"What I Like About You" is copyrighted and a trademark of the Warner Brothers
Television network.

Jennie Garth as Valerie "Val" Tyler
Amanda Bynes as Holly Tyler
Brittany Murphy as Herself

Guest stars: A brief appearance by, *Alicia Silverstone

Short recap: Val and Holly become partners in a new (to them) business, since
Val's P.R. business (Val-Co.) hadn't been very successful. The new business
is a spa. They also have discovered the pleasures of lesbian sex, with a
little help from Holly's friend Tina, and booze. Yea it's technically incest,
but this is fiction after all.

What I Like About You:
The Secrets Of The Spa Part 2 - The First Day At The Spa (FF,FFF,inc,celeb)
by F.S.P.

After a weekend spent celebrating; mostly in bed. The Tyler sisters got to
work. They arrive early for their training and meeting with the staff. The
original owner, (An up an coming celebrity who was a client of Val's old P.R.
business, [let's say she's Brittany Murphy]) is there to oversee the training

After the meeting with the staff. Valerie, Holly, and Brittany go to her
office. Brittany begins the training process by explaining that this spa
has become very popular with many other Celebs. She stresses the fact that
confidentiality and privacy are very very important. She also explains, some
of the clients have very special needs that no other spa offers.

Brittney: I have built a trust with these people over the years and the word
of mouth advertising is unbelievable. Thanks to your P.R. skills Val, and to
all the contacts I've made here, my acting career has become what I wanted it
to. Thus the reason I need you to take over for me here. I had a hard time
deciding who I would chose as my replacement until I met you Val.

Val: Thank you, and I know I won't be as good as you, but I know I will do my
best to keep up to your excellence. I have some questions, you said that some
of the clients have special needs, which clients and what are the needs and
does the staff know about them?

Brittany: I'll get to that, don't worry, I'm not just going to walk away from
this place. Especially not until I'm 100% confident in the new management.
Yes, I have an excellent staff they know all the clients and their needs,
well maybe not all of them, but I'll get to that. Remember that privacy
thing? It applies here. I'm not sure how to go about this 'cause of that.

Val: Well, how about we just start the training on the equipment and stuff,
and we can do this stuff later.

They take a tour of the place, Brittany and/or the staff show Holly and Val
how to work the various equipment and where the supplies are etc... During
the tour Val and Holly notice that all the staff is very attractive and
friendly, almost too friendly, as they are introduced to the new bosses.
Neither of the sexy sisters say anything about it though. Chalk it up to
wishful thinking, due to their newly developed sexual curiosity from their
weekend of taboo. They get to the last stop of the tour, the laser hair
removal room.

Brittany: This is my favorite and the newest addition.

Holly: What is that, and how does it work?

Val: It's a laser hair remover.

Brittany: Very good Val, I see you've done some homework. It permanently and
painlessly removes unwanted hair. Usually the first time but sometimes it
takes two treatments.

Holly: Wow permanent, no more waxing? Does is work on any hair? (Her mind
goes off to thoughts of all the pussy she will get to see and touch working

Val (noticing the lustful look in Holly's eyes.): Holly, don't start.

Brittany (noticing the lustful look too.): It's ok. Yes, and the bikini area
is very popular. Don't be embarrassed, there is no room for that in this

Val: Yea Holly, be professional.

Brittany: This machine has started a, how do you say.... secret trend among
many female celebs. The designer pussy. That is why it is my favorite.

She closes the door and turns to Val and Holly.

Brittney: You want to see what it can do?

Val and Holly: Sure!

Brittany pulls down her pants and panties reveling a breast cancer ribbon
trimmed into her blonde pubic hair.

Brittany (Proudly displaying her pussy. Pointing to the design. Trying not
to blatantly play with herself, yet not wasting an opportunity to pleasure
herself.): I chose this because my mother is a survivor and I support the
cause any way I can. Most people get tattoo like designs, but I thought I'd
be different. It is sort of a waste, since not many people get to see it but
I know it's there.

Holly (With a coy little smile.): How sweet is that?

Val (With a little more provocative look.): That is very sweet.

Both sisters admire the sight of Brittany's pussy, and start to wonder to
themselves, what it tastes like, how soft it is, if it is wet, and how soon,
[if at all] they could get the answers to these questions.

