commanded the boys in the groom's
party. "Kneel before the Majesty Elijah Boanerges, the Son of Thunder,
Prince of the Tribe of Yu'dah."

A split second later, the towering, 6 foot 8 inch form of Elijah descended
from the Bower's staircase like a God coming down from heaven. Even the
defiant, fearless Scott experienced the cold shivers of sudden terror.

"Okay, I'd say we're pretty much fucked," Nicholas broke the silence.

"You will kneel," the black holy man repeated to the groom's party. "You
will bow before the Original Man, the Black Adam, the Deliverer of the Race

"The guy's the size of Sears Tower," Seth observed. "I really don't see much
choice here." Slowly, in true slacker fashion, he lowered himself to his
knees. Nicholas shrugged his shoulders and followed suit, along with Griffin
and finally Todd. Only Scott, the shortest among the white teens, stood his
ground. When Elijah approached him, his eyes smiled with a dark fury,
glowering down upon the defiant teen.

"The white cunt Marci said you might attempt such a pitiful display," Elijah
chuckled. "You amuse me." He motioned to two of the robed men, and in a
moment Scott was forced to his knees.

"That's how you'll have to do it, you black bastard," Scott hissed at Elijah.
"You'll have to have these goons hold me down because I'll never kneel to
you. Do you hear me? Never!"

"At the moment, we have a wedding to perform," Elijah replied. "When this
part of the ceremony has been completed, I will return to you, worm, and then
we shall see who kneels." He turned to the black holy man and nodded.

In a flourish, the black holy man whipped aside the large, black-velvet veil
covering the altar. Everyone in the room gasped. What had been hidden from
the audience's white eyes was now revealed in all its depraved glory.

The altar was actually a large ornate throne decorated with a triptych of
detailed paintings depicting white women sexually serving a host of
enormously endowed black men. Ascribed above the back of the throne were the
words "Black God", while the two matching footstools bore the inscriptions
"White Cunt". Below the footstools, on the ground were twin placards that
read: "white worm."

As the mortified crowd watched in silence, Elijah ascended his throne. Once
he was seated comfortably, he pointed to Angela and Sam, and his two brides
quickly knelt upon the footstools designated for "white cunts." Then both
brides turned to their grooms and pointed to the floor, the rightful spot
where all white worms would one day kneel - beneath their white cunt wives,
the couple groveling at the feet of their Almighty Black Master.

Tony shrugged his shoulders and took his spot on the floor. Todd hesitated,
but Sam's smile stripped him of all his doubts and reservations, and he bent
down, too. If this was what he had to do to wed his beloved Samantha and
share her marital bliss, then it was small price to pay. It wasn't like this
ceremony would have anything to do with their lives after the wedding. Soon
they would be living as man and wife, sharing each other's bodies, creating
and raising children, and Samantha's weird new religion would eventually fade
into the background.

Elijah pointed to Angela and Sam, then to his two massive legs. Each bride
embraced him around a powerful thigh and looked up at him worshipfully. This
struck Todd as slightly strange, and as he lay at Sam's feet he tried to
touch her to reassure himself.

"No!" she suddenly snapped, slapping his hand away.

"Wha ..?"

"Silence, worm!" Elijah barked, and the black robed men chuckled. "You may
never touch this white cunt again without my leave."

"I .. uh .."

"He understands, Master," Sam answered for Todd. "He will serve you well."

"We must now enact the Oath of Completion," the black holy man announced.
"The white worms will repeat after me: I am the inferior white worm .."

The two grooms were stone silent. Elijah looked down at Tony Micelli and
drew an envelope out from the folds of his robe. Tony knew the contents.
Elijah had been quite forthcoming with his photographic evidence of Marie's
sexual slavery and worship of the Black Masculine Ideal.

"I am the inferior white worm," Tony spoke slowly, the words sinking deep
into his soul.

Sam glared at Todd, her gaze withering every last shred of resolve the boy
possessed. If this was what his Sam really wanted .. "I am the inferior
wh .. white worm .." Todd stammered.

"My worm-like penis is small and limp .." the black holy man continued.

Someone in the audience snickered nervously. Every black man's eye turned to
the offender, a fat. Balding, middle-aged white man who looked to be slightly
drunk. He lowered his eyes in utter terror immediately. The black holy man
turned back to the grooms.

"I won't say that .." Todd suddenly blurted. "Sam, why are you doing this to
us?" he bawled.

"There is no 'us,' stupid," Sam replied, "not without our Black Master, not
without Elijah."

"This is insane," Scott shouted from his subdued position on the floor.
"Fuck you, niggers!" he spat.

"You reject this white cunt, then?" Elijah asked Todd.

"I .. what do you want from me?" Todd choked back his tears of rage and

"Your bondage," Elijah replied. "You will join with Samantha in this union,
or she will be taken and cast out on the streets as white cunt whore, selling
her teenage body to support the Cause."

"Sam?" Todd turned to his beloved.

"It's true," Sam smiled bravely. "If I am not joined with a white worm
before the feet of our Black Master I will have to sell my teenage white
cunt out on the streets to prove my worth to the Restoration. If I have
a bond-servant to support me and my Black Master, then I can live as a
bond-woman among others. If you reject me, I will have to become a white
cunt whore. That is the Way."

"Mr. Micelli," Todd turned to Tony. "Why can't you ..?"

"Micelli?" Elijah interrupted Todd and began opening the envelope.

"My worm-like penis is small and limp," Tony spoke slowly, in a deliberate
monotone. Angela beamed with pride and hugged Elijah's knees.

"Mr. Micelli?" Todd couldn't believe his ears.

"Say it, Todd," Sam cut in now. "It's true. I've felt your little worm dick
through your pants. It is small and limp."

"Sam ..?"

"This is the only way, Todd," Sam interrupted him. "You can never 'have' me,
not the way you want. Now that I've seen the Truth and the Power of God
Almighty, I could never touch a white worm dick again. If you love me like
you say, you will accept this."

