Wizard Of Oz: Part 8 - I Don't Give A Flying Fuck! (MF,F-mast,F-best,voy)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

The foursome walked slowly down the green-bricked road. Here the road was
not well maintained. In several places, bricks were broken, and some were
missing. Weeds sprouted in the holes, and in some places, the weeds
completely covered the pathway.

The woods on each side of the road were dense, dark and frightening. Dorothy
and her companions kept tightly together.

Around a bend in the road, they came across a sign.

"Haunted Forest", the Lion read aloud. "I'd Turn Back If I Were You!"

With a cry, the Lion turned and prepared to run, but the others stopped him.

* * *

In her bedroom at the Castle, the Wicked Witch of the West reached out from
under the covers, and caressed the huge crystal ball. The scene of Dorothy
and the others faded away.

"She's no fun at all to watch," the Witch grumbled. "Let's try another

Mists inside the crystal formed another scene. A room dressed in pink and
white, with glitter and sequins on almost every hard surface. A woman was
lying on the bed, completely naked, covered only by a strapping young,
naked soldier. The soldier's hips flexed, driving his sizable cock deep
into the woman's eager-looking cunt.

"Glinda's always good for a peep-show," the Wicked Witch smiled, picked up
her vibrating dildo, and lay back in the bed.

She switched on the dildo, and held its head against her massive,
green-tinged clit. Shivers of pleasure rushed through her body. She kept her
eyes on the scene of her cousin Glinda and her soldier, as she plunged the
dildo inside her. She matched the soldier's thrusts with thrusts of her own.

In the crystal, Glinda was nearing orgasm; even though she had not conjured
sound into the scene, the Witch could imagine the shrieks of delight that
Glinda would be making right now. She knew Glinda was a screamer, and that
was the reason she had not bothered with sound.

The soldier in the crystal stopped thrusting, and Glinda pushed him over
onto his back, moving quickly to place her lips over his cockhead as the man
spurted. Glinda caught his emissions in her mouth and swallowed with a smile.

Instantly there was a shimmer; a sparkle in her countenance. The Wicked Witch
watched as she youthened.

"Damn her," the Wicked Witch grimaced. "There she goes again!"

She quickened up the pace of her thrusts with the dildo as the scene in the
crystal faded. She could feel herself on the edge of orgasm. Just a few...

The crystal ball screamed for attention.

She ignored it, thrusting the dildo deep into her cunt, twisting its base
against her clit, the vibration turned up to "high".

The crystal showed a scene of Dorothy and her companions on the near edge of
the Haunted Forest. Within a few minutes, they would arrive at the castle.

"Damn! Damn! DAMN!," the Witch huffed. "So close... So close, and yet..."

She tossed the dildo aside, jumped out of bed, and threw on her long, black
bathrobe and grabbed her pointed hat.

She stomped out of her room and down the hallway, threw open a door. Inside
the room were two winged monkeys; the King of the Monkeys and his latest
concubine. They had evidently just finished a bout of sex; the King was
smoking a cigarette, and the Queen was catching a quick nap.

"Put that out," the Witch hissed. "You know nobody is allowed to smoke in
this castle!"

"Nobody but you," the Monkey leered. "Trouble is, you haven't smoked in

"Look here, you insolent beast," the Witch shouted. "I've got a job for you
if you haven't exhausted yourself."

"Me? Exhausted?" The monkey grinned, and pulled aside the sheet. He had an
evident erection. "Look who's sleeping, Bitch."

"That's Witch, not Bitch," the Witch growled.

"If you say so." The monkey laughed. "What's the job?"

* * *

Dorothy and her companions stepped out of the shadows of the forest. They
gazed upward at the castle perched atop what seemed like a pile of boulders.

"The Wicked Witch of the West lives up there?"

The Scarecrow nodded. "But how do we get in? She's got guards and

Suddenly a dark cloud flowed out of one of the castle's towers.

"Whazzat?" the Lion whined. "Whazzat?"

The cloud descended toward them. As it came closer, Dorothy could make out
that it was made up of individual creatures.

"Oh my gosh," the Tin Man shouted. "Flying Monkeys! Run, Dorothy, Run!"

Dorothy turned and bolted, Toto at her heels.

The Tin Man swung his axe, coming close to but not hitting the approaching
monkeys. One of them grabbed his axe, and snatched it away from him. Another
pair of monkeys grabbed him, and carried him up into the air.

The Scarecrow flapped his arms ineffectively at the flying creatures. Two
grabbed his arms, another two grabbed his feet, and they pulled him apart,
scattering his straw stuffing on the ground.

