Who's The Boss: A Father's Love (M/f,inc)
by Wilcox

Tony Micelli worried about a possible accident as he drove home through the
violent storm. It was very late and the heavy wind and rain made the dark
winding road seem all that much longer as it threw leaves and small branches
in front of the car all the way home. Finally Tony and his daughter Samantha
made their way up the driveway and parked. Running to the dark house they
both got drenched.

Tony told Sam that they should be quiet so as not to wake his boss Angela, or
her son Jonathan or Angela's mother Mona. He told her, "Go up to bed Honey.
You have school in the morning and have to be up early." She kissed her dad
goodnight and went up to her room as Tony went into the kitchen for a beer.

When Tony went upstairs a few minutes later the light from Sam's bedroom
cascaded out onto the dark hallway carpet through her partially opened door.
As Tony started to shut his bedroom door, he glanced across the hall, looking
into hers. She was half-naked, standing there toweling off, listening to
music. Sam's back was to the door, her perfect young form displayed in all
its glory in the brightness of her bedroom light.

Tony secretly watched from the darkness as she gracefully moved to the beat.
She was toweling off her damp hair, her surprisingly full breasts swaying and
jiggling with her movements. The towel around her waist suddenly loosened and
fell as she rocked her hips. Her tight young ass was flawless as it came into
his view! Perfectly round, firm white cheeks outlined by a gorgeous tan. Tony
smiled to himself and thought about what a hottie his young daughter had
become as he shut his door.

A roll of thunder woke him around 3 a.m. To his surprise he had a pounding
erection. He lay there, trying to remember what he'd been dreaming of as he
automatically stroked himself. A flood of warmth swept over his massive
foot-long cock as Tony recalled the last thing he had seen before he went
to bed.

The rain pounded loudly on the roof and a chill crept into the house. Tony
got up to adjust the thermostat. Passing by Sam's open door Tony glanced in.
Her bed was cast in an amber glow from the night-light on the wall next to
it. Her precious body barely covered against the chill in the air. Tony
looked down the hall towards Angela and Jonathan's rooms and then quietly
entered his daughter's room to pull the blankets back over her.

Sam was sleeping soundly on her stomach as Tony lifted the comforter.
Unintentionally, he exposed her naked beauty. The sight of her silky flesh
bathed in the soft pink light spawned his first taboo thoughts. Tony thought,
'Man, what am I doing?' and quickly placed the covers back down over her and
left the room.

Lying back in his bed, listening to the rain, Tony began to justify his
feelings. He hadn't been with a woman since his wife had passed. And here,
just a few feet away, was soft tender flesh that he could easily touch
without waking. Sam wouldn't have to know and if she did wake up he could
just pretend to be adjusting her covers.

The thought of sneaking into her room and feeling her soft ass took hold like
a wildfire in his brain. Tony was so erect he couldn't sleep. Images of his
hand caressing her tight buttocks drove him crazy. The fantasy grew and Tony
imagined it might even be possible to slide his erect penis through the crack
of her firm young ass.

Tony got out of bed and slowly made his way back to her room. Tony stood
there for a moment; aroused at the taboo he was about to break. Kneeling at
her bedside Tony carefully slipped his hand under the sheets. Touching her
leg then running his hand lightly up her soft warm thigh.

Reaching the tight flesh where her legs meet her ass, Tony followed the sweet
contour of her roundness until his hand was on top of her firm buns. Stroking
her soft delicate skin he pulled his rock hard cock from his boxers.

Fondling her with one hand, Tony began stroking his shaft with the other. He
listened carefully for any change in her breathing, and was assured that she
was sleeping soundly. Tony began thinking about how it would feel to slide
his hard erection lightly between her ass cheeks.

Tony stood and quietly pulled back the sheet revealing her perfect little
ass. He slowly climbed on the bed and straddled her. Leaning down over her,
Tony carefully let his dangling cock slide across her tight skin. Tony hadn't
felt this sensation in so long and also most came as he slid his thick shaft
through the crack of his daughter's sweet little ass.

