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What I Like About You: Weekend Retreat with the Tyler Sisters Part 1
by DCForever

"Wow Val, I didn't know you had it in you. Will you look at you? Boiling
to the tenth degree of hotness." Holly said as she looked over her older
sister's body. The two-piece bathing suit she had picked out of Holly's
huge collection barely covered the essentials of her body. "I'll have to
remember to have a talk with her about having all these," thought Val as
she turned a full 360 degrees to give her little sister plenty to see.

"You don't think it's too much do you? I feel exposed." Val said, as she
looked down at the small pieces of fabric that someone out of their mind
called a bathing suit.

"Too much? Try more like not enough...which makes it perfect. Exposure can
be a good thing every once and a while. A young, beautiful, successful
businesswoman such as yourself needs a little living on the edge. Just
think, you are going to have the guys, possibly women as well, staring at
you by the pool."

"Okay, I'm about to freak out. This just won't do. I'll be back out in a
few." She turned to start back to her bedroom when Holly ran around her and
stopped her from entering the room.

"Oh no, you won't. I'm not going to let you change. You look great and you
should be proud of what you have. You've got it so show it off." Val looked
at her sister, realizing she wasn't going to change her mind and she wasn't
about to move out of the way. She turned and walked back over to the couch
and flopped down on it, crossing her arms and her legs.

"Fine then, then I won't go to the pool. I'll just stay right here and order
in room service. I'm sure a place like this has to have a huge selection of
ice cream to choose from." Stated Val as she looked over her shoulder at
Holly, who stood with her arms resting on her hips, face scrunched up,
wondering how to get her sister to go with her.

"Oh no. No you won't. We are going to that pool. And 'we' doesn't mean me.
You're going to. We are going and if it kills me, we are going to have a what if others consider watching two sexy ladies flaunting their
stuff as fun. Two for one don't you think?"

"Speaking of guys, where's Gary?"

"Think he went to find the drink machine or was it the ice machine...maybe it
was the cute maid he spotted on the way up to the room."

"Hmmm, Tell me again why we had to let him tag along exactly?" Holly rolled
her eyes and walked over to the couch, flopping herself down beside her
sister. She turned toward her, resting her hand on Val's bare knee.

"Val, I thought I was clear before. Gary has no life without me. You should
have seen his poor little face when I told him I wouldn't be around for the
weekend. He was going to be bored at home with nothing to do, putting himself
through torture wondering the whole time what the two of us are up to while
spending an all expense weekend at a five star luxury resort. Plus, when we
got back he wouldn't do anything but hound us until we told him every minute
detail, even down to the last eyebrow plucking. So to rid ourselves and Gary
of such unceremonious torture, I figured why not just tell him he could come

" you suckered me into letting him come along?"

Moving her head side-to-side while not looking directly at her sister, Holly
said "Yeah, pretty much."

"Okay, just wanted to clear that up." Val's head sprung up and looked toward
the bedroom, then the kitchen, down at the couch, and turned so she could
look behind her at the vast empty space. She was thinking. She looked back
at Holly with a quizzical look on her face. "Where exactly is Gary going to
sleep?" Holly's head immediately followed the same path her sister's had just
taken. "Bet after you invited poor lonely Gary, you didn't happen to call the
resort and ask for say a bigger suite, another bed, or two bathrooms? You
didn't happen to forget about something as important as that now did you?"

Val loved it when she was able to turn the tables on her smart younger
sister, considering the number of times Holly made her look like a fool, not
including the times it was in front of her boss or one of her very limited
dating partners.

"IIII...yeah, maybe I should make a call downstairs."

"Really? Why on earth would you want to do such a thing?"

"Yeah, I think I really do." Holly reached over the side of the couch for the
phone and dialed the front desk. Val watched her sister's many expressions,
many too painful to even look at, as she nodded and shook her head, listening
to the clerk at the front desk and then to the resort manager's feminine, yet
stern voice. She ended the call and re-set the receiver on the charging base.
"Yeah, see, we might have a slight problem."

"What, no more rooms?" Asked Val with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah...that and spare beds or portable cots either. Seems that the
resort is housing The Tropicana Bikini Contest contestants this weekend and
they are all booked up."

