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What I Like About You: Weekend Retreat with the Tyler Sisters Part 2
by DCForever


"So how come we weren't told of this when we registered?" Holly asked,
waiting for an answer.

"Oh that's's an employees only sauna. The one for the guests are on
the first floor along with the gym and well everything."

"Oh." Holly didn't know what to think of the situation. Something felt rather
odd to her. "She's eyeing me funny," thought Holly while making sure the girl
didn't see her look at her. Suddenly it dawned on her, "She's gay."

"Are you hitting on me?" Asked Holly unsure of herself.

"Is it working?"

"So you're gay then?"

"Yeah, but so are you...right?"

And Now...

Holly stammered for the right thing to say to the twenty something year old
girl, from the front desk. "It isn't like I have anything against gay people,
but what gave you that impression?" Asked Holly as she felt more than just
the steam from the sauna heating her up.

"Well a lot of things actually. You just ooze gayness. When you checked into
the resort, I saw the way you and that older woman was carrying on. Then you
and that guy was checking out her rear when she was standing at the desk
filling out the paperwork."

"That older woman is my sister. We had the giggles after the long drive up
here. That's all that was."

"Your sister? But what about the way you two acted in the pool earlier?"

"What, you saw that? Are you stalking me?"

"No, I'm not stal...well yeah...maybe. In a way I guess I have been. We have
security cameras everywhere in the resort and the front desk staff has full
access to those cameras as perks to the job. We know it is unlawful to use
them in that way, but it's just too much fun. I'm sorry if I've invaded your

"I don't care about that. I'm just flattered you think of me that way. Guess
I'm doing something right for a pretty girl to like me enough to stalk me."
The girl blushed. "Do you think you could get me a copy of that pool tape? I
would love to have it as a keepsake."

"I'm pretty sure I could do that for you, but what would be in it for me?"

"What would you want to be in it for you?" Holly asked in a seductive
manner. Now the girl was questioning Holly's behavior. She was going
against everything she had just told her. "Is she or isn't she gay?"
the girl wondered while not being able to keep her eyes off the tops
of her breasts as they peered over the wrapped towel.

"I still have about twenty minutes before my break is over. Would it be too
much if I"

"Me it is then, but for about another favor. Think you might be
able to get a camera installed in our suite, preferably the bedroom. We're
all going to eat in the resort restaurant tonight. That would be the perfect
time to install it...if it is a possible task."

"Expecting something to happen in there perhaps?"


"I find your behavior strange. I thought you said you weren't gay yet you're
willing to give yourself to me for the remainder of my break. What gives?"

"I'm not gay, but you never asked me if I was bi-sexual or not. I don't
consider them the same."

"Oh sweet Jesus." The girl moved down to a lower bench directly in front of
Holly's bent legs. "Open those long legs you teasing cunt." Holly couldn't
help but smile at the determination and desperation on the girl's face.

"Uhhh...dirty talk, I like." Holly untied the towel and let it drop to her
sides. Her legs spread out, inviting the older girl to feast until her
heart's content.

"Names Holly by the way." The young woman lifted her head briefly.

"Jessica." Holly closed her eyes and lent back against the sauna's wall.
Jessica was now giving her a new reason to be hot. The young woman dove in,
realizing her time was dissipating.

Holly's juices soon greeted Jessica's pretty face. Jessica was the best
carpet muncher she had ever experienced; the only other one being Tina of
course. Tina was good for her age, especially with her mouth, but Jessica's
techniques easily topped anything Tina had ever tried on her. Her tongue,
fingers, and teeth, they all worked in direct harmony, each bringing out the
best in Holly's unchartered body.

When the two were finished, they walked back into the changing room together,
discarding their towels in a nearby towel bin. This allotted Holly her first
look at Jessica's naked form, and what a form it was. Her breasts were
enormous, easily larger than a size C, possibly a size D. Her stomach was
tight with slight muscular definition and her belly button was pierced.
Taking in even more of her body, her waist was about the size of Holly's,
small. Her hips slightly larger than Holly's and she had three piercings
along her labia; even her clit was pierced. This last part was what grabbed
Holly's undivided attention.

