Who's The Boss: He's The Boss Part 4 - Divergences (b/Ff,oral,inc)
by Pred

"For this Cause Yahweh also gave up
The white worm to uncleanness
Through the lusts of their weak white hearts,
To dishonor their pathetic white bodies
Between themselves:

Who changed the TRUTH of Yahweh
Into a lie, and worshipped and served
The white worm more than the BLACK Creator,
Who is blessed forever. Yahweh be praised.

For this Cause Yahweh gave them up
Unto vile affections:
For even the white worm's women
Did change their natural use into
That which is against nature:

And likewise also the white worm,
Leaving the natural use of the white woman,
Burned in their white worm lust
For one another;
White worm with white worm
Working that which is unseemly,
And receiving in themselves that
Recompence of their error which was meet.
(Romans 1:24-27, The Holy Bible of Yahweh ben Afrika)

"So, you're queer, huh?" Sam asked Jonathan bluntly. She was naked, as were
Angela, Mona and Jonathan, as well. All of them were upstairs in Angela's
room dressing for the ceremony that would begin in a little over two hours.

The effeminate pre-teen boy looked up at the beautiful girl who had since
become a sister to him, then to his smiling grandmother, and finally to his
waiting mother. He had the vaguest notion that he should somehow be aroused
at the site of these naked females, especially as Sam and Angela frolicked
about the room with newfound affection for one another. Just moments ago,
he'd witnessed his beautiful blond mother lick Sam's dark moist cunt to an
orgasm while Sam feasted on Mona's withered, yet still responsive slot.
Wanting to include him in their little tryst, Jonathan's own mother had
sympathetically attempted to stroke her own son to hardness.

But he had felt nothing. No stirrings, no discomfort - he felt NOTHING save
the limpness of his wormlike penis, a casual ennui, and an annoyed impatience
with the lengthy diversion. Now, however, he was beginning to feel anxious,
his heart starting to pound as all three women in his "family" waited for his
answer to Sam's question, or at least some kind of response.

"You mean that didn't turn you on at all?" Sam kept at him, utterly stupefied
at his ambivalence. Every guy she knew would have given their right arms to
see her go girl-to-woman with her father's gorgeous employer. "Not one
bit?!" she gave it one more try.

But Jonathan could only shrug his shoulders and flash an awkward, apologetic
grimace. The sudden appearance of Elijah Boanerges had brought revelation
and transfiguration into all their lives. Mona had once more reclaimed her
white-cunt soul, Angela and Sam had been converted to the One True Cause,
Tony was learning the obedience demanded of all white worms, and Jonathan now
confronted the demons he always knew lurked inside his pathetic, effeminate
white soul.

Still, although he accepted the truth himself, the confused boy couldn't
find the words to admit his degeneracy, certainly not his family... his
mother. Despite the fact he had known her his whole life, Jonathan Bower
found himself unable to read his mother's face, which was usually as
apparent as an open book. At first he thought he might have detected
anger, or disappointment, perhaps. But now it appeared to be something
else altogether - almost resignation, a grudging sense of acknowledgment
that long-held doubts and hunches had finally been confirmed.

"He can't help it... really," Mona thankfully filled the troubled silence.
"It says right here, in Elijah's instructional material under chapter heading
'The White Worm'." She now began reading:

Yahweh made the white worm naturally submissive and effeminate,
as a contrast to the Black Adam unbridled masculinity. The
serpent who crawls upon the ground in Genesis obviously symbolizes
the white worm; and it is he, the white worm, who then tempts the
bond-woman Eve to foresake her Black God and eat of the Tree of
Lies. The Lie of the white worm is that he is sexually potent and
equal to the Black Adam. The white cunt believes this Lie because
the white worm shares her skin color, and in her puny mind she
cannot comprehend that his paleness marks him as a degenerate and
lover of other men.

All white worms are homosexual, be they overt or latent. Realizing
the inferiority of their tiny white worm penises, they seek solace
in the mouths and anuses of the only other beasts that will not
revile and ridicule their pathos and baseness. Ultimately, however,
it is not the penises of other white worms that the pale beast
desires, but the All-Powerful Phallus of the Black Adam himself.

