"What I Like About You" is a copyrighted and a trademark of the Warner
Brothers Television network.

The following is a work of FICTION and in no way implies any behavior by any
person, real or fictional.

Jennie Garth as Valerie "Val" Tyler
Amanda Bynes as Holly Tyler
Brittany Murphy as Herself
Allison Munn as Tina Haven
Leslie Grossman as (in this series) the she-male assistant Lauren

Codes: FF, FFF, FFFF, F-mast, inc, herm, reluc, cons

Short recap: Val and Holly found out, in chapter two, that their new business
adventure was more rewarding than they had ever imagined. They also have
become closer than sisters should be.

What I Like About You:
The Secrets Of The Spa Part 2 - Lauren's Secret Revealed
by FSP ([email protected])

Several weeks have passed. Holly and Val have settled into their new jobs,
and are quite experienced at it now. Their sexual relationship with each
other has become much more. This relationship developed after Brittany left
to pursue her acting career further. Both Holly and Valerie had fallen in
love with Brittany, Holly a bit more than Val. Even though Holly knew
Brittany would be leaving, she managed to sneak a few private moments with
Brittany after work. This only made it harder on Holly. She was totally
heartbroken the night Brittany left. Val didn't show it as much as Holly,
but she also wanted Brittany to stay. Holly and Val got home very late after
the send-off party, sad, tired, and sore from the extra effort put into the
farewell fuck fest with Brittany they had, after the party. Holly couldn't
stop sobbing the whole drive home. Val felt bad seeing her little sister so
heartbroken. In the process of comforting Holly, Val also feels better and
realizes her feelings for her sexy little sister were a lot more than
sisterly love. Holly felt the same. They spent the rest of that night
remembering all their past failed love lives, laughing, and wanting to act
on their developing feelings, but sex was not possible. They wanted to but
just didn't have the energy. Between all the sex at work and the party, they
were just plane sexed out. Before falling asleep, cuddled together, they made
a pact that they would be there for each other no matter what. Of course they
still keep in touch with Brittany and are planning a visit soon, but it's
just not the same at the spa without Brittany there.

* * *

Saturday afternoon. The day after the party.

Holly and Val are sound asleep cuddled together. Val slowly stirs as she
awakens. She drinks in the beauty of her sister, still sound asleep. Careful
not to wake her, Val gets out of bed to go shower.

The warm water has a hypnotizing effect on Val as it cascades down over her
body. Val slowly rubs her hands over her body as her mind flashes images of
the past few weeks. Stepping away from the water, she uses the body soap with
a fragrance of wild flowers to create a thick lather, spreading it over her
body with a soft touch, paying extra attention to her breasts. Teasing
herself by pinching her nipples as she continues to spread the fragrant
lather over her soft breasts. Pausing for a moment, to admire the heart shape
that Brittany had created out of her blonde pubic hair, before her hands
scoop some lather from her upper body and push it down to her flat tummy.
Moving her hands back up to tease her nipples some more, as the warm suds
spill down over her pubic mound and begin to engulf the blonde curls of her
muff. She slides her hands down to rub in the suds, spreading her legs to
allow easier access, using one hand to clean all of the folds of her swelling
lower anatomy, and the other to get more soap. She takes the fresh lather
around to her tight ass cheeks swaying her hips back and forth as she
caresses her ass. Her hands move down and around her left leg, bending her
body to reach her foot, tickling herself a little as she cleans between her
toes. Reversing the technique up her right leg, her hands find her swollen
lips and proceed to fondle away, this time more for pleasure than for
cleaning purposes. She steps back under the warm water to rinse, as one hand
reaches for the shampoo and the other pleasures her pussy. Val hadn't had to
masturbate in several weeks and was pleasantly surprised at how good she
could make herself feel. Not wanting to stop fingering herself, she tries
unsuccessfully to wash her hair with one hand. She attempts to resume the
masturbation as she leans her head back to rinse the shampoo from her hair,
but the water had rinsed the natural lube away, making it slightly painful
and too much work. Slightly frustrated, she checks to make sure all the soap
is rinsed off, turns off the water, opens the shower door, reaches for a
towel, steps out onto the rug, and dries her hair and body.

Holly had woken up while Val was showering, and made coffee. "We need two
fucking bathrooms." She thinks out loud as she knocks on the locked door of
the bathroom, clinching her legs together trying to lessen the urge to pee.
"Val let me in! I need to pee!" Val, recognizing the urgency in Holly's
voice, doesn't bother to wrap a towel around herself and opens the door.
Holly runs to the toilet, pulling her panties down along the way. She starts
to pee before she gets fully seated on the toilet and gets some on, the seat,
the floor, her panties, and her legs.

Holly: (As she sits on the wet seat to finish peeing. With a sigh of relief
and anger in her voice she says.) "Damn it Val, I pissed all over! It's all
your fault, if you hadn't been masturbating in the shower. I heard you
moaning. I could've made it in time. Since when do you lock the fucking
bathroom door anyway?"

Val: (Trying not to laugh.) "Sorry, old habbit. You were sleeping so soundly
I thought I would be done before you woke up."

Holly: (Taking toilet paper from the roll. Looking down at the mess she
made.) "Fuck! I pissed all over. You know I always need to go bad in the
morning, so don't you fucking laugh at me pissing on myself."

Val: (Holding back the laughter but can't stop the smirk from forming on
her face.) "Man you're a grouchy bitch in the morning. I'm sorry Holly I
shouldn't laugh but you look so cute when you're pissed. No pun intended."

Holly: (Standing and taking her wet panties the rest of the way off, drying
her ass and the toilet seat with them, throwing them at Val. Val steps aside
so they miss her and land on the floor.) "Ha fucking Ha, I suppose you used
all the hot water so I have to take a cold shower. Maybe you should've taken
a cold shower then I wouldn't have pissed all over."

Val: "No there is plenty of hot water. Calm your ass down. It's just a little
accident. I'll clean it up. You just get your cute little ass in the shower,
and relax."