"Did it hurt?" Holly motioned her finger toward the girl's clit before she
was able to fully pull up her panties.

"The piercings? Oh, you mean my clit pierced?" Holly nodded her head. "A
little. I was drunk and out of my mind when I got it done. Some friends and
me had just come from a college party that we had crashed thinking it would
be cool, but the college freaks busted us. They had all four of us chugging
down beer. Mind you, that stuff is disgusting. One of the girls hazing us
thought she would have a little fun so she dropped her jeans and shoved one
my friend's face into her dirty, nasty muff. Trust me, I haven't seen
anything scarier since. She had my friend choking and gagging, then right
there in front of us all, she climaxed. Seemed she had a pierced clit and
my friend went to town on it. And because we all laughed we all had a run in
with her snatch. She must have not douched in ages. The smell was unbearable.
Anyway, she and her girlfriend talked the frats at the party into stripping
us and holding us down while they did the unthinkable...pierced each of our

"Oh. Did you call the police or anything?"

"No, because it was actually something I had been thinking about getting
done. I'm sure it was more painful the way it happened to us, but I don't
regret it. It took getting used to at first, but after my ex-girlfriend
found out, it's been nothing less than fantastic ever since. Mind you I
haven't dated steady since our breakup three months ago. You should think
about getting one, a piercing. I'm sure the piercing artist would love
getting their hands on that little twat of yours."

"So it is little in comparison to other girls?"

"Let's just say my kid sis, who is only four years old, has a longer slit
than yours. I have to know...have you ever had it penetrated by a guy or a

"Only orally by a girl and my ten inch long vibrator I have upstairs."

"Ouch! Doesn't something the size of that kill you inside?"

"More than you could ever know, but the orgasms are guaranteed each and every
time. They are magnificent. I think I want my friend Gary to be my first guy.
I always thought his equipment might be pretty big, but after the pool today,
I know it's got some size to it. I want to test myself against the size and
force of a real cock."

"So is that why you want the camera installed? So you can have a video
remembrance of your cherry being broken."

"Yeah...that...and maybe more. So can you do it?"

"Consider it done. And don't leave the resort before we exchange all the
necessary info so we can stay in touch with each other."

"Don't worry, I won't leave before I have your number...for those lonely
nights." Holly finished putting on her bikini and the floral cloth wrap
around her waist. She was about to leave when she noticed Jessica's face.
"You didn't get all of me off your face. Here, let me clean it off for you."

"Please...don't. Don't worry about it. Let it stay there as a reminder. Come
on, don't you find it even a little bit sexy?"

"Everybody had their wilds, who am I to say otherwise?"

Holly waited for Jessica to tidy her work outfit before walking out the room
together, where they each went their separate ways.

* * *

Back on the first floor, Jessica entered the security room.

"Jessica, darling, is that you?"

"Yeah mom, I'm just setting up the VCRs to copy some video footage for one of
the guests."

"Once you get it started, why don't you come in here." Jessica set the VCRs
and left them running as she walked into the next room, her mom's large, cozy

"Yeah, mom?"

"I saw you in the sauna with that cute girl. What have I told you about

"Not to leave the camera view on the computer screen, always leave it on the
view that doesn't include us. I know, but I was in such a hurry that I just
forgot to change the view. Mom, you have to see this girl...I mean really see
her up close. She has the tiniest slit I've ever seen." Ms. Sanders walked up
close to her daughter, examining her face.

"That small huh? Sounds like that could be really fun to open up. So, was she
any good?"

"Oh she was so delicious."

"Well, did you save any for me?"

"Don't I always?" Ms. Sanders ran her finger over her daughter's face,
gathering the juices her daughter had purposely left. She lifted her finger
to her mouth, tasting Holly's essence.

"Mmmm, your right...delicious. So is she and the woman with her players or
was this just an experiment of sorts?"

