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FEATURING: Kim Possible, Belle

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Intern In Toon Town Part 2 - Belle Of The Ball
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

I'd been working at MDW Studios for over a week and I had to say I was loving
it. Sure, there wasn't any real celebrity shmoozing in downtown Toon Town as
promised but just being there as cartoons were being made was a real buzz. I
found myself walking around in a state of awe at who was here. It was like
being a kid all over again and I loved it. I was eating in the same canteen
as greats like Woody Woodpecker and Donald Duck. Yeah, I know, I've known a
lot of Toons over the years but this was so different. This was like a live
action movie buff finding themselves eating just a table away from the latest
flavour of the month, only the guys I was with had been celebrities for
decades. There's something amazing about that.

This particular day however I wasn't able to spend an hour or so in the
canteen. Robert Maroon, the guy who'd almost sacked me several times for
walking in on one of his outbursts which usually had a younger Toon being
stretched or thrown across the room for something I doubt they'd actually
done, had put me on my busiest schedule yet. I was running around the
archives trying to find specific reels that needed to be cleaned up for
some DVD release or other. The studio was celebrating fifty years since
the merger between Maroon Cartoons, Disney and Warner Bros. so they had a
lot to prepare. Or rather, *I* had a lot to prepare. At least it certainly
felt like it.

The studio's archive was huge. It seemed to stretch the whole length of the
lot as it was underground. Of course, the collection being so big, no one had
bothered to put on computer where everything was stored. Too much of a task,
I guess and I certainly wasn't going to suggest it as I'd be the one lumbered
with the job, spending my entire internship in this musty cellar instead of
meeting my Toon heroes which, really, was the reason I was here.

At the point where we come in, I was knee deep in Mickey Mouse cartoons,
desperately trying to find one in particular that hadn't seen the light of
day in over forty years. Seriously. There are thousands of these hidden gems
down there and only the lucky few like the one that had eluded me for over
three hours would ever be seen by the public again any time soon. It's a

Still, all this searching gave me time to think. It had been a while since
that night with Jasmine and I'd seen her a few times around the studio. She
didn't have any projects on but that didn't stop her trying to do something
that would shake off the expectations that she was meant to be seen with her
ex-husband. From what I'd heard, Aladdin was quite an asshole, drinking and
doing all kinds of Toon drugs on top of the getting arrested with human
hookers. All these things you discover. It's a wonder the government hasn't
cracked down on cartoons the way they did on Hollywood in general in the
'20s and '30s with the Fatty Arbuckle scandal and all the other apparent
debauchery. Especially with the current antics of the FCC in the human world.
I mean, kids see these cartoons and could be scarred for life realising what
the stars are doing afterwards.

No skin off my back though. It meant I got to spend an amazing night with
that beautiful, exotic Toon woman I remembered having a crush on when I first
saw her on the big screen. It's funny what happens in Toon Town. Those times
I'd seen her since that night she'd given me some flirtatious winks but
nothing to suggest more would happen. I figured that was okay with me. She's
a star and I'm a lowly studio intern so what I got was... well, it was a

I carefully closed what felt like the millionth film canister and put it
back on a shelf and opened the next. Nothing. Damn. I muttered to myself,
slowly realising that maybe this wasn't the best thing to be doing on a
beautiful day in Hollywood. If the next film I looked at hadn't been what
I'd been searching desperately for there was the definite possibility I
would've cracked up. Blinking several times and wiping dust from the
container, I doubled checked. This was it. I whooped with joy and it
echoed through the entire basement.

After quickly putting the films scattered along the floor back in place, I
darted towards the elevator, looking forward to the prospect of getting out
of there and into the sun. Maroon's office was empty when I got in there
with only a note left on the desk for me.

"Thought you'd be done by now. Take it down to Pete in restorations.
- R.M.

Well, this one certainly wasn't perfumed, that's for sure. I stormed out of
the office. Now I realised how most of the Toons here felt when dealing with
him. Nice guy with a slightly short fuse? My ass. Jasmine may have given me
the best night of my life, but I was pretty sure she was wrong about that. I
headed downstairs again, this time to restorations, reminding myself that I
wanted to be here.

Knocking on the door, I got no answer. It was unlocked so I turned the
handle and walked in. This was met with a sudden yelp and a flash of
bright orange-red hair disappearing into the dark room deeper inside
'Pete-In-Restoration's' office. "Um... hello...?" I asked cautiously,
worried - no, pretty damn sure - I'd walked in at the wrong time. I
realised I was developing a habit of that. "Anyone here?" I shook my
head. "I know someone's here. Can I get some help?"

