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Wizards Of Waverly Place: Max Makes His Father Happy (Mf, cons, incest, first, anal, trans, magic)
by Tori ([email protected])

Jerry Russo sat in his empty apartment and thought about how his life had changed over the past few months. His three children had just completed the Wizard Competition and amazingly enough, all three were allowed to keep their powers. Both Alex and Justin left home right after the competition ended. Jerry's wife also left, running away with his fat Wizard brother. She had gotten tired of living with the family secret and decided it was time to put some adventure in her life, even if it meant being with her lowlife brother in-law. That left only Max. The youngest Russo child was about as dumb as they come. At 17, he was lucky if he could tie his own shoes every day and Jerry knew that he would never be able to make it on his own. So, together, the two of them ran the family sandwich shop and Jerry was left to think about what his life would have been like had he not decided to give up his powers to have a family, a family that was now all but gone.

Max knew his Father was unhappy and he didn't like that he was starting to drink heavily. His Father missed his Mother very much and Max had listened to him jerking off late at night. He listened as his drunken Father would call her name and then pass out with his flaccid cock in his hand. Every morning, Max had to clean him up and pour coffee into him so that he could open the shop and try to earn a living. Max wanted to help his Father get over his Mother so he decided to give him something he knew would make him happy.

Max twirled his wand and said, "When my Father is sad it's hard to see, so turn this he into a she." In a fraction of a second, Max was changed into his female alter ego, Maxine.

A few years ago, Alex and Justin had accidentally turned him into a girl and it took them months to figure out how to turn him back. Max remembered how cute he looked and he also remembered how his Father had fawned over him/her. He looked in the mirror at the now 17 year old teenaged girl and stared. He was fucking hot! Max ran her hands across her breasts and then down to her young pussy. There was just a wisp of pubic hair above her tiny slit and Max, now Maxine, knew his Father would forget all about his problems as soon as he saw her. She went over into Alex's old room and found a t-shirt and shorts she had left and put them on. They fit perfectly and showed off her sweet young body nicely. Maxine took another look in the mirror and couldn't believe how good she looked. The little 13 year old Maxine had grown into a beautiful young woman. Maxine made her way downstairs to show her Father her surprise.

"Hi Daddy!" she called.

Jerry looked up from the prep table and stared at the beautiful young brunette. "Who.......what........who are you?" he said.

"It's me Daddy, Maxine. Remember?"

Jerry thought for a minute and then it all came back to him. He looked at his son turned daughter and said, "Oh my God! WOW! You're absolutely beautiful! You did this for me?"

Maxine turned around a few times and flipped her long hair back over her shoulder and said, "Yes Daddy, all for you. I want to make you happy again."

She ran over and gave Jerry a big hug and kissed him on his cheek. She nuzzled him for a few seconds and then felt her Father's arms wrap around her, pulling her tight little body against his. Maxine kissed his neck and then nibbled at his ear lobe. She heard him moan when she stuck her tongue in his ear so she ran her hand down his body and squeezed his cock. It was rock hard and she knew just what to do. Maxine dropped to her knees and took her Father's cock out of his jeans and started to suck him.

Jerry looked down at the beautiful girl sucking his cock and said, "That's it baby, suck my cock. I haven't felt anything like this in so long. Take it baby girl, swallow your Daddy's cock."

Maxine sucked and sucked, taking him deep into her mouth. She had watched her sister Alex suck off her boyfriends and knew just what to do. She licked the shaft and sucked on his balls and then took the hard meat into her mouth again. She sucked harder and faster and it wasn't long before her Father was filling her mouth with his hot load. Maxine kept sucking all of the cum from her Father's softening cock and when he pulled out, she looked up at him and swallowed. "Did you like that Daddy?" she asked.

He pulled her up off of her knees and kissed her deeply. "Sweetie, that was the best blowjob I've ever had. You're so much better than your Mother or Alex."

Maxine looked at him and said, "You mean Alex sucked your cock?"

Jerry held his pretty daughter and said, "Yes she did. You know how much of a slut your sister was but now that I have you, I'm never letting you go."

He picked the young teen up and carried her upstairs to her room. Jerry handed the wand to her and told her to change her boy's room into a teenaged girl's room. Within a matter of seconds, it was transformed into the type of bedroom any girl would envy. He then had her change all her clothes into girl's outfits.

When she finished, Maxine looked up at her Father and said, "Daddy, I want you to make me a woman. Please, you can do whatever you want to me as long as it makes you happy."

Jerry stripped out of his clothes and had Maxine do the same. He spread her legs and gently slipped his cock into her tiny cunny. With one hard thrust, he took her innocence and made her a woman. Jerry made love to his young daughter for the rest of the day. He had Maxine suck and fuck him until he couldn't get it up anymore. They both fell asleep in each other's arm and didn't wake up until late the next morning.

* * *

When Jerry woke up, he heard the shower running. He went in and joined Maxine and washed her beautiful body. She reached down and began to stroke his cock.

As soon as Jerry was hard as a rock, he said, "You know baby, there was one thing Alex used to let me do that your Mother never did. Do you want me to show you?"

Maxine kissed him and said, "Anything for you Daddy."

Jerry turned her around and bent her over. He rubbed his cock along her pussy and then slowly began to push it inside her tight asshole. Maxine was stunned. "OWWWWW Daddy, that hurts."

Jerry pushed a little more of his cock into her ass and said, "Its OK baby, it'll only hurt for a few minutes, trust me."

Maxine clenched her fists against the shower wall and let the big cock enter her ass. When Jerry was all the way inside of her, he stopped for a minute and let her adjust to the new sensation.

"Relax sweetie, I'm going to start fucking you now," he said and Jerry slowly started to sodomize his little girl.

The pain was soon replaced with pleasure and Maxine started to like what he was doing to her. "Fuck me Daddy......fuck my tight little asshole." She was soon grunting with every thrust as Jerry pounded away at her.

He felt his balls start to tighten, "I'm cumming baby girl."

Maxine felt his load filling up her ass and she started to cum at the same time. When he finally pulled his cock out of her ass, she sank to the shower floor and let her Father's cum flow out of her gaping hole.

She looked up at Jerry and said. "Oh Daddy, that was wonderful. I love you so much."

Jerry leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and said, "I love you too baby girl."

Jerry left her there to finish her shower while he got dressed. He went down and opened the shop. Maxine joined him a little later. She was having a little trouble walking after getting fucked up the ass but Jerry just smiled. He remembered the first time he did Alex in the ass. It took her a couple of days before she could sit down. He wondered how long it would take Maxine.

* * *

Jerry decided to take advantage of the situation and had Maxine use her Wizard powers to make them rich. The two of them settled into a life of comfort and sex. Jerry fucked Maxine as often as he could and Maxine loved every minute of it. Her Father made her cum over and over again and she was happy that he was finally happy again.

Jerry eventually divorced his runaway wife and soon, he and Maxine moved away from Waverly Place and began to live together as a loving couple. Their new neighbors talked behind their backs about the age difference but neither one really cared what they said, they just knew that they loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

As for Alex and Justin, well, Justin was killed by his vampire girlfriend one night. She drank all of his blood and left his lifeless corpse on the doorstep of Wizard Tech. The other Wizards hunted her down and rammed a stake into her heart, ending her miserable existence in a pile of dust. Alex, on the other hand, transformed herself into an actress/singer named Selena Gomez and even though she had no talent whatsoever, the spell she cast on the media and her fans made her quite famous. She never saw her family again.

The End


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