"Ahhh. I see. Oh wait there's more. I know that face. It means you are
leaving something out."

"All the motels, hotels, and resorts in the area are booked solid as well.
So, I guess we have two choices then. Either we pack up and go home or we
find a way to make a single queen size bed work for us...oh, and a couch."

"We? Oh no, see that is where I draw the line. There are no we in this
matter. There is only a you. You invited him so you have to deal with him. I
love Gary as much as the next person, but I'm not comfortable sharing a bed
with him."

"Guess he can just have the couch. See, problem all solved." Holly said,
rubbing her hands against each other, as if a job well done.

"Yeah, but if I recall...wasn't it Gary that stayed over a few weeks back at
the apartment and complained when you told him he could have the couch. I
believe it had something to do with you accidentally knocking him down a
flight of stairs in the mall just so you could be the first one in line for
a shoe sale. Yeah, that's right, cause the doctor's bill was mailed to our
address. And amazing as it just happened to have been addressed
to me.

"Well you see..."

"Oh no, you aren't getting yourself out of this one, Holly. Sometimes you
have to face the consequences of your actions and this is one of those times.
So suck it up missy. Gary needs a bed to sleep on and there is only one in
this suite. And don't think for a minute that I will give up my bed for a
couch. So here we go with this little dilemma again. How shall we ever figure
this out?"

"No Val, don't think it. I'm not going to tell my best friend that he has to
pack and go home. Can't we just work something out?"

"I don't see how that is possible, Holly. All the possible combinations for
sleeping arrangements are all used up. What do you suggest, we all sleep in
the bed together?"

"Hey, that isn't such a bad idea. I've heard worse."

"That was sarcasm. You do remember what that is right? That thing you do to
me all the time."

"What if I sleep in between you and Gary? We were already going to share the
bed anyway...right?"

"No, not exactly. Like you said, there is a couch."

"Oh, so you were going to give me the couch? What a sister you are?"

"Room is under my name. Guess I make the rules then."

"So not fair. Well could you deal with us sleeping together, mind you, me in
the middle, for a few nights? It wouldn't kill us. Though I've never exactly
slept in the same bed as a boy, but like anything could happen with you
there...or with Gary period. What do you say? Live a little."

"Okay, fine, but only with you in the middle. You know how he gets around me.
Never know when a boy might go beyond just accepting his boyish crush. You
know boys have pushed their limits with me in my younger days."

"I don't know...I think it's kind of cute the way he looks at you. Though his
mouth does move way faster than his brain sometimes."

"In what way?"

"Oh, like the day we came home and you were bending over the couch reaching
for the tennis racket you had bought and your tennis skirt was flipped up.
By the way, did you ever get that girl under contract? What was her name?"

"Oh forget her name. What did you see? I had on the bloomers didn't I?"

"Yeah, you had them on."

"Good. So, did Gary say something about that?"

"Yeah, while we were eating at the crab shack we were talking and out of the
blue he said 'Holly, your sister has the finest ass of any woman I've ever
seen. I wonder what it would taste like?'"

"No, he didn't?"

"Okay, so maybe he didn't say the first part." Holly watched her sister's eye
bug out, before shuddering a fit of laughter. "Got ya!" Val slung her fist
and struck Holly on the shoulder. Deciding it felt good, she hit her again
and again, each time a bit harder.

"Mercy!" Holly screamed out, rubbing the pain from her lanky shoulder. "I was
just kidding. He said the first part, but not the last. He is always dropping
lines about you. Maybe you two should just hook up so I don't have to hear it


"Good. Now I can tell Gary that I tried. He's always asking me to bring
his name up in our conversations. Now I can finally tell him you aren't
interested and that he should move onto someone younger, prettier, more
his age and own height."

"Oh, so my sister is interested in the guy who has a crush on her older
sister? Isn't that so cute."

"Well yeah. He's black. And you know what they say about black guys and know. And plus, have you seen the size of his hands, not to
mention his feet? If one isn't enough to work for him, he has two more
things going for him."

"Okay, I'm not following...oh, oh, mean..."