A head poked itself out. "Uh... hi..." I recognised her as Kim Possible. I'd
never seen the show she was the star of but, being a fan of cartoons, knew of
it. I wasn't dumb after all. Kinda cute in that new-style-Disney kind of way.

"Pete here?" I asked.

"No. I, uh, he left me in charge here."

A raised an eyebrow curiously. "Aren't you supposed to be some big star?"

"Hardly." She laughed a kind of girlish laugh. "Well, kinda. But I want to
be, like, the first Toon director or something. So I work here for the

"Right," I said. "But didn't Goofy direct a short back in '62?" She stared
at me like I was biggest nerd in the world. To be honest, I felt it too. A
lot of the older Toons had been impressed with my knowledge. I figured it
was because they were glad someone appreciated them in this age of video
games and incomprehensible Japanime. Kim however, being a bit of
whippersnapper around these parts, obviously didn't get the same feeling.
"Yeah. Um... So yeah," I said, reaching for words. "Well, give this to Pete
when he gets back, okay?" I put the film canister on a nearby desk and
looked towards the door. There's nothing quite like being made to feel like
a freak to top off an otherwise perfectly irritating day.

"You're going so soon?" she asked.

I paused. "You want me to stay?" I pondered.

"Aren't you gonna wait for Pete?"

"When's he coming back?"

"Uh..." she began before her voice lowered a little. "Tomorrow. I just kinda
wanted the company. I've been sitting around here all day and..."

I laughed. "Yeah, I know that feeling. Been stuck in the cellar all morning
trying to find that." I pointed at the canister, that had been my own
personal holy grail since about 8:30. I put my hand out. "Tim."

"Kim," she replied, then laughed at the rhyme. I loved how there's something
whimsical to Toons, even the older ones. Of course, that's the important
thing about Toons. Plus, it was kind of amusing.

There was a little silence again when suddenly I noticed a spark of
recognition in her eyes. "It's you!" she suddenly exclaimed.

"Wha...?" I began and suddenly found an issue of Toon People, a popular
gossip magazine in and around Toon Town, thrust in my face. A photo of Daffy
Duck on the cover with the incredibly punchy headline, 'Daffy about Drugs -
An Expose' under it. He was looked pretty coked out but I didn't see where
exactly I was supposed to fit in. "And...?" I began cautiously.

"Oh!" Kim pulled it back, flicked through several pages and it was in my
face once more, this time showing several photos of myself and Jasmine at
the Singing Steakhouse several weeks before. She had been right. We did
make the gossip pages.

"Guilty as charged," I nodded to the unasked question. "That's me."

"Wow," Kim said. "You're, like, Jasmine's new guy then?"

"Oh, no. It was just a one-off thing." I stopped suddenly and realised that
I'd just admitted to having a fling to a gossip-crazed teen Toon. I didn't
know if she was, in reality, the calibre of spy she played in her show but
talking about things like that in general is probably not a good idea. "That
is... I..."

"That's so cool. What was it like?"

"What was what like?" I asked, cautiously this time.

"Being the guy who helped Jasmine get over Aladdin. I mean, everybody - and
I mean everybody - felt so sorry for her and suddenly she's really happy and
people are wondering why. Then this comes out and..."

I looked down at her for a moment. I began to consider putting and the charm
and generally being a sleazy bastard but stopped myself. What can I say? I'm
a guy. "For someone who's just met me, you're pretty chatty," I said.

"I know," she smiled. "So what did you do with her? Was it romantic? Or just
sex?" She grinned at my shocked, open-mouth reaction. "I'm a teenager. It's
all we think about. And anyway..." There was something of a naughty glint in
her eye. "...I'm only a teenager because I'm drawn that way."

I coughed out loud. "Well... uh... yes... That's how it works... I guess."
My eyes wandered up and down her body. Incredibly slim, unnaturally so for
a human but on a Toon it was just incredibly sexy. Who knows how many human
women had damaged their bodies trying to get a waist like that. Then there
were her breasts, small and perky, kinda pointed in the way that young Toons
tend to be drawn. Then her eyes. My God. Kim had the most amazing large,
brown eyes that, added to everything else that had caught my attention, made
blood rush from my brain right down to my pants.

She coughed, bringing me back to my senses. "...So if you want to do anything
to me, it'd not be, like, wrong or anything."