Holly turns on the water, takes her top off and steps in the shower. Val
cleans up the pee, on and around the toilet, puts the wet panties in the
hamper, and cleans the floor around where they had landed. After putting
the cleaning supplies away, Val puts her hair up, opens the shower door
and steps in, startling Holly, who was standing with her eyes closed under
the hot water.

Holly: "Shit! Val you scared me. What the fuck? (Giving Val a little push.)
You had your turn. Get outta here. I'm not in the mood for sex in the shower.
You know just ‘cause I get naked doesn't mean that I want to have sex."

Val: "Sorry! I just need to wash off. I got a little on me cleaning up your
mess. I never said anything about sex. Who would want sex with your grouchy
ass anyway?"

Holly: (Turning to show off her ass.) "Grouchy or not. There are lots of
people who want sex with this hot ass, but they can't have it. I don't like
it in the ass."

Val: (Wrinkling up her nose.) " That's gross Holly. I don't like it either.
How would you even know, it's not like you ever tried it… Have you?"

Holly: (Soaping up her body.) "I'm not telling. If I tell the story, you'll
just get all horny, and as much fun it is to get you horny, I'm not in the
mood. I'm mad at you still. How do you know you don't like it? Have you tried

Val: (As she is getting out of the shower and drying off.) "Only once and it
was sort of an accident. I don't want to talk about it."

Holly: (Starting to shampoo her hair.) "Was that the time I heard you scream?
It was! A few days before you and Rick broke up. I totally remember. I came
home and you two were going at it, I couldn't help but listen, you are
loud... anyway you were close to getting off and then I hear this awful
scream. You were pissed; I thought you were going to kill him. He totally
stuck you in the ass when you weren't expecting it."

Val: (Embarrassed that Holly had heard.) "That isn't exactly what happened
but close enough. I didn't know you were home when it happened."

Holly: (Rinsing her hair, and body.) "Yea, I went to bed fast while you were
yelling. Hoping he didn't come out running for his life with you chasing.
That was funny now that I think about it. I remember you walked a little
funny the next day."

Val: (Fixing her hair at the mirror.) "It wasn't funny. It fucking hurt bad."

Holly: (Turning off the water and stepping out of the shower.) "Yea I bet it
did. Is that why you broke up with him?"

Val: (Turning on the blow dryer, bending over and shaking her hair while
using the dryer. Holy observing the motion of Val's boobs and ass, as she
dries herself. Val stands up, tossing her hair back and fluffing it with
her free hand, causing her tits to jiggle. Switching off the dryer to speak.)
"It wasn't just because of that, it was because he wanted to do it again.
He made it look like an accident but he totally did it intentionally. He
attempted it a few other times but I managed to stop him before he got it
in. He just caught me off guard that time."

Holly: (Finishing drying off and hanging up the towel.) "That sick fucker.
I'm so glad you got rid of him."

Val: (Finishing with blow dryer and hanging it up.) "I'm glad I got rid of
him too, but there are times I miss his cock."

Holly: (Standing next to Val to use the mirror. Taking the blow dryer off the
hook.) "You still like cock? I've never had one so I can't say if I do or
don't. I know I like pussy."

Val: (Applying a little makeup.) "I know you do. I do to, but I miss having
a nice hard dick in my pussy."

Holly: (Fluffing her hair as the blow dryer works, her firm tits bouncing a
little.) "We can go get a strap on, and I'll fuck you with it."

Val: (Raising an eyebrow in curiosity.) "We could. Where do we go to get

Holly: (Turns off the blow dryer, hangs it up, and shakes her head as she
fluffs her hair with her hands.) "Tina took me to an adult store once so she
could get a new vibrator. She said her old one broke, but I think she just
wore it out....anyway the store is fairly close. I saw lots of naughty stuff
in there."

Val: "She did what? She is such a naughty girl teaching you about vibrators.
How is Tina anyway? I haven't seen her in a while."

Holly: "Like you never taught me any naughty stuff. She's good I've talked to
her a few times, she..."

They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Val wraps a towel around herself
and goes to answer it. She looks through the peep hole to see Tina standing
in the hall. Val lets her in.

Val: (Giving her a hug.) "Hello stranger, we were just talking about you."

Tina: (Returning the hug.) "Oh yea, good things I hope. Is Holly up?"

Val: "Yea, she is in the bathroom. So how are you sweetie? I missed you.

Tina: (Pouring herself some coffee, and offering Val some too.) "Good.
Thanks. I missed you too. I hope you haven't been avoiding me since the other
night when we...."

Val: (Stopping her, and giving her another hug.) "No not at all sweetie.
We've just been really busy with the Spa."

Tina: (Moving so she can kiss Val, and plants a big one on her. Val is a
little surprised but quickly returns the kiss.) "God I've wanted to do that
for so long. I'm so happy you aren't all weirded out buy what we did. I was
so worried that you didn't want me around any more."

Holly: (Heard Tina's voice so she doesn't bother covering up. Joining Val and
Tina in the kitchen.) "Hey Tina, you got one of those kisses for me too?"

Tina: (Turning to see Holly standing there naked. Pausing to take a good
look.) "I sure do honey, come here."

Holly and Tina make out for a few minutes. Tina takes full advantage of
Holly's nudity, exploring her body with her hands as they tongue wrestle.
Val helps the towel fall off of her as she watches Tina make out with Holly.

Tina: (Breaking the kiss, starting to take off her top. Glances over to see
Val standing there naked.) "I must be dreaming but I don't want to wake up
if I am."

Holly: (Licking her lips and recovering form the unexpectedly passionate
kiss, stopping Tina from undressing.) "Easy girl. You aren't dreaming, but
slow down. Gawd, why is it that people think that, just because you are
naked that you want sex? Not that I don't want it, just not right this
second. You just got here Tina and I haven't seen you in weeks, yea I missed
you too, but lets catch up a little before we...."

Tina: (A little embarrassed.) "Sorry. I got a little carried away. I missed
you guys so much, and then Val answers the door wearing a towel and then you
come out all naked, it was just too good to pass up."

Holly: (Getting some coffee and sitting on one of the bar stools at the
island.) "I'm sorry too Tina I should've put on a robe or something but I
heard it was you and knew you had already seen me naked, and I felt like
being naked today. I guess I should keep this irresistible body covered.
Who knew that it would have such an affect on people?"

