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FEATURING: Princess Jasmine

RATING/PAIRING: NC 17, M/F, toon, oral

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action here, don't you worry. The real smut will be in subsequent chapters

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Intern in Toon Town Part 1 - An Arabian Night
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

They say Toon Town hasn't changed much in the last fifty years. They say
that it's just the same fun, whacky place that it was in the heyday of the
studio system back in the forties. Sure, I wasn't around then. I wasn't even
in twinkle in my old man's eye back then but believe me when I say I know
this place. I've studied it, I've visited it over and over. Hell, even my
college roommate was a Toon. So yeah, I know it and yeah, it's different.

You can tell that as soon as you drive out of the tunnel that separates it
from the rest of Hollywood that it's different. It's a lot bigger than it
used to be, practically a sprawling metropolis ever since the incident with
the attempted buy-out by Cloverleaf back in '47. I actually wrote my
undergraduate thesis on that. Incredibly tricky really but when isn't it
when there's money involved? Still, with that thwarted, Toon Town got bigger
instead of being ripped down but that's not always a good thing.

The first time I visited was when my folks took me there for my sixth
birthday. It became big for tourist for a while in the eighties and early
nineties but even then there was a seedy side developing. When you go to
Toon Town, parents expect their kids to be able to meet Mickey Mouse or Bugs
Bunny and just have fun, not bump into Fritz the Cat on a street corner who
tries to sell you crack, y'know.

Of course, that kinda stuff never really makes the news these days. It's
become so commonplace no one really cares. Sex, drugs and alcohol are to
Toon Town these days what shootings are in the Bronx. Still, to claim it was
never there is being incredibly naive. Just like the human world, it's
always been there but society tried to ignore it.

Still, the most important thing is that that feeling of whimsy is still
there. Where else in the world can decades go by and the inhabitants of this
now fairly large burg haven't aged? Bugs looks just the same as he did back
in the day and you just need to look at Toon Town's favourite celebrity,
Jessica Rabbit to see that sixty years around here doesn't do what it would
do us mere mortals. It's a place that intrigues young and old alike and
that's why I love it so much.

Which was why I jumped at the chance to get an internship here when it was
offered to me after I graduated. Well, technically it's at MDW Studios just
outside. Created in the fifties when Disney and Warner merged with Maroon
Cartoons, MDW holds the monopoly in creating movies with Toons (or Animated
Americans as they prefer to be called these days) and I was overjoyed to get
to work here. I would be able to meet all of my idols from my childhood
years and, of course, orders from my kid sister to get as many autographs as

As I walked into Robert Maroon Jnr's office I quickly adjusted my tie for
what must have been the fiftieth time that morning. I was determined to make
a good impression on my first day. Of course, the moment I even thought of
that it was doomed to failure. The Toon secretary - who I remembered vaguely
appearing as an extra in an Animaniacs cartoon back in the mid nineties -
had told me to go straight in but Maroon was already in a heated discussion
with a certain cat we all know as Tom. And by discussion I mean argument and
by heated I mean one was on the verge of throttling the other.

"Jesus Christ, Rob, I really need this job!" Tom groaned. It's always so
weird hearing his voice even though he had spoken in a few of the shorts he
did with his old partner Jerry. "It's not my fault the frigging mouse didn't
like the script. We can get a replacement in, right?"

"And who exactly do you think would do that?"

"I don't know. That damn Tweetie Bird. It's the same shit that she always
does. Does it really matter?"

"Of course if fucking matters, Tom!" Maroon countered. "Can you imagine the
lawsuit Sylvester would throw at us if we even tried that? I don't want that
kind of hassle." His round face was becoming red and flustered as he realised
he wasn't getting anywhere. At that point I just wanted to back out and leave
it a few minutes. Too late. Maroon saw me. "And what the hell do you want?"

"I um..." it felt like I lost my tongue. "I'm Tim.. . Tim Dickinson. The...
uh... the intern." I just wanted a hole to open up underneath my feet and
just swallow me up. "I was told to come in."

"Yeah, well, you can see I'm in the middle of something," Maroon said, barely
able to calm himself down and looked like he was about to rip Tom a new one
the first chance he got. "How about you wait outside until I'm finished."

