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What I Like About You: Weekend Retreat with the Tyler Sisters Part 3
by DCForever

After dinner, Val, Holly, and Gary started for the elevator, but Holly broke
from the group, detouring by the front desk before heading back up to the
room. Val and Gary never really noticed Holly's disappearing act as they each
had their lingering sights set on the other.

Nearing the hotel's front desk, Holly saw her new friend smile her way while
finishing up with a registering guest. "Hey, Jessica." Holly said as she
neared the other girl.

"Oh hi, Holly. What are you up to?" Jessica asked with a slight hint of
sarcasm, not expecting to see Holly again before morning.

"Oh not much, just came from dinner with Val and Gary. You know the usual."
Holly bumped up against the desk's counter and leaned forward so as not to
be overheard by any of the guests or employees. "Ummm, were you able to
setup that thing we discussed earlier?" Jessica scrunched up her nose about
to break out in laughter, but managed to hold back for the time being.

"All set...and waiting. You do know that I'll be watching, right? I mean, I
hope you plan on giving a good showing...cause if not, there was no since in
bothering with the setup." Holly quickly scooted her face closer and briefly
kissed the girl on her lips.

"Thanks, Jessica. And yeah, I do plan on a good least for
myself. Though I'm sure Val will do great." Holly raised her eyebrows a few
times for emphasis and smiled as she backed away from the oversized wooden
desk. Stopping in her tracks she remembered her other reason for dropping by
the desk and quickly stepped back toward Jessica. "By the way, I forgot about
giving these back...could you make sure they get back to your mother for me?
She left them in the ladies restroom earlier." Holly handed over a lacey
white pair of panties. "And if you don't mind...tell her I said thanks for
the education. She was...she was outright wonderful. I guess I now know where
you get it from. You both use a few of the same techniques. Oh where are my
manners? I hope you aren't mad at me for you know...with your mom and all."

"Sorry girl, but there is no way I could be mad at you for putting me and
my mom in the same category, much less the same sentence with enjoyable sex.
Hell, I'm thrilled and honored for such a comparison. She's a fantastic
person and an even better lay. She really did teach me everything I know...
well, her and a few of her gal pals...and their daughters...and there were
their daughters' friends. Pretty much the list goes on and on. I've just
gotten to the point that I can't turn down pussy, no matter who it comes
from. Okay, all this sex talk is getting me hot. You know, I can take a short
break, it's slow right now. How do you feel about walking back to my mom's
office with me for a few minutes?" Holly's eyes lit up at the proposition.
Who was she to turn down such an invite?

Jessica walked around the front desk and grabbed Holly's hand and the two
skipped back behind the desk and through a few doors on their way to the
hotel manager's office.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the elevator, Val continued her winning ways in the game
against her younger sister as Gary filled up her insides with his larger
than normal size cock, while the elevator's emergency stop button was
pressed in by her small framed, 110 pound body.

Val was fighting not to scream out in pleasure as she attempted to talk with
Gary. "She can't know. Promise me, Gary. Holly must never find out about
this." Gary's heated, heaving breathe coursed against her neck as she tried
to get a response.

"Promise. My lips are sealed." Gary bit into the side of Val's exposed neck
as he slammed his cock into her soaking wet pussy, the force pushing their
combined juices out onto their half-dressed, perspiring bodies and the
elevator's carpeted floor.

Val rested against the young, black man's slightly haired chest as their
momentum continued. "Oh God it's been too long. Fuck me, Gary. Fuck me, you
handsome black stud you."

Each of the young man's forceful thrusts sent Val's head flying into the
padded wall. The pain meant nothing to the usually tight-laced woman as long
as Gary filled her inside with his pounding meat covered in milky-white cum,
hers and his. Moments later, Val re-started the elevator and seconds later
it stopped on the fifth floor, their floor. The doors opened before Val could
fasten her slacks. An elderly couple waiting on the other side, stepped onto
the elevator, forcing Val to do but one thing...hide behind her man. Val
quickly recovered and both her and Gary exited the cramped space and made
their way down the hall to their suite.

Once inside, neither spoke a word of what had just transpired on the
elevator. Gary walked into the suite and headed straight for the bedroom
while Val flung herself down on the couch wondering, "What have I done?" She
asked herself that question over and over while still feeling Gary's cum
along her inner thighs. A feeling that caused yet even more burning between
her already wet, tired thighs. "I'm so screwed," she thought as she buried
her head into the large, soft cushions on the couch.