"Like tha...of course that's what I mean." Holly said with a shit-eating

"Oh." With a twinkle in her eye, Val chewed on her bottom lip thinking of
the possibilities, shamed at herself for thinking such thoughts.

Holly could see the interest through Val's expressions. "See, now you see
where I'm coming from."

"You remember saying something to me before about living on the edge?"

"Yeah, like ten minutes ago."

"Whatever. How about we let Gary have the middle instead?"

"Val! I'm shocked. Yet majorly turned on. Damn, my nipples are hardening just
thinking about it. Here, feel for yourself." Holly reached out, grabbing her
sister's hand, and pulled it to her. She opened the top of her oversized robe
just enough to snake her sister's hand beyond the material and against her
bikini clad hardened nipples.

"Oh wow, you are." Stated Val as she felt the hard nubs pushing against her
hand. Realizing how what she was doing was wrong, she quickly withdrew her
hand, but not before Gary caught them in the act as he pushed the door open
and entered the suite.

"You have no idea how hard it is to find a drink mach...oh my gawd. Were you
two just doing what...oh my gawd...that's like an all time fantasy of mine."

"What?" Stated the smart and quick thinking Holly.

"Val had her hand in your robe. She was feeling you up."

"Oh that is just too ridiculous...sick even." Val said, fumbling with her
fingers. She wasn't good under direct pressure.

"Yeah, what Val said." Holly chimed in just in time to take over the
situation. "I was just telling her how great this robe felt against my skin.
I told her I was going to take it back with us, but you know the prude that
is Val, so I made her feel the inside of it. She agrees with me, all the
robes go back with us."

"Oh, was that all? Damn."


"Not as much as me."

"Well at least you still have your fantasies," Val said as she made her way
into the kitchenette area of the suite.

Holly and Gary were both shocked at Val's response. "That was so hot!"
Gary jumped over the couch and ran over to the bar separating him and Val.
"Would you say that again, but this time using a sexy, seductive, naughty
teacher-like voice? Please."

"No, I will not! Holly, your friend is starting to scare me."

"Down Gary. Down boy." Holly walked over and slapped Gary across the back of
the head, causing him to drop his head and look at the girl in shame. "Here,
boy." Holly grabbed his shirt and led him back across the suite to the couch.

Val watched as Gary faithfully followed Holly in a pet like manner.
"Interesting friendship those two have," thought Val as she peeked at the
curvature of Gary's butt.

Holly gave Gary a command. "Now stay." Gary stopped and playfully lifted his
hands in the air like two big puppy paws. Holly walked to the door, knowing
all eyes were on her. She turned to face both Gary and her sister, untied her
robe, and then threw it off her shoulders, revealing her latest two-piece
bathing suit purchase for the first time.

Looking at the barely anything thong bikini, Gary's mouth fell open, his
tongue dropped out and began wagging. Across the room, Val's eyes bugged
out as she felt the top of her own bikini start to grow in tightness as
her nipples hardened.

"Well, what do you think?" Holly asked as she turned 180 degrees and bent
over in the process, exposing her totally bare ass, less the simple string
that fit nice and snug between her butt cheeks. She looked over her shoulder,
winking at her friend. "I take it you like?" Gary nodded his head in silence.

Holly looked between his legs and noticed something else was nodding as
well, as the material of his bathing trunks moved about. She couldn't help
to smile, loving the reaction she was getting from Gary. Looking beyond
Gary, toward her sister, Holly was shocked to see Val caressing her own
breasts while her eyes were closed. Val was oblivious to everyone and
everything around her.

"You okay over there, Val?" Asked Holly, deliberately breaking her sister's
pleasing trance-like state of mind.

Val dropped her hand. "Oh yeah, couldn't be any better...or hotter." The last
bit ending no louder than a whisper to herself. Gary looked over at Val and
noticed her nipples were pushing against her top, causing the material to
cover less and less of her beautiful, twin orbs. He turned back to Holly, not
wanting Val to catch him ogling over her. Holly gave him an all-knowing smile
as she walked up to him, pushing his tongue back into his mouth and closed
his mouth. "I get it. You really like it...and her."

