What I Like About You: More To Lick Part 2 (FFF)
by Sunnydale Jim ([email protected])

Val leaped up. She was so stunned and mortified she flapped her hands in
front of her and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Her good
sized, gravity defying breatsts bobbled appealingly. Speech wouldn't come.
Lauren was so shocked she just sat on the floor with her back against the
couch, her full lipped mouth wide open, waiting for someone to say something.
Holly tilted her head to the side and smiled cutely, "It's alright, Val.
Please don't freak out."

"B-B-B-But, but w-w-w-we we-"

"Yes, I know Val. You and Lauren were having hot lesbian sex. I saw it. And
it's okay. It's more than okay, it's pretty fuckin' hot!"

Lauren laughed, she hadn't expected that.

"No, NO, you can't say that. No, It's .. it's ..."

"Val stop! You're allowed to have sex. You're allowed to have fun and so am
I. Don't freak out. But, I've done it with a girl, too. And I thought it was
fan-fucking-tastic!" Holly leaned over and took her forefinger and ran it up
Val's face from her neck to her lips, then she put the finger in her mouth
and turned her head. "MMmmmmm. Lauren, you taste GOO-OOD!"

Val and Lauren froze, their mouths gaping like beached fish. "Ha - Ha- Holly!"

"Oh, Val, your mouth isn't doing too well with the talking thing today, is
it? Probably because you've been practicing at something else with it." And
she threw her arms around her sister and gave her a deep kiss with LOTS of
tongue. She held her shorter, older sister in place with both arms and
wouldn't let her go until she stopped squirming and returned the kiss. It
took some time. When they melted apart they finally became aware of a
sloshing sound below them. Lauren was working her sopping wet cunt with both
hands and it was squishing like a golf course ball washer. The sight of the
two gorgeous sisters kissing, one petite and blond and the other tall and
willowy, was so hot that she was practically out of breath from cumming so
hard. She had tried very hard not to scream, not to break them apart. And
now that the two sisters had noticed her, taking in the image of her shaved,
dripping pussy and her large, well shaped bouncing breasts and her panting,
moaning, full lipped mouth, her lusting, hungry eyes focused on them: they
were getting even hornier, FAST!

Holly was barefoot, having slid her flip flops off as soon as she had quietly
let herself in. She was wearing a denim miniskirt and a tight, midriff baring
blouse. The outfit made her long slender legs look almost as tall as Val. She
looked down at Lauren and grinned. Lauren crawled over and stuck her face
under the back of Holly's skirts and started licking the backs of her thighs,
just under her panties and running her hands up Holly's legs.

"Lauren!" shrieked Val.

"SHhhhh, Val! Leave her be. Here, these are for you." And she grabbed her
small top and whipped it over her head. Her pink lacy bra was small, so it
barely contained her well formed breasts. Her breasts were smaller than Val's
or Lauren's, but they sat up high and bounced like jello, the aureoles and
nipples were small and they weren't centered. They didn't point straight at
you, they each pointed off to opposite sides. Cute. Holly was long and lean
and turned heads wherever she went. Now she opened the clasp on the front of
her bra and they sprang out. "Hug me, Val. I want to feel your skin against
me." As she pulled her sister close again she spread her stance wider and
waggled her ass at Lauren who was still behind her. She whispered to Val, "We
are hot, gorgeous women in New York. It's okay to have fun. It's okay to let
me show you love and affection and, please, Val, I've been pushing boys away
so long, I just want to feel something .... close, something, ... intimate,
really intimate. I love you. I want to make love with you." And she kissed
her stunned sister again and Val closed her eyes and kissed her back.