The white man longs to be treated as the bond-woman is treated,
given over to the incomprehensible pleasures of the Black Adam's
godhood. This is why the white worm gladly accepts the role of
bond-woman in environments such as the Prison-Holocaust system,
where Black Supremacy finds its rightful place and so-called Aryan
Brothers quickly yield to Black Supremacy and dutifully learn to
swallow and ride the Salvation of the Almighty Black Phallus.

"You see," Mona continued, looking up from the manual. "Jonathan is just
being a typical, effeminate white worm."

"So that means being in this room, with us all naked and touching and eating
each other out does nothing for you?" Sam was totally flabbergasted.

"I... I guess not," Jonathan finally replied. "Sorry," his voice was tinged
with a hint of sarcasm. "You know, not everyone's in love with you, Sam," he

"I can't believe you're gay," Sam would not let it go. "I can't believe
you'd rather have some guy sucking your little pee-shooter there than this."
She sank down to her knees and inhaled Jonathan's limp, one-inch worm with
a single quick gulp. As soon as the puny, flabby noodle wriggled between
her lips Sam was confronted with two shocking realizations.

For starters, she was willingly sucking the limp prick of the boy who had
grown to be a bratty little brother to her over these last few years.
Granted, their closeness had always presented a kind of attraction to her,
but it was more the affection one feels for a kitten or small puppy. At
least that was what she had told herself those times when she felt vaguely
aroused at the notion she was exposing her teenage charms to the
impressionable boy.

Parading through the house in a towel or her nightshirt, she had always
secretly desired Jonathan's eyes to worship her. The thought that her little
surrogate brother silently lusted after her hot teenage body had made her wet
and feel unattainably sexual. Now, however, she learned that this had all
been in her mind, that Jonathan probably desired her father's cock more than
her firm teenage tits and tight, juicy pussy.

"I'll fucking show you!" she cursed the boy silently, wrapping her lips
around his pathetic, flaccid member in a vain effort to resuscitate it. It
was as she sucked and ran her tongue and lips over it's pitiful dimensions
that Samantha Micelli came to her next realization. "Oh, my God, this is my
first blow job!"

The notion suddenly froze her brain in shock and doubt. It now occurred to
her, seconds after she'd impulsively sucked Jonathan's soft penis into her
naive mouth, that she had no idea what she was doing. She'd read about blow
jobs before, and heard the locker room giggles, but beyond that she'd never
even seen a porno movie before. And now she had Jonathan's limp worm dick
between her lips intent on getting him erect and even cumming.

That day had also seen Samantha Micelli's introduction to another oral sex
act -- pussy eating - but this was entirely different. Rug munching had come
as naturally to Sam as it did to all cunts. All females were born snatch
lickers. When faced with a moist twat, they only needed to do to the
inviting cunt what they themselves desired done to their own snatches.

The male cock, even a limp white worm like Jonathan's, was a thoroughly alien
beast, though, and Sam had no idea what she should be doing to give the boy's
organ pleasure. All she'd ever heard anyone say is that a girl "sucked
cock," so that was what she did. The phrase "blow job" concerned her, as
well, so in between gulps of Jonathan's soft, puny penis-flesh she blew cold
air onto the pinky-sized organ. Then she recalled how nice it felt having
her clit licked, so she attempted some passionate tonguing around Jonathan's
tiny piss hole, down the tiny mushroom head of his penis, then along the
shaft to his tiny balls. Curious with the wrinkly, prickly sack of his
scrotum, she ventured a few licks there, which did seem to finally get some
kind of response from the boy. Inspired, she decided to wrap her lips around
one of his tiny, pee-sized balls and suck hard.

"Ow!" Jonathan bawled, his stiffening cock going limp an instant.

"Sorry, queer" Sam sneered up at him, annoyed at his girlish squeal and her
own inexperienced errors. "How hard can this be?" she pouted to herself.
"It's not like he's ever had a blow job before. He's just a little wimp, for
God's sake. I should be able to get him hard with no problem. So why am I
having problems?" she fretted silently.

