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What I Like About You: What I Lick About You (FF)
by Sunnydale Jim ([email protected])

Holly Tyler was tall, willowy, young and a virgin. She had gone through a
number of serious infatuations with boys, but could never get close enough to
give one her virginity. One night she was having a sleepover at her best
friend Tina's. (Whose parents were conveniently out of town, of course.)

"Holly, if I tell you something now that I would never tell anyone else,
something I just want to talk about, but, well it's really, really...mmm...
personal. Could I count on you not to breath a word to anyone. Just keep my
talking to you about this... just between us,... us two?"

"Well, sure Tina. I... I like to think my best friend could confide in me and
trust me not to screw her over. So, what's up?"

"Well, I've had experience with guys . And, I love that.. but, I think while
I'm in college I'm going to look for a chance to...umm... experiment... with
a, - girl."

"Wuh-huh? Wow! Oh... gee..."

"I'm sorry! Oh crap! I freaked you out, didn't I?"

"No, Tina, it's just... well, I wasn't guessing you were going to say that.
You seem to enjoy "doing it" with boys soooooo MUCH, ... I, uh, I thought
this would be something about boys, or you missed your period or something.
So, wow! But, okay, I'm cool. Let's talk about chicks."

At this point I should say that Holly and her legal guardian, her sister
Val, are fairly uptight about sex. While pale, petite, buxom Tina has a much
freer, and definitely easier, attitude about sex. Both girls were lounging on
Tina's bed in their underwear and t-shirts.

"So, why do you want to do this? What's the big deal? Do you still like

"Well, yeah, I still like guys. I hope to marry someday when I'm like...
forty or something and still very, very hot. But, before I settle into a long
guy relationship, I definitely want to try being with a girl. I like the idea
of my soft skin against someone else with soft skin... I want to feel a nice,
soft tit in my mouth... and try and find someone who knows something about
what feels good on me. Half the guys I've done IT with didn't know or care
squat about me getting anything out of it...yeah, I wanna be a girl goin'

"Jeeez, Tina. You know me... I'm I'm just ... I don't know. I don't know why
I don't think about sex or want sex as much as everyone else I know..But, I
hope you find the right person and I hope it's just as great as you want it
to be."

"You now Holly, I kinda a worry about you not having sex... I'd look a lot
less slutty if you'd bone one of those hunks you keep getting to slobber all
over you. Christ, Holly. You've returned more blue balls than a bowling alley
in Antarctica. Do you? ... Um, maybe I shouldn't ask this, but I've been
pretty open, so, do you masterbate?"

"Yeah. I do. I like it. I'm just... I don't know why I get so hung up and
worried about my first..."

"Well, one of the reasons I want to try a girl is that I think their are
fewer things to worry about, like pregnancy or any danger of getting too
serious. I don't want a lesbian girlfriend, just a little carpet to munch
for an evening."

Holly burst out laughing. Her long, lean body shook and she kicked out with
her long, long coltish legs. As she collected herself and her face grew more
pensive, she came to an impulsive decision. In other words, the kind of
decision she always makes. "Tina, kiss me."

"Whoa! What? Really?"

"Yeah, I... I don't know how far I can go with this... but, I think it would
be cool if we were each other's first girl kiss. I mean, whatever's whatever,
but, you are a good, close. HOT, friend to me. So, yeah, lay one on me." She
cocked her head and pouted, "Please?"

Tina couldn't believe her ears! She never dreamed that Holly might be into
this. Even though, the whole time she was talking, she was thinking about
Holly's long, slender body naked. She had been fantasizing about licking her
friend's pussy until she came in her mouth... and now it COULD happen! Tina
leaned over Holly's prone body and kissed her temple and whispered in her
ear, "I only want to make you feel good. If we just kiss... I hope you
really, really like it...cause I think you are SOOO hot, Holly." And as Holly
gazed at Tina and gasped, Tina put her mouth against Holly's and licked along
her lips. Holly instinctively yielded and opened her mouth. Quickly, they
were writhing against each other, eyes closed, swabbing out each other's

Holly broke the kiss first, "Oh, god Tina, I want to do this NAKED!"

"Wait, Holly. Let me undress for you, and then let me undress you my way...
Would it bother you if I admitted that I have, ... mmmm, shall we say, put a
little thought into this before now?"

"Oh god, Tina! You've thought about ... about... THIS... before?... With
ME?... A LOT?"