Val: (Sipping her coffee, almost spitting it out as she laughs at Holly.)
"Get over yourself Holly. You're not that hot. (She moves closer and takes
a long look.) "Okay, maybe you are, but still you don't have to brag so much
about it." (She turns to Tina, gives her and equally invasive look, places
her hands on Tina's shoulders and runs them down her chest squeezing Tina's
breasts, pressing her tits into Tina's back in the process.) "See Tina here?
She's just as hot even with clothes on and she isn't bragging about it, which
makes her even more attractive."

Tina: (Purring her approval, enjoying the attention, reaches back to fondle
Val's ass.) "Thank you Val. You're pretty damn hot yourself. I would have to
say you are hotter than Holly."

Val: (Whispering in Tina's ear, as she continues to fondle her tits.)
"Thanks. Now watch Holly freak out."

Holly: (Sets her coffee down and stands.) "No fucking way she is Hotter than
me, you're just saying that because she is feeling you up."

Tina and Val separate and burst out laughing.

Tina and Val: (In stereo.) "Gotcha!"

Holly: (Not appreciating the joke.) "That's not funny. I knew you were
joking, and was just going along with it."

Val: (Walking past Holly, patting her on the ass.) "Yea sure you did. Lets
go get dressed we're going shopping. (Giving a little wink.) Remember? Tina
you're invited to join us."

Tina: (Watching Val's ass as she climbs the stairs and goes out of sight.)
"What was that wink for?"

Holly: (As she goes to get dressed too.) "Oh it's nothing. Before you got
here we were talking about...well Val was talking about how she misses
getting a cock in her pussy, so I told her we could get a strap on and I
would give it to her good."

Tina: "Damn. I created a monster. I had no idea that you two were still doing
each other. I thought that Val was just drunk and horny. I mean I didn't
think you two would do it again."

Holly: (Pausing on the stairs to say.) "I told you we need to catch up, you
missed a lot of good stuff. I'll tell you all about it later."

They go to the adult store. Holly and Val fill Tina in on all the details of
their sexual adventures on the way. Val goes nuts in the store buying all
kinds of toys, including a deluxe strap on that has three different size
realistic dicks. Holly and Tina tease one of the male customers in the store.
They noticed him watching them and played it up good. Taking some of the toys
and demonstrating what they would do to each other with them, fondling each
other playfully. The guy watches for a while and when Tina and Holly had
forgotten about him he approaches them and asks if they would like to have a
threesome with him.

Tina: (Stepping close to him, noticing the bulge in his pants, softly places
a hand on his shoulder leans to whisper in his ear.) "Sorry buddy but we only
do girls."

They join Val at the check out counter. Happy that she is finished and ready
to go. They all have a big laugh in the car about what they had done in the

Tina: "That guy had some nerve, asking us so bluntly like that."

Val: "You were lucky he wasn't some stocker freak that followed you or

Holly: "Relax Val we were in public. I can't believe how busy it was in that

Tina: "As creepy as he was, ya got to give him credit for being confident
enough to ask. Did you see his package? It was big. I sure hope he was hard,
if he wasn't I couldn't imagine how big he was....Let's go back and find

Val: "Really? Was it that big?"

Holly: "I thought you were going to grab it for a second. He had to have been
hard. You were so slutty Tina, I knew we were just playing and you got me

Tina: "Thanks I think. Do you think I'm a slut? I mean I was just acting."

Holly: (Realizing she inadvertently insulted Tina.) "No not at all sweetie.
I was just impressed at how good you were at acting like a slut."

They get back to Val and Holly's loft just as Lauren is knocking on the door.

Val: (Sneaking up on Lauren.) "Nobody's in there."

Lauren: (Jumping, startled by Val.) "Holy shit Val! You scared the crap out
of me."

Holly: (Pushing past to open the door.) "I'm not cleaning that up. Hi

Tina: (Following Holly inside.) "Hi Lauren, I'm not cleaning it up either."

Val: (Not one to pass on a good joke as she walks in the door.) "Don't look
at me. I'm not cleaning it up either...Hi Lauren how the hell are ya? Come
on in."

Lauren: (Following and closing the door behind her. Showing no appreciation
for the joke, as she sits in one of the regular kitchen chairs.) "Yea yea
funny funny, Lauren crapped herself. I wonder why I even came to see you. I
know... it's because you haven't talked to me in months. I had to find out
on the street that you had a new business."

Val: (Returning from putting the bag of toys away. Walking up to Lauren and
giving her a hug.) "I know. I'm sorry. I've been really busy and I haven't
had time to call."

Lauren: (Returning the hug. Then sits in a bar stool at the island in the
kitchen.) "I forgive you. Now dish on the new business. We got a lot of
catching up to do."

Val: (Trying to think of a way to get rid of Lauren so she can try out all
the new toys with Holly and Tina. She didn't really want her to know about,
or join them. She had always thought Lauren to be too needy and didn't want
to deal with her right now.) "Its no big deal. I just kind of fell into a
good opportunity."

Holly and Tina are sitting at the table in the kitchen, Thinking of a way
to help Val get rid of Lauren. Holly whispers to Tina for her to start a
conversation with Lauren so she can talk to Val about her plan to get Lauren
to leave. Tina reluctantly agrees, and whispers back to Holly that she owed
her big.

Tina: "So Lauren, what have you been up to lately? I haven't seen you in a
long time."

Lauren: (Happy someone finally asked.) "Well I got a job at the bakery down
the block. It's not as good as I had it working with Val, but I like it. The
pay sucks, but I get all the sweet treats I can eat...."