"Still with the guilt," I said, nervously.

"I could still do something for you," she grinned, sinking to her knees in
front of me.

"We're going to be in so much trouble," I murmured.

"I don't see any paparazzi around here," Kim said as she quickly unzipped my
pants with her small hands. I glanced back, noticing the door slightly ajar,
and kicked it shut just to be safe. By this point, Kim already had my cock in
her gloved hand and was carefully stroking it.

"Well, if we're gonna do this, it might work better without those," I said.

"Ah." She pulled her gloves off, slowly, her eyes moving from my face to my
hard cock that was just in front of her. "Maybe it'd be better without this
too..." She slowly pulled her tight black sweater off to reveal her cute
little tits. I was right, they really were perky.

Kim was already massaging my cock again. "Wow. You're bigger than Phil," she
commented, opening her mouth to engulf my bulging head. Her hand continued
to slide along my erection, but as she started sucking on me, it moved down
to cup my balls. I gasped. She took my cock out of her mouth for a moment,
extending her tongue to lightly lick up my shaft until she placed her lips
over the head again and slowly she lowered herself back down onto it. The
gorgeous, red haired Toon girl just kept on going, her head sliding down my
shaft, stopping only when my cock was filling her mouth up. Holy shit. She
was deep-throating me. I couldn't believe it.

"Where'd you learn to do that?" I asked breathlessly.

She removed me from her mouth for a moment, a trail of cartoon saliva linking
my cock to her lower lip. "Kinda had to just to get this job," she said. "A
Toon doesn't just get a job in the studio for nothing..." She flashed me a
cheeky grin. "Kinda helps that I like it." She licked my cock again. "I mean,
it was a little strange when Mr. Maroon, like, fucked me over his desk the
first time, but you get used to it."

"He what?" I exclaimed.

Kim looked up at me and shrugged. Getting to her feet, her beautiful eyes not
leaving mine, she began to pull down her baggy combat pants, letting them
fall to the floor. There she was, Kim Possible standing right in front of me
wearing only a tiny pair of lime green panties. "He did all kinds of naughty
things to me. You don't get to try and be the first female Toon director ever
for nothing."

"But he used you," I said, getting increasingly mad at the corruption of not
only Toon Town, but the studio itself.

"What do you think Toons are for?" she said, sliding her panties down to
reveal a tiny patch of orange pubic hair. "You want to, after all." She
walked slowly over to a messy desk on the other side of her room, making
sure I got a full view of her ass as she did so. "So use me." She bent
over and spread her legs a little. My eyes opened wide.

What can I say? I'm no saint. As much as I felt that outrage, I couldn't help
myself. I took several steps forward and positioned my cock at the entrance
to her tight, Toon pussy and began to slide inside. Kim gasped. I held her
waist tightly as I began to slowly fuck her, enjoying the sensations that
shot through my body each time I embedded myself completely in her.

Kim began to move back onto me each time I pushed forward, encouraging me to
speed up. She moaned lightly at first but it got louder as we got faster.
Reaching forward, I grabbed a fistful of her bright orange, cartoon hair as
I hammered her pussy. Beads of animated sweat dripped down her back as our
bodies moved in perfect rhythm, getting closer and closer to a mind blowing

I reached down under Kim's body and quickly found her clit as I slid my
fingers between her pussy lips. She writhed excitedly as I fucked and toyed
with her at the same time. We were getting closer and closer when suddenly
I felt her cunt tighten around my cock. It was too much. I came instantly,
shooting several wads of sticky semen into Kim Possible's hole as she bucked
wildly with her own orgasm. You read about it in smutty stories a hell of a
lot, but it's only with a Toon that that can actually happen.

I slid my manhood out of Kim's dripped hole, waited for her to catch her
breath then watched as she turned around, a huge grin on her face. "I bet
Jasmine didn't get that," she smiled. "And all it took was a little white
lie about being... used."

"Whaaat?" I exclaimed. "That was...?"

"It turned you on, didn't it?" Kim winked. "I know the way to get a guy
going. Doesn't take a great spy to do that." She leaned up, her hand touching
my cheek, and kissed me. "Thanks for that. I was, like, so bored until you
got here."

"My pleasure," I replied, discovering my legs were still a little shaky as I
helped to gather Kim's clothes up. "And I guess yours too."

* * *

I staggered out of the restoration department with a smile on my face. That
little encounter certainly improved a pretty crappy day. I made a mental note
to actually tune into Kim's show just once or twice just to see what all the
fuss was about. Seemed only fair, after all, since I had just spend the last
few minutes violating her.

