This story is based on the characters from the TV sitcom
show, WKRP in CINCINATTI. This is not meant as an
infringement on their copyright of the series, but fulfills
the fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of NC gang sex.) If this topic
disturbs you in any way, then do not continue. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

WKRP cast

Jan Smithers as the shy and demure
Bailey Quarters, WKRPís
commercial programmer.

Loni Anderson as Jennifer Marlowe,
WKRPís sexy blonde

Howard Hesseman as Dr. Johnny Fever,
daytime DJ for WKRP.

Gary Sandy as Andy Travis,
WKRPís programming manager.

Tim Reid as Venus Flytrap,
nighttime DJ for WKRP.

Gordon Jump as Mr. Arthur Carlson,
the infantile station manager.

Frank Bonner as Herb Tarlek,
WKRPís advertising manager.

Richard Sanders as Les Nesman,
WKRPís inept news director.

Baileyís First Date with Johnny
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Part One

Bailey Quarters, WKRPís shy twenty-four-year-
old researcher and commercial programmer, couldnít believe
what she had just done. She had brazenly, if not shyly, walked
into the studio and asked Johnny Fever if he would go out
with her. Sure it was only for a Bogart movie, but for her, it
was something nice girls just didnít do. And it didnít seem to
bother her that he was old enough to be her own father.

Johnny didnít see anything wrong with it. He still
didnít realize the crush the tall, overly shy, brunette had on
him. As far as he was concerned, it would just be two
friends going out together to see a movie.

Bailey was overjoyed. She immediately went to
talk to the radio stationís receptionist, Jennifer Marlowe.
Jennifer was a stunningly beautiful blonde bombshell, who
somehow managed to keep her job while doing very little
work. Yet somehow she managed to keep the station
functioning very efficiently. Her ample cleavage left little
to the imagination of anyone visiting the station. She was
constantly being propositioned by Herb Tarlek, the
stationís advertisement director, which she controlled with

"Jennifer?" Bailey asked her voluptuous friend.
"Have you ever asked a man out before?"

"Of course not," Jennifer responded with
absolute certainty.

"Well," Bailey continued giggling like a teenager.
"I just did, and he said yes."

"Really," Jennifer smiled back, happy for her shy
friend. "Anybody I know?"

"No," Bailey started. "Well yes."

"Is it somebody in the station?" Jennifer
continued prying.

"Well, yes he works here," the shy woman
confided. "Heís so... wow! So nice. So gentle."

Les Nesman, the stationís incompetent, but
lovable, news reporter walks in at this time and overhears
the two womenís conversation.

"With long blond hair," Bailey continues,
ignoring the presence of the little man. "And such a... a
nice tight ass."

Les blushes profusely misconstruing the
description as being Jennifer and that the two women were
talking about going out together for sex.

"Youír... youíre both sick!" He blurts out
towards Bailey, flustered.

And he walks out quickly from the reception
area. Both women look at him in shocked disbelief, but
know full well that he is very strange most of the time
anyway. They ignored his outburst and continued on with
their discussion.

Meanwhile, back inside the studio booth, Johnny
receives a phone call from a past girlfriend. When she
asks him out on a date that same evening he accepts,
completely forgetting about his previous commitment to

After his shift, he chats with Andy in the bullpen.
He goes on and on about how hot this woman was. How
that, for two years that they lived together, she gave him
the best sex that he had ever experienced. And that out of
nowhere here she was in Cincinnati and calling him up out
of the blue to rekindle their romance.

"So, Andy," Johnny starts asking. "Can you spot
me a few bucks?"

"Canít do Johnny," Andy responds to his request.

"Johnny, Johnny," Herb, listening in, throws in
his own advice. "You have to know how to treat a
woman right if you expect to get anything out of a
relationship. To really win over a woman you have to take
her to a nice place. But whatever you do. DO NOT

"Why not?" Johnny asks the polyester salesman.

"Because Johnny," Herb answers him. "Youíre
place is a dump. You have to impress her with good taste.
A good meal with nice soft, romantic music."

By now, both Andy and Johnny are captivated by
Herbís apparent expertise. Which is surprising by itself
considering how sleazy he usually acts.

"Okay, okay," Andy asks. "What do you do

"You get them drunk of course," Herb responds
and turns back to his work on his desk.

Just then, Johnnyís friend and fellow DJ, Venus
Flytrap walks into the bullpen for his night shift on the air.
Johnny walks up to him and is just about to start a

"Venus," he starts off. "My man."

"No," Venus says flatly.

"What, no?" Johnny responds. "I havenít asked
anything yet."

"No money," Venus says.

"Oh címon Venus," John begs. "I got a hot date
tonight with the hottest woman on this continent. All I
need is for you to spot me a twenty, thatís all."

"Sorry Johnny," Venus repeats again. "No can

Desperate, Johnny goes from one staff member t
the next for some pity cash for his night out with Bailey
with no luck. In desperation he goes out to the lobby for
his last chance, Jennifer.

"Jennifer," he starts. "Would you ever consider
loaning some money to some guy?"

"Never," she answers bluntly. "Men give to me.
I never give to them. It would set a bad precedent."

"Of course," Johnny concedes. "Was just asking
because I have this date tonight with a girl, but Iím flat

Jennifer smiles as she realizes that Johnny was
asking the money for his date with Bailey that night. Not
knowing that he had completely forgotten about that date
and set up another with his old girlfriend Buffy. So in her
ignorance of his change of plans she offers Johnny the use
of her apartment.

"Really?" Johnny asks surprised. "Wonít you,
like be needing it?"

"Not tonight Johnny," she answers him. "Iíll be
going out for dinner in Washington."

"Is that like Washington D.C.?" Johnny asks.

"Yes, Johnny," she tells him. "Men do that for

"I bet they do," he answers back.

"Now you have a good time tonight with your
date," she tells him as she hands her keys in his hands.