"Accept what?" Todd wept. "I don't understand. I thought you wanted to get

"We will be joined as bond-woman and white worm beneath the yoke of the
Black Master's discipline. He will use my white cunt as a fuck hole for his
Relentless Wrath, and my womb as a cum dumpster for his Divine Seed. He will
fuck me like the white cunt whore I am, and you will watch and assist him as
he ravages my pussy, stretches my asshole and plants black babies in my
bloated belly. While he dominates me body, mind and soul, we will sometimes
allow you to gaze upon our coupling and drain your worm dick of its diseased

"You fucking niggers are sick!" Scott screamed as he carried on his futile,
ridiculous struggle with Elijah's robed attendants.

"Sam .." Todd bawled.

"That's the only way, Todd," she nodded. "That is the One True Way. My
dad's accepted this, haven't you, daddy ..?"

Tony nodded, and every pair of white eyes in the room popped out their
respective sockets.

"Don't do this, man," Scott pled with his best friend. "Tell these niggers
and nigger lovers to go fuck themselves."

"Shut up, Scott!" Marci hissed at the boy who had been the love of her life
up until that afternoon, when she had come to face-to-face with God. "You're
going to be next, you know. Elijah says he'll let us be his bond-servants
soon. You better not fuck this up for me!"

"Marci?" Scott exploded. "What the hell are you saying?"

"Enough," Elijah proclaimed. "I grow tired of these histrionics." He glared
down at Todd. "You will either repeat the Oath, reject this white cunt and
sentence her to the streets, or assume the Challenge."

"What's the Challenge?" Todd didn't want to ask, but felt he had to.

"The Challenge pits the white worm with the Almighty Black Adam in a test of
masculinity," the black holy man suddenly spoke up, a glint of amusement in
his eye.

"I'm not going to fight you," Todd replied directly to Elijah. "You're like
five times my size. I'm not stupid. You'd tear me in half."

"The Challenge is not physical combat, worm," Elijah responded. "Your body
will not be harmed. That I swear."

A long pause enveloped the room in an anxious, pregnant silence. "Okay,
then, I'll take this Challenge," Todd spoke boldly.

"Why am I thinking this is NOT a good idea?" Nicholas asked rhetorically.

"Stand, worm!" Elijah commanded Todd. The boy did as he was told. "Now you
will remove your clothing, all of it .. except for your black socks." The
black attendants snickered, and Elijah watched Todd hesitate. "Failure to do
so will mean automatic forfeit of the Challenge, and that is counted as a
rejection of the white cunt. Samantha Micelli will be cast from this House
and made to walk the streets as a teenage whore."

"A... and what if I lose this Challenge?" Todd stuttered as he began to
slowly disrobe before the assemblage.

"You will willingly join with Samantha and place yourself in bondage to your
Rightful Black Master," Elijah answered.

"And what if he wins," Scott shouted up from the floor.

"He will be able to leave here with the white cunt unmolested," Elijah
responded. "You have my word as a Prince of the Tribe of Yu'dah."

Todd saw no other alternative. He obviously wasn't going to allow his
stubbornness to force Sam out on the street turning tricks like a two-bit
whore. He also wasn't going to submit to this black bastard without at least
trying to win back Sam's freedom .. and his dignity. Her father might be
willing to submit to these beasts without a fight, but not Todd. He owed it
to Sam, himself and his race to at least try.

With everyone's eyes upon him, the teenage boy quickly removed his tuxedo,
his shoes, and finally his underwear, leaving on only the black socks, as
Elijah had instructed. Bathed in the chill of air conditioning and the
unrelenting stares of the full assemblage - white and black - Todd's proud
pink penis, which had stood so stiff in his shorts only a short while before,
now shriveled into a tiny worm of limp white shame.

"Behold your hope for the future, worms," the holy man castigated the
lily-white audience. "Here is your best and brightest, the pride of your
pitiful race." The white men in the crowd cursed beneath their breath, and
the robed black men cackled with glee. Only the white cunts present were
silent. From the elderly white women to the beautifully attired bridesmaids,
each white cunt in the crowd looked at their white worm mate and shook their
heads. Those who knew the pathetic truth of white inadequacy sneered at
their mates in disgust. Those, like the teenage bridesmaids, who had not yet
experienced the failures and disappointments inherent with white wormhood now
knew what to expect, and they turned their eyes away from their pink-skinned
teenage boyfriends.

"Ow that hurts," Nicholas commented under his breath.

"That is what you bring to the challenge?" Elijah pointed at Todd's shriveled
white dick with his pinkie finger, which on its own was even longer and
thicker than the boy's shameful member. All the black men present laughed

"I .. I .." Todd wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Every eye in the room,
including his beloved Sam's, was fixed on his limp, pink, worm-like penis.

"Is Taj here?" Elijah asked.

Suddenly a small black boy, no older than 7 years old appeared. He was
dressed in a robe like the other black men. Elijan motioned to a spot next
to his throne, and the boy stood there. Elijah then pointed to a spot next
to Taj, and indicated that Todd should stand there. Two strong hands pushed
the white teenager into the proper position. Elijah gestured again, this
time to Samantha, who crawled over to where Todd and the black child stood
until she was on her knees directly before them.

"Taj, display your Pride!" Elijah commanded. "Taj is my son," Elijah
explained to the assmebly, "born pure-bred to my Nubian wife Latisha." He
glared at Todd now. "I will not disgrace myself accepting your Challenge
personally, boy," he scoffed. "I believe my 7-year-old son will be able to
take of this matter as my proxy."

In seconds, the boy produced a hard, 9-inch black cock. Samantha giggled
in glee, took the black boy's cock in one hand, then Todd's limp, pink
worm-penis in the other. She held them aloft for the whole crowd to see,
and the robed black men burts out in laughter. Then there was more laughter,
piercing cackling laughter, as first one white cunt, and then a second,
third, fourth and fifth joined in, until every white cunt in the room was
giggling in sadistic glee.

