This is a work of fiction. Furthermore this is a work of fiction about fictional characters, people who don't exist and thus can't object to what I write about them. If they don't mind, neither should you. Go away.

Note: It's been about a year since Alex and Justin started their love affair in "Driving Miss Alex" so Alex and Harper are 16 and Justin is 17.

Note 2: No, I don't remember what Harper was wearing in that episode, but I do remember she was wearing cat ears so I made it a full on cat suit. Besides, If you don't like the idea of Jennifer Stone in a cat suit, you evidently belong somewhere else. Like in the slash fiction section.

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Wizards Of Waverly Place: Part 2 - Harper Snaps (mf,ff,mff,BDSM,inc,oral,spanking,viol)
by Tricksterson

"That dollhouse cost me four hundred dollars!," Justin complained, having bailed his sister and lover out of yet another of her misadventures, one that had gotten her shrunken down to doll size. Now she stood before him, still in the dll dress in the basement that had recently been converted into a bedroom for Harper, smiling that mischievous grim that was one of the things he loved about her.

Now she approached, that grin still on her face, put her arms around his waist, nuzzled his neck and purred, "I'll make it up to you."

"How are you going to do that?," he asked, already knowing the answer.

""How do you think?," she replied, pressing her hot young body against his. He could feel her hard little nipples pressing against his chest through the fabric. "No bra?" As he spoke his hands dug into the ripe globes of his sisters ass then moved up to unzip her dress

"Dress didn't come with it," she said, her own hands busy undoing his belt and unzipping his pants.

"You know what fucking me for money makes you?"

"I don't mind being a whore as long as it's your whore," she replied in a throaty whisper. She stepped away to let the both the dress and his pants fall to the floor.

"It didn't come with panties either?" Justin asked.

"Didn't want them."

They moved back together, tongues in each others mouths, her hand stroking his cock, two of his fingers in her pussy. He took his fingers out of her, grabbed her by the ass, lifted her up and, her legs wrapped around his waist, carried her to Harper's work table where he pushed his rigid dick into her steaming twat,

"Yess," Alex moaned as he pounded into her. "Fuck me Justin, make your little sister come! FUCK MEEE!"

Her brother's reaction was not as she expected.


"Ow?" Alex said looking up. Then she saw why. An enraged looking Harper, wearing a cat suit complete with nose and ears, was standing there having just hit Justin with a yardstick. Then the zaftig redhead turned her anger on Alex.

"How could you! Especially with him!"

Justin, confused, said, "Harper, you know we aren't...," then paused as what she was saying and who she was facing sank in. "You her..." He turned to look at his sister, an expression of shock and betrayal almost as strong as Harper's on his face. "and you didn't tell me?" Stunned, he pulled out, pulled up his pants and staggered up the stairs and out of the room, leaving the girls alone to confront each other.

Alex was on the verge of tears. "Harper...I'm...I'm so...sorry. OW!" This last came from Harper slapping her full in the face and it was no girly slap either, she had swung from the shoulder and almost knocked her lover off the table she was on. But what hurt worse was what she said next.

"I'm done."


"You heard me. I'm through. *We're* through."

Alex fell to her knees in front of Harper, weeping. "No! Please! I love you...But...I love him too. I love both of you."

"And you lied to both of us." The young wizard had never heard her friend's voice sound so cold. She thought about dodging and saying she hadn't actually lied, just not said anything but she didn't want to make the girl who she genuinely loved more than anyone in the world except Justin even angrier. Charm wasn't going to get her out of this one. Time for desperate measures, namely the truth.

"Please! I'll do anything, just don't leave me!"

Harper stared at her for a moment then seemed to reach a decision. "Get on all fours." When Alex obeyed she said critically, No, not quite what I want," pulled the latina hottie's arms forward and straight out and pushed her face down into the floor with her foot. "Now push your ass aup into the air. Good." All of this was said in a very neutral tone.

"Harper, wha..."

"Quiet!," her friend barked. "You'll talk when I give you permission and not before!" In a calmer tone she said, "You said anything. Well, if you want me to forgive you today I'm the boss. You can answer."

"Alex was getting where her lover was going now and meekly said, "Yes, Mistress." Then she felt a sharp pain on her ass as Harper laid her yard stick across it.

