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What I Like About You: The Secrets Of The Spa Part 1 - How It All Started
by F.S.P.

Valerie and Holly arrive home from a day at the spa that one of Valerie's
clients arranged as a thank you for a job well done. Valerie tells Holly that
the client offered her a partnership in the spa. Since the client was getting
more famous she didn't have the time it takes to keep the spa successful.

The next day Valerie meets with her soon to be new partner to work out the
details. Valerie decides at that meeting that, since her other company
(Val-Co) wasn't as successful as she had hoped, she would concentrate her
full attention on this spa.

Valerie also decides that it's about time her little sister get off her ass
and be a part of this. She tells Holly the good news, (that she will be a
limited partner) Holly is excited by the news and gives her sister a bear
hug and plasters little kissed all over her face, as she jabbers on
aimlessly, hard to understand, (unaware that she is practically molesting
Valerie) Valerie is very aware since it has been a long time since anyone
had touched her ass, or kissed her...etc. (her arousal takes over) and in
the confusion, one of the random playful little kisses becomes a slightly
passionate one. They break apart and look at each other with confusion and

Holly: That was weird.

Valerie: Yea it was. Sorry guess I got a little too excited.

Holly: Yea you did! You need to get laid. And not by me.

This statement wasn't exactly the truth, Holly had felt some arousal too, but
she didn't like women. At least that is what she kept telling herself as she

They both go to bed but neither can sleep. Holly goes out to watch TV, hoping
that will put her to sleep. [no luck! all she can think about is that kiss]
Valerie is thinking about earlier events and fades off to sleep. Fade out...

Fade in. The next day. After a less than restful night the two sisters are
in the kitchen. Valerie pours Holly some coffee and they act like nothing
happened. They talk about the new business. Valerie shares her idea for the
new name. Holly is less than impressed with the idea. They have a good laugh
over the name, but they like the logo so they submit it to the other partner
for final approval.

After business is taken care of, Holly goes to celebrate with her friends and
Valerie and Lauren tag along . Valerie gets a little drunk at the party and
lets it slip to Lauren that she kissed Holly in a non sisterly way the night
before, Tina over hears and is a little turned on by the thoughts in her head
of kissing either of the two sisters or having the two of them at the same
time. Her X rated dream is interrupted by Holly

Holly: What's up?

Tina: Your sisters spirits. From the looks of things.

Pointing to the drunk blonde. Holly is upset now.

Holly: Oh my gawd! She's plastered. I totally don't need this. She is such a
pain in the ass when she is like that."

Tina: It's not that bad, take her home put her in bed and she'll pass out.

Holly: Then if it's so easy you help me.

Tina agrees and they get Valerie away from her new drinking buddies and take
her home. Valerie is very friendly in the cab and Tina is not objecting to
her drunken affections in fact she sneaks a feel of Valerie's tits. Val
doesn't notice at first but her hand is resting in Tina's lap, Tina had
noticed and was hoping for some finger action under her skirt. After a little
help from Tina Val's hand was up Tina's skirt and rubbing all the right
places, just as the cab stops in front of their building. Holly is still
pissed that she had to leave the party early to take care of her drunk sister
and hadn't noticed anything. They make it up to their apartment. Inside Holly
and Valerie get into an argument and Holly stomps off to her room. Valerie
apologies to Tina and offers her cab fair home. She falls on her ass going to
get her purse. Tina tried to catch her but didn't make it in time. They both
laugh. Tina helps her up.

Val: Thanks. I'm a little drunk. Here is the money for the cab.

Tina: Thanks but it's late, if you don't mind I'll just crash on your couch.

Val: I don't care. If you help me to my room I'll show you where the blankets

Tina helps Val up the stairs and onto her bed. She points Tina to the closet
for the blanket. As Tina reaches for it Val notices her ass under the short
skirt and remembers fingering her in the cab.

Val: I don't like to wear panties either.

Tina: [well aware of what she was doing] What?!

Val: I see that you aren't wearing any panties and I usually don't either.

Tina: [coyly] Were you check'n out my ass?

Val is fighting with her top trying to get it off, her bra wants to come off
with the top. Tina can't help but laugh at her. Finally the top is off and
the bra Val is tired from the struggle and sits there topless a little out of

Val: Are you laughing at me?

Tina: Yea sorry.

Val: [slurs] Get your cute little ass over here so I can spank it.

Tina slowly walks over to Val, lifting her skirt up as she turns and bends
so Val can give her her punishment, but there is no smack. Tina turns to see
why, and Val is out cold. Disappointed, Tina removes Val's shoes and pants to
find that she didn't wear panties just like she said. Tina enjoys the view of
the blonde bush, fingering herself, wishing Val was awake to do it.

Tina: [whispers] So was going to fuck you tonight.