Part Two

That evening, Bailey waited patiently for Johnny
to come pick her up for their date.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to her Johnny was
already in Jenniferís apartment with Buffy. Whoís
intention was to sue him for palimony, but that isnít
important for this story.

Outside the studio, a saddened Bailey looked
longingly out the window in the hopes that Johnny would
show up. Turning around she entered the radio studio and
sat next to Venus Flytrap, the black night DJ for WKRP.

"Have you seen Johnny tonight Venus?" She
asked him.

"No," he answers honestly. "No, I havenít

"We were supposed to go out tonight you
know," she whimpered.

"Oh yeah," he said back to her. "Thatís good."

"But he hasnít shown up yet."

"When were you supposed to meet him?" Venus

"Oh, about eight oíclock," she answered him.

"Uh, Bailey," Venus looked over to the wall
clock. "Its... like almost ten now."

"Uh, I know," she answered shyly. "You donít
think he had an accident or something do you?"

Just then the studio phone rings and Venus
answers it. Itís Johnny on the other side and he is in a
state of panic. Venus tries to follow the ramblings of his
DJ pal. From what he could decipher someone was trying
to sue him for something or other.

"Ok, ok Johnny," he tried to calm his friend
down. "Calm down. Iíll be off in about thirty minutes and
be right over. Where are you anyway?" There is a pause
as he listens to Johnnyís directions. "You at Jenniferís
apartment? How did you manage that? No, never mind.
Iíll be there soon. Hold on."

Bailey was listening to the one sided conversation
and began to worry. She was sure that Johnny was hurt or

"Is Johnny all right?" She asked Venus.

"Oh, yeah heís all right," Venus answers the
worried girl. "He just got into some trouble with some

Bailey was hurt by that revelation. But being her
own sweet self, she still wanted to help Johnny in his hour
of need. So she volunteered to accompany Venus to
Johnnyís aid. By the time that they were preparing to
leave the radio station Andy Travis and Mr. Carlson had
joined them.

Twenty minutes later they finally arrived at
Jenniferís penthouse apartment. Her door chimes rang out
in a music box theme. When Johnny opened the door and
let them in, they were all amazed at how extravagantly
their receptionist lived in.

"Uh, Mr. Carlson," Bailey asked her boss. "Just
how much does Jennifer get paid?"

"Uh, oh, ruff," the flustered man mumbled. "I... I
canít talk about that Bailey."

then, facing Bailey, Johnny came to the sudden
realization of what he had done to his beautiful co-worker
this night.

"We," he said apologetically. "We were
supposed to go out tonight werenít we? Gee, Iím sorry

"Oh itís ok Johnny," the compliant brunette told
him. "You probably had other things on your mind."

"No, no," he told her. "Itís not okay. You
deserved better from me."

"Uh, guys," Andy interjected. "Donít we have
something bigger to take care of here?"

"Oh yeah, right," Johnny snapped back to reality.
"Well, itís this old girlfriend of mine. Well, for some
unknown reason she thinks Iím loaded and wants to sue
me for palimony."

"Gee Johnny," Andy responded as he looked
around the exorbitant surroundings. "Where did she come
to this delusion?"

"Well, if you must know" Johnny told him. "She
dumped that news when we got here."

"Uh-uh," Andy responded. "So she thinks that
all of this is yours, right."

Meanwhile, Venus was pacing around Jenniferís
apartment. Like everybody else in the radio station, he too
had fantasized about what her life style was like. And like
all the male staff of WKRP, they wondered what her
bedroom might look like.

Oh fuck this guys," Venus blurted out. "I just
gotta see Jenniferís bedroom."

Bailey blushed profusely at Venusí outburst.
Such comments were never meant for her shy disposition.
And with his statement, Venus rushed down the hallway
towards the main bedroom.

Andy and Mr. Carlson just looked at each other
for a few minutes, then as if in mental contact with each
other they rushed down the hall following Venus.

That left Johnny and Bailey alone in the
livingroom. Baileyís head was lowered because of her
shyness. Johnny could see the hurt in her eyes and
approached her to give her a hug.

"Gee Bailey," Johnny whispered in her hear.
"Iím really sorry about all this."

"Oh itís all right, Johnny," she said weakly.

"No its not," he said apologetically. "I never
meant to hurt you."

"Yeah well whatís done is done," she blurted out

Her furious outburst made Johnny realize just
how badly he had hurt the beautiful Bailey Quarters.
Looking at her all American girl looks. He suddenly saw
how truly beautiful she was. For the first time he took
note of her slim and well proportioned body. Of her pert
and firm tits. But better yet, he could see that she wasnít
wearing a bra, yet her tits remained firm.

ĎMan,í Johnny thought to himself. ĎBailey was
ready to do it with me and I spoiled it all for Buffy.í

This is when Johnny came up with a solution on
how to make it up to Bailey. In his free-sex lifestyle of the
sixties, he pulled the tall brunette along and headed for
Jenniferís bedroom where all the others had gathered.

"Wha... what are you doing Johnny?" Bailey was
stunned by his action. "Where... where do you think
youíre taking me?"

"Relax Bailey," Johnny told her. "Iím gonna
make up for my mess right now."

When they reached Jenniferís bedroom, both
were stunned frozen into silence. There before them, their
three friends were busily stroking their hard cocks in the
receptionist panties. Shy Bailey just turned around,
covering her eyes from the lewd sight.

"Uhm, guys," Johnny coughed. "Would you
mind stopping what youíre doing."

Like deers caught in the headlight of a car,
Venus, Andy and Mr. Carlson froze with their panty
covered cocks in hand. Mr. Carlson blushed a deep red at
being caught by a woman with his cock out, especially
Bailey. In all of his life, only his wife had ever seen it
exposed. He also turned his back to the two at the door
and tried furtively to zip his pants back up. Unfortunately,
his cock was too stiff to shove back in.