"Ow!," and as more blows rained down on her finely shaped buttocks, "Ow! Ow! Ow!." then,slowly the pan, while not going away was joined by a different kind of burning, one in her crotch and she let out a groan that mingled pain and pleasure, "Unnnnnngh!"

"You really are a slut, aren't you Alex?," Harper said then realized that Alex wouldn't reply. "You can talk," she said as she stopped the spanking and put her hand between her lover's legs and started rubbing her pussy

"Nooo," the young wizard minx moaned. "I just..I just...yesss, I'm a slut...I want you! I want Justin...ohhhh!" Her last moan ended on a note of disappointment as Harper took her fingers out. "Please Mistress, let me come!"

"No. Not yet." The redheads voice was still uncharacteristically cold. "You've always called the shots in our relationship. This time, I'm in charge. I decide what happens and when and how." She grabbed herself a fistful of dark hair and pulled Alex to her bed. "Lie down and spread your legs." Alex obeyed while Harper looked in her bureau and found two pairs of fur lined handcuffs. Usually it had been her who wore them when they used them. Not this time. She cuffed her newly submissive lover to her bedposts then squatted between her legs.

"Do you like this?," Harper asked as she ran her fingers lightly over the Latina's soft thighs and running a finger up and down her slit without actually going in, her voice turning tender.

"Ohhh, yesss! Morrrre!"

"How about this?," the red head asked before bending down, taking one of her lover's nipples between her teeth and biting down, then pulling away, stretching it.

"YESSS! Make me come Mistress, make me come!"

"No.," Harper said flatly, getting up off the bed. "Not yet."

"Pleeeese!," the dark haired beauty begged but the other girl turned her back and went to the stairs. She still loved Alex, she really did, but she had to learn her lesson. And so did someone else. She went up the stairs as Alex wept and called out for her to come back.


Justin was in his room, sitting on his bed, confused but still horny when there was a knock on his door.

"Go away," he said sullenly. "Especially if you're Alex."

"I'm not Alex," came Harper's voice through the door. "And this time I'm not taking no for an answer. Let me in."

A wave of pain, undeserved guilt and even more undeserved anger washed through him before he sighed and said, "Alright, come in."

Harper came in, put her hands on her hips and said, "Am I that ugly?"

"No! You're not ugly at all." In fact, with the way her cat suit was clinging to the young redhead's voluptuous curves this was more evident then ever before.

"Then why Alex and not me?"

Justin shrugged. "I don't know, I've just always thought of you as more of a sis-." He stopped abruptly as the implication of what he was saying hit him. The death glare Harper was aiming at him may have had something to do with it as well.

"If you want to think of me as a sister that's fine, as long as you give me what you've been giving Alex." She showed that he didn't really have a choice by pushing her mouth onto his which instinctively opened and let her tongue in then let her push him down onto the bed. His hands started roaming over her back, ass and thighs and discovered that they liked the territory they were exploring very much indeed. They moved up and pulled the zipper of her cat suit down to the beginning of her butt crack.

Harper broke off their kiss to pull down the top of her outfit and cupped her breasts, dark pink nipples fully erect, in her hands. It was an offer Justin was quick to accept nuzzling, stroking and licking them.

"Oh...yeah. Hold on just a second baby," she said as she pulled back, got off the bed and finished pulling off her costume while Justin stripped as well then moved back on the bed to give them both more room.

"Leave the ears and nose on," he said.

"It's that cat woman toy, isn't it?," she asked,frowning. He just shrugged and looked embarrassed.

"Whatever," the redhead sighed as she straddled and mounted him. "Oh god, Justin, that feels so good." She grinned down at him. "Still thinking of me as your sister?"

"Yeah I do. I want to fuck you until we're both dehydrated, just like Alex."

"Ohhh! Yes! Do that!" She leaned down to let him suck on her tits and while he was doing this he also rolled her over onto her back.

"I'm your sister!," she whispered fiercely into his ear as her legs wrapped around his hips and her fingers clawed at his back.

"You're my sister! You're my sister!," he growled as he came in her.

A they held each other and their breathing settled down to something like normal Justin asked, "So what about Alex?"

"What you mean is what about you and Alex and me"


"For a start I have her handcuffed to my bed. I figured we'd share her now and share her longterm."

"That works."