* * *

Minutes later, Holly Tyler walked through the door and saw Val half lying
and half sitting on the couch. She walked over and lent over the back of
the couch to hug her older sister and to slip in a quick and quiet comment.
"Guess you win!" Val's ears perked up as she squeezed the cushions tighter
against her head. "I never would have thought of you as the cheating kind,
but after everything you showed me earlier tonight...I'm not surprised. You
ventured way further than I ever imagined you would have gone. And to think
it was with my best friend, Gary? I'm so proud of you of sis. Guess I'm no
longer the only Tyler slut-ho around. Don't worry, I won't tell Gary that I
saw the elevator escapade on the downstairs' security camera...if you don't
want me to."

Val sat up and leaned back into the cushions to embrace her sister. She was
shocked, but also glad knowing she didn't have to keep what happened from her
sister. Secrets usually found a way of dying early when it came to Val and
her quick mouth; a trait much like Holly's. They truly were sisters.

"I'm sorry. It should never had happened. I know you like him and he's your

"Don't worry Val. There is plenty of Gary to go around for the both of us.
Val uncharacteristically pulled Holly down and kissed her on the lips and
then broke apart. "Have I ever told you that you are too good for me?" Holly
caressed her older sister's face and lightly kissed her back as her hand
softly drifted across her sister's chest. "As you are for me." She rose back
up off the couch with a knowing gleam in her eyes. "Where's Gary?"

"Bedroom I believe. You know...if what I believe is about to happen...I think
it could be a lot more entertaining if we didn't mention any of this to Gary.
It could possibly fuel his fantasies or it could kill them. Why chance it?"

"I'll follow your lead...and don't be shocked if he isn't wearing anything.
If I remember correctly, he likes sleeping in the nude."

"That could be promising and timely." Val patted her sister's butt before
starting toward the bedroom. When she entered the large room, Gary was
already in the bed, under the covers. Val walked across the room to her

"After tonight, I don't think it will hurt anything to let you watch me
change." Val pulled a t-shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms from her suitcase
and laid them both on the edge of the bed. She looked at Gary through the
mirror as she removed her blouse and finally her pants. Gary's view of the
sexy older woman's backside was unobstructed and perfect.

"You're so beautiful, Val." He said as he tried to keep his hardon from
tenting up the covers.

"Thanks, Gary." She walked over and leaned across the bed to kiss his
forehead, where her naked breasts freely dangled in front of his face. With
just the two of them in the room, Val no longer thought anything about her
nudity. The appearance of another would soon change that.

Holly walked into the room, "Nice tits, sis." She commented before starting
to strip off her own clothes. She ducked her nakedness under the covers as
Val quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head. She walked over and threw the
covers over to get in bed when she spotted Gary's naked erection poking
straight up.

"What the hell? There is no way I'm sleeping with, I mean you,
like that." She was keeping up her part of the act, though it hurt her to do
so considering at the moment she dreadfully wanted to take his pole and ride
it fast and hard.

Gary played along as well, knowing full well Val and Holly were up to
something. It didn't matter much to him because he knew before the night was
over he would have taken the Tyler sisters on an adventurous and thoroughly
enjoyable ride. "But I always sleep in the nude. Tell her, Holly. You've seen
me before." Holly tried not to laugh at their bad acting. She knew the gig
was up. Gary wasn't one to be fooled so easily, they knew each other all to

"He's right, Val. It's the only way he can sleep comfortably for some odd
reason. And what should it matter? He's seen everything we both have to offer

"It's the principle of the matter," Val responded in a soft, huffy voice.

"Principle? After all we've been through today, now you mention principles?
Get those clothes off and get your naked ass in this bed." Val stripped
quickly and dived under the covers. She was uncomfortable being naked in bed
with the others, but only because of the fact she knew there would be no
going back once these barriers were crossed. She turned on her side, facing
away from Gary and her sister as Holly turned the lights off from her side
of the bed.

In the dark, Gary turned on his side and poked Val in the butt with his rod.
He was fishing for her opening and she wanted him to find it. She lifted her
right leg and reached back to guide his member to her core. As she touches
his flesh, she felt another's hand already stroking it length. Val felt the
mattress move wondering what was going on behind her.

Holly moved and positioned her glistening folds above Gary's face. He caught
her musky aroma, leaned up and began lapping up at her folds. Holly lowered
herself down onto his tongue. Meanwhile, both Holly and Val helped line up
his member for core penetration. Once inside, he exploded, with no warning,
coating Val's insides with his young penetrating seed. Not long after,
Holly's juices covered his face as she too couldn't hold her emotions back.