"Yes... uh... sir," I said as I back cautiously out of the door back into
the waiting room, glaring at the secretary as I did so.

Settling into a seat, I flicked through a several month old copy of Maxim.
It had a photo of Jessica Rabbit on the cover, even more scantily clad than
usual. It seemed back in June she was celebrating sixty years since her first
movie. It would be almost disturbing to think of her as hot when you realise
how long she's been around but then, when it comes to Toons you have to
completely change the way you look at reality.

People still regard Toon girls as being more of a fetish than a real thing.
I got a lot of shit for dating a Toon back when I was in college. She was
cute. Petite, long brown hair and her eyes were just so expressive. No one
understood though. They saw it as the kind of thing that should be left in
the bedroom and not taken out and about. A lot of people feel that humans
should date humans and Toons should date Toons and that anything else is
unnatural. And you don't even want to know what the Christian Right says
about it!

As I looked through the magazines I noticed someone looking over my shoulder.
"She is pretty isn't she?"

I turned around to see the beautifully exotic Jasmine smiling at me. She'd
been in the news a lot recently after her divorce from Aladdin hit the
headlines. Seems he'd been running around with human hookers and found
himself getting busted when he tried to pay for the personal attention of an
attractive woman who turned out to be an undercover cop. His arrest was big
news for a few months and the divorce was obviously inevitable.

"I... uh... yeah," I replied. "She isn't bad to look at."

"And that marriage of her to Roger... how does she get it work? Sixty years
and still going strong."

"I guess it's luck," I countered, realising that I hardly wanted to upset
someone famous. I'd already pissed off my employer after only a few minutes
in the studio. "Who knows?"

"I wonder why anyone does it anymore," Jasmine sighed. She stopped herself.
"I'm sorry. I suppose you don't want to hear about this." She looked down at
her hands sadly. It was so strange to see this. She was part of the Princess
clique in Toon Town. Along with Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and Aurora they
were the envy of women and objects of lust of men, Toon and human alike. She
was the kind of woman I never thought I'd meet close up much less see at her
saddest. It really does bring reality to you, even when you're talking about
Toons, when you see a celebrity like this.

"No, no," I replied. "It's okay. It's just... You're better off without him.
If you don't mind me saying." She didn't say anything at first. "I'm being...
you know... presumptuous, aren't I? Or some other world that sounds like

She smiled a little at that. One thing I remembered from her first movie
before the straight to video sequels and impressively long lived TV show was
her smile. It was subtle and spread across her lips slowly and beautifully.
It was the kind of subtlety you don't expect to find in a Toon. It made me
feel a little giddy. "Something like that," she said. "I guess you know who
I am but I have no idea who you are."

"Tim," I replied, a little shocked that she wanted to know more about me.
"Tim Dickinson. I'm an intern here. Or at least I think I am."

"You think you are?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah," I replied. "Just walked into Mr. Maroon's office at a bad time and I
don't think I made the best first impression."

"Oh, Robert's a dear," Jasmine said. "He has a short fuse but he's a good
man at heart. Not like his father, or so I've heard. I wasn't around then."
She reached forward and touched my leg. I could've filled my pants right
there and then. "If it's any help, I can put a good word in for you."

"You'd do that?" I asked, shocked at this turn of events. "But you barely
know me. I'm just some human kid who..."

"You're a good human kid," she said. "And you made me smile. I haven't had
that in a long time. That's one of the reason's I haven't been working much
recently. Who wants to see a miserable Toon?"

"Well, there is Eeyore," I pointed out.

She smiled again. It almost blew me away. "Well, yes, this is true. But
you've made me happy and I always appreciate that. So I'll help you." She
paused for a moment but looked at if she was thinking about something,
weighing out options almost. "If you come out with me tonight."

"What?!" I exclaimed, taken aback by what she had just said. This was
Princess Jasmine, one of the most beautiful Toons to come out of Hollywood,
and she was asking me out on a date. At least, that's what the words coming
out of her mouth seemed to say. "You want me to..."

"How does The Singing Steakhouse on Mickey Boulevard around seven sound?"
she asked. "Good, I hope."

"I... uh... yeah. I guess so."