As Lauren blabs on and on to Tina, who is trying hard to act interested.
Holly motions for Val to come to her. When she does, Holly whispers her plan
to Val. They exchange whispers and come up with a plan they agree on. Val was
in perfect position for Holly to reach up and play with her tits without
Lauren seeing. As Val jumped at the unexpected touch, her shirt got pulled
down exposing the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. She quickly pulls her
shirt up to cover her tits, and gives Holly a disapproving look. Holly looks
over to see if any one had seen what happened. Lauren's back was to them, so
she didn't see. Tina did and tried not to laugh. Confident that Lauren wasn't
paying any attention to them, Holly continues her attack on Val's breasts.
Val also checking to see if any one was watching allows her sisters hands to
squeeze her supple globes. It doesn't take much for her nipples to rise to
full attention. Tina shoots Holly a envious look. Val stops Holly as her
hands were about to make their way into her pants. Seeing this happen aroused
Tina even more, her nipples hardening, and moisture beginning to flow between
her legs, with the thoughts of Holly touching her. Holly also becoming more
aroused, with Val moving out of reach. Turns her attention to her own body.
Lauren notices Tina's nipples harden and poke through the thin material of
her shirt, but doesn't say anything. Val joins Tina and Lauren's
conversation. Lauren sees Val's nipples as she continues to babble on about
her life. Holly continues to masturbate holding back her urge to moan. She
composes herself long enough to get up and go to the bathroom to finish
herself off in private. Lauren noticed the wet spot in Holly's light blue
pants, as she watched Holly's ass sway back and forth as she made her way to
the bathroom.

Lauren: (No longer able to hold back her curiosity. Pointing at Val and
Tina's nipples.) "Is it cold in here, or what? What's up with the pokies?"

Tina and Val: (Looking down at their own tits, then at each others.) "Must
be. Aren't you cold?"

Lauren: "No"

Tina: (Giving a sultry look to Val, leans toward Lauren, reaches out and
pinches her nipples. Causing them to get hard and poke through her shirt.)
"There. (Sitting back with a proud look on her face.) Now you match."

Lauren: (Shocked at what just happened. Looking down to see the results of
Tina's handy work.) "Hey! Why did you do that? ... Never mind. Do it again,
only longer and a little harder this time."(Pushing her chest out, inviting
Tina to repeat her previous actions.)

Val: (Seeing the plan is backfiring.) "Lauren! That's disgusting! You need
to leave now. Go home and do whatever it is you do there. We don't like that
sort of thing. Do we Tina?"

Tina: (Her heightened state or arousal getting the better of her, as she
reaches to fulfill Lauren's request.) "Speak for yourself Val. These tits
are so nice. Really Val you need to see for yourself."

Lauren: (Closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure at Tina's touch.) "Thank
you Tina. You have a great rack too." (She takes Tina's tits, one in each
hand, and gives them a good squeeze.)

Val: (Not quite believing what she is seeing, but growing more and more horny
as she watches.) "Tina! Stop that! Lauren! You too!"

Tina: (In her best slutty act yet. Stands up, walks ever so sexily around
behind Lauren, pawing her body the whole time. She rips off Lauren's shirt,
grabs hold of her bare breasts, stands on her tiptoes to look over Lauren's
shoulder at Val.) "Just look at these beauties Val. They are so soft, yet
very firm. I would go so far as to say they are the best tits I've had in
my hands."

Val: (Her competitive nature taking over. Removes her tee shirt, and walks
closer so Tina can reach her.) "I don't think so. Mine are way better."

Lauren: (Stepping aside to allow Tina easy access to Val's, obviously better,
tits. Then moves behind Tina and removes her top, takes a bare breast in
each hand and proceeds to fondle them.) "Let's not forget about these sweet
melons, they're so soft and supple."

Holly: (Coming out of the bathroom to see the group groping each other.)
"What the hell is going on here!?"

Tina: "It seems to be a titty contest. I think...well I thought Lauren had
the best, but now that I've felt Val's I'm no so sure. Come here so I can try
yours. Have to be fair."

Holly: "Have you all gone fucking crazy? Look at this. Three normally strait
women playing with each others boobs like... like...well... I don't fucking
know what, but it's disgusting! Stop playing with my sister's tits Tina.
Lauren! You stop molesting my friend!"

Val: (With her famous smile, as she plays with Tina and Lauren's bare
breasts.) "This is fun Holly come join us. I bet hers are the firmest."

Lauren: (In disbelief of Val's interest in her sister.) "Val, sweetie, that
is your sister. You shouldn't talk about her like that."

Val: (Motioning for Holly to get closer.) "It's okay Holly its just a little
harmless breast comparison among friends...and family."

Holly: (Realizing the plan was out the window, giving into temptation.) "It
does look like fun, and from here it looks like Tina's are better. Who did
yours Lauren? They are very nice for fakes. Val babe, well let's just say the
gravity is not your friend." (She takes her top off and proudly displays her
young, perky, firm tits, for all to envy.) "I think we have a winner."

Lauren: "Hey these are all natural sugar....Oh who am I kidding they are
really nice implants."

Tina: "I thought they were real."

Val: "I knew they were implants, but they are really good ones."

Val Lauren and Tina stop feeling each other and take their own breasts in
hand as Holly joins the group with her hands under her breasts pointing them
at each one of the other girls separately so they can properly examine them
for the contest. They each sample Holly's beautiful firm tits then their own.
Holly fondles each competitor in return. They all squeeze and compliment each
others tits for several minutes, thoroughly and fairly comparing each pair,
and declare Holly the winner. Tina and Val tie for second, leaving Lauren in
last place. Val records the points on the note pad on the table.

Holly: (As she proudly takes her winning breasts in hand and bounces them in
victory.) "Thank you...thank you. I would like to thank youth, and god for
blessing me with these award winning babies."

Tina: (As she slips a hand in her jeans to give some needed attention to the
moist little prize inside.) "Is it weird that all this made me horny? I mean
not just a little, obviously everyone's nipples are hard, but I am all wet

Val: (Still in competitive mode, knowing she gets very wet and has squirted
with Brittany's expert technique.) "Yea a little, but it gives me an idea
for another contest. Let's see whose pussy is better, you know, how nicely
trimmed, tightness, wetness...and lets not forget about flavor."

Tina: (Raising an eyebrow at the last category.) "I'm in."

Holly: (Knowing how wet Val gets, but confident her pussy is the tightest.)
"Sure! What the hell. Why not."

Lauren: (Not saying anything but shying away from the new contest.)