"Yes, Holly, I have daydreamed about seeing you naked... about licking your
nipples and sucking your cute bouncy little tits! I've even thought about
licking and sucking your long, sexy, skinny little toes before I make you
come in my mouth, Holly, would you like that?" Tina looked Holly hard in the
eye and licked her lips. "Would you like to see my face between your long,
unbelievably long legs? Licking you. Making you have an orgasm in my mouth?
I want that Holly. I want to run my hands and mouth all over you. Do you
think you'd like that."

"Oh, yes. I've put off... being with anyone... I want to feel close to
someone while I cum. The only times I've come in my life I've been alone.
Guy sex seems more scary... more serious to me than, 'experimenting'.
I want someone to hold me and talk to me when I come. Yeah, do that for me
Tina. Please make me cum! Please."

Holly is known among her friends and relatives for looking incredibly cute
when she is whining and begging. Tina thought for a second about how she'd
like to see Holly whining and begging for her to make her cum, then she took
Holly in her arms and kissed her again, deeply. She wedged her thigh between
Holly's thinner, longer legs and moved one hand down to Holly's ass. She
rubbed and squeezed her ass while rubbing her leg against Holly's vulva.

Then Tina smiled and jumped off the bed. Holly looked like a sweet little
girl who had just had the candy snatched out of her hands. Tina lifted her
t-shirt over her head and took a wide stance. She had reddish brown hair
and stood about 5'2". She was a solid, sexy little fuck machine. She smiled
wickedly and turned her back. Holly watched her unlatch her bra and slip it
off. She still had her back to Holly as she bent over and stepped out of her
panties. She waggled her firm, pale butt at Holly before straightening out
and slowly turning around. She put her hands on her hips and circled her
hips around, waving her shaven pussy at her best friend. Her friend who had
started rubbing her own pussy through her panties.

"That's right, Holly. Touch yourself. I want you to get wet... come early,
come often." Tina then put two fingers between her legs and started gently
sawing away at her glistening slit. She and Holly started breathing heavier
as they looked each other in the eye and masterbated together. Each moaned
and writhed. "Holly, take your shirt off."

Holly quickly whipped her shirt off and then stuck her hand inside her
panties, rapidly stroking her lips and whimpering, pouting.

"Holly, I want you to turn over on your front."

Tina took just a couple of seconds to admire the sight of Holly's long, lean,
lanky naked body stretched out before her. The soles of her long, sexy feet
turned up toward her and that gorgeous ass, so hard and firm that Tina had a
clear view of the back of Holly's pouty pussy lips. Tina moaned softly and
crawled onto Holly's back, her wet quim resting on the small of Holly's back.
She unhooked Holly's bra and started massaging her back, grinding her pussy
back and forth against Holly's spine. She bent down and her firm, pendulous
breasts mashed into Holly's shoulder blades, she took Holly's blond streaked
hair and tucked it behind her ear and kissed her along her long neck. She
whispered into Holly's ear, "I am SO happy we can be each other's first."
She then kissed her along the neck and started sliding down Holly's body,
dragging her cunt along Holly's ass and then down her left thigh as she
straddled her long skinny leg. She kissed her along the spine. "Mmmm, Holly,
I'm licking my own girl juice off the top of your ass. I taste great!"

"We'll see about that," whispered Holly as she looked over her shoulder with
want and lust in her eyes.

Tina then took the sides of Holly's panties in her hands and started slowly
working them down, down over Holly's boyish hips and high, hard ass. She
halted. Letting the skimpy, black panties rest just under her asscheeks while
she caressed and kneaded Holly's tight, pale buttocks. She stopped and got up
a little, "Turn over Holly."

Holly turned onto her back and Tina slipped her bra off revealing beautiful
high firm tits. Not flat, but cute and round with nipples already hardening,
and lengthening. Tina bent over again and took Holly's left breast in her
mouth. She used both hands around it and squeezed as she alternately sucked
the aureole and then just flicked and sucked at the stiff little nipple. She
humped her wet snatch back and forth over Holly's right thigh. Then she moved
her right hand down and flattened her palm over her best friend's vulva and
rubbed and rubbed. "Oh, yesss... More Tina... this is.. this...oooh...
mmmm..." Holly was more incoherent than usual as she had her first non-solo
orgasm ever. "Ohhh. Jesus, yes! YES!!"

