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What I Like About You (Ff,inc)
by The Fan

Valerie was really frustrated. She had been dating this guy named Kyle
Valentine for a while and he had turned out to be a total jerk. Worse, she
was having rouble at work. Being teamed up with a loser who jerked off in
a cubicle was bad for anyone. She was driving her small car and looking
forward to going home. Really.

She drove to her apartment and parked up her car. Then she marched her body
up the stairs and entered her apartment. She saw her younger sister Holly
there. Holly was speaking on the telephone. Like a typical teenage girl.
Valerie paused to look at her. The girl was maturing. She was less skinny
and more perky all over. The girl was fading and the woman was emerging.
Valerie remembered what that was like. That time when she was so into boys
nothing else mattered. She knew who Holly liked. Some stud next door named
Brain Malermed from Massachusetts. The problem was Brian had a girlfriend.
Something Holly would not understand with her 16-year-old brain. Valerie
kept looking at her. Holly had pigtails and wore those really short...pants.
Her shirt was little more than a bra. She looked so cute. Valerie admired

Then she went to the kitchen and was surprised to see the place neat for
once, as was the rest of the house. Everything neat and organized. Every
item in its place. Wow.

She went to see Holly.

"Wanna tell me what happened?" she said. "The house is actually neat."

"Yeah," said Holly. "I got tired of the mess so I thought I'd tidy up the
place. Make you happy."

She walked to Val's face and planted a big kiss there. Valerie actually

"So, you like it?" she asked.

"Yeah," said Valerie.

She watched as Holly took out the chinese food she had ordered and put it on
the table. It was warm and smelled great. "Nice."

"I thought I'd order take out," said Holly.

Valerie looked at her little sister. Either the girl was maturing or
something had happened. "Why all this?" she asked.

"What do you want?"

"Well," said Holly. "I just thought I'd make you happy."

"Really?" said Valerie. She cocked one suspicious eyebrow.

Holly tried to hold her gaze then burst out laughing. "Okay, Val, you got

"What is it?" said Valerie.

"Can I borrow $200 to buy this cute new dress that I saw at the store the
other day?"

"So that's what this is about," Val smiled. "I should have known. Always
about money with you."

"So, can I have it, please?" Holly begged.


"Damn it, Valerie, you're no fun!"

"Come on, Holly," said Valerie.

"No!" Holly stormed out of there and ran into her room. She slammed the door.

"Well," said Valerie. "That went well."

She went to the table and quietly ate the chinese food which by now had
gotten cold. She went to the living room and turned on the TV. She watched
her favorite show. Law and Order: SVU. She liked the people in these shows.
They led lives of such purpose and dedication. She was a lonely woman without
a boyfriend or husband living in the big city with her kid sister. She had
left home trying to be independent and get the American dream but had
tragically failed. Years later she had nothing to show for it. She watched
the show. Then she flipped the channel to watch a Lifetime special. Some
Kind of Wonderful. In this one the boy actually came through for the girl in
the end even though he had been a total loser in the beginning. She watched
Stoltz kiss Masterson and saw tears well up her eyes. She sat down watching
the movie and crying her heart out.

She heard a noise.

She turned. It was Holly.

The girl was there. She was looking at her big sister.

"Are you okay?" said Holly. "I didn't mean to be a bitch, please don't cry."

With that she came and sat down on the couch next to Valerie. She took
Valerie's hand in hers. Valerie looked at Holly. The girl was so beautiful.
She remembered when Holly was born. So small and pink and pretty. Then she
grew up into a wild, daring chick. So different from what Valerie had been.
A shy, daddy's little girl.

"What is bothering you, sis?" said Holly.

"Nothing," Valerie lied.

"Oh, come on," said Holly.

She pressed on and Val gave in. She spilled her guts. Her love life. Her
work. Everything going wrong.

"Hey, it's okay," said Holly. "I'm here for ya."

She gently touched Valerie's face and hugged her older sister. Valerie gasped
then returned the hug. Holly kissed her again and caressed her shoulder.

"You look a little sore," she said. She massaged big sister's body a little
then said. "Good night, sis."

Holly grabbed the telephone, blew a big kiss to Valerie and went to her room.

Valerie stayed on the couch, thinking about tonight's events.

Holly's touch was so nice. And she was so understanding. The weirdest part
was how she felt when she saw Holly in those clothes... she actually felt a
thrill. She felt the same thrill when Holly hugged her. "Wow. How weird was
that? I've had a long day," she said.

