What A Girl Wants: The True Story Part 1 (MF,Mf,oral,exhib)
by Lude ([email protected])

We all probably know the story of pretty Daphne Reynolds that Hollywood made
into the movie, `What a Girl Wants,' starring Amanda Bynes. the
story Hollywood doesn't want told, instead of a naive little Wedding dance,
the real catalyst that drove the stories seventeen-year-old heroine to go
find her father, occurred at a Bachelors party in New Jersey. Daphne's
odyssey began after she had witnessing her mother Libby performed an erotic
fan dance. A free spirited exotic dancer, Daphne's beautiful and very sexy
mother, suggested she give it a try. Also adding with a mischievous grin,
"Daphne why don't pull a few tricks with me after you perform?"

While longing to live out the fantasy, to the disappointment of guys
everywhere, Daphne's shyness prevented her. "No thanks Mom." Daphne answered.
"I don't feel comfortable doing it with strangers yet."

Libby smiled like she always did, and began to pleasure the groom, slurping
loudly as she graciously gave his dick a nasty wet bath. More than a little
drunk, he grabbed Libby by her hair and began to shove her face down on him
as he thrust wildly into her mouth. Daphne could see that as he pushed into
her throat and Libby acted like she was going to gag, but Daphne didn't
worry. She knew Libby wouldn't. Her mother was a pro. As her mom
`entertained' the crowd, Daphne waited tables.

Like usual, as she took and delivered orders, the guy's pinched Daphne's ass
and fondled her breasts, squeezing her nipples and running their hands up and
down her long smooth legs. Giving them a big bright smile, she didn't mind
being pawed a little, as long as they tipped her and they didn't try to get
too fresh. It did kind of bothered her when guys, and even girls, would put
a really big tip on their lips and tell her to sit on their face to get it.
Some of them would even pull her panties down when she collected. But the
worse were the guys who would pull her into their laps and try to get her to
jack them off or suck their cocks. While the first couple times had been
interesting, and the money had been good, she just didn't like having oral
sex with strangers. The last guy she had been a real jerk. He and three of
his buddies, had hosed their cum all over Daphne, completely messing up her
hair and makeup! While Libby still encouraged her to `work it', even four
years later at seventeen, Daphne just wasn't ready yet.

Later that night in the van going home, Daphne surprised Libby with a
question. "Mom, why did you fall in love with Henry?"

"Well," Libby answered whimsically, "we had a fiery love affair, filled with
passionate lovemaking."

Daphne smiled as she listened, "Mom, that sounds nice. The guys I've known
cum so fast, it feels like it over even before it began."

"You can't judge all men by the jerk-off's we do parties for." Libby added
with a silly paternal grin.

Because Henry had earlier broke Libby's heart, Daphne knew her mother had
chose to raise her without her father's knowledge or support. Libby believed
he turned his back on her nearly 17 years ago, and she didn't want him to
do the same thing to Daphne. But despite already knowing the story of her
mother's soulful romance with the dashing Englishman. Daphne continued to
probe. "Mom, tell me again the real reason you fell in love with Henry?"

"Your father's a passionate and skillful lover...and his really big cock
bowled me over!"

Feeling dissatisfied with all the lovers she's ever known, it was then that
Daphne suddenly made the decision to go to England and find herself a
respectful, yet tender lover with a big cock just like her father. Therefore,
armed only with a photograph of her father and his name, Henry Dashwood,
Daphne hopped a flight to London determined to make her fantasy a reality.
Empowered by Libby's love and support, Daphne braved the foreboding dry
English humor...rain that is, and checked into a youth hostel. Immediately
she befriended Ian, a charming Irish musician who became Daphne's informal
guide on a train tour of the English countryside around London. Waiting for
the train, Ian told Daphne a couple of jokes. The jokes that made Daphne
laugh were:

What's the difference between a lollipop and a penis?

If you lick a lollipop, it becomes smaller... but if you lick a penis it
becomes bigger!

What's the difference between love, true love and showing off?

Spitting, swallowing and gargling.

Do you know what a 6.9 is?

A good thing fucked up by a period.

Once the train departed, Daphne, Ian and a well dressed-older-Englishman
were all sitting together in a train carriage. Suddenly the train went
through a tunnel and as it was an old style train, there were no lights
in the carriages and it went completely dark. Then there was this kissing
noise and the sound of a really loud slap. When the train came out of the
tunnel, Daphne and boy were sitting as if nothing had happened and the
Englishman had his hand against his face as he had been slapped there.