Brittany (Standing there, not bothering to pull up her pants as they slowly
fall lower and lower.): This would be a good time to get to the special needs
of some of our clients. Now, not only do we get to see these people at their
most private moments, but some of them... because of their celeb status, and
some because their rich husbands are too busy, making money to pay for their
luxuries, or boinking their secretaries, to pay attention to them. They are
very lonely and want more than just the basic service; it happens with all
the treatments not just this one. You may have noticed that we have no male
staff and we also have no male clients. Female exclusive is a big attraction
in this business especially among the celebs.

Val: Yea I noticed the day we came for treatments, and I understand the
attraction. Some women don't want a man seeing them like that, the before I
mean, or they feel more comfortable being massaged by a woman not having to
worry if the man is sneaking a peek or accidentally coping a feel. I know I
was more comfortable with a woman.

Holly: I didn't notice at first but I was also distracted by what my friend
Tina had told me before I came that day.

Brittany (Raising an eyebrow, with an ever so slight provocative smile.): And
just what did she say that distracted you?

Val (Flashing back to the previous sexual adventures she had with Tina.): I
bet I can guess.

Holly (Giving a little glare toward her sister knowing what she was thinking
but not wanting her to give up the secret.): She just told me a very sexually
explicit story about her visit to a different spa.

Brittany (Stepping out of her pants and panties that had fallen to around her
ankles. Moving closer to Holly): And did this story make you horny?

Holly (Getting excited by Brittany being so close to her.): You bet it did.
But, at the time, I was a virgin so I didn't totally understand what I was

Brittany (Sensing Holly's growing arousal. Teasingly rubbing her finger
across Holly's cheek. Flashing a quick, yet very effective, alluring smile.):
Interesting. You say you were a virgin? That was only a couple of days ago.
Guess I don't need to ask if you had a good weekend.

Holly (Trying not to be to obvious, yet giving the hint that Val already
knew.): Shhhh my sister doesn't know. Ooops too late she had to have heard.

Val (Feeling a little left out from the playful flirting between Holly and
Brittany.): Yes I did hear and I'm not mad at you. (Giving her a little
wink.) Now I hate to interrupt but can we get back to work.

Holly (Slightly pissed that Val had interrupted the flirting.): Work work
work, we are working we just took a little break to share a story, is that a

Brittany (Playfully, as to defuse the argument before it got started.): Yea,
is that a crime? Not in my book. But Val does have a point, and now that we
are on the subject of sex I will get back to what I was saying about the all
female clientele and their special needs. I have noticed that both of you are
a little uncomfortable with me standing here with no pants on. I did it for a
reason. You see some of the clients want you to service them sexually and
since we have only female clients, I need to know if you are interested in

Val: Well I don't think of myself as a lesbian but, if the job requires it,
I don't see a problem.

Holly: I have a question. When you say service them, does it mean that they
won't return the favor? If ya know what I mean.

Brittany: Most of the time the answer is no they don't do anything in return
and we do not expect or ask for it, but if they want to it is totally up to
you. If you don't want to, which very rarely happens, simply explain to the
client that you are not able to perform that service to the high standards we
have here, and you will get another member of the staff who is. Again it is
very rare, but if the client wants you no matter what you say, then there is
a problem since that is technically rape. I honestly have only had to deal
with this situation once, and it wasn't with a celeb, just some rich bitch
and the staff girl was really new, but she did a good job in not making a
seen and we took care of the problem by tossing her rich ass out and the
lawyers did the rest. On the flip side of the coin, there hasn't been much of
a problem with this, surprisingly enough, now that I think about it. We never
do anything that the client doesn't want; some of them will be aroused by the
treatment but don't want to be. It's happened to all of us as staff and as
clients and I can say from experience it's very embarrassing to get all wet
and swollen when some stranger is just trying to do her job, and as a person
doing that job it was very awkward to see that, and be professional about it.
Most every time I just start a conversation about some dumb subject to
distract and relax the client, it works wonders and, again speaking from
experience, never point out the obvious by saying something like, "I couldn't
help but notice you are aroused, can I do anything to help you with that?"
That is something that someone who works on commission, such as a hooker,
would say. I felt so bad after I said it, but turned out to be good. I got to
"pop my lesbian cherry" with that client. We pay our staff very generously so
that doesn't happen.

