Fucking Who's the Boss
(original fiction by Ed Dippus)

Jonathan Bower zipped in through the front door, calling out as he arrived "Is
anyone home?"

No one returned his yell, so he dropped his books in the living room and ran
upstairs to his room. There he quickly stripped down to his underwear. Fishing
underneath his mattress, he soon came up with his current stash of pornography,
a dog-eared Hustler and an ancient Penthouse.

It was rare that he had the house to himself. Of course, his mother Angela was
usually at her business until 5:00, but Tony Micelli, the housekeeper, usually
was home around now. Jonathon's grandmother, Mona, was also always around,
unless she was fucking around with some guy. The only person who wasn't around
enough, as far as he was concerned, was Tony's daughter: Samantha.

Now, as Jonathon lay back on the bed, he flipped the Hustler open to the
centerfold pictorial. It featured a youngish-looking brunette with pointy
tits, lush hips and a short haircut. To Jonathon's adolescent viewpoint, the
nude slut spreading her pussy lips looked just like Sam.

Holding the skin rag open with one hand, he hauled out his slim teen cock with
the other and began stroking. Laying the Hustler aside for a moment, he
flipped the Penthouse open to the Forum section, where a rare incest letter
described the realtionship between a brother and sister.

The thing that really pissed Jonathon offf was that, although he and Sam
weren't related, she treated him as if he were her younger brother. And
although a high schooler hardly ever stood a chance with a college sophomore,
Jonathon felt that had he met Sam under different circumstances, he'd be
screwing her regularly. What he failed to take into account was that, as of
yet, he hadn't screwed anybody. But Sam's unattainability increased his lust
for her in his mind.

Jonathon continued to jack off while perusing the letter and looking over at
the gatefold. Soon, his youthful sperm cascaded over his hand. With a sigh,
he reached for the Kleenex and cleaned himself up. Minutes later, as he was
dressing again, Jonathon renewed his pledge to himself that somehow, someday,
he'd fuck Sam's brains out. He headed downstairs in search of a snack.

As he entered the kitchen, he was startled to see his grandmother sitting at
the table, working her way through a slice of pie and a glass of milk.

"Hello, Tiger," she cooed, "what have you been up to?"

Jonathon eyed her sharply for a moment, wondering of she somehow KNEW what he'd
been up to. But he decided it was simply one of her inappropriate comments and
ignored it.

"My aren't we in a snit, today," she continued. "What's wrong, pussy got your

"I wish," he snorted, immediately regretting his flip answer. Mona was
different from other adults. If she said "pussy" instead of "cat", she meant
"cunt" instead of "feline". And if he responded in kind, she knew it.

"Well, well, girl trouble?"

"No, Grandma, nothing like that."

"Oh, come on," she coaxed, "You can tell old Mona anything. It's not like I
haven't heard it before."

Impulsively, Jonathon decided to reveal some of his problem to Mona. Not all,
mind you, even she might find that too sick. But it was clear she held sex in
somewhat higher regard than other people around here did. "It's just that I'm
tired of being a virgin," he blurted out

"I take it back, that is something I've never heard before," she quipped,
"People who want to be virgins never tire of it. And those above the age of 12
who are tired of it never stay virgins long."

"Okay, forget I said anything," he snapped back, crossly.

"I'm sorry," she said immediately, "That was callous of me. Many kids your age
don't get the opportunities they want."

"Were you still a virgin at my age?"

"Are you nuts? By the time I was your age, I'd slept with half the local high

"Only half?" he said derisively.

"Only half was men," she replied serenely, "but after while some of the women
lost their shyness."

Jonathan was at a loss for words. Mona always came back quickly with the
smart-ass answer, but it usually contained a grain of truth. To discover she
was bi-sexual was quite a shocker.

For her part, Mona loved Jonathan and wished he'd show a little more spine;
actually, more balls was a better phrase. He was a bright kid, and cocky when
it came to the family or school. But put him in a social situation with women
and he always managed to say the stupidest thing possible. It was no wonder he
was still a virgin, he acted so much like....his mother.