"She's bi and the woman is her sister, Valerie. They're staying in suite 502.
Oh the boy with them is Holly's best friend, Gary. The girl's name is Holly
if you didn't catch that."

"Ah yes, I think I've seen him hanging around a bit, probably because of the
contest. He's black isn't he? Just wanted to make sure we were talking about
the same guy. He's a little rough around the collar, but not too shabby in
the body department."

"That reminds me...would you mind if I record some footage from their bedroom
camera tonight? Holly asked if we could install one for her during dinner. I
figured since we already have them hidden in all the bedrooms it wouldn't be
much of a problem. Would it?"

"I was planning on inviting some friends to watch the contestants' rooms. You
remember last year what kinds of stuff those girls got into. It took a month
to get the smell of their pussies out of those rooms, though what a smell it
was." Jessica dropped her head in disappointment, her mother noticing the
down look. "Okay, if it is that important to you...which it seems to be from
your reaction...I'll transfer their video feed to our suite and you can
record whatever you want from there. That way you can watch them as well and
do whatever else you care to do in privacy. Now don't be surprised though if
we tune into their room or yours. You know there is nothing better than
watching my loving daughter's sexual adventures."

"Thanks, mom. I know I could count on you. And if you and your friends get
bored with the contestants later, then you know you are more than welcome to
join me. That would be a lot better than just watching a silly video screen."

"I would honey, but most of them will be men and few of their wives.

"I love you, mom. You are always thinking of me. Maybe one day I'll get the
courage to experience a guy." Jessica leaned in and hugged the older woman
before reporting back to her post at the front desk.

* * *

Upstairs, Holly Tyler entered their suite and noticed her older sister was
still lounging on the couch, lying down this time around.

"So where did you go?" Val asked as she lifted her head from the couch.

"Just down to the sauna. I'm going to get a shower and then lay down a bit
before supper."

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather sit and watch some TV with your sister?"

"Sorry, not much in the mood for the 'Golden Girls'."

"That isn't exactly what I was watching." Holly noticed her sister's
mischievous grin. "Care to sit down and see for yourself?"

Holly walked around the couch and sat across her sister's legs, then slid her
butt between them. Let's see then."

Val changed the channel, back to the program she had previously flipped from.
Holly's eyes widened as she looked at the screen. "This isn't the 'Golden

"Nope, it sure isn't. It's called 'Blondes on Blondes 4: Deep Penetration' or
something like that."

"Wow Val, you're shocking me more and more on this trip. See, this was a good
thing for us to do."

"I agree. Care to get more comfortable and lay down beside big sis?" Val
asked as she moved her back to form an angle with the back of the couch and
patted the couch cushion she was willing to share with her sister.

Holly shrugged. "Why not?" Thought the girl as she maneuvered herself to lie
beside her sister. She turned on her side so she could see the TV screen,
her bare neck an inch or two from Val's face. They both watched the screen
intensely, giggling at some parts and ah-ing and oh-ing at others.

Each of their bodies was heating up as they took in the girl-on-girl action
from the movie. Their closeness didn't help matters either. Val slowly moved
her hand to Holly's slender waist, beginning to softly caress it in an up and
down motion.

Meanwhile, Holly was trying to control her breathing as her sister began
touching her young body. Val's hand slipped down into Holly's thong and
slid to the front, over the teenager's wet folds. Holly couldn't contain
her emotions much longer. Val blew against the back of her neck as she
sunk one and then a second finger into the girl's vagina. Holly's right
hand immediately shot down her own thong and rested her hand upon her
sister's hand.

"Are you sure you want this, Holly? Val asked before proceeding into foreign
territory. Holly's moans were all the answers she needed. She pulled her hand
free just long enough to lift Holly's right leg over her own leg. This way
she had freer space to move her hand between Holly's now exposed core.