"You will begin with the balls," Elijah ordered Sam. "Heft them, one in each
hand, and tell everyone what you feel."

"Taj's 7-year-old jewels are heavy and pulse with the power of black
supremacy. Even though he has not even reached puberty yet, I can feel the
potency surging through his divine black testicles. Please let me kiss
them," Sam whined to Elijah. "Please let me kiss his beautiful black balls."

Elijah nodded, and Sam stuck her head between the boy's legs, pushing his
rampant cock up so her lips and tongue could gain access to his
well-developed scrotal sack. Then, before the eyes of everyone in the Bower
living room, she kissed the black child's balls reverently, worshipfully,
like she was taking into her mouth the body and blood of a real, flesh and
blood savior.

Wet smooches, sucking noises and squeals of delight filled the room then, as
every white worm present could not help but stare as the beautiful white cunt
pleasured the boy's hearty black scrotum with her teenage mouth. This was
only the second male organ Sam had ever pleasured, and Taj's Rampant Black
Rage in no way even seemed similar to Jonathan's miserable pink stub.

"That's it, white cunt, suck my balls," the boy ranted, grasping Sam's veil
and using it like a makeshift handle while he mashed her face into his beefy
scrotum. "On your knees, where all white cunts belong before the Original

"Mmmm," Sam growled like a bitch in heat as she devoured the boy's balls,
sucking them into her mouth like black manna.

"Enough," Elijah broke in after allowing Sam to service his young son for
almost two minutes. Sam reluctantly tore her head away from the boy's twin
sperm makers. "You will now tell us all how Todd's scrotum and testicles
feel in comparison to those of a 7-year-old black boy."

Sam played with Todd's shriveled scrotal sack for a moment and giggled.
"It's all puny, and wrinkly, with all these little whiskers on it. It's like
an eensy weensy tiny little rotten kiwi fruit." She squeezed Todd's balls
sadistically then slapped at them. "Stupid ugly little white balls," the
berated Todd as she slapped at his sack. "This is where you make your
diseased white worm sperm, isn't it ..?" she asked Todd. "Your tiny little
worm balls disgust me."

"You two will stand side-to-side now," Elijah commanded his son and Todd.
"Shoulder to shoulder, and face out to the audience. Samantha," he turned
his attention to the dark-haired teen beauty. "Hold their cocks out for
everyone to see, and compare them. Isaiah?" Elijah spoke to the wizened
black holy man. "The Eternal Tape Measure, please."

The black holy man produced an ornate, gold tape measure and handed it to
Elijah, who in turn presented it to Sam. She accepted with trembling fingers
and a giddy smile. Mona had thoroughly briefed her and Angela concerning the
Challenge ceremony. She knew what now had to be done. She unraveled the
tape measure and placed it alongside Taj's 7-year-old shaft, counting aloud
each inch: "One .. Two .. Three . Four .. Five .. Six .. Seven .. Eight ..
Nine .. Nine and a-half inches!" she announced proudly.

"You have grown since last month," Elijah nodded to his son approvingly. "I
am pleased."

"I wish to be as big as you one day, Father," the boy responded proudly.

"We shall see," Elijah grinned. "We shall see." He turned to the crowd.
"My 7-year-old son, who is barely a boy and four years away from puberty
measures 9 and 1/4 inches of iron-hard Black Maleness. We shall now measure
the fifteen-year-old boy, Todd, a teenager who reached puberty years ago and
is over twice my son's age. Samantha." he commanded the obedient, teen cunt.

Sam couldn't resist slapping at Todd's pitiful penis as it dangled there
impotently. Then she tried to raise it so she could run the tape measure
alongside the soft, limp shaft.

"This is no fair," Scott shouted in his friend's defense. "You've spooked
him. He isn't even hard. You call this a contest?"

"The worm is correct," Elijah nodded. "The Challenge is not legitimate
unless the worm is exposed for his inferiority when he is at his most
powerful state."

"But he won't get hard," Sam whined, slapping at Todd's dead meat like a tiny
pinata that refused to break. "You don't want me to put this slimy little
booger in my mouth, do you ..?" she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"No," Elijah laughed. "We will get him hard." Elijah motioned to the robed
black men, and a moment later five stepped up the altar. Before the gasps of
the audience, they cast apart their robes and revealed five huge black cocks,
all ranging from 10 to 12 inches, with varying degrees of thickness. When
Sam turned around to face them, she gasped, then squealed in delight. Her
gleeful giggles were short-lived, however, as the first black man grabbed her
by her white veil and yanked her face to his flaring piss nostril.

"Suck it, white cunt!" he grunted before slamming his cock full throttle into
Sam's startled mouth.

"Uggggllhhppp .." she gurgled and gagged as the black man rammed against her
tonsils, spewing spit out of the corners of her mouth while she wrestled to
control the huge black fuck-saber she was being forced to swallow whole.

"First real taste of cock, huh, cunt?" the man spit in her eyes as he worked
over her windpipe.

"Man, don't be hoggin' the bitch fo' yourseff," the second black giant
hassled his brother. He grabbed Sam's veil now and yanked her way from the
first Black Adonis's cock, inserting his own brutal godhood in the sucking
vacuum. "Oh, yeah, that's some nice white teenage skull. Shit, bitch, suck
that black cock. Worship me, cunt. Worship the Original Man." He made a
show of withdrawing practically his whole 11-inches, the piss hole hovering
just inside Sam's battered lips, before impaling her mouth again. As she
choked and gagged on the enormous black stake, the brothers all hooted and
began barking like the dogs of an inevitable race war. "Fuck, you want some
of this shit, brother?" the black man gutting her windpipe asked the black
god to his right.