The English acted as if he thought that Ian must have kissed Daphne, but
she'd missed him and slapped him instead.

Daphne was thinking, 'the old guy must have tried to kiss me and actually
kissed the Ian and got slapped for it.'

Ian was thinking, 'This is great. The next time the train goes through a
tunnel I'll make another kissing noise and slap that bastard Englishman
again.' But before it happen again, the Englishman left.

Once Daphne and Ian were alone in their train car, Ian asked, "Daphne have
you ever had sex on a train?"

"Sure, of course I have," Daphne said straight-faced, kidding him.

"Have you ever had sex on an English train with me?" Ian kidded back.

Daphne laughed as she whispered. "Well...I don't know? I can't seem to
remember right now."

"Hummm," Ian exclaimed, "So that's why I thought you looked familiar when you
walked into the hotel!" Then he suddenly commanded her, "Take off your top."

Daphne looked up and saw the lust that was seemingly just dripping from his
eyes. Enjoying how Ian's look of hunger excited her. Daphne grabbed the hem
of her blouse and pulled it over her head in one fluid motion. She dropped
it on the bench and continued to sit there next to him. Naked above the
waist, her unprotected breasts were now lewdly on display in front Ian's
lecherous eyes. He then took her by the arm and pulled her onto his lap,
where he began fondled Daphne's firm white breasts with his large hands,
pausing now and again to pinch and pull on her pink puffy nipples.

"Yes nice! Very, very nice! You have very nice tits." Ian complimented
"You're a one fine piece of American ass."

Ian took one of Daphne's milky white globes in his hand and lowered his mouth
to suck on the nipple. His day old beard felt prickly against the soft flesh.
He held her down in his strong grip, one hand caressing her sexy little ass
as he feasted on her ripe succulent breasts.

Daphne got off the bench and faced him, starting to unbuckle his belt. Ian,
anxious to seize the moment, quickly unbuttoning his shirt and kicked off his
shoes. After lowering his pants to the floor, and grabbing his Hanes, Daphne
pulled them down releasing Ian's incredibly huge cock from its prison. It was
over ten inches long and was as thick as her arm. She stared at it mesmerized
as it pointing right at her face. She was amazed at the size. Daphne had seen
her fair share of cocks, but this one was the biggest she'd ever seen. A
little afraid of what she had gotten herself into, she didn't make a move.

"Touch me," he commanded.

Complying, Daphne put her hand on his cock and started massaging it.

"MMMM, that feels good." Ian remarked. "Put your other hand on my balls
and massage them." Daphne continued to do what she was told and began to
inspect his big cock as she stroked it. She seemed to become more and more
comfortable jerking him off as she kept handling him, in an up and down

"You've got a very nice big cock Ian," she said looking up at him, with a
look of awe in her eyes.

"Thanks, and now you're going to like what I'm going to do to you with it,"
he assured her. "Suck on it." He told her in a partially kind, but also,
somewhat domineering tone.

Without thinking Daphne looked at the huge cock in her hand. Her fingers
barely circled the girth. She then got on the floor between Ian's legs.
Daphne smiled with the realization that she'd had never put such a big
cock into her mouth before. But she obediently leaned forward and curled
her lips over the big pink head as she took him into her mouth and began
to suck him off. Her mouth opened, ready to receive his cock. Daphne
couldn't believe what she was doing, she was so excited and genuinely
aroused! Like a woman possessed, relenting to her lust, Daphne thrust her
head forward and engulfed Ian's swollen cock. She teased it wildly with
her tongue as Ian let her lick and slurp the wide head, until he started
to pick up his pace, fucking her mouth deeper and deeper until he was
forcing it down her throat to the hilt. Her mouth never felt so full, yet
she forced her self to take more and more in. This little exchange had
drawn a passenger named Alastair Payne over to the open doorway. With his
thoughts full of the up coming election and how to fix it for Henry
Dashwood to win, he was suddenly surprised to peer through a train-car
window and see a beautiful young girl moving her head over some young
gentleman's huge dick. He was amazed to watch a beautiful girl deep-throat
his ten-inch horse cock. Alastair watched eagerly as Daphne's full, round
titties bounced in rhythm with the boy's thrusts into her mouth.