After a few minutes he slid back off of her and then parted her legs with his
knees as he knee-walked in closer to her sweet young cunt and spread her ass
with his hands. He rested his hard dick up along the crack of her ass and
began to fuck the crack of her ass as he massaged her firm round ass cheeks
and the small of her back. Sam's young pussy began to moisten and provided
lubrication for her father's massive shaft as he sawed it through her
glistening lips.

Tony saturated his index finger in Sam's juices and slowly rubbed the tip of
his finger into the tight star of her virgin asshole. As his cock pushed back
and forth into her tight shallow wet cunt, he slowly worked the tip of his
index finger up to the first knuckle into her virgin ass. As he finger fucked
her asshole his finger slowly slipped further and further into her tight hole
and she let out a low moan.

Tony gently pulled her limp body back into him further as he continued to
fuck the wet crack of her tight young ass with his hard dick. He grabbed his
dick with his hand and began to rub the helmeted tip up and down along her
squishy little slit.

He took time to rub it around on her clit and rub the length of her crack
just to hear her purr and moan. He loved how she responded in her deep sleep
as he continued to rub against her. She became wetter and slicker the more
he persisted and he finally placed the tip of his dick against the opening
to her love hole. Tony moved it ever so slowly up and down, exploring the
opening. He very gently worked the velvety tip of his prick into Sam's warm
moist canal.

As Sam's cunt lips parted, Tony felt them envelop his cock head. He could
feel the tip of his cock putting pressure against her hymen as her hot
pulsing lips closed in around the entire tip of his pulsing manhood.

Tony could not believe the sensation that he experienced through his dick
while it was tightly clamped in Sam's hot moist hole. The head of his cock
was ready to explode. He felt the warmth and her wetness like he'd never
experience before. He could feel how incredibly tight her lips clenched the
end of his thick shaft. He could smell the unmistakable musty aroma of a
young girls excited pussy.

Tony clamped his hand around his dick with all his strength and ringed it
so that his raging manhood wouldn't enter her any further than her fragile
maidenhood. He rocked back and forth only the slightest amount to feel the
incredible sensation of his hard raging cock inside his innocent young
daughter. The friction was incredibly intense from the walls of her tight
soft wet virgin pussy.

Her tight firm round butt lay propped up in front of him, his index finger
completely buried in her warm tight ass and his cock head buried into the
hot wet velvety entrance to her virgin pussy. Tony couldn't describe the
sensation and the feeling on the tip of his cock as it pushed against the
elastic barrier of her maidenhood. He would push forward ever so gently and
it would respond by every so softly pushing back.

Tony couldn't control it much longer and was afraid that he might break her
cherry. He knew that he should stop before he ended up waking her. He slowly
pulled his finger out of her ass, then pulled back and removed his cock-head
from Sam's glove tight opening.

Tony knelt back down moving his hands back to her ass and then ever so gently
between her parted legs. Tony ran his fingers cautiously over her tight wet
pussy. His anxious fingers parted her smooth labia. Slipping his index finger
inside her, she moaned softly, but did not move. Tony wondered what she was
dreaming of as Tony continued sliding his finger in and out of her hot body.
Her legs parted even wider, startling him, and for a moment Tony stopped in

But it was obvious she was enjoying it. Leaning over Tony placed his face
between her legs. Tony stretched his tongue to taste her sweet juices.
Penetrated her with the tip, Tony heard a soft moan as he began to work his
tongue through her slick slit, teasing her erect clit as he did. Tony ate
her out until he couldn't take it any longer and he stood and let his
throbbing cock rub against her sweet legs. He came in an explosion that
covered her tight little ass with his shiny cum. After he regained composure
he gently cleaned her up and returned to his room.

Sam awoke the next day with no idea what had taken place the night before. To
Tony's relief nothing changed from their usual morning routine when she came
downstairs and joined them all for breakfast.

"Hey baby, did you sleep good," Tony asked her with a sly smile.

"Yah, never better dad," she happily said and kissed him on the cheek.

