Author's note: This is part of a multi-chapter epic that involves lots of
different shows, but each chapter is meant to stand on it's own so if there
is one you have no interest in please skip it.

What I Like About You: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 19
by Hamster

Bob the cupid was determined to enjoy this particular Valentine's Day. The
disgruntled little winged purveyor of lust had become invisible and made his
way to New York City in order to strike potential sexual partners with his

Val, Lauren, Tina and Holly were trying on new outfits that they had just
bought for their Valentine's Day dates and Bob the Cupid was watching the hot
blondes dress and undress with much interest. If there was one thing that was
killing the show though it was their excessive and annoying girl talk. The
pair, especially Holly, kept talking about their guy problems and were
basically making Bob sick. Bob decided to heat up the party by plugging the
girls with his love arrows.

"Whoa, I feel so weird." Val said.

"Yeah me too." Holly added.

"I feel like the time I had sex with those nine sailor's behind the seven
eleven in Trenton." Everyone stopped to stare at Lauren after this comment.
She looked at them defensively. "What?"

"You know that makes me so hot!" Tina said.

"Oh, yes." Holly said.

"Well lets not just atlk about it!" Lauren said as she stood up, "lets get
straight to fucking!"

"No, no." Val said fighting her mounting lust. "This is wrong we can't..."

Bob got seriously pissed and shot her with four more love arrows.

"Oh screw it let's get to fucking!!!!" Val said.

The four women hurriedly disrobed. Val was on top of Lauren sucking on her
nipple as she squeezed her impressive boobs. Lauren reached for her purse and
pulled out a dildo.

"You carry a dildo in your purse?" Val stopped her nipple sucking to ask.

"Emergencies." She explained.

With that she rammed the smooth phallus in her boss's cunt.

"UUUUNNHHH." Val cried as she arched her back, thrusting her juicy boobs into
Lauren's face. Lauren sucked on the juicy spheres with relish.

Meanwhile Tina and Holly had their faces buried in each other's pussys.
Loud slurping and sucking noises filled the room as the teenaged girls
enthusiastically ate each other out. Their tongues and mouths got more
and more frantic as they approached their orgasms. Soon they where just
rubbing their faces into each other's cunts as hard as they could until
they began to spasm with their first lesbian orgasms. Their faces were
soon covered in each other's girl cum. The two began to lick their own
cum of each other's faces.

Val and Lauren had switched to the `69' position so Lauren could fuck Val
with the dildo while Val ate her out. Val was rocking back and forth in time
with the strokes of Lauren's dildo. Val's tongue was lashing Lauren's pussy
relentlessly sending waves of pleasure through the other blonde's body. Soon
Lauren's cum was exploding onto Val's face.

"YES,YES, YES." Lauren cried as she pounded Val's cunt with the dildo twice
as hard as before.

Val felt the pressure building inside her and she was screaming into Lauren's
cunt when she too finally climaxed. Lauren slid the slick dildo out and
sucked it clean.

"I want to see some hot sister/sister action." Lauren said.

"Me too." said Tina.

"Well we can't dissapoint them." Holly said.

Holly laid down spread eagle and motioned for her older sister to come and
join her. Val crawled over to her on all fours. She ran her tongue over
Holly's pussy which illicited a soft moan of pleasure. Tina rested up against
Lauren as they both sat to watch the show play out. Lauren ran her hands all
over Tina's body feeling every soft, delightful curve as they watched the
blonde sister's love making. Val spread her sister's pussy lips open and
thrust her fingers in and began to finger fuck her in earnest. She continued
to caress Holly's pussy with her tongue as Holly bucked against her hand.

"OH, OH yes yes Val that feels so good. OHHHH I'm going to CUUUUM!!!!" Holly
squealed as she splattered her sister's face with tasty girl-cum.

Bob was really starting to feel good about himself and the great job he'd
been doing this Valentine's day as he watched Holly cum all over her sister's
face. At least he was feeling good about himself until his pager went off.

Later in Venus's palace...

Bob knew that the boss was pissed. Her hair was flaming red and she was
staring at him in utter contempt.

"Well, I suppose that you feel proud of yourself Bob?" Venus said.

"I just umm wanted to do what you said and err think outside of the box." Bob

"Shut up." Venus said coldly.

Bob trembled as he waited in terror for the goddess of love's revenge.

"Your harem is re-instated and you have two weeks off." She said to Cupid's
utter shock.

"Th-thank you most kind and benevolent goddess." Bob said bowing.

"oh and Bob, if you ever do this again you are going back to being a garbage
man in Milwakee."

_ _ _

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Here's a list of all the shows involved in the series:

1. Reba
2. Harry Potter
3. Hope And Faith
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Sister, Sister
6. Batman - The Animated Series
7. 8 Simple Rules
8. Lizzie McGuire
9. 7th Heaven
10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
11. Scout's Safari
12. Cheaper By The Dozen
13. Angel
14. Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution
15. Justice League
16. Fantastic Four
17. Lilo And Stitch
18. Grounded For Life
19. What I Like About You


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