Angela was a constant sore spot for Mona. The fact that her own daughter was
so uptight was a mystery to her. Perhaps it was the natural progression for a
child to rebel against everything her mother was. Nevertheless, to grow up
with a permissive mother during the sexual revolution and turn out like Angela
did was downright indecent. At this point, Mona was beginning to feel like she
should somehow save Jonathon.

"Listen, sport. Why don't you cut yourself a piece of pie and come on up to my
apartment? Maybe I can help you find a way out of your problem."

"Okay, but only if you promise not to make fun of me."

"Scout's honor," she said solemnly.

"I didn't know you were a Girl Scout."

"I wasn't. But the Boy Scouts made me an honorary member because I let them
practice their knots on me." With that parting shot, she headed to her

A few minutes later, Jonathon joined her.

"Okay," she said briskly, "let's get down to business. What is it exactly that
makes you such a flop with the chicks?"

"I wouldn't necessarily say I was a flop."

"'Flop' was a bad word, how about 'loser'?"


"Okay, I'm sorry. But really, what's the problem?"

"Okay, I'm totally in lust with this one girl, but she's older than me and
doesn't think of me in that way at all. I want to get into her pants in the
worst way, but she thinks of me more like a little brother than a potential


"I need some way to not only get her attention, but to get her interested in me
sexually. Grandma, you're a girl...."

"Thank's for noticing."

"No, what I mean is, what works for you? What does a guy do that gets you
totally interested in getting into his pants?"

"Ususally, a guy will look at me and say 'Hello'. That does it every time."

"I'm serious now."

"Okay, okay," Mona thought for a minute. "I've got it. Girls are suckers for
romance. And if a girl is at all interested in sex, a romantic approach will
ge her every time."

"But I can't just come out and start giving her romance. She'd laugh in my

"Okay, you've got a definite image problem to overcome. Here's what you do:
make it a secret admirer type deal. Send her flowers and candy, and notes.
The notes are the most important. They've got to start out admiring, but as
time passes, you've got to start getting graphic, porno-graphic, if you get my

"Yeah! This stuff is great. I should be writing it down."

"Jonathon, don't be such a dweeb! Anyway, set up a mysterious rendezvous, but
leave no doubt as to what such a rendezvous will entail. Also, drop subtle
little hints as to your true identity, but not enough to give everything away.
That way, when she finally sees its you, you will fit nicely with whatever
image she's conceived in her mind, since all her clues will describe you."

"Yeah, that's brilliant. I'll go get started on the notes right away."

"Oh, and Jonathon, one more thing. NEVER use the girl's name on the notes. It
could prove potentially embarassing for your intended paramour should they fall
into the wrong hands."

"Okay, fine," he said eagerly, "Thanks for everything Gram. I'll pay you back

Mona chuckled to herself as her grandson ran out the door. "If you turn out at
all like your father was," she thought to herself, " you'll be paying me back
in ways you can't begin to imagine."


And so Jonathon began his campaign of seducing Sam via the written word.
However, in an effort to hide his true identity, he severely curtailed his
normally verbose writing style. He then left the note with a single red rose
so that Sam would discover it on the front porch when she left for school in
the morning.

What Jonathon didn't know, (because he was still in bed), was that Sam always
left by the back door. In fact, (in one of those cruel twists of Fate so often
found in Sitcom-land), the only person to leave by the front door was his

And so when Angela Bower found the card and rose, she naturally assumed it was
for her. The style and tone of the note did not direct her to suspect her son,
but it did sound suspiciously like a certain male Italian housekeeper she knew.

In fact, she wasn't far off, because while trying to disguise his style,
Jonathon unconsciously imitated Tony's phrasology.

"How sweet," Angela thought, "Tony is finally making his move, but he's too shy
to face me personally. Well, I'll just play along with his little game."

And so, over the course of the next few weeks, Angela was courted passionately
by her son, via anonymous notes and gifts, thinking all the while it was Tony.
Meanwhile, the intended recipient and the supposed sender were blissfully
unaware off what was transpiring between the Bowers.