Val's fingers returned to the wet confines and started pumping in and out.
Holly's body began shaking as Cal added yet another finger to the fold, now
forcing three slender fingers deep into her core. Her thumb vibrated the
girl's clit, bringing it to life and out of its hood. She rubbed her thumb
over the sensitive nubbin and squeezed it between her fingers. Holly shook
even harder as she moaned.

"Oh Val. Oh Val. Oh Val." She repeatedly called out. "Oh, oh, oh, oh Val...
Val, Val, Val?"

Holly shook her sister violently trying to wake her up. The television was
still tuned to the 'Golden Girls'. Val awakened shortly after the shaking
began. She was perspiring all over. "Holly? Gary?"

"Yeah girl, we've been ready for a while now. You must have fallen asleep
while I was in the shower.

"But it was so real," thought Val as she tried to stand up on her wobbling

"Must have been some dream you were having. You even perspired through your
blouse." Val looked down at her white blouse and noticed the sweat had made
the material translucent. Gary had already noticed and as usual, hadn't
blinked since. Val noticed him looking at her chest and surprisingly
commented on it.

"Go ahead and look while you can." She slapped him on the butt as she went
to get another shower. I won't be long."

* * *

Couple hours later, Val, Holly, and Gary sat around a table in the five star
resort's restaurant, making small talk as they waited for their food to be

"So Gary, are you glad you came now?" Holly asked her friend.

"You betcha. Can we come back next weekend?" He asked. The others chuckled.

"Sure we can Gary...all we'll need is five grand for a suite for the
weekend." Val said while shaking her head.

"On second thought, how about we just hang out at your place, Val?"

"What's new?" Val commented then took a sip of her drink.

"Did the waiter say how long it would be? I'm starving." Looking around,
"This place doesn't even have a jukebox. Much too classy for my tastes."

"Gary, do you have to complain about everything?" Val asked.

Holly leaned into her ear and whispered. "Don't go there, Val." She said.
"It got much worse the one time that I asked that exact same question. He's
just different." Gary chose to ignore the girls.

"How about a game to pass the time?"

"What, like 'I-Spy'? I was good at that game in grade school. Could be lots
of fun." Val suggested as she got odd looks from her sister and friend.
"Okay, so maybe not. So what do you suggest, Gary?"

"Considering some things that have happened about a game of
Sliver?" Holly stared at Gary in disbelief.

"Damn, Gary is really going out on a limb," thought Holly as she nodded her
head in acceptance. "I'm game."

"Sorry, but I don't believe I know that game. What is Sliver?" Val asked
confused as ever. "These kids' language these days are so mind boggling,"
she thought. She shrugged, deciding to play the game though she was still
very hesitant.

"I'll go first." Holly said before looking around for on-lookers. Once
she felt the coast was clear she lowered her hands to her lap and under her
short black skirt. She grabbed a hold of her thong and briefly lifted herself
off her chair. Seconds later, both hands reappeared on top of the table. She
pushed her hands in Gary's direction and opened them up like a flower,
displaying her purple thong to both Gary and her extremely shocked sister.

"Oh my god. What do you think you are doing?"

"Playing the game, what else?" Val couldn't believe her ears or her eyes.
"Just how far are things going to go this weekend?" Val asked herself.

Gary looked at her. "So Val, do you forfeit?"

Val never saw herself as a quitter, but after the pool incident that is how
she was feeling. She, she needed the feeling to go away. Without
saying a word, she dropped her hands to her lap, forgetting for a second
that she had worn slacks instead of a skirt. She wasn't about to let a tiny
obstacle get in the way. Val grabbed her steak knife from the table and
returned her hand and knife beneath the tablecloth. Her lacy undergarment
was no match for the steak knife's sharpness. Val smiled at the other two
and flung her panties at her sister's face, who abruptly shot them toward

"I believe we are now even." Val commented as she straightened up and pulled
her chair closer to the table.

"Then the game continues," stated an excited Gary, as he couldn't believe his
luck. Holly scrunched up her face and snickered at her sister. "Fine, I'll be
right back."

