Wizard Of Oz: Part 10 - There's No Place Like Home! (FF,ws)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

Dorothy fought off a shudder. She started to climb up on the bed.

"Wait one minute, my dear," the Witch said. "Haven't you forgotten

Dorothy looked puzzled.

"Your clothing, Dorothy. Take off your dress."

"Oh." Dorothy took a deep breath. "O.K."

She lifted her skirt and pulled her dress over her head, standing naked
except for her ruby slippers.

"Very pretty, my pretty," the Witch cackled. "Now..." she gestured.

Dorothy slowly climbed into the bed. The Witch took hold of Dorothy's hand,
and placed it on her drooping breast.

"So, what they've always said is right," Dorothy said.

"What do you mean?"

"It's cold."

The Witch chuckled softly. She took Dorothy's other hand, and directed it
toward her lower lips.

Dorothy's skin crawled as her fingers explored the Witch's mound; the sparse,
black hair, the thin, dry lips.

Protruding slightly was a darker, greenish-toned clit.

"Use your mouth... your mouth," the Witch moaned.

Dorothy bent down, and holding her breath, touched the tip of her tongue to
the Witch's clit. It was also cold; as if the Witch had no circulation at
all. She diddled at the clit without enthusiasm.

After a few moments, the Witch moaned, "Come on, dearie. Turn around here so
we can sixty-nine. I want to smell that snatch of yours."

Dorothy grimaced, her face out of sight of the Witch. But she did as she was
told, turning to straddle the Witch's face.

The Witch slid her long nose along Dorothy's slit. "Delightful scent..." she

Dorothy bent down again to tongue the Witch's clit. In this position, she
began to feel the intense feeling of a full bladder.

She sat back on her heels, raising herself slightly above the Witch's face.

"I've got an idea of something that might turn you on," Dorothy whispered,

"Oh yes dearie," the Witch whispered back. "What is it?"

"A golden shower!" Dorothy cried, and let go.

The stream of urine splashed directly into the Witch's face; the Witch

"What are you doing, you wicked girl? You wicked, nasty girl!"

The Witch sat up; her skin was smoking.

"I'm melting! I'm melting!" she screamed. "I liked it, but I'm melting! Oh!
Oh! I'm... coming! I'm coming!"

Dorothy scrambled off the bed, and her companions scrambled out of their
hiding places.

"I'm coming! I'm melting! You wicked, wicked girl!" the Witch screamed.

"Imagine that," the Scarcrow laughed. "Coming and going at the same time!"

The Witch collapsed into a heap, rapidly diminishing in size, forming a
small, greenish puddle on the bed.

The door to the chamber burst open. Three burly Guardsmen dashed in.

"You've killed her," one of them said. "Three cheers for Dorothy! The Wicked
Witch is Dead!"

Dorothy stepped over to the nightstand and picked up the Witch's pointed hat.
As she lifted it, a small, silver cap dropped out of it. She picked it up.

She also picked up the Witch's black dildo, which was lying on the floor.

"May we?" she addressed the guard, holding up the two items.

"Please do," the Guardsman said. "And take them with you."

Dorothy and her companions filed out of the room, accompanied by the cheering

Outside the room, perched on the railing of the balcony, was the King of the
Flying Monkeys. Dorothy stepped up to him, and held out the silver cap.

The King took the cap from her gravely, put it on his head, then grinned

"Thank you, fair lady," he said. "I promise -- cap or no cap -- I am at your
service forever." He bowed to Dorothy.

Dorothy curtsied.

"How about a lift back to the Emerald City?" the Scarecrow asked.

"Absolutely," the Monkey King grinned.

* * *

The Flying Monkeys set the four companions and the little dog gently on the
ground inside the walls of the Emerald City.

Dorothy released her hold around the neck of the Monkey King, and kissed his
cheek. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome," the Monkey King grinned. "Anytime you need me, just
call me. I'm in the book."

The Flying Monkeys took off.

* * *

The foursome marched up to the palace doors. The Soldier with the Green Beard
blocked their path.

"Sorry, the Wizard is indisposed."

"Out of the way, pinhead," the Lion blustered.

"We've just returned from the Western lands," Dorothy said, standing stiffly
in front of the Soldier. "I destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West, and I'll
be damned if you're going to stop me from seeing the Wizard now."

"How about a little piece?" the Soldier asked.

Dorothy grimaced. "Maybe later. We've got business with the Wizard."

She pushed the Soldier to one side, and marched past him. Her three
companions followed along behind her.

Dorothy stormed up the corridor, up the steps, and stood in the great hall.
The flames were there, the throne was there, but the Head was not.

Dorothy stood, her hands on her hips, while her companions caught up with

There was a small curtain off to one side of the room that she had not
noticed before. And there was a muttering sound coming from it.

Dorothy walked over to the curtain and drew it aside. A short, bald-headed
man was fussing over some kind of electronic equipment, marked with the
letters I.B.M.

"Goddamn it," he muttered. "I can't get this damned Windows 95 installed to
save my..." he turned and saw Dorothy and the others staring at him.

"You know anything about computers?" he asked.

"Who are you?" Dorothy asked, hands on hips.

"Oh," the man shrugged. "I'm the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz."

"He looks a lot smaller," the Scarecrow commented.

The Tin Man handed Dorothy a wrapped package. She pulled off the wrapping
and handed the Wizard the object within.