"Great," she grinned and got to her feet. Tom stormed out of Maroon's office
with a rain cloud over his head. Literally. Jasmine stepped in before I got
a chance to. Still, I could wait. Wow. I couldn't believe what had just
happened. I'd got a date with Jasmine. Maybe this wasn't going to be such a
bad day after all.

* * *

It turned out that Jasmine really had put a good word in for me with Maroon.
He certainly wasn't as pissed off with me as I'd expected him to be. When I
finally got to his office he shook my hand and told me to sit down. "It
seems you've got quite the sparkling recommendation from your college. I'm
impressed. Straight As. Don't see that too much in this day and age. Kids
are far too lazy. Too concerned with video games. One of the worst things to
come out of Toon Town, I tell you." He sighed before continuing. "I've said
for years that cartoons should be more educational but kids are more
interesting in the pointless violence and nonsense that comes Japan.
Toonville. My God."

"Well, sir, I was brought up on all the classics but I can see what kids
these days see in it. It's fast, it's different."

"Of course, of course." Maroon was a short, chubby, balding man in his
mid-fifties. His face was still pink from the argument with Tom and it
seemed as though he was one more raised word from a heart attack. He flicked
through my application forms and other artefacts I sent, including my
thesis, without really looking at them. "Well, I suppose we ought to move
onto what your job here will entail."

"Yes sir," I replied, getting a little more excited than a twenty-two year
old should. It felt like I was ten all over again.

"Well, aside from general work on the set, you'll be working with my good
friend Marcus Philips. He's in charge of Toon Town relations. He spends a
lot of time schmoozing with the stars which I'm sure you'll enjoy immensely."

"Thank you, sir," I said. "I never expected..."

"Oh, don't thank me. Your new friend here seemed to think that would be a
good idea. It'll be hard work though."

"I can handle it, sir," I grinned, trying to remain as professional as

"You start tomorrow then. Bright and early." He stretched his hand out for
me to shake, which I did excitedly. "I'm looking forward to you being part
of the team here."

* * *

Having several hours left until my date - my God, a date with Jasmine! - and
no further orientation in the studio until the next day I headed back to my
apartment to clean up. Of course, a shower, shave and generally making myself
look even remotely good enough to be seen on a princess's arm wasn't going to
take six hours so I decided head out to find a bar. The apartment just
outside Toon Town was part of the deal with the studio so I was new to the
area and it was time to explore. After hailing a taxi I was driven into that
wonderful world I loved so much. It's the only city in the world where you
get your own personal greeting in song every time you go there. Even my
criticisms of this place that can creep out from time to time can't take away
the awe you feel every time you drive here.

The cabbie, a Toon wolf with an oversized hat perched on his head,
recommended a traditional little bar near the restaurant where I was going
to meet Jasmine an dropped me off there. I was a little nervous about this.
It's bad enough walking into a bar that has its own group of regulars,
especially when you're noticeably different but, pushing the door open I saw
me fears were abated. It didn't seem bad at all. Positively friendly, even.

Of course, the thing I never expected was to see Winnie the Pooh working
behind the bar. It was a shock to say the least. As soon as he saw me he
pushed a crate across the floor so that he could be tall enough to see me.
"What can I help you with, sir?" he asked in the ever-cheerful voice I was
familiar with from the cartoons I watch growing up. I asked for a beer and
he brought it to me. "Do you want anything else with that? Our wings are the
best in town."

"Why not," I said and he disappeared again. I took a sip from my pint glass.
That's the funny thing about Toon beer. It tastes the same but it's always
strong enough to knock you on your ass when you drink it. Like all things
here, it's designed for comical results. When I was in college my roommate
used to sneak some in and we'd get drunk after two cans. We'd stagger around
campus with stars flying around our heads while our legs tried to walk in
the opposite direction we wanted them to. Of course, the other thing you
realise quickly as that if you drink too much you find yourself pissing ink
for a week afterwards!

Pooh returned with a platter covered with a tin lid. "Here you go sir. The
best wings in town."

I took the lid off and suddenly twenty tiny sets of wings took off and began
to flutter around the room much to everyone's annoyance. I grabbed two before
they'd got too far but the others escaped through an open window. I glared at
Pooh who just shrugged sheepishly and offered the two I'd rescued on the
house. Not really willing to eat anything that seemed alive, I just let the
little things free to follow their friends and settled back into my beer.