"Fuck yeah," the other black god responded, and Sam's head was passed between
the two men like a basketball. "Sweet-faced white teenage cocksucking ho',"
he laughed, burying his tool in the dark, gaping void left by his brethren.

"Magic circle time," the fourth black giant announced.

Sam was immediately encircled by the robed sons of Yahweh Afrika, and before
she could do or say anything they were playing Harlem Globetrotters with her
pretty white skull. One by one, in succession. Each huge Black Adonis
mastered her white teenage mouth with a grandiose flourish of choke fucking.
One man dribbled her face hard against his abs, as he poked his cock deep
into her esophagus. Then he would pass her to the next brother, who would
brutally bitch slap her upside the head with his ebony riot stick. Then he
would pass her t a third man, who probed his bloated black cock deep into the
inside of her cheek, popping out the side of her face like she was trying to
work a jawbreaker the size of jumbo egg. Then, he would hand her off to the
last two in the circle, who proceeded to pry her jaws open further so they
could double-stuff her gasping white mouth with a double portion of Black

Unconsciously, despite every synapse in his brain screeching "NO!" Todd found
his limp dick growing harder and harder as he watched the white cunt that he
loved being dominated and forced to service the five black titans. Then, as
he spied the ecstatic, blissful smile bursting across Sam's defiled face, he
found his right hand slowly taking hold of his pitiful pink prick and begin
pumping it rigorously.

"Behold!" Elijah proclaimed to the assembly. "The True and Rightful State of
the white worm. Watching, his tiny pink dick in hand, as his wife willingly
sacrifices herself to the omnipotence of Raw Black Supremacy."

The black men savaging Sam's mouth now let her face free from its dutiful
worship. She turned to look at Todd in all his degradation, and she giggled.
"Ooo," she snickered, "he's hard." She bounded over to Todd, picked up the
tape measure, and ran the gradations down the length of his stiff, pink
shaft. "One .. Two .. Three .. Four .. Four and 1/8th inches," she cackled.
"It's not even half as long as your 7-year-old black cock, Taj," she told the

"The Challenge has been taken and lost," Elijah announced, then turned to
Todd. "You are now joined to the white-cunt bond-maiden, white worm, and you
both shall submit and serve me to your dying day!"

"Y... yes, Master," Todd fell to his knees. "Please let me watch you and
your Black Brothers dominate my white-cunt wife."

"Todd, man .. NO!" Scott burst free of his black captors and hurled himself
at Elijah.

The Black God deflected the boy's pitiful attack with a lazy blow to the
teen's temple, sending him crumbling to the floor. "This worm has offended
me. I now hold all white worms in this assembly accountable for his
disrespect. You will all be forced to accept the Challenge now, and all who
lose will see themselves and their white-cunt women placed in immediate
bondage. We shall begin with you," he pointed to the groomsmen.

In a matter of seconds, they were forced to their feet and coerced into
stripping naked save for their black socks. Each boy looked pleadingly
towards his white-cunt girlfriend - Scott to Marci, Griffin to Jessica,
Nicholas to Michelle, Seth to Jordana - for mercy, for affection. But none
of the white-cunt teen beauties complied. Instead they sneered at the
pathetic white worms they had found so attractive only hours before. They
turned worshipful, reverent eyes to the black pantheon surrounding them,
then crawled over to their ex-boyfriends to commence with the Challenge.

The first to reach her quarry was Marci. The gorgeous young blond descended
on Scott as two black giants held him by his arms. While he struggled, she
snickered and Taj strode over to his first contender.

To his credit, Scott's white worm dick was not plagued by the inopportune
flaccidity that had struck his best friend, Todd. Nor did Scott's erect cock
fall into the below-average range that marked the teenage groom's humility.
In fact, Scott had always been somewhat proud of his "package," as he
referred to it. Now, however, he felt only the burning shame of Anglo

Taj took his place next to Scott, and the teenager finally ceased his futile
struggle out of sheer exhaustion. Marci giggled as she took Scott's white
worm in one hand the boy's magnificent black cock in the other. Like
Samantha, she hefted each in her hand, and giggled uncontrollably. "Scott's
little white cock feels so small and helpless, like a little white mouse."
She shook Scott's hard, pink dick. "Compared to a sleek, powerful black
panther. Hail the winner, and still champion."

She waved Taj's cock triumphantly amid the cheers of the black brothers and
the groans of the assembled white males. "Measure it!" one of the white
women in the crowd suddenly burst out. "How much bigger is the boy's cock
than the worm's."

"Well," Marci replied, "we all know Taj's 7-year-old cock is an awesome 9 1/4
inches. So let's see widdle Scotty measures up," she mocked him in a baby
voice. Sneering, the blonde teen beauty took the tape measure, and ran it
down the length of Scott's swollen schlong, counting aloud as she did this:
"One .. Two .. Three .. Four .. Five .. Six .. Six and 1/4 inches." She
laughed at Scott. "Nice try, white boy," she taunted her former boyfriend.
"You used to be so proud of this thing, too," she slapped at it in disgust.
"You used to make me rub it when we made out. You told me how big and hard
it was. This pathetic little pecker is three inches shorter than a
7-year-old black boy's cock, you pathetic white worm. Where's your big tough
cock now, huh, Scott."

In a quick motion, Marci slapped her succulent lips over Taj's fearsome
boyhood and lavished it with oral worship, all the while slapping Scott's
hard, pink prick around in utter disgust. Despite the utter humility he was
suffering at the hands of his former girlfriend, Scott couldn't help the
extreme mental and physical stimulation he was experiencing at her hands.
Watching her impale her white face and pink lips on the boy's ruthless black
dick sent his white worm lust to heights he had never imagined before.

"Oh, shit," Scott gasped, feeling the familiar twinge of orgasm creep up
through his balls.

