Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Betty And Jessica (FF,M-mast,anal,voy)
by Stephen Mills

Roger was sitting in the far corner of the room, on a wooden chair, admiring
what was taking place before him. He had somehow managed, after a long time
persuading, to get his wife, and love of his life, as well as sexiest and
most fuckable toon on the planet, to put on a little lesbian sex show for his
own pleasure, with who, but none other than the second most fuckable, second
hottest toon ever; Betty Boop. His wife could often be a stubborn bitch, and
tonight was no exception, after at least an hours arguing, Jessica had
finally submitted to Roger's request, after Roger told her that if she loved
him, she would do anything he asked her to.

He wasn't as surprised that he had managed to get Betty to partake in the
session. He had known her most of his life, even had an affair with her. And,
if that wasn't enough, he had some pretty incriminating pictures of her with
another female toon; Wendy, of Peter Pan fame. Wendy had been new in town,
and Betty had promised to show her the 'ropes'. What Wendy didn't know was
that when she said 'ropes', she actually meant the kind she used to tie Wendy
to the bed, then sexually abuse her. Roger knew that if those pictures ever
saw the light of day, Betty's already waning career would be history;
headlines 'Betty Boop a dyke!' Maybe he would release the photos later
anyway, although Betty told him she would do anything for him not too. Wendy,
of course, knew nothing about it, she was recovering from the assault at
California State Mental Health and Recovery Facility. She was only 13.

So, here was the setup; Jessica was lying on the couch. Arms draped over the
back. Eyes closed. Naked. Betty had her face down below. Roger watched on, as
Betty's face was well and truly buried in Jessica's cunt. Roger looked on
attentively, as Betty's face lay in his wife's snatch. Jessica was biting her
lower lip in pleasure, her eyes beginning to flicker from her experience. As
Betty's body began to slowly move up and down Jessica's lower body, her hands
clasped on Jessica's pelvis, nails digging in. Jessica's cunt was perfect;
hariless, lips that were inviting, yet not too thick, pink flesh, and just
underneath, her clitoris. Jessica moved her hands, and placed them on Betty's
head, then, violently, she pushed Betty's head deeper down in to her love
mound. Sounds of slurping could be heard, and Roger could tell how much Betty
was going for it, Betty then took two fingers and jammed them as far as
possible into Jessica's now revealed clitrois, hot, rough and sticky. Jessica
was now reaching a point of climax, and her moans were becoming more sensual,
more erotic, more arousing.

Roger continued to jerk off his cock. At the same time as watching the two
women, he thought of other toons he wished he could fuck, or who could fuck
each other; Tinkerbell - known slut. Ariel - celebrity virgin (yeah right,
that whore had been in court on charged of bestiality). Snow White! Now
there's someone Roger would like to shaft! Her bobbed dark hair, pale,
whitish, pure skin, and ample bosom. His mind wandering, Roger got back to
the scene before him. Moving closer to them, he looked closely.

Betty's face, he could see, was now covered in come. Jessica had obviously
ejaculated when he wasn't paying attention; no matter. Betty put a finger in
Jessica's cunt, then sucked it, then, doing so again, she gave the finger to
Jessica, who thirstily put it in her mouth, sucking it hard. The come was now
on Jessica's face as well.

Next, Betty lifted up Jessica's legs, and put them on her shoulder, then,
with the strap on dildo Roger told her to wear, Betty began to pump it in and
out of Jessica's ass. Roger watched on, turned on by seeing Betty literally
fucking Jessica. Jessica began screaming in combined agony and ecstasy. Roger
noticed that now, Jessica's ass was turning red, and her asshole may be being
ripped apart. "Baby, my fucking ass!!" She screamed. "My rectum is gonna

Roger was extremely turned on by this, while Betty leaned forward, slapped
Jessica, and said; "Shut up, you cunt!" As Betty fucked her, she kissed
Jessica's long, slender, soft legs, running her tounge all the way up and
down them.

While jerking off, Roger took a moment to inspect Betty's body. Not quite as
impressive as Jessica's, but fuckable all the same. Her tits were smaller,
yet sexy, and in proportion to her body, her nipples were tiny, round and
pinkish red. Her cunt, like Jessica's was hairless and looked tasty. Her
cunt lips, not at the moment noticeable. Her ass, however, was her best
characteristic; much larger than Jessica's and something you could feast on
for days.

Betty now had finished fucking Jessica, and took of the strap on, licking it.
Betty's tongue now went up Jessica's ass. Still steaming from before, and hot
and rough. Betty's tongue was pleasant, and cooling. This seemed to go on for
some time. Bettys tongue was causing Jessica's body to throttle in pain and
some kind of sick pleasure.

After all this had ended, Roger gave his gratitude to both willing members.

"Now, if you continue to play ball, maybe those pictures won't be released."


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