The Venus birthday bash
By Wonder Mike

Venus Flytrap started his shift at w k r p. He had asked the
big guy for the night off, since it was his birthday, but he was
refused. They did bring him cake though.

Venus enjoyed the cake, but he had something he enjoyed more, a
bottle of wine. He put on the album version of One nation under a
groove, and poured himself a glass. He had fifteen minutes to himself.

Venus quickly finished off the bottle, he decided to let the entire album
to play, he decided to take a nap. Besides, what could happen, they where the
25th rated station in Cincinnati anyway.

Venus was awoken by footsteps, he must have been dreaming, he looked up and
saw the secretary Jennifer Marlowe and Andy's assistant Bailey Quarters
standing over him.

Venus tried to sit up but he was wasted. Jennifer took off her fur coat, and
stretched, she asked Venus if she could sit down next to him. She was the highest
paid person at the station, Venus had no choice but to move over.

Bailey sat on the other side of him, Venus was forced to sit up straight, Jennifer's
huge tits brushed up against his face as she sat down. Venus slid over, putting his
hand in Bailey's lap. Bailey told him to move his hand, he lifted it up,
Bailey grabbed him by the wrist and put it between her legs, she said "Move
it like this." She started to slid his hand up and down between her legs

Venus crossed his arms across his chest, he didn't want to touch anyone again, Jennifer grabbed his right hand and sat it in he
lap, Bailey grabbed his left hand and put it in her lap again. Venus was scared to move, he really didn't trust white women.

The two girls started rubbing up and down his arms, they each told him it was o k, they
where here to give him his birthday present. They had the entire station to themselves. A huge grin came over Venus's face.

Jennifer reached across Venus and grabbed Bailey by her tits through her tee shirt, Venus could see Bailey's nipples grow, her
tits weren't has big as Jennifer's but he could tell they were perfectly shaped. He reached his hand between the buttons of her

Bailey leaned across Jennifer and started to unbutton her shirt, she let it fall open, then she broke the snap of her bra. Jennifer's
humongus tits were free at last. Venus tried to keep from drooling, but it was no use.

Jennifer began to twist Bailey's nipples, Bailey began to lick Jennifer's, Venus had slipped his hand into each girls crouch,
Jennifer grabbed him by the wrist and started sliding his hand up and down, she began to moan lightly.

Bailey stood up and removed her tight jeans, it was a struggle but she managed to get them off, pulling her panties off at the
same time. Bailey told him, I need to know if it is true what they say about black men.
Jennifer told her "Don't worry, it's true."

Jennifer explained she dated only old white men, but when it came time for sex, she took her men the same way she took her
coffee, Black. Venus couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had never even imagined in his wildest dreams that Jennifer was
like that.

Venus stood up and pulled down his pants, his 12 inch cock stood straight out, Bailey screamed "It is true." Venus turned
toward her, slapping her across the face with his cock.

He stood facing Bailey, Jennifer was behind him, she reached around and started to stroke his rock hard cock, Venus started
to moan slightly, this was his ultimate fantasy, well, he wished he could share with Johnny.

she exclaimed "you'll do fine." Bailey took hold of his cock too. She and Jennifer worked
in unison stroking up and down the shaft of his cock. Venus couldn't believe what was
happening, it had to be a dream.

The two girls each had both hands around his cock it was so thick that their fingers weren't even touching they where stroking
for all they worth. Jennifer told bailey
to open wide, and she stuffed Venus's cock into her mouth.

Bailey started to gag as Jennifer stuffed her mouth full of cock, she managed to suck it though. Bailey had never sucked a cock
before, she just wrapped her lips tightly around his cock, as Venus thrusted in and out. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair
and began fucking her face harder. The drool was pouring out of bailey's mouth.

Jennifer spun Venus around, she told Bailey she would show her how it was done, she began to stroke Venus with both hands
circling them all the way around his cock, then she wrapped her lips around it, Venus groaned and tried to stuff
his cock all the way down her throat, but Jennifer was holding on too tight.