Val: "We need to be clear on the rules first. There is to be no more
helping...(as she stops Tina's masturbation.) Holly, please go and get us a
roll of toilet paper. We each will get twenty squares and have one minute to
get them as wet as we can. We'll do this first since we are all wet from the
first contest."

Holly: (Handing the roll to Val.) "Here ya go."

Val: "Did you hear the rules?"

Holly: "Yep got it. Question... How do we decide who is the wettest?"

Val: (Opening the cabinet to retrieve four glasses and a measuring cup.)
"We'll squeeze it out into these and measure with this."

Tina: (Takes the roll from Val, counts out and distributes the tissue.)
"Everyone ready?"

Tina, Val and Holly get into position, not noticing that Lauren isn't

Val: (Eager to get started, grabs and sets the timer.) "Ready set go!"

They shove their hands with the tissue into their pants and mop up as much of
their juices as they can. Tina unbuttons her jeans to allow better access.
Holly had stretchy, thin fabric pants on. The lump of her hand rubbing her
crotch was very visible under the thin fabric. Val's pants provide an equally
voyeuristic view, as she works to get the absorbent tissue to the wettest
parts she could find down there. All three of the horny women were cheating,
it was unavoidable, and they didn't do it intentionally. The rules of the
contest called for masturbation. The timer dings and they reluctantly stop
rubbing, but don't remove their hands until they get to the counter where the
glasses are waiting to receive the fluid. They squeeze the tissue into the
glasses. Each woman eyeing the others results, as they shake every drop
possible out of the tissue. The measuring cup wasn't necessary. Val's glass
clearly had at least double the amount of the warm fragrant liquid in it.

Val: (Nonchalantly, sucking each of her fingers clean. Smacking her lips
with every finger, putting extra emphasis on the last finger, as she snidely
announces the obvious results.) "I win. Yea! That's four points for me."

Tina: (Impressed at the amount of liquid in all the glasses, also cleaning
her fingers with her mouth.) "Holy shit Val, that is a lot of pussy juice."

Holly: (In a last ditch effort to lessen her sister's gloating.) "Not so
fast, Lauren's entry isn't in yet. You aren't the winner yet."

They all turn toward Lauren. Who was just sitting there, still topless, with
a dumbfounded look on her face.

Val: "Times up Lauren, where is your entry?"

Lauren: (Stuttering, with a look of fear on her face.) "Ammm...ahhh...I...I
don't want to play."

Tina: "Too late you're in this weather you want to or not."

Val: "Tina's right. Lauren you have to play. Don't be embarrassed, it's just
for fun anyway."

Lauren: (Still very nervous.) "No! I don't want to."

Holly: (Walking up behind Lauren and slowly caressing her breasts.) "Come on
Lauren. I'll help you if you want. I can help her right? That isn't in the

Lauren: (Relaxing a bit, enjoying Holly's touch. Suddenly changes her mind,
as Holly reaches for the tissue and then starts to go down her pants. Pushing
Holly's hand away.) "No!"

Holly: "Hey. Okay...I won't help."

Val: "What's your problem Lauren? There is nothing to be embarrassed about.
We work at a spa for god sake. And believe me, we have seen it all."

Lauren: (Under her breath.) "I doubt that."

Val: (Leaning a little closer.) "What was that? You doubt that? Okay then.
Why don't you want to play? So you don't get very wet. Big fucking deal.
That's why they make lube."

Tina: (Anxious to get on with the contest.) "All right. Lauren is excused
from the wet contest, but has to participate in all the rest of the
categories. Is that okay with everyone?"

Lauren: (Trying to cover herself with the shredded remains of her shirt,
getting up and starts towards the door.) "Nope. I don't want to play anymore.
I'm leaving. You have fun with the rest of your ridiculous little contest.
B bye."

Val: (Running to stop her.) "Not so fast missy. Holly! Grab her!"

Holly grabs at Lauren, but only manages to catch her pant leg, as Lauren
knocks her down. Val gets in front of and stops her. As Holly is falling she
doesn't let go of Lauren's pants and pulls them down. Holly hits the floor
with a thud; Val looks down to see a bulge in Lauren's panties. Holly; pissed
that Lauren had knocked he down, is behind Lauren and doesn't see what Val
does, reaches up and pulls Lauren's panties off. Val gets the first look at
Lauren's hard cock, as it springs back to attention after being pulled down
with the panties.

Val: (Gasping, covering her mouth with one hand, and pointing with the
other.) "What the fuck is that Lauren!!?? Holy shit!! That's a DICK! Oh my
god! Lauren?! And it's HARD! Eeewww!"

Lauren just stands there frozen, devastated with embarrassment. Making a weak
attempt to cover herself.

Tina: (Hearing the words HARD DICK, runs over to get a closer look.) "Holy
shit! It's no wonder now that she didn't want to compete in the best pussy
contest, she doesn't have one! Wow! Look at that cock! It's nice and big, and
hard. Can Int little girl voice.) "Oh yea, just how does mommy plan to thank
me, daddy all ready did." (As she gathers up the remaining spooge from her
body with her fingers, offering them to Lauren.) "You want some? It's sooo...

Holly: (Wrinkling up he nose.) "Yuck! Tina! That is just sick."

Tina: (Turning to Holly, with a sly little grin. Slipping deeper into the
innocent little girl character.) "You want some? Better hurry. There isn't
very much left and it's going fast."

Holly: (Shuttering in disgust, puts her hands up in a stop position.) "Yuck!

Val: (Letting the little girl in her out, as she sticks her tongue out at
Holly.) "I want it. I want it. Holly you should try it it's really good,
better than the other you got an accidental taste of."

Holly: (Flashing back to the horrible childhood incident.) "That wasn't

Tina: (Swinging one leg over and sitting on Lauren's lap, uses her dry hand
to caress Lauren's forehead as she teaselingly offers the other to her lips.
In a progressively better, innocent little girl voice.) "Last offer mommy...
or is it daddy? I'm so confused."