She kisses Val on the forehead and covers her up. Tina takes her blanket and
heads down to the couch running into Holly at the door.

Val: Just getting the blanket. I could crash on the couch since it is so late
and I didn't want to risk not finding a cab.

Holly, who was watching outside the door the whole time and was turned on by
what she had seen.

Holly: You want to borrow a night shirt?

Tina: No thanks, I sleep naked.

Holly: "Me too, so... how long have you wanted to fuck my sister?

Tina, shocked by the direct question.

Tina: Since I heard her tell Lauren that she kissed you in a non-sisterly

Holly: Great now everyone knows, and I thought you wanted me. I mean you
should want me, look I have normal pubic hair, not that bleached blonde

She opens her robe to show Tina.

Holly: Yea sure her boobs are bigger but at least mine won't be sagging in
ten years.

Tina: I'm sorry Holly, wow nice body, I didn't mean to upset you it's just
that I never had an opportunity with you like I thought I had tonight with
Val, 'till she passed out, anyway.

Holly: All you had to do was ask, but seeing you with Val just made me sick
and now you'll never have me. Good night!

She stomps to her room and slams the door.

Tina thinks to herself, "Never say never. You little bitch." as she goes
down stairs to sleep.

The only one sleeping is Val, Tina can't get to sleep 'cause she is too horny
and masturbating is only making things worse. Meanwhile Holly is feeling bad
that she was rude to Tina. She is also horny and decides to go apologize and
see if she can get some from Tina. Holy, forgetting to putt on her robe,
opens her door and on her way downstairs stops in to check on her drunk
sister. Val had moved and wasn't covered up.

Holly, remembering the kiss, looks with lust at the sleeping blonde. She is
lost in her X-rated dream when Tina sneaks up from behind.

Tina: [whispers] You want her too don't you?

Holly: Yea I have to say I do...Tina I'm sorry...

Tina doesn't let her finish before planting a very passionate kiss on her.
Holly, a little shocked at first, gets comfortable with the soft wet tongue
in her mouth and returns the passion in her kiss. Tina, being so horny wastes
no time and lets her hands wonder all over Holly's body stopping at her tits
to feel the nipples hardening as she rubs them between her thumb and index
finger. Holly softly moans her approval, and lets her hands find Tina's tits.

Breaking the kiss Tina, not trying to be rude says.

Tina: Holly that feels so good but I'm too fucking horny for foreplay I need
you to suck them and finger my pussy now.

Holly does as she is instructed and Tina's nearly falls down. Tina recovers
her balance and without letting Holly's finger leave the promise land pushes
Holly into the bed room and onto the bed next to her passed out sister.

Tina: Oh fuck yea Holly that's the spot don't stop.

Holly doesn't miss a beet as she maneuvers for better position

Tina has other things in mind, she pushes Holly onto her back and quickly
mounts her.

Tina: Now you little slut eat me, I want you to make me cum all over your

As she lowers her wet cunt into range for Holly's tongue. Holly, a little
scared, does as she is told. Tina isn't impressed with Holly's pussy eating
skills and has to tell her step by step what to do.

Tina: Holly just stick out your tongue and I'll do the rest.

Tina finally says, desperately close to orgasm.

Tina rides Holly's face like a pro rodeo star till she cums practically
drowning poor little Holly ( who by now is so freaked out she is too scared
to talk) she just lies there licking the pussy juice from her face. Tina,
slowly recovering from her orgasm, sees the frightened look in Holly's eyes
and comforts her.

Tina: I guess I got a little carried away, I'm sorry Holly I didn't mean to
scare you, it's just that I really needed to cum.

This makes Holly feel a lot better.

Holly: I want to cum too, but I'm not sure how.

Tina, realizing that she is about to be Holly's first, softly kisses her.

Tina: Don't you worry about a thing sweetie, you just lay back and enjoy,
I'll do all the work.

As she starts kissing her way down Holly's body stopping at her tits to suck
and nibble on the hard nipples, as her finger finds Holly's clit. Holly stops
Tina just as her finger was about to penetrate her virgin hole.

Tina: Don't poke it just rub, it hurts when you poke it, but it feels sooo
good when you rub it. Just relax, if you think rubbing feels good just wait
till I lick it.

The two younger women were so into what they were doing that they didn't
notice that they had woke Valerie up. She was still drunk and didn't
completely realize what was going on next to her till she heard "don't poke
it" and "lick it" She comes to her senses.

Val: [softly] If anyone is going to eat my sister for the first time it's
going to be me.

Startled by the different voice Holly and Tina freeze. Val simply rolls on
her side and lays a big slobbery drunk kiss on Holly

Val: I love you so much.

Then turns to Tina.

Val: Don't worry you just do whatever you were going to do to Holly to me,
and probably more, I like to be poked.

To be continued....


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