Before long the door opened and two more familiar faces, albeit from very
different Toon mediums, walked in. "All I'm-a saying is that-a you're taking
it the wrong way," Mario said to his much taller and more metallic drinking

"Screw you, meat bag," Bender replied. "Everyone's drinks on me." The whole
population of the barroom looked up suddenly. The robot burst out laughing.
"Ha ha! Just kiddin' ya! Shorty here is footing the bill."

"That's-a the fifth time I've-a had to do this," the little, worryingly
stereotypical Italian groaned. "You-a need a frickin' job."

"I get my royalties cheque end of the week," Bender said, waving Mario off
as he flicked open a beer bottle and emptied it into his mouth. "Gotta love
them re-runs."

"It's-a turning you into a useless-a bum," Mario muttered into his beer.

"And what's so wrong with bein' a bum?" Bender look over at me. "Ain't that

"Uh... Nothing," I said cautiously. "I guess."

"See? Even this human here agrees!" Bender polished off another beer to
celebrate his triumph.

Mario jumped up onto the barstool next to mine with the byoink sound I'd
become so familiar with playing video games when I was a kid. "So what-a
brings a human like-a you here?"

I shrugged to myself. What the hell. I needed to make friends around here.
"Just moved just outside Toon Town. Working over at MDW Studios."

"Oooh," Bender said derisively. "A big shot."

"Shut-a your mouth," Mario said. He turned back to me. "Dressed up a little-a
smart for a bar, aren't you?"

"I've got me a date after this," I smiled.

"Interesting, most-a interesting."

* * *

There is, of course, one advantage to Toon beer. While it's guaranteed to
mess you up, you can shake the effects off pretty easily. I think this may
have been a good thing as after sharing six beers with my apparently
new-found drinking buddies I was seeing a lot more than stars and it wasn't
just my legs that had somewhere else to be. My left arm decided it wanted to
punch Piglet who had come in to take over behind the bar and it was only the
quick action of my right that stopped it.

Feeling a little more sober now, I walked out into the brisk evening air of
Toon Town in the fall. As the cabbie had told me, the restaurant was right
around the corner. I adjusted my shirt and checked in a window to see if my
hair was alright. Of course, my reflection decided to take on a life of its
own and decided to pull faces at me. Realising that I probably looked okay
anyway, I gave my reflection the finger and walked to the restaurant where
there was still a few minutes to spare.

A human in Toon Town gets some bizarre looks at this time of night. Usually
the residents think you're out looking for Toon hookers to satisfy some
bizarre perversion or other. At least I had the confidence that came from
knowing this isn't the case. At exactly seven a black cab pulled up and
Jasmine stepped out.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. She stood up and shook her long,
black hair back. She was wearing the outfit that she's always known to wear
in the Aladdin movies. Light blue top that revealed just enough cleavage to
catch your attention and rather a lot of her thin, toned stomach. Looking at
her baggy pants I couldn't help but think how easy they must be to slip off.
I shook that off. She just wanted me for the company, because I intrigued
her. Right?

"You're here," she smiled.

"Of course," I replied, my nervousness kicking in almost straight away. I
was beginning to think I should have let the effects of at least one of the
beers stay around.

"So shall we...?" she said, taking my arm in hers and walking me into the

She'd made a reservation and we were taken to our seats almost straight. A
lot of heads turned as we walked past several tables. It was understandable.
This was a celebrity who had just divorced her husband for spending too much
time with human women of ill-repute and she was out on the town with a human
guy. I began to get the sinking feeling that my photo would be in the gossip
pages of the Toon Town Gazette before very long.

"Don't worry about them," Jasmine said as the waiter, a short penguin with a
bow tie around his neck, brought a bottle the wine to our table and poured
it for us. "I get this all the time."

We talked about small things at first. She wanted to know all about me. I
got the impression she really hadn't spent much personal time around humans
beyond studio workers, movie premieres and other public appearances so I
guess I intrigued her. Things were a little uncomfortable for me at first as
I tried not to sound too boring as I detailed my growing up and time in
college, slipping in a few points about how much my life revolved around
Toons. Despite my worries she seemed to lap it all up.