When the notes began to get suggestive, Angela found it amusing. When they
began to get risque, she felt flustered. When they got around to downright
graphic, she became extremely turned on. It was funny how Mona was exactly
right about how the recipient would react to these letters. All along, since
Tony had come to work for her, Angela had been warm for his form. But she
would never think of initiating any type of contact. To begin with, it was
improper, but Angela also never had much experience along those lines either.
And the only person she could have asked was Mona, who coincidentally was the
last person she would have ever approached for advice.

But now that Tony seemed to be initiating the contact, Angela was ready and
willing to go along. In fact, she was downright horny, never having been
touched by a man since her husband died. And such a sudden way to go: a heart
attack while raking leaves.

Thus it was that when the mysterious writer suggested a midnight rendezvous
outside in the gazebo, she was ready, willing and able. She spent the entire
evening luxuriating in a bath, doing her hair, and selecting her most seductive
perfume. When the appointed hour drew near, she put on her robe, slipped out
the back door and crossed the lawn quickly to the gazebo. The instructions in
the note told her to be naked, laying in the center of the gazebo with her legs
pointing toward the door. She followed these instructions to the letter.

For his part, Jonathon simply lay low in his room all evening. He really felt
like jacking off, but in anticipation of the big event he hoped would occur, he
wanted a sac full of semen. So he reviewed his Forum letters, deciding on a
course of action to follow. When the time came, he slipped out the back in his
robe and crossed the lawn with a big hard-on leading the way.

Angela, her head cushioned by her robe, heard the screen door open and shut.
Immediately, her pussy juices started flowing and she shivered deliciously. The
long flirtation was about to end, as was her long drought without sex. No
matter what, she was ready to get fucked tonight. She giggled slighlty at the
ruse Tony had used to throw her off track. He pretended he had to drive Sam
back to New York today. He probably just drove her to her friend's across

Jonathon reached the gazebo and stood in the entrance. Sam's body lay hidden
in the shadows, but he could make out her spread thighs gleaming faintly in the
dark. His heart leapt, as did his cock. Unwilling to reveal his identity
quite yet, he had decided to begin by eating her out. This way, he would get
her so worked up that by the time she found out who her lover was, she wouldn't
care as long as she got fucked.

Angela quivered with excitment as the shadow in the doorway moved toward her.
He knelt between her upraised knees and sank his tongue deep into the folds of
her cunt. With a long, tremulous sigh, she came immediately, almost in relief.

With her head thrown back and her eyes closed, she moaned softly as her lover
continued to ravish her pussy.

Jonathon was exultant. He had figured that Mona's hare-brained scheme had one
chance in a thousand to work, yet here he was at midnight in the gazebo eating
out the object of his most fervent adolescent desires. As long as this chick
was so willing to get naked and await a stranger with parted thighs, he figured
to lose his cherry completely before ruining the moment with idle chit chat.
But for a little while more he was going to keep working this chick up.
Keeping his mouth plastered to the damp muff beneath him, he reached his hands
up to caress those tits.

When his fingers did make contact with his lover's blood-engorged nipples, he
frowned slightly. "Hmph," he thought, "Thought Sam had bigger tits than this.

Maybe 'cause she's lying down. Anyway..." he shrugged off his doubts and
rolled those nipples between his fingers, rewarded by another tremulous sigh as
his partner came. "Now's the time," he thought, getting to his knees and
"walking" his erect prick toward its ultimate destination.

When that marvelous mouth left her twat, Angela almost protested, but she knew
that what came next was going to be even better. She felt a cockhead probing
her cunt lips, and lifted her hips slighlty off the ground. Her lover let off
a curiously high-pitched grunt as he slid his cock deep into her. Now it was
Angela's turn to frown: she somehow thought that Tony's cock would be longer,
or at least, thicker. But her pussy had been so long without a man that even
this less than huge cock filled her in a most satisfying fashion. She reached
up and pulled the figure above her down. Jonathan sank down willingly onto his
partner, ready to lay a hot kiss on those full sexy lips.

The kiss began, but immediately each lover's eyes flashed open in alarm.
"That's not Tony!" Angela's panicked brain registered "But is he good!"