The Lion, totally in a panic, dashed toward the forest.

Two monkeys chased after Dorothy and caught her. They grabbed her by the
arms, lifting her into the air.

The King of the Monkeys flew up beside Dorothy, hanging in midair between two
of his underlings. He deftly unbuttoned her pinafore, revealing her small but
shapely breasts.

The King fondled her nipples roughly, and in spite of her predicament,
Dorothy could feel them responding, growing taut and standing tall.

"Very responsive," muttered the King. "Just the way I like 'em."

He reached down and pulled up her skirt. With a smile, the King grabbed her
green panties, and tugged them down. They fluttered to the ground, some
twenty feet below.

He reached out and slid his fingertips through her sparse pubic hair. Dorothy
began to kick.

"Get your fucking hands off me!"

"Interesting word usage, little lady," the King grinned at her. In fact,
fucking is just what I had in mind. But you really shouldn't kick like that.
If the two monkeys holding you simply let go..." He didn't finish the
statement, but looked down to the rocks below.

Dorothy looked down, then into the Monkey King's face. He bobbed a little as
his wings beat the air, hovering in front of her. She glanced down his body,
and saw his penis, erect and demanding attention, emerging from his furry

"Oh well," she breathed to herself, "after the Munchkins, and the Tin Man,
and the Scarecrow and the Lion... what's one more?"

"All right," she said out loud to the Monkey King. "But I don't give a flying
fuck. Just put me down on the ground -- in a soft place, please -- and I'll
fuck your nuts off."

The Monkey King cocked his head, considering the offer. Finally, he nodded,
and chattered in his own language to his minions holding her.

They swooped down, skimming over the rocky area, to a large pile of dried
leaves. They set down, but kept hold of Dorothy's arms.

The Monkey King dropped down beside her. "Remember your promise," he said.

Dorothy nodded. "But let go of my arms so that I can take off my dress."

The King nodded. The other two monkeys let go of her. Dorothy reached down,
grabbed her skirt, and pulled her dress over her head. She stood in the
leaves, naked but for her ruby slippers.

"Do you mind if I keep my shoes on?" she asked.

The Monkey King shook his head. "Not at all. I can see all the good stuff."

Dorothy dropped down to the ground, lay on her back, and lifted and spread
her knees, opening her cunt for full view.

The Monkey King knelt down between her thighs. He reached out with a
fingertip, tracing the contours of her pussy lips, as his wings folded close
to his body.

"Are you going to just look, or are you going to fuck?" Dorothy asked.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck," the Monkey King said. "Its just that the only cunt
I get to look at is Monkey cunt -- or the Wicked Witch."

He moved forward, and lay his body over hers, his little cock sliding into
her pussy. He began to thrust rapidly, then grunted, pushing as deeply as he
could inside her as he came.

Dorothy blinked into his grimacing face. "Is that all there is?"

"Hardly," the King grunted. "Just wait a minute."

Within a few seconds, the King began thrusting again. Again, rapid thrusts,
and another grunt and ejaculation.

"Hold on," the King grunted, and a few seconds later, he began again.

"Wait," Dorothy said, wrapping her legs around his hips. She rolled them over
so that she was on top of him. She pushed her hands against his shoulders,
settling her hips on top of his, holding him inside her.

"What are you doing?" he hissed.

"Just wait."

She began to rock her hips, contracting her pussy muscles as she worked his
cock around inside her.

"Whoop! Unghh!" the King grunted.

She felt his cock jerk with ejaculation again, but it remained hard, so she
kept working back and forth, squeezing the short length of him.

"Unnnng!" he grunted again.

Dorothy kept humping.

"Ooooooh!" he cried. "Stop! Stop!"

"Stop?" Dorothy cooed. "Stop what?" She kept rocking back and forth.

"Unnnnnnn!" the King grasped at her arms. "No... I can't..."

Dorothy felt his cock slide out of her, totally drained. She stood up,
glancing at the other two monkeys, who had watched the whole thing. Their
cocks were poking through their fur, looking for attention.

The King pushed himself up to his elbows. He too noticed their erections.

"No way," he commanded. "You two go away. NOW."

The two minion monkeys took flight.

"Sit down," the Monkey King motioned to the leaves beside him.

Dorothy sat down.

"I am bound by magic to the Wicked Witch. I must follow her commands, as long
as she holds the Magic Cap. So I've got to take you to her, since that is
what she commanded me to do."

Dorothy nodded. "I understand."

"But that doesn't keep me from telling you her secrets -- as long as you
promise to steal for me the Magic Cap."

Dorothy smiled and nodded. "I'll help you. Just tell me what I have to do."


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