Another rule for you to know, I'm guilty of breaking this one, and it happens
all the time, but there is to be no masturbation during a treatment. Now you
know the rule here are the exceptions. Never let the client see you unless
she asks you to do it for her, there are a few who like to watch and be
watched but that is all they want. Second never use your wet hand on the
client, although pussy juice is a very good massage lube, and again if the
client wants it, give it to her. Many like the juice massage. (She sits in
the chair used for the laser treatment, as if she were the client.) Now lets
get started I need to see how good you are and where we need to improve.
Holly you first.

Holly (A little surprised, yet eager for the opportunity to pleasure this,
stunningly beautiful, young, lascivious woman, affording herself so easily.):
Okay. What do you want exactly? I don't want to disappoint you, I'm new at

Brittany: Well, sorry I forgot to explain all the rules. I can't give you
instructions this is a test. Remember? I want you to get me off any way you
can think of. We'll be role-playing. I'm the client who wants special
treatment, but I'm also a bitch who doesn't tell you what she wants, and
definitely is not going to return any favor or show much appreciation if
any. Yes there are a few who are like that. Thankfully only a few and now
that this place is so successful I'm thinking of kicking them bitches out...
and you are you doing your job.

Holly (Takes her spot as the laser operator and finds that the apparatus
makes it easy for eating pussy. She plays the role and asks...)" What would
you like today miss?

Brittany: I'm an actress and this is a little weird. Just to make it easy
I'll play myself, at least in name, not so much in character. I want what I
always get here, what is your name? (Pretending to look at the name tag that
isn't there but is on the uniform she will be wearing, and getting a quick
grope of Holly's firm young breast in the process.) Holly. Man I hate new
staff. Your boss needs to train her staff better. I'll explain it, but only
because you're new. I come here to get my pussy licked, fingered, sucked,
etc. You get it. You are sitting inches away form it, can't you see that it
needs to be licked?

Holly starts licking. (Being that she hasn't done it a lot, even after the
weekend adventures she had before, and the fact that Brittany is playing the
bitch very convincingly.) Holly is nervous and it shows. Brittany just sits
there getting little pleasure and is not shy about showing that she is not
satisfied. Val moves closer to observe and is caught breaking the
masturbation rule.

Val (Saying it like she had never seen it before.): I can't help it, this is
so hot seeing my sister eat a pussy.

Holly chuckles, to herself, to the fact Val was busted. She relaxes and
starts to apply her newly acquired pussy eating skills to Brittany's blonde
pussy. Surprised, and delighted by the new attention Holly is giving to her,
Brittany instinctively wraps her legs around Holly's head, careful not to
apply too much pressure, and thrusts her hips up and down in perfect rhythm
with Holly's tongue. Expertly guiding Holly's eager little fluttering tongue
to just the right spots, as she starts to reach climax. As Brittany's orgasm
develops she tightens the grip she has around Holly's head thrusting her hips
up, forcing her exploding cunt into Holly's face. She cums directly into
Holly's mouth. Shocked at first, but unable to pull away, Holly quickly
relaxes, and is amazed by the thickness, quantity and sweet taste of
Brittany's girl cum. Neither Tina's nor Val's pussy emitted such an
intoxicating substance. She Had only tasted boy cum once, totally by
accident, when she walked in on Val and her former fiancé, having make up sex
after Val had cut him off for a week during a fight, just as he was shooting
his load.

The sight flashes in slow motion in Holly's mind. She walked in to ask Val if
she could go out with her friends. There was Val, naked, sweaty, and panting.
She was facing the wrong way on the bed with her ass sticking up, resting the
front of her body on her elbows raised up just enough to allow her nipples to
brush against the soft bedspread as her tits swayed from the motion of her
stud thrusting in and out behind her. {She loved it doggie style} The fiance
pulling his cock out, standing up, and spewing his load, just as Holly
entered the room. An unbelievable shot, hitting Holly's open mouth.

