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What I Like About You: Hot Crossed Buns Cupcakes (MMF,first,bukkake,cons)
by Willie Longfellow ([email protected])

"Excuse me; I'm looking for a Valerie Tyler." I said staring at this pretty
eighteen year old girl.

"She's not here, but I'm her sister Holly. Can I help?" She said batting her

"I'm the Health Inspector; I'm here to check this business out before it
opens." I replied seriously

"Go right ahead, my sister Val is a neat freak everything has to be perfect."
Holly said smiling.

I went about my duties checking the restrooms, eating area then on to the

During this time a friend of hers shows up a young black guy named Gary.

"I'm sorry Miss; but your business has failed inspection. I'll be back in
thirty days to inspect the place again. If you guys get everything fixed on
the list, you can open then." I told her handing her a list.

"This can't be right. Val will be devastated." She said and then asked. "What
if we open then fix everything before you come back?"

"Sorry Miss; that's all I can do." I replied.

With his arm around Holly rubbing her arm Gary asked. "Dude is there anything
we can do to change your mind and make this go away?" hinting with his
fingers of a money bribe.

I looked at Holly who was wearing a denim skirt, a light blue tank top that I
could see a light blue bra strap underneath and sandals.

"Well it depends on what the girl will do?" I said.

"No way." Gary said bluntly.

"Hold on Gary; this is Val's business. She's got everything tied up in
this. All of her savings and part of mine. If she doesn't open she will lose
everything." She said cutting Gary off so he couldn't say any more.

"How far?" Holly then asked.

"All the way little Miss. All of us." I said pointing at her, Gary and

"Hold it I'm not getting involved in this." Gary spook up.

"Oh yes you are. She wants a passing report, she's going to suck and fuck you
too." I said.

They looked at each other and then me.

"Is there a problem? I could just leave and come back in thirty days." I

"No problem." Holly stated.

"Then why don't you get on your knees and suck both of us." I said moving
closer and undoing my pants.

Holly got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Gary stood on the
other side of her and undid his pants slowly with shaky hands.

Gary pulled his cock out and stuck it towards Holly. She released my cock and
turned her head and sucked about five inches of that ten inch black cock into
her mouth, causing Gary to moan.

Holly moved back and forth between our cocks sucking one and stroking the

I stopped her and picked her up, placing her on the kitchen counter. I
reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down her long legs and off.

I spread her legs apart and leaned over and began licking that freshly
trimmed pussy, making her moan. I then began tongue fucking her tight pussy

"Wow that feels great." She said.

I then worked two fingers into that tight pussy and proceeded to finger fuck

"Oh God yes, oh God, oh God." She moaned as her cum coated my fingers.

I removed my fingers and licked her nectar from them.

I picked up her legs and moved her so she laying flat on the counter, and
climbed up between her legs on my knees.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked.

"Technically no; I popped my own cherry on a dare." She answered.

"Well get ready for your first cock." I said pushing into her.

I laid on top of her and began pounding my cock in and out of that tight
pussy. Her legs wrapped around my bucking ass.

"Oh fuck yes; I'm going to cum, oh yea." I announced as my sperm left my cock
and entered her womb.

"Yes, yes, yes." She groaned as she came with me.

I climbed off her and back onto the floor, and then helped her down. Pushing
on her shoulders she went back down to her knees, and I slid my cock back
into her mouth so she could taste our combined juices.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and reached down and pulled her top off of
her and then unhooked her bra, freeing her tits.

I helped her to her feet and turned her towards Gary. Hugging her from behind
I cupped her breast, squeezing them and pinching her nipples lightly, rubbing
my hard cock into her ass cheeks.

"Would you like to fuck that big hard black cock? Feel it stretching your
pussy walls to their fullest?" I asked whispering in her ear.

"Oh yes, yes I would." Holly said moving towards Gary and jumping into his
arms, causing him to fall backwards onto the floor.

Holly pushed on him making him lay down, and reached between her legs
grabbing his cock and guiding it to her pussy opening.

She slowly pushed down on his cock with her pussy, and he disappeared into
her inch by inch till he was as far as he could go.

Holly laid down on his chest and started bouncing her ass up and down on
Gary's big black cock.

Walking up behind her I squatted and held her ass still with one hand and
guided my wet cock to her asshole with the other.

Slowly I pushed into her asshole, making her fingernails dig into Gary's
shoulders. When I was balls deep we all moaned together.

Gary and began fucking both of her holes in unison.

Holly was throwing her head side to side like she was having a fit cussing
the whole time. "Fuck, fuck, fuck me make me fucking cum. Oh God fuck me."

"Oh God I'm cumming." She then hollered.

"I've got to cum." Stated Gary.

"On her face." I Said pulling my cock from her asshole with a pop.

Holly rolled off Gary and onto her knees.

Gary jumped quickly to his feet and aimed his cock at his best friends face,
Shooting spurt after spurt all over Holly's pretty face.

I then shot my load of cum, covering her face more. Watching it drip from her
chin to her breast.

I pulled my pants on while Holly licked her lips, and Gary leaned against the

"What the Blue Blazes is going on here?" A blonde standing by the kitchen
door asked.

Holly looked up with cum on her face, lips and breast, smiled and said. "Val
you passed the Health inspection.

I handed Val her copy of my report as I walked by her and out of the


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