As they kissed, Lauren slid Holly's panties down her long, long legs and
Holly stepped out of them without breaking the kiss. Lauren nibbled and
licked at Holly's high hard buttocks and rubbed her face against them. Holly
slid one hand down to her sister's ass and squeezed. Val broke the kiss and
looked up at her little sister and saw the goofy glow of love shining from
her face. Holly looked at Val and saw the gooey glop of Lauren's love still
shining on HER face. She smiled her goofy smile and lapped at the cum on
Val's cheek. Then Val leaned forward and took Holly's lower lip gently in
her teeth and licked at it. while using one hand to feel her kid sister's

With Holly's height advantage, it didn't take much pushing for her to
move Val's mouth down to her breast. Val once again had a sudden loss of
inhibition, a lust rush, and started moving her mouth between the two tits,
squeezing with both hands and reveling in the taste and feel of such warm,
soft flesh. Her beautiful little sister's warm, soft flesh.

Holly was in heaven! As Val mauled her young tits and sucked her nipples
until they stood out and gave Val's teeth something to really clamp on,
Lauren had started tasting her fresh young pussy from behind. Lauren had
her nose pressed against Holly's asshole as she licked back and forth and
in and out of Holly's wet twat. She had started getting moist as soon as
she snuck into the apartment and heard her sister and her best friend
talking dirty to each other while they 69'd. Now Holly was nearly ready to

Val couldn't take it anymore. She dropped to her knees and lifted Holly's
skirt. She saw the sparse brown hair atop the tight, slender slit and a pink
tongue flashing in and out. "Hey, share share!" And she started licking at
Lauren's tongue and Holly's cunt lips. Holly managed to undo her skirt and
pull it all the way up her body and over her head. Now everyone was stark
naked and dripping wet.

Holly reached forward and took her sister's head in her hands and ground it
against her pubic bone. Val reached around and dug her fingers into Holly's
ass. Lauren was so excited. She had been anxious to fuck her friend Val, but
when Holly showed up and turned their afternoon delight into a threesome
dream come true, Lauren decided Holly deserved something special. So, while
Val licked Holly's slit and nipped at her clit, Lauren started her wide
tongue in the back of Holly's pussy. She pressed hard and then slowly licked
up, over the thin band of skin into Holly's crack and then over the brown,
puckered asshole to the base of Holly's spine. Holly nearly cracked Val's
skull she dug her fingers in so hard. The death grip made Val think, "Hey,
I must be doing a really good job," the thought that she was giving so much
pleasure made her apply herself with a renewed vigor. Meanwhile, Lauren kept
licking up and starting over until she decided to get her tongue inside that
little asshole. She slavered and whined and pushed until her whole tongue was
wriggling inside the 18 year old's anus and her cheeks were trapped, rubbing
Holly's ass cheeks.

It was all paying off. Holly wasn't just squeezing Val's head, she was using
it to hold herself up as her legs started to shake and weaken. Her hips
fucked back and forth at Val's mouth and Lauren kept her face wedged deep in
her ass. "Oooooooh! Oh, FUCK YEAH! FUCK! It's SOO...SOOO.... SO FUCKING GOOD!
UGGGH EE-Yuhhh I'm... I'mmm YES!" Holly started gushing cum, squirting and
Val took it on her forehead, in her hair and all over her cute little face.
Lauren stuck two fingers up inside Holly's pussy and started plunging away.
Val clamped her teeth on Holly's clit and flicked her tongue across it as she
added one of her fingers poking along side Lauren's in her little sister's
wet hole. Holly screamed and shuddered and came so hard she couldn't stand.
She sank to the floor and fell on her side. She grabbed at Val, "Hold me!
Hold me!" Val hugged her tight and Lauren lay on Holly's other side and
hugged her. As soon as Lauren noticed all the goo and wet all over her
friend's face she leaned across Holly and started lapping at Val's face. Val
giggled and they kissed over Holly who was beaming and exhausted.

When they'd caught their breath, Lauren, the least inhibited of the three by
far, spoke first, "I wish we had a strap on."

"LAUREN!" cried Val.

"Well, I'm really, REALLY horny now and I LIKE getting fucked."

Holly smiled, "It sounds like something I might try some day, but not yet. I
want my first cock to be a real one."

"Oh shit, Holly are you still holding out?" said Lauren.

"LAUREN! Leave Holly alone. I'm sure she's doing the right thing saving it
for the right boy. You do still WANT a boy, right?"