She couldn't compare that, due to the traumatizing affect it had on her. In
fact she hadn't thought about till just now, and almost gagged just of the
thought. She was relieved that she could control her urge to gag, not wanting
Brittany to think she had caused it. To this day can't even look at a picture
of penis, yet alone a real one. Maybe that is why I am so attracted to girls,
baffling what kind of shit your brain comes up with sometimes, she thought to
herself as she cleaned up the last few spurts of sweet Brittany cum off
Brittany's inner thighs. Holly savored every drop, as she sat back to revel
the feeling she got from knowing she had given so much pleasure to Brittany.

Holly (Gurgling a little with the juice in her mouth. Her face glistening
with Brittany's succulent love nectar.): Mmmm Brittany. You taste... Sooooo
good. Val you've got to taste this. (Without realizing she was about to
revile their secret incest. Holly walks over to Val, places her hands
tenderly on her face, and just before she kisses her says.) I saved you some.

The sisters kiss passionately, Exchanging Brittany's girl cum that Holly had
reserved in her mouth. Getting lost for a moment in their passion for each
other. Lucky for them Brittany was a bit in a daze and didn't see the kiss.
Val and Holly put some distance between themselves. Val silently tells Holly
that the new flavor she had just tasted had her approval, and that she very
much wanted more. Holly, also silently, agrees.

Brittany (Back to herself. Her body still trembling from orgasmic euphoria.):
That was very good Holly, not at first, but after you got over your
nervousness you were very good, almost like you had practice.

Holly and Val look at each other, quickly so not to be noticed, both knowing
that she had practiced all weekend with Tina and Val.

Brittany: You will need to work on relaxing faster though. My character was
about to stop you and try to get you fired. The only other comment I have you
is that you both broke the masturbation rule, I didn't say anything to Holly
but I did see it. I didn't have to say anything to Val she saw me catch her.
There is a solution to this problem but I can't show you right now, because
there are no robes in here. I don't want to put my pants on. I can't break
the no nudity in public space rule to go to my office. I'll just show you
later. This is only training, so you are only getting a warning for the
masturbating, and like I said I'm guilty of breaking that rule. Personally I
think it is a dumb rule but professionally there were some complaints in the
beginning about it, so there had to be a rule. Damn Holly I haven't had that
intense of an orgasm in days, look I'm still wet and quivering."

Holly (Flashing her innocent sexy smile.): Thanks, glad to be of service.

Brittany: Val I can't do your interview yet, your sexy little sister here
(She seductively walks around Holly and slowly rubs her hands up and down
Holly's body as she is speaking) got me all kinds of hot and bothered, and
I don't want that to interfere with your performance. I want to be fair.

Val (Half in a daze from her state of arousal.): She is good isn't she? I
mean she's that good who would've known? (The cat is out of the bag now.)

Holly (Glaring angrily at her sister for letting the secret slip out.):
Val!! That was supposed to be a secret.

Brittan: (Tenderly caressing Holly's back standing very close, Holly can feel
her hot breath on her neck.): Calm down sweetie, your secret is safe with me.
(She continues caressing Holy. Getting teasingly close to all the good spots
but never actually touches them. Then walks to the other side of the room.)
I am glad to hear that you two have done each other, although it is a little
disturbing since you are sisters. There are a few select clients who like to
watch the staff to do each other. I was wondering if that would be a problem
if they picked you two since you are sisters. Which will happen, as you are
the "fresh meat", and we have a lot of clients who like the new staff.
Although we don't have a big turnover rate in staff, we have had to add to
the staff as the demand for service grew.

Val: Does all the staff know about the special treatments?

Brittany: Yes. It has become part of the training and the interview process
for new hires. You two are getting a break usually there is much paperwork
and Q&A before anyone gets to the point we are at now, I made an exception
to the rule with you, since you are in a unique position. I am so spoiled
about being the only boss."

Holly (As sweetly as she can, without trying too hard, as not to appear to be
a kiss ass.): You aren't very bossy though. (Giving a little wink) Thank you
for that by the way.

Brittany: Thanks, but you haven't seen me at my worst. Here is an example,
(she goes over to the phone on the counter, picks it up and very harshly
tells the person on the other end to get her ass in the laser room
immediately.) Now were where we? Oh yea the staff.... (She is interrupted
by a knock at the door.)