All that day Tony thought about Sam's sexy, young body and how he'd love to
take last night's experience a step further. The opportunity came the very
next Friday afternoon when Sam and Tony were at home alone. Angela, Mona and
Jonathan had driven off for the day to visit a sick relative. Tony was lying
in the recliner in the living room reading a magazine and Sam was running
around the house braless, in a T-shirt and a pair of loose fitting shorts.

Suddenly Tony sensed a presence and looked up from his reading was startled
to see Sam standing beside his chair. Tony tried not to stare at her firm
full breasts jutting out from under her T-shirt. Looking past her blossoming
womanhood Tony smiled and said, "What is it, Hon?"

"I need to ask you something Daddy," she said. "I couldn't ask Angela like
she was my Mom. It's kind of personal."

Putting his magazine down Tony gave her his full attention.

"What do you need to ask me Honey?" he said.

"Well," she began "the girls at school were talking about their boyfriends
today and the kinds of things they do with them." She paused.

"Go on!" he said suddenly much more interested.

"Well ...umm ... they were talking about sex and the subject came up about
hard dicks and what their boyfriends' looked like." she said nervously.

"Kind of comparing notes?" Tony suggested.

"Yes," she replied, "kind of like that."

"Ok," Tony responded, "what's your question?"

"Well, they were all talking and then they looked at me and noticed I wasn't
saying anything," she said.

"Were you embarrassed?" Tony asked.

"No, not really, I mean, you've explained the facts of life to me pretty
well, and I could have kept up with them if I'd wanted to, but..." she paused
and bit her lip.

Tony sat up in his chair a little and with genuine concern said, "What? What
is it, Sam?"

She drew her breath in slowly and spoke deliberately, "The reason I didn't
say anything was because I didn't have anything to say."

"What do you mean?" Tony asked.

"I didn't have anything to say because I've never seen a hard dick," Sam

"Well, you saw me naked that time in the bathroom," he reminded her.

"Yes, but that's different, it wasn't hard,"

"How about your boyfriends, haven't they shown you theirs?"

"No," she responded, "Billy Jones tried to once, but I wasn't interested at
the time and I didn't really like him all that much. He was just fun to run
around with and be a friend."

"Okay," Tony responded, "I understand. So just what is it you want to ask

She just stood there for a minute with her head bowed in silence, then she
looked into his eyes, totally serious and asked, "Can I see it?"

"See what? My penis?" Tony asked as a tingle hit his balls.

"Yes," she said.

Since it was all he'd been thinking about lately. He told her, "Of course,
honey." Tony unzipped his trousers and pulled his long flaccid organ out onto
his lap.

Sam looked at it for a minute and then almost sheepishly but determinedly
asked him, "Can you make it hard? Please?"

The sound in her voice when she said "Please?" reminded him of when she was
two years old and first learned to use please and "welcome." Tony smiled at
the memory, then focused his attention back on his daughter. In a friendly
yet serious tone Tony said, "All right, honey. I'll make it hard for you, but
you're going to have to help him a little."

Tony studied Sam's face intently and could see that she had already begun
crossing a threshold into another stage of her development. She marshaled her
strength and resolve and matter-of-factly said to him, in her most mature
voice, "All right, Daddy, tell him what to do."

At this point Tony felt his raging lust rising to the surface and fought
furiously to keep it under control as he instructed his daughter in a
rational and logical manner.

"All right, honey," Tony began, "you need to touch it, firmly, and caress it.
Play with it in your hands, just like you used to play with Play Dough . . .
only don't pull it apart," he said with a grin.

Sam looked back at him with a smile and hesitantly touched his long organ. At
first she just rolled it in her hand, then she began to take her thumbs and
rub them in small little circles on the head. That action brought his cock to
life and she squeaked in surprise when it responded to her and began to grow.

"Is that all right?" she asked.

"It's a very good beginning." Tony told her. "You need to stroke it up and
down a little. Hold the whole shaft in your hand and give it just a little
friction. You're doing fine."

Sam obeyed his prompting and soon she had his 12" cock at full attention.

"Wow! It's so big," she exclaimed as she looked at her work. "That's really
nice, I love how alive it feels in my hands, and it's getting so hard!"

"It feels good too, honey. Any other questions?" Tony asked.