Of course, the big topic reared its head. "I guess that's what happens when
relationships begin on the set," she told me, regarding her relationship
with Aladdin. "Of course, we were drawn to be together but what works on the
screen hardly ever works off set."

"Same goes for the human world too," I noted as I took a sip from my wine
glass. Apparently Donald Duck ran a winery on the outskirts of Toon Town and
his produce was to die for. I had to agree.

"Things went downhill almost straight away. By the end of the TV show I
could barely stand to look at him much less pretend I loved him anymore."
She sighed sadly. "If he hadn't been caught doing what he did I honestly
think I would have cheated on him before very long. I just wanted to be a
loyal wife. Look where that got me. Everyone saw me as sweet and innocent
and he was the dashing hero who swept me off my feet."

"And that really wasn't the case," I noted.

She nodded as she cut into her steak. It began to let out a few lines of
'Que Sera Sera' before she put it in her mouth and ate it. They didn't call
this place the Singing Steakhouse for nothing, it seemed. I was amazed how
she was coming to terms with the whole situation, but I surprised myself by
how much I handled the bizarre nature of it all. Princess Jasmine and
Aladdin got a divorce. You couldn't make this stuff up!

The meal continued as well as it had began. We talked and laughed and joked
and by the time the penguin returned to ask with we wanted dessert, Jasmine
was already smiling suggestively at me. "I think we should maybe go somewhere
else for dessert," she winked. "What do you think."

At this point I lost all ability to speak the English language. I must've
looked so ridiculous. And that's in a restaurant where an octopus was eating
with a pig and the background music was being played by living instruments!
"Yuh. Yeah."

Jasmine beamed. "We'll have the bill, please."

"Yes, ma'am," the penguin said in a squeaky voice and waddled off to get it.

"I'm glad you agree with me," Jasmine said as I felt her foot brush up
against my leg. My eyes opened wide and I inhaled deeply. She giggled at my

* * *

This was so wild! For the entire cab ride back, Jasmine was all over me. Her
small, animated hands were all over my legs and chest. I was hard in seconds
and she could tell. She massaged my cock through my pants as she nibbled on
my ear lobe. "I can't wait to get back," she whispered. I glanced down to
see that she had unzipped me and was in the process of pulling my dick out.
I gasped as she duck down and engulfed it in her mouth. It was amazing,
sensational even. It felt so much better than if a real woman was doing this
to me.

Jasmine's tongue flickered over the head for a while then licked all the way
up the shaft. My hands moved to her head and my fingers began to stroke her
hair. It felt so soft, unnaturally so. That's what I loved about dating a
Toon back in college - everything is so much more extreme. Including the
oral treatment she was giving me right now!

Her head was bobbing up and down my length, taking it all the way in without
gagging. Toons don't have to worry about that, I guess. Jasmine's mouth was
so warm and wet I was on the verge of exploding straight away. She began to
pull my pants down a little so she could play with my balls. Agh! It was so
overwhelming! She licked my shaft again, training her tongue all around it
until she was flicking it over my nut sack. I groaned loudly as the most
intense pleasure I had ever experience shot through me.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked, gazing up at me with those huge eyes of
hers. All I could do was nod and moan a little. She grinned and suddenly my
cock was in her cartoon mouth again. I reached down and began to stroke her
dark-skinned cheek. She looked so hot doing this, her head moving up and
down, her lips massaging the tip of my cock as she did it. I wasn't going to
last much longer.

"I'm going to..." I began. She reached up with one hand and put her finger
to my lip. Her mouth and tongue began to work in a way I didn't even know
was possible. I closed my eyes as I felt my cock pulsate as I filled
Jasmine's mouth with my hot, sticky cum. It felt like I was spurting for an
eternity and when I finished, she continued to suckle on my manhood. I
almost had an urge to apologise. I mean, she was a celebrity. She was one of
the most famous Toons out there and I'd just cum in her mouth!

Eventually, she slid herself slowly off me and licked my head clean. "Don't
you think it's over yet," she told me as the cab came to a halt.

She got out first and put money into the cab's window. The vehicle suddenly
grinned at her. "After that show I should let you ride for free," it grinned
at her. Jasmine raised an eyebrow. "But that don't mean I'm going to," the
cab replied. She paid it off then quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me
towards her apartment.