"That's not Samantha," Jonathon thought, "But who cares?"

Still, each had to know who they were fucking, and each simultaneously said
"Who is this?"

And as the voices registered on seperate brains, the two again said
simultaneously "Mom?!" "Jonathon?!"

"Oh my God! Jonathon, quick, get off me," Angela's brain was screaming "no"
but her body didn't react the same way.

"Mom..." he said in a strangled voice, "Mom, I... can't..." involuntarily his
hips thrust his virgin cock back and forth in his mother's moist pussy.

"What do you mean you can't? You must!" her voice was panicked, but her pussy
muscles involuntarily gripped and released her son's young prick.

"I'm... I'm... gonna...."

"No! No!"

"Cummmmm!" he yelled as his seed spewed forth.

"Oh! Oh! No! No! YES!" she screamed as her own orgasm hit her.

As soon as they were done cumming, they each jumped apart and began grabbing
for their robes.

"I thought you were Sam," he said quickly.

"Sam? I thought you were Tony."

"But I left the notes for Sam."

"You left them? Oh god, where did you ever get such an idea?"

"Grandma told me to do it."

They were now walking quickly back to the house.

"I might have known," she said, "this sounds like one of Mother's hare-brained

"But it worked, didn't it?" he pointed out.

"Yes, it did, but only because I was emotionally starved for affection."

"Well, I was physically starved for sex. And I'm still hungry." Jonathon was
shocked that he had fucked his mother, but he had eaten a women out, lost his
cherry and fucked her 'til they both came. All in all a pretty good night.

They reached the door and Angela turned to face Jonathon. "Well, you're going
to have to put any more thoughts of this out of your head. This was a big
mistake and no one can find out about it. We'll never speak about this or
think about it again."

"Oh, come on, Mom. How can I not think about my only sexual experience?"

"You mean you were a virgin before tonight?" she couldn't believe a virgin was
that talented, but still, her own son! "Oh my god, I've deflowered my baby!"

"Come on, Mom. It's not like you seduced me."

"You're right, you tricked me into this."

"I didn't notice you complaining."

"Jonathon, that's quite enough. Go directly to your room and go to bed. You're
grounded, young man, until further notice." With that, Angela ran up the
stairs to her private bathroom and ran a full tub to wash away the sins of the

But as she waited for the tub to fill, she found herself sitting at her vanity,
absently dabbing a finger at the cum that had dripped out onto her thigh. As
she thought back over the encounter, she found her body becoming more and more
excited again. It had been eons since a man had brought her to orgasm, and
then only rarely. Her son had done it three times in quick succession. Deep
in thought, she raised her hand and bit down on her index finger, a habit she
had picked up while studying in college. Only when she was studying, she never
had had a man's cum on her finger before. The bitter taste was exciting, and
the pungent smell of her son's cum mixed with hers made her nostrils flare.

Later, as she lay back in the tub, her mind was filled with erotic thoughts.
She was totally blameless in this affair, and so she could with a clear
conscience enjoy the experience. But in fact, who was hurt by their encounter?
Neither of them was involved in a relationship with anyone else. In fact, Tony
had been taking his onw sweet time about showing any interest in her. She had
not seduced him, and they had each enjoyed the experience. Of course, any hint
of something like this would ruin her business. It must never get out.

As she cleaned out her pussy under the water, Angela found she was still very
excited. In fact, now that she'd been re-introduced to fucking, she wanted
much much more. Later, as she dried herself off, she realized that her best
course of action all the way around was to continue having sex with her son.
Not only would this fulfill both their obvious needs, but she could ensure that
Jonathon kept it a secret.

And so, having finished her bath, she headed for her son's bed.

When she got opened the door, she heard a quick rustling of covers, then
silence. "Jonathon?" she said, closing the door and crossing to the bed.

"What?" he said sullenly.

"I'm sorry I was cross with you," she said gently, as she lifted up the covers
and got into bed naked with him.

"Mom! What...?"

"Hmmm," she said reaching over and grabbing his cock, "you're nice and hard.
Were you jacking off thinking about me?"

"You know I was."