Though the explosion had taken place so early, Gary had yet to stop thrusting
himself into the older woman, no matter how much pain his organ felt as it
beat against her insides. When he finally pulled free, Holly's mouth was
right there to clean him up. She took his cock into her mouth, her tongue
wiping away her sister's juices along with his leftovers. Gary held a hand to
the back of her beck, making sure she took as much of his meat as she could
handle Surprisingly, it was a good bit before she faltered and began gagging
as it hit the back of her throat.

While listening to the sounds of the young teenagers going at each other, Val
used her fingers to pleasure herself.

Once clean, Gary flipped Holly over so her back was to his chest, with her
on top. Unsure of herself, she was reluctant to go any further as his cock
leered near her vaginal opening.

"Val, I'm scared." Holly's words were heard through Val's own panting,
stopping her and forcing her to turn on the lights from her bedside switch.

As the lights came on, she could see tears building in Holly's eyes as her
young, nude, nubile body sat atop Gary's darkened body. She was immediately
aware of her sister's dilemma. "It's up to you, Holly." She said as she
lifted her body up to sit across from Holly's.

"Val, maybe you should help her." Gary said as his patience and attitude gave
off the notion he knew what he was doing. A fact Val had already discovered
earlier in the elevator. Val moved again, this time to where she was sitting
on her knees facing Holly, her legs spread apart over Gary's naked torso, his
member nestled in front.

It was Val's first time seeing it up close. Holly watched her sister's hand
reach out, expecting her to grab a hold of Gary's cock, but instead she began
caressing her pubic mound with the flat of her palm. As she rubbed over the
surface, the width of her fingers slightly separated Holly's folds. If Val's
attention hadn't been shocking enough, she leaned down and lightly blew over
the much too sensitive surface. The tiny folds parted as the airflow was
directed over the girl's inner walls, causing her nubbin more excitement than
she could handle. Her reactions weren't unnoticed, giving Val the go ahead to
press forward. Slowly, one finger was inserted into the tight, wet confines,
while the rest of her concentrated on the girl's love button.

With Holly's eyes closed, lost in the ecstasy of the moment, Gary moved his
hand atop Holly's body, massaging and caressing her excited breasts, rolling
her perky nipples through his clutching fingers, while kneading the mounds of
flesh, tweaking them ever so softly and often.

Val continued blowing air across her sister's folds as her face came closer
and closer to her sister's pussy. The older woman lightly kissed the hood to
which her clit had escaped, causing Holly to instinctively thrust her pelvis
upward. The sudden up and downward movements forced Val's embedded finger to
push in deeper, while rubbing against her inner walls. Holly began humping
her sister's finger and couldn't stop.

Val shifted her attention down a few millimeters and kissed her excited clit;
as contact was made, she opened her mouth and let Holly's nubbin of flesh
enter her mouth. Her lips locked around it and lightly sucked. Holly's juices
began flowing, oozing out and over her folds, just dessert for Val's hungry,
wandering tongue. A craving she never expected to have again since years
past. She lapped at the flowing juices, collecting the wet fluids off the
girl's sensitive flesh. Without a single thought, Val removed her finger and
grabbed Gary's member, bent it slightly for an easier angle of entry. She
touched his penis head to Holly's labia lips and then grabbed the girl's hips
and pulled her down toward the foot of the bed, sinking Gary's organ deeper
into her cavity. His girth pushed against the girl's small tight, opening,
forcing it to widen itself for even deeper penetration. Though it wasn't
Holly that broke, Gary did as he was unable to handle the blood rushing pain
her tightness was causing him. He couldn't even shoot his load for the tight

Val spotted the strain on the young man's face and tried to help him free
himself. As he pulled free, his rod exploded, covering Val's face and Holly's
thighs with his cum. Holly somehow found the energy to out last the meaty
onslaught and to pull herself up to a seated position to kiss her sister on
the lips. Her tongue lashed out and began licking all over Val's face,
cleaning off Gary's and her cum secretions. Val closed her eyes as Holly's
tongue licked across her eyelids, bridge of her nose, along her cheekbone,
over and around her earlobes, and finished licking along the underside of her
chin, kissing her neck for the final passionate act.

"All clean," she said in a celebratory tone of voice.