Lauren: (Who was watching Tina's cum covered fingers like a kid watching the
mixer beaters being removed from the sweet brownie batter and held just of
reach. Knowing that they were soon going to get to taste them. Grabs Tina's
hand so she can't resend her offer and slurps the cum off the fingers.) "Mmm,
I forgot it tasted that good. Thank you sweetie. Now mommy has something for

Lauren softly takes Tina's face in her hands, leans in and kisses her. Tina
happily returns the deep, passionate kiss, as Lauren moves her hands down
Tina's body, pausing briefly to tease her sensitive nipples. Getting a soft
moan from Tina. Proceeding down the young tight body, tickling her belly
button before sliding a hand into the tight unbuttoned jeans. Tina continues
to develop her character. Her facial expressions of surprise are flawless,
as she squirms her hips around to help welcome, and guide Lauren's invading
digits. The tight denim of the jeans proves to be too much of an obstacle
for Lauren to accomplish her mission. She breaks the kiss, helps Tina stand,
yanks the jeans down, and pulls Tina back to her previous position. Tina
kicked her jeans off completely in the process. They resume their kiss as if
it was never interrupted. With Tina completely naked. Lauren now has easy
access to her target. She slips a finger into Tina's wet, waiting slit, and
rubs her thumb on her clit, as her finger slips in and out of the hot, wet,
love canal. Tina reaches down to find Lauren's hard cock, grabs it and guides
it towards her hot little snatch. She manages to pull Lauren's hand out of
the way and get the big meat missile into her tight hole, thrusting her hips
forward to burry it in as far as it could go. Lauren a bit surprised at
Tina's aggressiveness, breaks the kiss, and pulls her cock out of the tight
silky hole. Tina thrusts forward not wanting the penetrating cock to leave
it's new found home. This causes them to fall over backwards, with Tina
landing on top of Lauren, who hit her head as she landed.

Tina: (Swiftly positioning herself for reentry, with underlying lust slipping
in with her innocent little girl voice.) "Come on mommy, Tina needs to be
fucked. You have no idea how bad she needs it."

Lauren: (Rubbing the back of her head. Fighting to get away from Tina.)
"Ouch! Fuck! Bad Tina! Mommy said no, and daddy has to wait. He wants to fuck
the winner of the best pussy contest."

Holly: (Flashing back to her first time with Tina.) "You better fuck her
Lauren. She gets a little pissy when she is this horny."

Tina: (Continuing her quest for Lauren's meat, with an evil look in her eyes,
and a sexy look on her face.) "Daddy needs to finish what mommy started. And
he is getting to fuck the winner. So get ready bitch, you're gonna get
fucked, weather you want it or not."

Val: (Very turned on by Tina's aggressiveness, but not willing to lose the
contest without a fair fight. Runs over to join Tina, tripping herself
pulling off her pants.) "New rules! Lauren will judge the rest of the

Val stands over Lauren's head as Tina gets the cock back inside her aching
pussy; pausing to allow her vaginal muscles to relax and work their magic on
the throbbing meat they now had complete control of.

Val: (Looking down at Lauren. Using her fingers to spread her moist labia.
Rolling them between her fingers, teasing her clit, slipping her index finger
inside, slowly, pulling it out and raising it to her lips.) "You want to
taste it don't you mommy? Yea you do. Mommy's a nasty girl, isn't she? It's
okay you can say it. Come on bitch say it! I'm a nasty mommy. Say it or you
don't get to taste."

Lauren: (Giving up the fight against Tina. Enjoying the pleasure the tight
pussy was giving to her cock. Looks up at Val, with total lust in her eyes.)
"Hell yea! Mommy is a nasty girl! Mommy wants that beautiful, blonde, wet
pussy down here where she can taste it. MmmmHummm. Mommy wants it bad."

Holly was a little stunned by what was happening, feeling a bit left out.
She pulls off her pants, looks down at her bushy light brown muff. {She was
letting it grow out so Brittany had a big blank canvas to create a design on
when she got back.} She fluffs it up and accidentally brushes her sensitive
clit, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. She lets her fingers
roll the folds of her smooth wet labia between them, as she walks over to get
a closer view of the action. Val was teasing Lauren by squatting down just
out of reach of her tongue then letting her lick for a second before pulling
away repeating several times. Tina started moving her hips, allowing the cock
to slide in and out of her tight little hole. She repositions her legs so she
has balance and leverage, and starts to bounce her body, her ass slapping
against Lauren's thighs on every down stroke, her boobs bouncing freely,
increasing the speed with each bounce. Then plunges down and stops. Sweat
dripping off her forehead, her breathing heavy. She pinches her nipples as
her vaginal muscles keep working the cock inside.

Tina: (Looking up to see Holly playing with herself, gives her a sexy little
smile.) "Wow! I forgot how much work it is to have so much fun..."

Lauren was enjoying what was happening, but growing impatient. She grabs
Tina's little waist, keeping her cock buried inside. She picks Tina up with
her as she stands, pushing Val out of the way.

Val: (Surprised by Lauren's quick change in character.) "Hey were the hell do
you think your going bitch. I'm not done with you yet."

Tina: (Startled buy the swift action as well, but quickly gets back into
character. Laughing, and swinging her arms, almost losing her balance.) "Oh
shit...Woohoo. I guess break time is over. Mommy wants to go to the sofa."

Lauren: (Carrying Tina over to the sofa, pumping her hard along the way,
throws her down.) "Shut up you little bitch! Roll your ass over and lay down!
DADDY'S gonna show you how to fuck. The only thing I want to hear out of you
is. Oh yea daddy harder faster. Got it you naughty little slut!" (Directing
her attention to Val.) "You! Get that hot little ass over here, and spread'em
nice and wide for daddy."

Tina: (Putting a finger to her cheek, her lips puckered slightly, eyebrows
raised, looking at Val, and in her best innocent little girl voice yet.)
"AhhOwe! We woke daddy up. We're in big trouble now missy. I told you not to
tease mommy."

They all get a big laugh from Tina's character, so much that they forget
about what they were doing. They all take a seat on the sofa still laughing.

Tina: (Spotting Lauren's hard mast swaying as she laughs, not able to resist
the urge to reach and grab it. with her little girl voice.) "Hey daddy you
promised to fuck me. Little Tina still needs some fucken."