"Don't fucking cum on me, worm," Marci yanked her hand away. "Beat that worm
meat while you watch me whore myself to this magnificent black man-child,"
she spit on Scott's inflamed cock, then settled back into her sucking,
licking frenzy.

"Fuck!" Scott grunted, spilling his slimy, diseased seed all over his hands
until it dripped onto the Bower's living room carpet.

"Worm," Marci pulled her mouth off Taj's throat throttler and snarled in
disgust when she saw Scott's dribbling issue. "We must now sterilize your
white sperm. No white sperm is allowed to threaten its infectious disease
in the Restored Order."

"I kill your worm sperm for the good of the human race," Taj taunted Scott.
He aimed his flaring black piss hole down at the emaciated white glob on the
carpet and fired a healthy stream of hot, black, disinfecting piss into its

"Oh, that's fucking beautiful," Jessica gushed in absolute awe. She had
already taken the tape measure from Marci and was tugging sadistically on
Griffin's white cock to prepare it for the challenge. "Doesn't it get any
bigger than this?" she jeered at the tall teen, who turned away in shame.
"Look at me when I speak to you, worm!" Jessica dug her fingernails into
Griffin's bloated prick flesh, and he minced and like the white worm he was.

"Jess ..?" he blubbered, but was cut short when Taj stepped next to Griffin
and offered Jessica his black boy cock to complete the Challenge.

"Fuck!" Jessica squealed in delight when she felt the boy's mammoth member
twitch in her hand. "Your cock feels like hot, hard iron pipe, and Griffin's
feels like .. like a strand of spaghetti."

"Measure it," the bridal party now chanted in unison. "Tell us all how small
Griffin's white worm dick is!"

"Okay," Jessica relished being the center of attention. "You sure that's as
big and as hard as it gets?" she mocked Griffin. He just started sobbing.
"Answer me, worm."

"Y... yes," he sobbed.

"Okay, then, here goes. Good luck," she teased him. "One .. Two .. Three ..
Four .. Five. Five inches exactly. And Taj is what?" she asked the crowd of
jeering white females.

"9 and 1/4 inches," the white females in the crowd all cackled with glee.

"Duh .. Duh .. Duh .. Another one bites the dust," Michelle started singing
the old Queen song, and in a moment all the white cunts in the room joined

"I guess asking for mercy would be kind of silly, huh?" Nicholas asked in a
pathetic attempt at humor as Michelle began measuring his white cock as the
crowd continued singing.

"One .. Two .. Three .. Four .. Five .. Five and 3/4 inches," Michelle
snorted. "Cunts and Worms, the Winner and still champion," she boomed like
a boxing ring announcer, taking Taj's magnificent boyhood and raising it
above her head while the white cunts in the room broke into another raucous

"You're next pee-wee," Jordana grabbed the tape measure from Michelle and
slapped at Seth's hard pink prick. If she had never seen the evidence of
Black Supremacy displayed in the room before her, she might have been
impressed at one time with Seth's cock. In fact, she might have even thought
it big, especially on a boy of his relatively short stature. The tale of the
tape measure would tell the Truth, however.

Taj stepped to Seth's side, and Jordana compared the cocks side-to-side.
Despite Seth's relative size for a worm, he was still woefully shy of the
black man-child's awesome appendage. "One .. Two .. Three .. Four .. Five ..
Six .. Seven .. Seven inches," she announced the final tally. "Close but no
cigar, worm," she slapped Seth's cock away in disgust, and inhaled the
complete length of Taj's inflamed boyhood. She buried her throat down around
the boy's entire length and girth, fighting the gag reflex which sputtered up
through her mouth and out the corners of her gasping mouth.

Enjoying the sight and sensation of the raven-haired teen beauty choking on
his cock, Taj held her head in place around his shaft and thrust himself even
deeper into her windpipe. "Gag fuck the white cunt," one of the brother's
cheered on Elijah's son. "Look at the white bitch squirm, and it's only a
7-year-old boy she's trying to suck."

"All the worms in this assemblage will now expose their worms to the
Challenge," Elijah announced. "Failure to do so will result in the immediate
sexual slavery of their willing white cunt wives and daughters."

The robed black brothers moved into the crowd, enforcing the Prince's edict.
Taj marched about the room, taking on all white challengers with his proud,
7-year-old cock, until every white worm in the room had been bested and their
white cunts taken into willing bondage to the Restored Order.

Elijah now surveyed the scene of his greatest triumph for the Cause. The
Black Adam had defeated the white worm on all fronts. As he gloated, he
noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Micelli was finally being
forced to drop his tuxedo pants and reveal his shameful white inferiority ..

"Shit!" Angela Bower's voice cut through the bliss of Elijah's total triumph.

At that moment time and everything else in the room stopped and all reality
turned its watchful eye to the emergence of Tony Micelli, as if from a
cocoon - a worthless white worm transfigured into a butterfly.

"My God, Dad .." Sam, Tony's very own daughter, gasped with a mixture of
shock, terror and lust.

"Meet the Italian Stallion, Leroy," Tony whispered steadily and ominously at
the silent, stymied Elijah Boanerges -- the Son of Thunder, Prince of the
Tribe of Yu'dah.

"Somebody care to measure THIS?" he grabbed Angela Bower by her blond hair
and yanked her to a servile position at his feet.

"What'swrong?" he asked the black men and white cunts who only moments before
had been reveling in their sadistic shaming of the white men and teenage boys
cowering before them. "You only play your little Challenge game when you
know you're going to win?"

Before the stupefied eyes of the Elijah and the other followers of the
Prophet Yahweh Afrika, the seemingly insignificant and cowed Tony Micelli had
taken the Challenge to the next level, a level that threatened the very
Foundation of the Restoration, a level that struck Yahweh ben Afrika's Cause
to the very heart of its savage black soul.