Thinking it would be best to check up on what exactly I was supposed to do
next, I headed back to Maroon's office in the hope that he'd be back. Seeing
Donald Duck come storming out, spluttering incomprehensibly and possibly
saying things that no children would want to hear, I figured he was.

I knocked cautiously and walked in. "Hey boss," I smiled, a little nervously.
"Found the film and it's down in restoration. What's next on the list?"

Maroon's face lit up, as if I was just the person he was looking for. I have
to admit, that made me more that a little terrified because God only knows
what he had in store for me. "Tim!" he exclaimed. "Excellent. Sit down, sit

I did so, not taking my eyes off him for a minute. Sure, he wasn't going to
do me any harm but it's always good to be careful given the way his uncle
and namesake was known to have been like back in the 40s. Until his untimely
death, that is.

"It seems you're quite the popular individual around here," Maroon began.
"Now, I was a little worried about that thing with Jasmine... who knows what
scandal could have happened there... but the spin was good and you're in

"In demand...?" I echoed, raising an eyebrow a little.

"Well as I'm sure someone with your interest in this old business we call
show would know, the Toonies are this weekend." Of course I did. The Toonies,
you see, are the Oscars of the cartoon industry. They began in 1950 following
Toon Town becoming property of its residents. They felt that one award for
'Best Animated Feature' at all other movie awards shows just wasn't enough
and, with the help of the various studios, started their own. It was the most
glitzy Toon Town ever got, even in this day and age.

I nodded at Maroon. He continued. "Well, I got a call from Belle's agent this
morning, just after I sent you down to the basement, and it seems she's been
talking with Jasmine." Reaching into his coast pocket, he pulled out a gold,
cartoon envelope and handed it to me. "Belle wants you to be her escort to
the Toonies on Saturday night."

"Sh-she... what?" I stammered. Unbelievable! Two members of the Princess
Clique wanting my attention in as many weeks. Not bad for some hick from
upstate New York! I reached out and took the envelope, opening it carefully.

"You are cordially invited to the Toon Academy of Motion
Pictures Awards Ceremony, this Friday September 25th, 2004.
Black tie only."

It was the real deal. "Wow," I said.

"You've made quite a splash," Maroon said. "I've gone through eight interns
in the last three years and they were all a bunch of goddamn bums, but you...
I actually think you could make it in this town."

"Thank you, sir," I said, taken aback at the compliment. "But I don't own a
tux or, you know, even know this woman!"

"She'll be in the studio tomorrow to renew her contract and, of course, to
meet you."

"Wow. Great. Wow." Those were about the only words that could come out of my
mouth. I'm not the most talkative person after sex as it is, but this made it
even worse.

"Just don't fuck up, okay?" Maroon said. "You were lucky with Jasmine but I
don't want some kind of scandal in the studio or Toon Town. I managed to
settle two law suits from parents of distraught kids over the summer as it

"Fritz the Cat again?" I queried. Maroon nodded. With a smile, I got to my
feet. "Don't worry, sir. I'll behave myself."

"You better damn well had." He paused, looking down at some paperwork. He
pulled out a sheet of paper and waved it in my face. "Now, can you get back
down the basement and find me these two films?"

I took it from him, but instead of cursing another four hours stuck down
there, I felt like I could fly.

* * *

"Gee whiz, Tim, that's fabulous," Mickey Mouse said, congratulating me as I
told him about the invitation. Mario had just returned with another round of
beer and we settled into them. "Not many people get that lucky, you know. I
mean, back in 1950, Daffy Duck couldn't even pick up his Toonie award
because, well, because of..." Mickey lowered his voice in leaned in towards
the rest of us. "...his colour."

"Ah, who cares?" Bender complained. "It's all a load of bull if you ask me."

"That's-a only because you-a lost that award to-a Brian from-a Family Guy
back in 2002," Mario interjected.

"Best supporting Toon, my ass!" the robot Toon groaned as he poured the beer
down his throat. "Son of a bitch didn't even take me up on my offer after the

"Your offer?" I asked.

"Bender here challenged him to a drinking contest for the award," Mickey
said, "But Mister 'I-Only-Play-An-Alcoholic-On-TV' was too much of a pansy
for it," Bender grumbled. He got to his feet. "I need another drink."

He headed back to the bar where Piglet was desperately trying to keep up with
all the orders he was getting. Mario, looked over at me. "You're-a lucky to
be going with-a Belle," he grinned through his big black moustache.