She stood still for a second as if she were pondering something. Then as she
slowly continued to stroke his now fully erect staff she said, "How do blow
jobs work Daddy?"

Tony coughed nervously as he tried to think of what to say.

"Well ...honey ... its kind of like when you used to eat a Popsicle and suck
on it in your mouth, without letting the cold part touch your teeth."

A short time passed the seemed like an eternity to him. Sam looked at her
father, smiled, and asked in her most little girlish voice, "Can I try it

"Well, uh, I suppose." Tony managed to choke out the words.

"Okay, then, tell me what to do," she asked.

"Well, honey, you have to put it in your mouth, and caress it with your lips
and your tongue, and be careful not to touch it with your teeth, its really
sensitive to that."

Sam nodded to show she understood and bent over his body and put her lips on
the head of his huge cock. At first she was shy, and would just brush it with
her lips. Then little by little she opened her mouth and let more of it in.
Tony felt the wetness of her saliva on his burgeoning head and the smooth
sweetness of her lips as they danced around him.

The feeling made him moan with pleasure and almost made him lose control
of this lustful attempt at educating his daughter in the fine art of
cocksucking. Tony shook himself out of his reverie and said, "That's good,
Sam. You're doing a fine job." She spoke without taking him out of her
mouth and Tony felt the vibrations of her voice on his cock.

"What did you say, honey? I couldn't understand you?"

She laughed and looked up at him, "I said, is there anything else I should
be doing?"

"Well," Tony said, "its nice when you move up and down, with your mouth and
your hands working together, and also using your tongue."

Sam thought for a second and then said, "You mean like this?"

With her left hand she grabbed the base of his massive cock and put her mouth
down almost entirely over it. She tightened her grip with her gums and Tony
could feel her flat and delicious tongue against the side of his thick organ.
Slowly but deliberately she began to pump, up and down with her mouth, her
hand firmly grasping his shaft and rising and falling in tandem with her

Tony almost couldn't hold himself back as he felt her taking control. Tony
could tell she was enjoying it too as she moaned with pleasure like someone
enjoying the taste of deep, rich chocolate.

Sam had been standing facing him at first, but now she had turned to pay full
attention to his cock, and her ass was right in his face where Tony lay back
on the recliner. The shorts she had on revealed part of her cheeks and was
loose enough to slip a finger in.

Tony didn't have the courage to try that right off, so instead he placed his
hand on the inner thigh of her left leg and began to caress it, up and down,
matching the rhythm of her hands and mouth. Tony don't know what happened,
whether she was lost in the moment or knew exactly what she was doing, but as
if on cue she moved her right leg slightly out so that Tony had room to reach
her crotch.

Tony was getting carried away by the thought of his daughter sucking him off.
Feeling her hot mouth's firm touch, without even thinking of how she might
react, Tony moved his hand up to her now exposed crotch and began finger her
steaming slit. Tony didn't realize how much sucking his big cock was turning
his innocent young daughter on until Tony touched her slit and found it
already wet.

Taking her own moisture Tony lubed her fully from front to back and massaged
her clit with two of his fingers. She moaned with pleasure, and approval,
and they spent a good amount of time pleasuring each another. Suddenly she
stopped and stood up abruptly. Tony moved his hands as she straightened up,
slightly embarrassed at having lost self-control.

She looked at him with love and lust and said in an innocent little voice.
"Daddy, there was something else the girls were talking about today. A lot of
them say that their boyfriends go down on them. I know what that means, but
I'm curious, I've never had anybody do that to me. Daddy, would you go down
on me? Would you show him what its like?"

At this point Tony stopped pretending that this was just an academic
exercise for him. His daughter was asking him to initiate her in things
sexual just as he'd dreamed of doing. She was coming to the one man she
knew in the whole world who loved her unconditionally, and whom she
loved and trusted implicitly, and asking him to show her the way to

Tony loved his daughter and couldn't deny her, even if he'd wanted to. Yet,
Tony was also aware of how Angela and Mona would feel about it. Tony made up
his mind. He was going to do what his daughter asked, but Tony wasn't going
to be a fool about it.