"Okay, well I think I hear a pool calling our names." Holly said, breaking
the tension building in the room. She walked over and grabbed her handbag,
then slid her delicately small feet into a pair of clear sandals and opened
the door. "Are you two coming already? Val?"

"Yeah, sure, why not. I could use some cooling off." Val stepped from around
the bar and made her way to the door. Gary got his first real look at Holly's
two-piece bikini on Val's slightly more mature body. He didn't know if Val
was aware that she was covered more in the rear than by the material in the
front. He looked, expecting to get a glimpse of her pubes sticking out from
the bikini bottoms, but there were none to be found, at least none in the
amount of time he had to peek.

Val watched Gary's eyes taking in her body. "Holly was right. Flaunting is
majorly exhilarating and quite seductive," thought Val as she walked around
the boy. Gary quickly followed, unwilling to relinquish his spot behind the
two sexy creatures walking and swaying their hips in front of him.

As they walked, many of the resort staff members did double takes. One sole
gentleman even mentioned the Tropicana Bikini contest was already in session,
which they best hurry along so as not to be late. They just smiled, blushed,
and giggled as they continued on their way to the indoor pool. As they opened
the smoke stained door to the pool area, Holly immediately was disappointed
that there were only a few children running around, chasing each other along
the pool's edge. Even they weren't dressed in swimming attire.

"Where is everyone?" Holly asked to no one in particular. She really wanted
to show off her new suit to a bunch of lucky, tall, dark handsome guys, but
now wouldn't be her chance.

"Did you not hear that guy mention the bikini contest taking place? Where do
you think every one is...especially all the guys?"

"Well, you're a guy and you're here, so what does that say about you?"

"I don't no...possibly because I don't need to see beautiful women in skimpy
clad bikinis when I'm lucky enough to be rooming with two of the sexiest
women I've ever laid eyes on. Hmmm?" Val rushed past her sister and Gary,
springing herself into a dive toward the warm water below, in an attempt to
cover up the wetness and discomfort Gary had just caused her.

Gary watched the dive, taking his eyes off Holly for a second to long. He
quickly found himself being pushed into the water. Seconds later, having
touched his feet on the pool's bottom, he pushed off and rocketed himself
to the water's surface. On his way up, he was sure he saw Val with her hand
down her bikini bottom. His rash re-surfacing caused water to spray all over
Holly, who was still standing by the pool's edge. She immediately dived over
Gary's re-emerged head, causing minimal splash as she breached the water's
surface and continued swimming down and through her sister's legs, while her
hands was still working on her pussy itch. The contact of Holly's hair
against her body as she tried to swim through her legs didn't help the matter
any as she immediately closed her legs, trapping Holly between them. The
additional weight sent both girls sinking to the bottom. They separated upon
impact, but not before Holly felt a brief flush of warmth hit her back. Gary
dove under and joined them at the bottom before they all surfaced to catch
breathes of fresh air.

"Are you two okay?" Asked Gary, looking concerned for their well being.

"We're fine." Val said, a bit flushed in the face.

Looking the two women over in close proximity, "Damn straight you are. Hot,
Hot, Hot!" thought Gary as he noticed their breasts standing to attention,
their hard nipples pushing the limits of their bikini fabric.

Holly noticed Gary's stare, comparing its intensity to the 'Kent Thousand
Yard Stare' from her favorite WB show, 'Smallville.' "Bet he wished he had
x-ray vision as well," thought Holly as she entertained herself with her

"I know, we should play a game. Any suggestions?" asked Gary.

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. How about we play 'Over/Under'?"

"What is that?" Asked Val, clueless as usual.

"Kind of like what we just did. We each take turns diving under each other's
legs as the person tries their best to sink to the bottom."

"Nah. That sounds lame. Not interesting enough. How about a game of Truth or
Dare?" Gary mentioned, hoping for the best.

"T & D is overrated. I remember this time when I was in college and me and my
roommate played..." Holly cut her short.

"Oh please, none of your boring 'back when' stories. Fine Gary, you want
interesting...then why not pull a Tina (one of Holly's new friends) twist and
make it a little more daring. Yeah, let's make it where if you lose, anything
goes. Would that be interesting enough for ya?"