"Yeah," I said, taking a sip of my 'Toonshine. I'd been developing quite a
tolerance for it since I'd made this place my local bar. Already the
residents seemed to like me as demonstrated by the little group I now found
myself in. "But I'm kinda nervous," I confessed. "I have no idea what Belle
is like and..."

" don't know if you'll be able to take advantage of her like Jasmine,
eh?" Mickey grinned conspiratorially at me. He giggled drunkenly. He sounded
like a girl. I'd have called him on it, but I was all too aware of what
happened to the last human who tried. Unpleasant stuff.

"Well, she does seem kinda... innocent in her movie," I said. "But seriously,
I don't know how to react. I've never done anything like this. The closest I
ever came to being at the Toonies was watching it on TV every year!"

"You'll be-a fine," Mario reassured me.

"And if it sucks completely, you can hang out at my table," Mickey smiled.
"I'll need a break from the constant nagging..."


Mario leaned over to me. "Him and-a his missus. Things aren't-a so good."

"Been sleeping in separate goddamn beds since nineteen sixty-three," Mickey
mumbled. "Gotta keep up the pretence though. The public expects it." He took
a large swig of beer and continued, "Sure, Aladdin and Jasmine can get away
with it but me and Minnie... been together since the thirties! You can't just
do that."

Another thing about being what is almost part of the inner circle around
here, has to be the things you learn. Mickey and Minnie mouse having a
terrible relationship? One of those little facts that would reduce little
kids to tears if they heard it.

"Gotta admire-a you," Mario nodded. "Couldn't-a do it."

"Yup," I said. "Still, thanks for the offer but I think I'll be okay with
Belle. I kind of nervously stammered my way through the night with Jasmine
and she thought it was cute. Could work twice."

* * *

I got into work the next day feeling a little worse for wear. It quickly wore
off as soon as I walked into Mr. Maroon's office to report for duty onto to
find myself face to face with my date for the next night. A stood in the
doorway for a few moments, not entire sure how to react.

Maroon noticed me, and waved in my direction. "And here's the guy of the
hour," he said, an unnaturally genuine smile on his face as I came forward.
"Belle, this is Tim..."

The Toon princess turned around in her seat and I was taken aback by just how
beautiful she was. Her big brown eyes flickered in my direction and a smile
crept across her face. It seemed naughty, suggestive, but how could that be?
She was, after all, just like she was portrayed in 'Beauty and the Beast' and
all the interviews she'd done and all. Sweet and innocent and...

...dressed head-to-toe in leather. I coughed nervously as I blinked a few
times to be sure that my eyes weren't deceiving me. Belle. Dressed in
leather. Well, the Toon equivalent of leather which, for all intents and
purposes, felt just the same. And there she was, right in front of me, in
a pretty tight looking corset, revealing a little of her small waist. That
was brought to an end by a pretty short black skirt and knee-high boots.

"You're looking kinda... stunned," she said.

"Ubbuh..." I sounded out, words not entirely a speciality of mine at this
point in time.

"It's okay," Belle continued, grinning at me. "I'll be all traditional
tomorrow night. Have to look all elegant and beautiful like my adoring crowds
expect. The usual yellow dress good for you?"


"Good. Just wanted to wear something more comfortable today though," she
winked. "Makes me feel more... me."

How exactly tight leather was comfortable, was beyond me. I'd tried wearing
leather pants during my short-lived goth stage when I was 16 and they were
the furthest thing from comfortable. Probably the reason it was so
short-lived. Seemed Belle didn't think the same. Maybe it was a Toon thing.
I've seen Roger Rabbit, Goofy, Donald and all the other 'Action Toons' get
flattened, stretched and beaten up over the years and suffer no lasting
damage, so who's to say that an outfit like that didn't do the princess any

"So," Maroon said. "You've met. Good. The limo's picking you up tomorrow."

"Yes, sir," I said, not even looking in my boss's direction, my eyes totally
fixed on the gorgeous Toon right in front of me. "Tomorrow night then..." I
nodded politely at her.

Belle took a slow, seductive step forward and ran her finger down my cheek,
to my jaw. "I can't wait," she whispered.

At that point, I think that all I was capable of would be another "ubbuh" and
that didn't seem quite appropriate. I nodded as she walked out of the office,
my eyes followed her cute ass, packed rather nicely into the tiny skirt.