Val pushed Holly back down against Gary and climbed on top of them both,
locking her and her sister's lips in a French kiss like neither had
experienced before. Their combined weight was squishing poor Gary, but he
sure wasn't about to complain knowing full well there were two naked,
perspiring beauties resting atop his naked flesh.

Val immediately sought control, pushing two fingers inside Holly's core, then
quickly added a third and a fourth. Her sister's tight confines didn't phase
Val as they had earlier phased Gary, as the older, more mature and experience
woman twisted and turned her fingers over and over, forcing the girl's,
young, tight flesh to expand ever so slightly. The hot kiss between the two
continued as did Val's fingers, quickly fucking away at the girl's tightness.

Holly couldn't believe herself; she was ready to explode again. As Holly
neared climax, Val bent her fingers upward and found the girl's sweet
erogenous spot. Holly thrust her pelvis one last time, her love juices
flowed free. Val immediately pulled her fingers back to the entrance from
which they came. Letting no time pass, Val inserted the fingers of both
her hands just inside her sister's nether lips, prying them apart. She
lowered her face and drank in the girl's juices as she violently attacked
her clit. Holly couldn't stop her convulsions; the intensity of Val's
hunger was too much for the less experienced teenager.

Gary had earlier realized Val's intentions and held Holly across her
breasts to help brace her and keep her from moving away from Val's oral
ministrations, even though there had been much pain involved. Val pulled
hard on the girl's lips, as she licked and poked at her insides, her flesh
finally loosening to Val's delight. Seconds later, Val's entire right fist
was embedded in her core, fucking her fist away at the teenager's innards.
She had been loosened. Val pulled her fist free and watched in amazement
as the girl's folds came back together quicker than expected. She parted
them once again and thrust her tongue against Holly's excited clit, tasting
the never-ending flow of her sister's essence as it sprinkled across her
tongue. Her fist was soon to follow as she reinserted it into her sister's
womb to test its fullness before pulling free once again. Again her lips
closed as if nothing had ever entered.

Val leaned in and kissed her pubic mound before separating Holly's folds
again just to verify the girl had indeed been broken and loosened enough
for another attempt at Gary's black beauty of a cock. She moved off her
sister and sat back on her knees on the bed. Gary rolled Holly off of him
and laid her on the mattress beside him. Val moved between the girl's legs
and moved them a part before stepping off the bed to the floor to kneel by
the bed. Gary took his cue and moved between Holly's spread legs and
carefully eased his member past her folds until he felt her walls clutch
against his shaft. He realized Val's loosening technique had done its job
as the young girl's inner walls didn't grip his member as they had before.
Slowly he began pushing his member in further after each time pulling out
until he had established a good solid, enjoyable rhythm. Holly's eyes shot
open along with her mouth. Moans were all too eager to escape. The teenage
girl initially reached for her sister's hand as Gary fucked away at her
pussy, but as the rhythmic shocks increased she grabbed for Val's legs.
Val took the hint and scooted back on the bed and hover her drenching pussy
lips above Holly's wide-eyed, smiling face. She descended down and Holly
took her to a heavenly place, biting, nibbling, and sucking on her enormous
sized clit. Gary and Val both played with the young girl's tits as they rode
the girl to an erotic high and she rode them just as far.

Within minutes after separating, three sweaty, tired bodies drifted off to
sleep, spent with exhaustion, but pleased beyond their dreams.

* * *

As the early morning arisen, Holly was the first to wake, immediately feeling
the discomfort between her thighs as she ran her hand over her pussy lips.
She looked across the bed at her sister and Gary, each in an equal state of
dress as herself. Holly smiled noticing Val was sandwiched between her and
Gary and Gary's large, black cock was still resting between Val's light, pale
thighs. The sunlight sneaking through the openings in the closed blinds hit
upon her older sister's pussy, and her wet flesh glistened upon contact.

"Guess they went a few extra rounds," thought Holly as she eased her tall,
lightweight figure out of bed and walked over to her robe, picking it up from
where she had left it the previous night, laying across the back of a nearby
chair. She walked to the bathroom and started up the water in the shower
before dropping the robe on the floor and stepping into the small tiled area.
She was amazed at the new sensations she was feeling as the morning shower
awakened nerves from the previous night. "Great sex and the morning shower
afterwards...who would have thought," she thought as she enjoyed the feel of
the water soothing away her aches while giving her yet even more new found

Once out of the shower, she grabbed her robe and pulled it around her as she
made her way to the small kitchen area in the main room to brew herself some
early morning coffee.