Alastair eagerly watched as Daphne sucked around the mushroom crown of his
cock. She teased the base of his head with her tongue as she sucked on the
purple top applying pressure with her lips. She began to massage his inner
thighs with her hands as she sucked on his dick. Daphne then engulfed his
entire cock in her mouth again lapping its tender underside with her tongue.
Fully erect, Ian's cock was rather large, but Daphne went on a sucking
frenzy, bobbing her head up and down rapidly as she took in his entire
length again and again. Pursing her lips against the base of his dick, she
sucked hard as she pulled her mouth all the way off! She immediately clamped
down on the head again and swallowed his pulsating shaft. Up and down, up
and down -- her head was a blur as she voraciously sucked on her new love
tool. Daphne was possessed. The fact that she'd just met Ian and she was
sucking his cock, drover her wild with lust, causing her body to quiver and
pulse with excitement. Daphne knew that she soon had to have Ian's tool in
her, all of it. She whipped her head up and stopped for a moment, panting.
She looked at him. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back. He had a
huge, ear to ear grin on his face, as he was clutching the bench.

Daphne then kept her hands on his buttocks as he buried his long thick dick
repeatedly down her mouth to his huge sperm filled balls. His cock stroked
rhythmically in and out, as the head of his massive cock hit the back of her
throat. Ian face fucked Daphne for a good ten minutes before Alastair saw
him shoot, like a fire hose, a seeming endless supply of hot, thick cum into
her mouth and throat. She had to keep swallowing, milking his cock, as Ian
kept it buried deep in her mouth. She coughed a couple of times and looked
up at him with a cold look in her eyes, which Ian seemed to like. But despite
her muffling, and struggling, he kept pushing his cock in and out of her
throat until it finally became soft. He took it out of her mouth and tapped
the finally few drops on her cheek. She wiped her face with on his pants.
They rested for a moment, until then noticed that a strange man was watching
them, now with a wad of money in his hands. Instinctually Daphne decided to
have a little fun by turning the tables on this arrogant voyeur, who thought
she was a common prostitute.

Alastair got an eye full of her nice round tits shaking slightly about, as
Daphne got up and walked right up to him. "What's this?" Daphne asked trying
to sound surprised, but a little angry at the same time. "Hello, there,"
Daphne said huskily not waiting for an answer. She furrowed her brow and
closed her eyes halfway giving him a sexy, raunchy "I want you" look. Daphne
licked her lips and with her other hand, reached she reached her hand down
and felt his hardness. "My name's Daphne, what's yours?"

Pulling out a 200-pound note, he said. "My name...Alastair." he gasped out
as she touched his cock through the pants. Daphne then eagerly kissed him
on the mouth. He kissed her back, his tongue slipping between her luscious
lips. He thought she kissed him with surprising passion for one so young,
as Daphne reached into Alistair's pants and played with his rock hard penis.
Mystified, Alastair was some how able to reach out and fondle Daphne's full
round breasts, filling his hands, and playing with and squeezing both her
nipples. Alastair looked down at her delicious young angelic face. "Look at
your friend," he suggested gently as he bent down and began to suckle on her
breasts and nibble on her nipples.

She turned around and laughed when she saw Ian mouth was hanging open in
slight-disbelief even. Daphne chuckled again when she noticed that cum
dripped from his penis, just it hung from her young and sweet face.

"What kind of naughty thoughts are you having?" Daphne asked with a wickedly
cute smile, as she pulled down his trousers and exposed his cock. She
continued with her inspection and encircled it with both hands, wide eyed,
and seemingly fascinated by its blood-gorged girth and less than impressive
six-inch size. Playing with it idly, she stroked the skin and pinching the
head lightly. Daphne had seen Libby do these things before when she was
working and knew men liked it. His cock responded, bulging with purple veins
as her stroking excited him. She then pushed her budding tits together and
rubbed his sensitive dick between them. Enjoying the titty fuck immensely,
Alastair shook as he felt a detonation building in his loins. "There's only
one thing to do about this!" Daphne exclaimed as she bent down and
immediately slapped her tongue upon his cock.

Alastair couldn't believe this was happening as she licked him slowly as if
his cock were a lollypop. Then wrapping her hand around the base, Daphne
slowly began to stroke it up and down, as her tongue licked the bottom of
his shaft following her hand. He began to breathe in short breaths when she
began to softly lick his balls. She first took one side of his scrotum in
her mouth as she continued to jerk him off. Then she switched to the other.
Daphne looked up at him momentarily and when she saw his smile she wrapped
her lips around the head of his cock and began to suck it up and down.
Alastair's skull almost exploded as she began to suck him off. Wrapping both
his hands around her head, tousling her hair, he began to push himself deeper
into her mouth.

