Wizards Of Waverly Place: Spells of Desire Part 2 - Alex's Secret (ff,oral,herm,magic)
by Apple Bigirl

It had been three days since Alex had first swallowed Justin's cum, and she couldn't stop thinking about it. Justin hadn't made any moves on her since then, but her desire for his cock seemed to grow everyday. She had started masturbating furiously every night (much to Justin's vouyeristic delight), and by Friday she was ready to demand Justin fuck her. She hurried home after school, running through the sandwich she cast a cursory glance over the shop, but didn't spot Justin, she ran on up the stairs assuming he was working on his homework.

As soon as she was in the living room she tossed her book bag to the ground and called out for her brother:

"Justin? Are you here?" Her pussy was already wet, smiling at a personal dirty thought she hiked her skirt and slid her purple panties to floor, the feeling of the cool air blowing up her denim skirt and over her bare pussy only heightened her arousal, "Justin! Where are you?" She began to head toward his room when the front door opened, she had just enough time to fix her skirt.

"Hey Alex! You here?" It was Harper, Alex's best friend, a short light haired brunette dressed in a typically dorky fruit print dress, that clung to her devoloping curves "There you are. Why did you run off afterschool? Forgot we had sleepover plans?"

'Dammit, I did.' Alex just smiled, "No, of course not Harper I just wanted to uhh, get home so we could play our game." Actually the thought of their game got Alex excited, if Justin wasn't around, maybe Harper would be a suitable replacement, for now. And the look of excitement on Harper's face, at the mere mention of it, showed that she was ready.

"Oh, goody! I love knowing about your magic powers, it makes sleep overs so much more... fun." Harper actually seemed to blush, but she sat her bag next to Alex's and the two of them ran to her room. Alex closed and pretended to lock the door, but actually let it ease open an inch or two, in case Justin came home and wandered by, he may want to join, at least Alex homed. "Alex do you mind if I go first? It's just I've a really stressful day and..."

"It's okay Harper, I want to get some practice in." Alex was pulling her top off, and unclasping her small bra, she moved to Harper helping the girl out of her dress, revealing that she was totally commando, "Harper! Where is your underwear?"

"Not now Alex, like I said it was a stressful day." Harper plopped on Alex's bed and spread her pale legs invitingly, Alex licked her lips and noticed that Harper was also completly shaven, she slid her skirt to the ground, and pulled her wand out of her boot. Both girls grinned.

"Make it big, make it rock. Magic wand, give Harper a cock." A white light swirled from the wand and dance over Harper's nude body turning her wet pussy into semi-hard cock, almost eight inches. Alex salivated as she dropped to her knees in front of the cock, "Don't worry Harper, I'll make all that stress dissappear." She took the cock in her mouth, she took it all the way in, letting her throat adjust so she could do it without gagging. Her tongue massaged the underside causing it to swell, Alex pictured Justin as she went to work.

"Oh wow Alex, this is the best yet." Harper stared down at her gorgeous friend watching her silky black hair sway in time with her bobbing, they had started this game so they could practice without being called sluts at school, but it had quickly turned into so much more, for Harper at least, she was ready to put her new talents to use, and she knew just the boy to show. Suddenly, something Alex had said popped into her mind, "Hey, Alex. What did you mean you wanted to get some practice in?" Alex stopped and slowly pulled off Harper's cock, but took it in her hand and stroked it as she locked eyes with her friend.

"Uhh, well, recently I've been thinking. I'm ready, I want to suck off a real boy." Alex bit her lip and looked down in embaressment, "Actually I already have."

"Oh my god, Alex!" Harper pulled her friend up next to her on the bed, "Well who was it? It was Dean, wasn't it?" Alex kept her eyes down turned and kept pumping her fist.

"Actually, and you have to promise not to say anything." Harper nodded solmemly, "It was Justin." The two girls sat in shocked silence for a couple minutes. Finally Harper composed herself and stood up.

"What the hell? You know how much I care about him, and he's your brother, how could you?" Harper was becoming angry, but the cock was rock hard and waved around, Alex had to keep from giggling.

"I don't know, I started dreaming about him, and I kept thinking about him, and then a few nights ago I walked in on him masturbating, and it was like I couldn't control myself, and now I have to have him." Alex slid back to the floor, ran one hand up Harper's leg, "Don't be mad, it's not like I want to marry him." She opened her mouth, but waited for Harper to make the move.

"Okay, Alex, but I want to go next, no more going ahead of me." Alex nodded and Harper grabbed her hair face fucking her hard, fast, pushing the cock all the way, making even Alex's experienced throat gag. The gagging sensation, shot waves of pleasure through Harper, she gripped Alex's hair hard, and came straight down her throat. Alex held the cum in her mouth, when Harper was done, the cock vanished and the two girls embraced in a cum swapping kiss. Each swallowing a portion.

"Right so let's you laid." Alex smiled, and slapped Harper's plump rear.


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