Shortly later, Holly sat at the small table drinking her freshly brewed
coffee, one leg resting on the floor while the other rested in the seat of
another chair as her spare hand played across her pussy folds, reliving
every moment she had spent with Gary and Val the previous night. "This is
the life," she said as her eyes rolled back into her head. Without realizing
it, she had finished her coffee while in the throws of another tiring climax.
Her wet, coated fingers and the empty cup before her gave the girl an idea.
With a devious grin attached to her face, she lowered the empty cup between
her legs and concentrated, collecting her juices to the very last drop. She
then walked over and grabbed another cup from the cupboard and proceeded to
pour it full of coffee, then tipped her juiced cup over it and watched part
of her essence leave one cup and enter the unfamiliar territory of another.
She then filled her own cup full again before leaving them on the counter to
cool as she walked back into the bedroom to awaken her sister.

"Val, I've made us some coffee. Hurry and get up before it gets cold. It
isn't often you get treated like this." Holly whispered in her sister's ear
as her fingers were drawn to her sister's soft nipples, as if caught in a
magnetic field. Val lightly moaned her approval as she slowly awakened from
her sleep. Immediately she felt Gary still inside her and the events of what
they had done the previous night rushed back to her head. She shot a look at
her sister and then down to her hand as they played across her hardening

"They're beautiful, Val," whispered Holly before leaning over and striking
each nipple with her tongue. Quickly she captured each between her lips and
applied light suction to cause them to yet harden even more. She then stood
back up, smiled and blew her sister a kiss before exiting the room. Val ran
her fingers over her erect nipples as if realizing for the first time that
last night really did happen. She lowered her hand further down between her
thighs to Gary's penis and gently pulled the glistening member free before
scooting over to the edge of the bed and standing up on the floor. A face
splash of water and quick washcloth wipe down later, she appeared in the
kitchenette area wearing one of the resort's complementary robes, and much
like the one Holly was already wearing.

"Morning," Val greeted as she spotted her sister at the table.

"Good morning yourself, sleepy head," Holly responded trying to keep her
smirking to a minimum. "I already prepared you a's on the counter."
Holly said before drinking from her own cup. Val looked at the color of the
coffee inside the cup and then walked with it over to sit at the table across
from her sister.

"Holly, you know I don't use cream in my coffee," she said as her fingers
played with the cup's handle.

"I know, but I didn't exactly use your regular run of the mill coffee cream."
She gave her sister a seductive stare. "Just try it...I bet you like it."

Val studied her sister's facial expressions and noticed she was having a hard
time trying not to smile. "You did something to my coffee didn't you?"

"Nah, never." Holly dipped her head down and quickly drank from her cup.

"Of my god, you didn't...are you for real?" Suddenly Val had an idea of what
Holly might have spiked her morning coffee with. "You should I say
this...this is your doing...or should I say your coming?"

"You might be able to say that...yeah, in a way it is." Holly scooted her
chair back from the table and looked down between her legs confirming Val's

"You bitch you." Val said as her face lit up with a smile. She lifted the cup
to her lips and tipped it at her sister before taking a sip and then setting
the cup back down on the table. "Not too terribly of a taste. Pretty good in
fact," commented Val as she moved over and straddled Holly's long, slender
legs. "Would my loving, caring sister care for a taste herself?" Val asked as
she leaned in for a brief kiss on the lips before her. Immediately Holly
dropped her hands and pushed them under the open robe to her sister's bare
ass, letting her fingers meet in the middle seam.

The kiss broke briefly. "Thanks for last night, Val. It was very memorable.
So far this entire weekend has been extremely memorable, not to mention lots
more fun than I thought it would have been."

"I'm glad you feel that way... because when we leave here...the fantasy ends
and reality picks back up where it left off. It's like you've been saying all
weekend. What happens at the resort..."

"...stays at the resort and never returns home?" Holly questioned cutting her
sister off. "But I thought we were having fun and enjoying ourselves? Why
ruin it now? Why kill this awesome mood?"

"Don't get me wrong...I have been having the time of my life and you and
me...well, it's just been overly special, but this isn't you," The look on
Holly's face said otherwise. "Okay maybe this is you...maybe this is what
you've been missing out on, but this surely isn't my lifestyle. I'm not
normally a crazed, sex fanatic that will do anything imaginable to get
herself off...including seducing my own flesh and blood, though as much fun
as I had doing it. I'm not that person out there, in the real world, but
for the remaining duration of our stay here, I'm more than happy to be that
person. That long as I can be that person with you."

