What I Like About You: Tina And Val Fall For Each Other (Ff,anal)
by Hamster

Tina showed up at her best friend's flat. She knocked on the door a few
times and finally she heard Val call out for her to just come in. Val headed
straight for her friend Holly's room but as she passed Val's room she peeked
in and noticed that Val had just stepped out of the shower. She stood naked,
beads of water running down her hot body. Tina felt her body go warm, and her
cheeks blush.

"Holly is not here right now, but she told me to tell you that she would be
back soon. You can wait in her room if you want to." Val explained.

Tina nodded. Then she headed to Holly's room.

'Wow. What a body' she thought, then quickly diverted her thoughts to
something else, this was after all Holly's sister, for christ sake. She went
inside Holly's room and sat down on the bed. She was still warm all over,
slightly trembling.

A few moments later, Val peeked inside, still naked, "Say Tina, would you do
me a favor?" she asked.

Tina looked up, trying not to stare too much at the naked woman before her
eyes. "Uhm, sure..." she replied.

"Would you rub this lotion on my back?" Val asked, "I can't reach over there


Val went over to Tina, handed her a bottle and turned around. Tina couldn't
help but stare at Val's butt. Even though she was in her thirties, she was
still a beautiful woman. She poured some lotion in her hand and started
rubbing it on her back. Conveniently enough, had Val positioned herself in
front of a mirror, so Tina could watch her from behind and the front in the
mirror. Tina couldn't believe the feelings building inside her.

'Why am I suddenly lusting for Val?' Tina wondered.

Tina noticed that she could see Val in the mirror, and she looked at her.
She seemed to enjoy it, she could see that her nipples were hard. She kept
rubbing the lotion onto her firm body, slowly going down over her buttocks,
reaching her inner thighs. Val moaned. In the mirror Tina could see that
she had closed her eyes. Val tilted her head back, and Tina reached over,
applying the lotion to her firm stomach. Her hands went up through the
breasts, up to the shoulders. Then she filled both hands and ran her hands
over her boobs, making it accidental, then down to her stomach, gradually
working back to the breasts.

Tina's eyes met Val's dreamy gaze in the mirror, then her eyes closed again.
Tina was sure that she had seen a wicked smile on her lips. Tina's hands were
now massaging and caressing Val's breasts, working the lotion all over them.
Her slick hands cupping the breasts.

Val's hand found her pussy, spreading the lips apart. The pink clit came into
view, and she began rubbing it hard. Tina kept her eyes on the sight in the
mirror. She began kissing Val's neck, letting her lips and tongue play back
the down. Val shot her ass out toward Tina, bent over offering herself to her
sister's friend. This was strange both Tina and Val had never thought of
other women in a sexual way but now all they wanted was each other.

Slowly Tina's tongue circled around her tight rear hole and wet pussy. She
began licking her, her tongue working hard in her pussy, tasting her juices.
As she licked her pussy, she pressed a single finger against her tight
asshole, slowly sliding inside. As the finger went inside her, she started
finger-fucking her.

Within minutes Val was screaming and bucking wildly, enjoying a massive
orgasm. The juices flooding Tina's mouth, soaking her face. Tina was enjoying
it tremendously, licking wilder, forcing her finger deeper up her ass.

As the orgasm rolled over, Tina wrapped her arms around Val, caressing her
gorgeous breasts, until she was fully recovered from the sensations.

Then a deep silence fell upon the room...

Val turned around, facing Tina, running her hands through the soft hair of
her younger lover. She kissed her face, lips and neck.

Tina could feel the hot breath as she whispered in her ear "Your turn now,

Then the tip of her tongue brushed over her ear, sending thrills throughout
Tina's body.

Then Val led her hands down Tina's body, gently teasing her. She started
undressing her, and shortly after she stood naked before her. Both of them
were naked in Holly's room. Val reached down to spread Tina's legs, gently
pinching her inner thighs.

Val started to kiss and bite the breasts of the teen girl, slowly working
the way down over her stomach to her soaking pussy. Her hands were
everywhere, her tongue playing with her pussy.

Everytime Tina was close to cumming, Val stopped. She loved to tease the
young girl, wanting to make the lovemaking last forever.

Val ran her soaked pussy over Tina's right thigh, running up over her
stomach, up to her flustered face, ordering her to lick her clit. Tina had
no more than just flickered her tongue over her pink clit before Val removed
herself from her, getting down on the bed next to Tina, telling her to do
nothing but watch. Then Val masturbated herself to another loud orgasm, as
Tina watched with growing interest.

That very moment, the phone rang. It rang several times before Val was able
to get herself together to answer it without sounding too short of breath.

Tina could understand from the conversation that it was Holly on the phone.

When Val got off the phone, she said "Better get dressed now, hon. Holly is
on her way home."

The pair got dressed, then Val hugged Tina, kissing her deeply and

"I think I might just fall in love." She said with a grin.
_ _ _

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