"You won't be able to get an erection out of his white worm dick, dear," Mona
laughed at Sam's impetuousness. "You saw his eyes when he caught a vision of
Elijah. He's queer for his Black Master's cock. The only thing that will
get him hard is a big black cock wedged in his windpipe or stuffed up his
wormy asshole."

"Sam!" Angela's voice was concerned now, and she grabbed the back of Sam's
hair and tried yanking the teen's ravenous mouth way from her son's tender,
tiny penis. "You're going to hurt his soft little worm dick. Stop that!"

"I'm not going to hurt him," Sam winced, and tried to shake her hair free
from Angela's grasp. "I know I can get him hard and suck him off. Do you
want Jonathan to be a queer? Do you?"

"Honey, he has no choice," Mona tried to be a voice of reason. "He's a white
worm. They're all queer."

"Well, I don't think he is," Sam protested. "I mean he may want black
cock - and who the hell can blame him. But he can't be all queer. Maybe
he's just bi. If I don't get him hard and make him cum now, he might never
get a chance with a girl again. He could just start being queer right away
and never realize he's really bi."

"I just don't see what difference it makes," Angela pled with Sam. "He's a
white worm and he's Elijah's slave. Even if he wanted girls, Elijah would
never allow him to actually have one."

"But he could play with himself and jack off watching us get fucked by Black
Gods," Sam argued. "That's what white worms are supposed to do, aren't
they...? I want him to watch him jack off while he watches me get fucked by
Elijah's Black Godhood. I want him to want me and not be able to possess
me," she heard herself admit without thinking.

"Sam!" Angela was a little shocked to hear Tony's daughter talk this way.
It was only a short while ago that Angela Bower could not have even dreamed
of the depravity lurking in her own soul, not to mention the souls of sweet
Samantha Micelli, her mother, and her own son. Hearing Sam express such
depraved thoughts towards Jonathan startled Angela and reminded her of her
past, lily-white existence. If Sam had even hinted at such perverted
emotions, Angela would have had the teenager committed. Now, however, the
girl was openly expressing her desire to see Jonathan, Angela's own son,
sexually humiliated for Samantha's own sadistic amusement. "Stop it," she
pulled at the girl once more.

"No, Angela," Mona's stern voice halted Angela's struggling. Angela felt her
mother's firm hand draw her grip from Sam's hair and slowly force her arms
down. "Sam is right. If Jonathan can be stimulated by the female sex, we
need to know right now. Within the Cause, overt homosexuals are castrated
and placed in special anal bondage to be used as cum sewers for impure,
polluted and diseased Black Seed. Their's is a special bondage, to act as
human latrines for their Black Masters. Jonathan must be Determined, and
this is as good a time as any."

"Oh, God," Angela covered her mouth, realizing exactly what her son's life
would entail if he was Determined to be unconditionally ass queer. "Sam...
I'm so sorry. Please, do whatever you must. I couldn't bear to see my
Jonathan live like that."

"It wouldn't be so bad, mom, really." Jonathan actually thrilled to the
description of special sex-slavery his grandmother had described. "A cum
latrine for Black Lust," he mused to himself as he watched Sam's futile oral
ministrations fail miserably. "That's not even close, Sam," he mocked the
teenage beauty who had always flaunted herself in front of him. Now Jonathan
knew why he'd always been uncomfortable when the older girl teased him. It
wasn't that she turned him on; it was the exact opposite. She'd never really
done anything for him -- her or her friends like Marci.

"Come on, damn you," Sam spit on Jonathan's limp cock with growing
frustration and disgust. "A hot 14-year-old girl is sucking your fucking
cock. How can you possibly stay limp?" Sam redoubled her inexperienced
efforts, and suddenly felt Angela fall to her knees beside her.