"Holy mother," Alastair moaned as dick continued to slide in and out of her
mouth, tickling the back of her throat. The girl knew what she was doing. He
could hear the slurping noises from Daphne's lips as she soaked his cock in
her slobber. Teasing it wildly with her tongue, she took his whole length
in, as his precum was already starting to ooze out of his penis. Filling his
balls ready to burst, Alastair grinned as he imagined squirting white gobs
of cum all over her face and hair. Then suddenly Daphne pulled away and
smiled, licking her lips.

"Wait a second," Daphne said, as sarcasm dripped from her voice, "aren't you
the ass hole who was so rudely watching me and Ian? Yeah, you are. So...I
guess that means I ain't going to suck your dick any more!" Turning away,
Daphne left Alastair sitting there all hot and bothered. As Ian and Daphne
then got to leave, Ian added. "I guess you'll have to jack off...alone, like
I image you usually do. Or, perhaps, your butler does it for you?"

" can keep your damn dirty money!" Daphne added in triumphant

* * *

Later after the train tour of the English countryside, Ian and Daphne are
sitting in the restaurant when an English teenage girl and three teenage
English boys walked in. Sitting down, they immediately started talking
amongst themselves about how they can anger Ian, an Irishman.

The taunting began when the first man said to his companions, "Watch this..."
He then got up, walked over to the Ian, and says, "Hey man, I hear your St.
Patrick was a faggot."

Ian just replied, "Oh, is that so now?"

The young Englishman, went back to his seat perplexed, but then his friend
jumped up and said, "Here, lemme try that." So he went over to the Ian and
said, "Hey man, I hear your St. Patrick was a transvestite faggot!"

Ian only replied, "Oh, is that so now?"

So the second Englishman, frustrated went and sat down with his friends. But
then the 3rd Englishman jumped up and said, "Well, now, I gotta try that!"
So he walked over to the Ian and said, "Hey, I hear your St. Patrick was an

Which is when Ian replied, "Aye, that's what your friends were saying."

Everyone else in the restaurants, but Ian's four tormentors, broke up

The laughter ended when the blonde English girl, noting that Daphne was an
American, got up and walked up and said with a mischievous look. "Do you
know how you give an American-hillbilly a circumcision?"

Without waiting for answer she added, "Kick his sister in the jaw."

Daphne immediately answered back, "How do we know if you've been was using
your computer? There's correction fluid on the screen."

Twisting her blonde hair angrily, the English girl responded, "You're momma's
so hairy Bigfoot takes pictures of her."

"How can we tell," Daphne shot back, "if you've been using a computer more
than once? There's writing on the correction fluid." A cascade of insults
followed suit.

English Girl: "You're momma's so greasy she uses bacon as a band-aid."

Daphne: "You're momma's so greasy she sweats Crisco."

EG: "You're momma's breath smells so bad people look forward to her farts.

D: "You're momma's like a refrigerator. Everyone puts their meat in her!"

EG: "You're momma's like McDonald's... Billions and billions served!"

D: "You're momma's like a mobile phone; free after 7:30."

EG: "You're momma's like a radio; bent knobs turn her on."

D: "You're mama's so ugly. She can't even turn on her computer!"

EG: "You're momma's teeth are so yellow, when she yawns, traffic slows down!"

D: "You're mama's so fat. She can't fit in a chat room!"

After the last insult, Ian convinced Daphne to go. Adding a remark, Ian
stated as they left, "That girl's like a bowling ball; first she gets
fingered then chucked down the alley!"

"Yeah," Daphne adds, "I bet that bitch's momma's so old, that if I told her
to act her age she'd drop dead."

But soon with Ian's help, Daphne discovered that her father is none other
than Lord Henry Dashwood, a high-profile politician currently embroiled in
a heated election.

Determined to meet her father, Daphne tracks down the sprawling Dashwood
estate, where she unceremoniously breaches the security of the gated
compound. Her leap of faith promptly throws the Dashwood household into a
tailspin. Not surprisingly, Henry is utterly shocked when this seventeen
year-old American girl shows up with a photo of him and says "Hello, I'm
your daughter." There's an immediate assumption made by those around Henry
that this is a ploy cooked up by his political rivals to ruin or blackmail

To Daphne's dismay and Clarissa and Alistair's consternation, Clarissa was
the English girl from the bar and Alistair was the Englishman from the train!
'Things couldn't have been worse,' Daphne thought. She would soon realize
they could!

To be continued?


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