"Come for me Holly. We're just getting you warmed up...." She then continued
sliding down Holly's leg, sliding her underwear down slowly as she went. She
got down far enough for the back of her pussy to rub against the top of
Holly's long, skinny bare foot. She started humping Holly's foot and leaned
forward and stuck a finger gently into Holly's pussy. She locked eyes with
her. "Don't think I'm any more kinky than you have to, but I think you have
the sexiest feet I've ever seen. I want to cum on your foot. Then I want to
lick my cum off your foot while you masterbate for me. Then, I'm going down
on you. You want someone to hold you while you come? You are going to cum all
over my face and I am going to be all over your hot fucking body!." Tina was
turning both of them on with her talk and the tremor of excitement she
couldn't keep out of her voice. "Yes! Yes! I want it!" Holly took her breasts
in her hands and started kneading and tweaking them. Tina lifted and adjusted
herself, she hovered just above Holly's long, outstretched toes and then
squatted until she could used Holly's two biggest, longest toes to penetrate
her soaking wet labia. She stared at Holly and rubbed her own clit. Holly
moved a hand from her right tit down to her own wet slit and slowly worked
two, then three fingers, in and out, in and out, fucking herself and staring
at her best friend and breathing like a beached goldfish. They whimpered and
whispered and cooed at each other until finally Tina started building to a
huge orgasm. Holly couldn't help herself. She flexed and wiggled her toes in
her friend's slick wet vagina. Tina foot fucked herself and called Holly's
name until she squirted and oozed all over Holly's right foot. Holly came
along with her, frigging herself faster and faster. Tina then unhooked
herself, backed off of Holly entirely and started lapping up the come along
Holly's foot. Holly groaned and stroked her own clit. She changed hands so
that she could taste her own cum. Tina licked along the bottom of those
unnaturally long, sexy toes and then started sucking off Holly's big toe
like she was giving a blow job. Holly came again. Loud. She bounced her hips
up and down off the bed and howled. Before she could settle down Tina leapt
between her legs and fastened her mouth to Holly's pussy like a tick. She
lapped and lapped, trying to suck as much of her best friend's cum into her
mouth as she could. Holly had come so hard, so many times by now she started
gushing. Squirting pussy juice onto Tina's nose and cheeks and eyelids. Tina
was frigging herself with four fingers and Holly started rubbing the soles of
her feet over Tina's back and shoulders. Finally, Tina pushed off of Holly
and rolled onto her back. She looked over at her friend and masterbated
harder and faster. Holly looked to her left and started frigging her own
clit. Tina reached over with her left foot and put it on top of Holly's

"Switch!" yelled Tina, as she took her fingers out of her cunt and pushed
Holly's hands out of the way. Holly pushed three of her fingers into Tina's
bald snatch and they kissed again, deep, and with their eyes closed as they
panted and moaned and finally screamed. They both came together, and
exhausted themselves. They each rolled toward each other and kissed and
hugged and wrapped their legs through each others. Holly surprised both of
them by running her tongue all over Tina's lightly freckled cheeks, licking
up her own sweet cum and and then deeply french kissing Tina so they could
share it.

"Oh, Tina! I came in your arms! Oh, it's so good! It's's..." and she
sighed and stared at the ceiling with eyes of glass.

After a short rest, Tina asked Holly if she wouldn't mind standing up. "I
want to look at your naked body, Holly. I really, really like the way you
look." Holly jumped up and started a slow dancing movement. Closing her
eyes, pursing her lips, raising her hands over her head bringing those high,
bouncy breasts up even higher. Tina turned on her side, one hand under her
head and the other between her thighs. After a few steamy minutes, Holly
said, "Come kiss me. Hold me and kiss me." Tina leapt up and they embraced.
Holly's long, willowy body towering over Tina's compact, solid, fabulous
body. "Tina, lay down and be my first and maybe only girl who I ever tongue
fuck into a coma." She cocked her head to one side and batted her eyes,

Tina catapulted backward onto the bed. "I'm honored... and I'm horny. So
yeah, fuck me! Fuck me with your mouth!"

Holly gasped, "Yeahhh, talk dirty. Talk dirty to me while I lick... lick...
while I lick your dirty little fuckhole!"

Holly knelt at the foot of the bed and took one of Tina's feet in her hands.
"Do you like having your feet licked, Tina?"

"Oh, yeah. Go head and lick me. Play with my feet. Do you mind if I finger
fuck myself?"