"Oh Gee!" Mr. Carlson would blurt looking back
nervously. "Oh Gee! Bailey. Iím so sorry you had to see
me like this."

Andy and Venus just stood there, not moving at
all. And not making any effort to hide their exposed
genitals to their shy co-worker, Bailey. In fact, Venus was
proudly strutting his twelve inch cock in anticipation of
her facing them again.

"Uh guys," Johnny coughed to get their attention.
"Would you mind stepping out. Me and Bailey have some
talking to do."

"Why didnít you talk out in the livingroom?"
Mr. Carlson asked innocently.

Andy grabbed the station manager and lead him
out of the room, trying to explain as gently as he could
what the couple really wanted to talk about. The naive
station manager had to be explained that the two wanted
some private time for sex, and that the bedroom was better
suited for that.

"Oh," Mr. Carlson feigning comprehension.
"Oooh!" After he fully grasped the situation.

Venus followed the two men out, his cock
bouncing in front of him as he walked by Bailey. He
smiled amusingly when he heard her gasp when she caught
sight of his mighty member.

Part Three

"Wha... what do you want to talk about Johnny?"
Bailey asked him.

Johnny pulled open his shirt, buttons popping in
the effort. Then he reached for his belt buckle and undid
that as well.

Bailey couldnít believe what she was seeing.
Sure she wanted to make love with him, but not like this.
Not with her co-workers in the next room. Especially
after seeing their hard cocks just moments before.

"Please Johnny," she pleaded with him. "What
about the others?"

Being of the free-sex era, Johnny misconstrued
her question as an invitation for all of them to take her

"Uh, oh sure," he answered her. "Wait here, Iíll
fix it."

He rushed out of the room towards the
livingroom where the others had gathered.

ĎAll right Bailey,í she thought to herself. ĎThis is
your big moment. Time to take the bull by the horn. So
to speak.í

Thinking that Johnny had gone to ask the other
men to leave, Bailey began to take her clothing off. This
was her chance to finally make love with Johnny Fever,
and she desperately wanted that to happen. She
unbuttoned her shirt and removed it first. Just as Johnny
had suspected she hadnít been wearing a bra. Her breast
were firm enough that there was no sag to them at all.
Many times she asked herself why she even bothered
putting one on for work.

She looked down at her chest and could see that
her mounting excitement was showing through her
nipples. In a matter of seconds they had stiffened into
hard peaks.

Next, she unsnapped her tight jeans and peeled
them down her long slender legs, dragging her panties
along with them. Once down to her ankles she kicked
them across the room. There she stood in all her naked
splendor when she heard a whistle from the doorway.
Expecting to face Johnny she slowly turned to face him.

Imagine her shock when all four men stood there
transfixed, their jaw falling to their chest.

"Oh god!" She exclaimed, trying to cover herself
with her hands. "Ho... how could you?"

"All right Bailey!" Johnny exclaimed. "You little
minx. You just couldnít wait, could you."

"Its okay Bailey," Andy comforted her. "We
know what you want."

"Wh... what are you talking about?" She asked
him, confused.

"I talked to the guys," Johnny told her. "And
theyíre here to help out."

"For sure," Venus cried out.

"Thatís right Bailey," Andy tossed in. "We like
you. We like you a lot."

"Thatís right young lady," was Mr. Carlsonís
response. "If this is what you want, then by golly Iím here
to help too."

"Bu... but Johnny," she started. "I..."

Before she could say a word, Johnny walked up
to her and kissed her hard against the lips. Thus muffling
any objection that she was about to make. His thick
mustache tickling her upper lip. He wrapped his arms
around her naked body and was steering her towards
Jenniferís bed.

Instinctively, Baileyís arms went around his neck
as the kiss continued. Johnny was finally kissing her the
way she had dreamed of so many times in her sleep. She
had set aside the presence of the other three in the
doorway. Her hands went down to his shirt and began to
frantically pull it off his body.

Seeing the usually shy Bailey helping Johnny get
his clothes off with them there seemed to convince them
that what Johnny had told them back in the livingroom
was true. Bailey really did want them to fuck her.

Unfortunately, Johnny believed that because of
his free-sex lifestyle of the sixties. He erroneously thought
that everybody lived in that fashion, including Bailey. So
when she tried to object earlier, he mistakenly took it to
mean her wanting them to join her in bed for sex.

So, while Bailey was busily helping Johnny out of
his clothes, the three men began stripping in a rush. Their
clothes were flying left and right. Once in the buff they
started stroking their cocks back to life while watching her
and Johnny grunt on the large bed.

Bailey was enjoying Johnnyís attention to her
finally. Her eyes closed as she felt the exhilaration of his
passion. She would caress his locks of hair as she felt him
slip down and suck on her hard nipples.

"Oh Johnny," she whispered. "Iíve waited for
this for so long. Oooooh!"

By now the other three had surrounded the bed
and contentedly watched her squirm under Johnny. They
all came to the realization of how much they had ignored
Baileyís body at work. Here in the dim lighting of
Jenniferís bedroom they saw for the first time how truly
beautiful she was.

Johnny was having some trouble getting his pants
off, lying of the bed as he was. So Venus and Andy came
to his assistance. Grabbing one pant leg each they yanked
the tight fitting jeans off their friend. He never lost
contact to Baileyís tits.

The bed bounced slightly as Mr. Carlson climbed
on at the head of it. Bailey assumed that it was Johnnyís
and her movement that caused it, so she remained
oblivious to the machination going on around her as she
luxuriated at Johnnyís talented mouth.

Johnny moved down further until she felt his
tongue probe her cunt. She had never felt anything like
this in all of her life. At twenty-four, she was still a virgin.
And so shy was she, that she rarely even played with
herself in private. A dildo was out of the question, so her
hymen was still intact.

When Johnny made contact to her clit, she
exploded in her first real orgasm. Her back arched in
ecstasy as she moaned loudly, her eyes popping open at
the surprising power of it. That is when she first saw Mr.
Carlson on his knees just above her head. His seven inch
naked cock just inches away.