She walked to her room and went to bed. She stripped down to her bra and
panties. It was 9:00 PM.

At 10:00 PM. She heard something. It was Holly, standing there in bra and
panties. She looked "No," Valerie said to herself. "I am not
thinking those thoughts about my little sister. I am not a freak. What's
wrong, Holly?" she heard herself say.

"I can't sleep," said Holly. "Can I sleep with you?"


"You know, like we used to when I was smaller," said Holly innocently.

"Oh, sure. Come on in," said Valerie.


Holly got in and snuggled up to her. Her slim, warm body was pressed awfully
close to Valerie. Holly noticed Valerie's tension. "Oh, what's wrong now?"
she asked.

Valerie lay flat on the bed. Holly actually got on top of her, pinning her
down. She held Valerie like that. "What's wrong?" she said. She smiled
knowingly. "Is it a guy? Is he cute?"

Valerie actually smiled. To be so innocent again... like Holly... still
thinking the world revolved around cute guys.

"You have to tell me about him," said Holly.

"No," said Valerie. She could not talk about a guy because there was no guy.
Not now.

But Holly took this as a challenge, an invitation for a game. She grabbed a
pillow and pressed it against Valerie's head. Valerie gasped. She could not
breathe. She struggled and heard Holly's giggle. That did it. She used all
her strength to throw the pillow off and the girl with it. Then she attacked.
Holly was laughing as she wrestled her sister. Valerie was pissed. Sister or
not she was gonna punish Holly....

She finally had Holly pinned down beneath her. Holly was smiling. She looked
up at Valerie.

"Okay," she said, "You win."

Valerie looked at her. She looked at the beautiful girl beneath her, so cute,
so hot and that innocence that made her want to... want to what? She brought
her face close to Holly. The girl was still squirming... but then she froze.
She was looking at Valerie with scared eyes. Those eyes... looking into them
sent a thrill down Valerie's spine. Finally she seized control of herself and
let go of Holly.

Holly smiled. "That was very scary back there, who knew you could scare
people like that?"

Valerie forced herself to return her smile. Then they went to sleep.

Valerie had the nicest dream:

She is sleeping next to Holly. The younger girl does not stir at all. Valerie
touches her the way she wants and Holly wakes up. Not only she doesn't mind
the touching, but she actually wants it. She kisses Val and they are rolling
on the bed. Val licks her sibling from her head to her toe and probes her
pussy and ass with her fingers. Holly is panting and moaning under her touch.
She opens herself more to the touching and it intensifies. They do a 69 and
they lick each other's pussies until they both come... many times.

Then like a good little girl Holly eats pussy and then licks Valerie's
puckered asshole with that wonderful tongue of hers. Then she gets on all
fours and allows for Valerie to take her from behind with her strap-on dildo.
Holly is screaming her pleasure. Valerie drives the dildo deep into her pussy
and then takes a second dildo which she puts in her ass. She works the girl.
Holly's screams about how much she is loving it. Then she turns on her lover.

Valerie happily lets Holly wear the strap-on and cries in joy as her
beautiful girlfriend fucks her ass. They fuck each other all day. They are
sweating. Valerie is lying down, both her pussy and her ass are sore and she
is lapping at Holly's snatch, taking all of her girl cum. Then Holly does
the same to her. "Oh, Hol!" Valerie screams. "Do it to me baby!"

She bolts awake and it takes her a moment to realize where she was. She is
lying next to Holly, her very awake and worried-looking little sister.

"Are you okay?" says Holly.

"Yeah," said Valerie. "I was having a nightmare."

Holly looks at Valerie's sweat soaked form. Valerie feels a wetness between
her legs.

"A nightmare?" says Holly. "Are you sure? Sounded like a pretty happy dream
to me." She smiles and gets close to Valerie.

Val just wants to hold her there, to kiss her and make love to her. She wants
to make Holly cum right then and there. She wants to hear her scream as she
gets a hard fucking. But she doesn't.

"Well, okay," says Valerie. "Recently i've fallen for this... gir... guy."

"Who is he?" says Holly. "I heard you say Hol."

"Well, his... name is... Hollander. He is... sweet and understanding...
but... He... doesn't know I love him."

"Aww," says Holly. "Just go for it. If someone felt that way about me, I'd
go for it."

"Yeah," says Valerie. "I wish I could."

"Wish I could meet this guy," Holly said. "He sounds wonderful."


The End


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