"Let me ouuut!," Alex yelled even though she knew it would do no good. She had soundproofed Harper's new room just as she had her own and for the same reason, so her and Harper's sexual antics wouldn't disturb the rest of the family. Besides, she reflected, even if Max or her parents did come down and find her how would she explain being naked and handcuffed to her best friend/lover's bed?

She heard footsteps coming down the spiral staircase and without thinking, as usual, shouted, "Hey! Help!" Then she saw it was Justin and Harper, that they were holding hands and that their clothing was more than a little disheveled.

"You've been fucking, haven't you?"

Haroer slapped her on the mouth, just hard enough to sting. "What did I say about talking without permission?"

Alex bowed her head and mumbled, "Sorry Mistress."

"Now we've decided to forgive you but you have to earn it. You have to make each of us cum with your mouth and then we'll let you cum."

"Whatever you say Mistress."

"Good girl." As they'd discussed, Harper helped their lover into a sitting position while Justin took off his clothes, straddled Alex's thighs and presented his cock for her lips. She eagerly took it in while Harper lay next to her pushing the Latina's head down with one hand while stroking the other up and down her body.

"That's it," the redhead cooed. "That's our good little cocksucking bitch."" She looked up at Justin. "Make her take it all! Choke her on your cum!" Hearing this Justin joined his own hands to hers tangled intheir sex slave's dark hair and commenced ramming his hard cock down his sister's throat. Finally he came, sperm flooding her mouth and leaking out down her chin.

As Justin pulled out Harper pushed her face barely an inch away from Alex's and hissed "You liked that didn't you? You're nothing but a little cum eating slut, aren't you?" After the ramming her brother had given her the young latina could barely talk but she nodded. On some level she really was getting into the abuse.

"Well now you're going to be a pussy eating slut, how do you like that?" As she spoke the red headed dominatrix was licking the cum of her new lover off the face of her old one.

In answer Alex beamed. While she was technically bi she was, except for Justin, much more attracted to other girls than to boys. However when Harper got on her knees, facing away from her and squatted down it wasn't her friend's red thatched pussy she was presented with but the round globes of her ass.

"Kiss it!," Harper commanded. "Lick my asshole!" Alex wrinkled her nose at the prospect but obeyed. First she ran her lips and tongue over the smooth flesh of her mistress' ass, savoring the taste of it then circled her tongue slowly around the butthole itself. Harper hadn't said anything about putting her tongue *inside* so she took what loophole she could find.

"Mmmm, niiice," the redheaded dom cooed then shifted backwards to present her pussy for eating. She looked forward at Justin who had stripped and who's cock was at rigid attention.

"You know what to do, but don't let her come until I have. Oh! Unh!" These last noises were not directed at Justin but because his sister's probing tongue had just pushed into her pussy.

Justin indeed was aware of his very pleasant duty. He spread his sister's legs and knelt between them then inserted a finger into her damp slit. He felt her pussy clench around his finger as he bent further down and flicked her protruding clit with his tongue. A muffled groan came from between Harper's legs. A louder groan came from the redheaded dominatrix herself.

"Unnnnh! Oh. Yeah! That's it baby! OHFUCK!" Panting from her orgasm the red headed minx leaned down, bracing herself againast Justin's back and slowly draped her voluptuous form across it. She let out a long, slow, sigh of satisfaction, stuck her index finger into his ass and whispered, "Fuck the little bitch raw."

"For that, you'll have to get off me."

Harper made a face but did as he asked. She continued to ride Alex's face as Justin entered his sister. His repeated thrusts spurred their sex toy to start a second round of tongue probing into her Mistress' red thatched pussy. Technically Harper should have reprimanded her for doing this without permission but she was angry, not stupid. At the same time she and Jusein were exploring each other's mouths with their tongues and each others upper torsos with their hands. Soon all three were moaning and groanng in the throes of orgasm and Justin had come into his sister.

Shortly afterwards the three of them were lying together, Alex in the center since she was still handcuffed to the bedposts, and the raven haired hottie asked, "So now what?"

"Well, I figure that from now on anything between the three of us goes but anyone else we'll need permission from the other two," Justin said in his best "making the rules" voice.

"That sounds fair," Harper agreed.

Alex wrinkled her brow prettily and said, "No, I mean are you going to uncuff me?"

Her lovers looked across her naked body, grinned at each other and said "Naaah."

End of the Chapter


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