"Mr. Carls..." she started, just as he plunged his
cock in her virgin mouth.

Her eyes bugged out as she had her first taste of
male cock. She tried to push him off of her, but the
overweight station manager was to heavy for her.

At that same moment she felt the presence of two
mouths sucking of a nipple each. Her mind was racing,
but she soon realized that they must have belonged to
Andy and Venus. All the while Johnny kept sucking her

Her mind was reeling at what was happening to
her. She wanted Johnny, but never in her wildest
imagination did she ever think of something like this ever
happening to her. As far as she was concerned, only
whores do things like this. And yet, here she was with
four naked men, and she wasnít finding it all that
unpleasant so far.

"Mmmmmmh!" She moaned pass Mr. Carlsonís

"Oh yes Bailey," her boss said. "That feels so

"Hey Johnny," Venus said aloud. "When are we
getting some?"

"Yeah John," Andy agreed. "Donít be a hog
about it."

Johnny pulled his head up and smiled a silly grin
towards them, and dove back in her soaked pussy. Andy
and Venus looked at each other for a moment and smiled.
They got on the bed, on their knees and guided Baileyís
hands to their cocks.

Bailey had never felt anything like this before.
She could feel the hot rods in her grasp, they felt so
velvety and smooth. Then, the two men placed a hand
over hers and stroked their meat with her hand. After a
few seconds, she took over of her own accord.

Johnny glanced up her body and saw how Bailey
was doing, and felt that this seemed like the best time to
do it. So he climbed up her well toned body until the head
of his cock was in its proper position.

"You ready Bailey?" He whispered to her.

She could only grunt no past Mr. Carlsonís still
plugging cock, which he mistook for a yes once more. In
one swift move he sank his nine inch cock into her. He
was himself shocked at hitting her hymen, but plunged on.

The sudden pain she felt as his cock broke
through her old barrier caused her to bite down on Mr.
Carlsonís cock, which he pulled out so fast that he fell to
the floor.

"Gee willackers Bailey," the older man
complained, grasping his loin. "Now why did you go do a
thing like that?"

"Ungh! Ungh!" Was her only response.

Her hymen was gone, her virginity a thing of the
past. The pain that she was feeling was excruciating, but it
seemed to be passing now. It was soon replaced by the
heat of passion. A few moments more and she found her
legs wrapping around Johnnyís humping torso. They
seemed to be acting of their own will.

Andy and Venus returned to sucking her
hardened nipples while Bailey continued jerking on their
hard cocks. She moaned loudly when they both bit down
on her sensitive nipples.

By now Mr. Carlson had recuperated from her
teeth and resumed his previous action of fucking her
mouth. By now Bailey was getting so excited about what
was happening to her that she began to react instinctively
to her four aggressors.

She was now humping along with Johnny and
sucking Mr. Carlsonís cock down her throat while at the
same time increasing the tempo on Andy and Venusí

All of the men soon noticed Baileyís change and
they increased their own activity accordingly.

"Címon man," Venus complained to Johnny.
"Give me a shot at her cunt."

Johnny reluctantly pulled out of her wet, and
bloody vagina, with a loud slurping sound. Venus and
Andy both whistled when they saw blood on Johnnyís

"Man, you busted her cherry," Andy said,

"Didnít think they lasted that long," Venus

ĎNow I know why she bit down so hard,í Mr.
Carlson thought privately.

Once Johnny got out of the way, Venus lay on his

"Címon Bailey," he told her. "Come sit on
poppaís lap."

And with that he pulled her to a kneeling position
and had her straddle his hip. She could feel his cock
brushing along her ass crack. Just by that she could tell
that Venusí cock was much larger than Johnnyís. All the
while, Mr. Carlson kept pumping his own cock in her

Andy and Johnny were both impressed by their
palís endowment. They lifted Bailey higher so that they
could guide her cunt to the top of his twelve inch cock.
Once they positioned her over Venusí cockhead they
nodded to him and he humped upward into her.

They young woman, who had just been
deflowered just minutes before, groaned painfully as the
large phallus entered her. She never would have believed
that a manís cock could be so big. It felt like someone
was trying to shove their fist inside of her stomach. Her
breathing became shallow as more and more of the black
DJ buried itself inside of her.

Andy and Johnny returned to sucking her
beautiful tits, and getting her hands back on their ignored

"Oh yeah Bailey," Venus groaned. "I havenít
had a pussy this tight since high school."

Bailey didnít know if she should feel
complemented or insulted. All she could seem to focus on
is how good it was beginning to feel. She was amazed at
how elastic her vagina seemed to be. She still recalled
how huge Venusí cock was when they first walked into
the room. And now, that same monstrous penis was
sliding in and out of her just deflowered vagina.

Suddenly, she felt some kind of fluid filling her
mouth. Mr. Carlson was spurting his jism in her sucking
cavity while holding her by her hair, still fucking her face
furiously. This was yet another first for her, the taste of
sperm was strange to the inexperienced woman, but she
found it rather pleasant. A bit salty, but nice. When Mr.
Carlson finally pulled out she took her first real gasp of
fresh air since this all started.

"Oh! Oh!" She gasped with each thrust by

Andy and Johnny both noticed her mouth free
and tried to get there together almost knocking each other
off of the bed. They glared at each other briefly.

"You go ahead Johnny," Andy relinquished.
"After all. This was supposed to be your date with her."

"Gee thanks Travis," Johnny answered back.
"Why donít you take the last hole."

Bailey was confused at what Johnny was saying.

ĎWhat other hole?í She thought to herself.
ĎTheyíve already got my mouth and vagina filled. What
other hole is there?í

Her eyes tried to follow Andy as he shuffled
down the bed, but she lost sight of him when he
disappeared behind her. All the while her rump was going
up and down in time with Venusí humping beneath her.
Then she felt hands on her ass.