"Well, you were right before, I wasn't complaining when you fucked me. In
fact, once you moved inside me, I knew it wasn't Tony. But I didn't care. Do
you want to fuck some more?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Well, we can fuck all you want, but NO ONE can find out. This includes Mona,
Sam and Tony, especially them. Do you understand?"

"You bet!"

"Okay then, I think it's time I paid a little more attention to your sexual
education." She shifted down the bed and pushed back the covers. "This is
called 'fellatio'."

"Fella-what?! Ohhhh, cock-sucking. Yeah, Mom, suck my cock."

And Angela did, hollowing out her cheeks and attacking her son's penis with her
tongue. Now that she had made the conscious decision to commit incest, she
felt deliciously wicked. "Who needs Tony?" she tought, "he's a great
housekeeper and kind of cute, but my son is an awesome lay!"

"Oh Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

Angela renewed her ministrations, eagerly gulping down the hot jizz that flowed
from her son's cock. She was proud and extremely gratified to note the young
teen's cock did not flag a bit after cumming. She placed a knee on either side
of his hips and, with a quick motion, impaled herself on his dick. "This is
called 'female superior intercourse'."

"Well, you sure are one superior female at intercourse," he grinned.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," she said with feeling, looking her son straight
in the eye. Then she bent forward and stuck her tongue down his throat.


Earlier that day, while Jonathon and Angela each contemplated a night of
passion with Sam and Tony, respectively, the objects of the Bower's desires
were in fact on their way to Brooklyn. Jonathon didn't know this and Angela,
as was previously mentioned, thought it was a ruse. But in actuality, the
Micellis were on their way to the old neighborhood on family business.

A distant aunt of Sam's mother had died, and when the estate had been settled,
it was discovered that some of Tony's late wife's possessions had somehow ended
up in that aunt's keeping. Tony recalled that he had been on the road with the
Cards at the time, so when the relatives came for Sam, they must have brought
some of Mary's belongings away as well. In his grief, he had never missed

Now, he was extremely pensive as he pulled up in front of the old lady's
brownstone. Every so often, something like this would bring back to the
surface all his feelings for his wife. He was extremely uneasy. Sam, noticing
her father's mood, had wisely left him alone and immersed herself in her
headphones until they arrived.

Now the found the key under the stone planter, as the executor had said they
would and let themselves inside. As they passed through the old lady's house
they noted that it was in perfect order. "How did Aunt Lucia die?" she asked.

"Shark attack," Tony said.

"Did you say 'shark attack'?"

"Yeah, she was down in the Bahamas with her golden years club. They were
snorkeling when Jaws came by. She was right by Mrs. Chung. I guess he felt
like a little Italian."

"He's right, I've eaten a couple of Chinese guys and I've always been hungry a
half hour later."

"Sam! Don't talk like that. The thought of you with any boy... ugh!"

"Oh Daddy!"

As they climbed up to the attic, Sam kept her eyes on her Dad's butt ahead of
her. In reality, she had always been attracted to her Dad. Her promiscuous
ways were actully an attempt to compensate for never being able to get in her
father's pants. Tony was the only one who knew that Sam would jump anything in
pants, although Mona was beginning to suspect, but he never knew why.

In the attic, they found the trunks with her mother's things. Almost as soon
as he opened them, Tony began to wish he hadn't. Immediately, tears sprang to
his eyes. Impatiently, he dashed them away, then said gruffly to Sam, "Go prop
open the front door and open the back of the van so we can carry these things
right out."

While she was gone, Tony went through the largest trunk. He pulled out a
cookie tin stuffed full of photographs. He was amazed to note how much Sam
looked like Mary at the same age. This picture of Mar in her bikini could be
Sam: same face, same hair, same smooth thighs, same full hips, same big...

Hurriedly he thrust the photo and the thoughts away, packing the trunk back up
to lug downstairs. Sam's voice floated up from below, "Dad, you're not going
to like this."

"What?" he yelled down.

"You better come see."

Tony made his way downstairs and found Sam waiting on the front porch, her arms
crossed as she leaned casually against the railing. "What won't I like?" he

In answer she nodded toward the van.