Val: Forgetting that Brittany is not wearing pants. Opens the door since she
was closest to it. Brittany quickly jumps out of the line of sight of anyone
who might be in the hall and able to see in the open door.

Staff Girl (Entering the room and closing the door behind her. Not seeming to
be shocked by what was going on, or even really noticing, Sarcastically
saying.): You rang your hinnies?

Brittany (A bit amused by the sarcasm but tries not to show it.): Yes I did.
Why the fuck are there no robes in this room!? Get your sweet little ass to
the laundry as fast as you can and stock the robes. I shouldn't have to say
this, but I will, after you get this room, check all the rooms and stock them
if needed.

Staff girl: Yes madam. (She runs off)

Brittany (Hiding her semi-nudity with the door. Longingly watches the staff
girl run down the hall.): Sorry I just love to watch her leave, if ya know
what I mean, she has one of those Asses. Ya know?

Holly (With an x-rated picture, in her head, of that ass sitting on
Brittany's face, while Holly got another taste of Brittany's scrumptious
pussy.): Yea she does. Very nice.

Val (Also with x-rated pictures, in her head, of that ass naked and on top
Brittany's face.): Yep, outstanding, very tight yet still wiggles just right.

Brittany (With just a hint of jealousy.): Hey you weren't supposed to notice
it that much. Her name is Allison and I am trying to date her, so far I've
only got to do her once at her interview. I didn't think of myself as a
lesbian either, I like a nice big stiff cock sometimes, but she could change

Holly (Sarcastically and serious at the same time.): You won't get a date
with her treating her like you did.

Brittany (Pleased by Holly's confrontation, but trying not to show it.): Why
whatever do you mean Holly? Was I too bossy? Or was it the ass comment. I
told you that you hadn't seen me at my worst. That was an example of how I am
as a boss. They expect it from me, sorta, a little game we play. I do over do
it a bit with Allison though. Watch what happens when she comes back. [Right
on queue the knock at the door.]

Allison (Entering, after being invited, stocks the robes. Making sure to show
off her ass as she does so.): Would you like one of these now Brittany?

Brittany (With a flirtatious smile.): No thank you.

Allison (Flirting back.): Is there anything else I can do for you?

Brittany: Yes there is. You could go to my office and get the "rule number
two cure" for me please, and I'm sorry I yelled at you before, I was just
pissed that there were no robes.

Allison: No apologies necessary. I'll be right back.

Brittany: Wait a sec, have you met Val and Holly? How rude of me not to
introduce them. (They exchange intros and playful flirting. Allison leaves
to get what she was told to get.)

Val: What is rule number two?

Brittany: The masturbation rule. And before you ask rule number one [aside
from the customer is our first priority, which is unwritten but understood]
is no nudity in public spaces. This one is enforced without exception! There
are many reasons for this, the biggest being the privacy of the client,
there are way too many freaks out there who want nude pictures of some of
our clients and would do and/or pay anything to get them. We take every
precaution we can think of to prevent anyone from getting a photo opp. Even
if the client wants to run around naked we don't let 'em. At least in a
public space.

Allison (Knocks at the door, enters and hands Brittany a box. We get another
look at her ass.)

Brittany (Flaunting her sexy smile.): Thank you sweetie. Are you wearing

Allison (With an equally alluring smile.): Yes I am. It is part of the
uniform isn't it?

Brittany (Lustfully licking her lips.): You're so bad. Now run along and get
that sweet ass back to work. [Allison exits, again showing off her ass.]

Brittany (Taking the device out of it's box.): This is, if I do say so
myself, my greatest addition to this place. Allison and I invented it and
they are made exclusively for me. (Holding up the device.) This little gem
is what we affectingly call Orgasmo. It hasn't been officially named yet,
officially it's known as patent #ST34987535-5S234576, or something like
that. [It is a small panty liner like device that vibrates, massages and
gives very small electric pulses.] I love this thing, but I had to stop
wearing mine, at least at work acting. Funny story, I was in the middle of
shooting a big seen on the set of clueless, a few days after I got the first
one made other than the prototype, I thought I'd do a little test run, you
know, so I wore it to work. I had no idea just how good it was. Anyway I
switched it on and, at first it felt good but wasn't intense at all, and I
thought everything would be copasetic. Then as the day went on I sorta forgot
about it until I got a little mental fantasy stimulation, to go along with
what it was designed to do. Alicia Silverstone was in the seen with me and
was looking good. I blew several lines because it was making me climax in
ways I never imagined possible, I was trying to control myself but it was so
good, I just couldn't. I creamed my jeans like 10 times in 5 minutes. Alicia
could tell something was up, but was not sure how to ask I think. I know she
saw the wet spot in my crotch. Anyway I finally got a break and went to the
bathroom to turn it off ...a small design flaw that has been corrected by
installing a remote switch... clean up and compose myself. The test was a
great success, Orgasmo worked flawlessly. Later after we finally got the seen
done, Alicia asked me what the problem was, I didn't know her too well at
that point but I wanted to show off my invention, so I did.