"Yes, honey," Tony replied, "I'd be happy and privileged to do that for you,
but we have to be realistic about this, it could get us both in a lot of
trouble if anyone found out."

"I know, Daddy. I'm not going to tell. Why don't we go upstairs to my
bedroom? It has a lock, and Angela and the gang won't be home for at least
two hours."

Tony got up out of the recliner. Sam took his hand and led him upstairs to
her bedroom. Once they got inside and locked the door Sam turned to him and
said, "As long as we're doing this we might as well be comfortable" and she
slipped off her T-shirt to reveal her magnificent breasts.

Tony noticed that her nipples were hard, a sure sign that she had been
stimulated. Tony wanted to take them in his mouth, but he held himself back.
Tony didn't want to overpower his daughter with his own lust now that his
dream of fucking her was coming true. She pulled off her jeans to reveal a
small mound of hair that had been neatly shaved around the edges.

"Come on, Daddy," she urged him, "I want to see your whole body naked."

It didn't take much to convince him at this point, Tony obediently shed his
clothes and they lay down on the bed next to each other.

"How do you want him to do this?" Tony asked, putting Sam in control so that
she would feel more comfortable.

"I want you to do it to me just like you did it to mom," she answered.

"Ok," Tony said with a big smile, "I'm going to give you the full treatment."

"Here is what I want you to do. Lay back, open yourself up mentally and
emotionally, relax, don't worry about anything or think about anything. Just
feel your body, and let it lead you, go with the feeling and don't hold
back," he instructed her.

"Ok," she said as she lay back on the pillow and closed her eyes.

Tony started with her face. That beautiful angel face Tony had kissed as a
Daddy so many times. This time though, Tony kissed her as a lover. Light
kisses on her forehead and eyebrows, around her mouth and chin. Caressing
her cheeks with his fingers and stroking the nape of her neck. As Tony
kissed her she followed her instincts and parted her lips, giving him her
tongue as they locked in a passionate kiss.

As they kissed, exploring each other's mouth with their tongues, Tony
continued to caress her skin, stroking her from neck to waist. Her nipples
responded to his touch and became hard, standing at attention as Tony passed
over them again. Tony took those luscious globes in his hands and kneaded
the firm soft flesh of her full breasts.

After they broke off their passionate kiss Tony began the journey downward
with his mouth, visiting her neck, collarbone and chest. This time Tony did
not hold himself back, or deny himself the pleasure of her nipples and
breasts. His mouth found and consumed them with a voracious passion. She
moaned gently and moved in response to his every touch.

As Tony sucked on her full breast his hands traveled downward to her mound,
teasingly brushing her vulva's lips as she moved her hips. Finally Tony
stopped his teasing and began to massage her in earnest. He stayed on the
outside, squeezing her outer lips, putting indirect pressure on her clit.
Tony knew from experience this was the best way to warm her up and he was

"Mmmmmm" she moaned, with each clench of his hand, "I like that. Squeezed it
harder Daddy."

The more Tony massaged and squeezed her the thinner her outer lips became,
until at last they lay open to reveal the delicate petals of her pink inner
lips and lovely symmetry of the dome of her hooded virgin clit. Changing his
tactics, Tony now began to rub her as he had downstairs, going to the source
of her wetness and spreading it over her entire slit. This gave him the
lubrication he needed to really work directly on her clit.

Tony rubbed her right in the middle, flicking his fingers gently over the
surface of her hood, and alternating that with a rapid, vibrating, stroking
massage. She responded by groaning and moving her hips to match the motion
of his fingers. His head was near her waist, and she had taken hold of a
handful of his hair. As Tony flicked her increasingly stimulated clit she
pushed his head down to indicate she wanted his mouth.

Tony took her direction and changed position, placing his head and shoulders
between her legs and grasping the both of her buttocks with his hands. With
his nose and his eyes directly above in front of her warm, wet, pussy. Tony
drank in the sight and again smelled the sweet juices of his daughter's fresh
sex. Tony did not know what the future would old, or what man might claim his
girl for himself, or how he would treat this precious pussy or the woman to
whom it belonged. He promised himself, that at that moment, he was going to
give his baby the most loving, fulfilling sexual experience that he could
possibly provide.

