Wizards Of Waverly Place: Spells Of Desire Part 1 - Dreams Of Desire (mf,mf-mast,inc,voy,magic)
by Apple Bigirl

'Okay, that's it, now drop the towel.' Justin sat smiling, his new looking glass spell had worked perfectly, he could see through any mirror, and right now he was watching his sister shower. Alex's body wasn't fully developed, but the sight still made Justin's cock jump to attention. He shot a nervous look to his bedroom door, checking that it was locked, and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock free and began to slowly stroke himself as Alex let her towel fall to the floor, exposing her body to his voyeuristic spell.

* * *

Alex stood nude in the bathroom; she posed and preened in front of the mirror, occasionally checking to see if the water was warm enough yet. She loved looking at her developing body, running her hands over her small breasts, down her light brown stomach, and through the small patch of dark pubes. She paused for a moment, and then slid one finger over her moist lips and into herself. She had only recently started masturbating and even behind locked doors it felt mildly shameful and wild. That and her little secret with Harper was the limit of her sexual experience though she felt she was ready for more. She checked the water, a little hot, but she turned it down and stepped closing the curtain behind her.

* * *

Justin came over his stomach, the sight of his sister touching herself had been just enough to send him over the edge. He cleaned himself quickly, and cancelled the spell. The mirror spell had taken a little over a week to finish, but now that he had finally glimpsed her body, he had to have more. Pulling the spell book out he searched for a way to create lust in his sister.

*A Week Later*

Alex woke up from another sex dream, she was wet and the urge to touch her burning pussy was overwhelming. But why is Justin starring in all my dreams, the guilt she felt over masturbating was exacerbated by the constant images of her brother. She had never thought of him in that way, but three nights in a row she had dreamt of sliding to her knees, unbuckling his pants and taking his cock into her mouth, then... Stop it Alex! He's your brother, and just because you walked by his room and saw him naked, doesn't mean you should get off thinking about it. I need a cold shower. Shaking her head, and letting out a huff of irritation Alex hopped out of bed, realized that her panties were soaked. She glanced at her clock the red LED said: 2:25 a.m. Thinking that everyone else would be asleep, she dropped her wet panties and headed for the bathroom.

Justin smiled, his Dreams of Desire worked perfectly, he watched as Alex dropped her panties and left her room. Realizing this was his chance, he hurried to the bathroom, beating Alex. He dropped his pants and sat with his rock hard cock exposed. He began to lightly stroke it, hoping to be caught "unaware" of his sister's approach. He heard her slow footsteps in the hall.

Alex rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and didn't notice the light was already on in the bathroom. She froze in the doorway, Justin was leaning against the wall stroking his 7" cock, Alex felt almost lightheaded, and she barely kept herself from jumping him immediately.

"Oh my god! Justin!" Her mind was fuzzy, all she could think about was her brother's cock, sliding insider her.

"Oh, Alex. Uhh, gee this isn't umm, I can explain." Justin smiled inwardly, he could see the lust in her eyes, and how they followed his hand. "Do you want to touch it?"

Alex's face broke into a wide grin; she ran to Justin and took his cock in her small hand.

Justin smiled she was totally under his control. "That's good, stroke faster." Alex nodded and pumped her hand faster, Justin was close to cumming, and now that he had Alex under control he could take his time. "Suck it."

Alex slowly went to her knees, and wrapped her lips around him. Justin moaned at the cool feeling of his sister's mouth around his hot cock, she bobbed her head with gusto running her tongue all along the underside, even pulling back and stopping at the tip, to suck hard.

Wow, she's a natural, or has she been practicing? Justin never imagined that his sister was already sexually active, he didn't let the thought bother him though, and let her expert cock sucking take him over the edge, and he marveled at how expertly she swallowed his cum. Pulling off his softening dick, Alex licked her lips, her eyes suddenly swam back into focus, and her mind began to clear.

"Oh my god. Justin what just happened?" She could still taste his cum, and feel the heat of her pussy. She sat on her knees looking up into her brother's eyes, his limp cock swaying in front of her face, "And when can we do it again?"

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