"Oh it, I loved watching you pump your bald little cooter right
out in front of me." Holly then engulfed one of Tina's feet, taking the whole
half of her tiny foot deep into her mouth and running her tongue back and
forth across the ball of Tina's foot. "Oh, oh! You foot slut! Suck me! Suck
me you hot fucking whore!!" Tina was using four fingers from one hand to
steadily fuck herself while rubbing her clit with her other hand. Holly was
totally into mouthfucking her friend's feet. Finally, Tina couldn't take it
any more. "Holly, lick me. Higher. Please.. please lick my cunt! OH god
yeah!" Holly scooted up between Tina's powerful thighs and started pushed
her tongue into Tina's pussy. Like her legs, her toes and her fingers,
Holly's tongue was unusually long and limber. It was practically prehensile!
She rubbed her face up and down while deep frenching Tina's pussy. Her bright
eyes peeked over Tina's bald, smooth vulva. "Yes, Holly. Look at me. Look at
me when you make me cum...when you make me cum in your gorgeous little
face... Jesus, you're cute! Oh, fuck! Oh, god Holly! I...I...I think you're
so cute you must have puppy blood in you!" Holly let out a blast of air as
she belly laughed with her mouth pressed against her friend's clit. "Woof!
Woof!" She panted and looked at Tina with her tongue lolling out of her head
like a dog's. Her cute little chipmunk cheeks shining with Tina's cum. Then
she dipped her head down again and clutched Tina's solid, pale asscheeks as
she attacked her wet hole with her long, long tongue until Tina screamed and
screamed and squirted and squirted. Holly then slid up until she could rub
pelvises with Tina while they lapped away at each other's faces, tasting each
other's juices, and slowly came down from their multiple, body wracking

"Oh, Ohmigod, Tina! I never realized... oh, this, this is a whole new
level... I...I didn't know I could come so hard...or so much!"

"Yeah, I know, right? You're like a jizz hydrant! AND! You taste SOOOO
fucking good! Oh, Holly, thank you! Thank you for being SOOO sexy, and
gorgeous and hot and ... and... oh shit!" and with that Tina twirled
around on the bed and pushed her face in between Holly's legs again.
Holly's thighs, ass crack and sheets were soaking wet and Tina rubbed
her face in Holly's crotch before pushing her tongue between her lips
and licking up more cum.

Holly only had to move one of Tina's legs to get her own face wet and she
started trying to match Tina slurp for slurp. She pushed her tongue into
Tina's pussy as deep as she could and started bobbing her head as she
tongue-fucked her best friend.

Tina hiked Holly's thighs under her arms and spread Holly's legs further,
pulling her ass up off the bed. Tina sucked and licked Holly's clit while
moving one of her hands slowly into Holly's ass crack. Holly's cum had
inundated her crack, so Tina had no trouble sliding her middle finger into
Holly's tight little asshole.

"Oh! oooh. That's ...that's..."

Tina pulled her finger out and asked, "Are you okay? I didn't -"

"Don't stop! It's okay! Put it back! You surprised me , but, I like it!"
Tina slid her finger back into Holly's ass and started sliding it in and
out as far as it would go, as fast as she could. Holly couldn't believe the
sensation of having her tight little heinie finger fucked while Tina worked
her clit over. She ducked her head down, her forehead against Tina's vulva
and squealed, she would have screamed at the top of her lungs if she weren't
afraid of rousing the neighbors. She stuffed her mouth full of Tina's
asscheeck and screamed into Tina's ass. Tina pulled her mouth off of Holly's
clit and removed her finger from Holly's ass. She quickly used her other
hand to frig Holly's pussy deep and hard and pushed her tongue into Holly's
asshole. The finger fucking and all of Holly's cum that had run into her
crack made her sphincter so wet that it yielded to Tina's tongue easily. Her
entire face was between Holly's hard buttocks and her tongue was completely
swallowed by Holly's anus. And Holly screamed harder into Tina's other ass

"Oh, god, Oh, oh, Ti- Ti- Tina, stop! Please!" Tina couldn't hear so good
with Holly's wet thighs pressed against her ears, so she kept it up until
Holly's ass started bouncing off the mattress so high she shook Tina's face
out of her ass.

"Oh, Jesus, Tina. Let me rest. Please."

Tina turned around and put her face on Holly's shoulder and snuggled with
her. Holly hyperventilated slower and slower until she could finally squeak
out, "Oh, Tina!'s okay if you kiss me now I don't think I mind
tasting..., oh hell, I WANT to taste my ass on your tongue!" And Tina gave
her a deep kiss, swishing her tongue around in Holly's mouth. "Mmmmm," said
Holly, "I'm not even grossed out. It just tastes, ... sexy and earthy... and,
oh shit I can't wait to fuck with you again!"

"Oh, Holly, I've never heard anyone tell me anything that's made me feel so
happy... AND so sexy."

"Ohmigod, Tina!! If you want to experiment with girls while you go to
college, I'm glad you're going to stay around here for school. I REALLY want
to do this again. This was like, ... a hundred times better than any cumming
I've done by myself... Oh crap you're good."

"Wow, Holly. Fucking you has been a dream come true. And honestly? The best
fucking fucking I've ever had!!! Hell yeah, I want to do this again soon."

And they licked happily ever after.

The End


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