"Scared, Leroy?" Tony mocked the Black God. "Come on, let's DO IT!" With
that, Tony dragged Angela by the hair behind him and strode up to youthful

"You might need this," Nicholas scooped up the tape measure, which had
dropped to the floor somewhere near his feet, and tossed it to Tony. Tony
speared it like a line drive and forced it into Angela's shivering hands.

"Come on, Angela, why don't you play your little game now?" He stepped
side-by-side with Taj and thrust his cock out. "Measure him first .. again!"
Tony ordered.

Angela, her fingers trembling, could do nothing but follow Tony's command.
She stretched the tape measure down the full-length of Taj's familiar
measurements and called each of his nine inches in a soft, subdued whisper,
ending her recitation with the obligatory 1/4 inch.

"Now me!" Tony hissed.

Angela fumbled with the tape measure and began running it alongside Tony's
gargantuan cock.

"Out loud, Angela." Tony snapped, rage, fury and vengeance soaked into his

"One .. Two .. Three .." Angela began. "Four .. Five .. Six .. Seven ..
Eight .. Nine .. Ten .." her voice trailed off as Tony's length defeated
young Taj.

"I believe there's more, Angela," Tony prodded the blonde beauty.

"Eleven .." she gasped, and the black men in the crowd groaned. "T..
Twelve .. Thirteen .. F..Fourteen .. Fourteen and 1/2 inches," she finally

Taj burst into the humiliated tears of 7-year-old and ran crying from the

"I usually round up to fifteen, but, hey, who's counting?" Tony joked. "Now
all the rest of you big, tough bad-asses come up here, too, and let's play
the Challenge game."

The robed black men were stunned. The biggest specimen of Black Supremacy
among them only measured a tad over 14 inches. Micelli's mutant worm had
that beat by almost an inch. For once, all the airs of militancy and
superiority vanished from their faces. Like cornered animals, they began
to glance furtively towards the Bower's front door, ready to run and leave
Elijah and the Prophet Yahweh ben Afrika behind forever. Once again, they
had been mislead, herded into the false teachings of religious charlatans
who promised them the Holy Grail of unquestioned Black Supremacy. In the
split seconds after Tony Micelli's Divine Revelation, they had cast aside
all Faith in the Cause. They were ready to go back to their lives of
subjugation, their necks choked helplessly beneath the oppressive jack boot
of "the Man."

Seeing the eyes and attitudes of his Faithful Troops begin scattering in
disarray, Elijah raised his hands to calm the storm of rebellion brewing
beneath his Dominant Hand. "So, the worm shows a spine?" he called out over
the nervous whispers pitching the Bower living room into a tempest of doubt.
"A very impressive display, Micelli. Somewhere in your ancestry a white cunt
was successfully bred by Black Adam .. perhaps several cunts in your subhuman
family tree."

"Big words, nigger!" Scott spat out, Tony's emergence giving him and the
other white men in the room a renewed sense of hope and pride. "Why don't
you put up or shut up?"

"Is that what you want?" Elijah asked Tony and the crowd. "Is that truly
what you want?"

"You made the Challenge, Leroy," Tony continued using the black giant's
former name. "Now why don't you abide by the rules?"

"Gladly will I," Elijah smiled, his newfound confidence casting a pall over
the white men in the room. "But your defiance has unfortunately raised the
stakes, Micelli. I don't know if all the white worms and cunts here are
willing to place their fates in your blundering hands."

"You're just talking because your scared," Scott kept at the black giant.
"Quit stalling and whip it out, nigger. Let's see you beat the Italian

"Yeah," Griffin chimed in. "Has anybody here even seen your dick?" he asked.
"Have they?"

No one replied.

"In the bridal boutique," Sam finally spoke up, doubt tingeing her voice,
"none of us actually saw your cock." She turned to Angela and Marci for

"You wouldn't let us look upon it. I mean we've all felt it inside your
robes, but that could have been anything. I mean you could have a big dildo
or something stuffed inside there. This whole thing could be one big lie.
That picture of you and my mother. That could have been faked. Oh, my
God ..!" the realization almost made her swoon.

"That's right," Marci agreed. "None of us actually saw your dick. What if
it's not big at all? What if Black Supremacy is just a lie?" The room
became embroiled with another wave of nervous, disconcerted whispers as
everyone assembled considered the notion.

Elijah nodded. "I can see the white worms and cunts need a Sign. Very well,
then, but your doubt will bear a price."

"So? We're listening," Tony challenged.

"If you elect Micelli as your collective champion, pitting his wormhood
against my Sacred Ebony Scepter, then you shall all abide the consequences
should he prove my inferior. In other words, if Micelli loses this
Challenge, you must all accept me as your Eternal Lifelong Master. You
shall give up all your worldly possessions and white souls to the Cause.
Your wives, your children, their children and their children's children for
all eternity will serve beneath the yoke of the Original Man, the Black
Adam. You and your descendants will not only live a life of bondage to the
Black Man but evangelize the Cause of the Glorious Restoration. You will
live openly as sexual slaves to your Black Masters. You will display your
bastard black children proudly, and proudly tell your neighbors how your
Black Master has allowed you to breed white babies to serve as cum sewers
and incubators for an ocean of Potent Black Seed. Who among you." he asked,
"accepts Tony Micelli as your sole champion, his mutant white wormhood your
only hope of Freedom from the Yoke of Black Supremacy?"

"He's trying to scare us," Scott answered defiantly. "He's trying to get us
to back down. He knows his cock isn't bigger than Mr. Micelli's. This is a
trick? We can all walk out of here right now, and there's nothing these
black bastards can do about it."

"Ahh," Elijah smiled, "but you will never know the Truth. Your women will
stray back to the Black fold now that they have seen what they have been
passing up their whole lives. Micelli may have a mutant worm dick, but none
of you do. And they will forget about him, and only remember the miles of
black cock they are sacrificing to be with your pathetic, impotent worm
dicks. The only thing that will dispel their doubts is if they physically
see this white worm," he pointed to Tony, "best me one on one in the
Challenge. That is the only thing which will completely restore their faith
in your doomed, weak race."