Jennifer started to slowly work her mouth all the way down on his cock, Venus threw his head back as his entire twelve inches
disappeared down Jennifer's throat. She then pulled it all the way out then started back down again. Once again
his cock completely disappeared.

Bailey couldn't believe what she was seeing, Jennifer was an excellent cock sucker, now she knew why she was the highest
paid employee at the station, Bailey didn't even notice she had stuffed two fingers into her own cunt. Jennifer told her, "wait until
we do this to the big guy, I think you can become the second highest
paid employee at the station."

Jennifer bent over and pointed her ass at Venus, she didn't have to tell him twice, he rammed his cock all the way into her pussy
as hard as he could, Jennifer immediately rocked back matching his thrust. Venus rammed it in harder, Jennifer rocked back

Jennifer told bailey to lay down in front of her, Bailey spread her long legs as far apart as she could, Jennifer stuffed three
fingers into her cunt. Bailey yelled and started sliding her cunt back and forth on Jennifer's fingers, this just caused Jennifer to
finger her harder.

Venus wrapped both arms around Jennifer's waist so he could thrust harder. Jennifer began to scream, she forgot all about
poor Bailey. Bailey grabbed Jennifer's hand and began working it into her cunt. Jennifer was in no shape to finger her though.
Bailey had another plan though.

Bailey saw the empty wine bottle and sat it on the floor, she stood over it and sat down. She stuffed the bottle into her cunt and
started bouncing up and down. She held onto Jennifer for balance. Jennifer held the bottle, she then began to lift it up into

Jennifer finally slammed back so hard, she knocked Venus backward, she was now on top of him, she began to jump up and
down on his cock. Venus still was holding her around the waist, he began to lift her up and down on his huge cock.

Venus was going crazy at the sight of Bailey, he was going to blow his load inside of Jennifer, but he knew better than that, he
pulled his cock out of her and spun her around, he sprayed her face with his seed. Jennifer stuck out her tongue and tried
to catch it in her mouth

Venus almost completely cover the bottom half of Jennifer's face, Bailey leaned over and licked it clean. She was a good friend.
She squatted down even further on the bottle. She had managed to drop to her knees, she was slamming her cunt up and

Bailey had worked almost half the wine bottle into her cunt, her face was smeared with cum, she had never been happier,
Venus looked down, his cock sprung to life again. He was now going to get his shot at the virginal Bailey Quarters, he knew
he would be the first in the station to have the honor.

Bailey began to spin the bottle around inside her cunt, she jumped up and down on it as she spun it around, she almost passed
out from the orgasm, but she was determined to keep going until she had that big black cock inside of her.

Venus bent Bailey over the bottle, she was still bouncing up and down, he slowly began to work his cock into her ass. He
started out gently, but Bailey screamed "Fuck my ass." Venus rammed it all the way in. Bailey looked over her shoulder and
thanked him.

Bailey squealed as the 12 inches began to disappear into her ass, she was ramming the bottle in even deeper. Venus wrapped
his arms around her chest and used her perfect tits for a handle. He had his cock all the way in her ass now.

Venus reached down and grabbed the bottle, he began pushing it up into her as he rammed down into her ass, bailey reached
down and grabbed the bottle also, the label of the bottle had vanished into her formally tight cunt.

Venus rammed his cock to the hilt into her tight ass, Bailey was screaming at the top of her lungs now, Venus grabbed the
microphone and turned it on. Bailey's screams went out over the air. She then screamed for Venus to cum in her mouth.

She knew the mike was on, but it was just w k r p, who was listening? Venus pulled his cock out of her ass and stuffed the
whole thing down her throat. he then unloaded his seed directly down it. Bailey swallowed it all easily. She was a quick learner.

Venus stood up, the two girls where at his feet looking up lovingly, things would never be the same here again. Venus thought it
would be good to call Les in to cover this breaking story, Les needed it more than he did anyway.

Venus then sat up, he heard somebody coming into the office, he had been dreaming. here was dead air on the radio, the album
had ended five minutes again. Bailey and Jennifer walked in the room with packages, they told Venus they where bringing his
birthday presents Jennifer removed her fur coat.



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