Val was quick to question Gary. "Can she leave the table? I thought
everything had to be done at the table? Did I miss something? You never
really explained any rules."

"She's right, Holly. It has to be done at the table, no exceptions. That is
the rule for now on...unless instructed otherwise." Holly gave Val a dreaded
smirk. Val was clueless to what they had to do next in order to progress the
game along.

Holly sat back down and stared at all the people in the room. Val could see
her discomfort. "This must be a pretty hard task," thought Val as she waited
for Holly to take the lead. Holly slowly slipped her arms inside her white
top. Seconds later, her matching purple bra was in full display, just lying
on the table. Gary picked it up and forced it into one of his pants pockets.

"There...satisfied?" Gary shook his head. "Now you must show me."

"What?" Trying to keep her voice to a whisper. "You have it in your
possession. You know I'm not wearing anything else under my top."

"How do I know for sure? There is no telling what a woman can hide up there."
Holly leaned back in her chair for a moment, thinking how she could show him
her breasts without the world around them being the wiser. She leaned close
to the table and extended her arm out toward Gary.

"Will you please pull on the sleeve and then you can look down the sleeve
for your proof." He did as instructed and looked down her sleeve. Her pert
breasts were fantastic looking.

"Okay, you advance." They both looked toward a smiling Val, obviously quite

Val had much the same problem Holly had wearing a solid, no button down
blouse, but she had already worked out another solution.

"Gary, start crying softly." He looked confused at the request. "Don't worry,
you won't be disappointed." Gary dropped his head into his hands, crying a
soft fake cry. Val stood up from her chair and walked over and kneeled by his
chair. She grabbed his head and pulled it down to her chest for comfort. As
he held his face against Val's blouse, his eyes peered at her twin mounds of
flesh and their nippled peaks.

Val advanced. Holly wasn't the least bit pleased. Val returned to her chair.

"When did you stop wearing bras?" Holly asked her sister.

"Just tonight. Didn't feel like being held back. What is it you told me? Oh
yes. I should live a little. Guess living a little paid off tonight."

"Well, the games over then. We both did everything that was required." Spoke
Holly as she lifted her tea for a swallow.

"Gary, is that true? Was that all there was to this game?" Val wanted a clear

Thinking on his feet, something new for Gary, "No, the game continues." Holly
gave him a strange look, which he didn't appreciate. "I said it continues."

Holly and Val both nodded their heads in acceptance. "For either of you two
to proceed on, I must have proof of something else. Please, won't you both
play with yourselves and show me what comes of it...pun much intended."

Both girls were taken back at the over the top request. Being a sport, Val
dropped her right hand beneath the tablecloth and into her slacks once again.
She knew it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. Holly was timid
about following through with the task, but after seeing Val being so gung-ho,
she sunk her fingers inside her pussy as far as she could. With so many
people around them, they had to be careful and make as minimal movements
possible so as not to draw attention to them. As bad as the request had been,
Val wanted to spice it up a bit.

Valerie Tyler shocked everyone at her table by raising her hand and calling
over the waiter. "Yes, Ma'am?" She pulled the waiter down to whisper
something in his ear.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but health regulations say we have to cook them." She
smiled and again whispered in the young man's ear.

"Yes, ma'am. I'll have one right out to you...right away." He said before
walking away from the table.

"What was that all about?" Holly questioned.

"You'll see." The girls continued their ministrations, but really weren't
getting anywhere due to their environment. The waiter returned shortly after
with a hot, single, plain corn on the cob, two inches in diameter and about
four inches long. She thanked the waiter and winked at Holly and Gary as she
maneuvered the cob between her legs.

A few minutes later, Gary stared at a cob of corn resting on his plate, with
Val's secreted juices all over the vegetable. He surprised Val by licking the
entire cob and then eating off all the corn as well.

"Val, you pass. That was yummy." Val blushed realizing her sister's best
friend just tasted her own cum.

Shortly after, Holly raised her left hand from beneath the table and
presented it to Gary's mouth as a gift. "Nice."