Holly: Wow you just striped right there in front of her.

Brittany: No I had taken it off in the bathroom and put it in my pocket. I
showed ol' orgasmo off and after explaining the need for it, without giving
away all the secrets of the spa, and how it worked, complete with a full
demo, she didn't want to give it back to me.

Val: Did she try it right there?

Holly: Don't be silly a big star like her, she went to the bathroom to put it

Brittany (a little confused as to which sister to respond to first.): Yes
{to Val's question}, and No {to Holly's} anyway, she striped right there in
her trailer, and asked for help to make sure she had it right, and just
between us, she could use a visit to this place.

Val: Ha, I told you Holly.

Holly (The picture vivid in her mind.): So she needed a little trim huh?

Brittany: Oh, most definitely, little trim is a huge understatement you
needed a machete to trim that thing. Her muff looked like a jungle in the
middle of a rainforest, I felt sorry for who ever was eating that. Anyway,
speaking of eating pussy. (She says as she hops back in the chair for the
laser.) Val, babe you're up, all this talking made the affects of the
wonderful orgasm Holly gave me go away, and all this sex talk has also made
me horny and wanting another. Are you as good as your sister? (She says as
she slides her finger along her moist slit and seductively offers it to Val
to suck.) A little preview.

Val (Hungrily, yet sensuously sucks Brittany's pussy flavored finger, and in
her best lusty voice says.): Mmmm...Better. Mind if I get a little more
comfortable? (As she removes her top and starts to take off her pants.)

Brittany: Yes I mind! This is all about me. Remember? Now put you top back on
and get to work.

Val (Does as she is told.): I'm sorry I got carried away by lust.

Brittany: Not to be mean but this is still an interview.

Val passes the interview with fling colors. She did so good that Brittany
didn't notice Holly had her pants off and was full on fingering herself. Not
caring who watched. The sight of her sexy sister's head between Brittany's
legs, her ass sticking up and slowly swaying back and forth, as her hand
rubbed her twat through her pants, as she ate away at Brittany's pussy, was
just too much for her to witness without doing something about it, at least
to herself. She wanted desperately to be the next recipient of Val's

Brittany (Barely able to speak, and trembling from orgasmic euphoria, for the
second time.): Wow you definitely got the job now, as if there was any doubt,
and there sure the hell isn't any now. I have just one more request as
Brittany the bitch client. I want to watch you two screw each other. You
deserve it. I might join you later.

Holly: Oh thank god! Val get those sweet sexy lips and that talented tongue
over her fast.

Val strips as she makes her way over to Holly, who was taking the rest of her
clothes off as fast as she could. Val wastes no time when she gets to Holly.
She grabs her and takes her to the floor and mounts her in the 69 and grinds
her blonde muff into Holly's waiting and willing face. Using Holly's chin,
nose, tongue, whatever her yearning snatch came in contact with, trying
desperately to satisfy the needs of her wet swollen twat.

Holly: Hey what are you trying to do? I don't want to fuck you with my nose.
I'll get my tongue in the right spot if you would stop wiggling.

Val: Less talking more tonguing.

Holly and Val satisfy each other's needs and lay on the floor cuddling. They
notice Brittany had removed the rest of her clothes and was sitting in the
laser chair caressing her body. Eyes closed, a peaceful innocent look on her
face. Unaware that Val and Holly had finished with each other and were
watching her.

Val: Look at that body Holly.