As the door closed, I exhaled suddenly. After putting some thought into it,
I couldn't recall exactly when the last time I breathed after seeing Belle
in all her glory. Maroon brought me back to my senses with a loud clap of
his hands.

"Right, Dickinson," he began. "They're working on an episode of that new
Batman cartoon over on sound stage four and one of their lighting technicians
didn't turn up. Reckon you could help out there?"

"I don't know how to work the lights..." I replied.

"Good, good," Maroon said, not even looking at me anymore as his attention
taken by a small pile of scripts on his desk. There wasn't even any point in
trying to say anymore so I quickly let myself out.

* * *

I spent most of the day pretty much teaching myself how to work the lighting
rig in the studio as a pretty moody episode of 'The Batman' was being filmed.
Now, I'd always been a fan of the old animated show from the 90s but
apparently someone thought it would be a great idea to totally revamp
everything. This meant entirely new Toons being brought in to be the stars
and maybe it was just me, but they didn't quite look right.

Talking to one of the sound technicians during a break between takes, it
seemed that there'd been some rumblings about the cast of the old Batman
cartoon staging protests about having their jobs taken over. That does tend
to happen a lot when Toons find their shows being cancelled but this seemed
worse. They were actively being replaced.

"Sure, they've got photo shoots for the animated style comic books but that
doesn't exactly pay the bills, you know?" Ed the Sound Guy said while chewing
his way through a candy bar. "Then you've got complaints from the comics-only
cast. They can't act, y'know, but they look good so they have the
photographers in, add some speech bubbles and it's all good. But these
animated types - they can act! It's like... I dunno... who was that guy who
won that Oscar last year?"

"I dunno," I replied. "I'm more of a cartoon fan myself."

"Yeah, me too," Ed nodded. "But the thing is, imagine some live action movie
star being sacked, having someone take his place and he spends his career
having photos taken of himself, then some guy with fancy hand writing, jots
down what he's supposed to be saying. That's not work for an actor, that's
more for models!"

"True," I said, shaking my head as he offered me a bite of his candy. "So
these old Batman stars... have they got a union or anything?"

"Oh, sure but they've been paid off by the studio to tell them there's
nothing they can do. It's all real people who don't care what Toons want.
It's disgusting." He looked over at the new Joker reading through a script
and practicing his manic laughs. "When was the last time Toons were actually
represented by themselves?"

I thought it over. "Back in the fifties, I reckon. Dick Tracy - the original
one - started the Toon Actor's Union."

"Didn't he get ousted as a Communist by McCarthy?" Ed asked.

"Yup. Came as a surprise to everyone. I mean, big into law enforcement, the
military loved him! Everyone knew it was a frame-up just 'cause he felt Toons
deserved a decent break. Pretty much why he's done nothing since then."

"Disgusting," Ed repeated, tossing the empty candy wrapper aside. "Really is.
If you ask me, if that protest happens and I've been hearing it's going to,
I'm on their side." He nudged me conspiratorially. "I mean, that Poison Ivy
is hot as hell."

* * *

A black limo pulled up outside my apartment just after six. The sun was
starting to disappear behind the vast skyscrapers. No one noticed, of course.
Their eyes were somewhere else tonight.

Adjusting my bow tie, I headed outside and stepped into the waiting vehicle.
I smiled. Belle was waiting for me inside. She wore the large, puffy yellow
dress that she's always been famous for. Every year at the Oscars the media
seems obsessed with what dress an actress is going to be wearing, but for
Toons any deviation from the norm is positively frowned upon. A shame, I

"You ready to wow the crowds?" she asked me.

She looked so different from our previous encounter. There was a twinkle in
her eyes that suggested more but otherwise she was just... cute.

"Kinda nervous actually," I replied, pleasantly surprised that I wasn't
stammering. Yet.

"It's easy enough. Just smile and wave and remember they're going to be
surprised that you're a short human and not who they're expecting me to be

She reached over and touched my leg. I felt my eyes roll into the back of
my head. Just think straight, I told myself. "So... uh... I don't want to
intrude or... y'know... anything, but..."

"...why isn't Beast here instead?" she asked.

"It had crossed my mind."

I looked out of the window as we drove into the glitzy area of Toon Town.
Beauty salons, sleek restaurants and cafes that were clearly for Toons only
rolled by. All of the waiters there were human, the ultimate indicator of
Toon wealth.

Belle sighed. "It's not like we got married right after the movie came out
like Jasmine and Aladdin," she began. "I warned her but she didn't listen.
On-set romances never work." She grinned, remembering some long-past event.
"I mean, me and Beast... we fooled around but he was just so... boring."

