What I Like About You: More To Lick Part 1 (FF,anal)
by Sunnydale Jim ([email protected])

Poor Val. A gorgeous, petite, self-reliant blond living in NYC and running
her own business, but, she manages to chase away every man that takes an
interest in her. She broke up one relationship in the chapel as she was about
to be married. Consequently, she spends a lot of her spare time whining to
her best friend and employee, Lauren, about how lonely she was, how she'll
never meet the man she'll marry, yada, yada, yada. Lauren had been listening
to this sort of thing since they became best friends in college.

"Jeez, Val, I think you need some mindless, mind blowing sex!"

"Lauren, you said the same thing when I burnt the toast yesterday morning,
when I overslept this morning and when I forgot to tape Desperate Housewives
last week. Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Well, it's just that you're currently single. I'm ALWAYS fucking single.
This might be a perfect time to renew our little experiments from college."

"Oh, Lauren, no, I don't think so".

"Don't be such a stick! You used to be such fun. It's just a chance to go
nuts for a night and have some fun, everything will be the same between us
tomorrow. You know I don't want a girlfriend. I want a cock! But, you know,
while we're waiting..."

"It's not the same now. I'm responsible for my sister, Holly. I have to be."

"Stop right there! Your kid sister is 18, gorgeous and has her own set of
friends to run around with. Besides, weren't you worrying just yesterday
about whether your recent uptight attitudes about sex might be turning your
kid sister, you know.... frigid?"

"Stop! Don't say- oh, wait. Yeah, I did kind of say that, didn't I?"


"Well, I don't know..."

"Oh, bitch I think you do know. You just need someone to take the
responsibility off your shoulders for the night and tell you what to do."
Lauren sat on the couch and held out one shapely, pale leg. "Now, get on your
knees and take off my shoes!"

Val hesitated as Lauren wiggled her foot in the air. "Please me and I will
make you cum more than you have the last three times you masturbated!"

"Oh, fuck. Deal!" squealed Val and dropped to her knees. She slipped off
Lauren's shoes and then looked at her friend, "Well?"

"Oh, yeah, right, um, suck my toes!" Val leaned forward and started licking
the underside of Lauren's foot and toes. closing her eyes and pushing her
tongue in the sweaty spaces between the toes and the ball of her foot. "Oh,
yeah, that feels good! Hike up your skirt and rub your crotch while you suck
my big toe. Suck it like you'd suck a big cock!"

Val had gone awhile without sex. She had been feeling so lonely and needy
lately that, much as she hated to admit it to herself, she really wanted
someone to fuck her. She was ready to give in. Lauren rested the heel of her
foot on top of Val's high-set ample breasts and Val used one hand to hold
the foot she was sucking still while she rubbed back and forth across her
panties. Her soft, white thighs were exposed right up to the panty line and
Lauren was getting hotter watching her rub and looking into her eyes as she
pushed her lips up and down Lauren's big toe. "Good girl, Val. Stop for a
second and take my panties off."

Val reached forward without getting off her knees and pushed Lauren's skirt
up around her waist. She gripped the sides and slowly pulled as Lauren
raised her hips slightly. She watched, spellbound, as she slowly revealed
her friend's shaved mons and pink pussy lips. She worked the flimsy thong
down Lauren's thighs and couldn't take her eyes away. "Okay, I just needed
to be able to touch myself while I watch. Back to work, love slave!"

Val liked being told what to do, "May I take off my panties, too?"

"Good idea. But, I may as well have you naked. So, take it all off and be
sexy or I might have to spank you."

Val surprised herself by feeling a little spasm of excitement go up her spine
when she heard that. She looked her friend in the eye as she stood and slowly
slid her shoes off her tiny feet. Lauren had full lips and an off kilter
smile that could look so naughty when she leered at people. And because she
was so horny so often, she often leered at people. It was probably her most
attractive quality. She leered and used both hands to rub the insides of her
thighs as she watched her best friend strip. Val pushed her blouse up and
slowly exposed her rock hard stomach. She stuck a thumb in her mouth and made
a pouty face, like a little girl who wanted something. She turned her back
and let Lauren watch her pop open the back of her bra and slid the bra and
shirt off and gave Lauren a view of her sleek back before throwing the blouse
away and bending over to look at her friend from between her legs, her long
blond hair hanging down.

Lauren now ran one finger up and down her bare slit and worked her other hand
up under her blouse, "That's a good girl, now let me see that ass."

Val stayed bent over and pulled her skirt up, showing the relatively modest
black underwear that covered her curvy ass. She swayed her ass from side to
side and worked the panties over her pale cheeks. As she got them down to the
top of her thighs she straightened up and unbuttoned the front of the skirt
and then skinned both garments down her short, shapely legs until her hands
rested on the floor and her crack flexed open enough to show Lauren her
wrinkled brown anus.

"Freeze!" said Lauren. She leaned forward and said, "Back up." Val took small
backward steps that walked her out of her last remaining clothes. As she got
close enough, Lauren opened her full lips and took in a big mouthful of
buttock. She ran one hand up and down Val's thighs and kept the other one
sawing in and out of her own wet pussy. Val shivered and started to run her
hands across both her nipples, which were hard and jutting out more and more.
She moaned and Lauren noticed, "Hey, who's the love slave here? If you want
to feel tits you gotta come to Momma!" Lauren stood and put Val's hands on
the bottom of her blouse, "Undress me." Val pulled the top over her head and
then just yanked the bra off without unfastening it, yanking Lauren's big
floppy breasts up and watching them bounce! "Hey!" Val dove onto Lauren's
large left tit with her mouth and sucked the large brown aureole while
lapping at the nipple with her tongue. Both her hands clutched at Lauren's
breast and squeezed it as she sucked and licked hungrily. Lauren rubbed her
back and the back of her head and sighed with pleasure. "Mmmm, hey, love
slave. I thought I was in charge..."