We got out of the elevator (a painful experience as anyone who's ever been
to Toon Town would know) and I was dragged towards her room. I was barely
able to keep control of my legs after the treatment I'd just gotten in the
car. All the way along the corridor, the lamp fittings on the walls kept
making wolf whistles at us.

I was pulled through the door before I could even react. As I staggered in
and looked over the room, Jasmine locked us both in. It was an amazing
place. Just like you'd expect if you'd watched the Aladdin movie. An
amazing Arabian theme with red, yellow and orange drapes, all lit up with
candles, some of which burst to life when we walked in.

"Woagh!" one of them exclaimed. "Someone's being naughty, huh?"

"Shush," Jasmine grinned as she fell back onto the bed. This felt so unreal,
and not just the fact that I was the only real thing in the whole room.
Everything else was animated. But then, I'd been that way all night being in
Toon Town but in this small, intimate space it hit me all the more. I stood
looking at Jasmine as she lounged on the bed, leaning up against a pillow
with her legs spread. "Well?" she said to me. "What are you going to do
now... because I can think of one or two..."

I pounced. I was on top of her in an instant, wrapping my arms around her
and kissed her deeply. I began to stroke her, my hand running from her
cheek, down her neck until I found her chest. She giggled a little as I
began to massage her breasts. They were small and fit into my hand just
right. Pushing her top up I let my hands move over her soft, cartoon skin.
Leaning down I began to suck on her nipple. She gasped with pleasure.

"Good?" I asked. She nodded breathlessly. Toon woman can give you amazing
pleasure, way beyond that of real women and they receive it in bucket loads
too, you see. I caressed one of her breasts while I tongued the other before
swapping over. Smiling up at Jasmine, I started to work my way down her body
until I came to her pants. They slid down over her waist just as easily as
I'd imagined. I threw them aside and looked at the beautiful Disney princess
in her full, naked glory. This wasn't anything the little kiddies are going
to be seeing any time soon.

She had a small, perfectly shaped tuft of black hair leading me down towards
her pussy, the promised land. I couldn't hold off any longer - my head was
between her legs in second. I started with a long, slow lick all the way
from the bottom to the top of her pink slit. Jasmine shivered with pleasure.
I used my fingers to part her lips apart to see her clit, nestled there just
above her hole. I flicked my tongue over it quickly several times and the
Toon beauty bucked her hips. Wonderful.

I covered her little spot with my lips and began to suck lightly on it. I
began to massage one of her breasts with one hand while the other went
further between her legs until I found her increasingly wet hole. I slid a
finger inside her, causing her to gasp suddenly. She was getting more and
more moist. I was lapping it up and she was loving it.

Another thing I love about getting involved Toon women - there's no need to
worry about the taste because it's always good. Seriously, it's amazing.
Jasmine seemed to taste of cherry so I was attacking her pussy like a wild
animal, sticking my tongue in her before working at her clit again. She was
going insane, her whole body quivering wildly. This is every man's fantasy,
being able to drive your girl crazy without even needing to do much. Still,
I like to consider myself an artist so I always try to take it to the next

...and that's what I was doing right now. Her fingers were running through
my hair as I licked her clit and my fingers were moving in and out of her
like pistons. I kept at it over and over while Jasmine moaned and groaned
wildly. I could feel her pussy clenching around the three fingers that I
finally got inside her. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
She finally exhaled and her body fell limp onto the bed. I looked up at her
with grinned. I brought her over the edge in hardly any time and I wasn't
finished yet.

Jasmine finally opened her eyes when I was on top of her. She smiled. "I see
you're ready for more."

"Yes, ma'am," I replied as she reached down between us and grabbed my cock
which had got hard again in the twenty minutes since the blowjob in the cab.
She guided it towards her moist entrance and I was instantly transported to
heaven! I slid into Jasmine's hot pussy until I'd filled her up completely.
A smile crept along her lips as I started to thrust, slowly at first,
pulling myself nearly all the way out then sliding back into her.

"Mmmmmm..." She let out a moan as I began to pick up my pace, getting faster
and faster as I fucked her animated body with all my strength. I was never
one of the fit, sporty kids in school but while the football team were
slapping each other's asses in the locker room, I was building up my stamina
other ways... ways that Jasmine was enjoying right now.