"Shoot yeah!" Stated an ecstatic Gary, beaming from ear-to-ear.


"I'm thinking I like the Truth or Dare suggestion that much better now."

"Oh come on, Val. Remember what we talked about earlier...about you letting
loose and living a little?"

She thought it over for a moment. "Oh what the hell, I'm in."

"Good, then you'll be it first." Holly shoved her older sibling back into
the water. "Now on the count of three, you try and submerge yourself while
remaining upright. Gary and I will take turns attempting to swim between
your legs before you reach the bottom. If we both make it, you have to be
willing to do anything we ask or receptive to anything we want for say
thirty seconds. Are the rules clear? Oh and what happens in the pool, stays
in the pool."

"I've got a question," Val responded while treading water with her arms and
legs. "Is there a limit?"

"No. It's like I said...anything goes." Val wasn't responsive after Holly's
clarification of the rules. In fact, she was down right terrified...not of
the game itself, but of herself, wondering just how far she might would let
things go.

"3-2-1" Holly yelled out. Val disappeared under the water, fighting to push
her lightweight body to the bottom of the pool.

"5-4-3-2-1" Holly counted down. "See ya in a sec, Gary." She dove in, the
quick acceleration and angle of descent allowed her to maneuver through her
sister's legs with no problem. Once she surfaced, Gary was quick to dive in
himself. He watched Val struggling to stay emerged, much less get to the
bottom. He swam through her wide open legs with ease, allowing his boyish
chest to rub against the older woman's smoothed, toned legs. Holly and Gary
hi-fived each other as Val swam up to the surface.

"Well?" Holly looked at her sister as she awaited some kind of response.

"Well what? That is impossible to do that, especially with your legs open
like that."

"Open legs?" Holly looked and smiled at Gary, then back to Val. "I never said
anything about them having to be open. You could have kept them closed and
forced us to open them ourselves. Everybody does it differently."

Val slapped the water with her hand, sending a spray of water in her sister's
face. "Do over?"

"Nope, sorry, there are no do overs in this game."

"What now?"

"Brace yourself; time for the part of the game that I love. Anything goes."

"Oh boy," thought Val as she witnessed the evil gleam in Holly's eyes.

"Gary, you need to swim over to the other side of the pool. This is between
me and my sister." Gary shrugged his shoulders before swimming across the
pool as he had been told. He still wasn't sure of the game's rules, but he
would soon catch on. They would be more to his liking than he initially

"Now as for you, Val...why don't you follow me." The two swam over to the
side of the pool, opposite of Gary.

"What is that twisted mind of yours thinking, Holly? Remember, you have to
live me with." Holly paid her little attention.

"Do you feel that rush of water?"

"Yeah, what about it? It's one of the water jets."

"Exactly. You have to ride it like a penis for thirty seconds. Are you

"What? You can't be serious?"

"Hey, you agreed to play the game." Val was about so say something, but Holly
closed her hand over Val's mouth before anything could come out. "Are you in
or are you out? If you're too chicken to play then don't play. In or out?"

Val thought about it for a few seconds before responding. "In." She moved
her body in position, feeling the power rush of the jets against her bikini
bottom covered mound. The time started. Val couldn't control herself...the
pressure from the jet was too intense, but became even worse when Holly
reached down and pulled Val's bottom to the side, allowing the jet to pump
the pressured water directly against her sensitive pussy lips. Val grabbed
the edge of the pool and rode out her climax, moaning out the enormous
pleasure she was receiving.

Holly just smiled over at a confused Gary, wondering what Val was yelling
out, it wasn't comprehensive to his ears.

"5-4-3-2-1" whispered Holly in Val's right ear.

An exhausted Val and ecstatic Holly swam across the pool together. "Your
turn, Gary." Holly stated as she hopped out of the pool and looked back at
her sister. Val's pleasured face quickly turned to that of a troubled one.

"Cool. Val, I want you to be wild and crazy and around the pool
as fast as you can for the thirty seconds." Holly quickly looked at her
friend, hitting him on the shoulder. She raised her eyebrows hoping he might
get the message, as usual; the hint and stare went over his head.