As her last words left her mouth, her right hand dropped between her and
Holly's legs, where two fingers easily penetrated the girl's core. She
immediately bent them in search for that special spot. Holly's legs
straightened out as her body slid down in the chair, feeling what it was
like to be in erotic bliss at the touches of her own sister. Val had to
stand up and straddle the girl so as not to fall off the chair as well.
She slid down in the chair, but her fingers stayed put, in full contact
of her building wetness

As the teenager came down from her high, "There is nothing better for the
soul than a morning what I will always say from this point on."

Holly and Val both broke up in laughter. "Do you think we should wake Gary?
He will be pissed to have missed out on this."

"Why don't we just order in some breakfast first?" Val suggested as she
walked over to the end table where the cordless phone was resting in its
charging cradle. "What would you like, Holly?"

"It's free right?" Val nodded her head. "Then a little of everything;
eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, pancakes w/ syrup, cereal, whipped cream and
strawberries, juice, milk, and anything else they might have. The sky's the
limit. I have an idea I think you just might like," Holly said as she got up
to fix herself yet another cup of morning coffee. Val called up room service
and willingly placed Holly's strange, over the top order, all the while
wondering what her sister was up to. Forty minutes later, their breakfast
arrived on two medium sized carts, pushed by two young, well dressed men
wearing servicing jackets.

As the two young men entered the room, neither could keep their eyes off the
two barely dressed sisters. Val was quick to notice the bulges between the
legs that they were each trying to hide. She thanked them and handed over a
$20 bill. They both said their thank you's and quickly turned back toward
the door. Val snickered and motioned at Holly who was already uncovering the
dishes and checking out the food. With one swift shoulder movement Val's robe
dropped to the floor. Seeing this, Holly smiled and followed suit.

As the boys started back out of the apartment, Val called out to them. "Hey
boys, did you forget something?" She asked in a sarcastic manner. The boys
turned and both stared wide-eyed at the nubile flesh being put on display
for their enjoyment. Neither could move as they gawked at the young ladies.

Blatantly looking down at the boy's crotches, "It seems you have a little
something for us as well?" Val questioned as she stepped up to the taller
of the two boys, smiled, and then dropped to her knees. She grabbed for the
boy's belt and then looked back at her sister. "What are you waiting for...
you really think I would take them both on?" Holly smiled and gave the
shorter of the two guys a wink as she walked over and kneeled before him.
"Like mother, like daughter," she commented, touching the guy's bulging
pants. The two guys share a look as they heard Holly's words and gave each
other high-fives. Val turned slightly to see a cock enter her sister's mouth,
thinking, "I never know what going to come out of her mouth...or in it."

Minutes later, the girls robed and guys dressed again, they laid kisses
on the guys' cheeks before seeing them to the outside hallway. The four
participants seemed quite pleased with their morning appetizer.

"Wow, it looks delicious," commented Val as she closed the door and wheeled
the carts further toward the kitchenette area, wiping cum from her face with
the sleeve of her robe.

"You're right, but not half as delicious as those two cocks were." Holly
said, holding a straight face, before biting down on a link of sausage.
"Mmmm, now that's good. Must have something to do with being long, tough,
and round, huh?"

"Must be," commented Val as she picked up a link and slowly slid it in and
out of her mouth without taking a bite. "So what is this big plan of yours,
Holly?" Val asked as she grabbed and started chewing on a piece of crunchy

"Get back out of that robe and help me push the carts into the bedroom
and you will soon find out." Val shook her head in confusion, but complied
nonetheless with her sister. She dropped her robe where she stood then waited
on Holly to start pushing the first cart so she could follow. In the bedroom,
Gary was still snoring away, deep in slumber, having already missed out on
much of the morning activities.

"Now Val, get on the bed and lay down beside Gary," Holly whispered, "We are
going to feed Gary's appetite and fantasies while using you as the serving
platter, any questions?" Just the thought of the idea had Val wet.

"How do you want me?"

"I've personally always liked the vulnerable look."

"Yeah, I think I might be able to pull off vulnerable." She responded and
smiled, maneuvering her body into position.

Val moved a pillow out of the way and laid her nude, supple body flat on the
bed beside Gary's laid out body. "One serving tray ready and willing." Val
whispered aloud, smiling as she glanced over toward Gary, seeing his eyes
squinting back at her. "Bout time you woke up."