"Yes, I still like boys and I keep falling in love with boys. Every other
week. But, I always get afraid that my relationships aren't perfect and I'm
afraid I'll screw up bad or something bad will happen, so I always end up
screwing things up before ... any screwing goes down. Girl sex just seems
less risky, just... well, if I have a little fun with the girls I don't feel
like a slut. If I jumped in bed with a guy just for fun, I'm afraid I'll feel
bad about it. Having two gorgeous, hotties who I know I love so much holding
me now feels like the BEST!"

"Having one of you strap on a big dick and fuck me blind would feel the

"JEEZ, LAUREN!! Am I going to have to hose you down? --"

"YEAH! That's what I'm sayin' !", leered Lauren.

"So, where would you get one of those, uh, thingies?"


"Oh, C'mon Val. I can't get offended by someone who just had their tongue
inside my colon. By the way, Lauren, are you related to any of those guys in

"I'll show you some KISS", and Lauren gave Holly a long, deep kiss. Val
watched and admitted to herself that the sight was turning her on all over
again. As they broke the kiss, Holly whispered, "I'd like to see Val fuck
you. Would you like to see me play with myself while my big sister fucks you
like the hot fucking slut you are?"

"Oh, wow! Check out the candy mouth on little sis!" smirked Lauren.

"Um, just because I'm, uh, curious. Lauren. Where would you get a strap on?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? This is New York City, Val. There's a Korean
grocer around the corner who has a strange little side business out his back
door. I mean a REAL door, out on the alley. Give me your credit card and I'll
be back in ten minutes.

"I am NOT going to give you my credit card to buy a dildo! Take cash. How
much do we need?"

Lauren jumped up and threw on an overcoat and slipped on her shoes. "Lauren!
Are you going out like THAT?", scolded Val. "If I open my coat Mr. Kim will
give us a discount. Don't knock it. In a way, I'm fighting and causing
inflation at the same time."

"Causing inflation?" asked Holly.

"In his pants. Don't wear yourselves out while I'm gone."

When they were alone Holly suggested they go to the bedroom. Once inside,
they lay in each other's arms and Val cradled her little sister's head
against her soft chest. "Val, can I tell you a secret?"

"Of course, you can, sweetie. You know I love secrets."

"Remember that night we got in the pudding fight and ended up rolling around
on the floor wrestling?"

"Oh, God, yes..."

"Well, that's when I really started thinking about... about, something like


"Yes. The feeling of our bare legs rubbing together and, well, didn't you
notice I kind of copped a feel a couple of times?"

"Oh, you little rat! I thought that was, like, an accident."

"Sorry. 'Fraid not. When I went to the shower I played with myself and
thought about how good you felt."

"Holly, I'm having those feelings now, and it's , it's really.. It feels
good. It really feels good. But, you know we shouldn't be doing this. It's -"

"Stop! Stop! Stop! We both mess up every relationship we have with guys. We
practically chase them off with sticks. I'm getting a reputation as such
a... a..."

"... little cock tease?"

"Hey! Oh, well, yeah, exactly. But, tonight, here, like this ... Look! We
love and trust and respect each other. I promise not to get you pregnant.
What's not to like? What's the sense in living in a place like New York City
if we're not going get our freak on and have some fucking fun with our lives.
Stop being such a wet mother hen!"

"You are so cute when you're mad."

"If a boy said that, I'd whack him."

"Well, I said it. What are you gonna do about it?"

"I'm ... going ... to... lick you good!" And with that, Holly rolled on top
of Val and straddled her hips and rubbed their breasts together as she kissed
her sister again. She humped her sister and pushed her breasts into Val's and
licked at her neck, whispering in her ear, "I want to taste you. I want to
please you the way you did for me."