"Oh, my," the Wizard said, turning the object over in his hands. "What is

"This is the dildo of the Wicked Witch of the West," Dorothy shouted. "You
made promises, mister, and you're going to live up to them!"

"Oh, oh!" the Wizard waved nonchalantly. "I can do all that. Follow me."

Dorothy looked around. "What's that whirring sound?" she asked.

The Wizard paused a moment. "Don't pay any attention to that. It's some
fellow named Baum spinning in his grave."

He walked through a small door into a storage area. Dorothy and the others
followed him. He reached into a shelf, and pulled out something.

"Tin Man, my metallic friend, you asked for a heart. You don't know how
lucky you are not to have one, because they won't be practical until they're

The Tin Man looked crestfallen.

"But in truth, it is not how much you love that counts, it is how much you
are loved," the Wizard continued. "So what you really need is to be loved."

He held up the object in his hand. It was a ring of keys. He walked to a
door, and opened it up. Inside the room beyond were twenty nubile young
women, dressed in nothing more than smiles.

"My private harem," the Wizard grinned. "If you really want to be loved..."

The Tin Man grinned. "As soon as I make a trip down to the tinsmith, I'll be

The Wizard handed him the key. "Any time, except when you find a towel
hanging on the doorknob." He winked.

He turned to the Lion. "And you, my dear friend," he went on. "You wanted
potency. Your problem is not between your legs, old buddy. It's between your
ears." He stepped over to a nearby window.

"Look out there, King of the Beasts. That's your kingdom out there," he put
his arm around the Lion's shoulders. The Lion looked out at the great forests
surrounding the south side of the city.

"But..." the Lion began.

"Listen," the Wizard continued. "Females of any species appreciate power --
power of any sort. Act like what you are -- the King of the Beasts -- and
that power will attract any number of women."

The Lion squared his shoulders, cleared his throat, and roared.

"That's more like it," the Wizard grinned.

There was a clatter of claws on linoleum. Suddenly, there were two nubile
lionesses looking in the doorway. "You called?" one of them asked.

The Lion roared again. The two females dashed into the room, and jumped on
the Lion's back, rolling him over onto the ground. As they licked and pawed
at him, the Lion shouted, "Look! Look! I got a woodie!"

Dorothy laughed.

The Wizard turned to the Scarecrow. "You asked for a brain, didn't you?"

The Scarecrow nodded.

"You look smart enough to me already. I think what you really need is this."
He picked up the Wicked Witch's dildo, unfastened the straps, reversed them,
and fastened the device around the Scarecrow's groin. The black dildo dangled
out in front of the Scarecrow's crotch.

"Besides," the Wizard laughed, "most men think with this anyway."

Dorothy reached over and grabbed hold of the dildo, stroking the tip with her

"Oooooh," the Scarecrow moaned. "It even feels better than my old corncob!"

"And what about me?" Dorothy groaned. "I don't think you have anything in
here that will help me."

"Girl, you cut me to the quick!" the Wizard grimaced. "I'm a little more
resourceful than that. Follow me."

Dorothy and the others followed the Wizard into another room, this one fitted
like a bedroom.

"My private chambers," the Wizard explained. He stepped over to a small table
and picked up a small device. He flipped it open and spoke into it.


There was a flash of light, and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North was
suddenly lying in the Wizard's bed. She was completely naked, her legs
spread, revealing the pink lips of her pussy.

"Oh, Wizzy," she moaned. "You caught me right in the middle of..." She looked
up and saw Dorothy and the others looking at her.

"Ooops!" she said, sitting up, covering herself with a pillow. She waved her
hand, and a gossamer gown materialized around her.

"What is she doing here?" Dorothy asked. "She said she didn't have the power
to send me home."

"I lied," Glinda shrugged. "If I had sent you home, then we wouldn't be rid
of the Wicked Witch of the West, would we?"

Dorothy shook her head.

Glinda stood up and leaned close to Dorothy. "And you'd still be a virgin,"
she whispered.

Dorothy laughed. "Not for long," she said. "I was about to get a great
birthday present."

"Are you ready to go home now?" Glinda asked.

"Almost," Dorothy replied. She turned to the others. "Bye, y'all." She turned
back to Glinda. "I'm ready now."

Glinda laughed. She waved her hand, and Dorothy felt the room begin to spin.
Dorothy clamped her eyes shut.

There was the rushing sound of wind; Dorothy felt herself lifting off the
ground. The wind ripped at her clothing. She felt one shoe, then the other
fall off; her skirt rode up into a clump around her waist, then with a
ripping noise, her dress was gone.

Now naked, she rode the winds like a swimmer, tumbling and turning, until
with a sudden thump, everything was still.

* * *

[Returning now to sepiatone.]

The room was dark. Somewhere in the distance, a rooster crowed at the first
crack of dawn on the horizon.

Dorothy sat up in bed. Her bed. She looked around the room. In the first
light of morning, she could not see clearly, but the room looked much the
same as it had before the storm.

There was a tap at her bedroom door.

She dropped out of her bed and grabbed a bathrobe hanging from a hook on the
back of the door. She slipped it on, and opened the door.

"Shhh," the tall hired hand whispered.

Dorothy stepped back from the doorway as the three hired hands entered the
room. They were all naked, their erect cocks in their hands. The fat one
closed the door and threw the latch.

"Happy birthday," they said in unison.

"Ohhh!" exclaimed Dorothy. "There IS no place like home!"



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