"Come on," Marci spoke up. "Elijah seems willing to accept the Challenge.
I say let the best man win. Or don't all you white worms really believe Tony
is bigger?"

"And what if Tony wins?" Griffin spoke up. "Will you kneel before the white
man and promise to renounce your bullshit Black Supremacy religion forever."

"I would have no choice," Elijah replied. "I have never been humbled by a
white worm. To be so vanquished would reveal my Way as a Lie."

"He's too confidant guys," Nicholas observed, "too willing to take this
Challenge. Methinks maybe this is not such a good idea."

"I've played a lot of poker in my life," Seth commented. "I think he's
bluffing. I think he's perfectly willing to let us all out of here and not
have to face Mr. Micelli in front of everyone."

"I'm willing to take the chance, too," Todd spoke now for the first time in
quite awhile, at long last recovering from his public humiliation.

Slowly, one by one, the white men in the room muttered in agreement, until a
consensus had been reached. Elijah then nodded, stood next to Tony, and
allowed Angela and Sam, his two brides, to unfasten and draw back his robe.

Tony tried not to look, but couldn't help it when he heard the first gasp and
saw his daughter turn pale white, fainting dead away with a huge smile across
her face. Angela tore away the rest of Elijah's robe with a wild flourish,
and the whole room gazed upon the Black Adonis's Godhood.

From base to tip it sprawled to well over two feet. The head was the size of
a softball. The shaft as thick as the fat end of a baseball bat. His balls
were the size of two fists, and his scrotal sack looked large enough to fit a
man's head inside it. In comparison, Tony's 14-inch prick looked like a
child's pee-shooter.

Instantly, every white worm and cunt bowed to the Supreme Majesty of Elijah
Boanerges' Ultimate Victory.

"Will you please allow me to help you fuck my white cunt daughter?" Tony
asked Elijah. All the defiance in Tony Micelli's voice had been submerged
beneath total subjugation and submission. "You must breed black babies
inside her white cunt. The Order must be Restored. The Cause must prevail."

Together, the former enemies now hoisted the lovely teen's half-conscious,
enraptured body onto the altar. Lying her on her back, Tony took the black
giant's massive fuck engine and guided the huge, bloated head up against his
daughter's virgin pussy lips. "Now jam it all the way up there," Tony
hissed. "Fuck that huge black cock up my daughter's tight, wet virgin cunt.
Plant a black baby up in her womb. Make her white worm daddy proud."

"She is but a girl, Micelli," Elijah cautioned Tony. "No full grown white
woman yet has taken the entire length of my Black Wrath. Perhaps, when she
has been sufficiently stretched over the years, she will be able the One, the
White Cunt prophesized by the Lord Yahweh ben Afrika, the Anglo cum dumpster
able to withstand the full brunt of my Omnipotent Black Rage. But right
now, even attempting to abuse her tender body in such a fashion would kill
her most certainly."

"But you have to, Elijah!' Tony whined, using the black man's new, chosen
name for the first time. "She needs to have that huge black cock stuffed up
her tight white teenage cunt. She'll be able to take everything you have to
dish out. You've got to at least try."

"My daddy's right, Elijah," Sam pouted. "Please at least try to shove that
huge black cock up my pussy. I want it so bad."

"Not so fast," Angela suddenly elbowed her way to the altar. "I'm older. My
cunt is a lot looser. I should be the one to try to ride his huge black
dick." She sank down to her knees and began lavishing wet sloppy kisses atop
the massive cock-head and hard ebony shaft."

"No fair," Sam whined.

"You will lie next to Samantha and spread your legs," Elijah lifted Angela
off the floor and tossed her onto the altar next to the dark-haired, teenage
beauty. "Micelli, you will assist me in this matter. Hold their legs apart
as wide as they can go. Ignore any cries of pain. I will regard age before
beauty and mount the white cunt Angela Bower's past-prime pussy first.
According to Yahweh ben Afrika's prophecies, the One among white cunts will
be able to take my massive shaft up to the very hilt. My massive balls will
beat up against her ass. She will take my cock at this depth for 15 straight
minutes at a rate of one inhuman thrust per second. This will total 900
repetitive batterings into her very womb. If she can withstand this and
live, she will be the One. No white cunt yet has even come close."

"Well just watch me," Angela bubbled as she let Tony split her legs apart
like a wishbone. As thrilled as she was at this opportunity, Angela Bower
couldn't help but gasp in terror when she saw Elijah's monstrous cock-head
actually begin pressing against her stretched-out white cunt. "Ooohhh, no ..
no .." she wept desperately as both Elijah and Tony ignored her.

"Fuck the white cunt!" the crowd began to chant, surrounding the altar and
cheering Elijah on. The robed black men longed to see the One Incarnate and
Yahweh ben Afrika's prophecy fulfilled, because when that happened it meant
the Restoration was almost completely at hand. The white men just wanted to
see what all white men long to see, the largest black cok in the world shoved
up a submissive and subjugated white cunt.

"Yield, cunt!" Elijah spit in Angela's weeping face as he pressed his
cock-head relentlessly against her unyielding labia. "I will not be denied
forever. Yield! Let me fulfill the prophecy. Let the Restoration begin!"

"I can't," Angela blubbered. "It's too big. It's too huge. Stop ..
please .. you're killing me! OH JESUS CHRIST IT'S HUGE!! FUCK!! FUCK, fuck,
fuck .." she whimpered when Elijah finally blasted through her white cunt
lips and drove his ebony slut-fucker relentlessly ahead like a bulldozer.

"Shit," Sam burst out. "You've only got two inches up there and she already
can't take any more. Shove it up my white cunt, Elijah. I'll be able to
take that huge black cock. My young tight white virgin cunt will be able to
take the whole thing."