"Okay, okay, Holly. I want it. " Val was getting turned on touching her
sister's soft, lean body and looking at her eager child like face. Holly
grinned and slithered down her older sister's dynamite body. She rubbed
her face in the little patch of blond pubic hair as her soft hands pushed
Val's thighs apart. Then she used her thumbs to slowly spread the petals
of her sister's damp flower. Val was propped up on pillows, holding her
breath, mesmerized by what she was seeing. Holly stared back and grinned
her little girl's grin, her high chipmunk cheekbones arching up as her
long tongue came out and she leaned into the wet open treat before her. As
Holly's tongue penetrated her older sister's vagina, Val could gaze into
her eyes. Val slowly nodded her head and mouthed silently, "I love you."
Holly was thrilled, she knew her sister had given in to her fully and she
closed her eyes and gave Val's pussy a deep soul kiss, her tongue wallowed
deeply in the soft, juicy walls that oozed their satisfaction. Val shuddered
and whimpered and softly cooed encouragement, "Oh,yes, that's so good, so...
oh, so... good. Oh, Holly."

Holly looked up, "Yes, Val, tell me you like it. Say my name. Talk DIRTY!"

"Holly you hot little slut! Shut up and lick my cunt! Suck it!, Yeah, oh,
fuckin' yeah!" Holly grabbed Val's pale bubble butt and pulled her loins
into her face, already shining with girl goo. Holly reached up and grabbed
a spare pillow and stuck it between her legs. She humped it as she sucked
her sister's outer lips and rubbed her cheeks against her soft white thighs.
"Mmmm, Val, which do you like better this -" and she stuck her tongue as far
inside Val's pussy as she could and flicked it up and down as far as it would
go "Mmmmwah-ah-ah!!!" "Or this -" and she closed her mouth over the top of
Val's pussy and flattened her tongue against Val's clitoris while nodding her
head furiously. "Oh, oh, shit! Do that! Do that! But fuck me! Finger fuck

"Like this?" And Holly slid two fingers into Val and slowly sawed them back
and forth.

And Holly stuck three fingers into her sister's slick pussy and practically
punched them in and out as she sucked and nibbled at Val's clit. Val's heels
dug into the mattress and lifted her ass up, bouncing off the bed and into
her sister's cute little face.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! MORE I'm SO...mmm SO..."

"Did I hear someone say MORE?" Lauren burst into the room and Val saw her
over her sister's delectably bony butt. She opened her coat and revealed a
ten inch cock.


Holly rolled over next to Val, her jaw nearly unhinged in shock. Lauren
dropped the coat and leapt on the bed. Val was so horny she just spread her
legs and Lauren could see by how wet and shiny Holly's face was that all the
foreplay had been done for her. She guided the thick rubber cock into the
entrance of Val's cunt and pushed it all in in one thrust.

"AAAAAHHHHH YES! YES! FUCKING YE-EH-EH-ESSSS!" Val screamed and kicked her
legs up in the air and dug her nails into Lauren's back. Lauren leered down
at her and fucked her hard. Holly sat perpendicular to her sister's humping,
bouncing body and rubbed her clit with one hand while digging four fingers
into her snatch, her long, long legs spread so wide. Lauren looked over and
squealed, "Oh, Jeezus look at her. Look at how fucking hot Holly looks. Do
it! DO IT, HOLLY!"

By now Val was cumming so hard she was just panting and making strange
desperate grunting noises. Lauren couldn't believe how lucky she was. She
didn't know which horny sister to watch, "Val! Roll over with me!" She
grabbed Val and turned her and Holly nearly fell off the bed. "Holly! Take
those wet fingers out of your cunt and fuck your sister in the ass!" Val
humped her hips back and forth on the big phony cock and Holly jumped behind
her and stuck one long finger into her sister's pink asshole. "YESSS. OH GOD!
IT KEEPS GE - GETTING BETTER!: Holly had really long fingers and she now had
two of them fucking in rhythm with her sister's humping. "GO VAL! GO! FUCK
long, horrifying scream Val had the biggest, longest, wettest orgasm of her
life and collapsed in a sweaty pile clutching her friend Lauren, with the ten
inch dildo resting in her twat. Holly hugged her from behind, but Val took no
notice, she was nearly uncon scious. So Holly leaned over a little farther
and started making out with Lauren.

"Val looks like she could use some rest, but, I could use a little somethin'
somethin'" said Lauren her voice quiet, but sending a loud, dirty signal.

"Me, too." said Holly. They slid Val off the cock and she curled up in an
armchair next to the bed.