"What are you doing Andy?" She asked.

Her objection was cut short as Johnny stuffed his
nine inch cock past her lips. Remembering how good it
felt to suck Mr. Carlsonís smaller cock, her attention went
to that.

Meanwhile, Andy had slicked his middle finger
with some of his own saliva and was pushing it into her
tight asshole. They all heard her moan in discomfort at his
probing, and they all mistook it as a groan of pleasure.
Andy continued pushing, trying to get his first knuckle
past her sphincter.

Bailey could only moan loudly past Johnnyís
cock. She closed her eyes painfully at the digital intrusion
to her neither region. How could Andy do such a thing to
her. How could any man even think of such a vile act she

All the while, Johnny kept shoving his cock in her
mouth. Pushing it so deep that it started to drive itself
down her throat. It was just now passing beyond her
tonsils. By instinct she had found a breathing pace that
allowed her to catch a breath of air each time Johnny
pulled back before plunging his cock back down her
throat. Without realizing it, Bailey had just taught herself
how to deepthroat a cock.

Andy was now able to fit a second finger past the
second knuckle by now. And he began a fucking action
with them, loosening up her asshole. He figured another
few minutes and she would be ready for his nine inch cock.

Part Four

Bailey Quarters was being manhandled by her
male co-workers from the radio stationís receptionist,
Jennifer Marlowe, bedroom for the better part of an hour
already. She had already sucked the station managerís,
Arthur Carlson, cock and discovered that she liked the
taste of cum.

Despite being twenty-four years of age, until this
night she had been a virgin. A virginity that the DJ,
Johnny Fever, had taken care of in the first moments of
this sexual assault.

And now, Venus Flytrap had his monstrous
twelve inch cock imbedded in her vagina while she was
busily sucking Johnnyís cock. Sucking it deeper than she
could have thought possible without choking or vomiting.

But that would seem to be the least of her
problems. She could feel Andy pushing a number of
fingers in her ass. At first she found it painful, but with
each passing second the pain was being transformed into
something different. Something... exciting.

ĎHow can Andy even be thinking of my anus at a
time like this?í She asked herself.

"You ready down there Venus?" Andy asked

"Yeah man," the black DJ answered. "Go for it."

With that response Andy pushed Baileyís butt
down, driving all twelve black inch of Venusí cock deep in
her bowels. Bailey groaned at the deep penetration. And
once she found her body crushed on top of Venusí prone
body she felt something poking at her exposed butt.

At first she couldnít tell what it might be, poking
against her. Then she could just feel the velvety texture of
it and realized that it must be Andyís cock. And he
seemed to be trying to fit it in her anal passage. In
desperation she started wiggling her ass around to escape
it. But she was still impaled on Venusí cock and couldnít
move out of the way.

Like most of this evening, her action was being
misconstrued as sexual excitement rather than her true
attempts to stop what was to happen. And so, misreading
her as badly as Johnny had beforehand, Andy began
pushing his cock against her tight ass.

The next thing she knew was that his cockhead
was pushing its way past her sphincter and driving itself
deeper insider her ass.

"Aurgh!" She moaned loudly.

"Yeah Bailey," Johnny exclaimed, her groans
vibrating through his cock. "Youíre a fantastic cock
sucker. The best I ever had."

"And her pussy is fucking tight too, man," Venus
added his accolades to her.

"You havenít felt her ass yet guys," Andy tossed

And in all of this chatter, Bailey couldnít mumble
a word. She could only lay there while their cocks
invaded every orifice in her body.

She had gotten used to sucking Johnnyís cock.
And her pussy had somehow accommodated Venusí cock.
But now she could feel Andyís cock slipping past her anal
defenses. And rather than being revolted by this
development, she was beginning to enjoy this intrusion.

ĎGod! How can I be enjoying this so much?í
She thought to herself. ĎHow can any woman enjoy being
debased like this?í

She couldnít believe that less than an hour ago
she had been a virgin, in so many ways. And yet here she
was taking three cocks into her body simultaneously. Plus
the fact that these were the fourth cock that she had taken,
counting Mr. Carlsonís.

Yes tonight had been a real sexual awakening to
her. She had hoped for an evening of lovemaking with her
secret crush, Johnny Fever. Instead she was being ravaged
by four of her male co-workers. They had introduced her
to a universe she could not have imagined before this night
of debauchery.

As her own sexual tension dissipated, Andy was
finding her anal passage relaxing and he could drive his
cock deeper in the shy brunetteís bowel.

By this time, Bailey could feel the two cocks in
her pussy and ass actually rubbing against each other
through the thin membrane that separated her anus to her
vagina. The two men could also feel their stiff pricks
rubbing together in the tight confines. This was what they
were looking for.

Andy and Venus had known each other for years
before Andy hired him to WKRP as their night DJ. And
they had many experiences of double banging women

Bailey looked over to the side as she kept
sucking Johnnyís cock. In a chair nearby she could see the
older station manager, Arthur Carlson, jerking himself as
he watched her being gang banged by the other men. His
tongue hanging out of his mouth like a panting dog. She
couldnít help but smile around Johnnyís cock at the sight
of the older man.

She was really getting into this triple fucking that
she was receiving at their hands. She couldnít understand
how, but her body seemed to take on a mind of its own.
She could feel her hip undulating in time with the two
cocks fucking her backside. And her breathing had found
a pace that allowed her to take all nine inches of Johnnyís
cock down her throat.

All that she knew now was that she was enjoying
this whole thing. To think that she was resisting them at
the beginning. What was she thinking of.

"Oh man," Venus exclaimed. "Iím getting ready
to blow."

"Right with you Venus," Andy added.

Johnny shot his load first. Bailey was ready to
swallow her loverís cum. Ever since getting a taste of jism
from Mr. Carlsonís ejaculation a little while earlier. What
she hadnít taken into account was Johnnyís virility against
Mr. Carlsonís old age. She wasnít quite ready for the
large amount of cum that he was shooting into her mouth.