Tony kissed her mound, her clit, and from the top to the bottom of her juicy
slit. Tony wanted her to know her Daddy loved her, and he was going to love
her good. With his tongue Tony licked her from the bottom to the top. Tony
took her hooded clit in his mouth and gently sucked and rubbed it with his
tongue. She pressed herself hard against his mouth.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy, that feels sooooo gooood," she moaned.

As Tony continued to suck her clit he slipped two fingers past her hymen and
into her wet hole, watching the angle so as not to cause pain. Joining in
rhythm with his mouth and tongue Tony stroked the walls of her pussy with his

"Yes," she said. "I like that."

Bending his fingers, at just the right angle Tony began searching for Sam's
G spot. Tony knew that if he found it, it would bring her pleasure greater
than anything she had ever known. Patiently and methodically Tony stroked
and pressed until he found it.

"OH!" she gasped, "that's soooo good!"

Continuing to service her clit with his tongue, Tony pressed in to take her
over the top. It was like the movement of an ocean wave. Her hips began a
rhythmic in motion, matching the strokes of his hands and tongue. The walls
of her vagina tightened, gripping his fingers like a cylindrical vise. The
tension radiated through her hips and Tony heard the panted gasp of her

Suddenly Sam clenched the sheets, with whitened knuckles, and arched her
back. She let out a yell that was just like her mother's, and one Tony he
was without moving away, giving her time to recover from what she'd
experienced. Tony smiled. He felt proud. His daughter had just had her
first major cum, and he was the one who gave it to her.

Tony knew what to do next and let her rest for a little while. When Tony
sensed her breathing had returned to normal he gently began to work on her
again. This time it didn't take as long for her to response. In just a few
moments Tony heard her scream, "Oh my God, its going to happen again!"
Three more times Tony brought her to climax, just like he'd always done for
her mother. Finally, Sam had all she could take and rolled on her side in
a fetal position. She lay there for a few minutes, and Tony moved up besides
her, giving her room to breathe.

After three or four minutes had passed, Sam turned over. She looked in
his eyes, not as a girl but as a woman. Tony could see in her face her
satisfaction and with a lusty voice and a breath whisper she said, "Daddy.
I want you to do something for me."

"What is it, honey?" Tony asked.

"Daddy. I want you to pop my cherry. I want you to fuck me."

"Are you sure about that?" Tony asked as his wildest dream flashed before his

"I want it more than anything else in the world!"

"All right, sweetheart, but I'll have to check and see if I've got condoms."

Tony started to move but she touched his shoulder, "That's ok, you don't need
them, I've been taking the pill."

This news surprised him, Tony didn't know.

Sam saw the surprise in his face and answered the thoughts in his mind, "It's
because of my periods. The doctor prescribed them. I've been taking them for
almost a year now."

Tony smiled and relaxed, his mind returned to the task at hand.

"Ok," Tony told her, "but we're going to have to start from the beginning."
Tony laughed.

Tony had been concentrating so much on pleasuring his daughter that his
erection was just a distant memory. Now Sam took charge once again.

"It's all right," she said as she sat up, "it will give me a chance to
practice something I've heard about but never done."

Without further comment she pushed him from lying on his side to his back
and proceeded to climb on top of his chest, positioning herself so she could
easily reach his cock with her hands and mouth, and placing her soaking wet
pussy directly in his face. Using her newly found skills in fellatio she
proceeded to work on his dick as he feasted on her suculant young pussy. This
time there wasn't any hesitance on her part, she knew what she wanted and how
to make it happen.

Not only was Tony receiving pleasure from her renewed attentions, but also
Tony was happy that she was truly enjoying the taste and the texture of her
father's burgeoning cock. After she had sucked it so that it was fully erect,
she sat up slightly looking back over her shoulder and asked, "How do you
want to do this, Daddy?"

Tony suggested she remain on top and turn around and face him. Tony wasn't
sure how far her hymen was stretched from his previous encounter with it.
He wanted to avoid as much pain as possible for her so that her experience
would be fully positive.