Now the boy's mother joined the teenage girl as they both tried to suck some
life into the blond sissy boy. "Let me," Angela wrested her son's tiny soft
penis from Sam's sucking lips and swirled her tongue about the tiny prick
helmet. This was a trick that had always served Angela well when giving
head. She really didn't like taking cocks into her mouth. The sensation of
the bloated head dragging across her tongue made her gag, and she found that
if she licked a man's cock lavishly he almost never took her by her hair and
made her take his cock deep into her mouth. "Go back to his balls," Angela
instructed Sam between licks. "But don't suck them like your drinking a
milkshake. Slurp them gently, like an ice cream cone."

"Okay," Sam demurred, humiliated that Angela had once again stepped in to
save the day. She did as the older woman commanded, but as soon as Jonathan
felt her mouth on his scrotum he tried to jerk away from both her and Angela.

"Mother, hold him still," Angela ordered Mona. "Jonathan, don't fidget.
Stand there and let your mommy suck your cock." Despite her revulsion
towards inhaling dick, Angela took a deep breath, fought her nausea and
sucked her son's puny, limp cock between her lips.

Jonathan struggled and squirmed, but the two woman and one girl held him
under control, and after a few minutes he gave up and submitted to the
attentions of Sam and his mother.

"Ooo, I think it's getting a little hard," Angela giggled excitedly after a
straight two minutes of hardcore cock coaxing. She had tried everything in
her arsenal of dick sucking techniques, from tongue swirls to spit strings
to playful nibbles. Finally, she felt her son's pathetic penis stir in her
mouth as she and Sam joined forces, licking his shaft and cock-head while
the teenager tickled his balls playfully. "Can you feel that, Jonathan.
Mommy's sucking your dick all hard. You're not going to be an ass queer cum
latrine after all."

"I'm afraid he is," a large, dark voice boomed from the doorway.


Everyone in the room turned about in shock, terrified that the Master had
discovered them engaging in sexual activity behind his back.

"The boy is ass queer for nigger cock," Elijah continued, striding into the

"But... he was getting hard," Angela protested. "I could feel his cock
getting stiff in my mouth."

"It was merely your wishful thinking," Elijah looked down on them all. "I
have been observing your pathetic efforts to suck his worm dick to an
erection for ten minutes now. If he wasn't ass queer, he would have fired
his puny emaciated seed by now." He kicked Sam and Angela away from the boy,
and then starred down at the shivering, awestruck youth. "You will follow
these men." He pointed to the doorway where three Black Gods in flowing robes
stood. On men held a large sharp knife, and the others merely grinned at the

"No," Angela threw herself at Elijah's feet, her sobbing eyes pleading for
her son's mercy. "You have to give us another minute, another minute...
please Master."

"Stupid white cunt," he batted her away with one of his paws. "Your son is
an ass queer, and he will be used as such by the Cause."

"He's not!" Angela wept. "My son isn't queer. He's just scared...

"Really?" Elijah cocked an amused eyebrow. "Okay, then, I will give him one
last chance."

"Thank you," Angela dove for her son's puny, limp worm, but Elijah caught her
by the hair and held her at bay.

"No, cunt," he informed her. "We have seen how ineffectual your pitiful
ministrations are upon his effeminate, tiny worm dick. But you may be
correct. It may merely be fear that causes his pathetic worm to hang limp.
But we shall see," Elijah smirked. "Now all of you, save for Jonathan,
shield your worthless white eyes. NOW!" he commanded.

The two women and the teenager buried their faces in their hands, Angela
blubbering like a mother kneeling at the coffin of her only child. Elijah
sneered at Jonathan, and he boy breathed sharply when he saw the Black God
begin to draw aside the folds of his robes. Like Moses standing before the
burning bush, Jonathan stared wondrously into the face of his Lord, his eyes
lit with the fire of total and complete submission.

With only a moment's glimpse of his God's Glory, the boy's limp worm
stiffened to the size and circumference of a pencil stub.

"You may lift your eyes now, white cunts," Elijah intoned, his Scepter once
more safely tucked away inside the Holy of Holies.

"NOOOOO!" Angela screeched when she saw her son's proud, shameless erection.

The boy smiled at his mother bravely, then followed the three men out of the

"I believe you were adorning yourselves," Elijah ignored the weeping woman,
the shell-shocked teen and the nodding grandmother.


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