Mumbling, still half asleep, "When we eating?" Val smirked at his question
and leaned closer to kiss him on the lips, wondering if he would taste the
other young man's cum. She pulled back and turned her head to face the
ceiling, "Breakfast is served," was all she said before Holly started coating
her face with a can of whipped cream. Gary's eyes shot open, fully awake now
and then turned his head to fully look at Val, then Holly, and finally the
two carts of every type of breakfast item he could think of.

"So how hungry are you big boy?" Holly asked as she surrounded Val's nipples
with cut up orange slices. She only had to look down between his legs to find
her answer. "Damn, that hungry. We might just have to order in another cart
or two before we're done. So how do you like your eggs...over pussy or
inside/out?" Gary lost control of his morning stiffness and shot his load out
across the bed sheets. Holly was shocked. "Hey, don't be wasting it," stated
Holly before reaching across the bed and wiping her finger through Gary's
fresh spunk; slipping it into a cup of orange juice. "Added flavoring," she
suggested. Gary looked at the girl questioningly. "Don't worry sweetie. Ask
Val, she found it pretty good." Gary couldn't help but smile as he lowered
his head back upon the soft, white pillow. "Could life get any better," he

A loud, continuous rasping knock coming from the other room pulled Holly's
attention away from her breakfast entree. "Coming she yelled out," wishing
that was the case as she stared down at Gary's tongue easing its way through
the cool whip and flicked away at Val's nipple. The knocking at the door
quickly grew more annoying forcing Holly to leave the other two. "Damn it,
I said I was coming," the teenager yelled out again, nearing the door.

She unlocked the door and slung it open, "What the fuck do you want?" She
shouted out with a bit of anger before noticing who had been knocking.

A girl's voice shot back at her, "What the fuck do I want? Hell, you said you
were coming, so damn it bitch, let's see it." Jessica shouted before throwing
herself at the younger girl. Her fingers easily avoided the flaps of the robe
and penetrated her pussy, receiving a squeal for her efforts.

"Oh, oh...keep this up and you'll get what you want."

"Yeah I would if I could stay long enough, but unfortunately I can't join
the party. And what a party it was. Speaking of's a copy of the
bedroom security tape. The three of you wore me and my mom out, but it was
fun while it lasted. We went through three different dildos. Man can that
woman please me." Jessica pulled her fingers free and licked up the resulting

Straightening her robe back, tying it more securely, "Yeah, I remember. So
will I see you before we leave this afternoon?"

"I would to be able to tell you yes with some certainty, but I just don't
know. Mom got a call from one of our regular visitors and these pussies are
rolling in the dough. Mrs. Walsh and her three daughters come and stay two
weeks every other month, hard to believe huh? But hey, they are more than
welcome. They spread around their savings like a blizzard does snow. And
they love me. They always request me as their personal servant during their

"Would that be servant as hotel servicing or...other do they request another
kind of servicing?"

"Come on Holly girl, you know me. Do I do any other servicing? Don't worry;
I get back as good as I give them. I tell you all four of them, including
the mother could pass for European models. The best part of the deal...they
are all reamers. They love taking and giving it up the ass. I was sore for
two days after they left the last time. The two oldest girls are twins and
nineteen years old. But the sparkplug of the daughters has to be youngest,
Dana, she's sixteen and she's hell on girls. She's like a shark. You throw
her in a pool of scantily clad females and one by one they will start
scattering as if they were being chased out of the water by sharks. It's
nothing for her to just swim up to a girl and start playing with the girl's
pussy, or bite her, kiss her, or even rip her bikini off. She is a natural
born pussy seeking predator. She so reminds me of myself."

"Wow, she...they all sound amazing. Well then I guess this will be goodbye."

"Oh don't sound so down. I'm sure we will see each other again. You'll come
back to the resort again right?"

"I don't know. I'll try. Hey, you could always come and visit me and Val in
the city?"

"Sorry, traveling isn't my thing. Well...we will always have this weekend...
even if we never see each other again. I'm sorry, I know that isn't what you
wanted to hear, but that is how I am."

"Yeah I get it; why should you bother with the difficulties of one piece of
ass, when you have a resort full of pussy and ass at your whim whenever you
so desire."

"See, I knew you would understand. You're a lot like me, Holly. With
everything you did this matured and had eye opening
experiences. You're just as much a predator as me or my mom, maybe even
Dana. Remember, if there is something out there that you want…or someone,
don't be afraid to take a risk or just take what you want. The world is
your playground; live it, enjoy it, and consume it. Just don't go through
life wishing you had done something differently. Well I really have to go.
I'm late as it is and Ms. Walsh hates people being tardy; she must have
been a teacher once." Jessica leaned in and kissed Holly's lips and then
pulled back before stepping back into the hallway.