Tina rolls over Lauren to the empty spot on the sofa, lays on her belly, and
pushes her hot ass in the air, wiggling it. Trying her best to entice Lauren
to fuck her. The laughter stops at this magnificent sight. Lauren is stunned
for a moment.

Holly: (Practically drooling, looks at Lauren who is just sitting there
mesmerized.) "Damn! Lauren! If you're not gonna fuck that! I am!"

Holly jumps up and runs upstairs to retrieve the strap on from bag of toys
Val stashed away earlier. She grabs the desired object and runs back down the
stairs, to find, Val bouncing atop Lauren, and Tina in the exact same place
she was before Holly went to get the strap on, except she was fingering
herself. Holly fumbles a little with the strap on, but successfully gets it

Tina: (Giggling a little at Holly, again in character.) "Hurry sissy. Little
Tina needs that big cock baaaadddd. Don't be scared, you won't get in
trouble. Look. Big sissy is fucking daddy. Come on. I know you want to be
naughty little sissy."

Holly: (Quickly takes her place behind Tina and starts to ram the rubber dick
in.) "You want it. You got it baby."

Tina: (Pulling away, not in character.) "Ouch! Bitch! You have to lube it up
first silly."

Holly: (Showing her inexperience with dicks.) "I'm sorry! Shit! I forgot the
little bottle of lube upstairs."

Tina: (Recognizing the nervousness in Holly's voice, reaches between her
legs, grabs the rubber dong and guides Holly to slide it over her wet slit,
starting to get it all lubed up.) "Like this. See. I'm plenty wet, but this
wasn't. Sorry sweetie. I forgot you haven't done this yet."

Holly: (Learning quickly, takes her newly acquired appendage in hand and
starts to follow Tina's directions.) "Like this?"

Tina: (Letting Holly do it herself, relaxing and finally getting some
pleasure.) "MmmmHummm. Just like that. Okay...right...oops...hold it there...
now...Slowly apply forward pressure with your hips. Ooohhh! Yeeaaa! That's
right. Look at this big sissy...hey Val...look little Holly is fucken me."

Holly: (Big proud smile on her face. Slapping Tina once on the ass as she
works her hips, getting into character.) "Shut up you naughty little slut.
Let little sissy fuck you like she knows you like it."

Tina: (Back in character.) That's right little sissy! Fuck me, yea fuck me
hard! Little Tina has been very naughty and needs a spanking."

Val: (Tired of riding. Switching so Lauren can fuck her in her favorite
position, doggie, pausing long enough to see Holly awkwardly pounding Tina.)
"Hey little Holly you're gonna have to spank little Tina. Mommy and I are

Lauren: (Getting a charge from what she heard and sees, now that Val was off
her. Reaches over and gives Tina's ass a few hard smacks.) "Mommy's never too
busy to spank naughty little girls. Especially when they have assess like
that. Come on little Holly watch daddy fuck your very very naughty big sissy
Val, and see if you can do the same as daddy to your other naughty big sissy

Lauren takes her place next to Holly, behind Val. Positions her cock between
the swollen labia guarding the entrance to Val's hot love hole. She grabs
Val's hips with both hands and rams it in to the hilt. Holly follows Lauren's
example. Tina and Val lean forward to find just the right spot where their
nipples rub on the fabric of the blanket on the back of the sofa, as their
boobs sway from the motion created each time their respective partners slam

Val: "Ohhh! HOLY HELL! LAUREN! BABY! GOD I LOVE THIS! Hhhooowww aaabbbooouutt
YOUuuuu TtttiiiNaaaa?... OH FUCK! How's Holly dOoooo'n?"

Tina: "Good finally! OH GOD! THANK YOU LAUREN....I mean Daddy. Fuck it! God
YES! OhooOhoooooo FfffuuuuuuCK! YEA! HOLLY! YOU GOT IT NOW! FUCK MEEeeee!"

Holly figures out what she is doing and gets a little too enthusiastic. Tina
braces herself as best she can against Holly's assault; the only sounds
coming from her now are low grunts as she if forced to exhale when Holly
thrusts forward. Val quiets down a little, letting out a few "oh gods" here
and there. Holly is focused on Lauren as her hips continue to ram the rubber
cock in and out of Tina. Val is the first to voice her approaching orgasm.
The people across the street probly heard her. Lauren feels the pressure of
Val's juices pushing her cock out.

Holly: (Recognizing Val's tone, from when Brittany makes her squirt, pushes
Lauren out of the way, and positions herself for the shower Val is about to
give.) "Tina! Come quick! She's gonna blow! You too Lauren. Get in here and
get some of this. It's soooo good! That's it Val, oh yea baby. Here it

Holly tweaks Val's clit, to send her over the edge. Tina and Lauren aren't
too sure what the hell is going on, but they kneel beside Holly and watch.
Val, usually having a bit more control over her stream, but hasn't done it
from this position. Sprays her warm stream all over, bucking her hips, her
hands gripping the back of the sofa as if she were trying to kill it. Low
growls of pleasure sound, as Holly eagerly drinks the majority of the sweet
spray coming from Val's pink, swollen, trembling cunt. Tina pushes Holly
out of the way and dives into get the last of the succulent juice, wanting
more, she thrusts her tongue into Val's tasty spring.

Val: (Convulsing, pulling away, turning on to her back, covers her pussy with
both hands, curls up into a ball, and rolls around on the sofa.) "NO! TINA!
DON'T DO THAT! AAAAarrrrgg Oooohhhh SSSSSSsshhhhhIT!! OH FUCK! Mmmm. FUCK

Lauren: (Panicked, frantically flaying her arms.) "Holy shit! Are you okay
Val?!....Holly is she okay? Oh my god..."

Holly: (Slaps Lauren across the face.) "Calm down. She's fine. In fact... I
wish I was as good as she is right now."

Tina: (Climbing back into her previous position, watching Val enjoy her
orgasm.) "Wow! That was cool. I want one like that. I've never done it before
but I want to. Come on! Holly...Lauren...I don't care. As long as someone
Fucks me."

Holly: (Looking at Lauren.) "She's all yours. I know you want her. Sorry
about the slap, and thanks for letting me have Tina first."