After she had turned around so that she was facing him, Tony said, "Ok,
honey, take it in your hand and put it at the opening of your pussy."
Obediently, she did not, not pressing down with too much pressure. Tony
felt the wetness of her pussy against the head of his cock, and the heat
that was coming from inside her virgin hole.

"All right, sweetheart, take it in at your own pace, don't push it too fast,
take it slow and easy"

Sam shifted her weight and moved her hips to the right position. Tony almost
wanted to cum just feeling her against him. Slowly she began to move her
hips, guiding his head deeper inside. As she kept moving Tony could feel
the tightness of her pussy and the stretching of her hymen. Slowly and
methodically she continued to move and increase the pressure, but it was
obvious we had reached barrier, there was no more room to stretch.

Biting her lip and closing her eyes, Sam committed herself to the goal. Like
a runner awaiting the sound of the gun, she braced herself for what was to
come. Lifting herself slightly off of her father, she changed the angle of
penetration and with one deliberate thrust she pushed down with her hips and
forced her pussy down over his thick cock.

She let out a cry as Tony felt her flesh break, and then was surrounded by
the warmth of her young cunt. His big cock filled her completely and her
pussy stretched taunt to receive him. The heat, the wetness, the tightness
of her pussy, the total stimulation of every nerve ending in his penis,
almost sent him over the edge. All that, plus the thought of his beautiful
daughter giving herself to him was awesome.

Tony didn't need to give her any more instructions. She was in the driver's
seat now and seemed to know instinctively how to get what she was after.
Slowly and deliberately she moved her hips to position herself at just the
right angle. With both of her hands on his shoulders, her tits hung above
his face like ripe fruit waiting to be picked. Lifting his head up off the
bed, Tony caught each nipple with his lips and sucked her tits lustfully.

Using her left hand she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips
wide to get more direct contact between her hot juicy clit and his stiff,
erect prick. Slowly and rhythmically she began her lustful dance, moving her
pelvis up and down, and pressing hard against his dick, bringing their pubic
bones together. Sam was learning fast.

As she moved Tony watched her face, and he could see that she was calculating
every motion to bring herself to maximum pleasure. It was working. Her
motions became faster and harder as she found her groove and set herself on
course. His cock was buzzing from the intensity of the motion and Tony found
himself beginning to lift himself in response, thrusting hard into her from
below as she came down on him from the top. His hands filled with her full
thrusting breast and he really worked them over as he watched her ride his
long thick cock.

Her grinding motion began to pay off as her breaths shortened, her skin
glistened, and her pussy clamped around him like a vise. She began to smile,
and then to lightly giggle, as she realized she was coming upon her goal.
Suddenly every muscle in her body tightened, and Tony heard words come out
of his baby's mouth he'd never dreamed were there.


She clenched her teeth and began pumping him with frenzy, letting out loud
cries and yelps of pleasure. It was too much. Tony couldn't hold back any
longer. He felt pressure begin to build in his groin. Tony tightened his
muscles as well against the inevitable explosion to come; knowing it would
increase the intensity of his orgasm. Reaching down he grabbed Sam's hips
and pulled her almost violently against him, pounding her with all his might
without reservation.

They rolled over quickly and Tony was on top. Taking her legs, which were now
almost like rubber, Tony placed her ankles onto his shoulders and positioned
himself for the deepest penetration he could make. Tony pounded and pumped
and she squealed with delight.

"Yes, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Daddy! Harder!! Yes!! Fuck! Goddamn,

She was cumming again, and he joined her. Her hot pussy juices mixed with his
semen overflowed her freshly fucked pussy and ran down the crack of her ass
onto the bed, covering his balls as well. Tony kept pumping her as he leaned
forward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders and fucked
her for all he was worth for another half-hour before he came again.

Then Tony collapsed beside her on the bed and looked at his daughter. He saw
an expression of peace and pleasure on her smiling face. She smiled and said
in her sweetest little girl voice, "OHHH Daddy, I'm glad it was you."


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