"Oh, no," he groaned, "a flat t.. TWO flat tires?"

"Actually, four," she said.

"Four? How did I get four flats? Did we drive over a board and nails?"

"Actually, Dad, they're slashed. And the stereo and cellular phone are gone."

"No, you're kidding me. What's happened to this neighborhood? When I was a
kid, no tires got slashed unless me and my friends did it. And then, we only
would do one so the guy could change it."

"Times change," Sam observed drily.

"Well, I guess I'd better call a tow truck."

Within the hour, the towing service arrived with a large flat-bed tow truck. As
the van was winched aboard, Tony finished signing the police report. The
patrolman looked it over and sighed, "Well, Mr. Micelli, we'll do our best, but
it could have been any of several gangs in this neighborhood. I'm afraid your
stereo and phone are already for sale in Jersey by now."

"Kids these days," Tony said, "I just don't know."

"Yeah, when Dad lived here, he'd only slash one tire at a time, right Dad?"

The policeman narrowed his gaze and looked at Tony appraisingly. "Izzat so?"

"Ha, ha, ha," Tony said, "My daughter, always the kidder. Well thanks for your
time, officer. We'll be seeing you." And Tony escorted him out the door. Then
he spun around and said, "That wasn't very funny."

"Oh Dad, don't get your shorts in a bunch."

"You know, your mother used to put me on the spot like that," he said, then

Sam noticed and changed topics "While your were talking to Columbo, I called
the executor. He said it's okay if we stay the night here until our van's
ready tomorrow."

"Great, we'll run down to the corner grocery and get some stuff for dinner. I
wonder if Mrs. Paganini still owns it."

It turned out the the Paganini's had sold out years before to the Hafsanjani's,
but there was still good food available, and Sam cooked her Dad a great meal.
Then, while she watched some T.V. in what had been the parlor, Tony dragged the
trunks down to the living and, with a bottle of wine at his elbow, began going
through some of the stuff. Two bottles of wine, three boxes of Kleenex and
four trunks later, he fell asleep in his chair clutching an old picture of his

He awoke several hours later, befuddled. Someone had lit a candle in the room,
and in the flickering light, he beheld his wife standing in front of him in her
old tattered night shirt she used to wear. He used to love that shirt 'cause
there were holes in just the right places. He could lick Mary's nipples
through them without taking the shirt off. "Mary?" he called out. His wine
clouded mind didn't register the incongruity.

Sam merely nodded and in a husky whisper said "Uh,huh."

"Oh, Mary, baby, come here."

Sam leaned over and blew out the candle, then padded across to her father. It
had been obvious to her that he had some ghosts that needed to be laid to rest.

He also had a daughter that needed to be laid - period. She decided to take
advantage of this now.

Settling her knees on either side of his thighs, she took Tony's face in her
hands and kissed him gently. His hands slid to her shoulders and pulled her
close. They kissed deeply. Then she pulled back, lowered her hands to his
pants and began undoing his belt.

His hands slid to the front of her shirt and his thumbs slipped through the
holes and flicked her nipples to erectness. Sam caught her breath then husked,
"Oh, yes baby." Many relatives had told her she sounded like her Mom. With
the looks to match, she knew she could have her way tonight.

Her hands burrowed down into his crotch and found his erection growing up to
meet her. She was amazed and pleased by the size. Length and girth both were
extremely above average. She had always liked big cocks, and her Dad had one
of the biggest. Slipping off the chair and out of his grasp, she dropped to
her knees and started to work her father's pants off. Tony lifted his hips to
help her. He did not protest when she pulled away because he knew what was
coming next. Sam -- no, Mary-- had always been a great cocksucker. "Sam?" he
thought, for a moment almost struggling back to full consciousness. But then
those lips settled around his rod, and he relaxed back toward sexual oblivion.
He twined his fingers in her hair and thought "No one sucks cock like my Mary."

With great enthusiasm, Sam huffed and puffed her way over that magnificent
tool. Over the years she had at different times contrived to see her Dad nude.
She also made sure he had seen her the same way. But in all that time, she'd
never seen him erect. Granted, even flaccid he was impressively endowed, but
when that sucker was pumped - whoa!