"Oh god Bailey," Johnny grunted. "You are
soooo good."

Cum was dripping past her clenching lips as she
tried to capture all of it. But Johnny was shooting it out
faster than her inexperienced mouth could swallow.

Then she felt something warm splashing against
her face, and when she looked in that direction she saw
Mr. Carlson was the source of that hot fluid. It was
hitting the side of her face.

Johnny moved over slightly, allowing the Big
Guy to scoot before Bailey and pushed his spurting cock
to her lips. She understood that he wanted in. But
Johnnyís still shooting cock was still there. So with little
thought she tried opening her mouth as wide as she could
and felt that second spurting cock slip past, to join the

Venus had a ringside seat to the double blowjob
that Bailey was offering Johnny and Mr. Carlson. A smile
crept across his thick lips as he watched, mesmerized, that
this woman named Bailey. A woman that he believed to
be the shies woman that he had ever encountered was
accommodating four cocks together. Two of them in her

Just then Bailey felt both Andyís and Venusí
cocks begin to shoot their load simultaneously. She
orgasmed as those powerful jets of jism hit the depths of
her holes. An orgasm that she had never dreamed could
be so mind numbing.

A few times she thought she had experienced
orgasm when she played with herself, alone at home. But
now she knew that she had only been fooling herself. This
was what being a real woman should feel like.

When everyone finally slowed after shooting her
body full of their sperm, they rolled to the side. Bailey
moaned as Venusí long twelve incher slowly slipped out of
her still clenching pussy. She was a virgin when all of this
started, but now she didnít want it to end so fast.

They all collapsed, exhausted on Jenniferís large
bed. Bailey found herself caressing each of their cocks
individually. Trying to stir them all back to life. The four
men smiled at her fruitless efforts. They would be only to
happy to service her again, but she would have to wait a
little while, while they recuperated from her first fuck.

Luckily, Johnny knew that Jennifer would be out
all evening, regrettably. So he knew that they could keep
going with Baileyís education.

Part Five

After a respite of about thirty minutes, Venus
crawled up to Baileyís head and offered her his cock. She
tentatively kissed it, then licked its head. For some reason
she found that it tasted slightly different from Johnnyís or
Mr. Carlsonís earlier.

Then she realized that she was tasting her own
juices which still covered the blackmanís cock. She found
the flavor interesting, and her mind drifted to wondering
how Jennifer might taste. When she realized her chain of
thought she shifted her attention back to Venus. She
knew she couldnít be a lesbian, so she was confused as to
how her thoughts could have drifted in that direction.

"Good golly Venus," she asked. "Are all black
men like you. I mean... well, you know. So... big?"

This had been the first true words spoken by
Bailey since they had jumped her in Jenniferís bedroom.
During all this time, she had had her mouth filled with one
cock or another. Unable to utter a word while they had
ravished her and ripped her virginity away from her.

Seeing that Venus had taken position at Baileyís
mouth, Andy took this opportunity to have a taste of her
sperm filled pussy. His mouth clamped over her pussylips
and began to suck out Venusí seed. While not neglecting
her clit in the process.

Andyís contact against her clit made Bailey arch
her back, almost painfully, in ecstasy. She moaned in
pleasure this time. No mistaken impressions now, she was
definitely enjoying this experience that was offered to her.

Watching Bailey suck on Venusí huge cock
stirred Johnnyís cock back to life. He moved behind her
as Andy kept licking her pussy clean of sperm. He stuck
his face in her ass crack and began giving her similar
treatment to her puckered anus.

Baileyís ass was squirming at the double tongue
action from both men. But she was too busy trying to
swallow Venusí cock to bother looking what the strange
sensation could be. All that she could tell for sure is that it
couldnít be cocks.

Mr. Carlson glanced at his watch and his eyes
bugged out.

"Oh boy!" He exclaimed. "Sorry Bailey, I have
to go," glancing at his watch again while he hurriedly tried
to get his leg in his pants. "Oh boy! How will I explain
this to Carmen."

Carmen being his wife. He felt guilty about being
so late at getting home, rather than the fact that he had
been unfaithful with her with the shy brunette. He kept on
struggling with his pants until he realized that he was
trying to put on Venusí leather pants instead. With one
leg only in his pants he hopped out the doorway swearing
"oh boy!" every second hop.

The others smiled as they watched their infantile
boss leave the room. They were smiling for two reasons
really. The first was his comical exit. And the second was
that now there was to be an equal number of cocks to
holes for them to partake.

Now that the logistics of cock vice hole had been
resolved, they shifted position for another triple fuck on
the long legged Bailey. Andy assumed a position under
her and guided his cock into her womb while Johnny
mounted her ass and Venus continued shoving his twelve
inch monster down her willing throat.

For the second time that night, Bailey was finding
herself accommodating three cocks at the same time. But
after her first multiple fuck she was anticipating this one,
rather than dreading it. The only concern that she had was
how she could ever manage to swallow all of Venusí giant
cock in her mouth and throat.

The three men didnít give any time to wonder
long about that part of this. They all lunged forward in
unison, shoving all three cocks into her at the same time.

She loved the feel of those cocks as they rubbed
her inner skin in those three forbidden places. Her eyes
were glistening in ecstasy from the fucking they were
giving her.

Somehow, beyond her comprehension, her lips
bumped against Venusí hairy balls.

ĎGood god!í She asked herself. ĎDid I take all of
that meat down my mouth?í

"Oh yeah Bailey baby," Venus groaned. "Check
this out guys. Bailey took all of my shaft down her
fucking throat."

Johnny and Andy glanced at where the black
cock met her lips and were amazed to see that she had in
fact swallowed all twelve inches down her gullet. They
both whistled in admiration at this feat of hers. They
watched as Venus would pull his long cock out slowly,
sliding along her lips. Then, just as slowly, sink it back in.
They watched it for a few more minutes then they resumed
their own business of humping her pussy and ass.