"Boring?" I asked.

"You know... in bed. Such a pussy. He didn't like to try things out." Her
hand began to move up between my legs. I'd already given up on trying to
control myself at this point and was sporting a massive erection under my
expensive suit pants. "You like to try things out, right?"

"I like to think so," I smiled, trying to look relaxed. A slight twitch in
the corner of my mouth gave me away.

"Good," Belle grinned a pulled her hand away suddenly.

The limo pulled up outside a large theatre. There were throngs of people -
both human and Toon - on either side of the red carpet, held back by
barriers. Someone outside opened the door and Belle began to get out.

I remained behind for a moment, wondering what exactly had just happened. I
wasn't given much time. Belle reached in and grabbed my hand, pulling me out
of the car and into the limelight. I was blinded by all the flashes and
covered my eyes. I could feel myself being dragged along the red carpet. He
removed my hand but still couldn't see. Voices came from all around us.

"Belle! Who's this new..."

"Belle! Belle! Over here! Where's..."

"Sir! Are you..."




Belle seemed to be loving it. She smiled and waved at the crowd. I feebly did
the same and before I knew it, we were in a large hall filled with seats and
a stage at the end. The seats were filled mainly with Toons, most of whom I
recognised but a few that seemed unfamiliar. Foreign, no doubt.

We started to make our way across the room until Belle saw someone she
recognised. She waved and pulled me towards a table and started to make
introductions. She really didn't need to.

In front of me were the other members of the clique that she was a part of.
First there was Ariel, her husband Eric sitting next to her looking bored as
he sipped at a glass of wine. Next to them was Cinderella. She waved politely
with her free hand but the other was below the table... and most likely
between Princess Aurora's legs. Now, I'm as open-minded as the next guy but
even I was surprised when they became the first openly gay Toon couple. They
had both been screwed over by Prince Charming during a rather controversial
bigamy scandal back in the early '60s. He quickly disappeared and was never
seen again. No one questioned it, of course. Back then you just didn't talk
about these things.

I pulled out a seat for Belle and she sat down, smiling gratefully at me.
Straight away she started catching up on the news. Jasmine wasn't there. She
wasn't prepared for her first Toonies without Aladdin and decided to stay at
home. A real shame. I wouldn't have minded seeing her again.

* * *

After about half an hour the ceremony began. There was much cheering as
Wile-E-Coyote - a rather surprising choice for host this year - got up and
made a few jokes. The awards began and I could see that Belle was getting
bored. She wasn't up for any awards but the studio expected her to make an
appearance every year.

I have to admit, I was loving every minute of it. I was at the Toonies! This
was a dream come true. Nothing could be better than this!

Belle's wandering hands quickly made me realise otherwise.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. It didn't take much to convince
me that Best Soundtrack in an Animated Short wasn't going to be all that
interesting after all. Belle wrapped her hand around mine and began to
lead me to the side of the theatre and through a door into a long, brightly
lit corridor with doors on either side.

"Are you sure we won't get caught?" I asked.

"Who cares if we do?" she winked.

She directed me through one of the doors into one of the bathrooms. No one
seemed to be around, everyone still engrossed with the ceremony or propping
up the bar at the back.

Belle pushed open the door to one of the cubicles, grabbed me by my shirt
collar and threw me inside. I landed on the toilet seat a little awkwardly.
I called out quietly.

"Don't you go being a pussy on me," Belle frowned. "Put your hands up!" I
gave her a bemused look. She wasn't happy. "Hands up!"

I obeyed. Just as soon as they were above my head, she whipped out a set of
handcuffs. "Trust me?" she grinned.

I shrugged. What the hell? Within seconds I was clamped to the pipes and
Belle was unzipping my pants. My cock was already hard from all the teasing.
She gripped it between her slender cartoon hands and began to stroke it. Up
and down, up and down. The wrist movements were amazing. And just as soon as
she was getting into that, she wrapped her lips around it, gobbling away.
With a free hand she pulled my pants down around my ankles, hurling them over
into the adjoining cubicle.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "Those are my..." She suddenly took my cock all the way
down to her thought. I gasped and forgot about my pants.

I just wanted to reach down and rip that dress off her, to get a look at
those perky little tits of hers. Instead I just had to sit here and enjoy the
treatment I was getting. Belle was taking me all the way down to her throat.
I swear, if she hadn't struck it big in Hollywood she would've been a pro on
the Toon porn circuit. Sure, there are a few Belle look-alikes out there but
they owed their careers to the hottie on her knees with my cock in her mouth.