"Sure Gary, I think I can do that." Val winked at Holly, letting her sister
know that she hadn't won yet. Gary had his own reasons for his suggestion,
earnestly enjoying the bouncing and shifting of Val's breasts in her small
bikini top. As Val rounded the last corner and came to a halt, Holly smirked
at Gary in disbelief, but was met by a huge grin. She followed his eyes to
her sister's chest and noticed the exposure that had so adamantly caught
Gary's attention. Val bent over in exhaustion, clueless to the fact she was
baring herself to the other two. Holly reached over, and being the loving
sister that she is, pulled Val's top back into place, shocking Val in the
process. She looked down to make sure everything was back in its rightful

Holly leaned into her ear and whispered, "Guess he isn't as dumb as we
thought." Val slung her arm out, but Holly ducked the blow and jumped into
the water before Val could take another playful swing.

"Okay, I'm ready. Begin your counting." Holly quickly submerged herself.

Second later, Val turned to Gary. "Forget the count. Go get her." He dove in
and met resistance from Holly, not willing to open her legs. Gary forcefully
pried open her legs, swam through, and re-surfaced.

"Well?" Ask Val.

"Easy as pie," responded Gary. Val dove down, meeting as much resistance if
not more, but nothing a little tickling couldn't remedy. Val re-surfaced as
well and saw Gary's hand raised up in the air. She got the notion and
hi-fived him. Holly soon surfaced.

"Who's first?" Gary raised his hand. Holly waited for her instruction as they
all climbed out of the pool.

"Holly, I want you to do as many cartwheels as you can in thirty seconds."
Once again, Holly Tyler couldn't believe what her friend was thinking, so she
decided to take the matter into her own hands. She reached out and grabbed
his crotch.

"Are you sure you wouldn't want me to do anything else?" His response was a
gulp. Val spoke up instead.

"Oh no, he already told you what he wanted."

Val felt fine playing the game as long as Holly was the only other one that
wanted it to be a game of sex and chances. Now Holly was playing dirty,
trying to get Gary to play her game. Val wanted none of it.

"Start turning out those cartwheels, sis." Val pushed her knowing full well
after this, the game would certainly get wilder. Gary shrugged. Holly started
her cartwheels and as the thirty seconds came to an end, she deliberately
caused her top to fall off her right breast. "Two can play at his game,"
thought Holly as she rejoined the others.

"Do you mind?" Val asked sarcastically as she looked at her sister's bare
chest. Holly smirked and covered herself back up. Gary was grateful it was
his turn to be in the water, needing someway to hide his growing erection.
Once in the water, he shot to the bottom, wasting no time while Val and
Holly struggled with each other to determine who would go first. Holly saw
Gary disappear.

"He's under." Val looked and then they both dived under. With only a foot
more to descend, the girls came up short. They all re-surfaced and this time
it was Gary with the evil gleam in his eyes. Holly was pissed she lost, but
happy that Val lost as well. "Now for the real fun," thought Holly as she
climbed out behind her sister. "Nice ass." Gary climbed out behind them,
thinking much the same of them both.

"Well Gary, what do you have in mind?" Asked Holly, hoping for something

"Holly, I want you to run around the pool as your sister did." Holly was
disappointed and Gary could tell. "Oh...and without your bottoms also."
Holly's spirit suddenly rose, quickly stripping off her bottoms, baring
her smoothly shaved mound for all to see.

"Thank goodness the children already left," thought Val, as she couldn't
take her eyes away from her sister's bare snatch. "She looks like a baby.
Such a small slit," thought Val. Gary smiled, stared, and openly adjusted
his member in his bathing trunks as Holly winked at him before running off.
As she came to the home stretch, she slowed her pace, allowing the others
to really get an eye full of her exposed young, nubile body. Once back in
place, she slid her bottoms back on and leaned into her sister's ear. Val
didn't want any of it and ran form the indoor pool area, and headed for
the elevator, eventually her suite.