"How would you like to fuck me?" asked Lauren.

"Oh, shit! Yeah. Yeah. That looked so hot! I wanna be the boy. Let me be the

Lauren unstrapped the monster and held it up toward Holly, "Sweetie, with a
toy this size, I need you to be the MAN! Can you handle it?"

"Help me put it on and we'll see who handles what!"

Val seemed lost in a really pleasant dream, watching her long legged little
sister step into the harness and buckle it in place. Lauren sank to her knees
and looked up mischievously at Holly as she started to suck the big cock,
licking Val's copious juices off of it and then staring up at Holly with half
of it trapped inside her thick luscious lips.

"Ohmygod!" gasped Holly, "That is SO FUCKING SEXY LOOKING! I am giving a guy
my first blowjob before the week is out! You look so fucking HOT Lauren!"

Lauren slowly slid the cock as far in as she could get it and then slowly
out, "Now you know what you've been making all those poor boys miss you
little cocktease!"


Lauren jumped on the bed and spread her legs, "Don't tease me, little
cocktease. Give me that cock!"

Holly caught on that she was being goaded, "Damn, Lauren, you look really
good naked. Are you sure you're wet enough yet to take this thing?"

"No, Lick me! Lick my cunt you dirty little cocktease!"

"Are you going to stop calling me that?"

"As soon as you stick SOMETHING in my cunt! Tongue! Dick! Umbrella EVEN! JUST

Holly finally got it and stuck her face in Lauren's crotch. "Yah! That's what
I'm talkin' ab- ooo, yeah, yeah Holly!"

Holly knew what her tongue had just done to her sister, so she was fucking
Lauren with four fingers (not surprised that Lauren wasn't nearly as tight as
Val and flicking her tongue all over her clit.


Holly straightened up, kneeling between Lauren's knees. She looked the buxom
blond in the eye and started licking her fingers, making Lauren watch her
suck down her cum. "NOW, GODDAMMIT!"

"Oh, did someone forget that I'm a little cocktease?"

"Goddammit you fucking brat fuck me!"

"Val stirred in her chair, one hand pressed between her legs, "C'mon Holly,
No more teasing. Fuck her."

"Okay, Val." Holly slid up between Lauren's legs and Lauren grasped the cock
in her fist and lifted her hips off the bed and put it into the entrance of
her dripping cunt, "NOW!" and she used her feet to kick Holly in her bony ass
and Holly plunged the cock in up to the hilt.

"YEEESSSSSS!" hissed Lauren. "Now ... FUCK!"

"C'mon Holly! In, out, in, out!", said Val.

Holly had a determined look on her face, but it was awkward. She was tall
and rangy for a girl, but not very coordinated. She stabbed and she poked and
Lauren got increasingly frustrated. "Oh, fuck!" said Lauren and she grabbed
Holly tight and rolled her over on her back. Holly's eyes bugged out as
Lauren planted her hands on each of her cute jiggly little tits and used
them as leverage while she squatted over the young girl and used her like a
sybian. Lauren's ass bounced up and down as the cock disappeared and then
nearly fell out of her over and over with amazing speed. Holly just laid
there and watched openmouthed while Lauren got herself off. As Lauren's
frantic fucking began to pay off, Lauren moved her hands from Holly's tits
to her head and buried her tongue in Holly's mouth. Holly ran her hands over
Lauren's back and licked her tongue as it swabbed her mouth and Lauren sobbed
with pleasure until finally she too came like a storm at sea, screaming and
cursing and clutching at Holly. Lauren finally slid off of Holly, who then
unbuckled the strap on and started licking it like a popsicle. "Mmmmm, this
is good. Someone's going to have to teach me how to give a blowjob."

"Oh, Christ, kid. You're going to wear us out!"

"Lauren! I can't believe my ears! Are you saying you're all fucked out?"
asked Val from the chair.

"Well, it took both of you, but, yeah. No mas! At least not for awhile. Now,
get in bed with us Val."

They all hugged and within less than a minute, they were asleep. Boy, did
they look cute.


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