Lauren: (Gives Holly a quick peck on the cheek, and eagerly takes position
to fuck Tina.) "Its okay, I needed it. And thank you. Would you just look at
that ass? Tina honey, you win the best ass contest..."

Tina: "Yea thanks! Now, shut up and FUCK ME! Hey Holly why don't you take off
that thing and bring that sweet little pussy over here, so I can LICK it till
it gives up it's sweet nectar."

Holly: (Thrilled at the idea.) "Tina! You are such a naughty little slut,
aren't you?"

Tina: (As Lauren gets her cock in her and starts to pound.) "Yeeesssss! I am.
Mmmmm. Lauren that feels so fffuuuuKKKing good. OH GOD...."

Tina's voice is muffled by Holly's pussy being thrust into her face. Lauren
fucks hard as she gets close to climax. Tina works her tongue on Holly's
pussy. Holly easily gets her orgasm. Her quiet little moans of pleasure are
music to Tina's ears. Tina takes a few more licks as Holly almost falls down
on top of her. Holly still trembling from her orgasm bends down and kisses
Tina. Between grunts, Tina manages to return the kiss and ask Holly to come
lay down next to her. Holly does so. Lauren's pace quickens as she gets
closer to her climax.

Tina: (Feeling Lauren's change of pace and her cock begin to swell inside
her, pulls away, turns over to lay down next to Holly, reaches one hand to
rub Holly's pussy, and the other to finger fuck herself.) "Okay Lauren. Cum!
Cum all over both of us."

Holly protests but Tina holds her down. Lauren strokes her cock, takes aim,
and shoots her cum onto Holly and Tina. Another very large load. Holly starts
to relax a little as the hot sticky goo lands on her tits, belly, and pubic
hair. Lauren directed most of the load at Holly as Tina had silently
instructed. Tina was laying back enjoying the show, fingering herself
frantically. In an attempt to bring herself to a squirting orgasm like Val.
She gives up when she see Lauren is just about done. She jumps up to wrap her
lips around Lauren's spurting cock, pumping it with her hand to get all it
would give.

Tina: (In-between slurps, then turning her attention to Holly.) "Damn!
Lauren. You sure do cum a lot. It tastes so good. Mmmmm. Okay your turn."

Tina slowly turns, still on her knees, to face Holly, and starts rubbing her
tits with Holly's knees. Then slowly moving up and rubbing her body over
Holly's, spreading the cum evenly between them. Holly is still a little
grossed out by the cum, but is enjoying Tina's warm body on hers. Tina moves
in for a kiss, Holly turns her head.

Tina: (In a very soft voice, stopping her movements.) "What's wrong sweetie?
It tastes yummy I promise."

Holly: (Doubtful but willing.) "You promise? Cross your heart?"

Tina: (Shifting her body a little. Seductively running her finger across
Holly's cum covered breast, then her own. Gathering cum on her finger tip in
the process and offers it to Holly to taste, with a wink.) "Cross both our

Holly: (Hesitantly at first. Taking the finger in her mouth. Then becomes
eager.) "Mmmmm. That is good."

Tina: (Big smile.) "Yea it is. Not as good as Val's but close. Oh Holly..."

Holly pushes Tina off her and patchily jumps on top of her. She hungrily
sucks the cum off Tina's tits and moves down her body not missing a drop of
the sweet cum. Val begins to come out of her orgasm induced slumber.

Tina: (Thoroughly enjoying Holly's tongue bath, brings back her innocent
little girl voice.) "He he. My plan worked. That's a good little Holly. You
clean all that messy stuff off your naughty sissy."

Holly: (Between slurps.) "I am. I am."

Val raises her head up, seeing Holly licking Tina. Looks over to see Lauren
sitting on the end of the sofa, about to pass out. She sits up, rubs her
eyes, stretches, and licks her lips.

Val: (Now fully awake. Looking at Tina, giving her a sexy wink.) "Do you two
ever get enough?"

Holly: (As she finishes cleaning Tina, not yet satisfied, she starts licking
her own tits. Then pushes her chest at Val.) "Morning sleepy head. And no I
can't get enough of this stuff. Want some?"

Tina: (Sitting up, selfishly pushes Holly down on her back, keeping in
character.) "Hey! That's my sweet messy stuff. She can't have none. She's a
weirdo. She pees when she gets naughty."

Val: (Still not 100% comfortable that she's a squirter.) "It's not pee!"

Holly: (Pushing Tina's head off her tits, down to her pussy, then reaching
out to Val.) "Lick that first. We know it's not pee sweetie. Comere and gimme
some love."

Val: (Moving to hug Holly, not wanting to interrupt Tina.) "She's an animal."

Holly: (Hugging Val and getting a surprise orgasm, when Tina bites her clit.)
"OH! Shit! Tina! She is a wild animal."

Tina: (Standing up, then flopping down next to Val.) "Gerrrrrr! Damn right I
am! That's why you love me so much. I don't know about anyone els, but I need
a hot shower, some food, and a nap."

They agree with Tina and while Holly and Tina shower, Val calls to order some
food. Lauren is still sleeping. Val joins Tina and Holly in the shower. Tina,
feeling a little like a third wheel gets out of the shower. Val tells her
where the money is in case the delivery person gets there before they are out
of the shower. Tina dries off and helps herself to one of Holly's night
shirts; she peeks in to ask if Holly and Val want one too. They thank her but
they have robes in there. She goes downstairs, seeing Lauren sleeping, grabs
the blanket from the back of the sofa, and covers her up. The food gets there
just as Val and Holly come downstairs in their robes holding hands. They help
Tina with plates and stuff, and sit at the island to eat. They reflect on the
days events. Val offers Tina a job at the spa, which she eagerly accepts.
They clean up the food stuff and put Lauren's in the fridge. Val invites Tina
to join her and Holly in her bed, wakes Lauren up so she can go sleep more
comfortably in Holly's bed.

Fade out with Holly, Val, and Tina, taking off their clothes and snuggling
together in Val's big bed.
_ _ _

I hope you enjoyed reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Thanks to all, especially the host, and the editor.

This story is open for others to continue. I will add more too, but I have
too many other things that take my time so my additions may not be as


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