* * *

Half hour later, Holly and Gary walked through the door laughing their heads
off. Val sat on the couch eating out of a gallon-sized bucket of Rocky Road
ice cream.

"I'll be right back. Bathroom." Gary suggested, taking his leave from the
immediate room. Holly walked to the kitchenette area, retrieved a plastic
spoon from the table, and joined her sister on the couch.

"Rocky Road. Mmmm. One of my favorites."

"It was all they had in this size."

"More the merrier." Holly dug into the bucket and put a spoonful in her
mouth. "Mmmm so delicious. "Val instinctively licked her own lips as she
watched a bit of the ice cream slide down Holly's chin. Holly wiped her
mouth off before digging back into the ice cream.

Val couldn't take the fact Holly wasn't saying anything about what happened
earlier at the pool.

"I'm sorry, Holly."

"Why, what for?" Asked Holly, looking confused.

"You know for what. I'm sorry I reacted like I did at the pool and ran out on
you guys."

"Oh yeah, the pool. Wasn't that a blast? Just good old fun between family and

"How can you be this calm?"

"Calm. I'm always calm. What happens at the pool stays at the pool. I
remember us just having casual fun. So, what other flavors of ice cream do
they have downstairs?"

Val wasn't sure about just forgetting about what happened or what she was
willing to have happen. That was why she ran out, not wanting to do something
she might regret later. "All kinds. I just went for the largest since it's
free and all."

"Good choice."

A few minutes later, Gary reappeared, hopping over the back of the couch,
landing between the two girls.


"Hey, I just wanted a preview of how it feels to be sandwiched between two
sexy women." How could Holly and Val not blush? Gary could be an idiot at
times and annoying, but if he was one was...he was always good
to them.

"Please, you have to stop that."

"Sorry, you've lost me."

"All the pleasantries and nice comments."

"Why does he have to stop, Val? I kind of like them. Builds up my confidence.
And what...would you prefer him to call us bitches or skank hoes?"

"That could be an interesting change," thought Val before responding in her
own voice.

"No, I don't think I would. And I don't like you throwing those words around
as if they didn't mean anything to you. It isn't nice and well, it's down
right wrong."

"Yeah Holly, what Val said," chimed in Gary while thinking of a few other
words he would like to throw in each of their directions.

After taking a few spoonfuls of ice cream in himself, Gary headed out to walk
around the resort by himself. Val continued her ice cream diet and TV viewing
as Holly moved from the couch to the sauna. It was located on the third
floor, two floors below where the Tylers were staying.

Holly entered the code; the girl at the front desk gave her, into the
electronic keypad. The door opened to the changing room that led to the
sauna. The girl at the front desk watched Holly enter the room through
the security camera. Immediately she asked her boss for a break. She ran
for the stairs, heading straight for the third floor sauna.

Holly stripped down to nothing and placed her clothes on a bench right
outside the heated room. She grabbed a fresh towel from a hook on the wall
and wrapped it around her small-framed body before entering the other room
and taking a seat on one of the wooden benches. She closed her eyes and
relaxed, enjoying the peaceful moment.

Minutes later, Holly re-opened her eyes, realizing she wasn't alone in the
small room any longer. She recognized the twenty something brunette. "Hi."

"Hi yourself. So, are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yeah, it feels great. Never been in a sauna before that sprays the room with
blasts of water. It freaked me out at first."

"Yeah, it's different, but supposedly it makes the body relax even more than
the steam alone."

"I can believe that. Mmmm, it's magical like. So you on a break or are you
off for the day?"

"Just a thirty minute break."

"You get thirty minutes? Wow, nice boss you have."

"She's great. She's my mom. Got to love her."

"So how come we weren't told of this when we registered?"

"Oh that's's an employees only sauna. The one for the guests are
on the first floor along with the gym and well everything."

"Oh." Holly didn't know what to think of the situation. Something felt rather
odd to her. "She's eyeing me funny," thought Holly while making sure the girl
didn't see her look at her. Suddenly it dawned on her, "She's gay."

"Are you hitting on me?" Asked Holly unsure of the move.

"Is it working?"

"So you're gay then?"

"Yeah, but so are you...right?"

To Be Continued in Part 2


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