I was getting closer and Belle knew it. She stopped and pulled herself away
from my erection. A line of precum linked the end of it to her lower lip. It
snapped silently as she reached up and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my
mouth. Her fingers held my head tightly as her free hand lifted up her dress.

Lifting her leg a little, she was straddling me within seconds. My cock slid
all the way inside her. She was so wet! No panties, either. I liked this
girl. She began bouncing up and down on me, lifting herself all the way along
my length then dropping herself back down suddenly, letting out loud gasps as
she did.

I began to buck my hips, thrusting up to meet her every time she came down.
Belle threw her head back and let out a long, loud moan. God, I really did
want to reach out and grope her. Yeah, grope - not caress or any like that.
There's no other word for it. It seemed to me that Belle was definitely more
of a groping girl.

She began to grind against me, letting me get as deep as I possibly could. I
don't know what it is about Toons but they make you so sensitive to touch...
and to fuck.

Suddenly, Belle began to move her body against mine even faster than before.
She was bent over forwards lifting her ass up and down as my cock continued
to fill her up. She was hammering away so fast I could hear the splooshing
sounds as she began to get even wetter, her juices dripping along my cock and
into my crotch. I could feel the warmth as it dripped down between my legs. I
was in heaven.

And then she stopped.

"What the fuck?" I exclaimed.

"Wait a second," Belle said smiling as she pulled my cock out of her pussy
with a loud slurp. She positioned herself forward a little and began to sit
down again.

The tip of my cock pressed against her asshole, her juices acting as
lubricant as my head began to slide into her. She grunted as she forced
herself down onto my manhood. I could feel my eyes roll into the back of
my head as she started to move her tight hole so that I could fill up even
more of it.

Belle was doing all the work here. She wriggled her ass, stretching herself
out to accommodate a harder fucking. It wasn't long before she was getting
one. Once she seemed comfortable I began to thrust up again. She looked at
me over her shoulder, her eyes twinkling naughtily. And I mean really
twinkling. Like there were stars in there. They exploded like supernovas as
I fucked her ass harder and harder.

It wasn't long before that familiar exploding feeling began to appear again.
"Belle... uh..." I began. It was too late. I felt my cock spasm as I filled
her ass up with cum.

The princess sighed and fell back against my heaving chest. Her hand snaked
around me and up my arm. She stroked the cold metal of the handcuffs with her
lithe fingers. "That was fun," she smiled, her fingers quickly moving away
from the cuffs.

She moved forward, pulling herself off my cock with a loud pop. My cum
dribbled from between her ass cheeks and down her thighs. She did nothing to
clean herself up, just let her dress drop back down to cover herself up. "You
can let yourself out, right?" she grinned as she left the bathroom stall.

* * *

Two hours later my arms were free and my pants zipped up again. I had been
sitting there, desperately trying to get myself out there when Mickey popped
in to take a leak. He had just had a falling out with Minnie and stormed into
the bathroom. Hearing a familiar voice - swearing and generally saying things
that would've shocked me if I hadn't gone drinking with him regularly - I
called out for help.

The door opened slightly and Mickey's head poked inside. I moved my legs to
the side in a pathetic attempt to hide my nakedness. Mickey's eyes met mine
and for a few seconds there was an awkward silence. You just don't want your
friends seeing you this way and when one of your friends is Mickey Mouse
there's something even more embarrassing about. He burst out laughing, his
high pitched voice ringing through the large restroom. "Oh, golly, Tim," he
guffawed. "You sure got yourself into trouble this time."

"I've been here for two goddamn hours, man," I complained. "Didn't any of you
think to come looking for me?"

"We just thought you were having a good time with Belle," Mickey replied,
disappearing into the cubicle next door to throw my pants back to me.

"And the fact she left me in here and went back into the theatre?"

"No she didn't. Must've slipped out the back way. Sneaky girl."

"Sneaky, Mickey," I grimaced. "Is not the word for it." I looked up at the
handcuffs that were still chaining me to the toilet. "How the hell am I
supposed to get out?"

"Just pull your hands out of them. Toon handcuffs, Tim."

He was right. My hands slipped out easily. My cheeks were red with
embarrassment as I pulled my pants back on a readjusted my suit. "So, uh...
Who won best picture?" I asked sheepishly.

To be continued...


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