"NO!" Angela hissed at Sam. "His cock is mine. Ram it up inside me, Elijah!
Ram that fucking huge black cock up inside me."

"White cunt whore!" Elijah spit in her face and thrust another two inches
inside her before the gasping Angela just fainted dead away."

"She is not the one, brother," the wizened black holy man told Elijah.

Elijah nodded, denied once more and motioned Tony to assist him disengage
from the platinum blonde's ravaged cunt.

"Now it's my turn!" Sam yelled boisterously. "Spread my legs apart, daddy,"
she begged Tony, who complied enthusiastically. "Wider, daddy. It hurts
like hell, but it'll be worth it when I get that huge black cock inside me.
Won't it, daddy?"

"You're the One, Sam," Tony encouraged his daughter. "You're going to the
biggest white-cunt cum dumpster in the history of our pathetic race. It's
just gotta be you, Sam. Don't let me down."

"Her private parts are far too small," Elijah observed. "I will have one of
the other brothers with 11 or 12 inches break her in. Maybe we can attempt
this coupling in a few years, when she .."

"Fuck her, Elijah!" Tony cut him off. "Fuck my teenage daughter's tight
white cunt. She's the one. She'll take all of that massive black cock in
her tight white virgin cunt, she'll withstand the 900 thrusts in 15 minutes,
and then milk the seed out of your big black balls and breed a thousand black
babies. Fuck her! Fuck my daughter's worthless white cunt."

"Ahhhhhhhhrrrgghhhh!" Elijah roared as he slammed his cock-head against Sam's
tender pink pussy lips.

"OOOOOOOOO!" Sam shrieked in agony, Elijah's first blow glancing off her
pelvic bone.

"You will be the One!" Elijah drank in her utterly submissive teenage white
cunt beauty. She was possibly the most stunning little cum dumpster he had
ever seen, possibly the fairest such bond-maid on the entire planet. "You
have to the One! I will make you the One! I shall be denied no longer!"

With that he began battering her pussy mercilessly, until her crotch area
was rendered black and blue by his haymaker thrusts. Then suddenly, just as
everyone in the living room had dismissed the teen beauty as yet another
white cunt disappointment for their Master, Elijah roared like a lion tasting
a fresh kill. His softball-sized warhead sunk deep into Sam's quivering,
bruised cunt flesh and tore down the tunnel of her cunt walls like a tidal
wave .. an avalanche of raw, bonecrushing Black Power.

"oo .. oo .. oo .." Sam yipped like a slaughtered harp seal as her body slid
down Elijah's inhuman fuck engine. In triumph, Elijah threw his entire body
back and lifted Sam completely off the altar with only the strength of his
impaling ebony Scepter.

"He's got ten inches inside her," the wizened black holy man told the crowd.
"That is more than any white cunt has ever withstood."

"More .. More black cock up tight white teenage virgin cunt!" everyone now
shouted. "900 thrusts .. 900 thrusts .." the chants began.

Suspended only on the strength of Elijah's shaft Sam was held aloft like a
freshly killed doe before Elijah lowered her to the altar once more and then
mounted her even more aggressively. Her tight white teenage virgin cunt
gripped his massive fuck hammer like a vise, but he would not be denied. He
pressed her back to the altar then barreled down even deeper into her
squirming, wriggling body.

With each thrust, he could feel her cunt flesh tearing, then adhering around
his gargantuan dimensions. He heard her pelvic bones crack, felt her heart
pounding, her lungs sucking feverishly for air. "Fuck me!" she bleated, like
a strangled lamb, "please God fuck me!"

"Fucking white cum sewer," Elijah bore his entire weight, his
entire power, his entire Wrath into her obliterated body. Inch after
inch sunk into the thirsting vortex of her virgin white cunt.

"Sixteen .. Seveteen .." the crowd counted off the approximate inches tha
disappeared inside Sam's blasted pussy walls. With almost 8 more inches to
go, the length of one nice-sized dick, it looked as if not even this teenage
cum toilet would be able to take the Enormity of Elijah's Burden. But she
did not yield, and somehow eighteen, then, nineteen, and finally twenty
inches descended into the abyss of her gutted cunt. She herself scooted up
the massive pole, ingesting the twenty-first and twenty-second inches. Then,
with a little over two inches of cock left, Elijah just drove down into Sam
with a savage, decisive fury that completed the evisceration.

"Now to see if you are truly the One!" Elijah spit into Sam's smiling face,
before drawing his mammoth Godhood back out of her gaping cunt, and then
thrusting back in.

"One .. Two .. Three .." the crowd counted with each quick, successive,
inhumanly paced thrust. Elijah was required to deliver one cock blow a
second to Sam's shredded cunt. 60 thrusts a minute, 300 in five minutes,
900 in fifteen minutes, and the crowd was determined to mark each one.
Sam's body was no longer human, merely a fuck toy, a human rag doll
flopping around on the end of a thick, Black Shaft of Righteousness.

Somewhere between 100 and 300 thrusts, Tony let loose a healthy load of
splooge onto Angela's carpet. His daughter Samantha was going to make it.
He knew that now. She was going to the One. He was the proudest man alive.

Epilogue - 60 years later

"And that's the beginning of how the Order was Restored," Sam told the
assembly of black grandchildren sprawled beneath, looking up at her, smiling.
"Now who wants to be first?" she asked, reaching behind herself and patting
her plump ass.

The boys fought to line up behind the pommel horse over which Sam was bent,
her naked ass and cunt yielding full access to any cock that desired her. On
this day, Restoration Day, all her black grandchildren lined up behind her,
to mount her and fuck the ass of the One. The avergae length of their cocks
was over 18 inches now, which was what decades of selective breeding had

"That's it," she cooed to the first boy who entered her ass. "Fuck your
white cunt grandmother good."



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