"Once're both even. That's a good thing; now to round four.
Each of you are to go to the ladies room and once again bring yourself off,
but neither of your stales must close, they must remain open the entire
time. Then you each must have someone other than yourselves to clean you up,
whether it is by something you hold or their tongue. Now go...and have fun."
Gary was definitely getting into the role playing mode, taking the contents
from the movie 'Sliver' and expanding on them.

Val and Holly stood up without even the first question and started toward
the ladies room. Once inside, they were the only occupants at the time so
they quickly settled down in side-by-side stales and bared themselves to
begin their pleasing of their pleasure buttons.

Minutes later, Val could hardly keep herself on the toilet as her body shook
for its relief. She pulled on her sensitive nubbin with one hand and tweaked
and twisted her breasts with her other hand. On the other side of the
dividing wall, Holly was finding it rather difficult to pleasure herself,
considering a five or six-year old little girl was staring at her from
outside the stall.

"Hey little girl, do you want to help me?" Holly asked before realizing what
she had done. The little girl ran out the restroom and headed back to her own

"Suzy, sweetie, what's wrong?"

"A there...wanted me to help her...down there." The little girl
pointed down between her mother's legs. The woman was enraged and went to
tell the host of the restaurant. He in turn contacted Ms. Sanders with a
nearby intercom. Ms. Sanders rushed to the restaurant and together, her and
the host walked into the ladies restroom. Ms. Sanders looked in the first
open stall and immediately recognized Holly. She didn't look in the other
open stall, but she did see the door was open as well with feet peering out
from beneath the dividing wall. "Can I assume your sister is in the next
stall?" Holly nodded in embarrassment.

Sandra Sanders sent the host into the next stale. She stepped back so she
could see into both stalls. "What is the meaning of this? Do you realize
your antics have disrupted our business? You know, you should be arrested
for public displays such as this."

"It's only a game, I swear." Holly said. "Please, I just want to win as much
as my sister."

"What's this I hear about you asking a child to help you?" Sandra directed
her question directly at Holly.

"Just part of the game. We're really sorry. We didn't mean for it to get this
far...but it has and it must not end until there is a winner...preferably

"Holly is it? My daughter Jessica told me all about you. So what...what would
it take for this game to end? If I helped you, would that end it?"

"Yes, yes it would. You would do that?" The older woman nodded her head as
she turned her head toward Val's stall.

"And you, Valerie isn't it? Do you wish for the same?" An embarrassed and
ashamed Val nodded her head to affirm.

"Fine, if it will stop this non-sense. Carl, why don't you help Ms. Tyler and
I'll help little Ms. here." Sandra Sanders stepped into Holly's stale and
kneeled down before her throne.

"The game gives you two choices. You can use anything you can hold or you
can use your tongue." Looking at the refined body of Jessica's mom, she was
hoping the woman would choose the latter of the two.

"Tongue it shall be then." Stated Sandra.

In the next stall over, "Did I hear your sister right? I assume you mean
paper or tongue?"

"Yes." Val responded in a barely audible voice.

"Then if you wouldn't mind, I too choose to use my tongue." Val just smiled
as Carl lowered his head and swiftly attacked her pearl.

Fifteen minutes later, after more than just helpful cleanings, the girls
returned to their table. Sandra and Carl followed suit.

"You can check them for yourself, but mind you...I vouch for their
cleanliness; both of them. And might I suggest retreating back to your suite
if you insist this game continues. And might I add, they were both very
pleasing." Sandra patted Gary's shoulder before leaving the table. Meanwhile,
Carl slipped Val a copy of his room card in case she wanted to meet up with
him a little later. After Carl left, Gary snatched the card from Val's grasp.

"There will be no room swapping until I'm finished with you and the game
has ended." Holly wet herself again at Gary's new developing take-charge
attitude. At that moment, the food arrived at the table.

"The game will continue at a later time of my choosing." Gary instructed
before biting into his $10 cheeseburger.

To Be Continued in Part 3


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