Val slowly let the tit slip from her mouth and stepped back. "Sorry," she was
about a half a head shorter than her friend and looked up at her, biting her
lower lip. "What do I do now?"

Lauren plopped back onto the couch and let her knees flop open, "Would you
like some of this?"

Val smiled and nodded furiously, "Oh, Yes! Please ... please may I have some
of that?" Lauren reached between her legs and used two fingers to spread her
glistening lips, "You may lick my pussy and you better not have forgotten

Val grinned and dropped to her knees, "MMmmm, well, I'm sure it's just
like sniffing a bicycle, but, I guess I could use some on the job refresher
training," and rubbed her soft cheek against her friends thigh before
hovering over the spread lips and inhaling the scent, her cute button nose
hovering just over Lauren's clit. "Mmmmm, god! I forgot how good this can
be!" And she stuck her tongue as far inside her friend as she could push it,
slowly lapping up and then pulling her tongue inside her mouth to taste
Lauren's horny wetness and then lapping up more. She kept it up until Lauren
started to shake and moan. She had been so into the taste and smell that she
had not looked up and seen that she was driving Lauren crazy. Lauren was
pulling at her nipples, scrunching up her feet against the carpet. She pulled
her legs up and grabbed the backs of her thighs to hold them up and spread
herself wider. "Lick my asshole!"

"What? Lauren, uh..."

"DO IT! Don't think just FUCK! Lick me there!"

Val made a snap decision, just doing what she was told felt good, she spread
Lauren's asscheeks and gave her a long slow lick up her ass crack, ending
with her nose pressed into Lauren's open, juicy pussy. She loved having her
face right in the most intimate parts of another person's body. It didn't
matter that it was her friend, her employee, right now it was just a wet,
delicious cunt and an earthy, musty ass. She pushed her tongue against the
sphincter and it wouldn't go in. She quickly stuck a forefinger into Lauren's
sopping gash and then pulled it out and pushed it into her asshole. She
turned it around and ran it in and out, then she pulled at the sides and
tried her tongue again. Lauren was now fingering herself, "Yes! Oh, god this
feels great. I swear I've never had anyone do me this way. Fuck my ass, Val!
Tongue fuck my dirty little shit hole."

Val looked up as she put her finger back in Lauren's ass, "Cum in my mouth
again! I want your cum! I'm... I'm.. oh, Lauren, I'm your dirty little cum

"YEAH! Suck! Oh, jeez, jeeezuss you fuckin' slut! Tongue fuck my dirty
little ass you fucking slut! More! MO -OH- uh-ORE!!!! Uuuggggh ah shit YES!
AAaaaahhh!" Lauren came and gushed juice all over Val's nose and cheeks.
Val jumped up and took her in her arms and hugged her and rubbed her pussy
against hers, "Yes, yes, Lauren come for me." And Lauren pulled Val's face
to hers and shoved her tongue in her mouth, swabbing around tasting her own
ass, licking her own cum and spasmed again.

When Lauren had calmed down, she said, "You are a GOOD love slave! You
deserve a treat. Get on the floor." Val lay on the carpet and Lauren stood
over her, her feet on either side of her adorable boss' head. "This'll be a
treat for both of us, because, as I remember, you taste fuckin' GREAT!"

"Oooh! Well, do I still taste fuckin' great?"

Lauren bent down and kissed Val, her head upside down from hers and then
licked Val's collarbone and dragged her two pendulous breasts over her
friend's face. She rubbed her friend's tits with her hands and rubbed her
own against Val's face. They each captured a breast in their mouths and
sucked and licked and switched breasts and made each other hotter.

"Lick me, Lauren! C'mon! I need it!'

"Haven't you cum yet?"

"Just a little. A few times. A few little times. Please!"

"Oh, alright you big baby," And Lauren slid down the rest of the way until
her face was in Val's sex. She rubbed her nose back and forth across Val's
pussy lips like and Eskimo and tongued the outside over and over.

"NOW! LAUREN!" She parted the top of the lips with her tongue and grasped the
hidden button between her teeth and vibrated her tongue back and forth over
it. "YEEE-AH- ESSSS! Mmmmm, oh, yeah!" Val grasped Lauren's butt cheeks and
duplicated Lauren's move on her clit. She massaged Lauren's ass cheeks as she
sucked her into another juicy orgasm. As Lauren came, she moved her head and
her tongue faster and harder, She added two fingers and stroked the wet
insides of her boss' twat. "Cum, Val! Cum for me,baby! Please! Aaaaaagh. Yes.
Yes. Oh, shit you taste so good!"

The last of Val's up tight resistance broke down. She finally had a howling,
screaming orgasm, bouncing her hips off the carpet into her friend's wet
face, screaming and humping ... until ...finally... they just lay there
covered in sweat, their faces still buried in each other's pussies. Lauren
finally rolled off of her boss and gasped, closing her legs and covering her
swinging breasts. Val sat up like a shot and screamed! Her kid sister Holly
was standing two feet away, with her hands on her hips and a smile on her
face that was confusing Val very much.

End of Part 1


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