Sam worked her way down totally on his cock, relaxing her throat muscles and
deep-throating the head. Then she sucked back up and plunged down agan. Soon,
she had a rhythm going as her Dad pumped his hips in time to her motions. He
could feel the urgency grow in him and she was glad because her jaws were
beginning to ache at the size.

Pulling off halfway, she worked the head with her mouth and stroked his root
with her fist. When she felt the pressure on the back of her head increase,
she knew he was about to cum. Sure enough, shot after shot of thick cum jetted
into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. She swallowed frantically as
her cheeks bulged out to contain his load. But she was an old pro, and as his
orgasm subsided, she managed to get it all down. She continued to nurse his
prick as it deflated.

Then she felt Tony push her back, then sweep her up. Carrying her to the
bedroom, he crushed her against his chest and kissed her deeply. "Mmmm," he
said "I always like kissing you after you've swallowed my cum."

"Way to be kinky DAD," she thought. "Mmmm" was all she dared say.

When they got to the bedroom, Tony laid her down. Then he peeled off his shirt
to reveal his muscular torso. Sam shivered in anticipation. She hoped he
would get hard again soon.

Tony bent down to kiss her lips, then nuzzled her neck. "I know what you like,
babe," he whispered into her ear.

"Do it," she whispered huskily.

Tony kissed his way down his daughter's body, paying extended attention to her
breasts. Then to her thrill, he crawled between her legs and began eating her
out. The rough stubble on his cheeks scraped her thighs, but his soft tongue
worked its way quickly to the heart of her pussy. She was already incredily
turned on, but his tongue took her to new heights. When he pulled back
briefly, she could almost feel her pussy reaching out for more contact, but he
quickly replaced his tongue with one finger, then two. As she squired down
against this new feeling, he lowered his head again and flicked his tongue
across her clit. With a shudder and a scream, she came.

Barely waiting for her to catch her breath, Tony flipped her over and pulled
her up to her knees. Then with a long, quick stab, he began fucking his
daughter's pussy doggy style. She gasped at being filled so quickly, but it
felt incredibly great. Tony pumped long, strong and evenly, but not enough to
build himself to a quick cum. Wetting his fingers with his spit, he began
slipping his index finger into Sam's ass.

She gasped again at the intrusion, but welcomed it. She was an old pro at anal
sex. Before she could get her own doctor to put her on the Pill, she had
substitued oral and anal sex to keep her boyfriends happy. None had ever
complained. Now she was ecstatic that her Dad was apparently getting ready to
fuck her in the ass. Tony quickly worked his way up to 2 fingers then three.
As he felt Sam strain back against him, he leaned forward and whispered, "Do
you want me to fuck you in the ass? I know you love it."

"Oh, yes," she sobbed in ecstasy.

Without missing a stroke, Tony pulled out of her pussy and sank to the hilt in
her rectum. Sam screamed into the pillow with joy and came. In a much tighter
environment now, Tony's prick began to really get the friction it needed, and
he could feel the cum boiling in his balls. Within minutes. he was blowing his
wad up his daughter's anus.

Exhausted, the two fell down next to one another. Sam was careful to keep her
back to her Dad. He snuggled up against her, his de-tumescing organ nestled
between her buns. "Goodnight, baby," he breathed into her ear.

She grunted back. She knew that in the morning there'd be hell to pay, but
right now, she didn't care.

Tony spoke again, "Oh, and thank you, Sam."

Sam's eyes flashed open. She spun around and broke away. Looking him in the
eye she said "You knew? When? How?"

Tony smiled up at her dreamily, his eyes laughing. "You were almost perfect,"
he said, "but your mother NEVER let me fuck her in the ass."


Okay, everybody. Jonathon and Angela are lovers. Tony and Sam are lovers. But
when do things really start to heat up? And what about Mona?

For the answers to these and other questions, stay tuned to this BBS for the
next exciting installment of "Fucking Who's the Boss"

Ed Dippus


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