Bailey kept undulating her rump in tempo with
the two cocks humping her back. For the first time she
felt like a real woman and she wished that this would
never end.

"Oh yeah Bailey," Andy urged. "You fuck that
ass of yours. You are a natural honey."

"You got that right!" The other two said

Bailey smiled at herself in this accomplishment.
Before tonight she felt so incomplete.

This second round of fucking lasted a bit longer
than her first gangbang. Mostly due to the guys not being
fully recovered from the first time.

Then the moment came when they started
ejaculating one after another. Johnny was first, she could
feel his hot fluid flooding her ass. Reaching deep into her

Next came Andy. His jism was hitting the back
of her freshly opened womb. An orifice that had been so
stretched open by Venusí huge cock beforehand.

And finally Venus started emptying his balls
down her throat. He pulled out till only the head of his
cock remained clasped by her lips. He wanted Bailey to
taste his sperm, not just swallow it. Bailey was astounded
at the amount he was shooting in her mouth. It was
already more than Johnny and Mr. Carlson had managed
together and still he kept shooting jet after jet of hot cum
in her mouth.

And along with her three men, Bailey came
herself as each man reached his own climax. She had three
powerful orgasms in rapid succession. When they finally
all stopped shooting, they again all collapsed on the huge
bed of their blonde receptionist.

They slept like that. Their bodies entangled
around the athletic brunette girl. Bailey kept the head of
Venusí cock in her mouth. Suckling on the cockhead like
a calf on a cowís teat.

This time it took a good two hours before any of
them stirred again.

Looking around her, Bailey smiled at the three
men just now moving slightly. She loved what had
happened to her this night. So much so, that she wanted
to do it yet again. Her hand snaked out and stroked the
other two cocks, trying to revive them for another round.

Her manipulation caused them to stir themselves
out of their slumber and smiled up at her. They began
caressing her tits and asscheeks. Their touch exciting her
even more.

"Venus," she said shyly. "Can you fuck me

"Sure thing Bailey," he said, winking at the other
two men. "Let me get on my back and Andy and Johnny
will help you on board."

With that, Venus lay outstretched on his back.
Andy and Johnny both knew what he had in mind and
helped Bailey up above his cock. But this time she found
herself facing away from Venus.

"Why are you placing it like this?" She asked

"Its okay Bailey," Andy told her. "There are lots
of ways to enjoy sex."

She winced still at the use of the word sex. Her
innocent mind could only comprehend the term
lovemaking, sex just seemed so vulgar in her vocabulary.

Andy reached between her spread legs and
guided Venusí cock to its ultimate goal. He ran that
twelve inch cock along her pussy crack, back to up her ass
crack. Then back again.

The sensation of that warm hunk of flesh was so
erotic to her. She was loving its soft caress along her
cracks. When Andy finally stopped that stroking with the
black cock, she noticed that it was positioned to far
towards the back. She was about to let him know this
when Johnny began pushing her down by the shoulder.

She could feel the huge cockhead inching its way
in her ass and tried to push off of it. But she had no
leverage from which to do this. Johnnyís weight was
pushing down and her knees were already bent to far back
to push off of.

Andy released his grip on Venusí cock and
moved up to her tits and bit down on one, then the other.

"Oh god Johnny," she complained. "Donít! Its
too big. Venus is too big for my tiny ass."

"Its okay Bailey," he comforted her. "Just relax.
Itíll be fine. Youíll love it."

Then she felt hands on her hips. She glanced
down and saw the black hands of Venus grasping her there
and pulling down on his fuck rod.

Then next thing to happen caught her by surprise.
Johnny pushed her down on top of Venusí prone body.
Her back against his muscular chest. Venus took this
opportunity to move his hands to her firm breast and
squeeze them tightly.

This was Johnnyís cue to make his move. He
moved between her spread open legs and aimed his cock
to her quim. Bailey could only watch as he came closer to
her vulnerable pussy. Then in one hard lunge, he sank his
whole shaft into her. This knocked her breath away.

"Ungh!" She grunted.

After a few seconds to recover she found that her
concentrated gaze at Johnnyís cock approach to her pussy
had relaxed her ass enough that Venus had managed to get
most of his monster cock in. Again she was flooded by
the sensation of two cocks rubbing each other through a
thin membrane of skin inside of her.

"Oh yesss!" She exclaimed. "Fuck me like that
Johnny. Ungh! You too Venus. They feel soooo gooood
inside like that. Let me suck you Andy."

Andy knew an invitation when he heard it. But
he had another plan for himself and Bailey. He stood up
on the bed above the threesome and straddled over Bailey
slim body.

Bailey was confused about what Andy was
attempting to do. She had been sucking their cocks while
in a doggy position throughout the night. But now she
found herself on her back, with Venus and Johnny fucking
her in unison. She couldnít quite see how she could suck
Andy with him over her chest like he was.

Andy dropped down to his knees and placed his
hard, slippery cock in her cleavage. Venus knew what to
do next. He squeezed her tits together making her
cleavage wrap around his friendís cock. He in turn began
humping through the tight confine of her tits and was
fucking her that way.

Bailey looked down to her chest and smiled every
time she saw his cockhead peek out of her tits. She then
found the sensation of that hot member as exciting as
everything else that she had experienced this night. But
not wanting to waste Andyís cock completely, she snaked
out her tongue and began licking the cockhead at each
appearance it made.

"Oh thatís nice Bailey," Andy groaned.

"Man Bailey," Venus added. "Where have you
been hiding yourself, girl?"

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned. "I never thought
that love could be soooo good."

"This isnít love baby," Johnny corrected her.
"This is just pure unadulterated sex. And feel free to call
on me any time you want some more."

She blushed at his use of the word sex to describe
what she had been through this evening. Regardless of her
strict upbringing, she returned to licking Andyís cock as it
continued slipping through her tit cleavage.