Holly: I am. Wow I never imagined it was that nice. (Looking at her sister
with a mischievous smile, as she stands up and sneaks toward Brittany.)
{Whispering} I think it's her turn to be tested.

Val doesn't say a word as she stands and joins Holly. When they get to the
chair they just stand there admiring Brittany's beauty.

Val: She looks so peaceful, I almost don't want to disturb her.

Holly: I do, it's her turn to take our test.

Brittany wasn't sleeping and could hear what was being said. Without opening
her eyes, she reaches out to find Holly. When she does her hand slowly
caresses its way along Holly's tummy downward, finding it's way to Holly's
muff. Holly moves a little closer, and parts her legs, to allow Brittany's
hand easier access. Brittany's hand teasingly tickles Holly's nicely trimmed
dark pubic hair, then, as a sly smile forms on her face, she opens her eyes,
looks at Holly, poking her to get her attention.

Brittany: So what is this test you want me to pass? Does it involve me
pleasing you as you did me? { As she is talking, her fingers find Holly's
puffy, wet vulva, and swollen clit. Effortlessly, with an expert touch,
begins giving Holly feelings of pleasure she has never experienced.} You
think I need a test? I'm still the boss here missy. I don't need to pass
any test, but if you want something from me, just ask. {She slowly pulls
her hand away from Holly's pussy, Holly's hips move following Brittany's
hand trying to keep it in contact. Brittany's hand is too fast and is out
of reach of Holly's pursuing pussy and on it's way to Brittany's mouth as
Holly, wanting more pleasure, loses her balance and falls forward catching
herself before she lands on top of Brittany. Brittany sucks Holly's sweet
pussy juice from her fingers, looking up at Holly as she does.} Mmmm...
that is very tasty. Now, what do you want Holly?

Holly (With a sweet innocent, soliciting look.): I want more of what you were
doing with your hand, for starters then maybe some of that titillating tongue
in my pussy.

Val: Titillating? When did you get a word of the day calendar?

Brittany (Knowing she had Holly right on the edge and could either push her
over or pull her back with just the slightest effort. With lust, thick in her
voice.): What's the magic word?

Holly (Desperate for some relief form Brittany's teasing.): Now!

Brittany (A priceless expression of both joy and disappointment on her
face.): Nope that's not it. Val come over here lover, and I'll return some
of the naughty favors you gave to me earlier. Since Holly doesn't seem to
have any manners.

Val (Sticking her tongue out at Holly.): Thank you Brittany I would like

Val bumps Holly out of the way, and leans in to kiss Brittany. Their hands
roam over each others bodies as the passion in the kiss grows with every
second. Holly can't believe what just happened she was just joking, it was
supposed to be her kissing Brittany, not that she was jealous just that she
wanted to be first, since it was her idea to begin with. Brittany breaks the
kiss and without a word, she trades places with Val. She eagerly begins
eating Val's pussy, stopping just long enough to compliment it.

Brittany: This is a beautiful pussy you got here Val, tasty too.

Val (Eyes glazed over, face contorted in pleasure.): Thanks. Oooohhh that
feels soooo good.

Brittany continues her assault on Val's snatch, as her hands find their way
up to fondle her large soft tits, taking the hard nipples between her thumb
and forefinger and twisting gently, as her tongue moves from circling Val's
clit to penetrate the soft swollen lips of the labia tickling the beginning
of the vagina, moving in and out, varying the speed, and depth, each time,
then returns to the hard little love button, that is extremely sensitive at
this point, closes her lips around it and gives several hard sucks. Sending
waves of pleasure through Val's whole body. Val takes Brittany's head with
both hands, raises her hips up off the soft fluffy seat, wraps her legs
around her head, and humps Brittany's face like there is no tomorrow.

Val (Between pants.): Holy Fuck, Oooo Shit, Ahhh Yyeeessss BRITTANY FUCK
Meeee with your tongue. Ffffuucckk mmmeeee. Ooohhh bbbaaabbby!!

Brittany (Knowing that Val is very close to orgasm, takes Val's clit between
her teeth, ever so gently, with her tongue flicking the love button between
her teeth, as she mumbles {not stopping her actions to speak clearly}): Yea
baby, Mommy knows what you like, come on. Cum! Cum all over my face.