She felt so wet and tight. As strange as it seems, it almost felt like her
pussy was pulsating from the orgasm I had given her. Her arms wrapped around
me as I drove my cock repeatedly into her moist hole, pulling our bodies
closer together. "Ooh yes! Oh my God yes," she moaned into my ear. "I never
thought fucking a human could be like this!"

"I never thought fucking anyone would be this good," I replied as I kept
pounding her over and over. I kissed her passionately as my cock worked by
way inside her. I stopped for a moment and smiled. Before she asked what
exactly I was smiling about a rolled over so that she was on top of me.

"Oooh, yeah," Jasmine nodded. "I like this." She sat up and began to ride me
wildly. I bucked my hips up to meet her movements. It's an amazing thing to
see really. A human cock sliding into a Toon's tight pussy. Well, as I've
said, it's pretty damn amazing *feeling* too. I reached up to play with her
cartoon tits as she ground her pelvis against mine, driving me crazy.

She leaned down and kissed me. My hands moved behind her, grabbing her ass.
She squealed with excitement as I did, her eyes widening excitedly. From
this angle I began to pound into her. She seemed to love this even more. Her
small tits were shaking as I fucked her wildly, my cock hammering into her
sweet pussy until I finally felt myself getting closer to the edge. A little
expert manoeuvring later and I was on top again, pushing myself up as I
slide into her.

"Ungh!" I exclaimed, feeling myself ready to burst. "I'm gonna..." Jasmine
could tell anyway. She motioned for me to pull out. As I did I shot a spurt
of cum up her body, hitting one of her tits.

"Oh yeah," she grinned naughtily. "Cover me in cum!" She didn't really need
to say anything as I was doing just that. The second and third shots were
higher, one hitting her chin, the other splattering across her cheek. I
finished off on her slim stomach then fell to the side with a groan.

"Wow," I gasped.

"Yeah," Jasmine nodded, looking over at me. "It's never been like that

I had every intention of saying something clever, witty and debonair.
Instead, all I could come up with was, "ditto."

Jasmine laughed. "Yeah, that sums it up." She began to get to her feet. "I'm
going to clean up." She touched the cum on her cheek and rubbed it between
her fingers. She was amazed by it. I figured that maybe Toon cum was
different to human cum. She smiled at me one more time and disappeared into
the bathroom.

I tried to keep my eyes open by just couldn't stop myself from closing my
eyes and drifting off. I stirred a little a few minutes later when Jasmine
returned and put her arm around me. Reaching up, I took her hand in my own
and fell into a deep, blissful sleep.

* * *

"Get up!!!! You hear me??? Get the fuck up!!!"

I shot up with a loud exclamation, looking around frantically to see what
the hell was going on. At the foot of the bed, a Toon alarm clock was
screaming at me. "Shit! Calm down! I'm up! I'm up!"

Coming to my senses a little more, I suddenly remembered where I was and
what happened the night before. I looked over to see what Jasmine was gone.
"What happened? Where's Jasmine?" I asked the clock.

"Left an hour ago. Had to get to the studio, something she told me you had
to be doing to."

"Oh. Yeah." I rubbed my forehead. "First day at work."

"Uh-huh," the clock nodded. "Now I'm getting the fuck outta here before you
get up. Don't want your fleshy human wiener dangling all over the place
here." It hopped off the bed and disappeared into a closet.

I shook my head and smiled. I looked around for my clothes when I saw a note
at the end of the bed where the clock had been shouting at me. I unfolded it
and read with a smile,

"Thought you'd want an extra hour in bed. Last night was
amazing. Thank you so much for making me feel that way
again. Anytime you want me, I'll be around.
- Jasmine"

I looked at her name written on the piece of paper. I had an autograph but I
sure as hell wasn't giving this one to my sister. I sniffed it. Perfume. I
must've done good. I'd never got a perfumed note before. I read the words
again. It seemed to indicate that this was a one-off thing for her... well,
unless one of us got horny again. Ah, I love Toons.

To be continued...

In 'Chapter Two: Belle of the Ball' - Tim has an unexpected encounter in the
MDW Studio filing room and finds himself taking another Princess out on the


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