"That goes for me too Bailey," Andy added.

"Me three," Venus wasnít about to miss up on
this sweet piece of meat any time soon.

She smiled at their enthusiasm over her. For
years she had felt like a shrinking violet. Not worthy of a
manís affection, much less his love. But tonight all of that
changed once she realized that she was a woman that men
would love to know better, if not in bed.

"Patience boys," she boldly said. "Iím sure that I
can make time for each of you. Now that Iíve discovered
myself, Iím not about to stop now."

And she resumed sucking on Andyís cock, while
Venus and Johnny increased their own tempo in her pussy
and ass.

After another thirty minutes of fucking they all
came together, which triggered the most powerful orgasm
yet in Baileyís inexperienced life. When her climax hit her
she literally tossed Andy and Johnny off of the bed. They
tumbled to the ground heavily, leaving only Venus with his
twelve incher still stuck up her ass.

After a few moments of rest, she slowly raised
herself off of him and let his huge prick pop out of her ass.
Jism came streaming out behind it and down her leg.

Once that final release occurred she collapsed,
exhausted on the soft bed and fell into a deep sleep. The
other three followed suit and slept for the remainder of the

Part Six

The next morning they were awakened by the
bright shaft of sunlight which streamed into the room.

"Oh hell!" Andy exclaimed. "Get up you guys.
Weíre all late for work."

They all struggled to get their clothes back on,
none of them bothering to clean themselves with a shower.

Thirty minutes later the three men stumbled into
the lobby of WKRP in a jumble to the amusement of
Jennifer, the stationís receptionist.

"Well hello there," she said sweetly. "And where
have you been?"

"Uh, oh" Andy mumbled. "Canít talk now
Jennifer. Got lots of work to do."

"Uh, me too," Venus added.

"Me three," Johnny threw in.

And the three groggy men rushed through the
door leading to the bullpen where all of the desks were

Bailey waltzed in a few moments later smiling

"Why hello Bailey," the blonde receptionist
greeted her. "So, how was your date with Johnny?"

"Oh golly Jennifer," the brunette blushed. "It
was great, just great."

"I want to hear all about it later," Jennifer said.

Just then Mr. Carlson walked into the lobby.
When he saw Bailey standing next to Jennifer he felt
devastatingly embarrassed. He quickly pulled down his
hat and his coat up to hide his shame and made a beeline
for the safety of his office.

"Oh Mr. Carls..." Jennifer started, but was cut
short when his door slammed shut behind him. "I wonder
what got into him?" She asked Bailey.

Bailey simply shrugged her shoulders, but she
suspected that it was his involvement with her the night
before that had flustered the sweet old manager. Jennifer
turned back to Bailey to continue their interrupted

"So Bailey," she asked her. "Where were we.
Oh yes, you were about to tell me about your night out
with Johnny."

Just then, Herb Tarlek walked into the lobby. He
was the sales manager for WKRP and a complete bore.
He continuously tried to get into Jenniferís panties, but she
remained frosty cold around him at all times.

"Hey there Jennypoo," he would start. "How
about you aní me..."

"Go away Herb," the stunning receptionist would
cut him off bluntly.

"Okey-dokey," he would answer back as always
and slink away towards the bullpen.

"Now where were we again?" Jennifer turned
back to Bailey.

"How about I tell you all about it after work
Jennifer," she asked the blonde woman. "We wonít be
interrupted as much. Say, at your place. Weíll make it a
girls night out."

Bailey realized just then that she had made the
initial move to experimenting lesbian love with Jennifer.
She wasnít quite sure how she could convince the blonde
beauty to try it. But she neednít have worried about that,
Jennifer enjoyed a bit of female companionship on
occasion. She was already planning how she would
seduce her shy girlfriend into her bed tonight.

Unnoticed by both woman, Les Nesman, the
inept news director for WKRP had walked into the lobby
at the tail-end of their exchange. The only part of
importance that his feeble mind caught was Baileyís
comment of Ďhaving a girls night outí. And with his
warped sense of the news he interpreted it as a lesbian
invitation. And for once he might well be right.

But still, being the tiny man that he was, the idea
of the two woman planning a rendezvous together was too
disturbing for him and he rushed past them into the bullpen
along with the rest of the staff.

A few moments later Bailey entered the bullpen
and assumed her duties of programming the commercial
spots that she would then pass on to the DJs, both day and

"So Bailey," Herb asked her. "Howís your sex
life," meaning it as a jibe.

"Oh great Herb," she responded without a second
thought. "Just the greatest actually."

Herb was caught off guard by her response and
the papers he had in his hands slipped to the ground. He
turned and headed back to his desk, stunned. His eyes
followed the young brunette until she disappeared past the
door. Then he turned to Les.

"Sheís not serious," he asked the stationís news
director. "Is she?"

"Sheís very serious Herb," Les told him.

"But with who?" Herb desperately wanted to
know. "Do you know who Les?"

"Yes I do Herb," Les responded. "I know all
about it. After all, I am the ace reporter for WKRP."

"Yeah! Yeah!" Herb answered back. "So tell
me. Who is Bailey having great sex with?"

Looking around non-existent corners, he
approached the advertising manager and whispered into
his ear.

"I heard the whole thing as I came in," Les told
Herb, looking around again to make sure no one else was
eavesdropping. "Itís Jennifer. Bailey and Jennifer are
lesbian lovers. I heard them planning their next
rendezvous for tonight as I walked in."

This news floored Herb. For years he had been
fantasizing about fucking the beautiful Jennifer Marlowe.
Only to be told by Les that she was not into men. Of
course this was the furthest thing from the truth. The
plain fact remained that the blonde receptionist was bi and
enjoyed the company of both men and women.

And Bailey had to has yet experience that lifestyle
yet. Though she was looking forward to trying tonight
with Jennifer.

As always, when struck by bad news, Herb
pounded his head against his desktop. This time knocking
himself out cold.

The End

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