The combination of sensations sends Val over the edge, into an orgasm
unmatched by any she had ever experienced.

Val (Still very much out of breath, humping Brittany's face, relaxing her
grip {both hands and legs}) Holy, Jesus fucking Christ, God in heaven. (She
manages to get out before Brittany takes Val's clit in-between her puckered
lips and sucks it like she was drinking from a straw, then keeping the
suction, she opens her mouth enough to get her tongue out. Fluttering it
against Val's hard, sensitive, swollen little love button, at the same time
she takes her index finger, inserts it into Val's cavity and motions with it
inside, as if she were calling someone to come over to her. This gives more
pleasure than Val can handle and her body uncontrollably convulses as her
hips buck violently.)

Brittany (moving back enough so she won't get hit by Val's bucking hips; yet
stays close enough to enjoy what she knows is coming.): That's right baby,
don't hold back, let it happen, let the orgasm take over.

Val gripping the arms of the seat gasping for air raises her hips and squirts
a large amount of hot, clear fluid from her pussy. Brittany drinks as much as
she can, with Val still shaking, not able to control where she is squirting.

Holly (A awe inspired look on her face.): Holy shit you made her squirt. I
didn't know she could do that. I've never seen anyone do that. Wow! What does
it taste like?

Val settles down in the seat, her breathing still heavy but more controlled,
her hand holding her pussy {trying to cover it so it doesn't squirt again}
feeling a bit embarrassed, but unable to speak.

Brittany (sitting back with a proud smile on her face. Rubbing Val's juices
into her body like lotion.): It doesn't really have a taste, Holly. (Offering
her a finger.) Taste for yourself.

Holly (sucking Brittany's finger savoring the taste of her sister once
again.): You're right not really a taste you can describe, yet can still

Brittany: I know. (She starts teasing Holly again, with her fingers, looking
up at her, {A sight to be seen for sure. Brittany's face glistening with
Val's pussy juice, her hair slightly wet and in a mess, a look of lust in
those big brown eyes.} I'm so sorry Holly sweetie, but I used all my energy
up on your sister. We'll have to do this later.

Holly (Very disappointed, but understanding. Knowing her earlier joke was the
reason she wasn't going to get any from Brittany, and not wanting to screw up
any chances of getting some later.): That's okay honey. They say good things
come to those who wait, I think they're right

Brittany (Continuing to tease Holly with her hand, seeing that it will be
easy to get her off.): Well maybe just a little now, and if you behave, I'll
do a complete treatment later.” (She fingers Holly's pussy to an orgasm,
satisfying, yet small by comparison to any other she had either had the
pleasure of witnessing, or giving that day. Brittany gets up and kisses
Holly. Surprised at how good a kisser she is, letting the kiss last a lot
longer than she had first intended. She then goes and grabs three robes. She
hands one to Holly first, then goes to Val, leans over her sleeping body,
whispers in her ear.) Wake up sleepy head. Time to go to work. (Having no
Idea that the day was gone.)

Val (Slowly waking from her orgasm induced slumber.): Mmmmm just five more

Brittany (grabbing Val's nipples, giving her a not so gentle double purple
nerple.): Get up!

Val (Not enjoying this the least little bit.): Ouch! Bitch! That hurts.

Brittany (raising an eyebrow playfully.): Bitch!?? You didn't just call me
that. (She starts tickling Val)

Val (Fighting off the assault by launching one of her own.): Yes I did. But
I didn't really mean it. Come her baby so I can thank you.

The tickling stops as Val pulls Brittany on top of her. They kiss very

Val (Breaking the kiss.): That was the best orgasm I have ever had. I don't
know how I could ever thank you for, or return as good of one....

Brittany (interrupting by placing a finger to Val's lips, shushing her.):
That is not necessary. I got all I wanted from the experience. (She gets up
tosses a robe to Val, offers a hand to help her up) Now get your ass up. I
don't know about you, but I need a shower.

They put on the robes and hit the shower; not noticing right away that the
place was empty. Their sexual escapades had taken up the rest of the day and
a good part of the night. The place was closed. They shower, dress, hug and
kiss their goodbyes, and go home. All of them, feeling the lust inside they
all had, turning to something much more, as they separately started to miss
each other.

More to come...


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