"Bye, Jessica. I'll forever remember this weekend and you."

"I'm counting on it," she responded, looking over her shoulder, as she
hurried down the carpeted hallway.

Holly backed into the suite and closed the door behind her wishing the
weekend could last forever. She looked toward the bedroom door and saw it
closed and then headed to the couch. Suddenly she wasn't in the mood to
join the foray in the bedroom. Holly rested her full head of hair against
the back of the couch and slowly drifted off to sleep listening to the
harmonious moans and squeals echoing through the closed bedroom door.

* * *

Later that evening, after Gary had ushered the ladies safely back to their
city apartment, Val and Holly said their goodnights and walked to their
separate bedrooms. There was a awkward feel in the air along with much
silence. Neither spoke a word before the next morning.

* * *

The next morning, Gary joined Holly and her other best friend, Tina, for
breakfast at a nearby cafe/hangout.

"So, spill it already girl. How was your weekend? We can't all say that we've
had the opportunity to stay an entire weekend at a plush resort for free."

"It was fine," responded a gloomy faced Holly.

Gary spoke up, shaking his head. "Tina, ignore the poor girl. Don't let this
firecracker fool you. She had a blast...we all did."

"We? Uh Holly, what does Gary mean by we? Please tell me you didn't invite
him and not me? Please, tell me that."

"It isn't like we were planning on inviting him...just sort of happened. Val
and I felt sorry for the guy."

" that's how it is." Tina waited for some kind of reaction from the
girl, but it wasn't forth coming. Holly just stared at the table surface
looking a bit sad and confused.

In a soft voice, Holly asked, "Tina, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure girl, you can ask me anything...well, maybe not anything because there
are some things you two don't know about me yet..."

"Tina, are you really mad that Val and I asked Gary or were you just
kidding?" The question came out monotone, soft, and direct. Tina was
surprised by the direct, straight-to-the-point question, something she
wasn't used to hearing from her friend.

"No, of course not, I was just messing with you. Is everything okay? You
don't look or sound okay. Gary, what did you do to the girl this weekend?"

Holly and Gary's eyes turned and stared at each other then looked back at
Tina. Holly laid her hand across the table and set it over Tina's hands
and pulled them toward the center of the table. "Tina. I have to ask you
something...and the thing that I'm going to ask you could make or break
our friendship...whether you are willing to accept it or not. This weekend
allowed me some freedom and it changed me. Gary can vouch for that." Gary
just nodded his head, waiting and wondering what the question was Holly
was treading on thin ice to ask. "I did some things...that I liked, met
some people...that I liked, even did some things with people that I met
and liked." Slowly her courage was building as she continued. "I learned
some things about myself that I can't forget...and don't want to forget.
In fact I love the new me more than I did the old one. What I'm saying is
that...uhhh Tina...would you," she looked to Gary for comfort before
continuing, "would you be willing to put our friendship to the side for a
moment, walk with me and Gary to the alley behind the cafe, and let Gary
fuck you up the ass so hard that he buries your mouth in my pussy?"

"What the fuck did you just ask?" Tina screamed out across the crowded cafe.

"It was nothing, just wanted to judge your response. It wasn't quite what I
was expecting. Well I have a busy day ahead of me so I must run. Gary, are
you coming?"

"Yeah, sure, I'm coming."

"Wait you guys. What was that you just asked me? Were you serious?"

"It's something we can discuss later when we have more time. Call me
sometime." Holly stood up from the booth and seconds later joined Gary at
the door. They both looked back at Tina with her head hanging over the table
looking confused.

Gary and Holly exited the cafe and started walking back towards Holly and
Val's apartment. "You know what you just did back there?"

"Nothing more than plant a seed. I learned the power behind that trick from
Jessica this morning before we left. She gave me this far fetched story about
a family of ladies that are regular visitors to the hotel. And she gave me
all this information and buried it in my head. She totally worked me over and
now I can't get that minx out of my head."

"Tina has no idea what she's in for does she?" Gary asked, placing his arm
around Holly's shoulder as they walked down the sidewalk.

"No she doesn't...and neither do any of the other ladies in this town."

"Word?" Gary asked in astonishment.

"Yeah, word!"

The End
Author: DCForever
Finished: March 21st, 2005


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